i just wanted to make one of those long screencap graphics

I’ve been retaining this for months...

Hello, as many persons know theres an user named “theolivermaniac”, who appears on youtube videos about Oliver (in comments only), owns a tumblr blog and also a pinterest account, he’s seen as someone that loves Oliver a lot like many of us, a normal user like “theoliveraddict”, I was not supposed to reveal his gender because of a promise, and the fact that he’s also 28 (I have no idea if this is his real age, he looks older because hes bald, with overweight and has kinda long black beard, he also wears glasses) and that hes from Texas, but he broke his promise too.

He wanted a photo of my face if he send to Venezuela (my country) a wacom tablet and a camera (for my graphic desing studies), I took it as the offer of a friend or a nice person, he also was supposed to send supplies to help my family with the situation of the country, I was not allowed to send any photo of myself (and I have a kind of phobia to those devices, I hate selfies and makes me fell extremely uncomfortable and he knew that) so he got angry with me and cancelled everything, he said that he can’t help me anymore because “without a photo I’m a stranger”, it’s curious because since I meet him he was trying to convince me to be his couple, I told him that I was okay with just be friends and that I didn’t wanted a relationship with anybody.

But he continued trying to force our interaction, asking things like “what do you think of me now?”, “I’m your type?”, very frequently, he also got jealous of my friends thinking that I had a couple somewhere or one of them were my couple, like if I was “cheating” him and like if I was his couple, he even wanted to punch them, this made me feel very uncomfortable, this and the fact that he used to tell me sexual stuff and things like he wanted me to wait for him a little while chatting because he wanted to go to masturbate.

When the tablet arrived he wanted me to anunce to everybody that he gave it to me and wanted everybody to know this, the anterior things I said and his sick obsession with Oliver (in a very sexual way, this is also with any “shota”, and Fukase, if it’s a little kid, he likes it) made me want to stop talking to him, when I blocked him from everywhere he used the blogs that he knew I own to keep sending me messages, like “you forgot to block me here *image of sans smiling*” and “I can’t believe you take me off the credit, it’s the last time I help a foreing”, I didn’t replied any of his messages.

I’m so sorry if I told you that he’s a nice person, when I said that I was trying to keep my promise, but the truth is all what I said, I also have testiges and two of them were friends who supported me while all this was happening (I’m a very sensitive person about this kind of things, I had a horrible experience with a kid molester when I was small), I had to hide the sex of one of my female friends because he gets even creepier with girls or when he thinks you’re a girl (he’s bisexual but preffers girls) there are some screencaps of one of my friends in case you have any doubt, I deleted all my conversations with him because I didn’t wanted to know anything else from him so I haven’t screencaps of those

Notice he tags Oliver stuff with “shota”

I know he comissions artists for nsfw (and sfw), he asked the same to me (even an animation of Oliver masturbating), I didn’t wanted my Ollie to be material for fapping, I also was told he asked people for voice acting of Oliver, I would not be surprised, he asked me to make Oliver moan and say dirty things for him (and wanted to hear me saying the same things and moaning too)

Ah, my problem is not with his artists, they all are very talented ones, my problem is with maniac, also, be careful if you’re one of his artists, he can talk very bad a bout you if you stop making nsfw for him, he told me awful things about a very good artist named “Enzo” because she didn’t wanted to continue with this, he also said mean things about “theoliveraddict” because “she left Oliver for the Steven Universe fandom” , she didin’t, she follows me on twitter in my olikasecentral account, I think other reason for that was the fact that he was ”in love” with her and she didn’t noticed him or rejected him, and don’t talk “bad” about Oliver in front of him, he gets really pissed for things like “I really love Oliver, but his voice is hard to tune sometimes, he sounds muffled and I can’t understand him sometimes”

He also called my brother “SHOTA!” when I told him that he was 15, he started to act creepy about him when I told him his age and “joked” about date him, he also wanted to gain his affection with gifts, he does the same that he did with me with many persons (also the part of ask for photos) he offers gifts and money to look like a good person, but please be careful, specially if you’re underage

If you will insult me because you support him, I will not reply you, I just wanted to say all this because for months I’ve been feeling bad about this, I don’t like to hide my feelings or thoughts about something that bothers me, have a nice week.

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Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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The ‘aesthetic’ tips series focuses on helping beginner to even advance graphic artists by providing thoughts and insights on photoshop and general aesthetic topics in order to produce the best results. Feel free to suggest topics at any time. In this post, we are focusing on all things size related! This one might be for beginners mostly.

Tips covered: Resizing without stretching/squashing (in gifs and images), picking the right size.

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Here it is! 

The idea for this AMV came from two good friends of mine from college. They posted the song on my wall and demanded I make a video with it. After fighting off a few other editors I decided that this would be my Otakon 2014 video. I spent most of the final months of school discussing this AMV with Emily and Jessica, and what ships would be hilarious. It was Jessica who originally stumbled on the idea of Edward Elric and Eren Jaeger - and I ran with it. 

After I finished Anime 101 I had a lot of constructive feedback from the editing community about my technicals. Mostly about my color correction. So when I started this video I had two goals in mind : Finish in time for Otakon and improve on the things people usually harped on me about. Overall I think this video is the cleanest of all my comedies. This is the direction I want to move my editing in. 

I was really overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received at Otakon. The audience reaction was by far one of the best I have ever gotten, and many people approached me after my panels, the contest and Iron Editor to talk about how much they loved the video and how they were huge fans of my work. I was really touched by this - I love hearing that I inspired people – So Thank you! 

Download should be available on the org soon (as in tomorrow) Keep an eye on my tumblr for more images and fun things to come in the next few weeks. I am currently out of town so need to wait until I get back to my computer.


00:05 - This scene is from Oreimo. I added Haruhi and the posters. If you .look closely you can see pictures of the lead from Oreimo on the wall. 

00:07 -   Some of the characters names have been changed to hilarious alternatives. 

00:09 - Not all the netflix choices are aniome. Included are Sherlock (SherxWatson is one of my favorite secret crack pairings) Paranorman (My favorite animated movie) and they Aristocats (Another of my favs). My Little Pony is seen too, as that show is so ship crazy. The Netflix categories have also been changed to ship related names. 

00:10 - It’s not 3am

00:13 - I drew this fanart. It took me a few days and consumed a fair amount of my editing time. For a while I was convinced I wouldn’t finish on time, and that this picture would be to blame.  I also at one point realized that I was drawing soft core porn of less than legal adults. Whooops. 

00:14 It had to get cut off for compositions sake so here is the whole fan fiction. I wrote this (with some help) I wanted to make it a good sort of awful.

“Eren stared at Ed’s long silky hair. Something in him yearned to run his fingers through it, to tangle himself in the alchemist’s tresses as if they were the cords of his 3DMG. He jerked his gaze away, staring down at his uniform. 
"So…I heard they call you a dog of the military…” Eren said carefully, trying to break the silence.
Ed chuckled knowingly. “Yea, they do say that. But I think you’re more of a dog than I am.” He moved closer, brushing Eren’s ear. “And I’m gonna show you what this automail arm can do…”
Shivering, Eren let Ed’s arm trail across his own. “But what if Levi finds out?” 
Ed smirked, “That clean freak? He can join in to for all I care.” The alchemist placed his finger under Eren’s chin and made the dark haired boy look at him. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Titans, humonculi, or even the end of the world. So for tonight let me show you why they call me ‘FullMetal’.”
Eren gasped as Ed found him, his eyes closing from the odd sensation of automail on flesh. 
“They don’t call you titan for nothing” Ed smiled. Eren couldn’t reply, the sensations coming from his Colossal Titan were too great. He felt Edwards other hand, guiding his own to find the alchemist’s own transmutation. 
“Ah yes” Edward sighed, “Now that’s what I call equivalent exchange.”

00:16 I redrew most of haruhi’s face here so it would work with what she was doing. In the anime she just looks stern. 

00:22 - 00:23 This scene is covered with credits in the original show. I really wanted to use it though, so I had to paint over a lot of the haruhi mask. 

00:23 Titanic Jokes appear 3 times in this AMV. Can you find them all. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. 

00:29 Originally a lot of this was screen captures. However because of legal reasons for Otakon I had to change a lot of the website names. So I made my own search bar. 

00:30 - 00:44 TUMBLR
All the websites seen in this AMV were hand made by me in photoshop and then edited in AE. It was the only way to get the effect I wanted. I had a lot of fun studying the sites and then creating motion graphics to emulate them. 

A lot of inside jokes can be found here. I will upload the tumblr stills at one point so they can all be read, but if you are easter egg hunting all the posts have unique tags. I picked animation related material from my own tumblr favs to fill in the inbetween spaces. 

Several of the posts also have comments. Mainly by sketcherz (On of my friends this AMV is dedicated to saying her token line - all day every day) and CecilxCarlos4eva (My other friend who absolutely loves this Nightvale crack ship.) 

00:53 Here Kyon is looking at a screen labled the Canon Cannon. It shows Light Yagami and Misa. 

00:55 Screen says Engage Shipping Beam 

00:56 Bunch of little jokes here. Reddit Topics read

VIvifxAMV Makes new Comedy - No one is surprised
Ed and Eren both have Dead Moms and lack limbs Ship it. 
I got that Ice Cold Water. ANd it’s only one doller (Otakon Reference) 
Class for Anime Charactrers (Anime 101 Reference) 

00:57The Bar on the side of Imgur shows several other modified screencaps and where to find them in the AMV 

01:00 Total reference to this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoYcx2lv9Ok

01:06 Get it. It’s funny cause it sank. 

01:10 - Lots of silly crack pairings can be seen here, Try to figure out the logic behind them. 

01:16 - This is actually my favorite crack ship of all time. I just want Shinji to end up with that sexy angel. 

01:20 Looots of 4chan post silliness 

1:23 Pretty much what you find on google images if you search HaruxRin 

1:26 Some of the side images here are pretty silly and very inside jokey. Some people refer to me as VixenAMV as a joke that with Anime 101. When the AMV Dissociation (Made by the fabulous irriadin) was released everyone thought the french editor StickyGaiden made it so theres that. The rest are some pretty hilarious pictures I found when I searched crack ships. The artist for the Trunks/Poco one is the username under it. 

1:36 Probably gonna have to release the images here for all the jokes to be read. The folder on the left is my actual project folder. 

1:45 Gonna release the twitter images too. But man, that lelouch post. 

1:54 Some really funny top searches on google there…lemme tell you. Spelling error is actually on purpose. Have you read those fan fics? 

1:58 - Some silly movie posters in the background.That bg you ask? It’s from Anime 101

1:59 Really silly but I’ve used this mask in 3 AMVs at this point. If you can name them good job. I just change the books she is holding each time. 

2:03 - The geass here is hand animated by me. It;s about 12 frames and was relitively fun to do. I always thought this clip would be perfect for it - so I am glad I got to use it,. 

2:06 : Covering up CC with a Dakimura. NAILED IT. 

2:09 This idea was given to me by the hilarious drewaconcluision. I am glad I ran with it. It got a really great reaction from live audiences. 

2:12 That flyer though. Very misleading. 


everything i know about photoshop

So for the last year I have been working professionally as a graphic designer at a company that designs and produces custom buttons (the kind you’d buy at a convention). I have probably learned more raw editing skills in that year than I have at any other point in my life! Here is an info dump of everything I wish I had known about Photoshop before now.

(As I said I design buttons, so a lot of my experience has to do with circular workspaces and small-area printing. Be aware!)

Shift/Alt - You probably know that holding shift will make your selections or shapes resize proportionately, which is great for perfect squares and circles, but did you know that holding alt will let you draw your shape from the center instead of whatever corner you started from? Wow, this is hard to explain! Just try it, you’ll figure it out.

Typing on a path - This is great for you convention people who sell buttons! There’s a lot of fiddly bits and it took me a long time to figure out all the tricks! Okay so draw that path. (The smaller circle.  The outer one represents the edge of the final physical button.)

As you can see I have guides showing me the exact center of the button. You can get perfect guides by going to view > new guide and doing a 50% vertical guide and a 50% horizontal line.

Hit T for your type tool and click on your path. The cursor will change when you’re over it. (If you can’t see your path, make sure you have your Paths window open and that the path is selected.) Type some shit.


Okay if that’s all you want then you’re good! But what if you want the text to curve on the bottom? You could try clicking on the bottom of the circle, but then it just types upside down.

But wait, there’s more! With your text layer active (so you could still type into it), hold down Control. Your cursor should change so there are two arrows on either side of the text tool line.While still holding Ctrl, try dragging it all over. You can move it to any orientation on the circle, both upside down and not – drag your cursor over the circle and it will move over or under it. Again, it’s hard to explain. Just try it. Weird caveat: once you’ve done this once, Photoshop won’t let you do it again–you’ll have to recreate the type layer to change it.

If you’re making buttons, be sure that your type or images don’t bump right up against the edge of your template. The smaller your final size will be the more space you need to allow. The “L"s in my screencap up there are too close to the edge, for example. It’s likely it will end up on the side of the finished button. Allow it room to breathe.

Photo editing - aka why Photoshop was born. Most of what i’ve learned about photo editing has to do with color correction, so let’s start with that. Here’s my original.

Dark, right?

Image > Adjustments > Shadows/Highlights. Default settings are usually fine.

Suddenly detail. "OKAY BUT I WANT MORE DETAIL,” you say. Fine. Duplicate your layer (Ctrl + J), and change the blending mode to Screen. Screen mode ignores the darks in your images and only allows the whites to show. Its counterparts are Overlay (shows grays) and Multiply (shows blacks).

Play around with all three modes. There’s a ton of possibility in just those three options. You can also get a lot of mileage out of the default Auto Tone/Auto Contrast/Auto Color tools, I have a macro that runs all three on one button press.

Selective Color - You know that lying son of a fuck tool that Photoshop calls Replace Color which actually does no such fucking thing, I have no idea what that tool even does? It turns out the actual replace color isn’t really a “replace”, and is more manually involved, but turns out results that are ten times better.

So this pyro image is one of my favorites but it’s also RED team and as a staunch BLU team member I am very upset about it. Let’s make this a BLU team Pyro. Go to Image > Selective Color.

It will open a dialogue box with a dropdown list of colors, starting with red, which is what we need for this image since we’re turning red into blue. There are four sliders underneath, and two radio bubbles called “Method.” Leave that alone for now and start screwing around with the slider. Moving Cyan to 100% and Yellow and Magenta to -100% in Relative mode gives me this:

Now it is a slightly subdued RED pyro, but switching to Absolute method, on the other hand…

Instant BLU! And that is just with one pass. I could open Selective Color again and switch it to blue to get a richer/paler/purpler/whatever shade of blue. Obviously this works best with simple images but again, experiment.

I’m going to talk about the fucking magic that is Content-Aware Fill another time because my head hurts and this post is too long already! I hope this helped someone!

anonymous asked:

Hello... I may or may not need reference for Eret's scar. Help?

Oh, Sweetie, now we are totally on my turf. I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks. My pizza just arrived, so I’m excited to settle in with that, and a possibly insane amount of comments on Eret’s scars. (Because I’m weird like that.)

I have very little experience with graphics, so you’ll have to forgive me. These are just cropped screencaps… (While I’m at it: the screencaps are from disneyscreencaps.com) And you’ll probably have to open some of these in a new tab to see the details. With that said, let’s get down to business!

Someone once told me that the one on his right arm here looks like the Norse rune for wolf, with a line through it (and presented a rather in depth headcanon about his past), but I don’t see it. (I did a whole post talking about how this is likely his most recent scar.)

There’s one in the crease of his elbow, as well as those in the top corner, on the back of his arms. But…those almost look suspiciously like stretch marks?

I was going to headcanon that maybe his bulked up fast enough the skin was stretched… but the placement is wrong, so they arm scars.

The brand, of course. But also the less noticeable one on his right hand, running from the knuckle of his pointer finger, almost to his wrist. (I want the stories for all his scars, but that one in probably in my top 5 for some reason. Maybe because I get to put it in almost all my drawings.)

There’s one on the front of his bicep, another running towards the elbow (a little hard to see, sorry), and one just in the crease of the elbow.

Eret, I know you’re a dragon trapper, but I am seriously wondering at the sheer number, and placement of your scars!! You can see the top of the main one on his arm (see first picture), also one running left to right, nother starting from the top of the picture, going left. And an upside down Y that is either scars, or veins.

Finally: the left arm, with the two parallel scratches. Obviously older, since they’ve faded to white. I suspect the reason there’s so few on the left arm is because, since he’s right handed, that’s the side he generally keeps towards an opponent. Just an educated guess. (Also, I’m not complaining, but I am questioning Eret’s lack of chest, or underarm hair. Again, I’m not complaining.)

Drago, get your hands off my cinnamon dork!

*clears throat* Just wanted to point out the scar on his right cheekbone.

Barely visible, but the white one running from his bicep, above his elbow.

Left arm again. This time showing the one between the tricep and bicep.

This is the only scene, as far as I can tell, where you can see the one on his neck. The one on his cheek is partially visible as well if yoou squint. …or stare at this picture as long as I have…

The right arm from a different angle again. (That mark on his eyebrow is probably from when I used this screencap to make a breakdown of his stupid face.)

Rough count, 17 scars. And, while we see more of Eret’s skin than pretty much any other character in this movie, we really don’t see much. I have a morbid need to know what kind of scars he has on his chest, legs, and back.

For reference purposes, of course.
(And if you believe that, you really don’t know me very well.)

I hope this helps! I’ve been meaning to do an Eret Scar Appreciation post for weeks now, but this finally gave me the motivation to get it all together.

The Anatomy of The Fallout 4 Clueless Gamer Cold Open

I’m extremely lucky that I get to work at a such a creative place with such an extremely talented group of hardworking people. Like everything else that goes on TV, the cold open was the work of many people working together - and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight those people by tearing apart the Fallout 4 Cold Open we did and explaining a bit of the process of how it all came together.

To begin, let’s start with the finished product - The Fallout 4 Clueless Gamer Cold Open:

Okay, so now that we know where we ended up… How did we get here? Well, every comedy sketch, no matter how big or how small starts with one thing: 

An idea.

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Update on the Winter 2015 Swan Queen Week

Hey, SWEN! I hope you’re all having a lovely autumn and enjoying the always-steller fanworks our section of the fandom has been creating and the show if you’re still watching. Since we’re well into fall now, I wanted to give you all a little update on what to expect for our fourth (!) SQW event, and when to look for more information.

There is quite a bit of information below the cut, so if you’re wondering what will be the same, what will be changing, and what the feedback from the last event was, please read on. 

If you’re like me and sometimes zone out on long posts I don’t blame you, I promise just keep yours eyes on this blog over the next few weeks, as the ask/submission boxes will be opening for theme suggestions.

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