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100 OC Asks

Okay, so there are plenty of these out there but I just wanted to make one of my own! (That, and I’m high-key desperate for asks about my OCs lol) Just tag your OCs so people can ask you these!

1. What do they smell like?

2. What is their voice like?

3. What is their biggest motivator?

4. What is their most embarrassing memory?

5. How do they deal with/react to pain?

6. What do they like to wear?

7. Which of their relationships have impacted them most positively?

8. What’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten?

9. Describe the way that they sleep.

10. What is their favorite food/kind of food?

11. What do they feel most insecure about? 

12. How do they like to dress?

13. How do they react to feelings of guilt?

14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal?

15. What is their greatest achievement?

16. What are they like when they’ve gotten too little sleep?

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

18. What kind of music do they enjoy?

19. Are they right or left handed?

20. Fears?

21. Favorite kind of weather?

22. Favorite color?

23. Do they collect anything?

24. Do they prefer either hot or cold weather more?

25. What is their eye color?

26. What is their race/ethnicity?

27. Hair color?

28. Are they happy where they are currently?

29. Are they a morning person?

30. Sunrise or sunset?

31. Are they more messy or more organized?

32. Pet peeves?

33. Do they own any objects of significant personal importance?

34. Least favorite food?

35. Least favorite color?

36. Least favorite smell?

37. When was the last time they cried?

38. Were they with anybody the last time they cried?

39. Tell us about one of the times they got injured?

40. Do they have any scars?

41. Do they struggle with any mental health issues?

42. Do they have any bad habits?

43. Why might someone dislike them?

44. Why might someone love them?

45. Do they believe in ghosts?

46. Is there anyone they would trust with their lives?

47. Are they romantically interested in anyone?

48. Are they dating/married to anyone?

49. Do they like surprises?

50. When is their birthday?

51. How do they usually celebrate their birthday?

52. Do they have any family?

53. Are they close to their family?

54. What is their MBTI type?

55. What is their zodiac sign?

56. What Hogwarts House would they be in?

57. What D&D alignment are they?

58. Do they ever have nightmares? If so, what about?

59. What are their views on death?

60. What is something that they’re sure to laugh at?

61. When bored, how do they pass time?

62. Do they enjoy being outside?

63. Do they have an accent?

64. Upon seeing a slice of chocolate cake, what is their first reaction?

65. If they knew they were going to die, what would they do/say?

66. How do they feel about sex?

67. What is their sexuality?

68. Do they become squeamish at the sight of blood?

69. Is there anything that they find really gross?

70. Which TV Trope(s) best describes them?

71. Do they enjoy helping people?

72. Are they allergic to anything?

73. Do they have a pet?

74. Are they quick to anger? What are they like when they loose their temper?

75. How patient are they?

76. Are they good at cooking?

77. Favorite insult? Do they insult people often?

78. How do they act when they’re particularly happy?

79. What do they do when they learn about other people’s fears?

80. Are they trustworthy?

81. Do they try to hide their emotions? Are they good at it?

82. Do they exercise regularly?

83. Are they comfortable with the way they look?

84. What are some physical features that they find attractive on people?

85. What kind of personalities do they find attractive?

86. Do they like sweet foods?

87. What is their age?

88. Are they tall or short or somewhere in between?

89. Do they wear glasses or contacts?

90. Do they consider themselves attractive?

91. What is their sense of humor like?

92. What mood are they most often in?

93. What kinds of things anger them?

94. Outlook on life?

95. What kind of things make them sad/depressed?

96. What is their greatest weakness?

97. What is the greatest strength?

98. Something that they regret?

99. Biggest accomplishment?

100. Create your own!

Okay can we please stop saying a fandom is “ruined” if it’s got a lot of NSFW art?

I see so many people saying “I don’t want Bendy and the Ink Machine ruined like FNAF and Undertale were.” Ruined, bitch, where? Ruined just because it has a fuck ton of NSFW art? No.

It’s completely respectable if you are a person who doesn’t like NSFW art of your fandom, but it’s also okay if you do. So can we stop SHAMING NSFW art and the people who create it/enjoy it? Let people enjoy what they want. It’s not that hard to say “Not my thing.” without making myself or others feel like shit for being openly NSFW type people. Mind your own fucking business and respect people’s interests even if they aren’t your own. Damn.

Got me lit the fuck up tonight.

Mutual respect in a fandom is important. STOP SHAMING. Your fandom… OUR fandom is not “ruined”.


                                                            We’re standing face-to-face
                                                            With  our own  human  race
                                We commit the SINS again & our SONS & DAUGHTERS pay

Living with Chanyeol

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  • Just imagine waking up next to this guy
  • Seriously you’d be the luckies girl on earth
  • Him waking you up by peppering kisses on your face
  • Sometimes he would wake you up by smacking a pillow on your face though
  • You getting to hear his raspy morning voice
  • Showering together
  • “I say ‘let’s shower together’ because I don’t want to waste water.”
  • “Or you just want to see my naked, Chan.”
  • Making breakfast together
  • Him cooking shirtless
  • Him wrapping his arms around your waist while you cook
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Him laying down on you and crushing you
  • You playing with his hair
  • You stealing his hoodies 
  • “Is that mine?”
  • “Maybe…”
  • “Yah! Give it back!”
  • “You own like 300 hoodies but you only wear one of them so no.”
  • The boys would be visiting you everyday, well because you cook for them
  • “Did you guys came for Chanyeol?”
  • “We actually came for food, Jongin wants some chicken tonight if that’s okay with you.”
  • Adopting dogs together
  • Probably 10 dogs
  • Sometimes you wouldn’t get out from the bed
  • I mean who wouldn’t leave the bad if there’s Chanyeol?
  • Lazy sex
  • Rough sex
  • Sweet sex
  • Shower sex
  • Him being a cutie
  • Like he never stops being a cutie
  • Him teaching you how to play the guitar
  • Him distracting you while you do your work
  • Sometimes he would snatch your phone away and take millions of selfies
  • Living with Chanyeol would be fun and tiring but you would have the best time of your life. 

i want someone to ask me what’s wrong and let me vent to them but even if they ask, i just end up saying i’m fine and i turn the conversation around onto how they are

i want someone to hug me tightly and let me sob into their chest and not let go until i’m okay because it’s so fucking hard trying to handle all of this on my own

i want people to help and i want to tell them just how shitty and difficult everything is but the reality is that i can’t open up to people because my problems are not valid or worthy of attention and talking about it makes me feel like i’m manipulating everyone

other people have it worse which means i should just suck it up and be grateful that i have things like food, clothes and shelter. but oh my god, i am just SO fucking miserable. i would give anything to just be happy, to not wake up disappointed that i didn’t die in my sleep, to not spend every day crying and shaking with anxiety and thinking about hurting and killing myself

i want to be calm, happy and at peace. i feel like i’m at war with my brain and it’s so draining, so exhausting and i feel like the most pathetic, worthless person in the world

ace attorney
  • defense: your honor i have proven that my client has an alibi and literally could not have committed the murder
  • prosecution: okay, but, your hair is really fucking stupid
  • the judge: the prosecution makes a good point. your hair is pretty fucking stupid. now, unless anyone who isn’t enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip has any last-second testimonies they want to give that they could have given an hour ago, im going to have to give my verdict. I find the defendant,
  • someone who isnt enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip: [OBJECTION but it's just the ping noise while the objection word bubble flashes across the screen]
  • me: [rapidly and exasperatedly jamming the A button as it shows the shocked face of Every Fucking Character In The Courtroom Except The Person At The Witness Stand at the World's Slowest Pace]
Wh-WHAT ?!

I was just reaching 4k a few weeks ago… what’s up with you people to suddenly some to me all the sudden ?!

Hhhhh okay… so… my internet is pretty bad right now, but to celebrate reaching this number I saw that SO MANY of you wanted to actually watch me draw a print for UnderDecay which would start as soon Paper’s Crane story is completed… But I’m still pondering between this and a request stream.

I’ll make a stream with the lovely @alainaprana as soon she reach her own 5k which is really soon so that we can do a dual stream and share how much we appreciate our followers !

I want to thanks all of you gosh… this is so intimidating to have SO MANY people following me for my work… I honestly never expected to reach so many and especially THAT fast. Thank you so much… tumblr really changed my life at many points and gave me the occasion to meet and talk with wonderful people.

Let me promote a few people that I particularly admire:


















There’s so many more of them… I just… gosh… thank you guys. I love you all~<3

I’ll give you more news about it as soon as I can.

frases/status wpp em inglês
  • when i’m with you, life isn’t that bad - quando estou com você, a vida não é tão ruim
  • i’m lost inside my own head - estou perdido(a) dentro da minha própria cabeça
  • you make me forget that i’m not okay - você me faz esquecer que eu não estou bem
  • bad choices make good stories - más escolhas fazem boas histórias
  • the best things in life aren’t things - as melhores coisas da vida não são coisas
  • we are just lonely souls lost between reality and dreams - somos almas solitárias apenas perdidos entre a realidade e os sonhos
  • if you are a drug i wouldn’t want be sober again - se você é uma droga eu não iria querer ser sóbrio novamente
  • now i’m without your kisses, i’ll be needing stitches - agora eu estou sem seus beijos, eu vou precisar de pontos
  • your voice sounds like a million melodies in my head - sua voz soa como um milhão de melodias em minha cabeça
  • some people smoke, others drink, and others fall in love. each one dies from a different way - algumas pessoas fumam, outros bebem, e outros se apaixonam. cada um morre de uma maneira diferente
  • but darling we are all insane -  mas querida estamos todos loucos
  • it’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow - não é o adeus que dói, mas os flashbacks que seguem
  • when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in peoples eyes - quando a vida lhe der limões, esprema-os nos olhos das pessoas
  • baby i’m not poet but for you i’d brun out all the stars to write you a novel - baby, eu não sou poeta, mas para você eu iria queimar todas as estrelas para escrever-lhe um romance
  • please, i do not have time for your tears - por favor, eu não tenho tempo para suas lágrimas
  • your heart know things that your mind can’t explain - seu coração sabe coisas que sua mente não pode explicar
  • feelings just complicate everything - sentimentos apenas complicar tudo
  • sometimes quiet is violent - ás vezes o silencioso é violento
  • i hope you find a way to be yourself someday - espero que você encontre uma maneira de ser você mesmo um dia
  • the past has passed, let it fucking go - o passado já passou, deixe-o ir porra
  • 7 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite - 7 bilhões de sorrisos, e seu é o meu favorito
  • we see what we want - nós vemos o que nós queremos
  • do you ever feel like nobody really cares? - você já se sentiu como se ninguém realmente se importasse?
  • you do not even see my bad side yet - você nem mesmo viu meu lado mal ainda
  • my heart isn’t strong enough for this - meu coração não é forte o suficiente para isso
  • nothing is sadder than meeting the right person at the wrong time - nada é mais triste do que encontrar a pessoa certa na hora errada
  • life is too short to wait - a vida é curta demais para esperar
  • i love how you make me forget how scared i am of life - eu amo como você me faz esquecer o medo que eu tenho da vida
  • the fire in his eyes makes me blind - o fogo nos olhos dele me faz cego(a)
  • good girls have the dirtiest thoughts - boas meninas têm os pensamentos mais sujos
  • you’re my piece of perfect in this imperfect world - você é meu pedaço de perfeito neste mundo imperfeito
  • life is not supposed to make sense - a vida não é feita para fazer sentido
  • I heard that you like the bad girls - Ouvi dizer que você gosta de garotas más
  • I only accept apologies in cash - eu somente aceito desculpas em dinheiro
  • and if you’d call for me you know i’ll run - e se você chamar por mim você sabe que eu vou correr
  • you’re no good for me but baby i want you - você não é bom para mim, mas baby eu quero você
  • the less you care, the happier you’ll be - quanto menos você se importar, mais feliz você será
  •  you’re the best mistake i’ve ever made - você é o melhor erro que eu já fiz
  • i just wanna feel your lips against my skin - Eu só quero sentir seus lábios contra a minha pele
  • good girl with bad habits - boa menina com maus hábitos
  • we’re too young to care - nós somos jovens demais para se importar

There are definitely things about acting that have helped me growing up and finding myself, but there are also things that make it a bit more difficult. I guess I do allow myself to explore more when I know that… at the end of the day, if I really wanted to, I could just play a different person all day and be fine with that. But there are also points where I’m like, “Ahhh, there are too many people in my head.” In my work, I’m passionate about trying different things and being okay if I mess up. Now I’m trying to bring that into my own life.

the get along.

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reader x sam winchester

request; Hi. I was wondering if you could do some sam smut for a crip here haha i broke my ankle about a week ago and really want some smut. Haha ill leave the plot up to you maybe some post sex fluff in the end but if possible make it pretty NSFW

AN: i hope this was okay! thank you for the request, keep them coming in. :-)

warnings: smut, oral (F receiving), dirty talk

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I saw this post about if Calypso’s curse had actually killed Annabeth and what would happen if Percy saw her again when Leo brought her back. I can’t help but think Percy would just have a major breakdown. He internalizes guilt like no other, so for Annabeth to die because he didn’t police the gods to make sure they took Calypso off her island would be the ultimate failure to him. I can just see him in front of her, screaming until his voice is hoarse how it should have been him. How she should of cursed him, and why didn’t she, and how much she cost not just him but Annabeth. He would fall to his knees crying, begging to be cursed, begging her to think up the worst curse she could and to send him back to Tartarus so he could die the way he was supposed to. Everyone would be shaken, and Calypso would realize the full weight of what she did. 

“You should have left me on that island, Leo.”  

beezarre  asked:

Hi Pear! Bee here! Ever since our conversation on sunday I've had one question going round and round in my head, and I just had to share: *how* do centaurs sleep? The way their spine is constructed makes picturing it rather difficult, but I want my new precious baby to be comfortable when she sleeps without having to use my MC as a pillow.(not that that wouldn't be cute as hell) (the idea of foetal position for a centaur leads to how the hell are they born? so nothing there either^^) Halp? *-*

Okay, Bee, but picture this:

Giraffes sleep using themselves as their own pillows (or standing up). Picture your centaur with a nice saddle-bag-esque rice bag or pillow across their hind quarters to use as a pillow for their upper body. Picture also using that rice bag pillow as a heat pack for achy muscles that must naturally occur from a centaur’s body composition.

Llamas (top) and alpacas (bottom) sleep laying down with their necks stretched out. Picture your centaur doing the same, laying flat out on their human stomach like laying on a desk.

Maybe there’s a special hammock or sling they suspend from trees to lean their human body into to sleep, while letting the horse half stay upright. Maybe they find a good rock or hummock to lay draped over, or maybe they just mostly end up sleeping with their horse legs folded under them or on their side so the human part can lay down. While horses can lock their hips and legs in a way that allows them to stand while relaxing enough to sleep, humans have no similar trait, so it’s less finding a way for the horse bits to relax as finding a way to get the human into a position where they can rest against something. That’s mostly the consensus across the boards I looked at, too. Good luck! -Pear

riverdale: a cinderella story au

okay so you guys seemed to want a jarchie/beronica a cinderella story au so i’m going to write it! i need to finish writing my jarchie oneshot and write another chapter of one of my other fics/ download the movie to watch it again, but these are the basic ideas so far. i haven’t read the comics so let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense!

  • okay so jughead’s dad co owned pop’s chock-lit shoppe with pop but pop died so it became just mr. jones’
  • mr. jones’ married mrs. blossom, making jughead step-siblings with cheryl and jason
  • archie and jughead used to be bffs when they were younger but got into a fight right before mr. jones’ died and they never made up bc jughead was dealing with his dad’s death
  • mrs. blossom took control over pop’s after her husbands death, and makes jughead work there as well as around the house
  • betty is jughead’s awkward best friend who is in love with veronica, who recently broke up with popular quarterback archie 
  • reggie does the announcements at school
  • veronica is kind of a bitch but she’s trying to become nicer
  • jughead thinks it’s stupid that betty is trying to get with veronica considering how she acts
  • betty’s like….. okay but im not the one who’s in love with someone i met online
  • jughead and archie ‘met’ on this forum about sexuality/mlm and started to chat with each other privately (without knowing who the other was)
  • archie wants to pursue music but his father wants him to play football/work at his construction company
  • cheryl and jason are awful to jughead
  • both of them fight over which one will get archie- but archie hates both of them lmao
  • jughead, betty, and kevin all work on the school newspaper
  • kevin writes the gossip/advice section, betty does interviews with athletes/teachers/etc, and jughead does more investigative stuff/ other articles
  • he’s also forced to write the sports section
  • later veronica joins to get closer to betty

as for the plot, it’ll mostly be like the movie with some scenes changed/added so it isn’t super predictable

prince-leorio  asked:

i loved your fic!! please tell me more klance things that make you weak 👀. if you don't mind of course!

ahhhhh okay my dude i’m sorry this took me a while 2 answer - it’s not bc i didn’t see it, it’s bc i wanted to give it the Meticulous Consideration™ it deserved jkgddsgjg ANYWAY here’s my attempt at sharing things that are My Jam  👀 👀 👀

  • ok so like the #1 Best Klance Thing imo is their relationship progressing from Just Physical to being full of E M O T I O N S, this is in both the fics i have written bc i just LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    • the tension of the rivalry develops into “oh shit he’s hot” unresolved sexual tension, so they start messing around, almost pissed at the other for being so fucking pretty and putting me through this hell – it’s a bit rough, a bit messy, all that good stuff. they look at each other and just want to s c r e a m, because why is my heart exploding from seeing this loser and his stupid perfect face and gorgeous eyes and–
    • –and then the gay feelings start hitting them both in earnest. none of them want to say anything because they are both insecure about themselves and where they stand, so they just… pine and pine after one another, trying to express what they feel in the moments when they get to have the other in their arms
    • keith kissing lance uncharacteristically soft, so he can breathe him in a few seconds longer; lance running his fingers through keith’s hair or over his skin, just marveling at him, at every detail; those small, tender moments that they think is all they’re ever going to get.
    • but then, eventually, one of them won’t be able to take it anymore and a confession will just slip
    • if it’s lance it will be soft and gentle and earnest, because he thinks about things, turning every scenario over in his mind ahead of time, and finally decides he just has to say what he feels even though he’s so nervous he thinks he’s about to faint. if it’s keith it’ll be more impulsive: it’ll come out when he least expects it, whenever he starts getting emotional, because eventually all the feelings he’s bottled up will come spilling out of him all at once
    • of course its mutual. this is where it REALLY gets soft and gay, and lance will inevitably say something dumb and keith will hit him and then kiss the stupid smile off his adorable face
    • (sdjglksjdg i feel like i just summarized my multichap fic but i mean… i wrote it like that for a reason :’’)))) )
  • insecurity & jealousy that get resolved in the end have always been a lovely trope and it works so well for klance i just… its truly amazing
    • lance, of course, has this inferiority complex toward keith because keith is just Good At Everything, and he has this cool aloof vibe that lance envies – he’s always been the goofy class-clown type, and lowkey wished he could be the Hero from all the dorky movies we all know he definitely watches, and keith just embodies all of this to him.
    • keith meanwhile thinks lance is absolutely radiant. it’s not necessarily that he wishes he could be like him, because keith has his own way of understanding the world and doesn’t feel the need to change that. but he wonders how a person can have such a glow, making everyone around them laugh, enrapturing the room, existing so naturally, so easily. it’s the opposite of everything keith is, and it blows him away, it makes his heart Ache.
    • and when they come together, they start to realize that they can both be so much more that way. lance is keith’s #1 fan and supporter, bc he admires him so much and believes in him no matter what, even after discovering that he is a Known Dork and awkward cutie. meanwhile keith will hold lance up whenever he starts feeling insecure, or like he’s not enough, because he’s seen lance from the outside: he’s seen that light he has, and it never fails to make him feel warm, and he is going to make sure lance knows just how wonderful he is.
  • and then, as boyfriends, still being able to compete about everything because it’s in both their personalities – but it’s Good and Playful and tbh they probably end up competing to see who is the better kisser bc they both have poorly veiled ulterior motives and, well, it is up 2 u from there  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this got really long and i’m tired so it’s probably incoherent,,, but i hope it’s what u wanted!! and thank u for reading my fic and sending me a message, it truly made my day <3

just some KH thoughts

something that I’ve always really liked about DDD is how it never shames Sora for his self-confidence. like, a classic narrative might put Sora’s excitement to take the Mark of Mastery Exam as his downfall, especially next to humble (/self-loathing) Riku. But Sora doesn’t fail because he overestimated his own abilities. He just wasn’t in a place, circumstantially or emotionally, to pass and the game makes it clear that this is okay. everyone can progress at their own pace and, as demonstrated my Sora’s genuine happiness for Riku, one person’s success doesn’t necessitate a rival’s failure. Sora’s confidence doesn’t hold him back, it lets him believe in himself and in future growth.

idk I also just think it’s a nice inversion of the BBS beginning where Aqua and Terra are quite literally pitted against one another in their exam. Eraqus, in trying to preserve the old order of keyblade masters, replicates a lot of their failings, namely the divisions and rivalries that screw up the Foretellers. 

in contrast, Yen Sid (in forming the Guardians) clearly plays by his own rules (e.g., trusting Lea enough to take him in and even magically speed up his training, conducting the Mark of Mastery through the Sleeping Worlds instead of a controlled environment). It’s unorthodox, but it works, and it thrives on seeking reparations for past harm. This is so unlike BBS and KHUX, in which the good guys protect the light by mistrusting and watch-dogging the darkness in each another. Now Riku, the posterboy for struggling with inner darkness, is taking the new order in its first steps forward, not by covering up his own missteps, as Terra was prone to do, but by embracing his weaknesses and turning them into strengths. anyway this is rambly but I hope that as they continue to fill the Guardians’ ranks, they continue to do so with the spirit of unity and empathy that’s always been at the heart of the series. 

anonymous asked:

The new fans who just go "awww they're such good friends!!" Meanwhile they're making out in their tour bus

oh my god i am so here for this au okay lemme Expand on this

  • tristan is still famous but piper holds this as a closely guarded secret from literally everyone, including annabeth and reyna (i’m just rlly feelin this whole Angsty Teen Movie where she’s got Big Dreams that she wants to achieve without daddy’s help al;ksdjf)
  • she gets gigs on her own in bars and nightclubs or whatever. her voice is beautiful and her audience is always thrilled with her, but she doesn’t have enough of a unique kinda vibe that could make her famous.
  • reyna and hylla used to play on sidewalks for change, they were the Small Town Girls With Big Time Dreams hoping to get a record deal
  • hylla eventually becomes responsible and jaded and gets a job and is kind of annoyed when reyna still wants to pursue music.
  • they part ways kind of bitterly, but reyna really is serious about music. she’s absolutely lethal with a guitar, and anyone who’s heard her play is surprised she isn’t more successful (she has some kind of unique Sound like idk she’s like eddie van halen and built her own guitar or something)
  • piper and reyna book a gig at the same seedy bar one night, purely out of coincidence.
  • they will joke a lot later about how the first time reyna saw piper, she was literally standing in a spotlight and angels were singing (even if the angel was piper herself)
  • reyna’s like, TOTALLY smitten the instant she sees piper and knows immediately that she wants to break her out of this dingy bar and tour the country together making music forever.
  • so that’s what they do!!
  • reyna finds her after she gets off stage and gushes about how talented she is, and of course piper is hugely flattered. (can you honestly fucking imagine reyna saying to piper “what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” im gonna LOSE it l;kdjkl;fj. she doesn’t actually say that though but like. ima G IN E)
  • somehow they end up on stage together? the audience is probably cheering for an encore for piper and piper is sort of embarrassed because reyna is supposed to go but reyna’s like nah, stay up with me
  • ANYWAY reyna starts wailing out “i love rock ‘n’ roll” and they belt it out together like they’ve practiced it for years and they have this instant musical connection and like??? keep making dramatic eye contact at each other while they’re singing at their respective microphones….
  • they finish and the crowd is like going WILD for them (they hadn’t noticed while they were playing bc they were so wrapped up in each other honestly wtf)
  • THIS IS THE SONG THEY DO NEXT oh my god imagine imagine piper doing this on stage with reyna..i’d die
  • they do the most badass cover of i kissed a girl ever and piper changes the lyrics????? to make it explicit that she kisses girls and doesn’t have a boyfriend?? and reyna KNOWS it’s intentional bc like she literally changed the lyrics and keeps making bedroom eyes at her like honestly…..damn piper y u so smooth
  • i was gonna make it a slow burn but honestly like they hook up that very night lmao
  • the video of i kissed a girl goes viral and that is how they get that Lesbian Attention bc like honestly it’s rlly cute and u can actually see the moment piper stops just singing the song and starts flirting, it’s like halfway through the second verse she’s like “no i don’t even know your name…” and then she kind’ve giggles into the microphone and says “but it really matters” and turns around to look back at reyna who is staring at her with REALLY HUGE EYES…omg
  • anyway that video rlly helps them bc after that they start a youtube channel and they do a bunch of badass covers and become pretty successful, and eventually they get a record deal
  • piper writes the lyrics to their songs and reyna writes the music. piper of course sings lead vocals but reyna can do backup, and they harmonize really nicely.
  • they’re successful in their like little Niche of fans, but they don’t Make It Big. they’re disappointed and frustrated that things seemed to have stalled….which brings us to annabeth
  • um honestly the only way i can see annabeth bein into music is if her parents were? so that’s how they met. her mom was some young starlet who wanted to be a singer, swept her dad off her feet, had a baby, and then fucked off to get a record deal with little heed for her kid. annabeth gets it in her head at a young age that she can get her mom’s attention if she becomes even better than her.
  • annabeth doesn’t do anything half way so she plays like 8 instruments and she’s fucking good at all of them. annabeth’s mom is a deadbeat though and once annabeth figures out she’ll never be good enough, she decides to get so much more famous than her mom’s failed pop star career out of pure spite.
  • n like, it works. she has a successful solo career. she’s a very talented musician and a good singer. she’s right on the edge of being an A-lister, but she’s not quite there yet.
  • only problem: she’s unhappy because fame can’t buy happiness (this is actually a study in how many cliches can i cram into this)
  • she’s also missing like, the soul of her music? her fans are starting to complain that she’s a sell out and the grit and rawness that used to make her music so great is now just commercialized and mainstream (it wouldn’t bother her except that they’re right; she barely writes her own stuff anymore)
  • she’s honestly like trying to work through her issues with her mom i bet and like it just makes her whole career feel jaded, and she’s miserable.
  • i do not know how she discovers piper and reyna’s music but when she does she instantly loses her mind because they are incredible
  • she’s stunned that she hasn’t heard of them before, and even more stunned that they aren’t more popular
  • she immediately demands that they be her opening act for her next tour
  • piper and reyna are OF COURSE like absolutely thrilled to get the news (imagine them hanging up the phone and then looking at each other all excited and then screaming and jumping up and down together ?????!)
  • the tour is, of course, filled with sexual tension and lesbian antics and progressively less annabeth playing alone and more piper and reyna and annabeth playing together
  • and at some point they decide all three of them to form a band ?
  • annabeth’s record label is like “um that’s like…the opposite of what you’re supposed to do…u ditch the band and go solo once you make it big not MAKE a band when you’re already famous??”
  • but reyna and piper make annabeth more excited about music than she’s been in a long, LONG time and also they’re REALLY good together so of course they go for it
  • and the three of them together are like, the final combo that they need to make them BIG. they become a sensation. they smash all kinds of records and become the most successful all girl band of all time aaay
  • they’re famous for writing such raw and honest songs about themselves and their life, piper is also like literally lyrical genius

also they do a collab at some point with lacy sadie and hazel’s band ;)

Disney Villain Café {Coloring Page}

Hello all! Coloring books have always been my favorite interactive art form since childhood; it’s the easiest way to collaborate for fun with other artists who either do not have the confidence to make line art themselves, or just want to color something detailed and relaxing. That being said, everyone is welcome to download, print off, and color this any way you would like! I hope to do more pages of different featured characters {both fan and my own}. Suggestions are always welcome; and I do hope to color this on my own someday!

There are only a few things I ask if you do decide to participate:

  • Please don’t change the line art {unless it’s colorizing the lines, that’s okay by me!} 
  • Please do not remove the signature near Tremaine.
  • Please don’t claim the lines as your own–{but of course you may claim the coloring!}
  • Please link @paigemillustration​ on tumblr, or paigemillustration on Instagram! If used, I’d love to see what you guys do with it :) Thank you!

Lady Tremaine/Stepsisters, Maleficent 2014, Raven/Diablo, Evil Queen, Classic Maleficent, Queen of Hearts {my take on her}, Cruella de Vil ⓒ Disney! Line art ⓒ @paigemillustration

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Bo Burnham works so hard to create content that is hilarious as well as introspective and he puts so much effort into making his fans happy and I just want him to find his own happiness and purpose in life and if that means he needs to quit doing comedy then so be it, he deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve him

aries // “sometime I wish it would just stop. the aching I feel constantly over things I’ve done, and things people have done to me. it’s something I’ll never be able to get over. I’m so angry and I feel so confined in my own little head. I just want it to fucking stop.”

taurus // “I feel happy a lot, but then I get angry at myself. my life is a constant battle between hate and love. my heart aches because I love so much, but one does not trust me. I break people without meaning to, and it ends up backfiring on me in the end. I wish time could reverse and I could make things okay again.”

gemini // “lately, I don’t know what to feel. it’s all about him/her, I fear, that’s making my head spin. he’s the reason I’m staying up late and constantly finding guys to talk to because he won’t talk to me. he’s gone then he’s back in .2 seconds, and I can’t take it. I feel so sick without him but so amazing when he’s here. I hate depending on someone as stupid as him.”

cancer // “I want people to accept me as I am. I’m emotional in all kinds of ways, but you can’t blame me. I’m a sensitive emo who doesn’t know to cope when people yell and disagree with me. I’m often though of as annoying because of it. If I could toughen up, maybe I would hate myself so much.”

leo // “my household makes me want to get out, now. I’m constantly banging my head against walls and writing endlessly about the people I love and the things I fucked up. or the things I can’t change that have happened. it’s a battle between happiness and giving up everything, it feels like I’ve lost everything. I don’t want to feel that again.”

virgo // “life’s going pretty okay. I just kind of feel confused. I’m smart, but I’m insecure. I just want someone to love me in ways I’ll never be able to love myself. it’s such a childish thing to say off of my bitter tongue, but I can’t help it. it’s a want that will forever be hard to get rid of.”

libra // “I want to be happy but I’m too concerned about making other people happy. why should I make other people happy?? everyone throws me around like a rag doll. I always give fifty chances or more when people decide hurting me was stupid, but they repeat the cycle. I’m just so fucking done but I’m really never going to be done because I’ll never say no.”

scorpio // “I’m still recovering from the hurt that happened. nobody knows it but a few, and him. I wish I could have him in my bed one more time as we confessed our love to one another while sneaking a kiss and a possible touch. I gave the most precious gift a woman could give to him, and he left. I just wish I could feel all those chemicals soon. now.”

sagittarius // “I love dogs more than people and I’ve discovered that. they won’t hurt me, they’ll only cuddle with me with the occasional sneeze. it’s a literal beautiful thing when you see them excited to see you, running up to you when you arrive home from school. it helps me forget about the pain. I love dogs.”

capricorn // “music gets me through this hell like world. it helps me forget about all the pain and sorrow that has been occurring day by day. everything I ever wanted seems to be slipping out from beneath my arms. I just wish that they would’ve stayed. but want and need are different, and I know I need you.”

aquarius // “I just want to be alone. I feel depressed and sad most nights and it fucks me up. it’s like I can’t do shit right. it fucking bothers me. I get so angry because of it. I’m so sick of people treating me like I’m nothing more than a rag doll. I still wonder why.”

picses // “I’m a fragile flower that got set on fire some time ago. I’m still burning and can feel the fire dancing around my heart, burning up into flames while all the people who hurt me laugh. apologies can’t even save or put this fire out. when will I ever be okay?”

—  how I feel