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Title : I’m your no. 1 fan

Author : TheRealDKS

Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo

Rating : NC-17

Genre : Fluff, Age gap, Actor!au

Length : One-shot (13.9k)

Description : Kyungsoo is a very famous childhood actor and Chanyeol is just a ferret-loving, 10 years old boy who is a Kyungsoo’s fan and meets Kyungsoo at most all of kyungsoo fanmeets and movie premiers. Fast forward 8 years later and Chanyeol meets Kyungsoo again. This time Chanyeol is now taller than Kyungsoo and he wants to make this small hyung as his.

Title : I Hate You (But I Like You)

Author : TheRealDKS

Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo

Rating : PG-13

Genre : Fluff, Romance, Office!au

Length : One-shot

Description : Kyungsoo is the new intern who has a major crush on the young bubbly boss. On the company field trip, they end up sitting next to each other at dinner and Kyungsoo has one / three too many drinks.

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exo + my favourite mv looks

“Even my close friends are calling me Suho-ya or Suho-hyung, which makes me feel a little disappointed. Some members will do this too, even if it is just a few of us hanging out with each others. Perhaps it’s out of habit, there are still some juniors who’ll call me Suho. If I have to be honest, this makes me a little sad.”


JYP: Then, an idol life/a very popular singer star life suits me? Or it kind of fits me but there are things that don’t suit me?

Kyungsoo: I think a lot doesn’t suit me. Honestly… in my 20s, I can’t just walk down the streets comfortably, which is a very difficult thing in my opinion. So… it was difficult so I’ve wanted to quit many times before. (sad audience response) Ah but I’m speaking really honestly. Maybe everyone feels like this, people who do other work may be facing difficulty too. Doing this all together makes me happy, so I’m thinking of that and continuing this work.

  • Baekhyun: What do you want to be 10 years later?
  • Kyungsoo: killed.
  • Baekhyun:
  • Baekhyun: what the hell is wrong with you

your relationship being exposed during an interview


Xiumin would have made a minor slip up while talking on the phone during an interview to a lucky fan by accidentally calling your name instead of the fans which would leave him a mumbling mess, trying to fix the mess he had made.

“…Yes up course I can y/n. Wait no im sorry, its just- I was- it uhmm,  your name, sounded really similar to someone I know, I apologize.”

“wait who’s y/n????”

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Suho would have been seen the day before with you getting out of a restaurant whilst holding hands, and in the interview they were quick to call him out asking who the mysterious girl truly was, making him throw out a quick reply followed by a grin.

“she’s my girlfriend actually”

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One of the questions asked in the interview was which one of the members stayed up latest at night, and all the members quickly pointed to lay, making the interviewer ask him what he did so late in the middle of the night.

“I sometimes video chat my girlfriend abroad actually”

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There had been a post swarming around of an image of at a party, which demonstrated in the background a couple kissing, you and Baekhyun to be exact. Despite trying to push the questions away, the interviewer kept insisting. 

“She’s actually my girlfriend, however I’d appreciate if no one asked about her, or tried figuring out who she is, since we don’t want her or our relationship in the limelight.”

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There had been rumors going around saying Chen was dating, when suddenly in an interview, all the members where playing an image guessing game, using pictures sent in by fans, when a picture of you asleep came up and everyone turned to look at Chen who began giggling. 

“Ahh my jagi, she’s a keeper isn’t she?”

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Chanyeol had been doing an interview, when the young female interviewer started throwing advances at him, and openly flirting. He was quick to shut her down, and at the same time let everyone know he was off the market.

“Actually, I don’t think my girlfriend would like this very much.”

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In a recent interview, the members had been asked if any of them were seeing someone, when everyone immediately turned to look at Kyungsoo, making him flush bright red.

“Wait no, this isn’t fair. Whys everyone looking at me? Y/N wont appreciate this.”

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When asked the question everyone always looked forward to in any interview, kai quickly admitted to dating someone as he didn’t want it to be kept a secret anymore 

“Yeah I am seeing someone actually. She’s just great.”

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In a backstage interview, when asked who bullied the members the most, Junmyeon admitted to being ganged up on by you and Sehun, saying you two were a deadly duo, and letting the part where you were Sehuns girlfriend slip, making the maknae burst out laughing.

“Actually, Sehun and his girlfriend Y/N always bully us. They’re really evil together its almost like an otherworldly force.”


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STAN TALENT. STAN EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?)



♤ actual soft ball of fluff
♤ fluffier than a pomeranian okay
♤ smiley kyungsoo makes everyone happier
♤ like he’s a little kid omg
♤ don’t tell me you don’t love smiley kyungsoo
♤ only satan hates smiley kyungsoo and you ain’t satan
♤ if you are satan hi how are you jUST KIDDING you better love him
♤ he looks so cuddly for once like
♤ i just wanna hug the life out of him he’s that cute
♤ fight me if you think he ain’t a cutie

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♤ don’t piss him off
♤ literally split personalities right there
♤ one minute he’ll be all happy but then
♤ when chanyeol happens
♤ room. evacuation. ROOM. EVACUATION.
♤ the world didn’t end on saturday 23 it’ll end when ksoo wants it to
♤ fucking angel devil hybrid in a tiny human body
♤ tbh he’s still cute af when he’s pissed
♤ constantly in bitch fight me mode

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♤ his gummy smile
♤ i swear it’s too omg
♤ i die inside whenever he does that
♤ like don’t tell me you don’t or else i’m just weird which i’m not
♤ it probably cures depression that smile
♤ honestly though it’s precious
♤ i would fucking kill for that smile it’s so cute
♤ you know when babies giggle and everyone is like aw so cute
♤ well i do that when ksoo smiles okay

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♤ his eyes are the like omg
♤ will be the death of me
♤ how they gradually widen without him knowing
♤ like could you not i’m trying to live here
♤ oh fuck it i’ll lose anyways
♤ always looks shook
♤ or he looks like he remembered that he forgot to turn off the bathroom lights
♤ either way shook
♤ actually that’s really cute compared to shook beagle line lol
♤ god i love those eyes awWWW

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♤ his vocals are actually god’s blessing to us
♤ like they could be drugs i wouldn’t know ????????
♤ also he’s literally the rap line
♤ it’s a beautiful sight
♤ stfu exo you ain’t got shit on ksoo’s rapping okay
♤ but in all seriousness his vocals are a blessing
♤ like i shit you not if he released a solo album i’d die a little 
♤ also when he sang in miracles in december my mum started crying okay

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♤ probably wants to kill chanyeol lets be honest
♤ but then gets giggly and pissed at the same time
♤ make up your mind dude
♤ also he’s like dON’T FUCK WITH ME BITCH
♤ sexual tension
♤ honestly if there was a film abt him and yeol killing eachother i’d be dead
♤ wouldn’t we all
♤ probably wants to poison chanyeol’s drink but junmyeon be like kids chill
♤ honestly i think he just enjoys witnessing other people’s misery 

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♤ i feel like one day he won’t have enough hair to cut
♤ like he cuts his hair so much are you okay bro
♤ literally looked like an egg for a few months
♤ still a hot egg
♤ would cook that egg
♤ also glitches out a lot
♤ making those hot ksoo edits for the dash indeed
♤ but actually he’s high quality meme material
♤ esp the times he wants to murder exo 
♤ tbh he’d look good in any given scenario lol esp smut

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♤ kinda looks like a member of satan’s cult
♤ probably will sacrifice exo’s poor bodies to satan (excluding yixing n jongin)
♤ chanyeol goodbye
♤ always looks angry or sexually frustrated
♤ 37% of the time looks cute
♤ cherish cute kyungsoo
♤ also when he was like the same height as sehun that was funny
♤ nice joke thanks
♤ really not that short
♤ who am i kidding lmao he’s short af compared to chanyeol it’s so cute

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♤ cutie
♤ but his aegyo is kinda
♤ looks like satan wanting to pet a kitten
♤ cute and unsettling
♤ isn’t he just wonderful
♤ especially in smut
♤ what oh yeah he’s sexy man
♤ sexy when eating food yum
♤ kinda looks either clueless or regretful when he’s with exo tbh
♤ “being famous means putting up with basic bitches like baekhyun”

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♤ his existence is a blessing 
♤ but a punishment to chanyeol lol
♤ cute tiny angel demon
♤ how does he even manage
♤ oh yeah he likes harassing exo without them knowing
♤ what a sweetheart
♤ aww his cute lips great for licking things
♤ like ice cream cones of course
♤ i wonder how fast he could eat ice cream
♤ what a nice thought eh ?????

exo as things my family has said to roast me:
  • baekhyun: hi! welcome home! your hair is so ugly
  • chen: i'm so glad you like reading and staying at home. explain how that solves the problem of you being single all the time though
  • kai: you're always in the dark. i'm not entirely convinced that you're not a bat
  • chanyeol: you're so flat footed, but that's ok! potato feet are cute! you're like a little dinosaur!
  • kyungsoo: you said you wouldn't bother me today and yet you're still talking??
  • suho: i love you but why do you run like an ostrich
  • sehun: please don't hug me right now, you literally look like doofenshmirtz
  • xiumin: i wish someone in this house would let me listen to music with them... except, no, not you, don't ever make me listen to that weird shit ever again
  • yixing: i wish we could undo that interaction. i wish you could unsay the things you just said to me. take that sentence back. in fact, i want to un-know you. un-introduce yourself to me and prevent this interaction from ever happening

You guys were apparently so loud that the neighbours heard and banged on the door to tell you guys to shut up. The members were embarrassed you were embarrassed and Kai was also kinda embarrassed*

SEHUN: No lie im actually scarred

KAI: Same, Y/N did a wolverine on my back

idc if its relevant i like this gif

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*After the sesh you both laid there, and you asked him if you were both too loud, he didn’t get to answer bc Junmyeon was already banging on the door*

JM: Im trying to watch a film, but all i can hear is you screaming. Y/N for goodness sake the boy is a carrot reconsider your life choices!”

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*Suho knew the boys were in in the apartment so he tried to be quiet, and told you too as well, however you weren’t and soon enough Jongdaes voice could be heard on the other side of the door

JD: “You heard the woman Suho! Go HARDER!

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*He walked out of his room i the morning to see Jongin staring at him in disgust*

K: “Could you quiet it down next time i thought we were being robbed with all that yelling

CY: The only thing that was taken last night was some virginity, nothing to be alarmed about


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*He was hovering over you, both of you were going at it like no one could hear you, however you finally shut up when the door swung open and you saw the face of Minseok*

XM: “See i told you no one was dying, they just banging now let me go back to my coffee”

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*You only got him to be this loud because there was no one in the dorm, or so you guys thought*

MEMBER: Can you guys stop yelling, and put a sock on the door i share this room with you remember”

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*It wasnt you making the noise, it was him. It was ALL him. You tried to keep him a bit quieter because the members were in but it was like he wanted them to know he was getting the good succ*

XM: Jesus christ Y/N why is he making so much noise?”

Y/N: Look i only lick the lollypop i cant control whats coming out the other end”

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*He was immediately scorned at for the noise level made from the bedroom however he was scorned even more because it wasn't even his bedroom*

CHEN: Please tell me you didn’t just do that in my bed”

TAO: I did and im not even worried about it”


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*You were in the jacuzzi with him and he decided to get things naughty as you were both alone, but he has 8 members just around the corner and it wasn't long before they head a noise and came to investigate*

Like they didnt already know


LAY: ….

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*Yifan was making vERY good use of those hands, you were both so into it you didn’t realise when a member walked in*

CY: Oh my god…i”

KRIS: No Chan its not what it looks like…i was just..rubbing it

yh sore genitals are all the rage these days

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*He was testing you, he had been all night so the only real option here was to jump on him and get some of that D. Trouble was everyone else heard you getting some of that D as well*

MEMBER: “Even my nan from 6 ft under all the way in china can hear you two, stfu”

yhh boi u suck that lollypop or ill do it for u if u want

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*As unlikely it would be this would happen it doesn't take away from the fact that it did and if he wasn’t the oldest he never would have lived it down, but it didn't stop a few jokes here and there*

XM: “Baek pass me the salt”

BH: “Sure thing daddy”

XM: “Right lets try that again”

idk what gif to use so have this

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this was a mess bye

exo's open forum
  • Kyungsoo: I hate all of you. Except for Jongin. You too, Yixing.
  • Jongin: You all should stop trying to get Kyungsoo's attention. He's mine.
  • Jongdae: Honestly, I think Suho should just stop attempting to be funny, and then this group would be perfect.
  • Minseok: You are all so noisy. Shut the fuck up sometimes, will ya?
  • Chanyeol: If I want to pick the locks, I will pick the locks. Nobody can stop me.
  • Baekhyun: I just wish all of us would get closer. I parade around the dorm naked for a good reason, you know.
  • Sehun: Tbh ya'll are very dumb and stupid.
  • Suho: jfc stop telling me how to live my life! I can make jokes whenever I want to. Nobody can stop me.
  • Yixing: I just want peace, but it seems like that's never going to happen.
Drunk Sex with Exo

Exo drunk sex

(I just did ot9 if you want the other members please feel free to request)(also this is just my opinion)

•Sehun: i feel like he would turn into such a greasy Fuck boy when he was drunk so please be prepared for the most overstimualting/teasing sex of your life. He’s also def a dom when this happens in my eyes

•Kai: very lowkey I feel like jongin would turn very subby and needy when he was drunk. He would be super clingy all night and once he knew you guys were about to head home, he would constantly whisper in your ear how badly he wanted and needed you right then.

•Chen: I see drunk Jongdae as very goofy and the moodmaker. Not goofy to the point of annoyance but just a fun but soft person to be around. This would make him into a very loving person and the whole night after would be romantic praising sex.

•suho: he is a wild card omg. He could either be like jongin mixed with jongdae or super shawty imma party til the sunRISE dom with endless teasing and super dirty talk.

•Lay: I feel like he’s similar to sehun when he’s drunk but just more intimate about it. Less fuck boy and more love boy. He would be pretty needy and dom but also super fluffy about it making sure he did everything you wanted

•Xiumin: do not fight me. Minseoks daddy side comes out when he’s drunk. He would be all over you all night whispering dirty things in your ear and smirking and calling you babY IM SCREAMING GOODBYE

•kyungsoo: he would be either goofy or clingy. You guys would either go home to have fun experimental sex or really soft, slow, and cute fluffy sex. No inbetween. It just depends on how horny he is

•Baekhyun: this time, if you came for fluffy cute baekhyun, you came to the right place. He would be so cute and clingy. He’d be like a cute lost drunk puppy cause that’s exactly what he is. It wouldn’t take much to get him going. You would dance up on him and he would lose his mind.

•chanyeol: opposite of baekhyun. You could look in his general direction and he would hop onto you like he hadn’t seen you in months. You guys probably wouldn’t even make it home (if one of you were the sober driver) you guys would have great car sex in a parking lot. If both of you were drunk, he would be so kinky and dominant and I can imagine his deep as “you loving the size” voice and I’m going to die now

exo ↬ makeup sex

anon asked: could you do how makeup sex with the members would be like? thanks!

⇴ xiumin:

minseok would be giving so much praise, regardless of who had caused the fight. the gentle coos that inform you that you’re “taking daddy so well” would be a way of saying ‘i’m sorry that we fought’. either way, someone would be receiving oral as an even further apology—gentle hair pulling and soft ‘i love you’s included.

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⇴ suho:

i can’t imagine junmyeon holding a grudge for shit, so even if he’d been mad at you, the makeup sex would be very slow and tender. vanilla? yeah, that sounds about right. he’d want to make love to you cowgirl style, though, so he can easily bury his head into the crook of your neck and cover you in love bites. it’s also give him the easiest (read: accessible for the lazy) access to your chest, which he’d also gently attack with his mouth.

Originally posted by absuholute

⇴ lay:

makeup sex with yixing would be all about you, no matter what. he’d scatter countless kisses along your chest and torso. so many, his lips may be a little swollen and tender due to all the work. i don’t think many words would be exchanged; this session would be all about physical love and close contact, which he doesn’t think much talking is needed for. a few compliments toward you would be a given, but other than that, nothing but small whines and groans. unless his mouth his busy doing something else—

Originally posted by daenso

⇴ baekhyun:

i promise i’m not uncreative, but i can’t imagine makeup sex with baekhyun being anything other than regular sex with baekhyun. he’d still remain very teasy (his favorite would be to tell you “how hot you’d looked whilst angry with him” or how he’s “disappointed that there was no hate fucking") and humorous; also very quick paced and semi-rough. maybe it’d be a bit gigglier than usual but not much else.

Originally posted by baeksilisk

⇴ chen:

the only time sex with jongdae wpuld be even remotely vanilla would be after a fight, as he’d be unsure as to whether or not you’re still angry with him. no teasing—physical or verbal—would be brought to the table, except for maybe the cheeky warning of “sorry, babe, no bells and whistles tonight”. his pace would be the slowest he’s ever gone, since he would—for once—want to savor this moment with you. however, he’d be going far too slow for your liking; so much so that you’d be practically begging him to go a little faster.

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⇴ chanyeol:

of all the members, makeup sex with chanyeol would be the fluffiest. it wouldn’t be about roles, just the two of you providing mutual pleasure to each other. he’d smile the entire time, and whisper pretty nothings in your ear about how stunning your body is or how cute your laugh is. each comment he gives whilst thrusting into you would be most random, but they’re things he would greatly miss if you’d split due to that argument.

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⇴ d.o:

i’ve mentioned a time or two that while it’s a rarity, there are some instances where kyungsoo just wants to make love to you—this would be one of those instances. regardless of who’d been wrong, he’d be very sweet and sensual with you, as he likes for the both of you to properly spring back from a fight. it’d be the loveliest thing… for once, sex would be a mutual thing between the both of you, filled with nothing other than sweet talk and ‘i love you’s.

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⇴ kai:

as with kyungsoo, sex with jongin would be overly sensual, but amongst his praise and compliments toward you would be slurs of apologies for even participating in the spat. he’d also only refer to you as his god/goddess, and would make the biggest point to repetitively inform you that you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever set his eyes on.

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⇴ sehun:

who’s in the wrong would be the deciding factor in the nature of makeup sex with sehun. for instance, should you be in the wrong, you’d be physically making it up to him; everything would be far more rough and intense. he’d ensure that you express your sorries countless times. however should he be needing to make things up to you, the sex would be relatively soft. he wouldn’t focus solely on pampering you, but he would try his absolute best to.

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