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Thank you about the comment concerning SC. Yes, on paper and in theory SC would be a great match but as you said as they are written now and imo they don't have the romantic chemistry to make the pairing work on screen. I've been trying to tell other ppl this when they say how much better SC are and healthy/mature and "why wouldn't you want your best friend to be the one you love". Which is true but if there's not a spark or something that the actors can bring then I'm sorry, writing stinks too.

Yes, agreed. A couple of things. I don’t understand why people keep saying that Stefan and Caroline are in a mature relationship, like … what is it about what we see that’s actually mature? I know what the show is going for; the show is going for this idea that Stefan and Caroline are their own individuals with their own goals and they don’t need to be together but they choose to be together, they want to be together, they trust each other enough to have their own lives and still rely on each other and be in love because they’ve built a strong foundation. Except where is that? Where is any of that? To have that kind of relationship, they need to do things separately but together, they need to be like Dair:

Like they actually need to be a team.

It’s not enough for Caroline to call Stefan and tell him about her baby bump or ask him if he got a present because any friend can do that; we need to see them get dressed in the same room, have breakfast together, not just Stefan bringing her fries because FRIENDS can do that, have Stefan and Caroline spooning and it’s the middle of the night and Caroline just goes “Stefan…” and he says, “Curly fries or straight?” and goes and gets it for her, it’s simple details like this that differentiate between platonic and romantic and that is what’s missing from Steroline. And them being separate actually just brings her closer to Alaric and makes Stefan feel like he’s the third point to the triangle; there is no trust between them, no foundation, no assurance for either of them to know that they will make it through this, there isn’t that undoubted faith that he and Elena had, you can have that kind of faith in this kind of relationship and just portray it differently and make it like … in Friday Night Lights, when Tami wants Eric to take a coaching job in a different city while she says in Dillon she says “We have a mature relationship, a strong relationship and I believe we can make it through this, I have faith in us” that’s still this unwavering trust in their relationship (well, marriage) and that’s what Steroline should have but don’t. They’re always so unsure around each other, they’re always keeping things from one another, isolated from each other, never on the same page, never honest to each other about what they actually want, they don’t speak hard truths, they’re just too busy being polite and that isn’t mature, that’s in fact the opposite of mature.

Furthermore, the romantic chemistry just is not there. It’s just not a ship that works for me.


favorite ficsyou’ll always have me by anorable

She says, firmly, “I don’t want everything.”

He says nothing. Frustrated, she pulls him closer—a part of her wants to smile in satisfaction at the shock in his eyes, and a part of her is angry that he’d ever doubt her like that.

“I want…” she says, her voice pounding in her ears, “I just want you.