i just wanted to look up his character design

Here’re some of those style mash-up results! I still have more I want to do, but these were the best of the first batch. I’ve never actually watched Fairly Oddparents or Danny Phantom (I only know about Freakshow ‘cuz I saw some rad fanart of him once, liked his design a lot, looked into his character, etc. Always wanted to draw him, finally got an opportunity here).


Y’all sent me a lot of requests jesus christ. I hope you all don’t expect me to draw all of them cause I ain’t gonna. I’m just gonna draw something for the fusion smash ups I like and have time to do. If you really want a fusion design you can pay me to draw one.

I don’t like Wizzro (in terms of both of his character and as a playable character) but I do really like his design enough to actually color this fusion design. They pretty much just look like Fi cosplaying as Wizzro/Fi as a ghost Pokemon.

Their hair isn’t fire. It’s, like, shadowy wisps of smoke or something.

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Hey! I've seen that you're playing dragon age and I just wanted to say to make sure and look up which gifts you're supposed to give to which companion! Most of them have a designated person you're supposed to gift them to and it's a good way to earn approval with characters who aren't easy to talk to (i.e, Sten, Morrigan). Just thought you should know :)

Hi! Okay thank you! I might have wasted a few already on Alistair lmao. I gave him some stuff which he really liked, then I think I gave him a couple that he was just okay about. I dunno why but I thought he’d like all the alcohol. He loved the Ale. I’ll make sure to check ahaha.

I love the way everyone had a shit fit about how ridiculous and stupid this saber design was back when the teaser came out - and now…


…it turns out the dude wielding it is ridiculously pretentious and up his own ass, and having a saber that’s impractical and stupid just because it “looks cool” is wicked in character.

The dork wears a fucking fake darth vader respirator-helmet that he in no way needs, just because he wants to be cool like vader.
The characterisation on this guy is patently ridiculous and makes the conflict way more interesting because his motives aren’t any kind of Grand Epic Evil - he’s a douche making poor life choices; he’s petty and throws embarrassing tantrums and is deeply childish - and he’s written that way intentionally.
It makes figuring out how to deal with him way less predictable than any evil genius with well constructed plans for galactic domination. He hasn’t thought shit through; he fucks up because of cockiness and because of indecision and because of moodiness - all of which are WAY more unpredictable character traits than “Eeeeeevil.”



Final Day of Redesigning the Cast of Sonic the Hedgehog!

To close up the series, we look at one of my favorite characters from the franchise…Shadow!  

I always laugh when I think about Shadow.  I was like 12-13 when Shadow was introduced, and I think the prime age they were aiming to win over with a design like his.  So…angsty…so basic and just hilariously bad but badass.  I threw away a lot of that stuff when creating my version, who really lives up to his namesake.

I wanted to create a Shadow who, when he saw his reflection, saw more of Sonic than himself.  Who truly felt like he was walking in the shadow of a legend that required his birth.  This would create a proper sense of hatred and an emotional response to his desire to destroy Sonic, opposed to just being a creation of Eggman’s and doing his bidding.  Speaking of which, the departure in design eliminates the black and red scheme and organically uses Sonic as a true starting point.  After that, I was able to incorporate Metal Sonic, the “original” Shadow as I thought there was no real reason to redesign him, and fusing the two would be fun as a challenge.  

It also makes sense - Robotnik wants to mechanize the whole world, so why wouldn’t he start with his own creations?  I mean, in my design of Eggman, he is half machine already.   As such, I wanted to find a way to limit Shadow’s badassery, and that comes into play for his gameplay and design.  His chest piece is that of Metal Sonic’s, and has a hole in it.  This is where I imagine Shadow draining the energy of Chaos Emeralds, and absorb their power to keep him alive.  

Shadow is already worn and haggard.  He’s missing part of his face, lost a whole arm, and his metallic skeleton is altogether visible around his legs, which have sustained critical damage after running at a speed that eclipses Sonic’s.  To power his body, he needs Chaos Emeralds - or an equivalent.  Eggman, who eventually loses control of Shadow, toys with him back throughout the levels by leaving behind fragments of false Chaos Emeralds, that power him briefly.    

Gameplay wise, Shadow is a monstrosity.  He has 6/5 levels of speed and strength, and would be unlocked after clearing most of the game and finding collectibles etc.  He offers both an easy and hard mode.  Easy because he can jet through the stage and destroy enemies scattered in them, but difficult because you have to collect those fragments to stay alive throughout.

OK guys!  That’s it!  I just wanted to do this series to work out some creative ideas after I saw the initial Sonic Boom designs.  I want to one day start working on 3D modeling on the PC.  I’d love to try and create these characters and see how they look.  That said, hope you enjoyed and will look forward to more fun and random work in the future!  Stay tuned!



Comics to Read, May 18

Happy new comic day! This was a tough week for comics fans as we just lost one of the most talented folks in comics Darwyn Cooke. Let’s take a look a few comics that you may want to pick up this week.

And given the passing of Cooke there is no where better to star than this new comic that features his character designs. Look smiling characters. Parker and Shaner are good match for this tone. 

I’m not a regular reader of Lumberjanes but my daughter is and this issue has Kelly Thompson as a writer so maybe this is the time to give a try?

Hope Larson and Brittney Williams have created an adorable comic. I fell in love a little with the first issue so if you didn’t pick that up grab that and this. 

It took soooo long to get here but the next issue of Chllling Adventures of Sabrina but I am happy to tell you it was worth the wait. Love this book

Wonder Woman fans - have we ever had it so good? Rucka is back, a Wondy movie in the can and this great series (and the imminent departure of two of the worst comic milestones in Wondy’s history. (And again props to Cooke for his Wonder Woman)

Do not mess with this team!

The DC Rebirth begins next week and this week we have the start of Marvel’s big cross over. Give it a try if only because of Carol Danvers.

That’s it for me - what’s on your list?