i just wanted to look at his face from this scene for extended amounts of time

Imagine being costars with Jensen Ackles and Chris Evans and great friends and they are both very jealous of each other.

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“So I thought that maybe some Marvel would be nice but-” Jensen stopped himself as soon as he saw you, proceeding to let out a heavy sigh “Really?”

“What?” you mumbled, glancing at him for only a split second but your attention didn’t stay for long on him as your phone buzzed with yet another message.

“What what?” he huffed, slumping next to you on the couch “And then you ask why I prefer DC.” he grumbled and you smirked at him, still typing.

“You prefer DC because you are a huge batman fan.” you said but he rolled his eyes.

“No I prefer DC because Captain America is Captain Jackass.” he grumbled, eyes focusing on the TV screen; stuffing a good amount of pop corn in his face “Besides you’re both a Marvel and DC fan yourself, why does it matter?”

You paused for a moment, turning your head softly and raising an eyebrow with a smirk “What was that Ackles? Is it jealousy I hear in your voice or-” he cut you off by scoffing but only made you smile more.

“As if! Need I remind you I had been asked for the role but denied for Supernatural?” he said but avoided looking you in the eyes and you bit your lower lip.

“I’m not talking about the role but the actor, Jensen.” you bit your lip to keep yourself from grinning even more.

“He’d wish! I’d like to watch Evans try to take down a wendigo first!” he rolled his eyes and you hummed in agreement.

“He’s taken down much worse but- that’s no the point here.”

“No.” he spoke up before you could continue “The point is that he can’t keep his hands to himself even when you are on the red carpet. What the hell is even wrong with him? Kiss you like that in front of so many people?!” his voice rose an octave and you would have laughed at how squeaky it actually sounded.

“He just kissed me on the cheek!” you exclaimed “You’ve done that numerous times!” you giggled as he shrugged.

“Yeah but I’ve known you for over eleven years!” he said as if that somehow was a valid enough reason but truth was he was trying to find anything he could to defend himself and not let it show that his jealousy was making him irrational.

“And he does for almost five! But we both know that’s not the problem here Ackles.” you smirked “Spill it Jens!”

“There is nothing to spill but I at least am allowed to: we are dating!”

“On the show.” you pointed out with a giggle but you couldn’t stop the flutter of your heart at the way he said it.

“Doesn’t matter, I still am more allowed to touch you like that than him!”

“Who knows- maybe there will be a scene with him in the new Avengers and he will have every right to!”

“Hell no!” he exclaimed “I need to talk with the writers!”

“J!” you giggled “Come on just admit it: you’re jealous because he flirts with me a lot.”

“I’m not jealous I am just… curious, and worried mostly. I mean all this fucking flirting yes is worrying and the fucking texts! Doesn’t he have anything else to do?”

“Well, he could always do me if you want.” you shrugged and he sht you a death glare.

“He’s not relationship material, (Y/n), and-”

“I didn’t say I had a relationship in mind but now that you mention it-” you shrugged and his eyes all-but-widened as he stared at you as if you had just grown a second head. You couldn’t deny it was the most adorable sight you’ve ever seen.

“What?!” he shrieked and you couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his expression. Never had you thought that a movie night with your costar, and you’ve had plenty of them before, would end up like this.

You opened your mouth to speak but the doorbell ringing cut you off. Jensen raised an eyebrow and you bit your lower lip. You’ve had had movie nights with only Jensen in the past but there had been times when someone would join, usually Robert Downey Jr or Jared and Misha, but Jensen didn’t have a single problem then because, well, they didn’t really flirt with you and actually mean it. This time though-

“Hey!” a bright smile spread on Chris’ face as soon as he saw you and you grinned at your friend. You didn’t even dare glance behind you to see the expression on Jensen’s face, you knew very well what that was.

“Chris hey!” you hugged him as you let him inside and guided him to the living room.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“Wanted to surprise my girl.” he kissed your cheek and you smiled when he wrapped his arms around you “I need to live up to my promises right?”

“Well such a shame you won’t be able to keep them tonight, Captain.” Dean’s voice held a kind of satisfaction mixed with annoyance you had not seen before.

“Jensen hey!” Chris smiled nonetheless, he loved annoying your costar a little more than he let it show but you could clearly tell “Good to see you here.” he extended his hand and Jensen shook it, maybe a little too strongly but you couldn’t say Chris was one to get intimidated by a handshake like that; not with the kind of muscles he’d built.

“Is it?” Jensen asked in a way that reminded you so much of Dean “Becaue you don’t seem all that happy about it Evans.”

“Oh you know, can’t really reenact every scene from Fifty shades of Grey with my girl with people in the house.” he made a face and you giggled at how for a split second you could see Jensen actually believe him.

“Yeah maybe you should go for Darker, mis America because your girl has already been through that. But I’ll tell you have a lot to live up to, considering what I did with her, so we don’t blame you if you can satisf-”

“Alright!” you exclaimed, cutting him off before he could get into more detail “Boys, enough will you?”

“Oh but we didn’t get started yet, (Y/n).” Jensen said, eyes not leaving Chris.

“True, but I guess this time I should take it easier. Hey, Jensen how does it feel to be so old and still hunting monsters? It’s a surprise how you’re nearly the same age as-”

“Chris!” you exclaimed, your eyes widening as he only shrugged.

“It’s ok, (Y/n/n), what can I say? It’s hard for little boys like you to understand lots of things, including what a woman needs. Tell me Chris, they chose you to play Captain America because you relate with him on the virgin part right?”

You almost choked on thin air, never had the two of them taken it this far. Usually you enjoyed their small ‘fights’ because they looked both so jealous of each other it was almost entertaining but certainly flattering. While now, well, this wasn’t PG rated anymore and it would definitely get worse.

“And you for Dean to know how it is to wear- what was it? Girl panties? Oh yeah, that was it.” Chris said with an easy smirk and you would have snickered if you didn’t see the look on Jensen’s face. You couldn’t imagine what was to come next but it was no good so you spoke up.

“Ok guys, enough with the greetings: I’m going to melt from all the love you show each other.” you breathed out, rolling your eyes “Chris, we were having a movie night. If you’d like to join-”

“Oh I’d love to join!” Chris said with a wide smile but you saw the glare he shot at the older man and you rolled your eyes. Of course he would and of course Jensen would have that sly Dean smirk on.

Boy it was going to be a long night.

BnHA Profile: Aizawa Shouta

Aizawa is one of the cleverest, most underrated characters in BnHA, and I’m not just saying that because he’s voiced by Suwabe and therefore immediately on Lethey’s Love List. This is a guy that sort of drags himself through life, doing good deeds without seemingly getting a lot of satisfaction from it. He’s almost an anti-hero even though he’s more pure than several of the other characters in the series. So let’s break him down.

Out of the Limelight

Aizawa is an ‘underground’ hero. He avoids the media, he stays out of all the flashy stuff and really, the only reason people like Izuku know his name is because, well, Izuku is a massive nerd.
As a hero, but also personality-wise, Aizawa is a clear foil for All Might. One is always smiling, embracing fame to become a symbol of peace that stops villains everywhere from even wanting to start shit. He’s super flashy, cares deeply about appearance and also he’s just… huge and muscular.
Eraserhead, meanwhile, has a resting bitch face, looks like he hasn’t showered in days, wears basic black pyjamas wherever he goes and he shrinks back from attention like a vampire seeing the first rays of the sun.
This contrast extends to their fighting style. All Might is all about power and speed. He’s an all-rounder that overwhelms his opponents with a super-quirk. Meanwhile, Aizawa is an incredibly specialised hero that needs a clear strategy and an extensive knowledge of martial arts to even stand a chance. In many ways All Might is to Aizawa what Izuku is to Shinsou, someone blessed with overwhelming power and therefore hard to deal with. It’s not really that difficult to see why they don’t get along very well.

 (spoilers from the manga under the cut) (also this stuff is just really long ok)
(I have many feels)(and many opinions)

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Blue Bloods [1]

Author: @knockknocksoosthere formerly known as @the-porcelain-doll-xo

Creative Content Contributor: my ultra talented babe @everybodykpops with her always beautiful moodboards

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader x Jongin

Word Count: 3.8k

Rating: M (explicit sex, language, violence)

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Take Your Child To Work Day

(1.2k) A happy late birthday to @moonmisha

“Let me get this straight,” Castiel stared at the man at his front door with nothing short of confusion, “You came here to ask me if you could…borrow…my daughter?”

The question would be weird enough from someone he’d known well, but it had come from his neighbor. His extremely attractive neighbor. Also known as “the neighbor Castiel had been working up the courage to ask out since he moved in a year ago.” But being a single father to a spunky eight year old girl was busy, all-consuming, even, which meant his people skills were rusty.

The only progress he’d managed to make was learning the guy’s name: Dean Winchester.

“I’d give her candy,” Dean begged, “Hell, I’ll even pay! I just need her for the afternoon.”

Castiel’s squint turned into a glare. Figured the man with the hot ass and stunning green eyes was a creep, that was just his luck. As he began to close the door, however, Dean grabbed it.

“Wait, wait, wait! That sounded bad! Please don’t close the door, I’m not a creep!”

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Sinful [Baekhyun]

Part of the Dalliance Series

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut.

Length: 2,2k

Part: 1/3

Summary: “A cold night it all changed, making the encounters between the sheets your most precious secret”

sin·ful wicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins.

It was winter, the season you most loved of the year, you were sitting alone at a bench in front of the park, your eyes admiring how the snow slowly fell covering the green trees in a white color making them look like if it was cotton candy in front of your eyes, the little childrens running by laughing and playing with the snow, throwing it at each other in fun, couples passing by in front of you showing affection to each other with small details like a laugh, a hug, a smile, a look. The view in front of you for you it was was beautiful… you loved to observe those details that people did not easily notice.

That was a reason why you loved this season of the year, it was when people felt more united and happy of cause of the holidays, it was like a virus of happiness that had limited time. 

By the fact of always being an observant person and notice the small details that people didn’t appreciate, as well you could decipher the emotions of someone with just looking at them directly at their eyes, sometimes you were so direct at watching a person that it even made them feel intimidated, always turning their eyes away from your gaze, to them it felt as if you took their fake mask and saw their true being, and indeed you did. You thought of people as if they were a books each one a different cover but different story but just by reading the title you could know what it is about.

It was like this with everyone until you met him, the guy that made your life take a complete turn, the owner of your heart.

Everything began on the day that your mother asked you about the idea of getting married to her current partner since he had suggested it, you already met him sometimes since your mother brought him to dinner dates or movie nights at home so you agreed at her idea of course that meant that you were changing house, but you would support her no matter what, because before your eyes he was someone who truly cared and loved your mother and she was happy with him, you just wanted the best for her.

One day before finally moving to her fiance’s house, they decided to have one last dinner in your mother’s house all together, that meant that also his two sons were going to assist. You had heard of them before but actually never met them since Minseok your mother’s fiance said they were very sensitive about the topic of him redoing his life with someone else. 

It was time for the last dinner  in your house, you watched yourself one last time in the mirror before going down, searching for some detail that you did not like but didn’t find none, you smiled at yourself pleased by your appearance, applied a little bit of pink lipstick and headed downstairs. 

You were missing a step when Minseok came to you. “I would like you to meet my sons Y/N” You nodded politely at him and Minseok led you to the living room where you finally saw them. 

“This is my youngest son, Sehun”

He was very handsome netherless to say, he probably got his mother’s genes since he didn’t look like Minseok at all, not that Minseok wasn’t handsome because of course he was, even for his age he looked incredibly young and healthy.  

“Nice to meet you” He politely smiled at you making his nose stand out a bit and offered his hand to shake. 

“Nice to meet you i’m Y/N” You smiled back at him taking his hand and shaked it lightly. You looked directly at his eyes and you could see that he was a boy of attitude but in the inside was very soft, he didn’t seem to be a bad person.

“And this is my eldest son Baekhyun”

You turned to look at the boy next to Sehun and he already had his eyes intently at you watching your every move. 

Your heart stopped for a second. It was the first time you were the one who feel intimidated by a simple look, his dark eyes were strong and deep but without any emotion, you never had met a person with such a strong aura like he had, everything of him shouted danger.

You turned your head slightly to the side in nervousness “Nice to meet you Baekhyun, i’m Y/N” you stretched out your hand still avoiding his gaze.

He took a hold of your hand tightly, the action made you feel electricity go through your spine at his simple gesture, you looked up to see his face and he still had no expression, it was just like his eyes lifeless. 

He let go of your hand without uttering a word back to you and turned at his heels to take a seat at the couch. 

“The food is ready” Your mom exclaimed making everyone turn their attention to her forgetting the tense scene in front of you.

Everybody took a place around the table and sat down, your mother and you sat together while the boys sat at the other side while minseok sat at one of the edges of the table.

“I’m happy to meet you at last boys, Minseok has told me a lot of things about you” Your mom smiled at the boys in front of you. “I hope we get to know better and that you receive us well” 

The boys just nodded to your mom and she then began to ask more personal things so she could break the ice with them, you took the opportunity that they had their full attention to your mom so you could observe him in detail. 

His skin was very white almost pale, he had a thin face, a small nose and thin pink lips, his chin was also lightly sharped that making his face look more extended. His hair was completely black as night, it was a bit messy but it totally suited him. You watched his adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he laughed at a lame joke you mother had said. Your eyes turned to one of his hands, he had long and slender fingers you saw he also had a small mole located in his thumb.

No doubt he was the epitome of beauty, you’ve never seen someone so beautiful as him. It was like if he was art and you were the judge that wanted to admire the piece in every detail always.

“Right Y/N” you heard your mother mention you, getting you out of your thoughts, you quickly turned to see your mother before he realized that you were watching him. 

“I’m sorry mom, can you repeat what you said?” She started to chuckle. 

“See? i told you she’s always daydreaming but she’s really an observant person though” You laughed awkwardly at her words and then proceeded to look at your food. You entangled a big amount of pasta around your fork and opened your mouth wide so you could put it all in just a bite, that instant you noticed Baekhyun looking at you almost in a judging way. He had all his attention towards you.

You closed your mouth shut again and put your fork in the plate, starting to feel the distinguished warmness creep up your cheeks. 

This time i couldn’t take my eyes out of his cold and indifferent ones, it made me feel bipolar towards him i did not want to take my eyes off his but at the same time i felt so intimidated that i also didn’t even want to be close to him, to say you were confused wasn’t enough. 

He had this dark sensation that attracted you making you feel curious about how his true self was, since you just couldn’t see any emotions in him, he was the mystery itself and you wanted to solve it. 

But sometimes too much curiosity can kill the cat.

It was five months past since your mother and you moved in with them and four months since Minseok and your mother married. 

You got up from the bench and headed home, you usually had your afternoon walks alone because it was a form of escaping reality sometimes, and it was nice, but when you came home reality always hit you hard, the reality was that you couldn’t love Baekhyun, he was your step brother.

It started as simple curiosity and it ended as love. A forbidden and unrequited love, you never said to him what you felt since the fact that he disliked you was no secret, he already made it clear a dozen of times. 

You opened the gate door leading yourself into the garden of the house, your eyes looked at the ground watching how the usual green vivid color of the grass was covered of white not leaving a single piece uncovered by the big white sheet of snow. 

You were distracted by the smell of cigar so well known to you, you turned your head attracted by the smell and there he was sitting at the porch, with the typical lightened up cigar between his fingers and his usual cold, heavy gaze looking at you while letting out the smoke loose slowly from his lips. 

You opened your lips a little at seeing his appearance, he wasn’t wearing anything special just a simple black shirt and ripped jeans, nor he had his hair styled or something he just had his usual messy black hair as if he had just woken up, but he always managed to make you lose your breath for an instant at the sight of him. 

You felt your heart accelerate, it was always like this when you were close to him or when he posed his cold eyes to your warm ones. Internally you had a battle, it was your heart and your brain, your heart screamed for his love but your brain denied in disagree. 

The wind began to blow softly causing your long hair to move towards the direction the wind was going, revealing your face more clearly to him. You felt the tension in the air,  you never had a conversation with him since you moved in, but by just looking at eyes it was like having a thousand of silent secret talks that only him and you knew about.

It was then when you heard the sound of the door slamming causing the both of you to look away see who had made the loud sound. 

“Aren’t you getting inside? It’s getting more cold” Sehun asked both of you with concern. 

You nodded your head answering his question, wanting you to leave the tense scene before your heart exploded colors of so many emotions you felt. You walked towards sehun passing by him feeling strongness of his mysterious aura. 

“I’ll stay here for a while” he answered with his strong but soothing delicate voice, Sehun shrugged and went inside with you following behind leaving the shadowy guy behind.

You began to take off your big coat receiving the comforting heat of your home and left it in the coat rack besides you. 

The rest of the night went by fast, it was always the same thing every day, you had dinner together in family each one telling how their day went almost always being your mom the one to question that and you answering back in response whenever she asked you something and when finished head to your room to be alone. 

It was almost past midnight when you heard a melodious beautiful voice sing outside, your heart clenched at this, for sure it was him you already heard Sehun sing before because he drives you to school and always gives you a mini personal concert so you were sure it wasn’t him.

If it was him this was the first time you hearing him sing, you suddenly got the need to see him imagining the sight of him, it was view that you didn’t want to lose.

You internally debated whether to go or not but you finally gave in and silently went to the backyard, and there he was… the sight of him made you feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, your cheeks starting to blush and your heart screamed for him in agony “Mine!”

You watched as the veins in his neck started to stand out with each word he sang, striking the right note perfectly, you never heard this song before but from the words it was definitely a sad song, he sang it with such an emotion like if he was putting all what he felt into it. 

You looked to see his expression and it was different to his usual cold one, this was the first time you finally saw a bit of emotion in his eyes, he looked hurt.

Your thoughts started to fly, ‘Why was he doing this?’ ‘Who hurted him so badly?’ ‘Is this a cause of his attitude?’ 

“What are you doing here?” he stopped singing and turned his head towards your direction looking at you with those strong deep eyes of his that made you feel intimidated, your heart started to race dangerously, you’re hands starting to form sweat from the nervousness, you felt that at any instant tears would start to fall out your eyes from the shame of getting found out spying on his significant moment.

EXO Spending Summer Vacation With You

A/N - Shimmy Shimmy KoKoBop … I think i like it! Hellooooo everyone! I’m back! Here with another reaction/scenario featuring EXO who recently made their 2017 comeback with KoKoBop and Power! Hope this brings a smile to your lovely faces! (Yo I’m still shooketh from The Eve performance doe) :) 

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You were on a double date with Xiumin and his girlfriend when you realized your boyfriend was dragging behind in line. Looking back, you noticed Xiumin whisper into his ear urging him forward. Come to think of it, those two seemed to be talking more on your double date than you had with Suho. You pouted waiting for your boyfriend to join you. “You want to walk any slower grandpa?” you asked with sass. You saw your boyfriend smile up at you and the trio continue to walk forward when Xiumin suddenly exclaimed, “Well we both will be heading out.” “What Why? We are almost in the front.” “Oh don’t worry about us, you lovebirds have fun!” He exclaimed running out of the line hand in hand with his girlfriend. You felt an arm slithering around your waist bringing you closer to a sturdy body. A kiss on your cheek brought you out of the state of confusion you were in. “We’re next in line Y/N,” Suho stated, pulling you into the Ferris wheel Car. You sat opposite him as the operator locked the gates and pressed the keypad to push the car forward. As you nearly reached the peak you noticed Suho pulling his jacket closer to his body. You cold?” He asked. You shook your head. “Why don’t you come here and share some of that warmth?” He asked matter-of-factly. You raised your eyebrow questioning his incentive. He raised his arms feigning innocence. “I’ll behave I swear!” He exclaimed. You walked over to his side and sat on his lap while pulling him into an embrace. A few moments passed when he started speaking of the first moment he laid eyes on you to each memorable date he had with you. You looked up in shock to realize that he remembered so much of the minor details. He continued speaking, “I loved every moment of these past three years with you. Can I continue to be in your life forever?” A breath left your lips when he pulled out a case from his pocket. Opening it, he unveiled a beautiful diamond ring which twinkled in the lights. “Will you marry me Y/N?” A small smile formed on your lips. “Is this what you were talking to Xiumin about?” He chuckled softly. “Yeah I was kinda nervous about this actually … that I might mess it up.” You gazed into his eyes - there was a certain softness and yet, also a strong vibe emanating from them - a quality which made you fall for him in the first place. “Of course I will marry you, you dork!” you exclaimed throwing your arms around his shoulders and sealing the deal with a kiss. He brought you closer until there was hardly any gap between you two. One hand gripped your waist tightly while the other sneakily rose up your shirt. When you two finally pulled back for air he whispered against your lips, “I thought you wanted me to behave.” You smiled and closed the gap between both of your lips once more.

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After wishing Suho luck with his proposal, you and Xiumin rushed off to one of the game booths to try your luck with winning one of the stuffed animals. It had always been a wish of yours to go out to a theme park and play these games with your boyfriend. Since he would constantly be at practice, the two of you would rarely have enough time to meet up on fun occasions like this. You wanted to make the best of it. You had to agree that he was pretty good at these games. It was almost as if it was the stress relief he needed. It wasn’t until he maintained a winning streak where you felt like you were more of his manager than his girlfriend since you ended up carrying all his prizes. You came across a shooting range booth when Xiumin exclaimed, “Y/N can you hold this too? That puppy plushie will be perfect for Baekhyun! I have to win that!” Before you had a chance to respond you were immediately holding the largest teddy bear known to mankind since it was bigger than your own body! You stumbled a bit trying to gain your balance with the amount of weight you were carrying. Who ever thought plushies could actually be heavy? Thankfully you found a bench behind the booth and took a seat. You dropped the plushies off to the side when you looked up to see Xiumin running towards you with a puppy doll in his hands. “I got one for all the members now!” He screamed with joy when you stood up with a pout and began to walk away. Xiumin noticed your sad demeanor and pulled you back to him. “Aww is my baby sad cause I didn’t win her anything?” You scoffed and nudged his chest. He giggled and asked opening his arms out wide, “Why do you need a plushie when you have me?” A small smile appeared on your lips. oH gOD. Even you couldn’t resist this cuteness. You leaned forward and pinched his cheeks when he quickly tugged on your jacket pulling you into his chest. “I was just teasing. Of course oppa won them for you, baby ~”

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“Yixing will you slow down?” you exclaimed as your boyfriend ran up the stairs. Your legs literally felt as if they were moments away from plummeting to the ground with all the running you have been doing. Your gaze shifted upward to see your boyfriend turning back to face you with a sly smile on his lips. “Aww is baby tired already?” he said softly earning a glare from you, “We are almost there, just a little bit more.” You sighed. “And why are we doing this exactly?” He responded with another smile. “You will see.” Before you had a chance to respond, he raced up the stairs causing you to follow in pursuit. When you finally reached the top door, he grasped your hand and together the two of you walked through. The crisp, warm summer air rushed through your loose hair, easing your soul after that hell of a workout. A soft gasp escaped your lips when you saw the soft flickering lights from the city below. “Yixing this is beautiful.” You turned back to see your boyfriend leaning against the cement walls with his hands behind his head, clearly proud of accomplishing this feat. He slowly puckered his lips and blew a kiss towards you, causing your cheeks to heat up. He gestured you to come forward and you sauntered towards him. Picking up his phone, he started playing music from your favorite tracks. He left one earbud in his ear and placed the second into yours and then pointed to the sky. As if on cue, a shot of light burst from the ground to an array of dancing sparks which illuminating the night sky. And from this vantage point, the entire scene was simply spectacular. You smiled back at him. “You raced all this way just so we could have this moment with fireworks?” He brought you closer to his chest and pecked your nose. “Yep, its this kind of moment which means the world to me.”

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“Let’s try this one!” You exclaimed tugging your boyfriend’s hand towards the tallest roller coaster in the theme park. Baekhyun glanced upward and squinted from the sun’s rays. “Now you have officially lost your mind,” he mumbled giving you a judging look, “How about we just go in the Spinning Tea Pots?” “Because I’m pretty sure you’ll use that moment alone to your advantage, you pervert!” He threw his head back in laughter, astonished by how well you know him. “It’s either this or the haunted house,” you challenged, knowing his intense fear of anything horror related. You saw him shifting his eyes in deliberation when you thought of an idea. “Rock Paper Scissors?” You asked suddenly catching him off guard. You didn’t wait for him to respond and immediately played the best out of three match which you ended up winning. Jumping with joy, you exclaimed, “How about we do the Haunted House?” Beakhyun’s eyes grew wide as melons when he fought back, “Wait you said you wanted to go on the coaster!” “Well I changed my mind!” you sang out loud and pulled him towards to creepy maze. The entire five minutes you spent in there you only heard high pitched shrieks and cursing in dialect - all from Baekhyun. By the time you exited the maze you turned to face him, shaking your head disapprovingly while he panted in trepidation while clutching his heart. “Now wouldn’t it have been better if you had just agreed to the coaster in the first place?” You asked with a smirk on your face. He glanced up at you with those fiery eyes and you began to run for your life.

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A gentle breeze caressed your face as you heard the soft waves from the ocean crash into the shoreline. The hammock swayed from side to side and the gentle rocking motion drifted you in and out of sleep. You shifted to your side when you heard a whine, “Ah waee ~” A gentle tug pulled you back to a sturdy chest. You peeked up to see your boyfriend’s face nuzzled in your soft hair. “Hmmm you smell so good,” he mumbled sending a crimson blanket to cover your cheeks. His arm was draped lazily around your waist and he gently pulled you upward until you were eye level with him. “I really don’t wanna leave tomorrow. Five months on tour without you is going to be torture.” You smiled and quickly pecked his nose. He smirked. “If you really continue to be this cute, I guarantee we will never leave our room in time for the flight.” He bent his head forward and nipped the edge of your ear. You giggled from the ticklish sensation and buried your head in his chest and embraced him. Your eyes shifted softly upward when you whispered, “If it extends our time together then its fine with me.” You felt his lips curl into a smile and he quickly slipped from your embrace and swung his legs over the hammock. “What is it?” you asked. Instead of responding, he swept you up into his arms bridal style and placed a searing kiss on your lips. “We might as well get a head start, beautiful.”

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You placed a plate of perfectly sliced watermelons upon the table when a rush of laughter and squeals caught your attention. When you turned around you saw your boyfriend caught in an intense water gun fight with the neighborhood kids who your parents so graciously invited to your annual Summer Party. You rolled your eyes. Clearly, you were dating a chid. It took you a moment to realize things got a bit too quiet. Before you could comprehend what was happening, you felt a rush of cool jets slamming you from all directions, soaking you from head to toe. You cried out in agony while trying to shield your face with your flailing arms. When the sprays stopped, you heard a rush of laughter and peaked up to see your boyfriend snickering at your current state. “Channie!” you cried out while coughing miserably. He chuckled and made his way over to you. In one swift motion he lifted you by the waist and placed you onto the table so you were eye level with him. “Sorry about that,” he said softly dabbing a napkin on your forehead, “But I couldn’t resist.” You pouted. “Well thanks to your fun and games, my dress is soaked and completely ruined.” He raised his eyebrows and scanned you from head to toe, memorizing every curve on your body accentuated by the wet clothing. “It’s not that bad,” he replied with a smile. “Urgh, why are you such a pervert?” you asked throwing the napkin back at him, “I’m starting to think you did this on purpose.” He titled his head to the side with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Now what gave that away?” He pulled your body closely to his own and instantly placed a passionate kiss onto your lips. You couldn’t help but melt in his arms as he brought his body closer until there was no gap between you two. A series of groans and exasperated cries resonated from the sides as you noticed the kids starting to point their water guns at you two. Oh Great. Before you two could pull away, you both felt an army of water attacks flying forward. Almost immediately, you grabbed the nearby gun beside you and fired back, “Oh its on now!”

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Summer walks along the boardwalk were the best, especially when you were walking hand in hand with your boyfriend, Kyungsoo. During the afternoon peak of the summer heat, you two were fooling around by the shoreline, stepping into the cool refreshing water which usually ended in sudden tackles and a tickle war. As the temperature cooled down in the evening, you would walk along the brilliantly lit boardwalk and admire the twinkling lights above and laughter in the air. This moment was almost too perfect. The silence was interrupted by your boyfriend’s snickers. You looked to the side while still clutching your ice cream cone in your hand. “Whats so funny?” you asked. “You have a little ice cream on your face.” “Really?” You exclaimed in shock, urgently trying to find the spots on your face where the specks of vanilla could have landed. “But where?” You asked. “Here,” he replied nudging his own cone forward and brushing the right side of your cheek. Your eyes grew wide in shock. Oh this little shit! “And here,” he stated while brushing your forehead and the left side of your cheek. “Kyungsoo!” You exclaimed trying to wipe the cream off, “Urgh, where is it? Take it off!” He leaned forward and quickly pecked the regions on your face with ice cream with his lips before leaning back with a smirk on his face. Dumbfounded, you stood completely still and almost couldn’t believe what you witnessed. When you came to your senses, you smacked his shoulder as he threw his head back in laughter while exclaiming, “What? You asked me to take it off.”

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Your eyes skimmed the last few words and you eagerly turned to the next page, highly anticipating what would happen next. Your moment was cut short when a high speeding volleyball sent a heavy blow to your skull, knocking you back and sending you and your book flying off the beach chair. Thankfully, you plummeted onto the soft sand while simultaneously looking like a deer in headlights. Well … that was quite embarrassing. As you frantically tried to brush the sand off your hair and face, you heard a scurry of footsteps approaching you. “I’m so sorry, are you ok?” came a voice. You glanced up to see the most handsome face staring back at you. He offered you his hand while flashing a radiant smile which nearly made you stumble as he pulled you up to your feet. “I’m Kai by the way,” he said nervously while handing you your book. “Y/N”, you replied quickly trying hard to not blankly stare at his tanned broad shoulders and his toned abs. “So-um Y/N,” he stated timidly while tossing the ball back and forth in his arms, “Are you free to join us for a game?” We are missing a player.” “I’m really not that good at sports.” “It’s ok, neither am I,” he said almost too quickly causing you to raise your eyebrow in suspicion. Uh-Huh, sure you are with that body, “I can teach you,” he said softly, his eyes clearly earnest. You nodded softly, earning another heart stopping smile from him. “Come on then,” he answered, leading you towards the net. 

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You stood upon the balcony of the cruise ship overlooking the tranquil ocean with a warm cup of coffee in your hands. A soft breeze drifted though the air causing you to pull your loose cardigan tighter over your shoulder. You took a small sip from your mug and leaned your head in bliss. Yep, the first sip is always the best. You softly swirled the stirrer in your coffee and gazed back into the sea. A soft shade of crimson blanketed your cheeks as you recalled the events of last night with your fiance - well husband now - seeing this is now your honeymoon. Just as you were about to turn your attention back to your coffee, a pair of arms slithered around your waist, filling you up with an overwhelming amount of warmth. You looked up to see a handsome face peering back at you with a smirk on his lips. “You left me alone,” he whined while dipping his head forward, pecking your lips and bringing you closer to his bare chest. You felt a breeze again and this time he nuzzled his face into your neck, breathing in your scent and leaving small kisses on your shoulder. “Sehun,” you said softly placing your mug aside and turning around to face him. “Hmm?” he whispered tugging your cardigan down to move his kisses to your shoulder. “We should probably get ready if we want to make it to the show on time.” He chuckled softly while gently nipping the skin on your collarbone. “Actually,” he replied, lifting you off the ground until your lips were barely a centimeter apart, “I have some other plans of my own.” 

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Female Vietnamese-Chinese-Australian

My dad is Vietnamese, but his parents come from China. My mum is from China, but she moved with her family to Hong Kong from an early age. They speak Cantonese (or as you otherwise might know it, traditional Chinese) as a main language, although they can speak (simplified) Chinese too. I was born and raised in Australia so I identify as Australian as well as Chinese and Vietnamese.

My area has some Asians, but you can get other PoC showing up too and as a writer, I like to embrace that (that’s why this profile exists). However, most people here are non-PoC, Australia being a former British colony and whatnot.

  • Clothing

Hand me downs. When your dad has 10 sibings and 2 of them are about an hour’s drive from your house, you can’t deny that’ll happen. However, I do get new clothes every now and again.

  • Food

My family does have a habit of eating rice and/or different Chinese styles of noodles a lot for dinner, but we eat pasta and other cultural foods every now and then. A typical lunch is normally a sandwich or fast food, while breakfast can be anything from dim sims to toast to apple pie (I think the apple pie is just a scrounge-for-money excuse on my mum’s part though).

We do eat Vietnamese food for dinner (a cold vermicelli dish with mint/lettuce, fish sauce and soft shell crab/spring rolls/cha lua/surimi scallops - or a combo of those - known verbally as something along the lines of “moong” to me, although I don’t know its proper name or spelling) or lunch (banh mi or pho), although the likelihood of having Vietnamese food for any given meal is significantly rarer than Western-style food/rice and normally it’s my dad who’ll eat pho.

We used to go out for yum cha for lunch (despite it being breakfast in most cases in Hong Kong) every now and again. When we’re in Hong Kong though, my maternal grandma makes us go to yum cha for breakfast and then to the same restaurant for dinner. There’s one dish I love from yum cha specifically (prawns in cheong fun with soya sauce) which is often on the menu and why I don’t mind yum cha in most cases.

My mum loves Japanese food, but my dad doesn’t like most raw things (I had a childhood friend whose mother used to work at a sushi shop, so we got lots of discounted food - it didn’t help my dad one bit) so me and my sisters have grown up eating sushi/okonomiyaki/sashimi and we’ll eat this stuff on birthdays or special occasions. That’s how we get into anime and learning Japanese at school. 

  • Holidays

My family is atheist, with a mild exception on my smallest sister’s part (she believed in the optional religious education classes a little too much, and so is a bit more insistent on Christianity). We normally go out to Chinese New Year celebrations in our vicinity (we normally buy the spiral potatoes on skewers and/or batter-coated octopus tentacles and eat them if not collecting freebies). We’ll eat mooncake, tang yuan or the like as a celebratory food around the relevant holidays, although we do sometimes eat them out of season if the food is around and cheap. We don’t take days off around Chinese New Year like Chinese are supposed to, but we do take breaks around Easter, Christmas etc. because schools, supermarkets etc. close on those days.

Red pockets (actually red envelopes, they have money in them) are a custom for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, weddings and Chinese New Year. If your birthday is close to one of the other listed holidays, you get one instead of two (see this profile for explanation). There is no set amount for the others, but normally for a 20-something-year old the cap is about AU $50 (we send the equivalent in American money to American relatives, but that’s less often than the ones we see in person and remember the birthdays for), and for weddings you should give more than that. 

We take basically any excuse to get together with extended family and Asian family parties are never dull. The adults, especially, gossip long into the night and if they bust out the alcohol, they go home at midnight or 2 am because…obvious reasons.

  • Identity issues

I thought, when I was younger, my surname was Chinese, but it turned out to be Vietnamese put through American pronunciation. I told my friends…and they didn’t give any reaction. Either they took it in their stride or just continued to think I was Chinese/Chinese-Australian like them.

I’ve been to Vietnam and Hong Kong on family trips before and for some reason, even though Australia is “home” to me, when all the people look closer to what you do and experience life similar to what you do, you feel like you’re “at home” in a weird sense. Can’t speak a speck of Vietnamese and my Cantonese and Chinese have fallen out of good use though, so I’m just berated by older relatives (in Cantonese and most times to my parents’ faces) when I visit them and speak in English.

I’m a bit more tan than my sisters due to neglecting sunscreen on sunny days, but my dad used to joke to me and my sisters that I was Filipino/Indian and looking back on it, that was pretty toxic. (It was also kinda hypocritical because he’s tanner than me, but he never pointed that out.) Some other people may get offended at being called “banana” or “ABC” (Australian-born Chinese), but me and my sisters can take it as a joke.

Talking about the Vietnam War is kinda awkward for me, as my dad escaped from it in his youth. I learnt about the war while doing an international studies course and being to Vietnam - there was this aura of coldness around it all the while and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

  • Language

I was taught Cantonese from birth, but Australia being as it is means English is my default. I had to learn Chinese and Japanese from language schools and school courses.

Hong Kong was British up until 1997, so there’s lots of English (the language, the people aren’t that common there) around and it’s easier to get by there (for me) than Vietnam. Vietnam was French in the 1800s so my dad knows limited French, but I’ve never learnt French. 

  • Study

I used to try and keep up with my parents’ standards of “play piano!”, “get good grades!” etc. etc. but as time wore on, I found I didn’t want to. In the end, I found they’re not too worried, so long as I do well in what I want to do and pass in what I need to do. 

…I’m also a proud procrastinator, as bad as that is.

  • Micro-aggressions

Notice how I’ve used “Cantonese” as a term for traditional Chinese, and “Chinese” for simplified? Cantonese and Chinese are completely different beasts. (I can get kinda picky about it, even though “Canton” is a somewhat whitewashed term and doesn’t refer to Hong Kong per se…I use the terms because I have no better way of distinguishing between the two.)

  • Tropes I’m tired of seeing

Kung fu Asians. Not all Asians are willing to whip your butt into shape with martial arts - most Asians wouldn’t know martial arts. For that matter, tai chi/taekwondo/karate/gong fu do not equal each other (yeah, Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is a misnomer).

  • Things I’d like to see more of

There’s one show I thought was fairly accurate in depicting a life like mine, and that’s The Family Law. Showing more family dynamics like that would be great.

I’d also like to see close siblings, regardless of genre, gender or race. (Not twins or OreImo, either - that’s a little too close.) I’m very close to my older sister, to the point where if we weren’t blood related, we’d be best friends.

It’s a weird demand, but regardless of where your story’s set or who it’s aimed at, I get kinda disappointed when people have an eating scene and they could check up some weird and wonderful food for it - for a workplace or school scene, a sandwich can make sense and it’s fine, but for one example, in fantasy feasts people eat “boar meat” and sometimes I wish they’d eat char siu instead of being so generic. Just do your research properly, spell the words properly and it’ll fit right in if it’s appropriate and/or relevant.

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

Stay Professional! Pt. 10

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Summary: Jungkook’s blurted out his thoughts sincerely and you don’t know how to react. Jimin offers you a paid-leave to clear your mind and come back later, hopefully fresher than before.

A/N: Good news!! this isn’t the last chapter- I did some thinking and I decided to extend the series by ~3 chapters :) this chapter also has a lot of dialogue! It’s quite a sad chapter- it might be a little slow but this chapter is focused on the development of JK x reader’s relationship.

The grey clouds coated the sky and grumbled in annoyance as seeps of lighting passed through them. It was weirdly creepy that the weather was able to portray your devastated mood rather accurately. As soon as the elevator dinged, you stepped out with a burning desire to sprint out of the building. You legs worked with long strides and the rapid clicking of your heels showed just how frantic you were to leave. You never once looked back whilst running- all you could focus on was the salty taste of your tears and how fast your fast your legs carried you.

Despite the fact that you had taken the elevator, Jungkook still somehow managed to catch up- his worn out legs had jumped down 4 steps at a time to reach you with his dangerously fast paced heart. He looked no-where near presentable. His hair was still messed up, a couple of strands stuck up whilst his fringe clung onto his sweaty forehead. He didn’t have any time to put on his usual suit-jacket, let alone button up his white dress-shirt. His pink lips were swollen and they couldn’t help but repetitively form your name in hopes that you’d stop running away from him.

“Y/N! Please! Wait!” Jungkook’s voice echoed slightly across the spacious ground floor of the company building. The workers looked beyond confused at the sight of Jungkook in a panic and yelling. They’d always viewed him as an emotionless, professional and very well composed business man.

It was a total shock to see him in such a worn out and breathless state. His ostentatious figure was a mere inconvenience in this situation as the people did nothing but stare- which made you feel even more shit.

You thanked god for automatic glass doors as you swiftly ran past them and to the outside- where the thunder seemed to grumble louder than before. You helplessly wiped away your stream of tears that rolled off your cheek and chin endlessly, but that deemed to be useless as that image kept popping up inside your head. She looked so content straddling his lap- and he didn’t even do anything about it. The image was engraved into your mind and you couldn’t help but let out a loud grumble of pure frustration. Jungkook had just shattered the little trust you had left in him and that consequently lead to the shatter of your sanity for a brief amount of time.

Everything suddenly seemed hopeless. You’d just wanted to drown yourself in vodka to ease the stabbing pain in your heart. Your vision was clouded and blurry from the unstoppable tears and your brain couldn’t stop torturing you by constantly replaying the scene over and over inside your head.


Jungkook let out another loud yell and people on the street stopped to look at the dramatic scene. You ignored his desperate attempts and continued to strut forward- the last thing you’d wanted to do was see his face let alone converse to him.

Suddenly, you felt a violent tug on your wrist and Jungkook forcefully spun you to face him. His vision was also distorted and he found it difficult to breathe as his lungs were blazing with discomfort. Frenzy immediately washed over his expression at the sight of your tears. He had no intention of loosening his grip on your wrist- and he was sure it was going to leave a mark but it didn’t matter at that point.

He needed to speak to you- to clarify everything, to tell you how crazy you drove him, to beg for forgiveness and explain his ridiculous actions.

But before he could say anything, you attempted to wriggle out of his grasp, grumbling in pain as you could feel the flesh on your wrist sting under Jungkook’s grip.

“Don’t touch me!” You instinctively shouted and Jungkook’s expression softened, yet he didn’t loosen his hellishly tight grip. His lips quivered in fear as a blanket of regret washed over his mind. He knew he should’ve pushed her away. He knew he shouldn’t have let you go.

Ever since his realisation that you were the only person he had genuine feelings for had hit, his life had been flipped and shook out of proportion- much to his dislike as the downfall of his stocks screamed at him to concentrate but, he found it physically impossible to do so. All he could think about was how much happier he’d be with you by his side. He’d never felt so obsessive over anything.

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Do Kyungsoo // Oblivious

While staying at your best friend Kai’s dorm on a visit, you accidentally overhear a conversation between the members that surprises you a lot. - ft. the other EXO boys being ridiculous 
Scenario: Fluff, comedy 
Word Count: 3,669

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Different Side of Me

You smoothed your hands over the fancy dress you wore, double-checking how you looked in the large mirror your boyfriend bought last year. Speaking of him, you heard him calling out for you.

“Y/N! Are you ready to go?” His head popped out from the doorway, his eyes immediately going towards where you were in your shared bedroom.

You breathed deeply and smiled tightly, “Yeah, Spence. Let’s go.”

You and Spencer Reid, your boyfriend of nearly two years, were going to meet your parents for dinner at a five-star restaurant they chose. This would be Spencer’s first time meeting your parents because you never really got along with them and you were incredibly nervous about how it would go.

Spencer, sensing your distress, reached his hand out for yours as you walked out of the apartment and towards your car, squeezing it before rubbing circles on the top of your hand with his thumb.

As you both settled in the car, you took another deep breath, flipping the visor down in the car so you could check your makeup once again.

“Y/N,” Spencer chuckled, “you look beautiful. Stop worrying, you’re psyching yourself out and that’s just going to project negative scenarios in your head. It’ll be fine, okay?”

You sent him a smile, “You don’t know what my parents are like.”

He looked at you once more before turning his attention to backing the car out of the spot it’s in. “If you love me, they’ve got to at least tolerate me, right? You and your parents share similarities, not just DNA, but mannerisms and other traits, so statistically, they must have to like me somewhat.”

Spencer was pleased with his deduction, but you knew the truth.

You were nothing like your parents, behavior wise. They were incredibly judgmental, hateful, snobby people who kept you on such a tight leash all throughout your childhood and teen years that you vowed to be nothing like them when you moved out. You kept up with your promise all these years, but they got worse with age, you were able to tell from the weekly phone calls your mother made sure to implement.

They were still trying to control you, even in your adulthood. Which is why it wasn’t surprising when they demanded to meet Spencer, and then chose what date, what time, and where. Spencer was okay with it all, as he was just excited to finally meet the people who raised the girl he loved. But you knew the night would end in emotional disaster. It always did.

Before you knew it, you guys had made it to the restaurant and were quickly escorted in while the valet parker parked your vehicle.

You held your breath while stepping in, with Spencer letting the hostess know the name of your party—Y/L/N.

“Of course, right this way. They’ve ordered already as they’ve been here for twenty minutes, but I’ll get someone right out to take your orders,” the pretty hostess smiled at you both as she led you to the table your parents were at.

Twenty minutes? You couldn’t believe it. You made sure you and Spencer got here ten minutes early. It was barely 7:20 and you knew for a fact that your mother told you 7:30 pm.

As you were thinking this, you and Spencer had arrived at the table. The hostess smiled once more and wished you all a good time before leaving.

“Mom, Dad. You guys said 7:30, the hostess told us you had already been waiting twenty minutes?”

Your father tsk-ed, “C’mon, now, Y/N. First time seeing us since the holidays, and the first time we’re meeting your boyfriend, and the first thing you say to us is an issue with the time?”

You bit back a comment and forced a smile on your face, “This is Spencer Reid, you guys. He works for the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as a profiler. Spencer, these are my parents, Y/M/N and Y/D/N.”

Your father stood up and reached a hand out towards Spencer, “Nice to meet you.”

Spencer glanced at you briefly before opening his mouth, “I, uh, don’t actually shake hands. The amount of pathogens passed is astounding. It’s actually safer to kiss, you know.”

Your father’s hand was still extended for an awkward moment before he and your mom exchanged a look and he sat back down in his seat next to her. You and Spencer sat down in the seats across from theirs and quickly opened your menus.

As you and he were perusing the options, your mom cleared her throat. “So, Spencer. What is it you do exactly for the FBI?”

At the mention of his name, Spencer set the menu down and looked up. “Well, I’m part of a team that analyzes crime scenes and unknown subjects in an attempt to help police catch them before they commit another crime.”

Your father cocked his head to the side slightly, “so you study criminals?”

Hearing the judgmental tone that you’ve become so accustomed to, you broke in. “Spencer’s amazing at his job. He has 3 Ph.D’s, actually. He’s a genius and saves lives.”

“I’m sure,” your mother said, raising her eyebrow at you.

“Well, what about you, Y/N? How’s your job going for you?” your father asked.

“It’s great. I just got another client, actually.” You were a book editor and absolutely loved your job. Your parents, however…

“It still astounds me that you took such a trivial job. You had so much potential, Y/N. You did amazing in science, you could have become something so much more useful,” your father said.

“He’s right. There’s still time for you to change your mind, you know. Your father’s company is hiring and if you take some college classes or start going for an engineering degree, you’d be sure to find a better paying job there.” Your mother offered.

You didn’t even bother putting a polite smile on your face. “We’ve been over this. I don’t want to be an engineer or go back to school. I’m happy with my job and I’m tired of arguing with you about this. Can we just not right now? You guys are here to meet Spencer.”

You glanced over at your boyfriend, when speaking his name, and could see the confusion and frustration in his eyes.

“We spent so much money sending you to the best private schools and paying for your college education, and this is how you repay us? You won’t even entertain the thought of—“

You cut your mother off, “First off, I’m paying you guys back for my college education. Second off, I don’t have to entertain any thoughts. Stop trying to control me, you don’t have any power over me. I’m my own person and an adult and you both need to accept it. Okay?” You finished your rant with a sharp tone and looked at your parents with disdain.

Your parents exchanged another look before starting yet again.

The waiter hadn’t even come by to take your and Spencer’s order yet and this was the third time your parents were going to try and insult your profession. You were just glad they weren’t going after Spencer. You understood why, though. They didn’t care about him. They just wanted to make sure you knew what they thought of you and how they felt you failed them.

Your mother opened her mouth, “I just don’t understand, Y/N. You could be so much more and do so much better. How are you content with your life?”

“What?” Spencer cut in, his rage clear on his face.

“This doesn’t concern you, Sam,” your father announced.

“This does concern me. Y/N is my girlfriend, the love of my life, and her feelings are important to me. How could you both sit there, insulting her career and putting her down? She’s worked so hard to get where she is. She’s a senior editor at one of the best publishing houses here. She confers on textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, everything because she’s that good at her job. She’s incredibly intelligent and passionate about her work. She’s generous and kind and everything you two seem to be lacking. She’s able to brighten up any room she walks into. I’ve never met anyone like her in my life and doubt I ever will. She’s unique and loving and caring and selfless. I stupidly thought you two and her must have shared some personality and behavioral traits, but now I’m glad I was wrong. You should feel ashamed of yourself for putting Y/N down. She’s just—she’s magnificent and if you can’t see that, then it’s your loss and I’m sorry you both will never realize how charming and wonderful she is.” Spencer finished his spiel with disgust and anger still coloring his face.

“And for your information, my name is Spencer, “ he added, before turning to you. “Would you like to stay or go home?”

You looked over at your parents, the pair of them shocked at Spencer’s outburst. “Home,” you smiled, the first genuine one of the night. “Home sounds amazing.”

He reached for your hand as the pair of you stood up and walked out, without another word to your parents.

As you made your way inside the car, you glanced at him. “Thank you, for all of that back there.”

Spencer looked confusedly at you, “Y/N. Don’t thank me for that. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you or take your words for truth when you said you didn’t get along with them well. I’m also sorry you had to live your whole life with them. I love you so much, and I meant every single word I said back there. They don’t deserve to have you in their lives if they won’t appreciate you like you deserve to be.”

You were overcome with such strong emotions that this beautiful man in front of you would defend you so easily, you didn’t know what to do. You settled for leaning over and kissing him. He placed a hand on your face, angling you deeper into him.

You pulled back slightly, letting your forehead rest against his. “It was pretty hot seeing you so riled up, though.”

Spencer laughed, “your family brings out a different side of me, what can I say?“

Kidnapping/Bodyguard AU

Okay so I wrote a thing. Like the title says it’s a kidnapping/bodyguard AU. It’s very short, extremely self-indulgent and unbeta’d. It’s also inspired by the kidnapping scene in one of my favorite movies called Man on Fire. Also English isn’t my first language so yeah. But if you read it i hope you enjoy.

Derek had been working for the Stilinskis for a little over six months and after a rocky start he was settling relatively well in his new job. After he had received countless death and kidnapping threats the local Sheriff had decided to look for a reliable security company offering bodyguards for himself and for his 18 year old son, just as a precaution he had said. To say Derek was overqualified for the job was an understatement. Ex-CIA specialized in Espionage and youngest recruit to have received (and successfully finished) a solo mission. After losing his entire family in a tragic accident, he had quit and had decided to join BOYD Security. His best friend’s private security firm. That’s how he ended up in charge of protecting the Sheriff’s 18 year old son.

Stiles was sarcastic, awkward and couldn’t stop talking even if he wanted to but he was also kind and you could easily see how much he cared about his father’s wellbeing and peace of mind. So he had accepted the protection without too much fuss.

Derek had just wanted to do his job and nothing else. He made that clear from the get go but Stiles who had tried to make conversation on the first day, had crossed his arms over his chest and looked out the passenger seat’s window of the SUV Derek drove to take him to his morning classes. Derek thought that was that. But Stiles never stopped talking and he never stopped asking his questions. The first time he made Derek crack a smile, Stiles pointed it out and even if Derek denied it and stopped smiling almost instantly Stiles had a lasting redness to his cheeks and a little smile to his face for the rest of the day. When Stiles got an A+ on an essay Derek had helped him with for his Myths and Folklore class, he had come out running of the Campus building and had jumped in Derek’s arms screaming how they did it! They did  it, Derek! Derek had had difficulty containing his own joy in the moment.

Derek’s job consisted of dropping Stiles to college in the mornings and getting him after his classes, accompany him on all his outings and any other duties the Sheriff requested that concerned his son’s immediate security. Derek’s job was simple. Protect Stiles Stilinski to the extent of his capabilities.

On Saturdays, Stiles liked to go on runs in the woods near his house. He had mentioned to Derek how he used to run more often but with College he didn’t really had the time. He preferred getting a decent amount of sleep. Derek had rolled his eyes even if he thought that was actually wise. Every Saturdays the company sent a recon team to check the woods to make sure everything was safe. Derek always accompanied Stiles on his runs while a company’s SUV was waiting for them at the curb of the street at the end of the path to take them both back to the house.

When Stiles ran he was quiet. Which was normal since he had to keep his breathing under control. It was the only time Stiles seemed to enjoy the quiet. It was peaceful for the both of them. Toward the end of their run Derek always took the lead to recon the rest of the path and to signal the SUV. That day he immediately knew something was wrong when he noticed the SUV was nowhere to be seen.

He looked back down the path to where Stiles was slowing down to a walk. Derek extended his hand toward him and said: “Stiles, stay back.”

Stiles looked at him and frowned but he stopped where he was. “Why? What’s going on?”

Derek didn’t answer right away. He scanned the area for any immediate danger. He found it at the end of the street coming 50 miles per hour in their direction. The missing SUV charged toward them without any sign of slowing down. Derek took out his gun, pulled the safety off and without taking his eyes off the SUV he shouted: “Stiles! Run!” He heard a low “fuck” from Stiles and fading footsteps telling him Stiles was indeed running away.

The first gun shot came from the backseat window of the SUV and whistled close to Derek’s left ear. He ducked and rapidly thought how this was most likely a kidnapping attempt and not a murder attempt since they were shooting at him and not at Stiles. The SUV braked to the curb suddenly and 5 armed men wearing ski masks came out of the SUV.

They immediately started shooting at Derek. Derek ran for cover behind the closest tree and shot back. He took one down with two bullets. Two seconds later he felt pain in his left shoulder and heard a scream. Derek ignored the pain in his shoulder and took another man down. He looked around quickly and saw that Stiles had stopped running maybe a hundred meters away and was looking at the scene. He looked at Derek’s wound with panicked eyes and was screaming something.

Derek started running toward him trying to keep some sort of cover with the trees. He felt a bullet pierce his right side but kept going. The only thing he could hear was his blood rushing at his temples and Stiles screaming at the men to stop! Please stop!

Another gun shot and Derek felt himself falling to the ground. He heard Stiles heart wrenchingly scream his name. Derek desperately tried to get up again but found he couldn’t, he was only able to roll himself onto his back. He fought the blackness around the edges of his vision because the only thing that mattered right now was getting Stiles to safety. He heard rapid steps and suddenly felt hands rapidly moving on his chest, he blinked a few times and focused on Stiles’ face. Stiles had tears streaming down his face and he kept screaming things like “oh God no please! Derek! Derek stay with me!”, “I’m sorry, Derek, I’m so sorry’!” and “somebody help us!”

Derek lifted a hand and pushed Stiles in the chest and croaked out: “Go… run.” Stiles cupped Derek’s face and said: “I can’t!” They both heard rapid steps running toward them and Stiles turned his head toward the noise and he immediately turned back to cling to Derek while screaming incoherently in Derek’s hear. Derek knew what was coming so with the last of his strength he fisted his left hand in the back of Stiles’ t-shirt and hung on for dear life. Derek blearily saw the men’s hands grabbing Stiles and pulling him away. He felt his hand fisted in Stiles shirt lose it’s hold and fall to the ground. He saw Stiles’ face contorted by his furious terror and he could only hear Stiles’ screams. He was screaming Derek’s name over and over and over.

The last thing Derek saw before the darkness around his vision took over, was Stiles fighting against the mens’ hold while getting shoved into the SUV and the SUV rapidly driving away.


“ Puddin’ I think there might be something wrong with her.” Harley said softly to her husband, the Joker, who sat across from her while they watched their small daughter play with her toys in her bedroom. Y/n ,who was stuck in her own little world, whispered to her dolls as if they were alive and speaking to each other. The child seemed too consumed in her thoughts to pay attention.

Joker sighed leaning forward to rest his chin on the palm of his hand.

“Yeah like the fact that there’s absolutely nothing wrong.” Joker’s voice was rough and scratchy. Harley Quinn reached across the table and ran her thumb along his knuckles.

“Oh J, what’re we gonna do with her?” Harley wailed. Joker snatched his hand away from hers quickly but Harley chose to ignore his act of disgust and turned to watch as her blonde daughter skipped over to the glass coloring table and looked around the room with a complex feature on her face. Perking up a notch Harley stood from her spot and maneuvered around all the scattered toys on the ground making her way over to Y/n.

“Hey bubblegum, what’re you looking for?” The Joker listen closely to his wife interacting with his darling daughter and waited- hoped for her to say something corrupted, violent, threatening, anything out of the ordinary for that matter. Harley’s lean fingers played with then end strands of Y/n’s pigtails that were one of the only signs that she was even Harley and the Joker’s child. The right end of her bleach blonde hair was painted pinkish red and the left half was blue.

Harley knelt down to the girls level and put on a wide smile. Y/n returned the act to her mom and grinned happily,

“I’m trying to find my coloring book, mommy. I can’t remember where daddy put it yesterday.” She explained digging through her toy bins. Turning her head, Harley shared a pointed look with her husband.

“Where did you put them?” She mouthed wordlessly. The green haired man shrugged nonchalantly and avoided her fiery gaze. Huffing, Harley shuffled around the room searching for a picture book of any sort. When he hands landed on a red book with flames and skulls on the cover a proud and overjoyed smile tattooed itself onto her face. Taking the item into her grasp, Harley Quinn swirled around on her back foot and held up the coloring book to her daughter.

“Is this the book, sweetie?” Harley’s tone was filled with kindness and sugar, something she reserved special for Y/n. Joker chuckled in his seat and Y/n laughed at her crazed mom as well.

“No silly mommy of course not! Daddy bought that for me but I don’t like it… too scary.” Too scary? There was no such thing as ‘too scary’ when it came to the mindset of Harley Quinn and the Joker. They lived off the term ‘too scary’ they practically invented it!

Joker’s laugh continued to fill the pink bedroom and for a while Harley didn’t think it would stop. Quinn glared daggers at him and threw the blank book into the bucket of ‘too scary’ toys which included a miniature wooden bat with Harley’s slogan of 'goodnight’ printed onto it in fancy black lettering, a rubber snake and spider, a plastic knife and mask from the Halloween costume the Joker had picked out for her the year before (which Y/n discarded for a long blue sparkling dress with white snowflakes wanting to go as Elsa), a toy gun and so much more.

A distant cough pulled the insane blonde girl from her thoughts. Harley eyed her husband waiting for him to elaborate but he said nothing, only pointed to the glitter decorated garbage bin in the corner of his daughter’s room and smirked. Gritting her teeth, Harley walked to the garbage and sure enough found a purple Disney coloring book.

She pointed her finger at the Joker and shook her head causing her hair to sweep across her face. The Joker merely gave her a smug smile that stretch across his tattooed face.

With a roll of her eyes Harley placed the coloring activity on the round table Y/n had displayed all her white China glass tea cups on.

“There you go Puddin’ I found your book.” Y/n shouted in excitement at the new found item and ran over to her mom hugging her legs.

“Thank you, thank you, mommy!” Harley giggled bending down to place a feather like kiss on top of Y/n’s head.

“You’re welcome, sugar.” Having watched the scene unfold, The Joker felt a small amount of warmth rush into his body.

Harley rejoined him on the chair and took a seat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. Her dyed ends rested on his chest as the two of the examined their perfectly normal child from a far.

“Oh J, I was being serious before; what’re we gonna do with her? Our little monster is over there coloring princesses and flowers! Even her imagination isn’t all that psychotic.” Harley complained covering her big eyes behind her hands. The Joker stifled another laugh and frowned instead.

“I don’t know, Har. Maybe it’ll just take some time for her to grow into the whole 'bad’ thing.” The Joker said in a calm manner. Although he was all for crazy and evil, he secretly appreciated Y/n’s innocence.

A loud screech drew the couple to snap over to their daughter. The Joker shot up from his seat, Harley stumbling off his lap onto the floor, and ran over to the crying girl.

“Pumpkin, what’s wrong? Are you hurt, did something happen?” Harley picked herself up from the wooden floor and watched the two interact. Although she would never admit it out loud in fear of losing her life, Y/n was the only person walking on earth that Harley had ever witnessed the Joker being soft and gentle with. One time she tried to bring it up but Mr.J gave her the most menacing stare she’d ever received and ignored her for the rest of the week telling Harley that if she were to bring it up again it would be the last time she ever spoke. That was enough to shut up her for life.

Y/n wiped her eyes with a significant pout on her face.

“Daddy I’m all out of glitter in my pens.” She complained waving the purple writing utensil in front of her dad’s face.

“Fix it please!” The Joker took the light pen from her hands and examined it closely.

“Sweetheart there’s nothing I can do, it’s all gone. I’ll get you some more later.” The trail of tears stopped in an instant and were replaced with snuffles. Mr. J brushed his fingers along Y/n’s puffy red cheeks. Harley covered her mouth to keep from gawking at the sight.

“Okay daddy.” Y/n nodded digging through the rest of her markers and crayons. Joker lifted from his knees and went to take a seat back in his chair but was suddenly cut short by Harley.  

“Uh, J… are you seein this?” She muttered. Mr. J shot her a confused stare. Harley’s hand was extended to their daughter pointing at the page in front of her.

Harley’s mouth practically skimmed the floor in pure shock. The Joker stomped back to Y/n curious to see what had his wife in such a fix. His hand fell on Y/n’s shoulder towering over top of her to see what she was drawing and when he realize when it was, he almost passed out.  

Underneath all the sparkles, paint, stickers and sequins was a large black symbol. The wings were outlines with squiggly glitter gel and had heart sequins glued on.

“Is that the- where did you get this?” The Joker yelled plucking the art project from Y/n’s hands who squealed in annoyance.

“I made it for you, daddy! I saw it in the sky a few nights ago and I thought you would like it…” The young girl mumbled. Her green bow had slipped down her hair and was dangling on the end of her locks.

On the white sheet of paper and was a decorated bat symbol. More specifically a Batman symbol. Harley bit her knuckle to hide her laughter as the Joker turned to her with a grimace,  

“There is definitely something wrong with this one.”


Professor Scamander and the Slytherin Prefect



A/n: this is the second last chapter, but probably the most important one of the series. In this chapter, you’ll finally find out who the reader ends up with. Thanks for sticking around for this long, wild ride, and I hope you all feel satisfied with the route I’ve chosen to end the story with :) 

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #173 - X-Men: Days of Future Past

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #294

Format: Blu-ray

1) The film marks Bryan Singer’s return to the franchise he helped to start, making it his first X-Men film since X2. He was a producer on X-Men: First Class and originally Matthew Vaughn was slated to direct this film. But Vaughn dropped out to speak with Lucasfilm about Star Wars: Episode VII before focusing his efforts on Kingsman: The Secret Service allowing Singer to step back into the director’s chair.

2) Magneto, Xavier, every mutant in the X-Men films (especially the original trilogy) had fears about war. The X-Men tried to avoid it while Magneto was preparing to win it. Well now everyone’s worst fears have come to past in a dark and desolate future were Magneto was right and the X-Men are forced to band together.

3) John Ottman’s theme from X2 plays in the opening credits, making this film feel like a triumphant return to form from the get go. It fills the audience with an energy, hope, and even nostalgia that helps make the film as great as it is. While I absolutely adore Henry Jackman’s score for First Class, Ottman’s theme has now become the (unofficial?) theme for the franchise in a lot of ways.

4) We’re off to a strong start with the movie’s opening action sequence.

Originally posted by alfonso-herrera

This film features - by far - the best action sequences in the entire franchise. It embraces the powers of its mutant characters in a way no film has before it. This leads to incredible visuals and extended action scenes which never lose the audiences interest. It does what some films (The Last Stand) have failed to do before: show off the X-Men’s powers in incredible and memorable ways. The opening action sequence alone feels like something out of a comic book or (dare I say?) the 90s animated series. Characters like Iceman and Colossus have finally reached the full potential of their mutant powers, making good on a promise any X-Men film makes. New characters too have small roles but are wildly memorable. Blink, Sunspot, Warpath, and Bishop come across as unique with not a lot of lines and not a lot of screen time. But they have an impact because of the visuals of their powers/fighting styles.

From a storytelling standpoint the opening scene also works to set the stakes of the film. We understand immediately how much of a threat these sentinels are, they are able to massacre an entire squad of mutants with relative ease. If it weren’t for Kitty’s ability to send people back in time this war would be over very quickly. The dark tone and sense of dread this future has is established immediately through the action sequence, making the rest of the film carry that weight in a conflict driven/interesting way.

5) I am so impressed and so grateful that this film was able to get all the original cast back they wanted. Kelsey Grammer couldn’t participate because of scheduling conflicts with Transformers: Age of Extinction (ew), but most of these actors have gained a higher price tag since X-Men: The Last Stand. Ellen Page in particular is a critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated actress who comes back for what is essentially a supporting role, but she (like the rest of the returning cast) commits to it all the same. It provides a nice amount of fan service which also feeds into the story and I love it.

6) It is so weird for me to hear Patrick Stewart Xavier talk about this.

Professor X: “I knew [Mystique] as Raven…she was like a sister to me.”

He never talked about her like that in the original trilogy, it first came up in the First Class prequel. But it adds something to Professor X’s character: he walls parts of himself and his past off for the sake of the future.

Note: In this post Patrick Stewart will be referred to as Professor X and James McAvoy will be referred to as Charles.

7) The decision to send Logan back instead of Kitty might upset Kitty Pryde fans and comic book purists (as Kitty was the one to go back in the original storyline), but I think it makes the most amount of sense. The original story was published in the 80s or 90s and Kitty came back from 2013 into her younger body. Movie Kitty has no younger body in 1973 but Logan does. So that’s why it makes sense from an in world decision, but also from a filmmaking standpoint it makes sense too. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is the face of the X-Men films primarily, with only one film up to this point not having him in a prominent role. So it makes sense to put stock in his character as you have in the past. My biggest regret though is that I do LOVE Kitty Pryde and so it would’ve been nice to see her do more, but she still serves a more important role in this film than she does in The Last Stand.

Originally posted by aromanticmagneto

8) I absolutely love this.

Professor X: “Logan, you’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you.”

I am a sucker for character development and having watched now seven X-Men films in a row seeing Wolverine in this role is incredible to me. This was the guy who originally wanted to ditch the X-Men, who was a loner and who primarily looked out for Rogue. Even with that he was mostly out for himself? Now. He’s invested. He’s older, a bit wiser (if not perfect), and gets to repay the kindness Professor X showed him by helping Charles along his way. It puts him in a new role, a role he’s not all too comfortable with, but it is just so damn interesting and I love everything about it.

9) The extended prologue in 2023 as well as the fact that this film will cut back to that time occasionally helps make this film a worthy ending to the cast and characters first introduced in X-Men. It could’ve ended that series entirely, a farewell tour for all the actors we came to love in their respective parts. Despite this, at its core this film - more than anything else - is a sequel/continuation of the story set in place by X-Men: First Class. Doing both of these things is no easy feat but the film is able to pul it off beautifully.

10) Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask.

Originally posted by pyglet

Dinklage is one of the finest American actors around right now, notable for his work in “Game of Thrones”. And his performance as the villainous Trask gives us the best X-Men villain since William Stryker in X2. While I do LOVE Sebastian Shaw in First Class, there is something fundamentally more unsettling in Dinklage’s performance. He is chilling, focused, intimidating. You know this is not a guy you want to mess with. And Dinklage himself has a unique look on the character. This according to IMDb.

According to Peter Dinklage, Bryan Singer picked him to play Bolivar Trask because of his height, stating, “With my dwarfism, I’m a bit of a mutant. I can’t move metal or anything, but I thought of it as self-loathing. Deep down, Trask is quite sensitive about that aspect of himself.”

11) Mystique in Saigon.

The scene of Mystique saving a group of mutants in Saigon from being shipped off to Trask (including Lucas Till’s return as Havok) works really well for a number of reasons. First of all: it helps not only re-introduce her character but also her motivations for this film. She has gone through a lot between First Class and now so this scene helps to establish just exactly this NEW Mystique is. She’s one with a lot of pain, working towards avenging the loss of her friends. Mystique is also much more of a fighter in this film than in First Class, with her choreography and skills leaning much closer to what we would expect from Rebecca Romijn. She has been pushed up to the point of no return but hasn’t crossed that line yet and that’s what this film is about. If she’s going to become the Mystique she does in the original timeline or if this is her second chance. The writing for her character is conflict filled and amazing, I absolutely love it.

12) Logan really needs to give people a spoiler warning about their futures.

Logan [before punching out Beast]: “You and I are going to be good friends.”

13) And because he’s Wolverine, it doesn’t take long for Logan to cause shit.

(GIFs originally posted by @ofsagitta)

14) James McAvoy’s return as Charles Xavier.

Originally posted by buckybarnesaddicted

So First Class was really about Erik becoming Magneto, this is about Charles becoming Professor X. We have never seen the character so low, he has never been so low. He is a broken man with the events of First Class changing him more than he - or the audience - even expected. He tried soldiering on but the war in Vietnam led to his school being shut down. Charles is wallowing in pain, in self pity, he is exactly what Professor X said he was: as lost as Logan used to be. Hell, he’s a drug addict! The serum to give him his legs is a not-so-subtle parallel for drug use. There is a great conflict there, a great pain, and it leads to an incredible story.

15) This is kind of a perfect representation of how continuity works in the X-Men films. The movie tries to remember something from the past, tries to have continuity track, only to get something about it wrong and make everything more confusing.

Originally posted by cherik-ship

(GIFs originally posted by @mcavoying)

In fairness the original line in the First Class script WAS, “Fuck off!” but First Class was released three years before Days of Future Past meaning they knew that wasn’t the actual line for a while. Granted I’m probably just nitpicking.

16) In this film we learn that Emma Frost, Zoe-Kravitz-Angel (as opposed to the Angel from The Last Stand and Apocalypse), Azazel & Banshee are all dead by the hands of Bolivar Trask. Which is sickening and heartbreaking but left a unique opportunity which Apocalypse never took with the characters. I’ll talk about it briefly now but go in depth during my Apocalypse post but in the comics Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen are resurrected dead characters. Using this to bring back the four mutants I just listed would have been a smart move I think.

17) Let’s share what IMDb has to say about the rights to Quicksilver:

The addition of Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver to the cast sparked wide discussion over the direction of the character who is also slated to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Quicksilver had been discussed previously as a potential character in both X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and The Avengers (2012), but legal complexities over the license to the character resulted in his omission from both films. However, in May 2013 both Marvel and Fox Studios announced a resolution to the previous legal issues, and that Quicksilver would appear in this film as well as an Avengers sequel, though under certain parameters: no reference to Quicksilver’s membership in the Avengers can be made in an “X-Men” film, and no allusion to his relations to the X-Men or Magneto (the character’s father) can be made in an “Avengers” film; the rights agreement between Fox and Marvel even goes so far as to stipulate the character cannot be referred to as a “mutant” in any Marvel film. Additionally, the day after the announcement of Peters’s casting, Marvel and Fox entered into a legal standoff over provisions of the rights agreement for the character, including the issue of whether Peters would be allowed to portray Quicksilver in any other film outside the “X-Men” franchise, possibly necessitating a second actor to play Quicksilver in any Marvel film, resulting in two different versions of the same character appearing in two competing film series. Ultimately, Fox and Marvel decided to cast different actors in the part for the “X-Men” and “Avengers” films, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson taking on the role in the latter sequel, thus preventing any connection between the two franchises and keeping the X-Men confined to a separate universe from those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

18) Evan Peters as Quicksilver.

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

No, I said EVAN PETERS as Quicksilver!

Originally posted by quicksilversmom

That’s better. Anyways: Evan Peters’ performance as the speedster is the definite scene stealer in the film. His screen time doesn’t amount to much - with a more significant role in 2016′s X-Men Apocalypse - but every time he’s on screen you are drawn to him. The character is wonderfully fun, with his smart assery amusing to us as the audience without being totally annoying. There’s a unique and vibrant energy that Peters brings to the character which is 100% captivating. By far one of the best new elements of this film.

19) Peter Parker could learn something from this.

Quicksilver [to Erik]: “I’m holding your neck so you don’t get whiplash.”

Erik: “What?”

Quicksilver: “Whiiiiiiplasssssshhhh!”

20) Okay, so Logan knocks out a bunch of Pentagon guards with a frying pan. Is it wrong that this is the only thing I could think of?

Originally posted by livesonus

21) Oh boy….

(Screenshot taken from a GIF set originally posted by @barrel–rider)

22) It is unique and conflict filled to see Charles filled with such intense hate/loathing towards Erik when Professor X always has hope for his, “old friend,” Magneto.

Charles [upon first meeting Erik]: “I’m never getting inside that head again.”

Note: In this recap Michael Fassbender’s character shall be referred to as Erik while Ian McKellen’s shall be referred to as Magneto.


This is without a doubt the best scene in the entire film and it is absolutely brilliant across the board. Like the earlier fight scenes it takes the concept of mutant powers and is able to translate it into absolutely phenomenal visuals. From a technical standpoint the scene is a masterpiece, as the seams are practically invisible. It’s hard to make, but you don’t want the audience to know that. Which makes it all the more impressive that it seems so relaxed. The scene pulls your interest and never lets go, using music and point of view in absolutely stellar ways. How boring would this scene have been if it were from Erik’s point of view? Or Charles’? The most interesting way to do this moment is through Quicksilver and that’s what we get. It is intelligent, organic, full of small surprises, and despite its short length is strong as hell. If they were to teach this class in film schools some day, I would not be surprised.

Although it does raise the question: why don’t they just bring Quicksilver to Paris? It seems like he’d be really helpful.


Erik [looking at Wolverine’s bone claws]: “Imagine if they were metal.”

25) Erik and Charles having it outis very key to the film. Right now the audience sees Erik as the one who messed up. Taking away Charles’ legs, getting arrested for killing the president, etc. But Charles needs to know he’s made some pretty crucial mistakes.

Charles [to Erik]: “You abandoned me!”

Erik [after bringing up the dead mutants]: “We were supposed to protect them!…You abandoned us all!”

26) A part of me gets why Raven seduces the Vietnamese general in order to take his place at the pace conference. Another part of me lives in a post Wonder Woman world and A) never sees male characters doing this and B) thinks there was probably a different way she could’ve gotten into the peace conference. And this isn’t a comment on a woman using her sexuality in a way she is comfortable with, this is a comment on men trying to shoehorn scenes were a woman’s defining feature is her sexuality.

Originally posted by singleworkingdadneto

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

27) I love the added conspiracy theory that JFK was a mutant. I remember reading a promotional material at the time that Bobby Kennedy was a mutant too and that’s why he was assassinated. I’m a nut for conspiracy theories though.

Originally posted by ufo-the-truth-is-out-there

28) Okay, I just need to take a minute to geek out about HOW HAPPY RAVEN IS TO SEE CHARLES!!!!

Originally posted by marvelheroes

29) And this is the turning point of the film.

  • Wolverine gets rocky and weak when he sees Stryker, injuring Kitty in 2023
  • Erik tries to kill Mystique
  • The world can’t deny the existence of mutants anymore and reacts with fear
  • Charles & Erik are now against each other again
  • Trask gets Raven’s blood

The tone of that is not lost. There’s a sense of darkness and dread which falls upon the film as it moves forward. It has an impact on the audience and helps to raise the stakes.

30) Okay, this is funny as hell to me. In an effort to calm Logan down:

(GIFs originally posted by @marvelheroesdaily)

31) Hey look, a Bryan Singer cameo!

So now in the X-Men universe, Bryan Singer is someone who first introduces mutants to the larger world through his movies. How meta.


Erik [after Mystique pulls him into a phone booth and holds a knife to his throat]: “It’s been a long time since we were this close.”

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

I don’t know why, but I don’t like the idea of an Erik/Mystique relationship. Maybe it’s just a hold over from how I felt about their seduction scene in First Class.

33) And this right here is Mystique’s motivation, clearer than before.

Mystique: “I’ve seen too many friends die, Erik. I don’t want a war. I only want the man who murdered them.”

Mystique is no longer an idealist. She does not subscribe to Charles’ or Erik’s way of thinking. She is on her own now, which she said in the very beginning of the film. It makes her character and the conflict she has all the more interesting.

34) The first step in Charles accepting who he is comes from accepting his powers. He tries Cerebro, but it’s too much at first. All he has is pain and suffering. But then - and I can’t understate how much I love this - Logan helps guide him.

Logan: “I was your most helpless student.”

Logan is able to guide him, showing off not only his own growth but also the strength in his relationship with Charles/Professor X. We are reminded of all of Logan’s pain as Charles sees it, but we see now that he has moved past it. It is absolutely incredible for me and leads to an amazing scene.

34) Charles (McAvoy) and Professor X (Stewart) meet.

This scene has much more of an impact now than I was expecting. Charles is at his most broken in life, it will never get worse for him than this. Or so he thinks. He looks into the future and sees just how awful things have gotten and he sees his older self in Professor X. Except when Professor X speaks of the future…he still has faith that it can turn out well. He still has HOPE. Professor X’s endless search for hope has always been his defining feature and it is something he has even in a dark future. It is something Charles has lost and which his older self helps him find again. It is an absolutely beautiful and moving scene, perfect in so many ways. Developing Charles, giving us a peek into the mindset of Professor X, we even get an incredible new theme from composer John Ottman. “Hope (Xavier’s Theme)” I think might be the most moving piece of music in the entire X-Men franchise and I absolutely love it.

35) If you’re a writing student, I suggest you analyze Raven’s character in this film. Particularly the scene where she and Charles are talking about Trask in an airport. It’s an excellent example of how important stakes are to a story and its characters. If a character can leave the scene without what they want and not be devastated, the stakes are too low. Raven’s personal stakes are high as are Charles’. And the fact that Raven doesn’t is still set on this path leaves Charles - in some shape or form - devastated.


Hank [about where his device monitors news]: “Over all three networks. And PBS.”

Wolverine: “All three? Wow.”

Hank: Yeah. And PBS.”

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37) The effect of Charles’ discussion with Professor X has an immediate effect and shows that he IS now that man. He is the man who has hope when all is lost, when everything looks grim. He still has faith in people and hope for the best.

38) How powerful do you think this is to hear?

Logan: “Storm, Scott, Jean. Remember those names.”

Charles [after a moment]: “I’ll do my best.”

Logan: “You’re best is enough.”

Can you imagine what that would feel like? This guy from the future telling you that you’re best is enough. Because that’s all we can ever do is our best. And to know that that is enough is just…I cannot tell you how happy I would be in life to hear those words.

39) Thanks to @orsonkrehnnic for this amazing GIF set that perfectly captures this scene:

40) The dual climaxes are edited between wonderful, carrying pacing between the two wonderfully and interesting throughout. Cutting between 2023 and 1973 could have been a mess but John Ottman’s editing helps bring the scenes together spectacularly. When one breathes, so does the other, and that’s what works.

41) Logan…

Hank: “In the future, do I make it?”

Logan: “No.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

42) Of course Wolverine still gets his ass kicked by Magneto, even without the metal bones. But I will say that removing him from the final conflict is a strong story choice. Because at this point what’s going on between Erik, Mystique, and Charles isn’t about him. It’s about them. The future is about him but it is much more impactful if it results from a choice by everyday people as opposed to the guy who knows what is about to happen. It’s very smart.

43) If this isn’t a beautiful final line for Ian McKellen’s Magneto I don’t know what is.

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(GIF originally posted by @hughxjackman)

44) I love this.

Charles [when he can control Raven’s mind]: “I’ve been trying to control you since the day we meet. Look at where that’s got us.”

Charles TRUSTS Mystique. He trusts Raven. He lets her make her own choice and she choses life. She choses to be better. She choses not to become the murderer that Mystique is in the future. But her journey isn’t over yet. That won’t come until Apocalypse.

45) Did I mention I love that Charles embraces the Professor X philosophy?

Hank [about Mystique and Erik]: “Are you sure you should let them go?”

Charles: “Yes. I have hope for them.”

46) I cannot begin to express how satisfying this ending is.

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I wish I could find a video clip of the ending so I can perfectly illustrate just how amazing it is, but everything about it feels EARNED. Everything about it breathes HOPE. And not just for this movies. It may be most effective while watching these back to back, but I geeked out at seeing everything. Seeing Rogue and Bobby back together, Kitty and Colossus teaching a class together, Kelsey Grammer’s brief cameo as Beast, Storm as a teacher. THEY EVEN GOT JEAN AND SCOTT BACK! Everything about it just feels SO GOOD! The characters we’ve cared for and loved for 14 years now are happy and at peace. And so what if Logan fucks up their lives again? Right now, everything is just good.

Note: I also own The Rogue Cut version of this film, which reintroduced a subplot featuring Anna Paquin’s return as Rogue that was deleted from the theatrical release for pacing issues. I WILL be doing a post about that sometime in the future. I’ve never seen it before so whatever that post looks like it’ll be a first time viewing. That’ll be labeled as 173.1.

There is a chance that X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men film yet (as in has X-Men in the title, so discounting films like Deadpool and Logan). It seamlessly blends together a large cast of characters from both the original trilogy and the First Class cast in a story which does the same. With strong performances throughout and incredible character drama (ESPECIALLY for Charles), it marks a triumphant return for director Bryan Singer. The action is better than ever, featuring that amazing Quicksilver scene, and it is practically perfectly paced. X-Men: Days of Future Past is an incredible entertaining and emotionally satisfying film all fans of the series - old and new - should watch.

about yoonkook, studio visits, and subtlety (or lack thereof)


“they’re catching on.”

yoongi shrugs.

namjoon sighs, arms folded, shoulder digging into the doorframe of genius lab.

“i see no reason to lie,” yoongi says. namjoon makes a sound half choke half laugh and all desert dry. says,

“sure you do.”

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everything is easier when you’re home

OKAY SO that little fic I posted a while back got an AMAZING response like WOW you guys are the best!! So why not go all in and write a full AU, right?? This is like the beginning, an introduction, a prologue, whatever you wanna call it, of what’s going to be a neighbors AU

A huge massive shoutout to @peraltiagoisland and to @elsaclack for yelling ideas with me you guys are the absolute BEST (Em, you can take this as a birthday present of sorts ILY) and to @the-pontiac-bandit and @startofamoment for reading this through and making super nice comments you guys are the best too

(title from When You’re Home from In The Heights)

ANYWAY I’m shutting up now, here’s the thing.

Amy Santiago loves her new apartment. One bedroom, one bathroom, good neighborhood and decent rent. One thing she does not love? Her neighbors. More precisely, whoever lives in the apartment that shares a paper thin wall with hers.

She has been living there for less than three days, and, in that short period of time, they have managed to infuriate her. And what makes everything even worse is that they are messing with her carefully planned sleep schedule. She probably would be just annoyed if it wasn’t for that.

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Rhythm - 2

(part 1) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
warnings: angst, injury, swearing
word count: 1501

Insufferable. It’s probably the best word you’ve come up with so far to describe him. He’s an absolute jerk, not only during the day, but also at night. Gone are the times you used to empathize with him when he’d wake up screaming his throat raw.  No more nightmares for Bucky Barnes, who stays up all night with his girlfriend and keeps you up all night to the sound of the headboard bashing against the wall or the hard, heavy panting or the high pitched voice saying “oh my god, Buck!” All. Night. Long.

You try to be happy for the bastard, you really do. You congratulate him on his one-month anniversary (even though it takes everything you have to not roll your eyes), you help his girlfriend make him a cake for his birthday, you even go as far as to extend an invitation to her for a night in with Nat, Sam, and Wanda. You try so damn hard to make sure that you aren’t showing just how much this is hurting you; the least he could do is make his sex life quieter.

It’s four a.m. right now and sounds from his bedroom are driving you insane. There’s a mission that you’re supposed to be up for in an hour and the amount of sleep you’ve gotten is precisely none. So you roll out of your empty bed, dressed in pyjama pants and an oversized t-shirt, yank open the door to your bedroom, stride across the hall to his room, and knock on his door. Three, short, loud knocks.

The screaming stops abruptly. There’s a groan, followed by shuffling sounds, then the door opens revealing Bucky, hair unkempt and breathing heavy and– and shirtless, with a sheen of sweat on his bare chest and boxers slung so low on hips. You swallow.

“Need somethin’, darling?” His voice is quiet; a husky whisper. There’s a smirk plastered on his face, but you can tell he’s annoyed by the set of his jaw.  

You clench and unclench you fists and keep your eyes on his face. “Yeah. Shut up, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry doll, did I wake you?”

You exhale, nostrils flaring, trying hard to ignore the way your skin tingled when he said doll. “Don’t call me that.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “No?” You open your mouth to say more, but he slams the door shut in your face.

“We’re going to have to split up.” Steve’s yelling over the comms, and it’s doing nothing to help your headache, courtesy of Bucky and his S.O. You run your hands over your face, and listen in for your pairing, hoping to god that you’re paired with someone willing to cooperate. Read: anyone but James Buchanan Barnes.

“Buck, you and Y/N infiltrate the east base.” You choke on your spit, and Bucky glares at you. “There’s no heat signal there, so it’s most likely empty. Canvass the scene and see what you can find.”

You almost whine in frustration, but don’t say a word as you shove your gun into its holster and your knife into the sheath in your boot. “Let’s go.”

The jet drops you a small way from the HYDRA base. The walk is quiet, both of you scanning your surroundings for any sign of a threat. HYDRA’s smart. Even if Steve couldn’t pick up on a heat wave, you know to be careful.

When you arrive to the base, it’s empty as Steve predicted. There are no guards and the main doors are unlocked. You look over at Bucky. “You take the left side, I’ll take the right.”

For the first time in all the time you’ve known him, he doesn’t say anything snarky in response, only scowls, nods, and disappears to the left side of the building.

“Find anything?” You’re whispering into your comm, keeping your gun cocked and at the ready. The base is quiet, but something seems off.

“No,” the answer doesn’t come from the comms, and you whirl around to face the speaker, gun pointed in front of you. Bucky stands there, eyebrow cocked up in a bored fashion. He rolls his eyes, and then his expression is back to the permanent glare.

You drop the gun before speaking up. “Something’s wrong.” The entire thing seemed too easy. A HYDRA base, left completely empty, with nothing worthwhile to find? Unlikely.  

For a moment Bucky doesn’t say anything. His eyes keep scanning the room you’re in. Large, circular, with no windows. There are metal tables along the walls, with various miscellaneous tools around on them. Some sharp, some covered in blood. He walks over to one of the tables and picks up a scalpel, turning it in his hand. Then he drops it and turns to you, eyes wide. “We have to go, now.”

“Why, what happened?”

For the first time, Bucky doesn’t give you his omnipresent glare. “It’s a trap. The blood on the tools is fresh. The base is still warm. We were set up.”

Then he’s rushing towards the door, gun out and ready to attack. You follow behind him.

The first gunshot comes from the right, followed by another. You throw down a table and duck behind it, pulling Bucky down with you. “On the count–“ you lift your arms and fire, “–of three. You–“ you dodge another shot, “–run towards the–“ a bullet whizzes past your hair, “–fuck,  the door. I’ll cover.”

You reload your guns, count to three, and then you’re pushing Bucky towards the door. He’s falling back to shoot but you keep pushing him forward because you realize with a sudden jolt that you’re heavily outnumbered and if anybody needs to make it out of here, it’s Bucky. (Because fuck, there are so many people that need him. Steve needs him, Natasha, hell even Sam and Tony, and his girlfriend.) So you push him forward with your elbow as you shoot around you, and you’re almost at the door and Bucky’s stopped shooting now and he’s running out and you’re almost there and–

You feel the pain before you hear the sound of the gun. The bullet hits you in the abdomen, and you stagger backwards as another catches you in the shoulder. It’s not fatal, and you realize that they’re not shooting to kill – they’re shooting to capture.

You’re shooting blindly now, the hand of your injured shoulder on your stomach while the other unsteadily holds the gun. You can feel the blood seeping through your fingers but you don’t dare look down as you stumble forward, through the door. Someone’s yelling into your comms but the HYDRA agents are still on your tail and you’re moving as fast as you can and then someone’s grabbing onto your uninjured arm and pulling you forward. Your gun’s empty and it drops to the floor, and Bucky, who you realize is the one pulling you towards the jet, is covering the both of you this time.

How you make it back to the jet, you have no idea, but by the time you’re there, you know you’ve lost a lot of blood. Your face is pale and your hands are trembling, coated in scarlet liquid. Steve’s face is pure guilt, but the first one to say anything to you is Bucky.

“Are you fuckin’ stupid?” (You want to punch him. Really hard.) “What were you thinking, huh?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Bucky continues, “You could have died.” (You don’t have the energy to tell him that you’re dying right now, and if he could please shut the fuck up.) “Did you even consider that? Did you even bother –”

You close your eyes and lean your head back against the wall. “Bucky,” you croak out, cutting him off. Your voice is a whisper and everything’s hurting and you can’t feel your toes. He stops talking and you open your eyes, your gaze matching his. His eyes are blue – you notice – captivatingly blue.

“If I die–“ Steve, busy tending your injuries, tells you to stop talking like that and that you’re being dramatic, but you ignore him. “–if I die, I need you to know something.” The edges of your vision are hazy now, darkening.


You close your eyes again, this time for longer, and you have two super soldiers yelling at you to keep them open but you’ve lost so much blood.

You want to tell him, oh god, you want to tell him so badly, but a part of you, the part that’s congratulated him and baked with his girlfriend and watched chick flicks with her, is telling you to stop, to not say anything, because he’s already carrying the weight of the world. He doesn’t deserve another burden.

“What do you want to tell me?” He demands, and you lift your hand to beckon him close, so close that he can feel your breath tickling his cheek as you whisper in his ear:

“You’re a jerk.”

The world becomes dark.

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Sunday Respite - A Repository of Resourceful Rare Armaments

Kicking ass.

From the surface, such a primitive activity lacks a certain stimulation for players. Many would say that it simply cannot evoke the same emotion as such complex scenarios as political intrigue or the puzzling challenges of wit and strategy. Yet, as a DM, as I narrate the scene to the players, flavour it with the deft splashes of mechanical alteration, and present an obstacle that they must overcome, I do so with the sole intention of inciting excitement. When dice hit the table, hit point tallies stack, and lead scratches across paper, I want it to be fun. 

Everything I put before them is just another ass to kick, no matter the dress or flavouring.

And so, here I present for you one under a half-dozen pieces of weaponry, each more fit for the palm of a king than the last. Silver, gold, iron, and brass - the metals of men are our ink with which to pen the stories we wish to tell. Legacies made reality - hopes cast from purest steel. If but any one of these fineries lays a wicked man low, then my entire life has purpose and meaning.

Banshee’s Blade [A Quick Death]

Questions chase the lonely Duke in blue like flies would find a carcass. They flutter about his peers with a dithering intrigue, passing from one pair of scandalising, rumour and wine stained lips to another looking for somewhere ideal to lay the eggs of doubt. Questions of his obscure colouring of clothe, his cocksure attitude and swagger about the palaces, or his empty scabbard swinging at his hip. The gentlemen of the court have grown to fear and hate the lonesome Duke and his seawater coat like a passing rain cloud upon otherwise summery noons. He has a habit of tickling the hearts of any who he would set his favourably dashing gaze upon, lord or lady. After stealing them away for a momentary passion, the Duke may find himself challenged to a traditional duel for the honour of the wrong-done-by. He would stand apart from his challenger, the palm of the hollow sheath near to his waiting hand, back to back. Perhaps the lack of blade horrifies the opposition, maybe it encourages them. With certainty, the sound of an utterly unperceivable rapier singing its withdraw is one that could shatter the confidence of any doomed to face it.

Portaling Whip

This stiff length of wound, crimson leather straps is frayed at the head into a half-dozen fanged strands. The body of this weapon is flexible and can coil around itself, much akin to a red-scaled snake. If this whip is used against another person, the wielder will find it grasps out at the target like a groping hand. If the reach catches to, then the two involved instantly disappear from view without a scream or puff of smoke. They will immediately find themselves upon an eternal plateau of reddened sand under a bloodshot sky of bloated clouds, heaving with black. Only once one has been slain will both return to whence they came.


‘Heavy crossbow’ would be a term of underestimation for this glorious contraption of steel and oak, edges smoothed away by age and the frequent use of careful hands. This crossbow-like device stands at five foot tall when stood with pommel flat against the earth, and bolt aimed at the sky. However, this does not release mere featherless arrows or simple projectiles - no. The Polebow is designed to shoot forth pole arms; javelins, spears, lances. It is akin to a portable ballistae, barely even maneuverable to the common man of untrained background. The unskilled are just as likely to fire forwards as they are back, especially with all of the cranks, ropes, and levers required to reload ammunition. But when a shot is loosened with accuracy, the recipient is as likely to walk away alive as they are to have a guardian angel. At that point, the two things are one and the same.

Earthreaper Axe

The Earthreaper is a black-painted axe intended to be held in two hands for combat. It is heavy, almost leaden, and weighted for maximal impact upon hostile combatants. It always persists a strange texture of dusty earth to its shaft, no matter how much it is cleaned. When it is lain against the natural soil, it sinks into the dirt like a corpse under the waves - slowly, but with no doubt for its destination. If the wielder wishes, they can spend a short amount of time tracing the axe across the soil in some shape of their desire. When the sides have conjoined, the ground trapped within will fall away into a thirty foot deep pit with spikes at the bottom, dropping anything caught into its depths. These pits last for one day, and then they return to as they were before.


This small blade, short and light, is a grotesque and horrifying oddity. The pommel, grip, and guard are a gaudy blend of ivory and silver melded into a gothic design, reminiscent of cathedral windows and embroidered cloths, stitched with a gleaming weave. The blade itself is quite another thing. From the guard, all the way to the tip, the sword is a squirming mass of yellow-green slime with a disembodied collection of facial features scattered throughout. The mouths screech, the eyes dart and wander, and the entire thing breaths like it were alive. Somehow, the most confusing thing is that the blade is still, somehow, sharp enough to cleave and cut despite its organic appearance. Sometimes, the ‘creature’ extends a tendrilous limb out from its form when used in combat and attempts to scratch even further at the recipient of its blows and cuts.


Pixie x


Thieves Among Us (3/5)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7. Previous chapters can be found here.

Sansa’s eyes dawned with realization while she stared back at him, her face a kaleidoscope of surprise and panic that burst wide open before swallowing itself up again as she recovered from his unexpected appearance.  

“Hello, Jon,” she greeted evenly. Sansa may have had the sense to speak first, but her tone was distant—as distant as it had been when she’d spoken to him on the rampart. It was like she had thrown ice water over him, jolting him out of his dazed bewilderment. The fact that she sounded so casual, as if her presence wasn’t anything strange to ponder over whatsoever, only set him off the edge just a little further.

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