i just wanted to log in after a week again

Hey guys I don’t want to be criptic or anything but something really scary has been happening to me recently.

I was on this one website about a month ago when something popped up on the screen, I was going to close it but I read it first and it said “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

I was a little weirded out by this. I didn’t know anyone named Amanda, much less an Amanda that would like to meet me somewhere.

I had almost forgotten about the whole situation a few days after when I decided to visit that same website again. But on the very same second the website finished loading, the message popped up again, saying the same chilling words: “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

I didn’t dare hit the chat button. I closed the website and turned off my location just to be safe. I couldn’t get over how persistant this “Amanda” person was, messaging me for the second time now so we could meet up. What was it about? Why meet me of all people? It was difficult that night but after awhile I finally got some sleep.

A few weeks later my family and I were headed on a long awaited vacation to Europe to see some relatives. When we were finally settled I booted up the website again, feeling confident that the days of Amanda’s messages were over, but when I logged in the first thing I saw was “Amanda just sent you a message, she wants to meet up! (2 miles away)”.

2 miles away. Still only 2 miles.

Whoever Amanda is they have been stalking and following me, going so far as to travel over seas to find me and DEMANDING a meeting with me.

I’m not used to this kind of stuff so if any if you guys know what I should do please let me know, I’m kind of freaking out a little.

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 8

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You pushed away from him and gasped “What are you doing? My dad is downstairs.”

“He left. It’s just us now.” Yoongi said, backing off.

He leaned against the wall and stayed silent.

“Yoongi, I-”

“Y/N. Tell me what you’re up to because I know you don’t care about Mason. You don’t care about anyone, not even yourself.” He said.

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{{@generatorcat Have a JayTim Drabble inspired by Hotel Beau Sejour.}}

Jason is pretty sure he is insane, but he knows at least four other people that are right there with him. At least in the sense that he can see his dead lover’s ghost watching his own body be lowered into a grave. He has to bite his lip to keep himself from smiling.

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i never understood why the enterprise still had a functioning holodeck. after all the near misses and horrors that happened there, the next week, they’d be back again at the holodeck. good god, man, you have captain logs telling you why this is a bad idea. are you just tired of exploring space and want to mix it up on your day off and try to have a computer program kill you? is that it??? are you a masochist, wesley crusher? are you??