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  • Remus: *bending over to pick something up off the ground*
  • Sirius: Please fuck me.
  • Remus: What?
  • Remus: *blushing furiously* Okay! Okay. Just please stop talking, Sirius. We're in the middle of a test.
  • McGonagall: Oh no, do carry on, you've just won me five galleons from Albus.
Kara Comforts Alex Post Emily-Confrontation

She’s walking away and she won’t stop walking because if she stops walking she’ll break.

She takes out her phone and does the only thing she knows how to – aside from hitting the bottle – when she’s going to break.

She calls her sister.

“Maggie cheated on her ex,” she says without preamble, and she can practically feel Kara clenching her fists in rage.

“Alex, no. Are you okay? No, that’s a stupid question, of course you’re not okay. Do you want me to – “

“No no no, don’t hunt her down and kill her, that’s not why I – I just… I need my sister.”

“Where are you? I’ll come get you – “

“No, Kara, you can’t, you need to keep a low profile, remember? I just… Do you think it’s possible for someone to change?”

She might not have J’onn’s telepathy, but she practically hears Kara thinking about Mon-El, and this isn’t the moment – because Maggie has started to get her a little bit better at focusing on herself when she needs it, and god does she need it right now – but she wishes she’d think of other people who were complicated, who changed. Astra. Jeremiah. For better or worse. Hell, even Eliza was trying. Alex herself.

“I do,” Kara says, but her voice is careful and her voice is protective. “I do, but Alex, a lot of times when someone cheats – “

“It doesn’t make you a bad person, Kara – people are allowed to make mistakes, and it was years ago, it – “

“I know that, Alex, but you’re my sister, and I only want you to have what you deserve.”

“I know. And I want the same for you. And we’re going to talk about that, because Kara, there’s a reason you’re breaking up with him every other day.”

“Alex – “

“I’m just saying. But I… look, it… Maggie… she’s guarded. Too guarded. After her dad, growing up in that town she grew up in, she… she doesn’t talk, Kara. To me. I mean, she does, she talks, but not really. Maybe I’m not a good listener, I don’t know – “

“No, Alex, you’re an amazing listener. It just… it sounds like Maggie has a pattern. A not talking pattern. She didn’t tell you about her dad, and now this, it… didn’t you say she keeps telling you that you’re not supposed to shove your feelings down anymore?”

“Yeah, she reminds me at least twice a day.”

“Well, she’s right. But Alex, maybe she has the same struggle you do. Shoving her feelings down. To protect herself. And that’s not an excuse for cheating! Or for not telling you about it! And you have a sister with laser vision, I’m just saying, I can – “

“Kara, no – “

“Just a warning shot – “


“I will kill her if she hurts you, Alex.”

Alex stops walking and runs a hand through her hair and looks up at the stars and sighs.

She needs a shower. She needs a change of clothes. She needs to give Maggie more of the time alone she asked for.

And then she needs Maggie.

“She won’t. I trust her, Kara, I… let me hear her out before you go all rogue on her.”

“So, before I go older Danvers sister on her.”




“I love you. You only deserve the best.”

“She is the best, Kara. I… I think she is.”

“She’d better prove it.”

“She will. She does, every day. And hey, Kara. He’d better prove it, too. And not just with bacon. You’re worth more than that, Kara. So much more than that.”

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too, sis. I love you too.”

           WHAT’S UP MY DUDES, it’s your gurl, Whoopi™ here. I know I’ve said this SO MANY TIMES, but I am PROUD of EACH and EVERY ONE OF US for making the OXENFREE ANNIVERSARY a success!! College, school, and work has made a lot of us busy and, that’s okay!! Don’t mind the inactivity for the next couple of months, WE JUST WANTED TO GIVE YOU GUYS A HEAD’S UP ON THE NEXT PROJECT!!
           We wanted to do a THEME that focused on SUMMER since that’s when we’ll be kicking things back on track here in Night Surprise Studios. So, what’s a better way to that than draw the Oxenkids having fun like the normal teenagers they are?? That’s right you guys, THIS SUMMER, AN OXENFREE ZINE IS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!!
           APPS WILL OPEN SOMETIME AROUND MAY, so anticipate for that announcement, my dudes!! SPREAD THE WORD, you guys, we’re STOKED to make another AWESOME project again!!

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Hi! My birthday is on 28th of March and I would really love a non-reaped!Everlark story (or one where the Reaping doesn't exist, whichever comes easier). You can sprinkle in some smut if you want (though it's not necessary). Thank you!!!!!

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Happy, happy birthday!!! Your story was submitted by the awesome @pagedancer87 and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do! Have a wonderful day! EBD

Title: Selfish

Summary: “It’s really okay for there to be times when you stop putting everyone else first, and just do what’s best for you.”

A/N: All errors are belonging to me. Happy Birthday!


As a rule, Katniss Everdeen didn’t allow herself many things.

The first and last time she had asked for something, was the one thing she had ever regretted: to selfishly have her father with her on her birthday. It was a request shyly made, and gently denied, but he had wanted to surprise her. It had him going to work on a day he normally had off, which ended up being the day that he died. At eleven, watching her mother spiral into grief driven madness and her younger sister nearly starve to death, she blamed herself. From then on vowed to put her family first.

It became the way she lived. Everything she did and every choice she made was for the benefit of her younger sister. Not only did it make her happy, it was also very easy.

Once in awhile, something came up that made her choices not so black and white.

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  • Damon: Okay, I admit it. Maybe I wasn't as nice as I should have been. But, Stefan, do you really want to kill me?
  • Ripper Stefan: Just think of it as you're being let go. That your life's moving in a different direction, that your body's part of a permanent outplacement.
  • Klaus: Hey, that's kinda like what he said to you a while ago!
  • Ripper Stefan: I know. It's called a "cruel irony", like my dependence on you.
Disneyland Band Shenanigans #4

SOMEHOW my two friends and I found a way to fit into ONE teacup from the ride at Disneyland.  This is what happened.

Ride Attendant: -says long spiel about watching kids and what not-  Now everyone I have a challenge for you.  Whomever spins the fastest AND SCREAMS the loudest can get on the ride one more time.  Got it?  We want all of Disneyland to know that this is the best ride. -smiles-

Me: BRUH. (insert Friend 1′s name) AND I GOT THIS IN THE BAGGGG…

Friend 3: okay guys just not too fast…i get sick

Friend 1 and I: hahah no promises.  ignorance is bliss.

~ride starts~


Friend 2:  O H   M  Y  G  O D D D     D D

Me: -laughing-

~ride ends~

Ride Attendant: -walks over to us- Y’all can stay.

Friend 1 and I: YES! -high fives each other-

Me: -smiling and laughing-


Me: what in tarnation. -touches lip/gum- oh yeah…hey..


I’ve been thinking about that anon I got earlier and they said they wanted someone to shoot up their school and that they felt bad for thinking that way and I kinda just wanna say that if you’re struggling with any mental or personal issues, especially if you’re still a teen in school, then maybe taking some breaks from the TCC for some short periods could be a little helpful. Like some people find researching crime and stuff helps them and that’s okay, but if you’re finding yourself wanting to imitate what these criminals/shooters did and you think what they did was right OR you find yourself getting an increased urge to harm someone or yourself then yeah a break every once and a while might be cool.

You can try and find something else to have an interest in or just don’t really focus on anything in particular. I know a lot of people (including myself) who were very young and had joined the TCC while having mental illness and going through puberty and on top of all that dealing with school and personal issues. Some of us use true crime to get away from life’s BS but some might get a little too close to it and start truly looking up to what these killers did and wanting to cause harm to others. This is especially the case in America where you can go to a shopping center and get groceries and a gun all in the same spot. I mean almost every American household has a gun or multiples, and even if you don’t live in the USA there are still ways to get weapons illegally. So I suggest seeking help if you find yourself wanting to imitate a shooting or if you notice you’re showing signs of homicidal/suicidal behavior. I’m not saying you gotta abandon your interest in crime, it’s just that when you’re still growing mentally (usually during high school years) that’s when you really start picking up other people behaviors and mindsets and trying to fit in somehow. I constantly see young teens in the TCC trying to fit in by acting like Eric or Dylan or trying to pretend like they have no empathy for the lives around them, saying things like “humans aren’t worth anything and we should just kill them all”. I’ve seen several people post concerning, and by concerning I mean actual threats on here, and when you talk to them it just turns out that they were having a bad day or they have no one to release this pent up anger and depression to. 

Some of these guys mean no harm and are actually crying out or else they wouldn’t post murder plans all over the place. I have yet to notice this type of behavior within other communities, where teens talk about killing others legitimately and carrying out a shooting or murder. Almost everyone grows out of that phase when they’re mature and stuff, but we already had one incident where three people in our community were going to carry out an attack and while it was fortunately foiled, many people were shattered because of losing their friend in such a way while the other two will be in prison. 

 What I’m trying to say is, some of you might have some hard stuff going on at home or at school, bullying or abuse, mental illness, whatever it may be, constantly looking at school shooters, weapons, gore, crap like that on a daily basis won’t help at all and then it becomes all you really think about until you find yourself actually planning an attack to kill other human beings and/or yourself. So please take some breaks and see if that helps, gain some other interests on top of true crime so you’re not engrossed in the same thing every day. If you still find yourself wanting to bring harm to others or yourself then please get some professional help because our systems have somewhat changed for the better to help people who feel this way and to get to the root of why one would feel this way and help you get better. So this post was for anon and really a PSA for the whole TCC.

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wonwoo as a boyfriend (bulleted post). thanks!

rip tumblr’s full of amazing posts about this but I hope you enjoy my attempt ♥

  • in short, Wonwoo would be a loving, warm boyfriend
  • like he’d make sure you know he loves you, whether it’s with small kisses or taking care of your well-being whenever he can
  • as in, he takes care of you whenever you’re sick, wants to comfort you when you’re upset and all that
  • also never misses the chance to walk you home when it’s late, or at the least to the bus/train/subway stop
  • okay he’d do that a lot even if it’s not late but you know
  • “I just want to know you get home safe.”
  • and if it has indeed been pretty late and he’s walked you just to a stop, he’d ask you to give him a call/message when you’ve gotten home
  • aka definitely the type to refuse to sleep until he knows you’re home safe
  • good morning and good night texts too!
  • wouldn’t say no to some couple items
  • like I feel like he wouldn’t necessarily opt for the overly obvious ones, but something small that you’d share that still shows that you’re dating
  • altho ok you might be able to talk him into couple outfits a couple of times if you really want to
  • perhaps he’d be into maybe a small piece of jewelry, like a necklace or a bracelet, or a phone case or something like that, just something that he could adore every now and then and think about you
  • and something that would let others know that you’re dating him, because he’s that level of possessive
  • otherwise I don’t think he’d be too possessive, but he does want people to know that you’re not available in that sense
  • while Wonwoo wouldn’t be into excessive PDA, he’d often hold your hand in public or have his arm around your waist/shoulders and wouldn’t hesitate to hug you, either
  • but kissing and anything more than that he’d feel is something between the two of you, so he wants to keep it private
  • (okay maybe quick pecks on the lips or cheek if one of you is taking the other to like a train station or something like that would slide, but otherwise he’d stick to the slightly more platonic displays of affection)
  • at home it’s very different, of course, and he’d really enjoy cuddling you and just holding you close in general
  • enjoys sleeping with you, with you cuddled up to him or holding your hand or spooning you
  • the big spoon would change from time to time; he enjoys both, although he probably would have a slight preference for being the big spoon
  • couch cuddles too
  • like imagine reading the same book with you sitting up against him or cuddled up to him
  • or him cuddled up to you really, depending on the day
  • and when you’ve gotten tired of asking “Are you done?” after every spread, you’d develop a small sign to give whenever you were done
  • maybe a small tap on the other one’s body or something
  • which would result in you absentmindedly tapping Wonwoo’s chest after 10 seconds into a new spread and him jokingly being all “Already? That was fast.”
  • also. so many lame jokes.
  • you know the type that are so lame that you only laugh because he ends up looking really self-satisfied or really amused by it himself
  • nothing wrong with it tho you love his jokes anyway
  • if his behavior towards Mingyu is anything to go by, chances are you’d occasionally get to hear, in the most loving way possible and with a soft smile, “You’re such an idiot, why do I love you again?”
  • but it’s always obvious he doesn’t actually question it
  • whenever you’re upset, whether it’s because of him or something else, he’d notice is pretty fast
  • and he’d quickly ask if it was something you wanted to talk about; if yes, you talk, and if not, he’d let it go and would just squeeze your hand or something
  • “If you ever do want to talk about it, I’m here.”
  • he reads a lot, and he’d like some of the more classic romantic things
  • like nothing overly cliche or grand, but flowers every now and then, candlelit dinners on special occasions and all that would be a thing
  • also anniversary presents!
  • he probably wouldn’t keep track of the smallest ones, so if you expect him to remember the day you first held hands or something like that… probably not
  • but the day you had your first date and the day you agreed to start your relationship would be pretty enmeshed in his memory and always written in his calendar
  • chances are you’d get a few random presents in general, too, but they’d be more the “I knew you wanted this and it was on sale so I got it”, or something silly that made him think of you and thus he had to buy it
  • and when the time comes he’d talk to your parents before proposing but that’s for later
  • would want to know your friends and for you to know his, because it means a lot to him that you get along with his friends and he with yours
  • dates with Wonwoo could be anything between just chilling at his or your place and going out for dinner or to an amusement park or heck the beach in Busan
  • would want you to feel as comfortable as possible at all times, but also encourages you to get a lil out of your comfort zone at times, in a good way
  • in general he’d really enjoy doing things together
  • like if he had to go somewhere, you’d be his first choice to ask to go with him, and he would always suggest to join you in cooking, cleaning etc
  • he’d also enjoy just talking 
  • he’d enjoy it a lot, really, whether it’s books, movies or for example current events that you’re discussing
  • just being able to voice his opinions and hearing yours, learning new things about the world and you is what he enjoys
  • Wonwoo would really value your opinion, at all times, and always wants to take it into account
  • for example, if he’s done something himself, such as written something or cooked something by himself for the two of you, he’d always want to know your opinion (and be nervous while waiting for it)
  • like he’d try to appear all calm and collected, kinda fiddling with his fingers while he waits for you to be done reading/eating/etc, but in reality his heart’s beating faster than normal and he’s got a hopeful smile trying to make its way to his lips
  • honestly just imagine the shyest “So, how is it?” coming from him in such a soft voice and you can hear the smile in it
  • and similarly he’d always make sure to give you small compliments that come from his heart, whether it’s “You look great” with a small smile, or telling you how delicious the food you’ve made is
  • lots of deep convos and pillow talks and holding hands while laying in bed
  • relationships are rarely just a joyride, and yours wouldn’t be an exception, really
  • you wouldn’t fight for the sake of fighting tho
  • it’s more like you’d have arguments whenever there’s been miscommunication/you haven’t understood each other or you feel like he’s being too distant etc
  • or honestly just if one of you has done something the other one doesn’t like, whether it’s big or small
  • naturally bigger things lead to bigger arguments, but it would rarely if ever blow out of proportions
  • most of the time you’d work things out pretty fast, because he hates it when there’s conflict between the two of you, and you wouldn’t exactly enjoy it either
  • and whenever you’ve made up, he’d cup your cheeks, rub them a little with his thumbs and smile at you before giving you a slow, soft kiss before quietly asking if you’re good again
  • when you presumably smile and nod and possibly hug him, he gets that happy, wide smile that makes his nose crunch
  • now we get to the Rated part
  • because sex
  • honestly with him it could be anything
  • like one night it might be very slow and sweet and another night it might be needy and on the kinkier side (within your comfort zone of course)
  • he’d want to be pretty open about sex-related things with you
  • as in, he wants to know what you like and don’t like, just like he wants you to know what he likes and doesn’t like
  • turn-ons and turn-offs and all that
  • a big fan of kissing during sex; even if the position makes it difficult, he’d steal a few quick ones
  • I feel like he’d be into some lowkey bondage, which he’d definitely suggest as long as you’re comfortable with it
  • it wouldn’t even matter if it’s on him or you, he’d still love it
  • would also have a huge thing for your moans, which is one of the reasons he loves making you feel good, besides the fact that he loves you
  • as for where you have sex, he’d essentially prefer the bedroom, but would rarely say no if you get needy in the car for example, or if you as much as suggest having fun in the living room, shower etc
  • while he doesn’t like PDA that much, semi-public sex would be a story of its own; he’d find it exciting
  • I leave that to your imagination
  • not that it would be a frequent occurrence, really
  • morning sex!!
  • he’d definitely love the slowness, intimacy and sensitivity
  • I feel like there wouldn’t be a very excessive amount of sex, but whenever you’re both in the mood or just decide to go for it, it would be some very good stuff
  • but he’d be very loving in bed, too, and even if it happens to be a needy session with one of you lightly tied up or something, you’d feel safe and loved, which would only make it all so much better
  • a big note: in case you’re asexual or just don’t particularly enjoy sex, he would be very understanding and pretty happy with just kissing and cuddling and talking and just about everything else that you are comfortable with
  • all in all Wonwoo would honestly be a very considerate, loving boyfriend who always wants you to feel good about yourself and know that he loves you more than anything else

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Why I ship darus

Okay first things first I’m writing this at about midnight and just can’t get my mind off of it so if this doesn’t make a lot of sense well I’m sorry. Second of all, i don’t really need to explain why darus is my life but this is more just some back story as to why i would want this to be canon –and even if it won’t then I will still love twd–

So my main and number 1 reason for shipping darus is because of Daryl’s backstory. We know he is from Georgia which is a southern state, we also know southern states are notorious for being homophobic/racist (not saying all are, I’m saying thats where you’d typically think to find them). So with this we can imply that his father was most likely both of those things and not to mention a drunk asshole who abused both Daryl and Merel. We still don’t know why he abused them, it could just be that he was an abusive father but I think that it’s something more than that especially with Daryl. I think that Daryl’s dad thought Daryl was gay from his lack of being sexual with women. We know this from his encounters with Carol, but I do believe most of the beating were because he thought Daryl was gay. Then we get to the fact that Merel had always questioned Daryl’s masculinity calling him “Darlene” ect. We already know Merel is racist, at least a little from season 1, so we can also guess he would be homophobic again based off of where they are. This all in mind now we get to the biggest turn of events, I believe Daryl is asexual and demiromantic. Woah I know big twist but let me explain. Daryl has never been sexual with anyone, at least not that we’ve seen, and he’s never -really- been romantic with anyone either. This is where the asexual comes from and the demiromantic comes from the fact that he never really got a connection with anyone again at least that we have seen. But as time goes on he’s starting to grow closer and closer to Jesus. Yes this sorta happened with Beth but him and Beth were forced together, he choses to be around Jesus (that or Jesus forces him but then again he could just leave in that case) and he seems to look at Carol as the mother he technically had but lost at a young age. With that being said I think that if he does like Jesus romantically he was taught by his family that it was wrong and that he shouldn’t and that he would have a rather rough time coming to conclusions with it himself. With his backstory and what I think his sexuality is, I 100% think that he likes Jesus in more of a romantic way than a platonic way, and that because of the way he was raised and the lack of sexual desire he doesn’t know how to express it. There’s a lot more detail I could go into but I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it.

My second reason and probably not as good as my first is the chemistry between them and the richonne parallels. It’s obvious these boys both have trust issues and both feel useless when they don’t have something to do. They have so much in common with each other that they both have yet to learn about (broken families, past relations ships *platonic and romantic* ect.). With that they are also two completely different people that i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be that different. I’m pretty sure you’re all like how tf is that a reason to ship them and well I’ll tell you why. This just shows that they are going to grow and need each other to help themselves and the other grow and learn to move on/get passed certain things. Both of them are very stubborn so it’s gonna take awhile but if they were to get into a relationship i fully with everything in me believe that they would help each other cope and grow into stronger people even more then already. We know Daryl is at a rough spot and Jesus can definitely help him with time and a lot of patience. Not to mention that during that time Daryl would also help Jesus to learn to trust more and open up. They would be such a good couple for each other it physically pains me i stg. And the richonne parallels are kinda self explanatory but definitely what made me start shipping them to begin with.

So i could go on with a few more reasons but these are really the reasons and theories that make me ship darus and hope that the writers make it canon. Again no matter what happens I love the show and even if darus never happens I will still love Jesus and Daryl and continue watching. I just think with all of this plus the added fact of how awkward and raw the relationship would be would just make it feel even more like real life then before. Sorry for making this really long and hey if you still don’t ship it thats cool too dude. And also again sorry if this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but to me my reasons are very clear and hopefully some of you get it too, especially the first one because i don’t think I did a good job explaining it even tho it’s the longest of the reasons. Anyways have a lovely Darus filled night - Max

How They Would React to You Getting Hurt


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He wants to know everything. How you got hurt. Who hurt you. Where you got hurt. Was it one of his brothers? LEO NEEDS TO KNOW OKAY GIVE HIM THE ANSWERS THIS POOR BABY IS WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU. You could probably get special treatment out of him for days.


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“Babe, sweetie, honey, cutie, LET ME JUST LOOK AT IT PLEASE”

“DONNIE NO I’M FINE” Dr. Donnie is on the case. don’t want that to get infected do we. He’ll also give you the specialist of treatment and totally make you wrap up in blankets w hot coco (even if you have just a bruise.) and for his own piece of mind, just let him look at it.


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Drunken Actions Pt. 1 - Grayson

Warning : Drinking, drunk people? Some smut?

Author’s Note : Let’s just pretend the twins are old enough to drink alright?




So you know those bunch of twins that bring you along to everything? Yeah well that was happening to me right now. But I so happened to also drag my friend along. You’re welcome Y/bff/n.

“Wear this.” She said pulling out a black tight dress out of his closet. I cringed at the sight of it. “I don’t want to get laid. I just want to hang with you guys.” I explained bringing my legs to my chest. “Right you don’t like any of my clothes anyway. Let’s see what you have in your closet.” He commented picking up her keys. “I mostly wear leggings and jeans Y/bff/n.” I explained. “Fine okay I know the perfect outfit for you then.” She said placing her keys back down.

She disappeared into his walk-in-closet and returned with a skater skirt and a dark plum crop top. “So?” She asked. I let out a sigh and got up grabbing the outfit and going to her bathroom. I quickly changed and put back on my black and white chuck taylors. I  walked out and she groaned at me. “Really no heels?” She said. I nodded. “Fine, what time are they coming to pick us up?” She asked starting to undress and put her dress on.

“In like…. Ten minutes.” I said checking my phone. “What! Y/n why didn’t you tell me!” SHe whined rushing now. It was funny to see her like this freaking out and rushing. I laughed as I heard a honk right as she was about to curl her hair. “Y/n!” She whined. I laughed and quickly ran out of his room and ran down the million flights of stairs and ran outside to see my best friend leaning against the car. “Where’s your friend?” He asked as I pulled him into a hug. “Rushing.” I laughed.

“Hey Y/n.” Ethan greeted from in the car. “Hey Ethan.” I replied. I opened the back door and hopped in and pulled the seatbelt around me. Grayson jumped in beside me and placed his on himself. “Now we have to think. Who’s going to not be drinking?” Ethan asked turning around to look at us both. Me and Grayson looked at each other and smirked. “Y/bff/n.” We both said at the same time. “Y/bff/n it is.” Ethan laughed.

We waited a couple minutes before Y/bff/n came down running out of his house somehow looking hot with such little time. She got in the front and sighed putting on her seat belt. “And let’s get going.” Ethan said starting to drive down the long driveway.  “So we decided as a trio that you would be the momma today.” Ethan said to Y/bff/n. “What?! Why?!” She shouted. “Because you took the longest.” Grayson laughed. I cracked a smile and turned to look out the window was we got onto the main road and started to drive through the city towards the club.

“Hey Y/n.” I turned my head and looked at Y/bff/n. “Don’t drink too much please.” She begged. “I need this Y/bff/n.” I frowned. “I know but I don’t want you to do something dumb.” She said. “I already did.” I frowned. I felt Grayson wrap his strong arm around me and pull me into his side. “Come on Y/bff/n way to ruin the mood.” Grayson said rolling his eyes. “Don’t let her drink more than six.” She said to Grayson who wasn’t paying attention.

“Alright alright. All of you shut up. We’re here.” Ethan said pulling the key out of the ignition. I jumped up and pulled off my seat belt and rushed to the entrance where I was stopped. The bouncer looked at me up and down and nodded allowing me in. I walked in and the smell immediately hit me. Smoke, drugs, and alcohol. I headed right towards the bar and placed my money down.

“Give me the strongest thing you have.” I said. The guy nodded and started to make the drink. “Rough day huh?” He asked placing the drink in front of me. “More like rough week.” I groaned drinking some of the alcohol. “My dog died? And I blame myself.” I answered. “Rough.” He commented going to serve some other people. A couple more drinks later I was hammered out of my mind.

I was on the dance floor drunk dancing my heart out. Was I very good at dancing? Not right now. “Those are some pretty good dance moves you got there baby.” A guy said. I opened my eyes and looked in front of me and saw a guy around his forties. “I have a boyfriend.” I responded well continuing to dance. “Sure. Just like every other girl here.” He said getting annoyed. “No really I do.” I responded. “Uh huh and where is he?” He asked. I looked around to try and find Grayson but couldn’t. Tears started to fall from my face.

“I-I don’t know.” I cried. “Jesus emotional much.” The older guy laughed and walked away. “You okay?” I looked up and saw Grayson. Or at least I think. “Grayson?” I asked sniffling. “Nah Ethan. Grayson went to the bathroom.” Ethan responded. I nodded and went towards where the bathrooms were. As I being a stupid drunk self. Yes. But I walked into the male’s restroom and GRayson turned his head.

“Y/n? What the hell are you doing in here? This is the guys room.” He said quickly finishing off what he started. I didn’t care though. I was to drunk too. I fell to the messy disgusting ground and cried my heart out. “Sh t Y/n. Hold on let me wash my hands.” Grayson hurriedly said as the water started to go. The next thing I knew was that I was being picked up. Grayson picked me up and walked me out of the club and we went outside and we went towards the car. He placed me on the floor and sat down besides me.

“What’s-” “I love you. I love you so much. I love you. I. Love. You.” I said crying towards him. He shushed me and pulled me against him. I laid my head against his chest and grabbed onto his shirt. “I love you too Y/n.” He whispered kissing the top of my head. “I’ll get us an uber.” He said. I nodded and he grabbed out his phone. “A couple minutes.” Grayson said. I hummed a response.

“When we get back your going straight to bed.” Grayson whispered in my ear. “No.” I responded. “Why?” He asked. “Nightmares.” I responded. “You have nightmares? How come you haven’t told me this before?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “You need to tell me these things Y/n. I’m your best friend come on.” Grayson sighed. I nodded but didn’t really understand.

The car pulled up and Grayson picked me up placing me in the car and sighed. He closed the door and put on his seat belt and held onto me as I lazily laid across the back seat. The car started to move and I couldn’t stop staring at Grayson. Such a beautiful human creature. I placed my hand and traced his jawline with my finger. He continued to look forward. I played with his jawline and then turned over and pushes myself off his lep and headed towards his zipper undoing it.

“Y/n.” He hissed mumbling, pushing my hands away. I smirked at him and smirked reaching through to his boxers and went through the hole where he pulled me away again. “Y/n. Stop it.” He warned. I smirked and started to pull his cock out. He pushed me away and pulled his cock back in his boxers. I whined st him and he grabbed my hands and held them together and placed them under his armpits.

“Eww.” I said. He chuckled at me and the car stopped. He took off his seat belt. “Thank you.” Grayson said to the driver who head nodded at him. He picked me up and carried me towards the building he opened the door and kicked it closed. He continued to walk to the elevator and pushed the floor number. Once we got to the floor we went to his room and hr flipped me over his shoulder and unlocked his door. He opened it and pulled me in kicking it close and threw his keys in the basket and we moved to the bedroom.

He placed me on the bed gently and went towards his closet. I started giggling and sprawled out on the bed. “Here put this on.” Grayson said handing me a shirt. “But wait till-” He was staring at me as I was pulling the shirt and skirt off me. “I was going to say wait till I left but okay.” Grayson said heading towards his day. “Wait don’t leave pwease I can’t get my bra off.” I whined. Grayson sighed and came over and unclipped my bra in a second. “Thank youuu.” I smiled and pulled the shirt over me and then stood up.

“I like this shirt.” I smiled hugging myself. “Why?” He asked laughing. “It reminds me of the guy I love.” I smiled. “Who’s that guy?” He asked. “You silly duh.” I smiled starting to jump on the bed. “You’re going to crash so hard.” He chuckled. I fell down on the bed and smiled. I lifted my hands under my shirt and cupped them around my breasts and looker down at them. “Are they small?” I asked. “What?” Grayson asked confused. “Are my boobs small?” I asked. “No.” He answered. “Give me your hands.” I said holding my hands out. He held his hands for me and I grabbed his wrists and pulled them down and placed them on my breasts.

“They are a nice size right?” I asked. “Of course they are.” He commented and pulled is hands away. “Now go to sleep.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Sweet dreams Y/n.”

Sweetspo 🌹

Okay look, I know you think your not worth that much but you really are. You are beautiful the way you are. You have been through so much. You have grown.

But look, I’m going to tell you a secret. A secret to happiness. You want to be happy right? You want to be thinner right? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Well now is the time to lose the weight.

Imagine feeling lighter and prettier and more valuable by just losing a few pounds. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! You will be on top of the world!

You can start off small. Lose two pounds, five pounds, ten. As much as you want! But remember for every pound you lose, you will become prettier and more desirable.

I believe you can do it. I support you all the way. You can achieve greatness if you put your mind to it and stick with it.

Stay strong XOXO

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I just wanted to say I really liked your response to the period ask. All I wanted to say was that I completely agree except you appear say that you're okay with free bleeding. I completely agree that people shouldn't be ashamed if they accidentally bleed through their clothes but if it's on purpose I just think it's unsanitary and not to mention if you go to a public place and bleed somewhere someone will sit. Your opinion on free bleeding?

Oh goodness I’m not sure I know much about free bleeding or why anyone would do it at public places? I think maybe that’s too far and yes you definitely shouldn’t be exposing your blood to people because it can be dangerous. I was just saying if you happened to bleed through that there isn’t any shame in that and it happens sometimes!!

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I don't want to bother you guys, but do you know if there are any versions of 1.06 and 1.08 that have the subtitles synced all the way through? In every version of these two episodes that I can find, the subtitles are out of sync with the video, in 1.06 from the Halloween party on and in 1.08 in the last scene. My sister wants to watch the show and I want a good version to show her. I don't have the software to make subtitles myself. :(( If not it's okay, we'll just grit through those scenes.

We’re in the same boat as you anon! The subtitle files for those two episodes are out of sync and as of now, no one has corrected them. Sorry about that! However, the hard subbed copies on this Google Drive are in sync. :)

EDIT: Actually you’re in luck! This site has the Subtitle files in sync!


So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to be taking a little Tumblr break. I was planning on queuing and scheduling some posts, but hey, I got distracted and that didn’t happen - that just means that my blog is going to be really quiet for a couple of weeks. I know I probably didn’t need to make this post, but I didn’t want to just randomly go POOF! and vanish for a while.

But! I’ll be back soon. You can add me on Discord (if we’re mutuals, you’re welcome to ask for my name on there) and you’re welcome to send me messages, asks, and @ me in posts, even though I probably won’t see that stuff for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not ignoring all of you.

I love you all, be good, and I’ll see you all soon! 


theoverjudgingotaku  asked:

How would the UT, US and UF skele-bros react when their S/O just suddenly says, "My parents said they want to meet you in person. So.. Uh.. Can you teleport us to you-know-where?" (Assuming that the S/O is an immigrant)?

Okay, some quick teleporting headcanons first. I think that ALL Sanses can teleport (main 4 AU anyway), but not all Papyruses can. The Paps who can teleport are Stretch and Rus. UT! Paps and Fell cannot. 



Sans doesn’t mind, he’ll be happy to meet your family and visit your country of origin, but he’s worried about the distance. The furthest he can travel is across the city, he doesn’t want to risk going to a whole other country. Besides, he can’t teleport somewhere unless he’s been there before. He proposes another method of travel and explains his reasons. 


Papyrus can’t teleport, so he asks Sans to. His brother says no, because of the same reasons above. If your home country is across the sea, then Paps is immediately noping. He can’t handle air travel at all. Sea travel he can do just fine, but don’t let this poor skele on an airplane. 



MWHEHE YES! Blue is super excited to see your family and impress them with his charms! They’ll like him for sure! But for the same reasons as Classic, he doesn’t know if he can teleport that far. Plus he’s never been to your country before. So, he googles pictures of your hometown and tries to teleport there without you first, then come back. He does it successfully, but he lands on the couch, entirely out of energy and is immediately passed out. When he wakes up, he’s feeling sick and nauseous. He’s not scared of air travel like Papaya, so it’s best to go with that. 


 Nope. Nope. He’s not traveling that far. Too many things can go wrong. You can get lost in the void or he might end up in the middle of the ocean. He’s fine with meeting your family, so another form of travel is fine. Just no boats. He gets really bad sea sickness. 



No! Absolutely not! He is teleporting you that far! It’s way too dangerous! Unless you’ve been in a super long relationship (i’m talking 5+ years) Red will not want to meet your family yet. He’s not prepared for that at all. He still is interested in your culture though, so if he has to, he’ll bear with meeting the folks to learn more about your heritage, but Red doesn’t do air or seas travel. So it’s either waiting til your parents come to where you live, or dealing with a barfing skeleton for a couple of hours. 


Your parents want meet him! Fell is hiding his anxiousness and excitement with a mask of apathy. He really wants your parents to like him because their approval actually means a lot to him. He’s also excited to see your country of origin and learn more about it. He spends hours packing and picking the best outfits for himself. He can’t teleport and has no qualms about any other travel so he books the first flight he can find. 

Everything I Didn’t Say (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


I was wrong I admit

“[Y/N]…” Ashton whispered. “I was wrong, I admit.”

I turned my back to my boyfriend, trying to hold back tears. “Admitting your mistake is the first step, but that still doesn’t make it okay.”

Ashton sighed. “Yes, I know, babe, but I was just acting out of anger. I know that doesn’t excuse any of my actions towards you, but I couldn’t control myself in that moment. You know I would never call you a bitch, m’love.”

“But you did, Ash…and it hurt.” I sighed.

“I was just upset because it has been such a long day and all I wanted to do was have some time to myself. You did nothing to purposely annoy me, darling, but for whatever reason…” his voice faded off.

“But for whatever reason, I got on your nerves.” I finished his sentence, my voice quivering. Turning around, I looked at him with sad eyes. “I know how that feels, Ashton. You get on my nerves practically every month! I never use my PMS-ing as an excuse to call you a bitch because I know you’re not! Do you understand, Ashton? You wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t believe it.”

“But I don’t believe it!” Ashton interjected.

I shook my head. “Maybe not now, but at the time you must have.” Ashton was quiet. “I don’t know.” I said, wiping away my tears. “I just need some time to think. You know I love you, babe, but maybe you deserve someone who will calm you down after a hard day, not someone who will make it worse.”


Flowers I should’ve bought

Luke had been in his room all day. He hadn’t talked to anybody, nor did he want to.

“Luke?” Calum peeked his head past the door. “Can I come talk to you?” Luke grumbled and rolled his eyes, but Calum walked into the bedroom anyway. Sitting on his bed, he began talking to Luke. “The boys and I have been worried about you lately. Are you upset because you and [Y/N] broke up or is there something else we should know about?”

Luke sat up with his hair sticking in every direction and his eyes red and puffy. “I don’t like admitting it, but I miss [Y/N], and I wish we were still together. Now that we are broken up, I am thinking of all of the things I could have done to keep her around.”

“Yeah? Tell me about them.” Calum insisted, knowing all Luke needed to do was talk it out.

Luke thought for a moment. “Well, for one, I know she loved to dance, especially slow dance. I, of course, didn’t want to look like a fool, so I always rejected her. I also should have payed more attention to her when she was talking about her favorite things. Like…her favorite color. I could have bought her clothes in whatever color that was, I don’t even remember. Oh, and her favorite flowers! Those are easy gifts! Girls love flowers so why did I not think it was very important while we were together? I guess I should have tried harder to keep her around, you know? I don’t know how I’m going to react when I find out that she has moved on from me and is with some other guy who will probably treat her so much better.”

Calum put his hand on Luke’s back. “Well, if it makes you feel better, you are one heartbreak closer to finding the perfect one for you!”

Luke glared at Calum. “Too soon.” He said, burying his face in his hands.


I know that it’s a little too late

“Mate, I really think you should talk to [Y/N] about all of this…” Luke said, referring to the numerous journal entries that were scattered across Michael’s bed.

Not knowing what to say, Michael just shook his head. “i just…I know that it’s a little too late to discuss this with her.”

Luke sighed and sat down next to me. “Michael,” He began. “I’m sure she will listen to you if you start your conversation with the fact that you were wrong.”

“Yeah, probably…” Michael laughed. “But Luke, I don’t even know what to say after that! What if she gives me a chance to express how I feel and how wrong I was to break up with her, but all of my thoughts are so jumbled that the point I’m trying to get across to her just doesn’t make any sense?”

“Well, let’s not forget all of these notes you have written since your breakup…” Luke said, moving a couple pages so he could sit next to Michael on the bed.

Michael looked around and saw the huge mess he was creating with all of the paper. “This is all just a bunch of clutter. There is no way I can gather all of my thoughts onto one piece of paper by myself.”

Luke picked up some of the papers and handed them to Michael. “Then I’ll help you!” He chirped.

“Thanks, mate.” Michael smiled. “I appreciate it!”


I wish that I had put you first

“That’s the thing, though!” Calum ranted to the boys. “I didn’t listen to what she was saying half of the time because I thought she would be mine forever!”

Michael gave Calum a confused look. “So you assumed you could keep a girl because you believed her to be your soulmate, but you didn’t put any effort into the relationship?”

Calum looked down, defeated. “I mean - I tried to show her affection in other ways, but I never really listened to her problems she was having.”

“Yeah, I noticed that.” Ashton chimed in. “I hate to admit it, Cal…but even I noticed how selfish you were at times. For example, when she found out that her mom was sick about a month ago, you didn’t seem to care at all. You told her you had bigger problems than her and that your career was more important than any of her issues in her personal life. I’m sure that was a huge reason she left you, mate.”

“Wait…” Calum’s eyes got wide. “Her mom is sick?”

Luke shot Calum a surprised look. “Uh…yes! She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition before [Y/N] broke up with you!”

Calum buried his face in his hands. “I’ve really screwed things up with [Y/N]…I need to call her and set things straight as soon as possible.”

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If they were to make a modern day friends who would you cast and y?

Okay, I’m going to assume we’re going to go with character archetypes from the originals, just to make this make a little more sense :) 

Joey: John Boyega 

So, first off, I would want literally everything about Joey to be the same except he’s gay. I want that womanizing trope normally associated with Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson, but on a gay man. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Rachel, that would perpetuate harmful stereotypes of gay men being freewheeling spreaders of AIDs who have never heard of monogamy! Which I know because I thought about that too. However, I will remind myself that it’s not the 90s. I also think that it’s time we break free of archetypical gay characters and paint gay people as we are– full humans, of whom there are many different types. Joey is an incredibly caring friend, a lover of food, and a really great smooth talker. These are all traits that a gay man could have, and I think John Boyega has excellent comedy chops. 

Monica: Anna Kendrick 

I really love Monica– she’s grown on me as I got older– and, having recently read Anna Kendrick’s autobiography, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities. So, like, Anna is also really neurotic. She actually has a lot of theatre person energy, which Monica has, but Anna’s ability to portray many different types of women– the “cool girl” is one of her specialties– is something I think would be an enormous coo to Monica. You see, those characters that Anna plays really frequently? Monica could encompass all of them. I genuinely think all of them could fit into a Monica-like character. She’s scrappy as fuck (people call her scrappy on the show all the time) and I could see Anna utilizing both the “i can’t do it i don’t care” thing plus some optimism, depending on where the character is in the series. Plus, I love getting to see her comedy chops and modern day humor is waaaay drier. 

Phoebe: Janelle Monae

Admittedly, Phoebe is the one that I struggled with the most. She’s also my least favorite character of the six, so that’s probably why. But this weekend I saw Moonlight for the first time, and everytime Janelle Monae was on screen, she captivated me. I couldn’t look away from her. I would want her dialogue to be written in the same way Monae’s was in the movie. I would want it to be obvious that she came from the projects (you’ll remember that Phoebe was homeless at one point; I think maybe it might be important to show some people a more realistic representation of that type of disadvantaged situation), but she is a fully functioning and happy adult who isn’t engaged with drugs. I would love the fact that, throughout the series, Phoebe’s happiness doesn’t really come from men, it becomes with her weird, quirky, lovable self, and I think Monae would be able to portray that youthful joy but also wise maturity that Phoebe encompasses. Plus, she sings, so the music gag would be hilarious. 

Chandler: Dylan O’Brien.

This literally needs no explanation. 

Ross: Freddie Highmore

“Let’s see, who is the whitest man I can think of?” -Me, four minutes ago. I did some google searching but also realized that, if I were to rewrite Friends, I would do Ross in a different way. I started looking for a plain, average white male who I find to be likeable, and I came up with Freddie Highmore because I had a crush on him when I was little. ANYWAYS. I definitely think he encompasses that “awkward nerd who isn’t unattractive but isn’t particularly attractive” thing that Ross needs to have. I think I might shove him into glasses and make him a try-hard intellectual. He can still have the boring career that he’s super passionate about (actually, that’s one of the good things about Ross) but he would try really hard to fit into that intellectual stereotype. The other thing is that I would change the way Ross is written so that he is a more receptive character. I think the writers genuinely intended for him to be “well-meaning” and “likable,” but that it doesn’t translate in modern times. With that in mind, I would use his cluelessness as an opportunity to help viewers say how to educate people on their lack of knowledge on social issues in a productive way, and then use Ross as an opportunity to show how to receive that education (plus the clapbacks) and internalize them in ways that are also productive. 

Rachel: Karen David 

This is just really selfish because I adore Karen David and have since Galavant. I just love her and think she could play an amazing Rachel. Also I would want her to be bisexual and get frustrated at her job because she wants to bang the models. I actually kinda love the idea of Rachel running away from a wedding to a man she doesn’t love and after she spent her whole life being daddy’s little girl she’s just like “ALSO I WANT TO DATE GIRLS” and then she just goes out and does it because she’s hot and confident. She could also jam with Phoebe because Karen David has the voice of a goddamn angel. 

And now that I have finished this it occurs to me that this is one of only shows on television with three blatantly Jewish characters (Ross, Monica, Rachel) and my silly self erased my own representation. 

ANYHOO other than that I really like this :) 

anonymous asked:

(1/5) Hi, I have some questions about real person shipping, and I hope you can help me out. I used to be an antishipper (not involved in discourse, just quietly thinking that some ships are bad/harmful) but reading the arguments of you and others has helped me changed my mind since then - people can do with fictional character whatever they want cause you can’t hurt fictional characters. But I still don't get how shipping real people and writing fics about them is okay.

Some context- I’m ace, somewhat sex repulsed and a csa survivor. The thought that anyone (who is not a partner who knows and respects my boundaries) could think about me in a sexual context makes me incredibly uncomfortable, to the point where I never wear any revealing clothes, even if I’d like to because they’re pretty or it’s just really hot outside, so I don’t „encourage“ people to think of me as hot or sexy. Knowing that if I was a celebrity, there might be people who write porn involving me makes me physically sick to think about. Now, I’m not a celebrity, but I can’t help but think that there is no way of knowing if a certain celebrity feels the same way - they might be sex repulsed, ace or a survivor, and even if they’re not -isn’t writing smut about them still some form of involving someone in a sexual context without their consent? (Even if they might never know about it.) It just feels incredibly invasive. (Tbh, I’m also uncomfortable with people fantasising about others without their consent - when I had a crush on my friend, I never allowed myself to fantasise about more than holding hands and hugging, both things we’d already sometimes do platonically. But I realise this is getting close to thought policing, something I really don’t want to do, so I just try not to think about that.) (5/5) I really don’t want to be judgemental, but I can’t help feeling that with shipping real people you can also hurt real people. Maybe you can help me understand why it’s not as bad as it seems to me?

Apologies for answering so late, have had a hell of a lot on my plate recently. 

First, I get where you’re coming from, I really do. I also have a very complex relationship with sex and sexuality and everything that surrounds it, also due to abuse during childhood (I have stretches of time when I can be accurately described as ‘oversexed’ and am naturally kinky, but there are also times when I can’t bear to be touched or looked at with any kind of desire. As you can imagine, it’s caused quite a few problems in my relationships, over the years).

One place where we differ, however (and I worry about being able to reach consensus, specifically because mine is an almost completely opposite view of the world) is the fact that I take a very firm stance on my various personal issues being specifically that – personal. This means that it’s not obligatory for the rest of the world to shape itself around me and my particular needs, save for what is already accepted as common social courtesy – making sure that the environment and the available tools are structured in such a way that I can simply not deal with whatever I can’t handle. This is, fundamentally, more so than the ‘fictional people aren’t real’ thing, what stands at the crux of my displeasure with the whole anti thing (well, this and the fact that the whole thing is incredibly authoritarian in nature, but I’ve talked about that before). I can understand that others see this differently and sympathize with their position, but that always firmly stops at ‘and this is why one mustn’t do X or Z’ arguments. 

As far as real-people-fiction and shipping is concerned, I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s not something problematic if common-sense and common courtesy are respected. Meaning: 

  • keeping it firmly away from the people it depicts (something that youngsters in fandom these days have a clear problem actually doing)
  • understanding that one is working with a ‘public persona’, rather than an exact image of the individual in question
  • tagging it for who wants to avoid RPF 
  • limiting its distribution (the best example for this last point is AO3′s ability to make certain fics show only to logged-in users, something that most of the other RPF writers I know have turned on by default)
  • being able to treat it as a fictional exercise and separating it from reality (meaning no bloody temper tantrums that Band Member So-and-So is dating a woman, instead of Band Member Such-and-Such!)

I go a bit farther and write fics focused mostly on people who are no longer with us, usually by a difference or a few decades, specifically to ensure that the person in question never accidentally runs into the thing, even with all precautions. 

What really baffles me, in all this recent shouting against RPF on here, is that we’re not talking about some recent social aberration or whatever else along those lines. The common people writing fictive narratives about the beautiful, the notorious, the rich and powerful, is as old as the written word. Hell, as old as spoken language, I’d argue – the history of my people is littered with orally transmitted tales about the exploits, sexual or military, of various warlords, most being traced back to the time when the warlords themselves were still alive. We’ve got what could be argued as RPF, written about the rulers of the day, all the way from ancient Egypt and we’d likely have had sources from ancient Sumeria and Babylon as well, if not for the fact that most of the clay tablets that were preserved dealt with financial transactions. It looks frankly odd, to me, such a campaign against something that’s been with us for most of our history and that’s been used for everything from bawdy tales to subversive political manifestos. 

It’s perfectly a-okay to be squicked out by RPF on principle and to not want to deal with it. That’s something I support fully. I also support criticism of how some RPF fans behave (the utter shitshow that is the One Direction fandom is a prime example here – I’m not even in that fandom and I still cringe at some of the shit I hear!) I come down hard myself when the rules I listed above aren’t obeyed. My problems inevitably start when the whole ‘stop writing this!’ thing gets put into motion, as always.