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fireflies | M

Contains: fluff, smut {punk!taehyung}

Words: 17,158

Summary: “There’s no hope for people like us, sweetheart. We’re destined to fall in love a thousand times, and have our hearts broken in each one of them. We might as well be miserable together.”

[img cr]

A/N: Long fics might be turning into my new aesthetic. I’m sorry.

You never truly believed in love at first sight ― there was no reason to. The very idea seemed far too preposterous to be taken seriously, too ludicrous to exist outside of dreamy movies or forgotten fairy tales. How could two strangers cultivate such deep, mesmerizing emotion in the mere seconds they held a glance? How was it possible for them to simply know of their fate in the short amount of time they encountered each other? ― No; there were no soulmates, no predestined encounters. At least not for you. For you, there was only the faint ghost of a broken heart, the haunting of crumbled expectations; and the strong, determined promise to never fool yourself into another failed attempt at romance.

When you first saw him, however, you felt like the cosmos had morphed into static.

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lactosefreepussy  asked:

Please write those 24356643 meta posts on post Azzano Bucky!!!! I wanna get sad!!!

Let’s start with one!!! But when??? There’s so much to think about and see with post-azzano Bucky and it’s only because Sebastian is truly great. I’m gonna pick my favorite and start with The Bar Scene

are you sad yet? Because I am.

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Bts reaction to you wanting a threesome

Request:  Can you do a BTS reacting to you wanting a threesome with one of the other members ? Thanks bb!


“You want Namjoon to join,baby? Why? Am I not enough? I mean, I’m your man, not him. Because he is rough? Am I not? He can be your master and I’m your daddy? I guess I’m okay with this. We can try.”

Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants


“Jiminie? You want us to tie Jiminie and have fun wiht him too? And how about I tie you both and have fun with btoh my kittens? You are a small greedy kitten. Look at yourself. Nodding so fast. You tried being a big girl, but that just doesn’t work, does it?”

Originally posted by yoonseok


“You want Hobi or Jin to join us? Why? One cock is not enough anymore? Are you a little cock slut? Yes? But of course you are. My little kitten. Whatever you want. I’ll invite them both.

Originally posted by hoseokxx


“I can call any of the boys. Who do you want? Namjoon? You are pretty greedy baby, you know that, right? Somehow my pride is hurt,but still, two people destrying your body is way more fun. I want to see Joonie owning you.

Originally posted by meanyoongis


“You want what? Y/n baby, why would you want Yoongi hyung to join us? Yes, I like…wait, are you getting turned on by watching me kissing Yoongi hyung? Yes?! Oh, ok. I guess we can ask him. Some day.


“Y/n baby, Jungkookie? Are you sure you want both me and Jungkook? Are you sure you’ll be able to survive us both. You see, you barely survive after a night with me, what’ll happend when I call my best friend. We are kinda crazy match.


“I guess we both want Tae. Good. If we call Jimin it will be more of a competition than anything else. Let’s ask Taehyung. After all, my cock and his are the best. I can’t wait to destroy this little body of yours. You’ll beg to never had asked this from me.”



Also we are playing “Would you rather” so tag along.

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My Clueless Valentine

Story Summary: To help Steve feel a little less lonely on Valentine’s Day, you and the guys plan out a day of fun. However, this outing becomes something so much more than a day with friends when feelings are revealed [Part of the Friends Like Ours one shot series]. 

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: I’m really sorry about the wait and I’m sorry if I forgot to tag anyone in this! It’s been a while. Just to let you know, this one shot also refers back to the events of People Will Say

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

“Hey Steve,” Bucky greeted with a smile as the blond entered the kitchen, you and Sam also giving your respective greetings with the hopes that he’d actually say something this time around.

Instead, you all earned another frown in response while he grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar before heading back to his room, closing the door. You sighed and wondered what’s wrong with your friend. Over the past couple of days, Steve has been acting strange and distanced himself from everyone, limiting his responses with frowns and sighs. You had no working theories as to why he was behaving that way, but Sam and Bucky had an idea.

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(I’m blaming @siderealsandman for this. I saw your post and I didn’t literally add everyone in, but like… I had to share it okay?)

What if Adrien inherits his dad’s mansion and just fills it with everyone he loves.

Like first it’s his best friends (Nino, Alya, and Mari). Then Chloe and Sabrina just kinda start kicking it there until he just gives them each a room. Then everyone else just has a standard room that’s ‘theirs’ and they come and go as they please.

All the regulars have an understanding that everyone loves everyone else a certain way and it’s not weird if one week Adrien and Mari are close and then the next Mari’s with Chloe and Adrien’s with Nino. Also everyone has their own boundaries that are respected. So no one would push two or more people together unless it’s what they want.

Basically I just want all of them to be happy and to have fun game nights where everyone’s required to hang out no matter how busy they are. And pillow forts. And Adrien being surrounded by infinite amounts of love. And an open-door policy where anyone can come and join in or be invited…

I just want everyone to be loved okay?!

i keep seeing people drawing parody super buff versions of the guys and i wanted to join in on the fun so i drew buff Tom but it’s literally the most cursed image on my laptop.

my tablet stopped working the moment i finished. it’s some sort of divine punishment for unleashing this. im almost certain he’s going to come out the computer screen and kill me in my sleep



So for Valentine’s week ( 2-13-17 to 2-18-17 ) Us at MysticMessengerImagines are having a Valentines +1000 followers celebration for all of the RFA members as well as an ending week Valentines contest!! Read more if you’re interested!!!!

Everyday we will have an assigned character and only focus on such person for the whole day, we are going from youngest to oldest!

Monday is Yoosung day
Tuesday is Unknown day
Wednesday is Seven day
Thursday is Zen day
Friday is Jaehee day
Saturday is Jumin day
And Sunday is V day

The gist of it is that we will reblog/share all the amazing posts/art/memes we see of the certain character of the day as well as possibly draw(Dae)/write small headcannons of them throughout the day.

And I wanted to see you guys join in!!
Its way more fun if everyone participates!!!
This can be in sending us links to posts/art about the character that you have done yourself, sending (small) headcannon requests, and even just sending us asks with your headcannons of each character! Mod Koma would also love to do small crack request scenarious throughout the day as well! Lets show these guys some love♡♡

but wait! THERE’S MORE

By the end of the week on V (haha get it, V…Valentines? No? Okay..) day, I will also choose one lucky participant and draw them a full colored art piece of them and their favorite character together on a cute Valentines date at the request of the winner!! Just in terms of celebrating ♡ I will also most probably add in some small prices as well for a few more people

In order to have a good time and make this project true, we need as much participation from everyone as possible!!! this being reblogging, and/or sharing to other people!!!!! not only more people can hop in on board, but you get to see more of your favorite character!! And the bigger the chances we will widen the prices lists to not just having 1 winner for the valentine drawing!!

I hope you guys are as excited as we are on this!! Let’s give the RFA the love they need!

EDIT : as of now we will not take the requests until the start of the week but we will spend this time spreading the word around!! Hopefully other mystic messenger accounts will be happy to join and celebrate each character day with us!!!

ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT!!! If you’re attending this event, please use the tag MystMessImValentine in order for everyone to look at your work with ease! Im super excited for this!! Haha

-♡The Mods at MystMessImagines♡

Let Me Show You Something ~Naughty November~

Prompt:The reader is taller than Carl, and she’s with Ron but the sex is terrible so she goes to Carl. Threesome wit Carl and Ron 

Pairing: Carl x Reader, Ron x Reader, Carl x reader x Ron

Word Count: 2k

Warning: threesome, anal, voyeurism

Tagged: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @yui-miyuka

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BTS reacts to you being really clumsy

Hellooo there sunbeam ^^

I know how it is to be clumsy. I, myself am super clumsy. I have scars and bruises all over my body to prove it lmao. If you are as clumsy as me, please be more careful haha. Oh my god? You love me? Me? Aaaawhh how sweet of you. I love you too and thank you for loving my blog ^^

Hope you like this reaction and stay healthy!


We all know he feels as a mom and so he would be worried as a mom too but he was getting used to it since you would be hurting yourself at least once a day so he eventually had a cupboard full with bandages, bandaids, ice packs and much much more to take care of you. And he was right, today you managed to walk against the door while you two were ready to eat some dinner. Chuckling he dissapeared in the bathroom and came back with the ice pack in his hands, placing it ontop of the soon appearing bruise. 

‘‘Seriously y/n? You know you have to turn the knob and open the door to get out of the house. I mean you’re not some type of ghost who can walk through doors.’’

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


He actually would find it funny you being so clumsy eventhough he says he doesn’t. Secretly he does. He will feel proud everytime he fixes something you broke. (Having the experience in bts aswell) However it isn’t always the innocent dropping glass or stubbing your toe. No sometimes you worry him sick as you come falling down the stairs or spilling hot water on your body. So more often than not he would keep a close eye on you, making sure you are not seriously injuring yourself.  Luckily you only broke the blender today, decorating the kitchen, yourself and him with the smoothie you were making as you shot him a nervous smile.

‘‘Gosh sometimes I don’t even know how you can be this clumsy. Not even Namjoon is as clumsy as you. But I guess I love you even more because of it. Don’t even ask me why because I myself can’t give you an answer. Now come here and let’s clean ourselves up first before we get too sticky.’’

Originally posted by btsgotsvt


Also already kind of used to it, he doesn’t give it as much as attention, knowing already you always shrug it off and continue with what you were doing. Of course he worries every now and then but most of the times he just laughs along with you but not today. He was working on the laptop, trying to get some of the lyrics done for his new mixtape when he heard you calling his name. Saving the written words, he stood up from the chair and made his way to the laundry room. Seeing you standing there, biting your lip as you held your hands behind your back. He gave you a confused look, asking what was wrong.  Slowly your hands appeared in his vision but what he saw caused him to groan, snatching the shirt out of your hands, he closely inspected the to small shirt. Letting out a big sigh he dropped it in your hands, ran his fingers throug his hair and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek. He could get mad at you but he knew you felt quilty and well it just comes with loving you.

‘‘I know you don’t do it on purpose but honestly sometimes I think you do because it’s the third shirt this week you washed to hot. And for some reason it only are my shirts. But I guess we can use it for our furure son, so it’s okay. BUT.. please no more… otherwise I won’t have any shirts left.’’

Originally posted by judgementalyoongi


Two people together, both as clumsy as can be. Take today for example. You were visiting Namjoon and the others in their dorm, cooking dinner to let them rest after a long day practicing. Somehow you finished cooking without burning yourself or burning the food however when you served the spaghetti on the plates and asked Namjoon to help you carry it to the table, you both in some way dropped the plates, spilling the italian food on the floor and just stared. Hearing Yoongi mumble that you both were unbelievable and Seokjin whining over the waisted food you both bursted out in laughter because clumsly couple striked again. 

‘‘Why did you drop the food?!’’

‘‘Me?! You dropped it too!’‘

‘‘My heart.. I love you so much y/n. You can say what you want but we’re made for eachother’’

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He had to be careful around you because you had the habit to drag him down with you and he kept sharp things out of you reach since you always, always cut yourself eventhough you knew it was sharp. Anyways it was late in the evening and you and Jimin walked in the park enjoying the chill breeze on your skin after a hot day. You, being easily distracted stopped in your tracks to cutely coo at the hegdehog who seemed to be searching for something to eat. It wasn’t everyday you saw those cute little animals. Jimin however hadn’t noticed that you weren’t by his side anymore until he heard you laughing, calling his name as you ran towards him to catch up, but along the way, you tripped over your own feet, stumbling your way further as you hands reached out to grab his shirt in the hope to steady yourself. Unfortunately it didn’t and pulled Jimin down with you, both crashing to the ground. He instantly whined when he was on the ground, you half laying on top of him. Helping you up, he pulled you into a playful headlock, complaining that you needed to learn to walk properly again. 

‘‘Y/n! Why do you always have to take me with you?! Seriously how do you always manage to trip over your own feet. It’s just..  incredible. I think you’ve found your talent.’’

Originally posted by ultranicolet


He would just sigh as you once again fell over the bathtub. Hearing you yell at him that you were okay, he chuckled and shook his head in disbelief like how the heck do you fell multiple times over the bathtub?? The bathtub doesn’t go anywhere. It just stays there, not moving at all. And when he suddenly heard smashing and crashing noises he literally facepalmed himself, still getting up to check up on you. When he finally arrived at the bathroom, he took a deep breath before going in, not knowing what he would find.. There you were, surrounded by shampoo bottles, as you casually joined them on the floor, playing it off like you planned it.  after making sure you were okay, he joined you on the bathroom floor.

‘‘Is it fun chilling on the ground? It seems it’s nice since you do it a couple of times a day. But I guess you want someone to join you, seeing all these bottles keeping you company. I’m hurt sweets.. You can just ask me, no need to make such a commotion.’’

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This guy would be a little shit. He would totally take advantage of you clumsiness. 

He stared at the dent in the door he had kicked in anger after losing the game against Seokjin. You were certainly getting pissed because how many times had you told him that getting rid of the anger against furniture or doors was not okay but then he just smirked, a great idea popped in his mind and laughed returning to the game he was playing. When you got home, Jungkook would greet you like always, ate dinner and just talked about eachothers day. When the both of you were getting ready for bed, you noticed the little dent, snapping your head to Jungkook he would say:

‘‘Don’t you remember? You hit the door with the vacuum while you were cleaning. It’s okay though.. I love your clumsy side. ‘’

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anonymous asked:

Diahoes, what would be your reactions to your s/o being really bubbly and cute and excited for snow and begging you to play with her in it?

Shu:   *Sighs* Stop that I’m tired….You really are an annoying woman yknow?  I don’t see the big deal about snow….it’s just soft ice.   *sees her disappointed look and feels bad* Okay fine.  But only for a few minutes then I’m going back inside.  *smirks* And you owe me…*throws some snow at her face* Dork.

Reiji: *looks outside* Hmm, it’s quite the blizzard out there… *looks at his s/o squealing and getting excited* I don’t see why you’re so excited, it’s just snow… Hey, stop that vulgarity! Calm down and act ladylike! Excuse me? Go out and “play” with you? It’s 32 degrees outside, do you really expect me to go out there? *sees that she’s upset and sighs* Alright, I’ll sit on the porch I suppose… I’ll make us some hot cocoa. Get dressed up first, you’ll freeze out there.

Ayato:  *is just as excited and runs out there with her* Hey I bet I could build a better snowman than you!!!  *makes an ugly snowman* See? It’s better than any crap you could build!!!   *gets snowball thrown at his face* …. Bad idea….*runs over there and tackles her down* Apologize to Ore-Sama! *laughs and stuffs a snowball in her face*

Kanato: What are you squealing about? It’s so annoying… *looks out window and gasps* Ah, look! It’s snow!! *tugs her arm excitingly* Lets go and play in it!! And no, we’re not gonna make dumb snow angels, lets have a snowball fight and then build a snowman!! Oooh then lets make cocoa afterwards!! I’m so excited!!! *tugs her outside*

Laito:  Ah~ Bitch-chan you’re cheerful this morning~ *looks outside and sees snow* That’s all?  It’s nothing special Bitch-chan, it’s going to melt anyways. *Grabs her arm* C’mon let’s have some fun in front of a warm fireplace…nfu~. *sees her pouting* I don’t really like snow Bitch-chan…*sighs* But I guess if it’ll make you happy..

Subaru: What’s the big deal? *looks outside* Oh… It’s just snow. Why are you so happy about it? It’s literally just ice. Why do you humans make such a big deal of it… Huh? Hell no, I’m not playing in it with you! That’s childish! Hey wait, tch shit, I didn’t mean to get mad… Okay fine, I’ll go outside with you, but you better not hit me with a damn snowball! Huh? Help you make a snowman? Tch… I guess… but don’t you dare tell my brothers!!

Ruki:  *looks around for her and sees she’s already in her snow gear* ….Someone is excited for the snow, aren’t they?  Fine.  You’re allowed to go out but only for an hour.  And I swear if you track snow inside I’ll- Hm? You want me to join you? Such nonsense Livestock.  I haven’t played in the snow since…I was young…Just go out.  I’ll wait in here for you and make you hot cocoa, okay? *smiles gently and kisses her forehead* 

Kou: Ah, M-neko-chan, what are you so happy about? What’s outside? *looks out window* Aw, how cute! My little kitten is joyful over a few snowflakes! Play with you? Eh, I don’t know M-neko-chan… I don’t wanna mess up my hair… Hey, don’t make fun of me!! Okay, fine, I challenge you to a snowball fight!! I’ll kick your little ass!! *runs outside* ‘

Yuma: *sees her on the porch squealing about the snow and sneaks up behind her and throws her into the snow* Hahaha!! That was too good!!! *gets hit in the face by a snowball* ….*death glares* Bad idea.  *jumps into snow and starts throwing snowballs at her at a rapid rate* This is what you get Sow!!! There’s no mercy in war! *laughs and stops and pulls her in for a tight hug*

Azusa: *looks outside to see his lover playing in the snow happily* Aw, how cute…she’s so happy…I love seeing her like this…I love her so much… *goes outside and immediately gets hit by snowball* Ah, it’s so cold!! Hehe… Lets build a snowman…please.

Sweet Dreams (1)

Rating: T
Pair: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (poly relationship)
Word count: 1,027

Part two ; Part three ; Part four ; Part five ; Part six ; Part seven ; Part eight ; Part nine ; Part ten ; Part eleven

Gif found on google

April 3rd. Your 6 month anniversary with Kim Taehyung, or V, from BTS

You can still remember the day that he had asked you out like it was yesterday. You had been best friends since middle school and were very close. A few months before he’d debuted, he’d confronted you, saying that he couldn’t debut without knowing how you felt. When you’d gone to ask what he meant, instead of giving an answer, he kissed you. Your friends told you all the time about how romantic it was, and how obvious it was to everyone but the two of you, but you tried not to listen.

Their debut had come around, and you’d, of course, started seeing less of him, and you also stopped being able to be affectionate with him in public. But it was to be expected, so you never complained.

If anything, it made moments like this even sweeter. When he was in town, snuggled into you, whether it be holding you half in his lap or laying on the couch with his head in your lap, talking about whatever came to mind or watching movies. 

At the moment, you were laying on the couch with him between you and the back of the couch, ear pressed to your stomach. The brunette looked up at you, tapping your side to get your attention. “By the way, one of the boys are gonna be stopping by, I accidentally took his sweatshirt and I promised to give it back.”

You tilted your head with a small smile. “Which one?” You’d known of the boys, of course, you had seen them on TV when you’d watched something that Taehyung was on, but you’d never met any of them.

He gave you a big, boxy grin. “Jungkookie! I told him to stop by around four,” he said, sitting up and stretching, looking at the clock.


You noticed it as well, sitting up more as well. Taehyung turned to look at you. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom, if he shows up, the sweatshirts by the door.” And with that, he disappeared down the hall.

You glanced at the clock once more before groaning. You hoped that the maknae would come show up after Tae was done in the bathroom, not wanting to have to face him on your own. Out of all the members(besides the certain one already in your house), Jungkook was the one who interested you the most. He seemed cute, particularly bunny-like. 

You let yourself dwell on it for a moment before being snapped out of it by the doorbell ringing. A feeling of nervousness filled you when you realized Taehyung still wasn’t out, so you had to give it yourself.

You scrambled off the couch, giving yourself a quick once-over and adjusting your clothes(If you’re being honest with yourself, your ideal apparel to meet your boyfriend’s bandmates was definitely not a tank top and shorts, but it would have to do) before quickly rushing to the door and opening it. 

There stood Jungkook, his black hair rustled from fussing with it and his eyes rimmed with eyeliner. He looked up from the ground, about to speak but stopped when he realized it was you. He had been expecting the brunette to have answered the door. 

Once you realized he seemed to not want to talk, you gave him a smile. “You came for this, right?” you asked, grabbing the sweatshirt from the stand beside the door, holding it up.

He quickly nodded and took it. “Thank you…you’re Y/N, right?” he asked, glancing at the floor again. You fought back a small giggle, he really was awkward around girls.

You nodded slowly and tilted your head. “I am, he talks about me?” you asked, giving a soft smile. If you looked closely, you could’ve sworn his cheeks turned a bit red.

Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, an arm snuck around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder. “Yup! I tell them all the time about how I have the most beautiful girlfriend on the planet. Don’t you think so, Kookie?” Taehyung asked, having finally gotten back

The younger seemed caught off guard by the question, his widening slightly. “What? Is she..I mean, I guess, yeah..” he said, looking away.

You blushed a bit yourself, Taehyung unknown to it as he started laughing, telling Jungkook that he was adorable.

Jungkook mumbled something about needing to get back to the dorm before waving a quick goodbye and rushing down the hall. 

The both of you took your place back in the living room after he demanded more cuddles, settling back into your earlier position, this time with you turned more so you could play with his soft hair.

He looked up at you with a grin. “So, what did you think of him? Really shy, huh?” You nodded in response. “He’s like that though, I’m trying to help him open up more. Maybe you can help him open up more too, huh?”

You shrugged and combed your fingers through the strands. “I guess? I’d probably want to get to know him first though,” you mumbled, brushing his bangs from his eyes, which were watching you intently as you talked to him.

Taehyung sat up more, hand behind you to hold himself up. “So I can bring him over more! We can be like the three amigos! You can replace Jimin hyung in our trio, he’ll be so jealous!” he said with a laugh.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face at his excitement, sighing softly. “Sure, if he’s willing to, then he can start coming over more” Taehyung opened his mouth, about to speak when you cut him off again “-and that means verbally and physically willing, Kim Taehyung, None of that ‘I know he wants to deep down’ stuff”

Taehyung pouted and let out a small huff, looking away. “Aww, Y/N you’re no fun. Fiiine, I’ll get him to join the nice way…I’ll ask him when I go to the dorm tomorrow, okay?” he looked up at you once again.

You nodded slowly, although unable to push away the feeling that you might regret saying that later.

I’m so sorry that this is so short, I really am. The next few chapters should be a lot longer, I just needed to set the mood a little bit. 


karamel appreciation weekday 2: favourite quote 
Mon-El was okay to die because he had kissed the most extraordinary woman he had ever met. Death was coming for him and he would willingly succumb to his fate because he had been lucky enough to kiss the woman of his dreams.

I was inspired by the karamel love and tried gif making just for this lovely couple.

i don’t understand ace tumblr’s (and mogai tumblr in general but ace tumblr is the worst perpetrator of this) need to create new labels for their personal feelings on sex, publicly identify with it, and then proceed to tell people about it who probably didn’t want to know about it in the first place and then also go on to appropriate coming out because they’re queer uwu! even if they’re cishet because they identify with a mogai label they’re queer uwu

and this applies to decently simple labels like demisexual (developing sexual feelings after a bond has been formed, like that doesn’t apply to 99% of people but i Digress) to bullshit like placiosexual (okay with sexual feelings not being returned) like! who needs to know that you’re demi or placiosexual! nobody except your partner, and even then you don’t need an entire label for it! identifying with the demi or placiosexual or any label in between does not make you inherently queer and the idea that if you don’t identify as strictly cis heterosexual heteroromantic you’re kweer is so fucking harmful and disgusting and frankly it’s insulting and feeds into the idea that the lgbt community is just a fun club you can join if you want! like it’s not a group of loosely tied people whose experiences have overlapped in history and have therefore banded together to try and offer support to one another

like it’s funny when aces claim that all allos do is talk about sex haha when they are literally shoving their personal feelings about sex in people’s faces and again, appropriating coming out which is a very real possibly life changing decision lgbt people have to make every day

tl;dr: there’s no fundamental use in creating labels for everyone’s personal feelings about sex, the idea that if you use these labels you’re inherently queer is incredibly harmful, and your personal feelings about sex should only be shared with your partner – not your parents, not tumblr, not anyone else. you don’t need to “come out” as placiosexual. please stop insulting lgbt experiences

The Bet

The Bet

It was a couple of hours before the Super Bowl and Billie felt like she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She and Chris had arrived in Houston a few days ago and it was hard for her to keep up with his manic energy. Chris was on cloud nine because his precious Patriots were on the verge of winning their fifth championship ring. 

And since they didn’t bring the baby that weekend, he wanted to party his ass off. But Billie felt like a third wheel because he was spending most of his time with his brother Scott and last night he went out with Jeremy Renner to the Super Bowl pre-show concert. But as luck would have it, he had also sprung for her parents to join them for the big game. Yet when she picked them up from the airport, she hated that her mom was bombarding her with questions about the baby. And she explained that Leila was better off with Chris’s family so they wouldn’t screw up her sleep schedule.  

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in broad daylight

… or my first fan fiction ever. i hope to develop as a writer so that my writing will be a better quality. feedback is always appreciated! - sen

summary: jeongguk is the chaser of the gryffindor quidditch team, and he seems to think of you as more than a friend.

genres: fluff, mild angst?

word count: 9.3k

pairing: jeongguk x reader

warnings: mild swearing, mentions of sexual violence(tw!)

Originally posted by sugutie

Jeongguk was a boy of multiple charms. Not only magic with his wand, but magic with his words. He could use language in a way that could make anyone’s heart twist in their chest, cheeks turn red and hands shake out of nervousness. But when it came to you, words wouldn’t come out.


Jeon Jeongguk, who could make anyone drop on their knees, was loss at words because of you. And boy, did it infuriate him.

You were very endearing to him. You were known as the quiet nerdy girl, who devoted her life to studying, and therefore held the title for the best student in Hogwarts. You didn’t brag about it though. You just genuinely enjoyed studying and seeing the results of your hard work gave you motivation to work even harder than before. You never caused any trouble, you kept your circle small and although there were boys drooling over you, you ignored them. Nobody but your best friends knew this - but you were a hopeless romantic. You didn’t want just anybody. You wanted that someone who would make the butterflies burst in your stomach, and make the colours of your world a little brighter.

Jeon Jeongguk was in the same year as you, in the same house as you, Gryffindor. He was a Chaser in the Quidditch team, and he managed to keep his grades up fairly well. He was handsome and charming, the girls in school knew it and so did he. The girls didn’t spark his interest, though. He only had eyes for one girl, even if he knew the girl would never notice him romantically. And that girl just happened to be you.

Sure, he had grown to be your friend through some study sessions with your mutual friends, but he could only dream about you considering him as more as a friend. The idea never left his mind though. It would always linger in the back of his mind, whisper sweet what if’s and make his heart jump to his throat everytime you’d flash that blindingly beautiful smile of yours. Just the mere thought of ever being able to hold you in his arms, look you in the eyes and stutter out the three words that he so fondly believed in could make his face light up.

“Mr Jeon, I can understand that you may not find interest in my class, but I’d truly appreciate it, if you could at least pretend like you’re listening.” That awoke Jeongguk from his daydream about you. He has had those so many times, he has lost count. He shoots the Transfiguration professoran apolotegic, goofy smile. “Yes, Ms. McGonagall, I’m sorry”, he answered and chuckled at the quiet giggles from the girls sitting behind him. He tried to steal a gaze from you, but you kept your attention at the board where Ms. McGonagall returned to write down the exercises for today’s class. Of course. You wouldn’t let someone else ruin the learning from you, of course you wouldn’t. Even if you found it slightly funny. Jeongguk dropped his gaze back to the pergament and focused his thoughts on how to turn glass bottles into plastic ones.

“Y/N! Wait up!” You heard a familiar voice behind you. It was one of your closest friends, Eunjin. You turned around and faced your friend with a smile. Others had given a lot of thought on why you were friends. You were quiet, reserved and preferred to keep your issues and joys to yourself. She was loud, open to all kinds of ideas - even if they were absolutely terrible - and if you gave her a little something to drink, she would spill all her secrets out, along with everyone else’s. Yet you managed to grow really close with each other. You knew each other’s fears and needs, along with deepest secrets. Yours were the only ones she would lock up in her pocket. Maybe that’s why you two had grown so close.

“Yeah? What’s up?” You asked with a genuine smile smothered on your face. Eunjin flashed a smile right back.

“So. You know that the Slytherin against Gryffindor match is coming up… Hoseok and all the others are going to be play there and I know finals are coming up, but could you just take a break to come to the match? Pretty please? You’ve been doing so well in school, as usual, I thought you could use a little break”, Eunjin said in a suggestive tone that had a slight turn towards a whine. You chuckled.

“Eunjin…” You started, but you couldn’t finish off your sentence.

“Y/N please! You know you’re gonna get straight A’s, even if you skip one day of studying!”

“We already know that we’re going to win against Slytherin. Why should I drag myself to a match, when the result is already clear? I can join the celebrations afterwards, I’ll have the morning all to myself if everyone else is watching the match”, you pointed out and Eunjin pouted.

“Pretty please? It’ll be fun, trust me! Besides, Jeongguk is playing too, and I know you want to see him shine on the field. Just consider it? You can have one day off and not fail every class, trust me”, Eunjin said while looking straight at you with those puppy dog eyes. She knew you couldn’t resist, she knew it very well. Goddamnit.

“Okay, okay. I’ll consider it. The match is on Saturday, right?” You asked, and Eunjin answered you with a nod.

“Alright then. So far, I’m in. But if you mess with me or my studying, the deal is off. I cannot risk failing my courses”, you said, a tiny bit of regret already lurking inside you. Your friend jumped in air due to excitement.

“Yes! I knew you’d say yes, Y/N! I promise you, it’ll be fun. Both Quidditch teams have been training like crazy, the match will be be exciting. Even though we all know Gryffindor’s going to win, right? Gosh, I can’t wait to tell the gang about this, they’ve been wanting to see you watch Quidditch since day one, they’ll be so exci-”

“Okay, Eunjin, I get it. Let’s go eat dinner now, yeah?” You laughed and looked at Eunjin’s overly excited face while the both of you started making your way to the great hall, joy filling the both of you.

You slammed the thick book close and let out a frustrated sigh. You understood the stuff, but why wouldn’t the words just come out in a way that would please you? Jeongguk lifted his gaze from his own book and turned it to you. He looked around, Eunjin and Hoseok were cuddling (and most likely snogging, too) in some corner, Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon cancelled and Jimin and Taehyung were most likely trying gather enough people to throw a party in the Room of Requirement. Jeongguk looked back at you and gave you a slightly confused look.

“What’s wrong? The smart girl isn’t so smart anymore?” Jeongguk said teasingly with a cheeky grin on his face. You glared back at him, but he knew you weren’t really mad. The warmth in your eyes gave it away.

“Oh trust me, I’m still smart. I just can’t pour out the words for this essay. I want to impress proffessor Snape, you know how he is… He doesn’t let any Gryffindor off his hook, even if we knew better than the Slytherins”, you sighed with a look of exhaustion on your face. Jungkook’s grin softened to a kind smile and he rested his face on his palm.

“C'mon now, smartie. I know you have it in you. Besides, there’s like 5 days before the d-day, don’t stress yourself about it too much”, Jeongguk said with an assuring sound in his voice. It made you break a small smile - even if Jeongguk teased you often, he knew how to make you feel even slightly better on stressful days.

“I know, I know, but Jeongguk. You know how much I need the A’s, I can’t risk it… God, this makes me so frustrated, you know? I only want to get good grad-” You were cut off but Jeongguk grapping your hands. You furrowed your brows slightly and lifted your gaze to his chocolate brown orbs. They had a small glimmer in them, the one that makes you feel like time is going to stop.

“Y/N. I, Jeon Jeongguk believe in you. You will get that A from Snape, even if you do not finish the essay tonight, alright? You already overwork yourself enough. Let it go, just for tonight, alright? For me?” He said, and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t get a hold of. Was it admiration? No, that couldn’t be. Jeon Jeongguk wouldn’t fall for a girl like you, not in a million years. You might’ve given a thought to it, but you had pushed it aside. You could not risk getting your heart broken, especially not if you were friends with him.

You answered Jeongguk with a faint and gently squeezed his hand. You then let go and the atmosphere could be described as slightly awkward. Jeon stratched the back of his head and then sighed, closing his book as well.

“Well, Y/N. You know what? We - and I mean us two, forget about Hoseok and Eunjin - are going out. The air in this stupid library is making me sick”, Jeongguk said and stood up. You looked at him with a confused look on your face.

“What do you mean out? We’re not allowed to go there anymore! Anyone could catch us”, you answered with a judging look smothered look on your face. Jeongguk answered back with a smirk and pulled out his bag.

“You know, I’m not as stupid as you might think. In order to be a prankster like me, you need to have a little something in here”, he said while gently knocking his head. He then pulled out a cloak and you let out a silent laugh.

“Invisibility cloak? Seriously? God, you sure know how to keep me entertained.” If it was Eunjin asking you, you would’ve strictly declined. But you seemed to give in to Jeongguk’s silly suggestions more easily than to others. Eunjin saw that as a clear sign of love - you usually just laughed it off. Love is a strong word, ain’t it?

Jeongguk chuckled at your answer and took your hand in his, letting electricity spark all over your body in the process.

“Follow me, m'lady.”

The night air was warm during this part of the year. It wasn’t too hot that you would sweat, and it wasn’t too cold that you would freeze. It was warm enough for you to enjoy the night without a trace of uncomfortability. That’s only one of the reasons why you loved spring. You also loved spring because new lives begun. All the death and coldness from winter was stepping aside for the new and beautiful lives. Trees grew their leaves, flowers bloomed. It felt like a new beginning. You loved the bright colours of new-bloomed flowers and the sweet scent of them.

Jeongguk stole a look from you and then returned his sight back to your interwined hands. He felt happy. He was holding your hand and having you close, one of his endless daydreams was real! He smiled to himself and looked around him. Sure, you were under an invisibility cloak and no one could ever know about this, but it was something. The thought of this happening again in broad daylight, with more affection showing filled his mind and Jeongguk had to focus hard to wipe off a stupid grin away from his face. It wouldn’t happen, he thought. It would never happen, and he knew it.

When the two of you climbed up the hill and reached the big oak, Jeongguk looked around to make sure it was secure to take the invisibility cloak off. When the route was clear, he took it off you in a gentle way, laying it under you. He then fell on top of the cloak and you followed his actions, placing yourself rather close to his broad chest. It felt good to be this close to Jeongguk, admiring the stars and breathing in his scent. It smelled like peppermint, newly cut grass with a hint of something sweet that you couldn’t get a hold of. Maybe it was his cologne, you didn’t know. The scent was amazing nevertheless.

While watching the stars, Jeongguk hand somehow slipped in yours. You turned your gaze to him, only to find him already staring. He felt rosy blush colour his cheeks and he gave you a goofy smile. You answered back with a smile - you didn’t mind holding his hand. It felt good, it felt natural. Jeongguk was the first to return his sight back to the shining stars, and you followed. A comfortable silence was set on you. You were the first one to break the silence, after a while. You turned to you side and investigated his face.



“I just wanted to thank you for bringing me here. It’s really pretty here, under all the stars. It makes me feel a little less stressed about Snape”, you said with a faint smile painted on your face. Jeongguk couldn’t turn to face you, but you saw that he had a smile smothered on his face. Jeongguk himself was a nervous wreck. He knew that if he turned to look at you, he could not keep it inside him. He’d press his lips against your soft ones and even if it felt tempting, the back of his mind kept telling him to not to. He would just ruin things, and he’s wasn’t ready to lose you, if by chance you weren’t ready for anyone.

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad you like it, you work so hard. I figured that even a smartie like you could use a break sometimes. Even if this is against the rules”, he said with a grinny look. You giggled back in answer and Jeongguk swore he felt his heart twist in his chest. He finally gathered the courage to turn to look at your laughing face, and a smile was immediately brought to his face. My god, did you look beautiful. Your eyes’ glistening accompanied by the moonlight and your bright smile. That was a killer pairing for Jeongguk, he simply just couldn’t stop his feelings.

“What is it Jeongguk? Cat’s got your tongue?” You blurted out with giggled and Jungkook laughed with you.

“Ain’t nothing. I’m just… I don’t know. It feels great to be here, with you. If I was here with Taehyung-hyung, he probably would’ve already let the whole castle know we’re here and I would get in trouble”, Jeongguk answered laughing, which you joined. Taehyung could be a bit of a troublemaker, everyone knew it. But he was a great friend and a great Quidditch player, you had to give him that.

“Well, be happy that you’re here with me. You know me, even if someone found out we were here, I could talk us both out of it. But that won’t happen, right?”

“No, Y/N. It won’t. We’re safe.”

Jeongguk and you talked about all kinds of stuff during that night. School, Quidditch, and funny stories of Hogwarts and the people living inside there. Your tummy hurt from all the laughing you had done with Jeongguk, along with your cheeks. You had somehow managed to roll really close to Jeongguk and he didn’t seem to mind so you stayed there.

“Jeon Jeongguk… How about we play 20 questions? As we both ask each other 20 questions about anything we want. We have to answer them all? I feel like we could know each other a little more. I only know Eunjin’s secrets, you know”, you suggested with a grin on your lips. Jeongguk raised his left eyebrow and chuckled. He felt a small knot of nervousness becoming tighter on the bottom of his stomach. What if you ask something too personal and he’ll just have to confess? What if he crosses the line with you and you get mad? What if he says something wrong and then you’ll get offended by his silly words. There were so many things on Jeongguk’s mind but he only let you see him grinning at you.

“Everyone knows Eunjin’s secrets.”

“Shut up, not anyone can take alcohol as well as others. She’s a sweet girl.”

“Just saying. But alright. Let’s play the game then. Ladies first, right?”

The game started off pretty smoothly. You asked him a question about Quidditch and he asked you about studying. It wasn’t anything too nervewrecking, but you both knew it would be inevitable to avoid the questions about romantic or sexual stuff. Neither of you just wanted to be the first one to ask.

Finally, after what felt like a million years - in reality it was 5 questions from each - Jeongguk finally sighed and looked deep in your eyes. Your felt your breath hitch in your throat, it felt like oxygen was running out. His eyes were magical, you could stare into them forever and never get bored of them. He had you under his spell, and you were unable to decline.

“Okay, Y/N. Here comes one. Have you ever dated anyone?” He said with a slightly higher tone than usual. You saw him blush slightly, and you blushed as well. You smiled faintly and shook your head in denial.

“No. Someone might say that I don’t want to date anyone because I’m too focused on studying. But the truth is, I can’t seem to find interest in the people I meet. Sure, there are cute boys and girls in this school, but none of them feel special. Nobody but Eunjin knows this, but I’m a hopeless romantic. I want that special someone, someone who makes me break into smile even if the days seem dark. Someone to bright up my day, even if they just say hi to me. Someone to… Wow. I must’ve gone really far with explaining”, you wandered off with a nervous laugh. You looked at Jeongguk’s face and you felt yourself kind of… Strange? He looked like he wasn’t happy with your answer. Had you said something wrong? You felt your smile wear off and you bit your lower lip.

“What about you then, Guk? I know you’ve dated some people, but has someone ever been… Special to you?” You asked with a faint voice. Jeongguk smiled at you and brushed his hands through his hair.

“To be honest with you? No. Don’t get me wrong, I never get into a relationship if I don’t think it would last for more than 6 months, but somehow all the girls I’ve been with haven’t felt right. They’re nice girls, pretty girls. But they don’t have that special spark that you described. I’m looking for a similar spark too. But right now, I don’t think I could handle any kind of an relationship. I… Maybe no one here has that special spark. I guess I’ll just keep looking now”, Jeongguk answered, not facing you. You felt a stab in your heart. Dreams of Jeongguk ever liking you back crumbled like pastries in your hands. He didn’t like you, that was for certain now. He didn’t like anybody, you were simply just a friend to him. You’d knew this all along, but why did it hurt you? You just nodded in response. You closed your eyes and let yourself rest against Jeongguk. His scent, which was so magnificently charming and wonderful in the beginning, suddenly felt like too much.



“I think we should head back. I’m tired, and I have Charms tomorrow morning.”

“O-okay. Alright. I’ll take you back.” He said and got up really quickly. You looked at him and you felt like there was something you needed to say. Something that you wanted to, needed him to know. The words were left in your throat though, and they never came out. You got up yourself and wiped the dirt off your clothing. Jeongguk lifted the invisibility cloak off the ground and put it on top of both of you. You started slowly making your way to the castle, both too frightened to look at each other.

“Jeongguk?” You asked when you reached the Gryffindor Tower.


“I really enjoyed tonight with you.”

“Me too.”

“Another time maybe?”

“Yeah, maybe.” With that, you both went in to your dorms and lay on your beds. Slowly, you drifted off to sleep, the only thoughts in your minds being each other.

The next few days before the match made you twitch in anticipation. Eunjin kept blabbering about the match, but somehow all your thoughts wandered off to Jeongguk and how he thought about girls. You tried telling yourself that he was talking about all the girls, but it wouldn’t help. It felt like your heart had been picked on with small needles and that it was bleeding every time your stress-filled life continued. You tried to remember that you and Jeongguk weren’t an item - you’d never had anything romantic with each other, but the words still stuck to your brain, as if they were tattooed there. You tried to focus on your studies and somehow it helped you to keep your mind off of Jeongguk and Eunjin’s pointless blabbering about how great his boyfriend Hoseok looks in that red and gold Quidditch outfit. At least someone has a good time with their significant other.

“Y/N? Are you listening to me at all?” was what woke you up from your studying. You looked around you and saw Eunjin’s annoyed face.

“Yes, sorry. You were saying?”

“For God’s sake, this is like the 3rd time that I have to wake you up from your endless daydreams. What’s up with you? Who’s the guy or girl that got you so whipped?” Eunjin asked while tapping her long, painted nails on the wooden surface of the studying table. You let out a frustrated sigh.

“It’s nothing really, all is well.”

“That’s bollocks and you know it yourself. C'mon. I’m your best friend. You can tell me”, Eunjin whined and looked at you in the eyes. God damn those puppy dog eyes. You sighed again and the words started coming out about the night you shared with Jeongguk under the stars. From the tiny details to the things you told each other that have been bothering you ever since. Eunjin listened and it seemed like she actually cared, which made you a little less nervous. After you finished your story, Eunjin took your hand in hers.

“Well well, my friend. It seems like the top student in school, master of all charms and spells has fallen in love. Finally. Took you long enough”, Eunjin said with a smile. You tried to smile back, but it felt twisted and wrong. You couldn’t be in love, you wanted to deny, but you felt defeated and too tired to start saying something against her.

“Now, now. Don’t look so sad. I understand that it may be hard to get over, but why do you think that your feelings are one-sided?” Eunjin asked and you knew she had just said something she definetely should’ve not.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just stating a casual fact. You know Jeongguk, he says dumb shit at times. Maybe he does have a special someone he likes. But you sure as hell did not hear that from me”, Eunjin says.

“I think I have to use Obliviate on you”, you heard Eunjin mutter to herself as she let go of your hand.

“Promise me, Y/N, that even if you fall in love and admit it to yourself, promise me you won’t forget me? You falling in love is a new thing and I don-”

“I’m not falling in love, Eunjin.”

“I don’t want you to leave me. You’re my best friend, after all. I’d choose you as my best friend today, tomorrow, and in a million years. And that won’t change. Same went for me when I fell for Hoseok. You and I until the world crashes, and even after that?”

“Yes. You and I ‘till the world crashes.”

“Okay. Now, let’s get our smartie Y/N something to eat, I think I have some extra sweets from Honeydukes…”

“Good playing today, team. If you play like this in tomorrow’s match, we’ll snatch that golden trophy from the stupid Slytherins. You’re dismissed. Jeongguk, can you wait for a little while, I have something to tell you in private”, Park Jimin, the captain of the team told his teammates, and while others left off to wash themselves, Jeongguk and Jimin stayed on the field.

“Hyung, what is it?”

“Listen, Guk. You’re a great Chaser and all. You do your work well, you might just be the best Chaser I’ve faced during these years. But there’s something off. What is it with you? You play well enough, we’ll win the match but this isn’t your best. You can tell me, I’m your friend”, Jimin said while placing his hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder. Jimin was slightly shorter than Jeongguk (the younger would never stop teasing him about it) so Jeongguk looked down on his friend. Jeongguk shrugged his shoulder.

“Ain’t nothing off. Finals are just stressing me out”, Jeongguk answered, not looking Jimin in the eyes. He couldn’t just lie and look his friend in the eye. He wasn’t that person.

“You know Jeongguk, you’ve always been a bad liar”, Jimin said with a laugh, but anyone could hear that there was no humour added to it.

“C'mon. Tell me. I promise that everything that you tell me here, stays here on the field”, Jimin said while spreading out his arms to make his point even more clear. Jeongguk just sighed in defeat and investigated Jimin’s looks. He was a good guy, Jeongguk knew Jimin keep his secret ‘till the end of time. Jeon tried to find his way out, but realised that Jimin wouldn’t let him go until he spilled out all the problems bothering him. So, the younger sat down on the grass with Jimin and poured his heart out. From the beginning, the first time he saw you and fell for you, to the words he slipped out of his mouth few nights back. The words felt so toxic then and they felt so toxic now. Jimin listened silently, adding a few oh’s and mmhmm’s inbetween. It felt good to let his feelings out, it felt like some sort of a weight was lifted of his heavy heart. After he had finished off his story, Jimin ruffled the younger one’s head and smiled goofily.

“Our silly boy… Completely smitten. Y/N’s a good girl, you chose the target of your love very well”, Jimin smirked and Jeongguk hit his arm playfully, laughing silently. They laughed with each other for a little while, until the laugh drifted off to the quiet night.

“No, but seriously, Jeongguk. I know I may be bad at love, but if you meant every single word you said -”

“I did, hyung, I did.”

“Well then. Who should stop you from telling her? I mean, even if she said that she doesn’t find anyone interesting, how do you know? Maybe she was just shy to admit that she likes you”, Jimin said, saying the latter part quietly. Jeongguk raised his left eyebrow - a habit he didn’t seem to get rid of - and gave Jimin a smirk.

“How come?”

“I didn’t say anything. She might like you, she might not. You’ll never know unless you confess your feelings to her. Now, enough with this sappy thing. You smell awfully like sweat and love, go get a shower. You’ll never charm a girl if you smell like that.”

“Isn’t that the smell of sex?”

“No. You smell like a pathetic Quidditch player who’s foolishly in love.”

“You’re the only pathetic one here”, Jeongguk said while cockily hitting Jimin up with a smirk and getting up the grass, making his way towards the showers.

“Yah, Jeon Jeongguk!”

The morning of the match was nervewrecking for every student in Hogwarts. Slytherins were only in it for themselves, but everyone else wanted Gryffindor win. Slytherin had won for the last 2 years in a row, and nobody wanted them to win again. For Jeongguk, this meant the world. He wanted to win, he wanted to show everyone that he can do it. Well, not everyone. Mainly you. He knew that you understood how good he was, but he still wanted to show off. Especially since this was the first time that you would come to any Quidditch match ever. It was tearing his nerves apart.

“Come on, Jeongguk. You need to eat something. Otherwise our amazing Chaser won’t get all the goals”, Hoseok said while putting a piece of toast on Jeongguk’s plate. The Great Hall was filled with anticipation and excitement - it was usual. But this time, it felt way bigger than usual. Everyone was counting on Gryffindor for this one. That didn’t make Jeongguk lose his appetite though. It was the fact that you were there to watch his performance on the field.

“I’m not hungry, hyung”, Jeongguk said and shot a glare at the toast. The toast didn’t do anything wrong, but it seemed like everything was at fault for his nervousness.

“Shut up and eat your toast, punk. Your hyung wanted you to eat it, so you will”, Yoongi said while shooting Jeongguk a death glare. The younger one knew he could beat up Yoongi any time of the day, but something in his tune said that the older one wasn’t kidding, so in the fear or Yoongi, Jeongguk took the toast in his hands and took a bite. It tasted surprisingly good. Or at least better than before.

“You know, Jeongguk. We’re all looking forward to your playing today. You did amazing last time”, Namjoon said while drinking a sip of his orange juice. He spilled a bit of it on his white shirt, and with a sigh and a whisk with his wand, the stain was long gone. Namjoon might’ve been clumsy, but he sure was intelligent and knew any spell from any book. He was almost as good as you. Almost.

“Thanks, hyung. I hope I’ll be able to play”, Jeongguk said with a quiet voice. He heard some random year 4 girls wish him good luck with the game, and he just answered back with a smile. He appreciated the good luck wishes. He really did. But if they weren’t from you, they didn’t have that speciality in them.

After Jimin got up and yelled at the team to go change and get ready, Jeongguk hesitantly got up from his seat. He felt like his legs wouldn’t support him anymore. He walked to the door, when he heard his name being yelled by a very familiar and very much needed voice.

“Jeongguk! Jeongguk, wait!” You yelled and ran down the stairs, your hair prettily framing your face. Jeongguk turned 180 degrees and faced you with a sunny smile on his face. You had remembered him and his important day! You returned his smile with an equally wide and genuine as his.

“Good luck. I believe in you, I really do. You’ve been working so hard for this. You better snatch that trophy and bring it to the tower tonight!” You said with happiness filling his ears. Jeongguk smiled so wide, he feared he might just permanently damage his face muscles.

“Thanks, Y/N. I promise, the trophy will be ours”, Jeongguk answered and he swore that when you let out a giggle he thought his heart might just stop right on that moment.

“Come on now lover boy! We need to get changed, Jimin is gonna do his special speech in a few minutes and we can’t miss it!” Hoseok yelled from the entrance of the castle and you both felt the blush colour your cheeks bright red. You showed Jeongguk one last smile before running off to the Great hall, while Jeongguk ran to his teammates.

“Okay, listen up kids. We have trained so hard for this match, and we sure as hell are going to win. We have me, an alright Keeper”, Jimin said and everyone started yelling something along the lines of ‘What do you mean alright, you’re the best one we could ever ask for.’ Jimin laughed and shot a glare at his teammates.

“We have two _amazing_ Beaters. Three _magnificent_ Chasers”, Jimin continued, giving Jeongguk a glare that gave off the feeling that Jimin really trusted him. He appreciated that.

“And we have a wonderful Seeker, who will win us the golden prize. Alright? Nothing can stop us. Absolutely nothing. Today is Gryffindor’s day, okay? Now, let’s go and win that fucking match. Goddamnit”, Jimin muttered the last part under his breath, standing up, throwing the broom over his shoulder.

“Very emotional, Jiminie.”

“Shut up Hoseok-hyung, you wouldn’t know a thing about emotional speeches.”

You made your way towards the field along with Eunjin. Why did you feel nervous? You weren’t even playing! When you found your way to the audience, you were seated next to some Gryffindor boy. He was a year above you. You couldn’t remember his name. Not that it mattered to you - you’ve never speaken to him anyway. Eunjin sparked a conversation between her and you and you were lost in it until you heard the host of the match introduce every player. The Slytherins booed everytime a Gryffindor’s name, but their display of dislike was lost under the cheers of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Then Slytherins were introduced and the booing got so loud you had to cover your ears from all the noise. You didn’t join though. You weren’t that petty. The captains then shook hands - it looked like the Slytherin captain was trying to smash Jimin’s tiny fingers - and soon enough, everyone was on their broom and the match had started. You smiled while trying to look for Jeongguk. You easily spotted him - you could recognise that muscular, broad body anywhere, anytime. Jeongguk moved swiftly with his broom and soon, he threw the Quaff in the goal hoop and the cheering was so loud you feared you might pop your eardrum. You cheered along anyway, you felt proud of Jeongguk. The wide smile on his face told that he was proud of himself too. You felt a hand on your thigh and you turned around, only to see the Gryffindor guy sitting next to you holding it. You gave a faint, fake smile, pushing the hand away. You weren’t taken, but you didn’t want him to touch you. The game continued and you almost forgot about the uncomfortable feeling that the unwanted touch left, until you felt the familiar hand, this time on your bum. You turned around and looked at the guy, anger flaming in your eyes.

“Get off me.”

“C'mon now birdie… You seem so lonely. You’re a smart girl, you know what I’m asking for. One time, really quick and I’ll leave you alone…”

“No. I repeat, get off me”, you said, trying to move away from his awful touch, but he held tight. It hurt a bit, and you felt tears coming from your eyes. Not because of the pain, but because of the feeling not safe and humiliated. Eunjin was too into the game, and so was everyone else. Nobody would understand if you screamed, they’d just think it’s a part of the game. You felt defeated.

Jeongguk was eyeing the audience, trying to find you. He found Eunjin’s familiar face and soon enough he found yours. But why were you crying. He moved his eyes a bit and saw the guy groping you. He felt the flame of anger flash and burn his insides. How did he dare to touch something so ethereally gorgeous as you, without your consent? He squeezed his broom harder. Oh, if only glares could kill… He noticed the guy looking back at him. The guy had an mean smirk painting his already average looks. He looked evil. That’s it. Jeongguk is flying up there and dragging you away from this monster, he thought to himself. He was already moving towards the audience, when heard Hoseok yell something at him. He didn’t have enough time to get himself together, when he felt something hit his head hard. So hard, it had him seeing stars. Then everything went pitch black.

“A concussion? Only that? Oh, that’s good. I feared for his life.”

All the sounds were hazy and Jeongguk didn’t really understand anything. He thought he heard some cheering, but maybe it was a dream? He wouldn’t know.

“What do you mean we can’t have a party? We won! Jeongguk might’ve passed out but he made like 4 goals!”

“He needs rest. Now off you go, before I make you drink Skele-Gro.”

It smelled like flowers. A familiar scent of lavender was filling up the room, and it made him happy. It reminded him of you - the ones he only seems dreams about. Jeongguk tried to open his eyes, but they felt too heavy, so he didn’t bother. He just lay back and enjoyed the sweet scent. He could inhale it in forever and never would it stop making him feel at ease.

“It’s been 3 hours, why isn’t he waking up?” Jeongguk heard a soft female voice, filled with concern. It sounded so familiar, he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it… Nevertheless, it sounded so smooth and wonderful that he didn’t care if he didn’t know who the speaker was.

“Yeah… I guess he’s really sleepy. He was hit really hard, after all”, another familiar voice was heard, this time male. Was it Jimin? Maybe. Maybe not. His eyes felt less heavier now. He sure wanted to know the owner of the sweet, sweet voice which lured him closer…

“Gosh, how could he be so distracted?” The male voice asked and even if Jeongguk was sleeping, he knew that the speaker’s face was filled with multiple emotions. Some of them might’ve not been so positive.

“Anyway. How’s it going with your new boyfriend? Hwiyoung, was it? I heard he got lucky a few hours ago… Naughty”, the male voice continued, and your face turned bright red. Jeongguk felt disappointed. The sweet voice wasn’t free. Somebody else had her. It made Jeongguk’s heart twist into a spiral. He knew the owner of the voice meant something to him, even if he couldn’t remember it.

“Jimin! He’s not my boyfriend. Absolutely not! Who told you that?” You asked. Oh, so it was Jimin, Jeongguk thought. Of course.

“He told me that. And everyone else in the process. But how come you aren’t her girlfriend? Because if you’re not, he has spread some… Questionable rumours about the relationship between you two to the Quidditch team.”

“No, he just groped me and tried to tell me all kinds of things he’d do to me. He has tried to hit on me before, but I’ve always ignored him. He isn’t that amazing, honestly”, you answered, embarassment filling the room.

“Well, shit. I’m gonna tell them to not believe him, okay? No damage has been done yet, my teammates wouldn’t spread things they’re not 100% sure about. Okay? I won’t let the guy destroy you. Especially if he grabbed you without your consent. Because that’s some disgusting bullshit, I’m telling you”, Jimin said with irritation filling his voice. Jeongguk furrowed his brows. How could anyone hurt a girl like that? Especially someone like you, with such a graceful voice. Jeongguk tried to say his opinion, but only a muffled hum would come out.

“Jimin? Did you hear that? He’s gonna wake up! He hummed, I swear he did!” You said with an excitement in your voice that could make anyone break into a wide genuine smile.

Jeongguk fluttered his eyelashes and soon enough, his eyes were opened. The room was white and bright, and Jungkook wanted to close his eyes again immediately. The pounding on his head was too much.

“Well good day to you too, wonder boy. Way to go man, you got knocked out by a damn Bludger”, Jimin said while chuckling. Jeongguk gave him a sheepish smile and turned his gaze to his left, and there you were. With your ever so beautiful smile and face.

“Hey Jeongguk… We won. We won over Slytherin. The party’s still going on, it’s probably gonna end around 2am when the Head of the House is gonna come and yell at us. Madame Pomfrey said you can leave an hour after you wake up, okay?” You said and Jeongguk just nodded. Your voice sounded even more beautiful when he saw you using it.

“Y/N and I are going to the tower, head there when you’re released. We want to congratulate you on our win, you made it possible. Even if you passed out, silly kid”, Jimin said and got up from his seat, and you repeated his actions.

“T-thank you, Y/N. For being here”, Jungkook managed to say with a quiet, crooked voice.

“Yah! I was here too, you little brat”, Jimin said with an annoyed tone.

“Yeah yeah.” Jeongguk whispered, still looking straight into your eyes. You smiled at him and he thought that the whole Hogwarts, maybe even the whole word could hear his heartbeat. If only they could hear his heart beating, just for you.

“Don’t mention it”, you said, imitating Jeongguk’s voice, and with that, you were gone from the room, along with Jimin complaining how much a punk Jeongguk was. But the guilty one didn’t bother to think about Jimin. All he could think about was your smile and the fact that you actually cared enough to watch him wake up. That’s the only thing that mattered to him right now.

Madame Pomfrey was hesitant on letting Jeongguk go to the party. Every single person in school knew that parties could go wild, but after Jeongguk kept whining and whining, Madame had no other choice but to let Jeongguk leave. As he made his way through the maze that was also known as Hogwarts, he felt someone push him against the wall. He looked at the man, and recognised him as the man who had groped you. The flame that was lit at the match was lit again.


“Me, who else? Now, I know we won and all that. But you putting on a show just because I touched my girl and therefore got me in trouble with it kind of ruined the mood.”

“What do you mean your girl? She’s single, Hwiyoung. So she’s no one’s”, Jeongguk said, anger dripping from his voice. If the guy held him any longer, Jeongguk knew he would snap. He can’t understand people who abuse girls, especially if the girl was someone like you.

“My girl. We started dating a few nights ago. Didn’t you know? Everyone else sure does”, he said, and he sonded like he was serious. Dead serious. Jeongguk face dropped, only slightly. It couldn’t be true, he swore he had heard you denying it. But maybe it was true? He had been dazing off with pain killers when he heard your sweet voice tingle his ears. He could’ve dreamed.

“Oh, so you didn’t know? Would you look at that. Your crush is with me. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Well, now you know. Maybe now you’ll leave her the fuck alone”, Hwiyoung hissed and pushed Jeongguk against the wall, leaving the scene. And Jeongguk’s inhaling system didn’t work suddenly. He knew you were free - of course he knew. Hwiyoung was good looking, and he sure as hell was not dumb enough to let you walk past, at least not without trying. The same could not be said for Jeongguk though. He was too much of a wimp to actually get around to confess, to let out all the feelings his poor heart held, and now it payed back. And boy, did it hurt.


When Jeongguk finally reached the Gryffindor tower, he could already hear all the cheering. People were having fun, and maybe Jeongguk could blend in, pretend to be happy that Gryffindor had won. Gryffindor’s win didn’t feel important to him anymore though. His heart hurt, and so did his head. But he had to bring on a happy face. For his team, for his house. It was mandatory - of course he had to be happy. Otherwise people would start to question his mood, and he wasn’t ready. Not yet. With that, he said the password and the painting swiftly moved to make room for Jeongguk.

“Love worries, wonder boy?” He heard the painting ask. He chuckled.

“Maybe a bit.”

“Girls will come and go. If she is the one, then the both of you will find each other eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday.”

The second Jeongguk stepped into the party, he felt someone wrap their arm around his shoulder. Jeongguk greeted them with a smile.

“Hey, Hoseok-hyung.”

“Well hello. You’ve missed some ofthe party. But I guess it’s never too late. Quite a trick you pulled there”, Hoseok said while laughing. It was contagious, it made Jeongguk smile too, even if every single breath he took hurt him.

“Eunjin and Y/N are somewhere. You wanna go see her, right? I swear, she was so scared for you, punk.”

“I don’t really want to see her right now”, Jeongguk said, and he knew he sounded cold. But he couldn’t say it with emotion. The emotions were too much, if he let them out, there would be no turning back. Hoseok, however was a person who could spot emotions very easily.

“Hey. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“No. I just don’t feel like seeing her, I have to check up on my team mates, and congratulate Taehyung for catching the Snitch. Now, if you excuse me”, Jeongguk bluntly said and got off Hoseok, walking towards the center of the room, where his team was. He was greeted with smiles and pats on his back, and he smiled at them like everything was normal. To them, everything was. But to Jeongguk, his whole world had gone topsy-turvy, his heart along with it.

As the party went on, you continued to look for Jeongguk. It felt like he was avoiding you somehow. You’d see him talking to someone, but everytime you tried to approach him, he’d be gone like a feather in an autumn wind. But why was that? You had made sure Jimin would tell Hwiyoung to piss off and stop spreading lies about you, and you knew Park Jimin would never let you down. Eunjin kept you company though, but at some point during the evening, Hoseok managed to steal her away from you, and you were left alone. You felt lonely even if there were many people surrounding you with their joy and cheerfulness. You needed Jeongguk - but he was nowhere to be found. Damn that boy.

It was getting closer to midnight, but the party was still going on. Jeongguk knew he had to get out somehow, but how could he? The team would never let him go to bed at this hour, even if he complained about a headache. There was no chance. While he was leaning against the wall that was right next to the fireplace, he breathed in a very familiar scent. The scent of you. A mixture of lavender and vanilla.

“Jeon Jeongguk. We need to talk”, you said with a hard voice. Jeongguk just hummed in response, seeming so distant. He wanted to look you in the eyes, but he knew it would be too much if he did.

“I’m serious. You’ve been avoiding me all night. We need to talk right now, and there’s way you’ll wiggle your way out of this.”

“Why don’t you go talk to your boyfriend?”

“What boyfriend?”

“Hwiyoung. He sure was eager to let me know how amazing it sure is to date you”, Jeongguk said with a tune that made you inhale very deeply. You wanted to scream at something - anything to let your feelings out. Yet you heard the hurt in his voice, and it made your heart shatter into a million pieces.

“I thought Jimin told you…”

“Told me what, Y/N? That you had started dating and didn’t even bother to let me know? God, you truly are something”, Jeongguk raised his voice at you and you felt a lump in your throat growing.

“Jeongguk, please come to the boys’ dorm with me. Or somewhere else quiet. Me and Hwiyoung are not dating. He has tried hitting on me throughout this year. But I never paid attention to it”, you tried to whimper, and during the last words, your voice broke a little. You faced the ground and tried to silence your sniffs and try your tears. Not that it was effective in any way. And even though Jeongguk was mad at you, hearing the pain in your voice was enough to make him soften up. He didn’t want to hurt you. He took you under his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey. I’ll go somewhere with you, alright? We can talk. Please, just don’t cry”, Jeongguk said with an assuring voice and started dragging you to the boys’ dorm. He knew boys couldn’t get into the girls’ dorms. He also knew that people would look at him weirdly, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to make those salty tears stop streaming down your face.

“Here’s my bed. Our room is kind of messy, we don’t usually have visitors”, Jeongguk said and let out a nervous, empty laugh. You thanked him quietly and sat down on his bed, wiping away the leftover tears. Jeongguk sat right next to you, and even if it was slightly awkward, it felt natural to you. It felt good to be next to Jeongguk.

“So, what I wanted to say is…”

“I need to let this out..”

“You’ll go first.”

“No, you’ll go first.” You chuckled and looked yourselves in the eyes. Oh the chocolate brown eyes that you so deeply admired. They looked nervous, but somehow some of the nervousness disappeared when he could look into your beautiful orbs. It calmed him down slightly. Jeongguk took a deep breath and decided to tell you what happened with Hwiyoung. You didn’t answer verbally, just nodded. After he had explained the incident, he started explaining as in why did he avoid you.

“See, it would be so weird, right? Because I genuily believed you two were actually together, but you weren’t. He was just so convincing, you know? It all felt too real. And it broke my heart, because…” Jeongguk couldn’t finish his sentence, the words got stuck in his throat.

“Because what, Jeongguk?” Jeongguk let out a deep sigh. Here goes nothing right? Things were already messed up, he might as well just do it.

“Because I love you. I love you, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart, I do. So foolishly, I have fallen for you that even the thought of someone else ever having you as theirs makes me bitter and sad. And I’ve been too much of a wimp to actually let you know, I’ve always kept my feelings hidden because I’d never think you’d like me back. You probably don’t. I’ve been stacking up my emotions for so long, do you know how it feels? Being forced to only settle down with the fact that we’re friends? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every single moment I’ve had with you, but… Fuck, how do I say this right? I couldn’t tell you, I was afraid I’d ruin whatever us two had, and I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t risk you”, Jeongguk finished and ruffled his hair in frustration. It felt right to say those three words. It felt good.

“Jeongguk. That’s wrong”, you answered after a while of silence.

“What’s wrong? Me confessing? You know what, we’ll just forget about this, okay? Let’s pretend this never happened, I can blame it on alcohol and we’ll stay friends, right?”

“No, that’s not what’s wrong. The fact that you thought I didn’t love you back is wrong. Because I do”, you said and looked Jeongguk in the eyes. He swore his heart stopped. Everything stopped, the time, the people in the party. The only thing that was happening was you and him, right there.


“You heard me. I love you too. I’ve been hiding it and I thought it was so obvious, I felt like everyone knew. But then you said something about not liking anyone and I felt so bad and I just shut myself off, you know? God, do you know how good it feels to let this all out? I love you, I truly do Jeong-” You were cut off by Jeongguk’s lips meeting yours. And you felt like there were fireworks lighting up the sky like it was the 4th of July. You gently moved your lips against his, and it all felt so natural. As if it had happened so many times before. Jeongguk gently stroked your hair and pulled you closer. He was also the first one to pull out, facing your gaze with his own.

“Y/N, I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything. Just kiss me. We’ll talk later”, you said and then his lips were crashing against yours. It felt indescribably good and you swore you saw stars. The kiss deepened after a few seconds and you felt Jeongguk long finger creep up on your thigh and skirt. You felt yourself stiffen up. My god, did you want his touch. You wanted it more than anything. But you knew better. You placed your hand against his and after a few seconds, the sweet, awaited kiss softened to small pecks.

“Not tonight?”

“Not tonight, Jeongguk. Possibly another time. Not when there’s a chance that Jimin might just pop in”, you pointed out and the both of you laughed. He nodded - he would never disrespect your boundaries. You pressed yourself against Jeongguk chest and for a while the both of you just breathed and listened to each other’s hearbeats.



“Are we official now?” You asked with a quiet voice, a smile already forming on your lips. You felt Jungkook smile too.

“Yeah. If you want to be. God, I sounded really cocky and sarcastic. Of course I want to be official with you, you’re the prettiest girl ever walking on this pla-” you shut him up with a kiss and he didn’t mind at all.

The finals came around and somehow all of your friends passed with good grades. You and Namjoon of course got the best ones, but that wasn’t a surprise. When the gang found out about you and Jeongguk, everyone was groaning. It took you this long, they asked. Eunjin kept telling she was going to consult a therapist if Jeongguk and you would’ve not gotten on with it. It made everyone laugh, but you and Jeongguk both knew that it was supposed to be this way.

You and him, walking hand in hand in broad daylight on the school yard. It was meant to be - and neither of you wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of my favorite things about Luffy how he just… wants the people in his life to be happy? Even at the cost of his own life or safety?? It’s one of his very first actions in the series???

This kid he just befriended wants to join the Marines and inevitably become his enemy? Well why not just personally waltz over to the nearest Marine base to drop him off, at risk of being arrested and executed!!

He wants his friends to be happy and live their dreams. He supports them openly and and enthusiastically, and he truly believes in them and wants them to know it.

Part of me wonders if this is because he was raised in part by Garp, a man who tried to literally beat his hopes and dreams out of him. Who rejected everything Luffy wanted to be. Every time they spoke, Garp would violently beat him into a pulp in hopes that he would wear down Luffy’s morale enough that he’d finally agree to just being a marine.
Even Shanks, his hero, his inspiration, everything he wanted to be in life, the man who taught him the importance of standing down, the man who taught him the importance of friendship and fighting for those friends. Even Shanks said he couldn’t possibly become a pirate, let alone Pirate King. (Of course he somewhat redacted it later, but… still.)

He grew up with the people in his life that were supposed to love him telling him that he should give up what makes him happy.

And then, at the very beginning of a voyage people told Luffy he could never, should never take part in, he meets Coby, this miserable kid. A kid who is beaten and treated like shit and told he’s worth nothing. And Coby wants to be a Marine, despite thinking he could never do it. Coby confides in Luffy about this dream and suddenly this kid that was a massive wad of anxiety, who was on the edge of tears constantly and stuttered when he spoke looked genuinely happy and hopeful.

So Luffy took him to the nearest base, and even after that made sure Coby joined even if it meant losing a friend. And then when they met again, Luffy was so proud of him.

Okay, so I sent these Eggsy/Harry/Roxy thoughts to @elletromil directly, but I decided I really needed to share it with everyone. 

Please picture -

Eggsy and Roxy doing something decidedly young - playing a game on the playstation, like Zelda or something - and Harry off to the side, in his arm chair, doing something decidedly old - doing the crossword in the newspaper with fountain pen.

And Roxy and Eggsy are having fun, but they kinda want Harry to join them - they miss him even if he’s just on the other side of the room. So they don’t say anything to each other, ‘cause they don’t really need to at this point, but together they set down their controllers and walk over to Harry.

One of them on each side, and they just run their hands on his arms and press against his sides until he huffs and sets down his pen and paper in his lap and looks up at the two of them. Roxy grabs both items in one hand, and Harry’s hand in the other, and Eggsy grabs Harry’s hand in both of his own, and they pull him up from the chair and drag him over to the couch and dog pile him.

And the rest of the afternoon is spent in this warm bubble of them helping Harry with his crossword, and the two of them teaching him how to play their game, and the three of them snogging lazily as the sun shines in through the window, everything now forgotten except each other.

Please also consider that Harry likes to collect pretty young things, with absolutely no shame. And Merlin being exasperated about the whole thing because how did he manage to get BOTH of their new knights, because Harry completely shows off with the both of them in and out of HQ.

They all go on a mission together and spend the whole time being peacocks, and Merlin being like 'you can never all go on a mission together again’

During said mission, there is hot threesome sex caught on the glasses, and not on accident - they are SHOWING OFF for the handlers. And Merlin having to remind them that ISN’T how they should be acting on missions, and the handlers trying to sneakily keep copies of the vid, and Merlin getting so irritated trying to purge the stupid vid from EVERYWHERE.

Really, I just want the three of them to be stupidly into each other, and not caring what anyone thinks about the three of them together.

Okay but Imagine the Byers family dressing up for Halloween and somehow convincing Hopper to join in on the fun and dress up as a bunny rabbit because rabbits “Hop” and your name is Hopper


“I thought it would be great if we could create our own nation, one that would have a positive message and that everyone would be free to join. 
We have so little time to solve these problems. I’m not naive, I know an album or a song can’t change the world. I just want people to realize the urgency. I want to grab their attention. Music is my way of doing that. It’s okay to have fun. I want to be certain that point is clear. I have fun. Dancing is fun. Dancing is healthy. It pleases me when the kids say my stuff is kickin’, but it pleases me even more when they listen to the lyrics. The lyrics mean so much to me” - Janet Jackson

Happy 27th Birthday, Rhythm Nation 1814! 09.19.1989.

three little birds [bucky barnes]

anonymous requested: Can you do 44 and 45 from the prompt list with Bucky? I love your blog and it’s totally okay if you can’t! 💖

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warnings: mentions of torture, some angst, pining, fluff

additional notes: so i don’t know about you guys, but shark tale was a huge part of my childhood, and i love that movie to death. gender-neutral reader. the prompts are taken from this list.

44. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

45. “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

you can listen to the end song here. it is titled “three little birds” by bob marley and is featured in shark tale.

Despite joining the Avengers five years ago, you were still a deep sleeper. You had yet to master the “get up and go” technique of jolting awake at the slightest sounds of danger. It often took several alarms and a friendly but authoritative shake from Steve to get you out of bed in the morning, especially for early training sessions. And once your day was over, you would retreat to your room and were lucky to even shower before you passed out.

That evening, after dinner, you hung out with Bucky in the media room for a brief movie marathon. Tonight’s pick had been animated films; you had chosen Robin Hood, and Bucky had chosen Shark Tale. “The fish look cool,” he’d said defensively when you laughed at his decision. You had spent most of your time half-draped across Bucky’s lap, his arm around your shoulder while you curled up against him, feeling the thrum of his heart beneath your cheek. His chest was a good pillow, you decided, as firm as it was with muscle. As the first movie began, you had remarked teasingly about how Robin Hood had been your childhood cartoon crush. Bucky had made comments once in a while, too: quips about how odd it was for you to find the anthropomorphic fox attractive and, when Shark Tale began, “Why does the fish sound like that Smith guy you like so much?” You had laughed and shushed him while you fought back uncontrollable giggles.

Afterward, the two of you had retreated to your rooms, with yours on the floor below Bucky’s. He’d ridden the elevator down with you and insisted on walking you to your door, ensuring you were safe and sound. You had hugged him goodnight, he had kissed your forehead fondly, and you had burst into a fit of giddy laughter as soon as you shut the door behind him. You had been friends with Bucky for three years, but lately both of you had been acting bolder than usual, making more suggestive comments and subtle gestures that implied there was something else between you two other than friendship. It wasn’t all physical either; in fact, the emotional connection between you two was infinite times stronger than the physical one. And you wanted that: you wanted to have more with Bucky, but neither of you would make the first move. Steve had elected to stay out of the predicament, but when you came to him with your feelings, he had insisted that you give each other time to warm up to each other even more, to take it slow and give Bucky time to feel absolutely comfortable around you. It was a sluggish process, but with the amount of time you were spending together, it was completely worth it.

One quick, lukewarm shower later and you were in bed, sleeping soundly. You’d been asleep for three hours when you felt a hand on your shoulder, shaking you gently. Someone was calling out your name. You opened your eyes at four in the morning to see Bucky bent over you.

“Hey,” you greeted him tiredly, slowly sitting up. You recognized the look on his face: the owlish, panicked look that made his eyes look more stormy gray than their usual piercing blue. “What’s up, Buck, what’s going on?”

There was a silent plea in his gaze. You scooted over, giving him room to sit beside you. He did, and immediately wrapped his arms around you, pulling you practically into his lap. He was breathing hard; you could feel his heart beating a mile a minute in his chest. His T-shirt was damp with sweat. It wasn’t like you hadn’t hugged Bucky before, but this embrace was different. It was desperate, charged with more emotion than any contact you’d ever had with him. “Bucky?” you murmured into his neck, tentatively hugging him back.

“I had a nightmare about you,” he replied, his voice breaking as he spoke. You felt him swallow before he added almost inaudibly, “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

You closed your eyes, letting his explanation soak in. You knew how terrible his nightmares were, filled with broken memories and torture from Hydra—but you had never been a part of them. You comforted him from time to time—when Steve wasn’t there—but never had Bucky told you about what he’d seen, what he’d felt, whom he’d lost in his dreams. You figured he hadn’t wanted to burden you with whatever twisted vision his mind generated. It hurt to know you could cause him so much panic, even if it was indirectly. You knew that, right after waking, Bucky had trouble telling dreams from reality, so you decided to reassure him. “I’m right here, Buck,” you said softly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here. I promise. I’m real.”

Bucky laughed, but it was harsh and came out more as a grunt. You heard him sniffle, and he loosened his grip on you enough for you to pull back and look at him. His eyes were wet. He sniffed loudly again and smiled bitterly. “I don’t know why I’m crying,” he admitted, his eyes staring unfocused at the wall behind your head before fixating on you. He brought one hand to your cheek, and it wasn’t until he wiped a tear away from your skin that you realized you were crying, too. “I don’t wanna lose you,” he breathed, his eyes beseeching yours. “I can’t lose you, doll. Never.”

Your mouth fell open at his confession. He hadn’t strictly said “the words,” but you felt the sentiment all the same. You saw it conveyed in his eyes, in the way he beheld you like you were the answer to all his problems, in the way he framed your cheek with his metal palm, in the way his hand rested protectively on your hip. “You’re not going to,” you promised, leaning forward until your foreheads were touching. He hung his head, closing his eyes, while you watched him take deep breaths, his lips slightly parted. “Not me. Not ever.”

The right side of his mouth hooked upward into a lopsided grin, the one that sent warmth blooming from your chest and outward, the one that never ceased to make you smile back—which you did, right before he lifted his chin to press his lips against yours.

The kiss was soft and slow, and so were your caresses, as you rubbed Bucky’s back in slow circles, hoping to relieve some of the tension in his muscles. Gradually, he grew lax against you, his hands falling to grasp your waist and tug you even closer to him. He hummed into your mouth as your tongue met his in languid strokes, and you clutched at the back of his shoulders for dear life. He tipped your head back to deepen the kiss for just a moment, drawing a surprised gasp out of you, before he ended it, slowly pulling away from you. You tried not to stare at his lips, but all you could think about was how nice they had felt against yours, and how desperately you wanted to feel them again.

“Can I stay here, doll?” he intoned, his fingers slipping beneath the hem of your sleepshirt and dancing across the small of your back. “Please?”

You nodded, smiling up at him earnestly. “Always, Buck, always.”

He grinned again and lowered you to the mattress on your back, moving to lie down facing you. His arms encircled your waist on instinct, while his legs tangled with yours. On impulse, your own arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers combing through his long brown tresses at a lackadaisical pace. It felt natural to lie with him nestled against you like this: his head resting near the scoop of your neck, his breaths coming in warm puffs against your skin, your hands in his hair, quietly existing in the close company of each other. You got comfortable against your pillow and started humming, improvising the rhythm as you went. After a few seconds of humming, you decided to sing.

“Don’t worry,” you crooned, “about a thing… ’Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Bucky chuckled, and you paused, glancing down at him. “Keep going, doll,” he mumbled, nuzzling his face further into your neck, his stubble tickling your skin. “You sound cute.”

You beamed, carding your fingers idly through his hair. “Rise up this mornin’,” you continued, “smiled with the risin’ sun… Three little birds pitch by my doorstep…” Bucky dropped his hand to your bare hip where your shirt had ridden up, thumb-rubbing your skin as sleep began to overtake him. You kissed his forehead, feeling him go limp against you with a deep, breathy sigh of contentment. “Singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true… Sayin’, ‘This is my message to you’…”