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Seeing @harryslittlekiwis post about if you acted like you were asleep while listening to Harry talk about how he felt about you got me inspired!! Here is kinda the same prompt but with Niall! ENJOY 💕

You remembered feeling Niall’s hand rubbing soothing circles on your back as you snuggled further into him before you drifted off to sleep. You also remembered hearing him humming softly in your ear in between little kisses to your head.

But when you found your eyes popping open what felt like hours later you were surprised to see Niall was still wide awake staring at what you assumed was the ceiling with his hand still making the circle pattern on your back. You just let out a sigh of content before your eyes closed again, not quite asleep yet but slowly getting there.

“How did I get so lucky?” You knew by the way his voice was barley even a whisper that he didn’t intend for you to hear him let alone answer. “Who would of thought dat a bloke like me would get an angel like you.” You knew he thought you were asleep by the way his voice never got above a whisper.

“Like ya just came wonderin into me life one day and now I can’t imagine what I’d be doin wit out ya.” His hand went from rubbing circles on your back to lightly stroking your hair. You just continued to keep your eyes closed as you listened to Niall’s voice tell you everything he wished he had the nerve to tell you while you were wide awake. “Ya just have no clue how much ya mean ta me darlin.” You had to fight the urge to smile knowing that he would be able to feel the movement since your cheek was pressed against his bare chest.

“One day ya probably gonna be my wife, that’s if you’ll have me as a husband.” His voice was filled with emotion and you knew by the way his heart was beating fast that he was slightly nervous. “I just want ta be the one that gets ta love ya forever and be da one ta give you a life ya deserve.” You really wished you could just kiss him but you knew by his tone that he wasn’t done thinking out loud.

You heard and felt him take a deep breath and let it out, “I can’t imagine anyone else I wanna do life with ta be honest. I see you having me kids, I’ve always imagined our girls havin your hair and my eyes and I will even let ya dress dem in frilly tings and bows all in their hair.” You had to squeeze your eyes a little to stop the few tears that were threatening to escape, you heard him laugh a little. “Can ya imagine a house full of little Horan’s runnin around? Imagine all da laughter and love in that house.” He let out a deep sigh as he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” you felt his lips on the top of your head and you could tell by his voice that he was going to fall asleep any moment. “I love ya so much dat it actually scares me a bit.” He was mumbling now and when you felt the motion of his hand in your hair getting slower you knew that his eyes were closed.

“Jus wanna make ya happy angel.” Was the last thing you heard him mumble before you finally knew he was asleep. His breathing was more even and his hand had stopped all movement in your hair and you could finally peek your eyes open and let yourself smile as you lifted your head a bit to get a better look at him.

“I love you too Niall,” you whispered as you gently leaned up and placed a light peck to his jaw making him stir just a bit but never open his eyes. You smiled as you rested your head back on his chest and closed your eyes for the last time that night. “You make me so happy.” You mumbled before you finally let sleep take over your body and you couldn’t have been more relaxed falling asleep in the arms of the man that loved you just as much as you loved him.

For your entertainment

Word count: 1853

Warning: smut

Based on ‘Adam Lambert - For your entertainment’

Kai was sitting across from you, your elbows firmly pressed on the beautiful and long mahogany table with a lustruous varnish, your reflection visible on the shiny cover that spread all over the table. Kai’s eyes were constantly focused on you, his beautiful blue eyes turning a bit darker, filled with lust, making you bite your lip. Sexual tension between you and Kai at that moment was more obvious than ever. You’ve always been attracted to Kai and you told him that multiple times. He said the same to you but neither you nor Kai did anything about it. Instead, everytime you were near one another, you were taking eachother’s clothes off with your eyes that were piercing into one another’s soul, telling how much you wanted eachother. There wasn’t anything romantic going on between you two, it was pure sexual tension and as it seemed, tonight would be the night you’d finally give in.

Kai lifted his glass up that was filled only halfway with red wine as he brought it up to his lips, taking a sip and then placed it back on the table, but your eyes caught  the sight of something else. He licked his lips with his tongue agonizingly slowly, as your breath hitched for a moment, the thought of his tongue doing that to your lips or body driving you crazy. You crossed your legs and squeezed them a bit, obviousness of how turned on you were making Kai smirk at you.

He trailed his fingers on the edge of the glass a few times, his movements making you take a deep breath and sigh. He smiled to himself and then slowly got up. He walked towards you, his hand trailing on the table varnish, his fingertips visible on top of the lustrous cover. He stopped behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders as he squeezed them slighty, his mouth suddenly found it’s way to your ear.

‘You only need to ask me and I’ll do it.’ He whispered, his hot breath on your ear turning you on even more.

'How do you know I want the same thing you want?’ You stuttered, your legs still crossed, trying to hide how Kai made you feel, but the rest of your body giving you up.

'I can see how you’re pressing your thighs together and your breathing is very shallow. You cheeks are flushed. I could make you feel so good, you just gotta say the words.’ He whispered and placed a gentle kiss on your neck, which sent you over the edge. You turned around and cupped his face with your hands, his mouth instantly finding it’s way inside your mouth.

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’m a hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya 'til you’re screaming my name

He pulled away and reached out his hand, your plate suddenly flying off the table and onto the floor, his hands finding their way to your ass as he picked you up and placed you down on the table, his body standing firmly on the ground and inbetween your legs.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

His hands found their way under your dress and lifting it over your head, throwing it across the room as it fell down onto the wooden floor that was just barely covered with a white carpet. Your hand slipped inside his jeans and his briefs, finding his lenght that was already semi - hard. You started to stroke him slightly but the grabbed your hand and took it out, his hands pinning yours above your head, your back laying firmly on the table’s hard surface.

'Do not move your hands, got it?’ He asked with a serious voice, not even a hint of smile showing on his face. You swallowed hard and nodded, fighting the urge to touch him. He pulled down your panties in a swift motion, leaving your bottom half completely exposed to him. He smiled, making your heart beat faster with each second. He got on the table and placed your panties around your wrists, tying them just enough so you couldn’t spread them apart.

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

He placed his finger on your cheek and at agonizingly slow pace trailed it down your neck and kept going lower and lower until he reached just a bit under your belly button. You squirmed and closed your eyes but you knew the smirk that you saw before was still on his face. He lifted your legs up and placed your feet on the table, your legs spread as much as possible, your heat aching for his touch. He placed his finger back on the spot where it was before and started trailing it again, stopping at the spot where you wanted him the most. He teased your entrance with his fingers, spreading your arousal around, covering his fingers. He bent down and came closer to as he slightly blew on your clit, making you arch your back at the feeling. Not even a few seconds later, you felt his fingers dipping into you and then slowly pulling them out only to be pushed back in as he kept curling them around your walls, your hands immediately wanting to find him but he placed them back where they were. Above your head, still firmly tied with your panties. You lifted your head up a little bit, finding Kai’s eyes strongly focused on you as he licked your folds swiftly, a quiet moan escaping your lips.

'Kai’ you whispered and brought your hands back down, your fingers finding Kai’s soft hair as you pulled on it slightly.

'No, no, no. If you keep doing that, we’ll never finish.’ He trailed off and pinned your arms down as his tongue found your clit again, this time, firmly pressed against it, swirling it around, getting you closer to your release. He started sucking on your clit while his fingers worked perfectly inside you, his eyes finding yours every once in a while.

'Kai, I’m close.’ You moaned out as Kai kept working on your body with his tongue and his fingers. Your moaning was getting louder with each second as at one moment, your whole body froze and your legs started shaking, your release taring through your body, but Kai didn’t stop. He kept repeating his actions, your body getting closer to yet another release. Your walls started clenching around Kai’s fingers as you finally reached another orgasm. Kai stopped and caught you by your arms, lifting you up so your and his chest were only a few inches apart. He untied your arms and threw your panties onto the floor as his hand reached behind you to unhook your bra, your body completely naked in front of him.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept you off ya feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

He quickly took his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans, your hands pushing them down to his ankles. You pushed his briefs down a bit, somewhere under his ass, enough to set his hard length free. Your fingers instantly wrapped around his shaft, yor thumb slowly caressing his tip, collecting the pre cum that was visible. Kai’s mouth fell slightly open, his eyes piercing into yours. With your every stroke, he let out a more audible moan, you mouth forming into a smile. You picked up your pace and felt him twitching as he came on your hand, his hips thrusting into your palm, looking for more.

'I wanna be rough with you.’ Kai whispered making your breath hitch.

'Then be rough with me.’ You trailed off, satisfaction in your voice. He bit his lips and thrusted into you with a swift motion, making you scream out his name.

It’s alright
You’ll be fine
Baby, I’m in control
Take the pain
Take the pleasure
I’m the master of both
Close your eyes
Not your mind
Let me into your soul
I’m a work it 'til you’re totally blown

He pushed you down, your back pressed firmly against the shiny mahogany table underneath you. He pinned your arms above your head again and started thrusting deep and as fast as he could, your breath hitching in your throath with each thrust. His hand found its way to your clit, rubbing it swiftly, getting you closer to your third orgasm. His thrust never stopped and your bodies fell into a perfect rhythm. His thrusts began to hurt a little bit, a tear escaping your eye. You arched your back and let your orgasm tear through your body once more as Kai’s thrusts never lost their pace. He lifted your leg up on his shoulder, straightening it as his hips met yours every second, the room filled with the sound of your skin meeting one another’s and your loud moans.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over
Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

'Fuck.’ Kai moaned out as his thrusts began to lose their pace and your bodoes weren’t at that perfect rhythm as before, but his thrusts were still fast and deep.

'Kai, please, I can’t.’ You cried out, feeling your fourth orgasm approaching. You felt weak and your vision was already blury from ocassional tear.

'Yes, you can. C'mon, for me. Let yourself go.’ He trailed off as you started clenching around him once more, your vision getting dark.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

'Hey’ you heard Kai’s voice as you opened your eyes and looked around, noticing you werr laying on the bed, his shirt covering your body.

'Wha- what happened?’ You asked him, your fingers running through your hair.

'You passed out. How do you feel?’ He asked and kissed your forehead, his arms pulling you closer to his body. You winced a little bit and muttered a soft 'ow’.

'I feel exhausted and it hurts a little bit, but other than that, I feel amazing.’ You trailed off.

'Me too. That was incredible. I think we should definitely do it again.’

'Definitely.’ You lifted your head up a bit and kissed Kai’s lips as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep in Kai’s bed.

Workspace: Part Five

Part Four

A/N: So, there is smut BUT it’s not the best because I haven’t written any since I’ve been back from hiatus. So, give me a break please. This isn’t the last part either, there will be more. This is also very very long and I’m on mobile so I can’t add the little ‘keep reading’ thing. Sorry :p. And in true Nia fashion, I’m posting this without completely proof reading it so I can have it up tonight, since it was suppose to be up yesterday. Finally, I’m in the process of writing something else that I want to remain a surprise. Okay, I’m done talking ! Goodnight, love ya babez.

My stomach hurt.

I mean it really hurt.

I was doubled over, curled up in Stiles front seat and my stomach really hurt.

My laughter rang out again.

“Shut up!” Stiles called from the other side of his hood, but I could hear his grin.

“There’s no way that duct tape actually works!”

He was silent, but the sound of the tape being pulled and ripped echoed through the trees. I screamed in laughter once more.

We’d made it only a few miles when the splutters and spits of Stiles’s jeep forced us to pull over on an abandoned back road. When he reached over his seat to grab his “tools”, I’d expected a wrench, pliers, a screwdriver even. What he produced was a huge roll of heavy duty duct tape. Thus starting the stomach ache that was my laughter.

“If you think you can do better, than you come try!” He hollered out in frustration after another spell of laughter.

I mulled over his challenge. My father had taught me a few basics, but not enough to rebuild an engine or anything so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to help. On the other hand, Stiles had challenged me and I couldn’t back down.

I sat up right and wiped my eyes of the few stray tears that had escaped.

“Alright, Stilinski. You’re on.” I says smugly as I jumped out of the jeep.

He stepped aside as I assumed the spot he’d just had and looked under the hood. It’s was a mess: oil, duct tape, and some sort of black stuff cover the inside. I was almost convinced that his whole engine was made out of the stuff.

“Do you have a screwdriver?” I asked as I reached in and undid some of the tape.

Stiles disappeared and than returned with pilers.

“Here ya go.” He said with a satisfied smile.

I scoffed and shook my head.

Poor boy.

I took some more tape off and finally found the problem. Well, one of the problems. Because this whole thing was a disaster. A part of the engine was missing a pin that held it together. I searched my hair for a Bobby pin and successfully found one. I pulled it out and fit into the previously missing piece’s spot perfectly. I withdrew from underneath the hood and closed the heavy lid.

“Turn it over.” I commanded Stiles, nodding my head towards the jeep.

He rolled his eyes, but walked to the drivers side and turned the keys. The car started instantly, it’s head lights brightening with it. I couldn’t see Stiles beyond them but I smiled and gave him a not-so-innocent shrug anyways.

“I wouldn’t be too smug, dirty girl.” He shouted over the engine as he got out to meet in front of his jeep again.

His comment caught me off guard and my face reddened. I looked down at my hands to avoid looking at him when I noticed I was covered in grease and oil. If possible, my face burned hotter as I realised what his words actually meant.

Did I really think he was make a pass at me?

“Ughh, can you drop me by my house so I can change?” I asked all humour dissolved, doing a once over of my clothes and noting they were soiled as well.

“Yeah,” he smirked looking me over. “Do you want me to just take you home or do you want to hang out after still or…?”

There was an apprehension in his voice, though small amount.

“We can still hang out.” I answered slowly taken by his want to hang out with me. “If you want.” I added trying to sound casual.

“Oh yeah, I guess that’s cool.” He said quickly leaning on his jeep.

We looked at each other in the awkward silence.

“Do you wanna go now?” I asked with a small smile.

“Oh yeah, yeah. We can uh go. Sorry.” He answered fumbling to his side of the car.

I shook my head and walked to my side grabbing the handle and saw that my grease ridden hands where covering everything I touched with the stuff. Stiles looked at me through the window, raising his eyebrows and giving me a ‘what are you waiting for’ gesture. I raised my hands in explanation. He leaned over and opened the door for me, and awkwardly, I climbed in.

We rode in silence most of the way. I stole side glances of Stiles every now and again and he seemed deep in thought. I wanted to ask what he might be thinking about, but we weren’t that close and I felt weird asking the question.

I looked down again at my hands trying to wipe some of the oil on my jeans with no luck. I groaned, but suddenly remembered I had make up wipes in my purse. I pulled my bag from the floor board by my feet to my lap. Tentatively, I opened it trying not to get sludge anywhere else. I explored my bag looking for the wipes, when I came across a folded piece of paper I hadn’t remembered putting in there. With just the tips of my fingers I opened it and my stomach immediately dropped.

“Fuck.” I blurted out, pressing a hand to my forehead.

“What?” Stiles asked lazily, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Shit!” I groaned.

“What?” He asked again catching on to my anguish and taking quick glance trying to pay attention to me and the road at the same time.

“We have to go to work, now!” I urged him.

“What? Why?”

I held up the paper “I was suppose to put this on Martha’s desk before I left this afternoon, but I was so excited about…” I trailed off recalling my not date.

“Stiles please! She’s going to freak if she comes in tomorrow and it’s not there!”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday. She won’t be in. No one will.” He reminded me.

“No! She going to New York for the Exec’s Only Meeting and this is her freaking itinerary!”

“Well you can’t give her that one. You’re smudgy fingerprints are all over it.”

I looked at the paper and groaned again.

“Please Stiles!” I implored him.

He tore his eyes from the road to inspect me.

“Fine. But if we get caught I’m blaming you.”

“Its 9:30 at night, why aren’t these doors locked?” Stiles whispered as we made it past the security door with our cards and walked deeper in to the barely lit building.

“I don’t know, janitors or something? Why are you questioning it? This could have been ten times harder.” I scolded him.

“I should have just stayed in the car.” He whined as we turned out of the long hallway and to our row of desks.

“Don’t be such a pansy!” I spotted my desk and rushed over to it fumbling to turn my computer on. It sleepily booted up and I stepped from foot to foot impatiently, willing it to hurry. I wasn’t sure where Stiles was but I couldn’t bother with what he was doing. I needed this document. Finally, the windows were live and searched through the files for the itinerary.

“Stiles, can you find me something to wipe my hands with?” I asked absentmindedly, as I clicked on a another folder.

After a minute, I realised there hadn’t been a response.

“Stiles!” I whispered harshly whipping around to find him.

He was standing not to far behind me and he was staring,

I mean shamelessly staring,

at my ass.

He jumped as I turned and made sure to only look directly at my face now. I pursed my lips, trying hard not to smile.

“Can you grab me something to wipe my hands off with?” I repeated.

He said nothing but nodded and walked to the bathrooms where he enter into the men’s room. Emerging, he now held what looked to be damp paper towels. I graciously took them from him and cleared my hands of the goop that covered them. I mutter a thanks to him and went back to my task.

“Ugh! Why won’t this print?” I cried several minutes later after successfully finding my prize.

Stiles walked over and looked over my shoulder standing behind me. He was so close that we were almost touching. I looked back at him seeing if he noticed but he ignored me keeping his focus only on the computer screen.

“Click print again.” He advised. I did and it didn’t work. I sunk my head in frustration and squeezed my eyes shut.

I felt Stiles move away from me and looked up to see where’d he gone. He was walking to the end of our isle, where the printer rested and halted at it. He searched around it for something I didn’t know what. He found what he was looking for and then smiled up at me. He jogged back over, the same attractive smile on his face.

Did I just say attractive?

“Well…?” I prompted.

“I have good news and bad news…” He began and for the umpteenth time that night I groaned.

“The good news is I got it to work.”

I brightened considerably.

“But it was off, so it’s going to take about 5 minutes before it starts printing again.”

I repressed another groan knowing I should just be grateful that the damn thing works.

“Thanks Stiles.” I said halfheartedly as I leaned against my desk. He mimicked my action sitting on the opposite desk.

Awkwardness and the clicks and clanks of the printer filled the space between us. But again I felt the need to ask him about Monday. I had to know, I couldn’t keep going on thinking the worst.

“Stiles.” My voice coming out as harsh whisper.

He’d been look down at the ground probably lost in thought, but perked up at his name. I didn’t say anything at first contemplating how to phrase the question. I cleared my throat this time before speaking.

“Tell me.”

He didn’t even pretend not to know what I was talking about. He just stared at me, hard, searching my face for something.

I smile shyly at him, wordlessly pushing to tell me. He sighed heavily and ran his finger through his messy hair.

“After you walked away…“ he started. I made a mental note to stay silent until he finished. I didn’t want him changing his mind about telling me.

“I was mad. Really mad. So, I followed you. When I finally caught up with you I realised you where pretty slammed, way more than me…

“Go away S-Stiles.” She slurred as she unsteadily walked in the direction of her apartment.

“No.” I said trying to sound authoritative, but not sure if I had.

“You’re mean and I don’t like you!” She whined sounding like a small child.

I said nothing knowing she was right. I’d known her a day less even and had shown her little kindness. But I had my reasons.

“I’m just making sure you’re drunk ass gets home.” I said trailing behind her.

She stopped abruptly and spun around glaring.

“What do you care? You don’t like me anyways.” She pushing her index finger hard into my chest. “What do you care if I get raped or murder or whatever! Don’t try to be all noble now, Stili-Stilinpi- STILES!” She almost shouted the last part, her inebriation taking over and enabling her from speaking properly.

I felt a heat rise in me, starting at my chest and then radiate throughout my body. She doesn’t fucking know how I feel! What gives her the right to just, just fucking assume?

Um, you have kind of been a dick. The voice in my head reminds me.

I ran my hand through my hair squeezing my eye shut tightly. I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t stand here and pretend her pretty smile and tight ass hadn’t been making me mentally undress her since the moment I saw her. My body acted before I did, launching at her as my hands cupped her face bringing my lips to hers. Surprisingly, she didn’t pull away but she’d move them either. I stayed there for a second her gloriously soft lips touching mine and just as I started to pull away her mouth began to move. Slowly at first, getting used to the flow of this kiss and than fervent all at once. I moved one hand to her lower back pushing her closer to me and I felt her arms twist around my neck. We stayed like that until the lack of oxygen became too much and we pulled part still wrapped in each other.

“…then I walked you back to your apartment, but you were still pretty gone and could barely take off your jacket let alone anything else. So, I-uh helped you-er…”

He didn’t need to say it. I pieced together what he did. My hands became clammy as awaited what I knew what was coming next.

"Don’t worry,” he said hurriedly “I didn’t- I mean we didn’t-” his words failed him again.

A wave a relief washed over me as my worst fear was refuted. But the interrogation wasn’t over, I still had other questions.

“But why did you undress me at all? And why where you half dress and in my bed?”

He sighed shifting his weight from one foot to the other, still leaning on the desk before me.

“After I took your jeans off, you…you…well you threw up, okay?”

The blood drained from my face. Are you serious? How could this be more embarrassing?

“I could only find another pair of…um underwear for you so after cleaning you up I just gave you my shirt.” He smirked a little remembering something he didn’t say aloud. “And I was only in my underwear because you threw up on my too!”

I thought I would die

actually die

from embarrassment. I groaned and covered my face with my hands, dipping my head. I regret ever wanting to know anything about any of it. But I couldn’t deny that it was a relief to know Stiles and I had only kissed. Though I do wish I remembered it.

Fuck. Did I just admit that?

Two hands were on mine prying them from my face, startling me. I looked up to meet Stiles’s amber eyes blazing into mine. He cradled one hand under my chin lifting it higher towards him. His close proximity made me lose all thought, like thinking was too hard to do. He brushed his thumb over my lips and I closed my eyes relishing the feel. He stood in front of me, but my legs made it had to get any closer as they were extended and I was still leaning on the desk. He released my chin then moved both of his hands to my face cupping it, and I swallowed hard still not opening my eyes. My breath quickened and heart raced as I felt his breath hit me. His scent was intoxicating, smelling of cigarettes and vanilla.

Without warning, his lips connected with mine sending electricity though my body. I grabbed his forearms just for something to hold while we kiss, feeling his soft lips move against mine. His mouth parted slightly and I could feel his tongue brush over my lips, instinctively I opened my mouth too giving him access. He delved in to my mouth, his tongue dancing with mine as our kiss deepened. His hands moved from my face down to my thighs, stirring a fire in my belly. He rounded his hands to the backs of my legs, lifting me up and pushing me further back so I was fully sitting on the desk now. My hands moved to tangle in his hair twisting and pulling at the soft curls. He hummed in my mouth as he positioned himself between my legs his warm hands trailing up my thighs, rounding behind my backside then giving my ass a squeeze, before slipping under my shirt and resting his long fingers on my lower back. I squirmed as another pang resonated within my belly.

The musical beepings of the printer behind us, was the only thing that pulled me out of our heated exchange. I looked over my shoulder at the printer and rolled my eyes to myself. Really printer? You couldn’t wait five more minutes?

Or ten?

I turned back to Stiles a shy smile of my face. “I better go get that.”

He blushed and muttered a ‘yeah’ before stepping, reluctantly I think, back. I slid off the desk and sashayed to the machine. Noting the several copies of the same thing from me trying to print it multiple times. I shook my head, but couldn’t help the goofy smile now permanent on my face. Stiles was next to me a second later looking over my shoulder at the papers. I closed my eyes trying to resist the urge to pounce on him right here, because we were technically still at work.

“Ugh, I need to put this in one of those big orange envelopes.” I said without looking at him.

“There some in the copy room on the supply shelf.” His tone low and raspy sending shivers down my spine. I abruptly turned and sauntered into the room almost directly behind us labeled ‘Copy Room’. I found the envelope on the middle shelf with an assortment of other envelopes of different shapes and sizes. I grabbed the one I needed and slid the paper into it. Out of my peripheral I saw Stiles, who I hadn’t noticed before. His back was to one of the copy machines. He stood there, in a heather grey shirt and medium wash jeans, and I couldn’t help but think how sexy he looked. His eyes darkened by lust, and a seductive smile playing on his lips.

That’s it.

That’s when I knew.

I wanted him.

I didn’t care if it was in the copy room of our work office at ten at night when we could be caught at anytime. All this hostility between us was just sexual tension. And honestly I needed the release. I started walking towards Stiles, still holding the envelope in my hands. The sultry expressions on my face mirrored in his eyes.

“I got it.” I smirked, stopping a few feet in front of him flashing him the orange packet.

“I see that.” He nodded towards it.

“So, I guess we can go now.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Is that what you want?”

I looked up him, biting my lip.

“That’s what I thought.” He smiled and pulled the envelope out of my hands, setting it on the copier behind him never taking his eyes off mine. We stared at one another for only a beat longer before our lips, almost simultaneously, crashed into each other. It was sloppy and vehement, our teeth hitting making a clinking sound. His lips moved down to my neck, sucking hard as his hands explored anywhere they could touch letting a groan pass through my lips. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, immediately returning back to attack my neck. I felt for the button of his khakis, finding it then popping them open. I reached past the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his erection firmly. He let out a low growl from his chest as he bit down hard on my neck. I hissed from the surprisingly pleasurable sensation. I squeezed him tighter in my hand and he threw his head back. I bit my lip at the sight of him coming undone at my touch. He met my eyes again, they looked darker then before the lust distorting the amber almost completely.

“No more games.” He growled. In one swift moved he spun me around so my front was pressed against the copier and he was compressed behind me.

“Let me fuck you.” He whispered seductively in my ear as he reach around my front undoing the button and zipper of my jeans and pulling them down achingly slow taking my black panties with them. I moaned, leaning my head back into his shoulder.

“Please.” I breathed in to his neck.

He pulled them down only to my knees, before slowly pushing me back against the copy machine. I heard him wrestling to pull his own pants down and my core grew wetter with anticipation. He gripped my hips as he slipped his length pass my legs then between my folds of my core causing me to shutter.

“You want it?” He teased.

“Fuck me!” I whined sticking my ass out further into him.

“As you wish, princess.” And he slammed himself into me, entering me without warning. I cried out clinging awkwardly to parts of the copier for support.

“Ahhh,” he moaned. “You’re so wet, baby.”

It was a moment before he moved, but when he finally did he gave no quarter. He thrusted into me fast and hard directly hitting my g-spot as if attuned to it. My moans filled the small space, and this seemed to be fueling him. His fullness in me felt so good, and his pace ensured I wouldn’t last very long. He landed a hard blow to my ass, and I cried out. The sting coaxing the fire licking in my core.

“Harder!” I begged, and he granted my request as he fingers dug deeper into my flesh. I could already feel the bruises forming. His rough manner was unexpected and fucking arousing. He smack my ass again and my walls began to tighten around him, the fire now raging inside of me.

“Cum.” He demanded hitting me once more, and that was enough to send me over. The fire of my orgasm engulfed me causing my to let out unrecognisable versions of his name. Stiles’s rhythm became un-syncopated and needy his thrust helping me ride out the rest of my high. A few more thrust and he pulled out pumping his dick a couple of times before coming into his hand.

“Fuck.” He grunted out.

I peeled myself off the machine and turned, shakily trying to redress as I did so. Stiles reached over to the supply shelf and grabbed an already open box of tissues, then cleaned his hand off. I had redressed before him, so I grabbed the document off the printer and exited the room heading toward Martha’s office. My mind raced as I did. Where do we go from here? Stiles and I fucked. I don’t know if I want a relationship with him though. But I don’t mind doing what we just did again. I reached Martha’s office and opened the door. There was a basket on her desk labeled ‘inbox’ and I walked around her to set the envelope in it. As I was about to leave, I noticed a framed picture on her desk. It caught my attention, so much so that I did a double take. In the picture stood Martha, still with too much make up, Brielle, still with big boobs and still not pretty, and one other person,


He had his arm around Brielle’s shoulder and was kissing her cheek. My eyes widened and my pulse quickened. Just as I went to examine it for further investigation, Stiles appeared in the door way a smirk on his face.

“Round two in the bosses office?”

My brain told me to do a million different things: storm out, question him relentlessly, smack him. But my ever moistening core told me something else.

“You’re on Stilinski.”


Summary: You and Daryl hate each other but get forced to go on a run together.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, smut.

You glared at Daryl from across the table and he glared right back. If looks could kill you’d both be walkers by now. You weren’t even paying attention to what Rick was saying as you were too busy trying to send telepathic insults to the asshole sat opposite you, and you were quite certain he was doing the same. To say you and Daryl don’t get on would be an understatement. You loathed that stupid redneck and his stupid attitude and had done since you first met him. He assumed you were a preppy princess who had rich parents and a horse that shit rainbows, but he knew nothing about you at all. He was just a judgemental dickface. You were both staring at each other, too stubborn to look away first, until Rick slammed his hands down onto the table. You and Daryl jumped and snapped your heads towards Rick.

“What the fuck Rick?!” Daryl barked.
“You’re like a pair of school kids. I’ve been talking to you both for about ten minutes and I bet you didn’t hear a damn thing I said!” Rick scolded. You bit your lip and felt bad. You knew this between you and Daryl was getting on Ricks last nerve, and he was right, you had no clue what the fuck he was talking about.
“I’m sorry Rick. Whatever you need, we’ll do it.” You smiled at him.
“I want you to both go on a run for some clothes, its getting warmer now and we need stuff for everyone.” He sighed.
“Hell nah! I ain’t goin’ with this dumb bitch. She’ll just get me killed!” Daryl yelled, earning a dirty look from you.
“Shut your mouth asshole, can’t even take one for the fucking team, selfish prick.” You spat, knowing how to push his buttons. He stood up that fast that his chair fell over.
“What d’ya just say to me ya fuckin’ whore?!” He roared. You just sat there smirking at him, knowing you worked him up.
“That’s enough!” Rick bellowed, causing you both to look at him sheepishly.
“You better deal with these issues and put them aside. We’re in the middle of a damn apocalypse for crying out loud, grow up!” With that he stood up and left the room, you and Daryl feeling like naughty children after a telling off.

“C’mon, I ain’t got all day.” He sighed as he left the room.
The car ride there was silent which was actually progress because you’d normally be winding each other up and nearly killing each other by this point. You went in and cleared the shop of walkers without much effort. Then you got to work sorting through the clothes, you doing the women’s and Daryl doing the men’s. Your clothes were covered in walker guts and felt disgusting as they clung to you and smelt absolutely awful, so you took this opportunity to change clothes. You grabbed a new top and jeans along with new underwear and went behind a shelf for privacy. Just as you’d put your new panties on, being otherwise naked, Daryl walked round the corner.

“Hey y/n ya thi-“ He stopped dead in his tracks as you were stood there only in panties staring at him wide eyed. He blushed but couldn’t look away. He may think you were a spoilt princess but in this moment he wanted nothing more than to fuck that spoilt princess and grab her amazing breasts and play with them. Before he even registered his dirty thoughts his pants suddenly grew tighter, making him blush even more. You couldn’t even form words, you were still startled and weirdly a little turned on. You loved that he couldn’t take his eyes off you and it didn’t take long to notice his rather large bulge in his pants.

You both just stood there staring each other down again, only instead of hate, it was now with lust. Being as stubborn as you both were, you didn’t want to make the first move and wanted the other to give in first. You smirked as you cupped your own breast and pinched your nipple. Daryl’s breathing hitched and you knew you were breaking him. You tugged on your nipple and a moan escaped your lips. Daryl stood there watching, fighting the urge he had to grab you and take you right there. He wasn’t weak and he wasn’t going to cave first. You bit your lip as you slipped your other hand inside your panties and started to play with your clit, you were surprised at how wet you were. You started moaning more and louder, you just couldn’t help yourself, knowing he was watching. He undid his pants and slid his hand inside, grasping at his rock hard dick and stroking himself whilst looking at you. It was taking all his will power to stay stood where he was, but as soon as you removed your hand from your panties and slowly licked clean one of your fingers, he pounced at you like a wild animal. He pushed you against the wall with a growl and he grabbed your hand, sucking the other fingers and tasting you. He pinned your hands above your head on the wall with one of his hands and leant his forehead on yours.

“Didn’t take as long as I thought it would to break you Dixon. “ You smirked looking at him.
“You’re weaker than I thought.” You were pushing his buttons again on purpose. He grabbed your jaw and he growled at you again, making you even wetter.
“Ya been a naughty girl princess, and I’m gon’ have to teach ya a lesson.” He drawled into your ear huskily. You whimpered at his words. He grabbed your arm and dragged you over to the counter, bending you over it. He slowly slid your panties down, enjoying the view, and spanked you so hard it was sure to bruise. You couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling, wanting more. He did it a few more times and then you felt his tip at your dripping wet entrance. You pushed back onto him, want in him inside and he spanked you again. Without warning he pushed into you with a loud grunt, causing you to cry out. He didn’t let you adjust to his impressive size as he thrust in and out of you ferociously whilst gripping your hips. Your moans were loud but you couldn’t control them, the pleasure was too intense. He grabbed your hair and pulled you up a bit, using his other hand to palm your breast and play with your nipple, making you shiver.

“Ya like that princess?” He moaned as he nipped your neck.
“Yes. Fuck Daryl it feels so good!” You felt yourself getting close, it had been so long since you’d been touched at all and no one had ever fucked you like this before. He pushed you back down and tightly gripped your hips again. He could sense you were close so he pulled out, causing you to whimper at the loss of him filling you up. He slapped your thigh and made you jump up onto him, wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushed you up against the wall and you cried out again as he pushed back into you. This new position making him fill you to the hilt.
“Fuck princess, ya feel so good.” He moaned. You hands tangled in his hair and he kissed you greedily. You were surprised at how soft his lips were but his kisses were harsh and needy. His tongue traced your bottom lip and you happily granted access to him, letting him dominate the kiss.
Your back started arching and you were trying so hard to hold back.
“C’mon princess, cum for me.” He growled, feeling near his own release. You let out a loud moan following his name as the pleasure consumed you, feeling bliss as your orgasm radiated throughout your body. He felt your walls tighten around him and seeing the pleasure on your face pushed him over the edge, he pulled out last minute and you wrapped your soft hand around his length and jerked him off onto your stomach. He gently placed you back on the floor and chucked you a random piece of clothing to clean yourself up with. Once you were both dressed he walked back up to you, grabbing your jaw once again and kissed you hard.

“I hope ya learned ya lesson princess.” He whispered with a smirk. You blushed and couldn’t help but smile. He had finally found a way to shut you up, he was feeling a little smug about it.
The ride back home was filled with knowing looks and glances at each other. When you got back you both started to unload the clothes and Rick came out to see you both.
“How did it go?” He asked, just waiting for you to both start arguing about something.
“Went really good, got a lot of shit.” Daryl said with a small smile. Rick noticed and looked at you, noticing you glancing at Daryl. You went to grab a box but Daryl took it out of your hands.
“I’ll take that in, just go inside and relax.” He said softly. You smiled at him and Rick noticed, raising an eyebrow at you both.
“Well it seems you two make a good team.” He said smirking slightly.
“Mhmm.” Daryl said, not fully paying attention to Rick anymore as you were both staring at each other again, as if you were the only two left on the planet. Rick noticed they weren’t hateful glares this time.
“Well good because I’m pairing you two up for watch duty too.” He smiled as he started to walk away. You and Daryl just both smirked at each other and started taking the stuff inside. When Rick was out of sight Daryl spanked your ass hard making you squeal.
“See ya at watch princess.” He growled into your ear as he walked past with a smirk.

(Finding out about Axl’s OD)

You were bouncing around your house dancing to your boyfriend’s first album while trying to clean up the house. You usually listen to Axl singing while he was on tour so you didn’t miss him as much, but today he was only at practice and you couldn’t resist the urge to listen to the album. Welcome to the Jungle was playing as you heard the phone ring; turning the music down you went to answer the phone.

Hearing Slash’s frantic voice on the other side of the phone, you could hardly make out what he was saying. “Y/N, Axl didn’t come to rehearsal today. Izzy had to go take a leak and he saw Axl unconscious on the bathroom floor, he overdosed… Izzy’s comin’ to pick you up and take you to the hospital.”

Your heart was in your throat, you could barely breathe, and you couldn’t fight back the tears. “Tell Izzy to hurry the fuck up.” You managed to squeak out between sobs, slamming the phone back on to the receiver. How could he do something like this? Why would he want to do something like this? Pacing back and forth, Izzy knocking on your door broke your thoughts.

The car ride was silent for the most part except for you telling Izzy to drive faster every five minutes. It wasn’t until he parked the car that Izzy spoke up. “Y/N, no matter what happens in there when you go to see him; remember he loves you.” You nodded your head and the two of you got out of the car and approached the entrance.

Once you got to the front desk, you were somewhat greeted by a nurse who you could tell hated her job. “May I see Axl Rose? I’m his girlfriend…”

The nurse began to laugh hysterically. “Ok, honey, and I’m married to Sebastian Bach. Go sit over there with the rest of the people here to see him.” She pointed over towards Slash, Duff, and Steven. You and Izzy walked over towards the rest of the guys as you slouched down into a chair beginning to sob again. The guys tried comforting you, but the only person you wanted to hear “it’ll be okay” from was Axl.

You stood up every single time a doctor walked out of the heavy doors asking if they were Axl’s doctor. Finally, one doctor approached all of you and this time you didn’t bother to even stand up. The doctor took a deep breath before he spoke. “Mr. Rose is going to be okay; as much as I would love to let all of you see him at once, unfortunately I don’t recommend that for him yet. One person can see him at a time.” All the guys told you to go and let Axl know they’re here and hope he’s doing alright.

Following the doctor through the heavy doors and the series of winding hallways, you were finally at Axl’s room. Before walking in you looked through the glass window staring at Axl, trying to pull yourself together you quietly walked in. Pulling a chair up to the bed, with one hand you grabbed his and with the other you began to run your fingers through his hair. “Why’d you try and leave me, Ax?”

Upon hearing your voice, Axl slowly started to wake up and set his groggy gaze on you. Squeezing your hand softly, he took a deep breath. “I wasn’t tryin’ to leave you, Y/N. I just didn’t want to live in this world, plus you would have been better off without me.”

You were in disbelief that Axl thought you’d be better off without him; tears began to stream down your face. “Axl, this world has me in it! It has your friends in it, it has your music in it. Don’t even dare say I would be better off without you. I can’t live in a world you’re not in, Axl. I refuse to live in a world you’re not in, I need you and those four guys sitting in the waiting room need you.”

Tears were brimming in Axl’s eyes as he threw his head back into the pillow. “You’re right. I let you guys down; I should have never done this. You deserve more than a boyfriend who overdoses when things get too rough, but I love you. I thought I was dead and in Heaven when your pretty face was the first thing I saw.”

Wiping the tears away from his face, you climbed into the bed with Axl and laid your head on his chest. “Next time things get hard, you can talk to me. I’ll listen and help you through it in any way I can. I love you and never want to see you in here like this ever again.” You then also lightly slapped his chest. “That was for saying you thought you died, you’re not allowed to say things like that.

Axl chuckled as he rubbed your back. “Ya know, Y/N, I would have haunted the shit out of any new boyfriends you were to get.” The two of you began to fall asleep in the bed until you heard banging on the glass window. You looked up to see Duff, Izzy, Slash, and Steven all standing at the window smiling and waving.

Axl motioned them into the room. “How did you guys get back here?!” You asked, but at the same time you didn’t put anything past them for what they could have done. They all gathered around the bed looking at you and Axl while laughing.

After a few moments of them silently staring at the two of you Duff finally spoke up. “Can we join the two of you?” Before you or Axl even had a chance to speak the four men piled themselves onto the small bed and were laying on Axl’s legs.

When the nurse came in to check on Axl, she saw that the six of you were all sound asleep on the bed. She quietly took Axl’s vitals, shut the curtains, and continued to let you sleep. This was what Axl needed, to be surrounded by the people who love him most in his time of need.

Sorry it took me so long to post this, hope you enjoy!


Request: “Ben x Reader? Story where Ben never turns dark side and takes after his father. He meets the reader when he takes the millennium falcon out for a joy ride.”

A/N: First of all, I had no idea what gif to use so there’s that. Second of all, I used a good handful of Star Wars terms in this, such as ‘in Malachor’ or ‘Sleemo’…incase you don’t know what they mean you can ask me! Finally, I’m sorry for not posting requests in a while, I’ve finally had the chance to get back to it so here ya go! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 1.8K+

Warning: None


There was nothing more amusing and thrilling than taking the Falcon out for a joy ride. Sure, most of the time Ben went out on little adventures with his father here and there, Han passing down his ways of being a smuggler–except Ben wasn’t as sloppy–but there was no lie that Ben got himself into worlds of trouble. He literally would get himself into an unnecessary blaster fights (which, he always won), only giving Leia more of a reason to scorn her husband for being such an influence on her beloved son. “Alright, pops, I’ll be back in a bit…gotta get a few parts for the Falcon back on Corellia,” Ben saluted as he stood on the ramp, deciding to leave his good co-pilot Chewy behind. “Maybe this time we can fix those dangerous leaks for good and get some power converters.”

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