i just wanted to gif this

because when asked what gif would represent the Upallnightsquad this is what we came up with

upallniaghtsquad is the best squad !!!

TRUE LIES - a work in progress possibly coming soon

For over 100 years, human emotions have been manufactured in labs by the government and distributed to the entire population in order to assure that peace is maintained. Broken hearts can be glued back together with a bottle of Love, depression is cured with a few drops of Joy and even war and discrimination have ended with a little help from Peace and Empathy. Real feelings have been nearly wiped out. But humankind has been restored and the world is exactly how it should be.

Everything about Aurora indicates that she’s royalty. With her natural silver hair and the strong belief that this method of living is the right one, anyone can recognize her as the President’s daughter. But when her best friend is admitted to the hospital for overdosing on Love and no one seems to care or even question how it happened, she grows some doubts on just how safe these drugs can be. After a few days of living without her usual dosage behind her father’s back, the reality of Aurora’s world is turned upside down and her worries only aggravate as she’s reunited with Harry Styles, who may know a little too much about underground boxing and the secrets behind the government’s rules. 

a dystopian au + boxer!harry
based on this post // photoset 

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 


I’m a really good swimmer…

I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the ocean, volcanoes, etc. and calls it swimming. So I ended up drawing this and going overboard bc I wanted to play with colors uvu;;

But it’s still a good way to kick off the first day of Spring Break at least!

His smile x.