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well… I just want to point out that in 2x01 we saw in this frame Magnus’ hand already holding Alec’s, but in this new kinda-BTS video we can see… yeah, you’re welcome!

Love is not Over. 💝


Dougie (with Oliver Cheshire) doing the end screen talk for Glamour Magazine UK YouTube channel and couldn’t keep a straight face throughout the whole 4 seconds it took. 

Falling into lava is the worst way to go: It’s all the most awful parts of drowning and burning mashed together like the devil’s slash fiction. But in reality, it wouldn’t be anything like that. Surprisingly, lava is really fucking hot. We’re looking at temperatures ranging from 1,295 degrees F to 2,282 degrees F when it first breaks the surface. A bed of lava is a giant liquid crematorium that is unlikely to gulp you down, if only because you’ll burn to death first.

But even if you cannonballed into a volcano wearing a heat-suit – because fuck cancer, you’re going out awesome – you still wouldn’t drown in it. Lava is over three times heavier and denser than water, with at least 100,000 times the viscosity. It’s borderline impossible for a human being to sink in it. You wouldn’t dramatically sink like Arnold at the end of T2 – you’d just shatter and burn up so quickly you wouldn’t have time to give a thumbs-up, much less the elaborate double bird you’ve been practicing.

5 Ways Movies Say You Can Die (That Science Says Are Wrong)

I just wanted to return the favor @superyoumna :’D

You are one of the most talented artist IN THE WORLD, and when you made the little gif for me, I WAS SO HAPPY!!! 

I didn’t want to just accept the gif, and, do nothing. NO!! IM NOT LIKE THAT!! :3 So I started working on this. 

It was hard, because I’m noob, and I’m sure that it has 1,000,000 errors. But it took me many days, so I hope you like it (n-n)

Stay awesome Youmna!!! You are amazing!!!

(Also, it was inspired by this video made by Nifty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHZAFFQB_X8)

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Who wants to talk about murders? :D” ~

Have to thank @carmenmcs for this great idea she had for the gif and for recording it. Though this is just a part of it, there’s more and even funnier. I’ll start editing videos we recorded that day for a new vlog on youtube, so “be sure to tune in!” #FeelingLikeShadowNaotoOnTV xD

P.S: Also thanks to @masterkaran to make sure I didn’t fall (from the back)  while making this x’D 

                                                hey you guys!!

Did you all see this awesome discovery by the lovely & brilliant proudcaryler

It’s been three damn years, and countless rewatches of that scene and I still never caught this tiny gesture. xP 

But now that I see it, I like it. :D Very much. Look at how he’s just stroking her arm like he knows how painful this is and wants her to know he’s there. <3 

Because he feels his presence would help her. (Which it does, even if Carol is in too much shock and pain to be aware of it at this point in time.) 

Anyway, we’ll go ahead and file it under the ‘moments where Caryl touched so fucking small you had no idea you needed to know about them but you definitely doooo’ category!

Many thank yous to proudcaryler for the usage of her video so I could make this gif. (Because I’m a nut like that, that, yes, I had to gif it. iregretnothing)

Ok, I can’t believe I just witnessed this greatness. Princess Peach uses her force powers to lift Bowser into the air & tosses him through the roof of her castle. Why do they even have her get kidnapped anymore when she is capable of this?

I want to see more Jedi Peach, Nintendo!