i just wanted to gif his cutie face

So uh… I may have restarted my Moon Team. Restarting games is a bad habit of mine (I can’t tell you how many times I restarted Alpha Sapphire). But I wanted to restart because I got this cool little trainer/starter character team up in my head.

But yeah so here’s my new team and trainer so far! Instead of it just being like me in the game, I wanted to make it like a separate character, and thus we have Hat! She’s grumpy, angry, and will punch team Skull Right in the face. She tries to be intimidating but no one will take her seriously.

And then we have PrettyBoy! (and he does have stars on both ends of his name). He’s smol, very squish and is such a good boy!!! While Hat tries to be tough, PrettyBoy is being the cutiest cutie you can imagine!

Anyway, that’s all I got for these guys right now, but I hope to do more fan art with them! I’m also planning on getting an Alolan Meowth for the team soon, so I may have more stuff in a bit!