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I was rereading The Lynburn Legacy last week and I kept noticing all of Kami’s descriptions of her clothes… All of these are (at least partly) described in the books. ft. Jared’s jacket. separate images on my art blogsociety6 

(also partly inspired by walkingnorth‘s fashionable fictional character thing :))

Falling into lava is the worst way to go: It’s all the most awful parts of drowning and burning mashed together like the devil’s slash fiction. But in reality, it wouldn’t be anything like that. Surprisingly, lava is really fucking hot. We’re looking at temperatures ranging from 1,295 degrees F to 2,282 degrees F when it first breaks the surface. A bed of lava is a giant liquid crematorium that is unlikely to gulp you down, if only because you’ll burn to death first.

But even if you cannonballed into a volcano wearing a heat-suit – because fuck cancer, you’re going out awesome – you still wouldn’t drown in it. Lava is over three times heavier and denser than water, with at least 100,000 times the viscosity. It’s borderline impossible for a human being to sink in it. You wouldn’t dramatically sink like Arnold at the end of T2 – you’d just shatter and burn up so quickly you wouldn’t have time to give a thumbs-up, much less the elaborate double bird you’ve been practicing.

5 Ways Movies Say You Can Die (That Science Says Are Wrong)

Some things are too beautiful for this world.

Like giant robots punching giant monsters in the face.

I don’t want to give up on Pacific Rim 2 just yet, but I know how unlikely it’s looking at this point. Hopefully the franchise will be able to continue on in some shape, way, or form. But for now I say, farewell Pacific Rim. It was a short ride, but it was a blast. An elbow-rocket-fueled blast.

“I’m not coming down cos I’m mad at you.” Harry huffed, clinging onto the giant teddy bear as he looked down at you from the ladder. 

“Why are you even mad at me? I didn’t do anything. You’re acting like a baby.” 

“’M not a baby! I just wanted to cuddle and you pushed me off so this is my new cuddle buddy.” He murmured, making you giggle lightly at how cute he was being - even though he was upset with you. 

“I’m sorry. I was studying, and I was really trying to focus. As much as I love your cuddles - I really had to pass my history test.” You smiled, walking closer to the ladder. “Can you come down now?” 

“Mm.. I dunno..” 

“I promise we can cuddle as long as you like after dinner?” You offered, your bottom lip stuck out in a pout. Harry let out a prolonged sigh and nodding, tossing the bear onto the floor before he was crawling down. 

“You’re comin’ with me, my love.” Harry beamed, swinging you over his shoulder as he carried you to the bed. “That bear was itchy to cuddle with.” 


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The smoke clears and in whispering waves
Of self mutilation I see the dark sky fall to pieces
The world is sometimes too heavy to breath
And the dead surround me like an ocean

I can’t recognize the reflection
Looking back through the mirror
As if some sort of silent stranger
With mean eyes and deadly stare

He sees everything and why?
Then with one last glimmer defiant
I’m transformed into a monster a giant
With no heart, no limbs, no desire

This is not a suicide letter
I just want to get a real close look at death
Touch his matted hair as I pass him by

I met this guy while I was wondering around a truck stop. I have learned that truckers are notoriously horny fuckers that love paying prostitutes to take care of their cocks. I’m not looking to make any money though, I’m just looking for guys that are used to using women however they want to. Turns out there were plenty of sadistic truck drivers to choose from, but some of them would have to wait because I found my target. I chose a huge, long bearded, giant, muscular, heavily tattooed, biker looking old guy because I was certain that he needed a stupid little slut to fuck more than any of the others, and I was certain he would use me more than the others too. I submitted my body to him and told him that I wanted to be fully used by him and his cock.
He didn’t disappoint. He fucked the shit out of my face, using my mouth as if it were nothing more than a place for him to masturbate into. He told me that I was a piece of shit slut.
“You’re worse than a hooker,” he said as he fucked my face. “You actually like this. And you do it for free. You know what that makes you?”
“Hmmm?” I asked, my mouth still stuffed full of his cock, and my drool spilling out and splashing on my thighs.
“It makes you a stupid piece of shit slut, doesn’t it?“ he told me. I let him verbally abuse me, I just kept on sucking.
“Don’t it bitch?” he said as he yanked his cock out to smack me across the face with an open hand. “Answer me!” I was about to answer but I didn’t have time to before he shoved his cock back in, deeper this time.
“Yessshhhh” I said as he fucked my face. He grabbed me by the hair and used my hair as handlebars as he plowed into my face. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the taste of his cock, until he started to pull it back out again. But I didn’t want him to leave my mouth, so I sucked harder, trying to keep his cock in my mouth with suction, but he pulled it out anyway while I was sucking hard on it, which made a loud popping sound. I looked up at him, and he dropped a load of cum directly into my eyes. I tried my best to close them, but it was too late. I was too slow. Blindly my hand searched for his balls to squeeze them, ensuring every last drop made it to it’s destination. I massaged them in my hand to get all the cum out. I made a pained noise as the cum started burning my eyes, but I didn’t stop massaging his balls. I began to wipe at my eyes as he laughed.
“Dumb slut,” he said, laughing at me. “Trying to get the cum out of her stupid slut eyes. You’re going to make my cock hard again if you keep being stupid like that.”
I only wanted to help him get off as much as possible until he couldn’t get off anymore, so I stopped massaging balls and started dragging the cum from my eyes and scooping it into my mouth where it belongs. I waited until I had every last drop of his goo in a puddle in the back of my throat before closing my mouth and swishing my bimbo mouthwash all over my tongue, savoring the sticky sweet taste before swallowing.
I still couldn’t see, as the cum was keeping my eyelashes glued tightly together, so I sat there dumbly with my eyes glued shut and waited. But something told me his cock was getting hard again and that there was more fun to cum. Instinctively I let my jaw drop and opened my mouth again as an invitation for more.
As I sat there blinded by spunk, I felt a hand on the back of my head, forcing cock back into my mouth. But something was different. His cock wasn’t as thick and hairy. It was narrower, and smoother. "Just be a good slut and suck this cock like you did that one” I heard a voice say. It wasn’t the same guy who just blinded me with his cum, it was someone else, and a different cock. I couldn’t see who it was, nor did I care. I just did as I was told and started sucking on the stranger’s cock with my eyes sealed shut. I could still taste the goo from the first cock on my tongue as this new cock started convulsing and splattering the back of my throat with even more goo. When the cock left my mouth I sat there, dumb, wet, sticky, covered in droll and blinded. I just opened my mouth and tilted my head back, anxiously waiting for the next one.
I lost count of how many men I helped that night


Pietro Imagine: It’s a cake… I think.

It was your birthday today and Pietro had decided he was going to bake a cake for you. After warning you to not come out of your room he got to work locating a cook book.  It took Pietro almost 15 minutes before Pietro could even find a decent recipe and once he did he had no idea what half of these words meant, I mean his English was almost perfect but he had no idea Drizzle was a word.

“Prikhodi Odin (Come on)” he spoke in his thick accent, running a hand through his hair before cursing slightly. Pietro just wanted to make your birthday special, this was your first birthday with Pietro and you together, so he wanted to make it one everyone would remember forever.  

Putting down the book he noted the ingredients needed and sped of down to the giant kitchen. This was SHIELD of course, there was s a giant kitchen filled with many ingredients the staff used to cook daily. SHIELD had given them their own small apartment for all the Avengers but Pietro refused to shop.

Pietro had to plan this through completely. In his head he was reciting the list, there was no chance he was gonna ‘borrow’ all these ingredients without getting caught. Grabbing one of the small boxes that were discarded outside of the door, Pietro took his shot, grabbing as many items as he could, throwing them carelessly into the box before dashing out, leaving a thick trail of flour.

Placing down the boxes he let himself have a moment to regain his breath.  Looking around he saw a long trail of flour all across the floor, oh well. He was sure when y/n saw what he had made for her, she wouldn’t mind a little bit of flour.

Pietro soon realised however that this was hopeless. He was terrible at baking. Shutting the oven door that was caked in eggs and flour he went over to the flour stains on the floor and began to scrub for a good 10 minutes until the smoke alarm went off startling him.

“der’mo! (Shit!)” He yelled running over to the oven and removing the cake wafting at the smoke above.  As soon as the smoke appeared his yes landed on an unimpressed y/n. “Babe, I am so sorry I was trying to make you a cake and-“ y/n cut him off with a small kiss onto Pietro’s lips.

“I think we can still make another one if you want” Pietro offered as you both began to giggle, “Do you think you can grab some chocolate powder from the kitchens?” you questioned as Pietro nodded before sprinting off. Getting to work on the flour stains by the time he was back holding a box of chocolate powder you had cleaned the floor and the counters, the oven the only thing still caked (literally).

After one or two small flour fights you and Pietro had made one kick-ass cake. One you were extremely proud of. “Come here princess” Pietro spoke wrapping his arms around your waist. “Love you” he chuckled placing a small kiss on your lips. “Love you too” you smiled cuddling into his chest as he rested his head onto yours.

I received some pretty amazing news yesterday, I’ve been selected as one of six female filmmakers to direct a short film set in the official Twilight Universe for Lionsgate and Stephenie Meyer.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me and supported me, I love and love and love you! I can’t wait to get to work and I’m going to do everything I can to tell this story in a way that fans of Alice and Jasper will be happy with. 

I was going to write a lengthier post meditating on the nature of being a fandom participant and a creator but then I just got stuck on HOW COOL IT IS that I get to contribute to the canonical universe of a story as huge as Twilight. I mean, can we just take a moment to recognize how freaking cool that is? As a fangirl filmmaker who got her start as a 12-year-old writing fanfiction, I just want to say a giant massive thank you to Stephenie Meyer for being so generous with her story universe and for also really supporting emerging female filmmakers in this way. 

As a female POC director, you start to hear so many disheartening statistics that they really don’t mean anything to you anymore, and so often the response in Hollywood is a giant isn’t this terrible isn’t this awful but there really isn’t much more we can do, is there? shrug. It’s so much easier to say “It’s a terrible shame there aren’t more female directors” and do nothing, but Stephenie Meyer and her team actually really did something about it. I have infinite respect for her for that, and I really profoundly hope that if I’m ever in a position of influence on even a fraction of her level, I can do the same for the next young girl.

Anyway. Twilight! It has brought me happiness beyond what I could ever rationally have expected. The only other book series that I’ve felt this indebted to is Harry Potter, which first inspired me to start writing and dreaming and scheming of worlds beyond my own. All of this makes me feel sparkly and excited to begin.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang
writer | director | fangirl filmmaker

I just noticed something. It looks like theres a couple of bullet holes in Bucky’s shirt. So to all the people who’ve suddenly decided after seeing the new footage that Sharon is senselessly harming Bucky who is only defending himself. Why would someone be shooting at Bucky unless he was an active threat? Why are there people unconscious on the ground? Why are people running for their lives? Why were Sharon, Tony, and Nat seen earlier in a darkened room with flashing lights that would elude that a major issue is going down in the building? Its not just cos Bucky broke loose. If he had only broke loose, I’d guess he’d want to slip out undetected, not make a giant scene and have a shit load of people tailing him. Please stop taking Bucky out of all fault of his actions!! Yes, he’s still a good person who is simply out of control and no one should hate him for it or anything, but he should still be held accountable for the actions he OR the Winter Soldier takes. And once again, if Bucky is hurting innocent people SHARON AND NAT HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO TRY TO STOP HIM.


YOU ARE UNWORTHY of these realms. you’re unworthy of your title. you’re unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed.

In Norse mythology, the giants are set up as diametrically opposed to the gods: the evil balancing out divine moral rightness. Loki’s one wish – to be worthy – is an impossible one because he cannot honestly imagine a world where he is both worthy and fully himself, and so he doesn’t try. He conflates his Jötunn heritage and his unworthiness, convinced that all his chaos and cruelty and madness are simply in his nature. And if he can’t be Thor’s equal in this respect – if worthiness will always be out of his reach – then he will settle for watching the world burn. He will do incredible evil, because he’s a master of it. Because he can be great, even if he cannot be good.


The man blocking the doorway was tall and thin as a rail, his hair a crown of dense black spikes. His eyes were crusted with a raccoon mask of charcoal glitter. He raked a ring-laden hand through his spiked hair and regarded them thoughtfully. “Children of the Nephilim,” he said. “Well, well. I don’t recall inviting you.”


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