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I will build you a fucking shrine if you write peter coming out as a bi to tony and tony being like, "hell yeah me too"!!!!!! (I'll probably cry happy tears too)

Okay. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

He could do this. He could do this. It was all going to be fine. He could do this. 

Fuck. How the hell was anyone supposed to do this?

He checked his watch for the fifteenth time that minute. Tony was currently 12 seconds late. But he was always late, so this was fine. It didn’t mean anything. He was just caught up again. Which was normal. 

Unless he’s found out and now hates me and is going to take the suit away and yell at me and never speak to me ever ever again-

“God, Peter, pull yourself together,” he muttered to himself, running a hand through his hair and then clasping it into a fist in his lap. It was all going to be okay. It was. He just needed to keep breathing.

Fuck. Why was he even here? Why had he called Tony in the first place? Take an hour of your day please, Mr Stark, I need to tell you something that I’ve only just found out myself and is probably something you don’t care about at all anyway-

This was stupid. He should have just waited until it could come up in casual conversation, not….whatever this was. Pulling Tony out of his busy day in order to tell him this stupid thing was…well, it was stupid! 

God, his hands were shaking.

What if Tony reacted badly? What if he got angry? What if…

what if he never wanted anything to do with Peter again?

It happened. He knew it happened. He’d heard all the horror stories. Kids, kicked out of homes by parents who had loved them unconditionally before. Put on the streets because they loved the wrong people.

Not that Tony would ever do that. Peter was scared, but he wasn’t stupid. For starters, Peter didn’t even live with Tony anyway. 
Well. He hung out with Tony in his workshop after school more often than not, and occasionally slept there if Aunt May was doing the nightshift, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t deal without it. He’d been fine before Tony came along.

But that wouldn’t even happen. He was making this out to be bigger than it was. Tony was cool. Tony would be fine. And even if he didn’t like it, he knew that New York still needed Peter on side, so he probably wouldn’t take the suit back, or kick him out. 


Suddenly, there was a four-beat knock on the door, and Peter practically flew off the couch in his living room from the surprise.

Okay. Okay. Showtime. 

It was going to be fine.

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BTS: dating Jungkook would include

▪ this dork would have to go through so much teasing before finally asking you out

 ▪ literally every time you’re over to hang out with the guys, they’d make it so obvious that he likes you 

 ▪ esp Jin that cheeky lil pickle

 ▪ “hey, I didn’t make enough food, you and y/n have to share, oops…”

 ▪ “Yoongi, don’t touch her! Do you want to feel the maknae’s wrath???“ 

▪ "I’m only going to the bathroom for 2 minutes, pls don’t do anything ok kookie?" 

▪ then he’d get fed up and just confess, mostly out of annoyance

 ▪ but then he’d think you’d take that the wrong way, and softly apologize and say he liked you too much to admit it to you before 

 ▪ but now that the cat’s outta the bag, you wanna hold my hand?

 ▪ would only initiate skinship if he’s known you for a while or he knows 100% ok with it 

▪ he then does it in front of the others to annoy them or get them to leave the room

 ▪ they’d just groan and throw pillows at you two, but continue with the teasing 

▪ but they’d be so so protective of you and treat you like a little sister (or a mini Jungkook) 

▪ rarely fighting with him

 ▪ bc there’s literally nothing that you can fight about with the other 

 ▪ you’re always very honest with each other, no matter how teasing and spontaneous your relationship may be

 ▪ so much showing off in front of you, he’s so dedicated to making you blush 

▪ tries to get Jin to teach him how to cook a v special meal for you 

▪ fails miserably, but you still appreciate the effort 

 ▪ jealous kookie is a scary kookie

 ▪ hates it when your attention is on someone else, or when other guys stare at you for too long or ‘accidentally’ brush themselves against you 

 ▪ he gets blinded by jealousy and rage and might end up throwing some hands 

▪ but you quickly pull him away and he’d proceed to apologize to you a million times

 ▪ but you’ll never admit how attractive he looked when he had that murderous look in his eye yikes

▪ sometimes won’t even act out on rage, he’d just cling to you or start playing with your hair to get your attention 

▪ then you’d ask him what’s wrong and he’ll just pout and play with your fingers until you two leave 

 ▪ is ready to be cuddled 24/7, beware

 ▪ you just can’t resist his pout and "please, jagi, I’m so lonely and cold and if you don’t hold me I’ll freeze to death" 

▪ takes his time to kiss you, just to make you weak in the knees

 ▪ but when he does, it’s so worth it bc it’s slow and passionate and he’s very caring 

 ▪ until Tae walks in and pretends to puke, but still somehow not completely ruining the moment

 ▪ loves it when you’re the big spoon, esp when he wakes up in your arms all cuddly and warm and happy

 ▪ aw, pls treat this happy dork well 💖

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who you should fight: pjo/hoo edition
  • jason grace: who wins: jason but i mean why are you trying to fight him anyway. he’s a good kid
  • hazel levesque: who wins: hazel. she’s literally a witch. do you want to die.
  • leo valdez: who wins: it doesn’t even matter who wins please just fight this boy. he might set you on fire but who cares. someone needs to punch him. i’ll help you
  • grover underwood: who wins: you but at what cost. why are you fighting this cinnamon bun
  • thalia grace: who wins: get her a few feet off the ground and ur gold. otherwise this is a guaranteed loss. probably better to just avoid
  • piper mclean: who wins: piper probably but as long as you don’t let her talk you might win. one word and you’ll end up dead and possibly sell ur soul to her though
  • reyna avila ramírez-arellano: who wins: reyna. why would you even try this
  • rachel elizabeth dare: who wins: you might win but she could also just stop mid-fight and predict the exact moment of your death. she scares me
  • will solace: who wins: you. he can’t do much to you and he’s the best healer at camp too so he’ll be okay probably. fight him
  • clarisse la rue: who wins: clarisse. tbh if you’re fighting clarisse she probably started it so good luck getting outta that one
  • percy jackson: who wins: could go either way. the kid might end up killing you in some spectacular and painful way but he might also just fuck up so badly you win by default. go for it though i want to see him get punched
  • coach hedge: who wins: you. just ignore the screaming and avoid the bat
  • luke castellan: who wins: he’s a good sword fighter but if you stand out of range and ask him about his evil plans/tragic backstory he’ll go off on a four page speech and you can try to get ur shot in then
  • frank zhang: who wins: why would you even want to fight frank?????? is he too kind???? too sweet for u??? please dont
  • nico di angelo: who wins: nico. he has killed more people than any of the seven and he doesn’t even have to touch them. dont try this
  • octavian: who wins: you. kick him
Tantalizing: 08

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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: No Smut, Slight Angst
Word Count: 5,281
A/N: This is my last chapter from the series, and though it doesn’t have smut and it might not satisfy all readers, I do hope you enjoyed and continue to stick around after this fic to see the others I have in store. This was my first actual series/fic to write and start here on Tumblr, and I’m glad I had such great support for it!

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Theories (Peter Quill)- Part Two

Pairing: Peter Quil x OC

Prompt: Sequel to Theories (Peter Quill)

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut for daysss.

Tag list: These are all people on my permanent tag list so if this isn’t something you’re interested in or comfortable reading, just ignore!

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As always, likes/comments/reblogs are super appreciated! I worked hard on this one, so hope you enjoy! Eek…posting smut always makes me SO nervous.

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I paced the tiny length of my room at least a dozen times, trying to shake off what had just happened between Quill and I. Even with weeks of grazing touches and longing looks behind us, that was the closest we’d come to…to what? What exactly had I been about to say to him before Rocket had interrupted with his imperfect timing? That I had feelings for him? That he was right?

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Bucky (29)


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompts: 29. “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?”

Requested by: @girl-next-door-writes @jackstimelady @overlordred

A/N:  All requests and the prompt list can be found by searching #SpringTimeDrabbles

You and your best friend Bucky were sitting beside each other at round reception table.  One of the agents that worked closely with you and the rest of the Avengers was getting married and had invited you.  Neither you nor Bucky were eager to go.  You worked with Simone doing intel directly for the Avengers.  She was Nat’s personal liaison, you were Bucky’s.  It was how you had become best friends.  After all without you, he would have been dead by now.

Bucky looked over at you, his face mirroring your displeased one.  It wasn’t that you were unhappy for the couple.  You just frankly were over weddings.  This was the fifth of the year and it was only May!  Bucky and you had the same routine every wedding, you would keep each other company making jokes, eating and drinking a bit too much, you’d share a dance then both head home early to watch some netflix.

You had just finished your dance with Bucky and plopped back down to finish your cake.   Bucky watched you from the corner of his eye.  You two were slowly becoming the only ones not in relationships or married.  Hell it seemed like everyone but the two of you were paired up in one way or another.

Clearing his throat slightly to gain your attention, he turns to full face you, “Do you want to get married?”

You look at him slightly shocked, you take a moment and gather what you want to say, “I do.  I want the partnership, the friendship.  I want someone to have my back.  I want love, but let’s face it, I am way too busy to meet someone who gets my job.  What about you?”

Bucky had listened to you carefully, processing everything you said as if it was one of your briefings. “I won’t lie doll, I hadn’t really thought about marriage, or hell even dating, in decades.  I just want someone I can spend time with and not want to stab them.  That list is pretty small.”

You laugh and look over to the happy couples on the dance floor all holding each other close and swaying to the soft music playing.

“You ready to get outta here?”  Bucky nods in confirmation, standing he offers you his arm and the two of you make your way to his waiting car.

Bucky is unusually silent as you drive back to your apartment.  Once you unlock the door to your place, Bucky follows you in.  Bucky heads to the guest room where he had a stash of clothes and personal things.  He considered it his room since he was there so often, so he didn’t wait for you to encourage him to make himself at home.

After you had changed into some pjs, and wiped the makeup off of your face, you went to the living room plopping beside the pj clad Bucky.

“What’s with you?”  You couldn’t take the silence it had been 30 minutes since he had last spoke to you and it was driving you crazy.

“Nothing.  I’m just thinking.”

You laugh and elbow him, “Don’t think too hard you might hurt yourself.  Bucky faced you with an indignant look before turning to pounce on you tickling your sides.

Screaming with laughter you try and fail to get him to stop.  Bucky continued his assault for a moment more before finally relenting.  You gasp for breath a slight smile on your face, while looking at the man who was now hovering over you with a bright smile.

Without warning Bucky leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.  Without hesitating you returned the kiss, bringing your hand up to hold his face in your palm.  You hand stayed as he pulled away slightly, his eyes closed.

“Sorry.”  He leaned up and sat at the end of the couch, placing his head in his metal hand.

“Don’t be.”  you get up from off your back and move to sit close to Bucky turning your body sideways on the couch.

“I’ve wanted to try-”

Cutting him off with another soft kiss.  “I’m glad you did.”

“Fuck it - Do you want to get married?”  Bucky’s face showed nothing but seriousness.  You looked at him in shock before giving him a slight smile.

“What about dating?”

“It feels like we have been dating for over a year.  We know too much about each other.  You know my story and what my work life is like.  Y/n you are part of my work life, you know as well as I do the risk.  I wouldn’t have to worry about your safety and you like my friends. I don’t want to stab you and you’re beautiful and that kiss.  That small kiss has made me feel more in the last 5 minutes, than anything has in years.”

“You’re right. I want a ring though.”

“Of course.  Kiss me again?”

I’d Love To Get To Know You - Gil x Reader

Requested: Hi, is it ok if you can do a gil x reader ? Where the reader is Ben’s older sister but is quieter (bookworm like belle) and gil meets her but he’s afraid to confess his feelings because he thinks she doesn’t like her bc his father is gaston? (Sorry if this sounds complicated)

A/N This is my first time writing about someone else besides Harry and I’m supper excited so enjoy (: A big thank you to @majestic-squad for the amazing request. 

Originally posted by auliicraval

“Are you going to the library again?” Ben asked you while staring down at the book you currently had in your hand. Yes King Ben of Auradon was your annoyingly sweet big brother. You two were a duo you loved Ben with all your heart and he too protected you from any harm. “Uh yea I’m trying to read all the books in the Library like mom and dad did when they were , ya know, locked in the castle” you shrugged. Ben laughed and shook his head “you are quite a book worm. Oh before you go you don’t mind if I use your picnic basket for mine and Mal’s date?” Ben asked hopeful. You nodded “just don’t ruin it mom gave that to me” Ben gave you a quick hug and disappeared into the halls.

Being the princess of Auradon had its ups and downs. You were a very quiet girl but you loved books like your mom. Recently your brother invited Villains to Auradon and you didn’t mind because you got along with Mal and Evie. As for Carlos and Jay they were still getting used to you being so quiet but they make it work. You loved all 4 of them with all your heart.

You made your way to the library. Dropping off your old books and walking past shelves of any over books you haven’t had the chance to read. You turned the corner and spotted a blond haired boy dressed like a pirate looking quite lost and confused. You wanted to help him but you knew he was Villain. “Common Y/N if Ben can have the courage to help even Villains you can too.” You whispered to yourself quietly. You got the courage to help him. You walked straight down with many thought running through your head. “Hi, c-can I help you?” You asked nervous. The blonde boy looked up at you. You have admit he was quite good looking. He didn’t look evil he looked really nice. “Uh yes I can’t pick out a book” he stated truly confused. You giggled lightly “I’m Y/N” you asked holding your hand out. “I’m Gil” he said shaking your hand. When your hands touched you felt a tiny spark. You quickly pulled away but smiled with tiny blush appearing on your cheeks. “I’ll help you find the perfect book” you smiled.

You spend hours in the library with Gil. You realized that Gil wasn’t the brightest at reading so you decided to help him out. To your surprise he was a very fast learner. “Your really pretty” said Gil almost hypnotized until he quickly snap outta it “I mean your pretty good at teaching me how to read” he nervously laughed. You giggled at his words “Why thank you Gil.” You saw another pirate approaching you and Gil except this one didn’t look much friendly and was dressed in red with black eyeliner around his eyes. “Gil where have you been me and Uma have been looking everywhere for you” “Calm down Harry Y/N here was teaching me how to read a book” he pointed out towards you. “You do know she’s King Adam’s daughter right?” Harry questioned Gil in an angry tone. You were confused. Why did that matter to them weather you were King Adam’s daughter. Gil looked at you wide eyed. “I gotta go” he quickly turned and walked away. “Sorry lass but if you’ve haven’t caught on that’s Gaston’s son and by the way he was looking at you I think he might’ve taken a liking in you” Harry nodded Gil’s way. “Gaston? As in the one who tried to kill my dad and wanted to marry my mom?” You gulped. Harry nodded “Just go easy on him he’s not the brightest but he is a good person.” “Yea I can tell” you said getting up and walking outta the library

You headed off to lunch thinking about Gil. Maybe you develop a tiny crush for him. There was something about him. Like he was so sweet and caring , yes he was clueless at times, but he was so gentle. You grabbed your lunch and debated weather to sit down by Ben and the gang or under a shady tree. You never really paid much attention to them because your nose was always stuck in a book. So you decided to go with the shady tree. You sat down pulling out your book and slowly eating the neatly cut apple slices your mom had packed for you. “Common mate just ask her out how we rehearsed” you heard again the Scottish accent coming from a far. You looked up to see a Harry Hook pushing Gil towards you with a tinny flower in his hand. The same flower that was planted by the ‘Don’t Pick Me Sign’. Villains really don’t play by the rules do they? “H-hey Y/N do u mind if I join you” Gil asked politely as he handed you the flower. You smiled and nodded taking the flower in your hand “sure I’d love that.” Gil blushed but took a seat next to you. “This Cotillion thing is coming up and I never really been to one” spoke Gil  nervously. “Well it’s a dance where my brother chooses his lady of the court and since Uma kinda ruined that last year we decided to have it again this year.” You explained. Gil nodded “did u have a date last year?” “Yes it was Chad but let me tell you that he ditched me to help Audrey fix a flat tire 6 hours away” you rolled your eyes “I ended up not having a dance partner so I left home early that night.” Gil frowned “W-well anyone would be lucky enough to have you as a partner.” You blushed and smiled. Gil quickly caught on to what he said. “Y/N I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that well I mean I did but you know what I me-” you cut him off by planting a quick kiss on his cheek. Gil almost immediately stopped talking and blushed. You giggled as you heard the bell ring signaling that you had class. “Can I walk you to class?” asked Gil. You smiled and nodded.

“So I was thinking maybe you could be my date to Cotillion” Gil asked nervously. No one has really ever asked you to be their date since Ben basically made Chad take you to Cotillion. “Sure.” You smiled at Gil and his face lit up. “I thought u wouldn’t like me because my father is Gaston I was really nervous because I’d really love to get to know you better.” said Gil nervously scratching the back of his neck as you two walked to your next class. “I’d really love to get to know you too.” You smiled and got on you tippy toes and gently peck Gil on the lips. “Pick me up at 7:00 and remember my dress is yellow” you blushed leaving Gil in the hallway completely love struck as you walked into class.

A/N I really hope you enjoyed this little Gil imagine. It was super fun writing and remember request are open (: (Also super sorry for the few spelling errors)

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Fuck you. People shouldn't ship jason and kimberly. It's disgusting

Listen ,, buddy ,, pal,

Come closer let me tell you something: People can ship whoever the hell they want and if the ship bothers you for no good reason* … just .. wait for it … ignore it!
Woah woah I know a bizarre concept but sometimes people are gonna do stuff you don’t like but u just gotta deal with it fam

Also Jason x Kim is in no way disgusting so get outta here with ur bs. Why is it so hard for people to just let others ship who they want like??? It doesn’t affect u ma dude

*Obviously this doesn’t apply to actual bad ships that are based on incest, pedophilia, ect.

Slow (SMUT)

A/N: I know there seems to be a lot of Niall imagines from me, but that’s because most of my requests are about him so I will combine similar requests or those that I feel will work well with each other. I do have some for Harry, Louis, and Zayn so I’ll do my best to space them out!

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

Originally posted by slowhandsmp3

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Awkward Encounters 3{The End}

What happens to your friendship with Steve after a very awkward encounter in the locker room showers?
Steve Rogers x reader
 Warnings :NSFW GIFS , SMUT, swearing, fluff & angst 

Masterlist        [awkward encounters series]

Steves been avoiding you since that night, he obviously wasn’t too thrilled about pietro carrying you away like that. You weren’t either . You wanted to stay with steve , stay in the hot tub .

  It’s been a week , and you’re craving Steves touch , you miss the sound of his voice. Every time you enter a room, he makes some half assed excuse to bolt out , and you’re getting sick of it . So ,with the help of wanda, you concocted a plan that’s about to happen . 

  While Steve is down training with Bucky , like every night, you let yourself into his room . The plan isn’t exactly well thought out, all you’re basically doing is cornering him , forcing him to face you. 

 You’ve been waiting for about 40 minutes, just laying in Steves bed . Which, by the way, is covered in iron man sheets . You laughed for about the first 20 minutes you were in his room, but now you’re trying to Keep yourself awake , the warmth and scent of Steves bed is overwhelming . STAY AWAKE . I can do this , it can’t go that bad right? But what if he really doesn’t want to talk to me? Fuck . I can’t- I gotta get outta here. You roll off his bed to leave, but the sound of steve and Buckys voices hit your ears . Shitballs. You throw yourself behind his door, praying he doesn’t just fling it open , the last thing you want is a broken nose from a door . He says his goodbye to buck then enters his room, this is it . No going back now. Before he shuts the door, you slam it shut, revealing yourself . Steves reflexes kick in and he going into his fight stance , but drops it as soon as he sees it’s you.

 “ what the -” 

 “ why are you avoiding me ?” You question , you watch as his eyes look at anything besides you.

 “ I’m not.” 

 “ you’re a bad liar rogers . So just spit it out , I’m getting tired of whatever game you’re playing .” You snap and his eyes finally meet yours . They aren’t Steves usually soft, light eyes; they are filled with anger, almost completely blown with it .and here it comes

 “ what game I’m playing ?! You’re one to fucking talk y/n . ” he raised his voice and you physically jump at the volume . You’ve never seen him like this , it’s slightly scaring you… & and turning you on . Don’t judge. Fuck, this is kinda hotter than his Captain voice . Is he ever not attractive ? 

“ excuse me ?” Your sass filters back in after you snap out of your inner dirty thoughts 

“all I was to you was a pawn in your little game win pietro . I’d love to hear how that works y/n, do you guys just do shit to piss each other off so you can run off to have sex when you get caught? Or were you just trying to make him jealous ? I’m not dumb, I see the way he looks at you, I hear the things he says when he thinks no one can hear . ” 

 Your heart drops , he really thinks I could do that? The tears welling up in your eyes are a mix of anger and sadness at Steves accusations, you fight to keep them at bay but when you start speaking your body betrays you “ you think that’s what that was ? A game? That I’m such a horrible person to use a friend in that way? ” you scoff , watching as his features slightly soften as you continue,“ steve everything that happened with us was real, atleast to me it was . Maybe if you weren’t too busy watching the way pietro looked at me, you’d see that it was the exact way I was looking at you . I want you Steve, not pietro, not anyone else . If you think I could that girl , that I could use someone , hurt them , for my own personal benefit, then it’s a good thing whatever I thought was happening with us is over.” you turn around and storm out of Steves room , leaving him with a dropped jaw as he processed your words . 

 Steves POV 

  She just- she wants me . But then how come pietro was so .. on her . Why would she let him ? I didn’t think she could be that cold hearted , but what was I suppose to believe . And now I just look like a giant - 

 “ yes, you do look like a giant dickbag. ” Wanda’s voice breaks me from my thoughts . “ You are an idiot, you do know that right steve ? ” 

 “ wanda-”

 “ no” she barks, making my eyes widen .“ My brothers actions for y/n are not wanted or welcomed by her . He does it because he can’t handle a female not pining for him, she is what he can’t have . She doesn’t want him , she wanted you. That day you two were in the shower turned into so much more for both of you. You’re an idiot for thinking she could be so cruel to use you for such a thing , everything that’s happened between you was real for her . You better fix this .” 

She doesn’t give me a chance to respond before she exits my room . How am I going to get out of this one ? 

 “ she likes m&m cookies & Disney movies !” Wanda calls from down the hall , and all I can do is chuckle . 

Looks like I’m baking . 

 Readers POV 

  I really need to stop having a pity party .im not in the wrong here , it’s stupid freaking steve that’s wrong . Not me. So why am I hiding-

“ miss y/n, in required to inform the closest person that there is a disturbance in the communal kitchen , I am about to deploy the extinguishers .” 

 “ I’m on my way there FRIDAY.” You bolt from the couch to go to the kitchen , you arrive in less than a minute and bolt from tub elevator into the kitchen . Everything is covered in white foam, including Steve . You lean against the door frame , silently watching as he mumbles to himself as he tosses round black things into the garbage . You notice a few empty m&m bags in the counter behind him ,Was he making cookies ? I didn’t even think he knew how to use an oven ; well I was clearly right .

“ what the hell are you doing ?” You ask, watching as he whips around to face you. 

“ crap- how long-” 

“ clearly you’re not meant to be a baker .” 

 He groans , leaning against the counter and rubbing his hand down his face in frustration. “ I was trying to make you cookies to eat while we watch Aladdin but I- just- im sorry. I’m sorry about burning the cookies , about ruining whatever was happening with this-” he motions between us “ I was just hurt . Watching pietro take off with you the other night- it struck a nerve . I shouldn’t of jumped to conclusions .” 

“you’re damn right you shouldn’t have . I wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt you steve . I can’t even believe you could think-” You’re cut off by his lips crashing into yours in a needy, slow kiss. PUSH HIM AWAY . For once , your body listens , and you shove him off you. “ oh no you don’t , you’re not getting out of this by kissing me steve rogers . You had the nerve to accuse -”

 His lips land on yours again , this time his hands coming up to cradle your face , holding it to his . You fist your hands into his shirt, giving in and kissing back . You missed this feeling , the feeling of his lips dancing with yours , of his warm body so close to yours . He pulls away, letting you both get a breath. he moves his attention lower,kissing down your neck until he hit the collar of your t shirt . He looks to you for approval, as soon as you smile he removes your shirt and attaches his lips to your collar bone, sucking hard enough that you’re absolutely sure you’ll be purple & blue tomorrow . His lips trail down to the tops of your chest, licking and sucking while he swiftly removes your bra , moving right away to suck a hardened nipple into his mouth .

 “ st- steve . Maybe we shouldn’t do this here- oh!” Your words are lost as soon as his hands roughly rubs against your covered core . He roughly rubs against your jean shorts, sending sparks through you from the delicious friction it’s creating against your clit . He doesn’t speak , just lifts you by the backs of your thighs, guiding you to wrap your legs around his waist . When you do , he holds you against his chest, making your sensitive nipples rub against his shirt . 

“ oh shit steve-” you cry out at the feeling , and he chuckles . Before you can get to the elevator , it opens. You don’t turn around , trying to keep your chest covered from whoever it is . 

“ printessa , where is your shirt !?” Of course its pietro . You hear Wanda and Bucky giggle , and you bury your face against Steves neck . 

 “ we’ll just - ya know get outta your way" wanda says with a wink as she pushes the two boys out of your way. 

You can feel Steves shoulders move as he chuckles , you nip at his neck as he does. His grip on you tightens making you squeak 

“few more floors doll, & then you’re mine.“ He whispers against your head as he places a kiss there . You hear the doors open & then you’re on your way to finally be with steve . I’m about to bang steve rogers . Captain Steve Rogers . Captain America is about to put his- 

“doll you with me ?”  

When did we get into his room? I really need to pay attention. “ y-yeah just got a little lost in my head steve .” A smile tugs at your lips , this is it

“ y/n if you don’t want to-“ You shit him up by pulling him to you by the back of his neck, smashing your lips to his . 

His body falls over yours , his arms barely catching him from dropping completely on you . His lips leave yours , trailing wet kisses down your neck until his hits your chest and wraps his lips around your nipple while one of his hands massages your other . The warmth of his mouth , and feeling of his tongue swirling around the bud sends heat straight to your core, making you squirm under him . 

 "Steve , don’t you think we’ve done enough teasing? ” you gasp out as he switches nipples , he releases you with a wet pop, then locks eyes with you . A devilish grin paints itself on his flushed face as his hand begins trailing from your chest down to your tummy , then above your pants . He dips his fingers under the top, teasingly moving under your panties as well. You can see his enjoying seeing you slowly go insane from his actions , & all you want to do is wipe that dumb grin off his beautiful face. So you do . You lock your legs around his waist, along with putting our hands on his shoulders , then use all your strength to flip the both of you. Steve gasps as his back hits the bed & you settle on top of him . Before his hands can find your waist, you leap off and rapidly discard the rest of your clothing . You slowly crawl your way up his body in the bed , winking at him as you stop at his waist . You lazily run your hands under his shirt , he takes the hint and leans up to pull his shirt off as your hands move lower to rid him of his pants . You use the same pace to tug down his pants & boxer , biting your lip when his cock comes into view and bounces against his stomach . Holy shit . Fuck yes ! 

You smirk , making your way back up until your lips are on his again . Your lips dance with his , your tongue gliding over his as you both moan into each other . You grind yourself down against him,his dick sliding between your slippery folds . A loud moan falls from you just as a a string of curses fall from his lips. 

“ I thought we were done teasing doll.“ His voice is strained , and you can’t help by giggle . You have americas golden boy falling to pieces beneath you, & you love it . Steve doesn’t wait for a response , in a blur he has you on your back again, but he isn’t hovering over you this time . Steve takes his place between your legs, eyes locking on your exposed center . He places on hand on your thigh , and using his other to tease your clit . Every time you gasp, he speeds up the circles he’s making . His eyes are watching you as he continues playing , butyouve had enough . You grab onto his wrist , and moves his hand lower to your pussy and push it against you. 

 He chuckles and obeys, pushing a single finger into your dripping hole . 

 ” st-Steve move your damn finger !“ You growl out . & he does, once he starts he doesn’t hold back. He adds another finger as he thrusts into you, his pace creating loud wet noises as he finger fucks you . You whimper and beg him to just fuck you already, but every time he says he doesn’t want to risk hurting you with his size . He makes you cum twice with his fingers, the last time adding his mouth into the mix and sucking your clit until your so sensitive you have to beg him to stop . 

“ you sure you’re ready for this doll?” You nod and pull him into a sweet kiss, using it as a distraction as he guides his length into you. You whimper loudly at the feeling of him stretching you out , there’s no pain though, it’s straight pleasure erupting every single nerve in you. 

 " steve ,for the love of god, MOVE.“ He sends you a goofy smile before he pull out and slams back into you . His pace immediately takes on an animalistic speed, his thrusts hitting your sweet spot hard, & dead on . The tightening in your stomach increases and you know you’re not going to last long , but by the look on his face and the twitching of his cock in you ,you know he’s on the same boat . 

“ fuck doll. You’re so fucking tight , I’m not- not going to be able to last .” He warns .

 " steve please -“

 "Please what y/n?”

 " fuck me from behind .“ He groans at your command and maneuvers you to so you’re on your hands and knees facing his headboard . You wiggle your ass at him, and yelp when his hand comes down hard against your ass . Huh , who knew I’d have a thing for being spanked . Way to go Rogers . Without warning he thrust back into you, the new angle making you cry out . He picks his speed back up, grabbing onto the headboard to strengthen his thrusts . The way he’s fucking into you has you begging for release . His hands move around you to your chest, one rolling a nipple between his fingers, the other toying with your clit . He pulls your body up, holding your back to his chest while he rapidly thrusts himself into you.

 ” come on doll, cum for me . I can feel the way your squeezing me , let it go .“ You follow his words, spiraling into your climax and pulling him with you . You squeeze your eyes shut and cry out once you feel him coat your walls with his own finish . You fall forward , Steve landing beside you as you both try to even your breathing . 

 ” was it as good as you wanted it to be ?“ Steve asks . You giggle at his awkwardness and move to roll yourself on top of him . Your place your hands on his chest, and rest your head on top of them as his arms snake around your waist . 

 ” you are everything I wanted Steve . “ you confess . ” it’s more than just sex right steve ? “ 

“it’s so much more . I’m never giving this up .”

 & that’s how you official started your relationship with steve, based on one very awkward encounter with him in the gym showers .

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The hallways seemed to get narrower, but Gladio was sure it was because he was beginning to panic now. Too many times had he been tricked by some form of you showing up, always in pain, dying and Gladio was powerless to stop it. It was emotionally draining but somehow seemed to spur him on to want to find you.

As the four of them entered the small cell block, some of them were littered with dead daemons but Gladio took no care of them and suddenly saw you strapped to some odd contraption looking a little beat up. In a very unusual fashion Gladio bolted forward, almost ripping the door off its hinges and heading inside to help you down.

A small pained noise came from the back of your throat and before you could drop weakly to your knees Gladio caught you, holding you close to his masculine form and kissing the top of your head subtly before tilting your head up to look at him. “H-How do… do I know it’s you…?” A small voice came from you.

“It’s me.” His voice was sure and strong before bringing down his lips on your own in a passionate way that only Gladio could manage. “Do you believe me know.” Without another word, you clung to him and whimpered out small breaths. “We’re gonna get you outta here, okay? Just hold onto me.”

In those next moments, you rose to your feet like a newborn doe before holding your hand out. “No, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Pass me a weapon.” Gladio’s warm hand was pressed against your lower back as he chuckled. “I have never loved you more than I do right now.”


It was hard to distinguish reality from fiction, especially with Ignis’ sight being hindered in such a drastic way. The sounds of your voice fluttered through the halls, tricking him cruelly, wanting to pull him away in different more dangerous directions. If it weren’t for Gladio steering him along then Ignis feared that he might end up lost in these maze-like hallways.

Ignis was informed they were entering some cells, most things described to him but the moment that a tiny voice came from the end of the hall he stepped forward, holding his cane out in front of him and making his way there. “Iggy, wait,” Gladio commanded but he didn’t listen, he didn’t want to.

The feeling of a cell in front of him made Ignis frustrated, pushing at the bars until they finally opened and a couple of muttering voices came from behind him. “Love?” His voice was tiny but as you responded. “Ignis.” He grew more frustrated in wanting to find you, a couple of bodies rushing by him. “What’s happening?”

“It’s alright, Iggy. Here.” Gladio’s large hand came out to grab Ignis’ and then lead him forward until finally, Ignis’ hand was touching something delicate and soft beneath his fingers, a small, breathy laugh slipped from your lips as you. “Everything’s okay. It’s her.” He promised and suddenly your body bolted forward and locked yourself around Ignis. “See, I told ya we’d find her.”

Ignis dropped his cane and held you close, rubbing your back and sighing contently. “You were right, my friend.” Holding you impossibly close, not wanting to let you go. Although he could see Ignis knew that this wasn’t a trick. This was you in his arms, not some game. “We should make haste to get out of here before we are tricked again.”

A couple of little nods came from you before you pulled away, still standing very close and then leaning down to pick up his cane, placing that firmly back in his hand and taking his other, linking your fingers. “Stay close.” You informed him, at the moment you weren’t feeling strong and you didn’t look strong, but deep down you knew you had to be for Ignis.


There really wasn’t much else leading up to this moment that Noctis had been more determined and focused on, but it surprised all his friends how he pushed forward, took the lead and just continued even when they would have thought no less of him to fall back and take a break. No, he wasn’t about to do that.

The sound of a soft whimpering cry was what made Noctis finally realise he was no longer being tricked and played. Rushing into the cell block and dismissing warnings from his friends that followed before seeing that you were hooked up to some device, tortured and sobbing gently. “I’m here~” He quickly announced.

Noctis didn’t waste another moment, flying through the doors and untangling you from the mess of wires, catching you before you crashed into the ground, nursing you in his arms for a moment. “That bastard is going to pay for what he has done to you.” A growl form on his lips, holding you close to his body.

A couple of stiff pain filled noises slipped from your lips as you carefully took his hand, trembling in your own. “Not just to me. To everyone.” You hissed before allowing Noctis to help you to your feet and nodding, trying to find some strength through your King. “I know and I’m going to be right by your side when you make him pay.”

This made a proud smile form on Noctis’ features as he pressed his forehead to yours and gazed into your eyes for a moment. “Together,” Noctis said like it was some kind of promise between the two of you.  “Together.” You promised right back and nodded your head.


This entire place was like a damn maze and Prompto was just sick of being lead astray by visions and being played by this evil bastard. It had taken the work of his friends to drag him away from most traps, informing him that it wasn’t you standing there and for a while Prompto tried to fight them.

It took Gladio’s immense strength to make Prompto keep moving half of the time. Finally when they made their way to the cell block and immediately his fantastic blue eyes caught sight of you down the end of the wall, strapped to some strange looking device, head tucked down into your chest. “Oh no!” He whimpered and sprinted forward into the unknown.

His friends called out from behind him but Prompto didn’t stop. “Oh, no. Oh no.” He whimpered, struggling against the binds and finally they unlocked and you fell limping from the board and onto Prompto who struggled backwards for a moment before getting his footing and holding you in his arms. “Please. Please, wake up. Don’t be a trick. Wake up.” He begged before hearing a soft gasp.

You were awake. Prompto rejoiced inside, but held you firmly in his slender arms and turned you to be gazing at your face. “Oh…” The noise was tiny but it was something. “Don’t let… let this be a trick.” You whispered, both of you clearly had the same fear, but there was something about this that was so heartbreakingly real.

“It’s not a trick.” The blonde assured you and nuzzled you close for a moment. “It’s not a trick and it’s never gonna be a trick again. Alright? We’re gonna get you outta here and we’re gonna fix you up.” He assured you before giving you a tiny smile. “We just got to figure a way out first, but I’m not gonna leave your side, you understand?” You nodded tiredly. “Good.”

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The Way You Make Me Feel- Calum Hood Imagine

Request: Can you pls pls pls make an imagine about Calum and y/n having a hate-love relationship? Like, you like each other but act to hate each other and one night you get closer to a guy at a party and C gets jelly???? 🙏😭 I need the butterflies feeling

A/N: Hope this is kind of what you were looking for. Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

“You’re wearing that” Calum asked, giving you a look of judgment.

“Yeah and you’re point is” you sass back.

“I mean it’s fine if you’re trying to get every guy to look at you like you’re a piece of meat or something” he scoffs. You respond with an eye roll and a look of annoyance towards Calum. You two had a weird relationship with one another. One day you would be best friends goofing off and making one another laugh, and the next day you were fighting about the littlest of things. All the other guys insist that you two fight because you care for one another, but you just don’t see it.  

Once you all arrive at the party, the loud music instantly fills your ears. Tonight you were determined to have fun, and you weren’t going to let what Calum said to you earlier get to you. If guys were going to look at you in any way, it was going to be because you want them to.

The party was crowded and you notice only a few people you recognized. Still feeling a bit annoyed from earlier, you decide to go and get a drink to help loosen you up a bit. Once at the bar, you place your drink order, and patiently wait for the bartender to get it for you.

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before” a smooth voice said. The man was unfamiliar, but was very attractive, so a little small talk wouldn’t hurt.

“Yeah, it’s my first time here, I just came with some friends tonight” you respond flirtatiously.

“The name is Matt, and what kind of a name does a beautiful girl like you have?”

“It’s (Y/N)” you say tucking a stray piece of hair behind your head.

“So (y/n), where are your friends? Or more specifically, is one of them your boyfriend” he asks as he approaches closer to you.

“No, no boyfriend. I’m completely unattached” you say giving a small smile. A smile on his face appears, as he realizes this is his chance to make a move. For the next hour, you and Matt were completely focused on one another. Each of you briefly explained your past dating life, hobbies, and just other random stuff to talk about. With the music playing so loudly, both of you were only inches away from one another, the heat of his breath constantly hitting your neck.

“Hey do you maybe want to get out of here so we could some somewhere to ta-“

“Hey (y/n) can I see you for a second” Calum says as grabs you by the arm and pulls you away from Matt.

“What the hell Calum, he was cute” you protest.

“Yeah and he wanted more than just to talk” he quickly responds.

“And why do you care so much all of a sudden?” you snap back.

Calum knew that no words would work to ease your annoyance. So instead he pulled his body closer to yours, leaving nearly no space between your bodies. He brought his lips to yours and moved his hand to your lower back. Although your mind was running at a thousand miles a minute, your body couldn’t pull away. It’s as if you became addicted to Calum’s kiss, and don’t want to stop for a second.

“No boyfriend huh” you hear Matt say in a pissed off tone. He walks away from the two of you, but not before giving you and Calum each a hard glare. Once he’s gone you and Calum look at each other for a moment a burst into laughter.

“I hate you” you say through laughter while playfully pushing Calum.

“Oh please you know you love me” he jokes back. “Either way, I had to show him that you’re mine and he can’t have you.”

“And what makes you think that I’m yours” you say giving a devilish grin.

“If I need to convince you so more, I gladly will” he says as he places both of his hands on your waist. He pulls you in for another kiss, only to pull away just as soon as you start to enjoy it. As his lips leave yours you let out a small sigh.

“I’m convinced” you say with a smile.

“Good, because there is way more where that came from. I wish you could understand the way you make me feel. It’s as though every time I’m around you, my heart beats at a thousand miles a minute. When I saw you earlier all I wanted to do was tell you how I feel, but instead I came off as an ass, and I’m sorry. But why don’t you say we get outta here and just hang out back at my apartment?”

“Let’s go” you say eagerly as you tug on his arm and fight through the crowd. You weren’t sure what this meant for your relationship with Calum, but right now that didn’t matter, all you wanted was to have fun tonight.

White Wedding

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You’re at your best friends wedding reception when you run into the grooms younger brother, Cas.

Warnings: AU, hints of light drug use, is fluff a warning?

A/N: This was inspired by a little drabble I wrote based on the picture above. It was requested by @willowing-love that I write a oneshot. If you can’t tell, this AU Cas is based on Endverse!Cas.


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I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me | Luke Skywalker

Pairing: ReaderxLuke

Warnings: Implied sexual stuff

Word count: 1,306

It was official. The Death Star, well the second one, had officially been blown up. Vader had died. The war was over. It is possibly the best four words you will ever speak. 


Of course, celebrations were in order with the little fuzzy Ewoks who, after attempting to consume you all, decided that they quite enjoyed your presence. Emphasis on YOUR presence. During the lapse of time between when Luke and them returned versus when you returned (you being significantly earlier due trying to communicate back to base), the Ewoks had taken an extreme liking to you.  

Three are currently crowded around you, their fuzzy selves pressed tightly against your legs. There is no room to move even an inch. Well, you could, but likely you would end up falling flat on your face and knocking over a few more Ewoks. There is no denial that you enjoy them. But you need to go talk to your boyfriend, who has wandered off slightly from the crowd. 

Han saves you, by violently gently shoving the two in front of you out of your way, handing you a cup.  

“Drink up, Commander,” he grins.

You chug it. It’s heavy alcohol and you wince slightly at it’s strength. But with no Ewoks around you immediately and the party really kicking up, the alcohol feels nice. “What is this?” you hand the cup back to him. 

“Some strong stuff I may or may not have stolen from Jabba a long time ago,” Han shrugs. “It’s good right?”

You had to agree with that. Rarely did you drink, but this was something you wouldn’t mind at every celebration. “Very. Where’s Luke?”

“Your boyfriend’s over there.” Han nods behind him. 

Luke is still away from the party, but a little closer than before. His back is leaned against a tree, a bottle of what you assume is the same thing in his hand. It’s the first time you’ve ever seen a drink, in fact. His blue eyes lock with yours in a snap. So you stare at him, deep into his blue eyes, deep into his soul. Deep into the eyes you will never get tired of. 

Come here, you hear in your head, Luke using his new found trick. 

“Sorry Han, gotta go talk to Luke,” you murmur, eyes still draw to your boyfirend. 

“Be safe!” Han shouts. 

You scoff, beginning to weave through the throng of dancing Ewoks and humans. When weren’t you and Luke safe? Well, actually, there were at least three occasions you could think of off the top of your head… 

That’s not the point. The point is that Luke is now standing up right, watching you make your way through the party. It’s loud, it’s fun, it’s rambunctious. Who wouldn’t be happy that the Empire has fallen? But as you shift your hips and twist your waist a little to get past people, Luke is more concerned with you and your body than the falling of the Empire. 

As you finally get past the last couple Ewoks, Luke walks forward, meeting you at the edge of the crowd. It’s like there is a bubble, or a mind trick, but as soon as you pass the threshold of the crowd, the party is significantly quieter. All the noises and screeches are suddenly pressed to dull murmur. 

Luke extends his left hand to you, right still holding the drink he is drinking. He says nothing; just pulls you closer to him and traces your face with his eyes. He looks content, but little mischievous too. A soft smile with a little tug in the corner continues to display on his face as his hand moves from holding your hand to gripping your waist. In a sudden tug, he has you pressed against him. 

You love standing like this with Luke. It feels like two bodies are becoming one: perfectly entwined. He may be soft and innocent most of the time, but when you two are alone, all of that goes out the window. Though he is indeed soft still, he is also passionate in a different way than normal and needier than he seems. 

Luke leans down, his mouth nearing your ear. You can smell the gentle scent of alcohol on his breath. 

“I can’t stop thinking about your hands me, sweetheart,” he murmurs. 

Your lips tug into a smirk. You pull your head away just enough to look at him in the eyes again so you can see his reaction as your right hand moves to the waistband of his pants and your left hand trails to the nape of his neck. 

“Is that right?” you respond, slowing rubbing shapes into his hip with your right, and tracing along his weak spot on his neck with your right. 

His eyes shudder close. These are two of the spots that you’ve learned get him going quite quickly, and if he is already aroused, it will just make him flutter with need. So you move your right hand in towards the center of his body more, slowly tracing the button of his pants. The round clasp there is tempting to immediately just remove, but you two are in public. Better to tease and have him beg than to do something that’ll make Han make fun of you two for years to come. However, the hand on his neck stays, the tantalizing circles being drawn there causing his breath to suddenly pick with a huge gasp disguising a moan. 

With how pressed together you two are, how aroused Luke is is no secret. As soon as he begins to get hard, you feel it; causing a slightly pressure between the two of you. The only thing driving you apart is also one of the few things that could, quiet literally, make you almost the same person. Ironic in a way.
So you shift your hips forward, pressing into said hard-on. Luke moans, shoving his face into your neck, attempting to cover up any extra noises. His hair smells nicer; the combination of grease from flying and the forestry from throughout the day has added to his natural scent, making him even furthermore desirable. 

Him being mildly distracted, allows you to remove the hand from his neck, stealing the bottle from his hand. More alcohol would do no harm at this point. His free hand now also drops down, but instead of to your waist, it settles on your ass. His pinky finger falls right into the crevice between your ass and your thigh. The rest of his hand spreads its way throughout the surface, trying to cover as much as possible. 

But you don’t mind. Instead, you take a swig of the bottle. 

You were wrong. Han gave him significantly stronger alcohol, which is likely why the bottle is still 95% full. Never give a pure person such strong alcohol, Han. 

You’ll reprimand him later. 

“I just can’t stop thinking about your hands on me, on every part of me,” he groans, breathe stuttering. 

“Then we should get outta here, huh?” you muse, throwing the bottle holding hand around his neck. 

He lifts his head, blue eyes looking sincerely into you.

“Please,” he whines. “I want you so bad, baby.”

Oh, you know he does, as soon as the word baby passes his lips. Sweetheart, love, honey, darling… all words he uses regularly. But he only uses babe or baby when he is extremely turned and needy, which is obviously right now. 

“Lead the way then,” you grin. 

Luke perks up further, removing his hands entirely from you. He encourages you to do the same, quickly gripping your right hand as soon as it is free from his waistband. With fingers entwined, Luke leads you further away from the party, further into the darkness, and into a night of wonder.

mass effect is very important to me and I don’t want my opinions or my experience to change in a negative way because of the fandom.

I won’t leave this blog or fandom, but I won’t hesitate to unfollow people or avoid the tag or anything, depending what’s going on (I didn’t unfollow anyone, don’t worry. but it might happen in the future if I see something that’s bothering me) 

I don’t want to be involved or see any fandom drama, for me, but also for the people who follow my blog. 
and when I notice that I start liking a character less because of the fandom, I will keep my distance because I don’t want to destroy my experience or my opinion of that character.

this is just a little info, not meant against anyone in particular.
have a beautiful sunday, everyone!

New Suit { Bucky Barnes x a Reader Oneshot!}

“Can I request #6 and #7 with Bucky? 💕💕”
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“ Tony I’m just a hacker I don’t think-”
“ it looks great on you kid! ” Tony exclaims as he walks around you.

 When Tony suggested that you should have a cool suit you didn’t imagine this ; but you should of, he is Tony Stark after all. The suit he created was similar to Natasha’s cat suit, just with a few alterations. For some reason this suit has a deeper neckline than Nats , but it clings to your body just the same . You can feel it hug all your curves , if you didn’t feel so badass in it you’d probably feel self conscious. You turn your self around ,your eyes gliding down your reflection until they land on your ass. Holy shit. Your ass is perfectly outlined, you never really thought it looked like this. The suits shows off how round it really is. 

“ You’ve had to come out on the field before y/n, better safe than sorry . Besides ,it fits you deliciously.” tony reasons through his smirk .

“ way to make it creepy T. ”

 He rolls his eyes and waves you off. “ there’s built in holsters, and it’s bullet, and shock proof . You’re an important asset dear, gotta keep you in one piece.”

  Not even a day later you are called out on a mission . The team caught wind of a hydra base that is rumored to contain vital data . Being the talented hacker you are ,  youre task is  to shove your flash drive in  & extract all the files .

 On the jet Steve assigns everyone’s area, him & Bucky are to be your cover while you are getting the data . You know missions should be serious, but most of the time the team makes them entertaining. You get along with all of them , the only one you really  you get into arguments with is Barnes.

After adjusting to being free, coming to terms with himself and being with the team , Buckys personality blossomed . He went from a shy, quiet , to an open ,flirty & slightly annoying man. You guys are friends, but when he started being the 40’s ladies man he once was , the more he started flirting and getting on your nerves. He flirts with everyone, but sometimes you think you catch a glimmer of something else in his eyes when he does with you. You never get your hopes up though, his words never had any physical backup, sadly .

  Entering the base wasn’t as difficult as you thought, well at first . Steve pushed through the set of steel doors that are suppose to lead you To the hall containing the data lab. As soon as the doors are open, you’re under fire . Steve holds his shield in front of the two of you, while Bucky takes out the agents . When it’s clear you rush to the data lab, but a new set of agents are behind you.

“ I got it out here Buck, guard her in the lab!” Steve shouts . You watch as the onslaught of agents swarm the hall. Bucky shoves you in to the lab,bolting the door behind you.

“ we don’t have a lotta time here doll, do your thing.”
  You don’t waste time replying , instead going straight to the computer desk to start working. Where the fuck is the chair ? Whatever.
You’re bent over the desk, clicking through the files when you feel eyes on you. You slowly turn to see Bucky eyes glued to your ass.
“ my eyes are up here buddy .”
His eyes snap up to yours , a smirk stretching across his lips. You quickly turn back to the computer, praying he didn’t see the blush blooming across your cheeks.

“ that’s quite a suit y/n. It compliments you very, very well.”

“ Calm down there Romeo. I’m just about done here.” You pull out your drive , tucking it safely away in your suit. You follow Bucky out into the hall, soldiers scattered along the hall .

“ Do you think Steve only used his shield to do this? Or threw a couple punches ?” You ask ,gripping onto you gun tightly as you round the corner .

“ I don’t know doll, that guy is pretty attached to his shield .”

“ you two Realize you are on a comms system right?”
Steves voice startles you for a second . How could I forget that , whoops. You hear the others laugh in the comms.

“ well rogers , shield or hands ?” Nat asks

“ does it Matt- buck you have about 20 agents coming your way, find an alternate route NOW.”

Panic seeps through your body, you look around for a way out . Upon hearing the approaching agents ,Bucky grabs your hand and runs the other way. The first door he sees, he rips open and tosses you in, then getting himself in. Luck seems to be against you today, the room bucky forced you to hide in was a closet . A fucking closet .

“ are you kidding me right now bucky!” You harshly whisper . It’s pitch black, and your bodies are pushed right up against each other, chest to chest . You can feel his breath fanning down over your face ,

“ we didn’t have a choice , but I can’t say I mind this situation too much .”

You can hear the smirk on his face. Your hands are pressed against his chest , making your attention go to where his are .

“ Can you get your hands off my ass? Thanks.”
He lets out a hushed laugh, grabbing your ass .

“ Dude!”

“ it’s a small closet doll, can’t help it.”

“ The hallways clear guys, unless you want to continue seven minutes in heaven .” Tony says through the comms.

You feel around for the doorknob, but when you find it, it doesn’t budge.
“ doll as much as I like feeling you against me, I think it’s time to get outta here.” Bucky teases ,

“ the door is fucking locked jackass.”

“ caps on his way to find you two.”
“ thanks Clint.”

You feel buckys hands begin to grab at your butt again , this time a little harder. You bite back a moan, not wanting to give him any leverage .

“ what do you think you’re doing?”

“ just testing out a theory Dollface.”

Deciding to play along with whatever little game this is, you slide your hands from his chest up into his hair .

“ and what theory is that Bucky ?”

“ that you like it rough d-”
You tug his hair, making a deep moan slip from his lips .

“ seems like I’m not the only one.”
You hear him mumble a low “fuck “under his breathe . You can feel your heart beating faster , the closeness of your bodies, the feeling of his hands tugging on your ass is getting you more flustered than you like to admit .

Fuck it. You don’t know what possessed you to do it, but you lean up and connect your lips to his. He is responsive immediately, like he was waiting for you . His hands pull you impossibly closer while your hands tangle farther into his hair . You can feel his boner pressing against you through his tactical gear. You lightly roll your hips against him, when he parts his lips in shock you slide your tongue against his. You both moan into the kiss at the feeling . You finally part to breathe , the only sound is the two of you panting.

” guys ?“ You hear steve distantly call.

” STEVE!?“ You yell . You hear the patter of his feet , then the door is ripped open.

you untangle yourself from Bucky and nearly fall into the hallway . You can feel the blush on your face as you lock eyes with Steve.

” what-“ steve starts but you cut him off

” how many closets could there be, that it took you this long to find us ?“ You ask as you dust yourself off. You look up to see Steve smirking at Bucky, then turning to you with the same look. You look to Bucky, seeing a smirk plastered on his pink, extremely kiss swollen lips.
If his look like that means mine do too.

” I didn’t mean to literally play seven minutes In heaven Y/n.“ Tony says through his laughter. Fuck , I really need to stop forgetting about the comms.

You groan and stomp off down the hall.

” I must have really kissed you senseless, the jets the other way doll.“ Bucky shouts. You stop dead in your track , spinning on your heels to stomp the right way.

” not another fucking word .“ You warn as you pass the boys. They both howl with laughter as they follow behind you.

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business meeting | alfie solomons

Ah, Alfie!!! Right, so maybe one where the reader meets Tommy and they don’t get along in the slightest. Tommy makes digs about Alfie so the reader says stuff about grace but Alfie finds the situation funny. Thank you x

ALFIE REQUEST HERE!! Can you do one where The shelbys are super bloody surprised to find out that ALFIE actually has a wife? And they found out cause she had to have a meetjngn with them because Alfie was doing business elsewhere and sent his wife cause he trusts her most to be his eyes ears and voice when it comes to business?

part two

send requests here

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What Matters - Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Title: What Matters

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi love! May I request a deanxpregnant!reader where it’s all fluffy,& protective daddy!dean? But they fight, he leaves& reader has to go to the hospital bc she’s not feeling well& he runs back to her apologetic? But all’s well at the end. Thanks!xx

“You know sometimes you’re just infuriating.” you growled at the hunter, crossing your arms over your chest as he only mocked you.

“So I am infuriating because I want you to protect you huh?” he scoffed and you glared at him.

“You call keeping me inside the bunker 24/7 is suddenly called protecting me?!” you shrieked and he shrugged.

“Is it not?” he raised an eyebrow so calm it got you all the more angry.

“Hell no it isn’t, Dean!” you growled “I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have to sneak my way out of here after I got pregnant because you are so freaking scared of something happening to me?! Hell the last time I got out was just to go to the market and that happened because Sam was here and not you. And when you found out, you sent Cas after me!”

He rolled his eyes “Is it suddenly that bad of me to want to make sure my child is safe?”

Our child Dean! It’s our child, and I am just as responsible for it as you are. Do you think I’d ever want anything to happen to it?” you couldn’t stop yourself from creaming at him and he let out a small growl, pushing his chair back roughly.

“Is that so? So how is you jumping in the way to save me, risking both of yours lives, for me?” he growled and if it had been anybody else they would have taken a step back at how scary Dean looked at that moment.

“So that’s what all of this is about? That vampire?”

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The Love Club (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by katmcnamara

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: Cursing, Violence
Summary: Peter has been trying to take down a gang of robbers for the past few weeks, but never gets close to catching them because his rival, another hero by the name of Vagabond (the reader), is always one step ahead of him. 
Author: Dizzy
A/N: Anonymous requested number 2: “Listen here, asshole, if you think telling me what I’m doing is wrong, think again cause I can do a hell of a lot worse than slitting a throat.”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter stood, clad in his Spider-man suit, on the edge of the building, watching as a gang of men rushed into a closed jewelry store. He had recognized the group by their outfits, suits of black with a single red heart on their sleeves.

The newspapers called them The Love Club while Peter called them just plain criminals. 

It was then that he spotted his rival, Vagabond, a young woman in a skin tight black suit fit with gadgets and fire red dyed hair. She, she was always chasing after The Love Club, always tripping them up, but never succeeding in capturing them while Peter couldn’t even get close to catching them. 

With the flick of a wrist, Peter shot a web before him, swinging down just as Vagabond slipped into the jewelry store behind the gang. 

But, he was not as swift as his rival and ended up crashing through the glass window of the store. 

“Well that’s one hell of a way to make an entrance.” Peter chuckled, shooting a web at one of the man. “Looks like you’re in a sticky situation.” 

He then heard a small groan as he saw red flash past out of the corner of his eye. 

Another man took a shot at Peter, missing his head by a few inches and ending up tangled in another one of Peter’s webs. 

That was when a man screamed, causing Peter to turn his attention to Vagabond, who had her arms around a man’s head as she slit his throat, blood splattering onto her and the area around her. 

“Shut up, goddammit! Wanna wake the whole neighborhood?!” She hissed as she dropped the man’s body, turning to the man that started to charge at her, causing her to throw a knife, hitting his jugular perfectly.

“What the hell are you doing?” Peter cried. “You’re not supposed to kill them!”

“Oh shit, it’s Spiderboy, here to save the city from crime and the forces of evil.” Vagabond mocked, retrieving her knife from the neck of the dead man.

Peter winced at the gory sight and the young woman’s lack of emotion towards what she was doing.

“You’re supposed to fight crime, not kill it.”

“Who said that? The Hero’s Handbook?”

“N-no. It’s just common knowledge of crime fighting.”

“Listen here, asshole, if you think telling me what I’m doing is wrong, think again cause I can do a hell of a lot worse than slitting a throat.” Vagabond snapped, pointing her bloody knife at the other hero.

“Well, sorry if I want to do the job right.”

“Doing the job right? There’s no right way to do this job, now come on, Spidey, we better get the fuck on outta here if we don’t wanna be here when the cops gotta clean up our mess.”

“Correction; your mess.” Peter replied in a snarky tone, the other hero pissing him off.

Vagabond rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You coming or not?”

Peter groaned. “I’m coming.”

He followed the woman out of the building and into the alleyway as she removed her red wig. He thought that was just her hair color, but he was wrong and her h/l h/c hair fell free as she continued to remove her mask, walking far ahead of Peter.

“What’s your name?” She asked, not looking back at him.


“Not your superhero name, dumbass, I meant your real one.”

“It’s, uh, Peter.”

“Damn, I knew it.”

“Knew what?”

Vagabond turned around with a smile, revealing her face to Peter who felt a gasp rise in the back of his throat.

“What’s up, Parker?”

“Y/N?! You’re Vagabond?!” Peter asked, astounded by the fact that his best friend was his rival.

“In the flesh. Now, tell me, Peter, why didn’t you tell me you were the spider?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were the misfit of a hero?”

“You never asked.” Y/n smirked. “Well, now that we know our alter egos, do you wanna go get shawarma? There’s a really good place down the street.”

“How can you eat after all that blood?” Peter questioned, a chill going down his spine.

“You can never underestimate the appetite of a young hero.”

Anonymous said:Dating Dally Winston would include??

A/N: I love Dally, he’s probably my favourite character from The Outsiders! I find that he’s pretty relatable as a character. Hahah, sorry for the gushing! Here is your imagine, anon. Please enjoy!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Dallas Winston would include:

- Dealing with him punching every guy that looks and talks to you.

- Being protective over you.

- Sometimes walking you home at night.

- Not letting himself get super soft or whipped.

- Keeping up his reputation.

- Visiting him in jail.

- Learning not to scold him for breaking the the law.

- “It’s my way of life, baby.

- Dallas stealing things and giving them to you.

- “Is this stolen?

- “Maybe. Why do you care?

- You knowing how to fight well.

- You being the opposite of Dallas.

- Being a nice girl.

- When you get jumped, Dallas goes sick on anyone’s ass until he finds who hurt you.

- Putting up with Dallas’s mood swings.

- Putting up with Dallas’s terrible mood all around.

- Being the only one that Dallas really let’s his guard down with.

- Dallas teasing you and flirting with you all of the time.

-Getting annoyed when Dallas calls you a broad.

- You tending to be fiery and feisty when you’re mad.

- “Fiery huh? Just the way I like em’.

- Constantly having really big fights with Dallas.

- Going to Buck’s frequently.

- Meeting the gang and the gang getting protective of you.

- Learning how to smoke.

- Dallas laughing at you for choking to death when you smoke for the first time.

- Dallas getting you to break minor laws.

- “You’re getting more and more like me everyday.” he’d grin grimly.

- No one ever messing with you.

- Hearing tales of New York.

- Walking down the street with Dallas’s arm over your shoulder.

- “Are you talking to my girl?

- “Babe, who’s this punk?

- “Do you know who you’re messin’ with, punk?

- Him trying not to swear so much around you.

- Dally never saying I love you, but you know he does because he says things similar to it.

- “You know I care about you right?

- “What the hell were you thinkin’? Walkin’ around at this time of night when you could get jumped or killed?

- “You go straight to Pony’s house and don’t leave until I get there.

- “Touch her and you’re dead meat, buddy.

- “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.

- “Stay the night. You can’t walk home at this hour and I’m too drunk to get you back.

- Rough sex.

- Love bites.

- Putting up with Dallas’s reckless driving.

- Being uncomfortable with the fact that Dallas carries around a gun.

- “Relax babe, it ain’t loaded.

- Trying to fix him up when he’s busted up but he won’t let you.

- “Will you stop that? Now go on, get outta here!

- Everyone thinking that you could do so much better than Dallas.

- Tim Shepard always flirting with you to get under Dally’s skin.

- “I hate you, Dallas.

- “No, no you don’t.

- Him giving you a side glance whenever you get way too quiet.

- Supporting him at rodeos.

- Dallas not knowing what to say or do when you start crying.

- “Don’t do that.

- “What?

- “Don’t cry.

- “Does is make you uncomfortable? I can leave if you want.

- “Yes, and no don’t. Just calm down or somethin’. I don’t know!

- You cuddling into him and him just sitting or laying there a little uncomfortably before he wraps his arm around your shoulders.

- You talking too much and making him mad.

- You and Dallas always making up.

- Make up sex.

- Dallas buying you milkshakes or cokes.

- Dallas walking into your house uninvited.

- “You look cute.

- “Thanks.

- Dallas threatening people close to you.

- Dallas never trusting your friends.

- “I just don’t like em’.

- “That’s not a reason, Dallas.

- “Don’t tell me what’s a reason and what ain’t a reason, (Y/N). If I say they’re up to no good, trust me.

- “Are you saying that you care about me?

- “No…

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