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i don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else, but liam was a massive part of why OTRA was so important to me. he went out there every single night and killed it. he read signs. he interacted with fans. he interacted with parents. he danced. he played off his bandmates. he stepped up to the plate and smashed solos that weren’t originally his as they adjusted to touring as a foursome. he just… he really made that tour special. so now that he’s opened up that he was struggling with his mental health during it, i just want to say i’m so proud of him for getting up there. i never would have known he was having a tough time or that he felt like he was forcing it if he hadn’t said so. while he was helping ME with my mental health, making sure i was having the time of my life, being apart of MY happy place, he was also struggling. and i’m just so…. i hope he’s a lot better now and that he’s fallen back in love with being on stage for us again because i sure have missed stage liam and i’ve thrived on seeing him perform his solo material!!!! thank you liam for being so open. thank you for doing what you did on that tour even though it wasn’t easy. i have so much respect and love for liam payne. SO. MUCH.

Hey, it’s my shark-girl Erika–Who I still want to do an ask blog for. I love drawing her ;_;

Trying to get back into daily sketches. I think if I do them first thing in the day, instead of homework and commissions, I’ll do them more consistently. 

Might seem counter-intuitive or irresponsible to put off homework and commissions for an hour or two (this sketch took an hour+ I think), but I literally never can completely catch up on either of those, and it’s very easy for me to just get in a non-stop cycle of work, never getting a chance to do personally creative work.

I am suddenly not feeling good

I never truly HATED Nancy, she just wasn’t my favorite character. Don’t get me wrong she was a good female icon, she goes through slut shaming and doesn’t stand for it, she gets her heart broken in many ways and fights back, not letting the boys do all the work and going after what she wants, not wanting to date a guy just for his money and job like her mother, and I could go on.

But let me just tell you

My respect for Nancy wheeler went up SO MUCH when she danced with Dustin





This could have easily been the worst night of his life but, this soon became one of the best because Nancy wheeler was a decent human

When you want to know what kind of man Johnny Cash was:

Just remember one of the last songs he wrote and recorded was four and a half minutes of him telling death “I’ve made my peace with my regrets and mistakes and I’m ready to meet God, come get me you son of a bitch”

…and even THAT is an emotional song because on an album full of solemn songs reflecting on his regrets, achievements and happiest memories it comes off as his way of saying “don’t cry for me.”

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can i just say i went into vld liking the k/l ship but then lance made that comment "whatever drop out" after keith had said "when i got booted from the garrison i felt lost" and that went out the window it turned from rivals bettering eachother into one person being purposely callous and antagonistic just for the sake of some percieved rivalry i just wanted to get that off my chest,,, thank u

ahhh no that’s okay I understand ;; I started watching Voltron shortly after it came out, and I had just taken a semester off college right before due to medical leave. I was struggling with all this baggage and the sickening feeling I wasn’t cut out for school, couldn’t handle it, likely to be kicked out, felt like I had lost my sense of purpose and ended up isolated, ect. I still have difficulty believing I’ll ever graduate or forge relationships properly. 

So when Lance called Keith a “dropout” it really hit me in the gut and turned me off from the ship as well. I think there are times when he was being quite needlessly malicious without understanding how he could’ve really hurt Keith. See: Lance insisting he should be the leader while accusing Keith of lying for attention, deliberately spiting Shiro’s last wishes and trivializing his relationship with Keith when this is the greatest loss that boy has ever suffered and he’s still so deeply grieving. 

It was incredibly unnerving and upsetting to me, but again, he was being immature and had more to learn about supporting others and the meaning of a team. But I’m glad to see he’s really working past that and the rivalry isn’t so much of a thing anymore. Their dynamic is in a much better place now, and it’s so reassuring to see. 

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See people still buy music! i bet you Spotify is pissed as fuck, maybe Billboard as well since streaming is part of their chart now since 2014, they added streaming on their chart 3 weeks after 1989 was released. Now they fucked up the first week number of Reputation. I'm side eyeing them right now.

Lol, I was just thinking exactly the same. It’s a status quo thing - they all have their systems and how things work in music today, I don’t think they are really pleased that the biggest music star just went and said ‘Nope, that doesn’t work for me, I’m gonna do it my way and you’ll see how it can work…”. And sure enough, it worked. Especially with someone like Taylor, who is so business-minded, you don’t want her to get crazy ideas cause you know - she actually is able to pull off a lot of things she plans. This all is so interesting to me now, I feel like there’s a lot of things happening backstage right now that we have no idea about and I love that side of the business so I’m very intrigued.

@me-ladie : I’m bored, you should entertain me.

Me: give me a prompt and I’ll write you a dumb drabble.

Maggie: Apples and oranges.

Me: …

“I don’t get it,” Amanda said off-handedly, stirring her coffee and watching Barba as he perched on the edge of Carisi’s desk, deep in conversation with the detective. “I mean, I know, opposites attract and all, but those two are like apples and oranges.”

Fin just shrugged. “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Amanda gave him a look. “Really?”

Now Fin looked up at her, something like amusement in his expression. “Whaddya want me to say?” he asked. “They make perfect sense to me.”

“How so?” Amanda demanded.


Fin pronounced the word like it was dirty and Amanda cocked her head for a moment before a smile slowly spread across her face. “You’re not wrong,” she said.

“You know they’re talking about us, right?” Carisi said mildly to Barba, who rolled his eyes.

“Detectives,” Barba scoffed. “They think they’re the only observant ones.”

“Hey now,” Carisi protested, with no real heat. “I’m a detective.”

Barba’s expression softened. “Apples and oranges,” he said, resting a hand on top of Carisi’s, as public a display of affection as he was willing to make. “Apples and oranges.”

I think what frustrates me most about Disney’s response to our letters is the fact that they had a third person write back to us with “policy” jargon instead of actually giving us a definite answer on whether or not the series content being revisited would be possible. 

I personally do not subscribe to the idea that they are trying to avoid a lawsuit cause’ this is not us promoting an idea that belongs to us as much as we are trying to push for the closure of an already started project that just got ended prematurely. In the letters, I only stated facts and gave them stats on how much people love the series and that Prequels content would be highly welcomed in the future. That’s it

Next time, I wonder if I should just send a letter that just states “Finish The Clone Wars series which was directed by Dave Filoni and isn’t an idea owned by fans at all”. Or “make more content based in different time periods other than during Imperial rule, you cowards”.


Putting these back on the yoga class menu. I used to call these “walking giraffes” or “walking eagles” or “walking we can make this up as we move along.” It’s been awhile since I’ve practiced/taught these “weird” walking postures. I think I stopped teaching them because of the strange looks I’d get asking a room of people to get off their mats and line up at one end of the room. We’d take on variations of standing postures in a forward motion, like this video, slow and cued up to take lift off into the next step like you’re moving through water. My intention is to break up with the ordinary. Get us out of auto-pilot. Sometimes the looks in a room can make me want to crawl outside of the room. But I don’t. I stay. I will continue to stay. Because I know we are all just moving through it. Often times, this practice can feel like one big run-in with another but mostly, we are facing-off with ourselves. And we all need space to do just that.
Movement moves us.
And mobility is good for your body.

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uh uh HI I just wanted to get this off my chest and say that you are the reason I started this blog and I love you lots okie bye

omg WHAT??? REALLY???

im not gonna lie i check out your stuff /ALL/ the time but im a shy little shit and hitting the follow button or you know sending messages is really hard for me :’)

But! /wow/ im so honoured… like… /fuck/ thank you, i love you too ^^

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5 things you can find on my blog: Me telling ignorant idiots Cleopatra was GREEK and also not a black woman, discussion of Marc Antony’s sex life, defending Tutankhamun/Ankhesenamun to the death, occasional ye olde fashion porn, Louis XVI and his giant dorky crush on his wife.

5 things you can find in my room: Books, novels, graphic novels, book shelves, piles of books on the floor.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: Go to Versailles, get a grown up job in my field, see the treasures of Tutankhamun in person, get my own place to live, have a replica 18th century gown.

5 things that make me happy: My dog, my best friend, snuggling in my flannel sheets, an afternoon off to just lounge around, imagining happier ends for my historical favs.

5 things on my to-do list: Go to a physio appointment, clean my boots, wash my winter coat, buy a pair of formal shoes, make a hair appointment.

5 things you may not know about me: 

1. I have natural ringlets in my hair, which quite a lot of people seem to think is fake but NOPE. Just lucky.

2. I’m 30, but often get mistaken for MUCH younger. To the point I’ve had to whip out my birth certificate.

3. I have two college degrees/diplomas whatever the fudge I’m supposed to call them.

4. I will literally fight anyone who keeps insisting on calling Tutankhamun “The Boy King”. HE WAS A GROWN MAN AND A DAMN FATHER WHEN HE DIED. HE WAS NOT A TODDLER HIS WHOLE LIFE.

5. I can not STAND the feel of velvet. Or cotton balls. Even THINKING about touching them gives me the heebie jeebies.

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I know I haven’t been posting a lot- it’s just that I haven’t really been wanting to be on tumblr for some reason? Plus, I don’t really have inspiration for any fanfictions…. sorry but blue Grass is gonna be put off for a while longer, @i-am-a-fan Same with the short fic @mint-bees Terribly sorry. I will work on both once I get inspiration to again. For now, maybe leave some suggestions in my inbox. I may write some if they inspire me ;) Thabks got yalls patience!

  • Rebecca: Just get out. I don't even want to look at you. My family is far from perfect, but you're like a parasite.
  • Robert: I can't leave things like this.
  • Rebecca: You're not gonna be feeding off us any longer, I can promise you that.
  • Robert: I know what I did was wrong and I understand that you're angry with me, but please, for Seb's sake... (Chrissie and Lawrence come in)
  • Rebecca: Robert got something to tell you that I think you're gonna want to hear.
  • Chrissie: We, er, we think that Lucky might've tried to kill himself.
  • Rebecca: What? You're not serious?
  • Lawrence: He left a message for Belle insinuating as much, so we're gonna call the police. Come on, let's leave them to it.
  • Chrissie: What did you want to say?
  • Rebecca: It's not important. (Chrissie and Lawrence leave)
  • Robert: Thanks.
  • Rebecca: Lachlan is missing because of you. This could just send Chrissie over the edge.
  • Robert: I'll make it right. Whatever it takes.
  • Rebecca: You can start by signing thhose Rug Tree Bonds shares back over to the company.
  • Robert: Okay, right. It's all about Seb from now on, anyway. Bex, he's all that matters to me, I mean it!
  • Rebecca: And then you can leave and never set foot anywhere near me or my son ever again. Do you understand? Say goodbye, because as far as I'm concerned, you're not this boys' father and you never will be.
Tropes Prompt List

While I was away for a few days, I hit 600 followers! To celebrate, I’m going to post a list of prompts based mostly on tropes and cliches. I’ll keep reblogging it for the next couple days, and I’ll keep the requests on this open for the next 5 days, which is when I’ll have a day off from work.

Prompts are open to: Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and American Gods, so don’t be shy! Let me know if you want smut, fluff, etc, if you want something specific, otherwise I’ll just go with whatever I feel like. Here’s a few of the more common ones to get you started (and I might add to the list), but feel free to send in your own tropes/cliches, too!

And of course, I love every single one of you <3

1. Forced bed-sharing.

2. The person that has an unrealistic amount of concealed weapons.

3.Someone rattles off an absurdly long list of things or tasks

4. Guy finds lady attractive because of her badassery (there is a name for this trope and it’s Amazon Chaser and I love it)

5. Chick magnet (guy attracts lots of ladies)

6. Love at first sight

7. Inconvenient attraction

8. Retired badass.

9. Troubled backstory flashback.

10. Confirmed bachelor

11. Badass Bookworm: The bookish type who’s secretly a badass. Also can be Hidden Badass. The one you would never expect to be able to kick the amount of ass they can kick.

12. Forbidden Fruit: everyone always wants what they can’t have

13. Ambiguous innocence

14. The big bad wolf 

15. Lovable rogue: Male character is simulatenously desirable and off-putting.

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What has each of the band members taught you? (Current or former)

Wow what an interesting question..Hmmm..
James has taught me to keep going even when it feels like the world is kicking you down. When the world feels like hell and when your eating dirt, to just pick yourself back up, brush yourself off and grow and develop better as a person from the situation that just happened.
Lars has taught me to take chances. Anything is possible with enough persistence and if you stick your mind to what you want, you will eventually get it one day.
Kirk has taught me that being yourself is one of the coolest things in the world. I mean look at him and his horror collection. As a kid who never spoke about what I was interested in cause it was “Nerdy” or “Dorky” seeing him completely wrapped up in what he loves, makes me less scared to talk about it.
Jason taught me that dreams do come true and staying true to who you are and doing what you truly believe is right for your mental state and physical state, will make you happier in the long run.
Rob has taught me to stay humble, to ignore the haters that believe that you can’t live up to someone else expectations and to really strive to hit your own.
And Cliff has taught me that kindness goes a long way even after you leave this world. Hearing stories or reading stories about how he was super sweet and kind to fans, pretty much acting like they were his mates even if they had only just met, how that interaction stuck with them just makes me want to be even more nice to people everyday.

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Please tell me something long i cant sleep ive cried ive emailed my therapist. Im sorry im pushing problems onto you. Omg tumblr has a word count........ and full stop count

im here 4 u bb, if u want to dm me or message me off anon i might be able to help more. Please stay safe ily a lot, i dnt really know what to say but maybe try watching some stuff until u get tired? or if you can fall asleep to music or a podcast or something that might help, or playing a game on ur phone. just anything to take ur mind off things im sorry this isnt really helpful but pls pls stay safe.  ❤ ❤

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Study first. Write later. But when you DO have a chance, I have a prompt. I would write it myself but I would suck at it (English is not my first language). And you’re a talented and wonderful writer. Prompt: Rey falls off of the cliff. I want it from a neutral POV. We see Rey. We see the sea monster approaching. She’s drowning. Suddenly something dives in. A pair of strong arms pulls her out. She is kinda awake, and Luke is watching, waiting, as Kylo carries her out of the water :)

I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to this. <3

Some additions have been made to fit with the TLJ teasers we’ve seen. 

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There is a girl, a woman only just. Her heart is racing, hazel irises obscured by pupils blown wide from the adrenaline that courses through her veins. 

War has come to her once again; to this place so sacred and peaceful. It has followed her like a well trained hound. It bites at her heels, propelling her forward with her blade of blue fire that casts her tensed features in an intense cerulean glow.

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