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Advice To Signs
  • Aquarius:Don't be afraid. Don't hold yourself back.
  • Pisces:Remember what reality is, don't lose yourself to something that's not really there.
  • Aries:It's okay to let your guard down and just cry.
  • Taurus:You are the strongest person I know, never give up.
  • Gemini:Somebody loves you, and somebody cares about you.
  • Cancer:Sensitivity isn't a weakness, make sure you don't bottle up your emotions.
  • Leo:Sometimes your too generous, that's why you get trodden over.
  • Virgo:Sometimes you're wrong. And that's okay.
  • Libra:You are wanted by someone special.
  • Scorpio:You don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Sagittarius:Follow your heart, but make sure your brain is with you.
  • Capricorn:It's okay if your not the best at everything. Do the best you can do, that's all anyone could ask of you.

tbh i get so astoundingly angry over the fact that there is zero representation for fat, non-white, physically disabled people in fantasy genre of any sort i want to punch something

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The trio reacting to finding mc breaking down in violent sobs screaming they want to disappear? (This is literally me rn, I'm like so depressed and need some luv ;~;)


bumpin’ this request up to #1 even tho it just came in because hey buddy if you need to talk…!!!

anyway I hope this does a little to cheer you up…!


  • He holds you as you sob into his shoulder, your fingers digging tightly into his jacket. you want to disappear. you don’t want to exist anymore. you’re tired of this, tired of everything, and you just want it to be cold and quiet and he doesn’t say anything as you let it out. He holds you and pets your hair and doesn’t let you go, even as you wail and sob and get snot all over his shirt.
  • When you finally quiet a little, he starts actually speaking to you. About how much you mean to him - about how you’re the world to him. He doesn’t say you’re the sun, because that would remind you both of Rika… but he says that you’re the trees and the grass and the things that keep him grounded.
  • You are his soil, you are his earth, you are the flowers that soothed him in his despair - so please don’t disappear. You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are loved, and they\ world would be so barren and grey without you.
  • He makes you tea, which is a little difficult since he has one hand around you, but he’s not really compromising on that detail so he manages. 
  • Later, he puts on a movie - something he’s watched before and loves - and he keeps petting your hair as he tries to distract you from that awful hurt inside of you.
  • This is something he knows how to bear, and he does so calmly, because right now you need someone to rely on just like he’d relied on you in the past.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • hot damn is this boy freaked out.
  • what’s wrong? who hurt you? who does he need to eliminate? how can he destroy this problem that’s plaguing you, turn it to atoms and make it disappear?
  • because it should disappear, not you, never you. Whatever made you feel like this must be something demonic, because it’s the forces of hell that torment angels… right?
  • Of course, this doesn’t really help when you’re distraught, so he sets all that aside until later and holds your hand, gripping it tightly like he’s afraid you might actually disappear if he lets go.
  • (don’t leave him, he begs. he’ll be ruined if you do.)
  • He has no idea how to comfort you, so he just blabbers about anything that comes to mind. About the stupid shit Saeyoung did today, about getting locked out because he’d forgotten his Arabic dictionary, about how, when he tried to go fishing, he accidentally spilled an entire bucket of worms on himself…
  • Anything. Everything. He tries desperately to make you laugh, and when that doesn’t work, he sputters and says those rare words that he can hardly ever muster the courage to say.
  • He loves you.


  • They open the door to find you on your knees, sobbing and wailing, and they stand there for a moment, hand on the brass knob and brain rebooting.
  • It doesn’t take them long to get themselves together, to set down the bag of groceries and quietly approach you. They don’t rush - they don’t want to startle you - but they kneel down, and then pull you into a tight embrace.
  • It ends up being that they get you in their lap, completely enveloping you with their body, and they’re warm. They’re so warm.
  • They get you to tell them everything, and they listen without judgement. And then they dismantle everything - reassuring you at every turn, picking apart your every worry and showing you a different truth. A different way of seeing the world.
  • Their way of seeing the world, which had you at the center of it, because you were the center of their being. You made them better, stronger, kinder… they could become so much more with you at their side.
  • …So don’t disappear. Because even if there was nothing else, you’d changed their life - you’d changed their entire world. And that was something special, wasn’t it?
  • You’re something special.

Two quick silly drawings from last night which were related to @psydoktor‘s honor joke with Girem.

Girem was mentioned like Zuko from A:tLAB and, I dunno, I wanted to draw Sparks as Sokka for some reason. Then I saw a silly pic with Sokka crying over his boomerang and…yeah. 

Other one was just a joke about Tero being the one who caused the honor fall because Girem sleeps in class. No honor student sleeps in class.
Girem was probs twacked in the head afterwards. 
Get your honor back burr!


Quill likes her gun. That’s obvious.  She likes having it to use as a weapon and the power it gives her.  It’s her ability to protect herself and to fight.  Most of her reaction to it breaking is motivated by the fact they lost the one weapon that could kills the Shadow Kin, but there’s something more.  It also represents her past–who she was–when she had freedom, people, and purpose.  That little moment walking home just struck me.  Because the kids have each other, but she has no one.  All she can do is cradle her broken gun.

I’m probably reading too much into this, but I feel like there’s something more there.  Charlie took the cabinet with him and she took the gun.  Yes, they were being attacked so it makes rational sense, but it seems like there’s more.  She looks gutted when it gets smashed.  I’m hoping we get to explore that next week.  This creature “brings back” Tanya’s dad and its vines get into Quill/Charlie’s house.  Then there’s a shot of Quill’s gun being held by someone with tattered sleeves.  I really hope this means we get more of her backstory–maybe her family or why she became a freedom fighter for the Quill. I want to know more.

Honestly, with Ladybug’s eyelashes, I’m not surprised that Papillon hates her.

He just want beautiful eyelashes.

Also, Chat Noir deserves good eyelashes too!

(If you are wondering if I purposely choose the caps to look as if they are in rage over their lack of beautiful eyelashes, the answer’s yes.)

Me: Alright! It’s been a few hours since I last cried about the news of Yongguk. 
Tears: Hey.
Me: Oh no not again.


Please ignore all the crazy random shit I’ve got going on all over the lawns of these properties. I’m working on a church which, without CC at least, is nearly impossible to get to look right. 

Church #1 (which is hugely in need of work) is inspired by this church. Church #2 is a bit a more modest and probably more fitting for the world. Either way, I want to rip my hair out.

I love how Iris just had it with how ridiculous Barry and Joe are being. She’s just like “I am going to show physical affection for my boyfriend and the two are you are gonna have to get over it. So work that out.”.Sure, you probably don’t want to be making out horizontally on the couch and have your dad walk in. But there is also a much simpler solution to that then Barry having to move out (yeah, it’s probably time for Barry to have his own place, but does it really have to be the answer to this particular problem?).

God freaking damn it, just let us see Iris’ apartment. Please, just show us where she lives. It’s an important part in any character to be able to see where they’ve set up home, something they have personalized themselves, the place where they spend hours at each day. Let us see who she is beyond CCPN, or STAR Labs, or her childhood home. She is a grown adult who works to keep a roof over her head, yet that part of her life is just treated like it doesn’t exist. UGH! Come the fuck on. Seriously.

Other than that, I did like most of the Iris/Barry interaction. Kissing hello and goodbye. Holding each other, cuddling. Iris calling Barry “Honey”. Iris running to hug Barry when he got out of the mirror even though he wasn’t even stuck in it that long. Very sweet. Very couple-y. I like that they are happy.

And I love all of Iris’ outfits. She looks amazing in anything. But when she was just hanging out in a flannel shirt with her hair up in a bun, goodness gracious. My heart.

Hey guys! I just wanted to apologize for my inactivity for the past few weeks… months? Its Senior year and I’m taking a bunch of “Real” courses and they’re all very tough. I’ve had multiple breakdowns over stress because this semester is just kicking my ass. We’re over halfway through though, and I hope I can get back to this real soon. I miss y’all a lot.

Unpopular opinion

So this might get me unfollowed by some, if so, I’m sorry but this is just too much already and I’m seriously considering logging of just for a few days because everything is all over the damn place ( and I’ve been keeping quiet and trying not to say anything but I just need to vent a little,m'kay?).

Voting has started for the PCAs. I don’t usually post anything myself when, excuse my french, shit hits the fan in this fandom, but sometimes, venting is needed. Now I get with everything going on recently, that some fwill understandably be hurt and not want to vote for a certain actor and that’s completely fine or some will vote for said actor. Again, you do you, that’s up to YOU;vote, don’t vote. However, if you’re voting for someone else because your doing it OUT OF SPITE for said actor because you’re angry and just done, then I ask why. It seriously saddens and baffles me that some might vote out of spite for someone else. Again, I’m not signaling out anyone, everyone has a right to do what they want, they have a right to feel how they want, but voting out of anger for someone else out of spite just baffles me right now, and that’s what this situation going on is making ME feel.

Not gonna say anything else on the subject. Still ship SamCait. Still strongly believe that both Sam and Cait are good people, and I’ll be voting for them because they’ve done an amazing job on Outlander and deserve the recognition for it. A lot has been said these past couple days by many, many wise people and all I wish for us to do is move forward and treat each other with compassion and respect.
Note to my lovely followers

I might need to take a Tumblr break tbh.

My dash is filled with WAY too much H00d/0q (tbh both pro- and anti- are getting on my nerves because I’m sick of reading about his return from either stance)

I don’t want to unfollow everyone posting about it and you can’t blacklist on mobile so if you notice me being around less, that’s why.

I’m just gonna take some time off and work on my fics until this is over I think. I’ll still come on to check my messages and such.

I just don’t want anyone to worry if it seems like I vanished from here for a while lol. (Not like it would be the first time lol)

When can we go back? - BrilliantlyHorrid - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“If this is making you uncomfortable, I can get someone else,” Coulson said, and Daisy noticed for the first time his own discomfort. Guilt crashed over her again. He was just trying to help, and she looked miserable. He probably thought he was doing something inappropriate. Or maybe he knew she was thinking about him doing something inappropriate. But who else but Coulson could be with her in this moment?

There’s no one else who wants to help me.

“There’s no one else I want to help me.”

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your good messages and good wishes about my surgery/recovery and I’m sorry for all asks and submissions I haven’t answered/published, I try not to clog my dashboard by answering to too many things in a short period of time so most of the time I end up telling myself that i’ll answer some later but end up forgetting altogether  aaa

but rest assured that if you’ve sent or submitted something to me, i’ve very much seen it (I kinda wish tumblr had some sort of system to let people know that) and that I’m always moved and flattered that so many people would take the time to check up on me or talk to me about things, it really means a lot to me considering I have a lot of weird anxiety and abandonment issues, just thinking that there are people who care about how im doing makes me feel like crying sometimes tbh

The Ace Children

Um, we’re doin’ headcanons today (because I felt inadequate in doing the past two prompts) and so I bring my asexual headcanons about many characters.

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Hiatus Update - A Return

It has been months since even using my Tumblr app. I have been away from Vanguard and TCGs in general for that same amount of time, though not entirely by choice. Life really took a turn for me since moving country, a lot hasn’t gone to plan and my more personally known followers are aware of this. I do still see a lot of issue within the fandom too, though I believe this recovery period is real and I want to try and spearhead aome content to get the ball rolling again.

Over the next week I’ll be making a return to regular posts, including all I would cover pre-hiatus and some fun stuff like liveblogging the episodes I have missed. This may even be done in video format if time is kind. I do wish I could give more of an explanation, I just don’t feel all that comfortable posting it as aposed to DMs with closer followers.

Thanks to everyone for their support, here’s to a new start

     Ingrid Sergeant, alone at a dance? What a fucking surprise. Of course, it’s not actually a surprise ; quite the opposite, really. Pretty enough to be the prom queen but off to the sidelines, just like countess times before, probably forever. Ingrid tried to drown her sorrows in a plastic cup full of punch, only to feel even more pathetic as green, near watery eyes roamed over people dancing, kissing, having fun ; all things she never got to do, convinced herself she didn’t want to do. Sitting there, with everyone’s fun staring her in the face, however, was only making her feel worse. Literally counting down the seconds until she could leave ( she didn’t want to come in the first place but figured the rumors that would’ve sprung out of her not coming were worse than the rumors about her being alone — now she was really regretting that decision ), there was a sudden presence felt in the empty seat next to her and Ingrid was instantly put on the offensive.  ❝  Sorry, I’ll go sit somewhere else.  ❞  No one would want to be seen with her, of course.

When I'm dead it's really fucking important that you all remember this post, so please PLEASE don't forget that:

I cried for help a thousand times. I did what everybody tells mentally ill people to do and I fucking begged for help. Over and over again. But there’s literally no one alive that could help me. Shit, there’s probably no one alive that would want to even if they could. I fucking tried to get better myself and when that failed and begged and pleaded for help. I just need people to remember that. I need someone to know that I didn’t want to give up but had no choice whatsoever. I tried. I fucking tried.

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I'd love a fluffy scene where Soo shoots down Jung's crush and reveals she's dating So at the same time maybe?

“You improved on your math score which is good,” Soo pointed out. She flipped through the rest of Jung’s mock exam. “But your reading score is still pretty much the same. Did you do those practice problems I sent you?” 

She looked up and saw that Jung wasn’t paying attention to anything she was saying. He rested his arm against the desk and looked up at her with a soft smile on his face. 

“Noona,” he said. “I think you should come over twice a week instead of just once. Maybe my scores will improve then?” 

Soo rolled her eyes before wacking him with the stack of papers in her hand. “I am not tutoring you to waste my time Jung! I really think you can improve your scores. You know how much your mother wants you to get into a university once you graduate.” 

Jung sat up, a big pout forming on his face. “I hate studying. I hate school! I want to open up a martial arts studio. I want to teach kids how to fight and protect themselves!” 

“Those are great goals, Jung and I fully support you,” Soo said. “But how are you going to start one up? Where are you going to get the money? You have to learn how to create a business before you go out and start one.” 

He crossed his arms, a dejected look falling over his face. “It’s not fair. Why can’t life just be simple? Like the olden days.” 

“Do you know anything about the olden days? Name one historical figure-”

“King Taejo!”

“That you haven’t seen in a TV drama,” Soo finished.

Jung slumped back down on his seat as he tried to think of one. Soo laughed and glanced up at the clock.

“Look, I have to go,” she said, collecting her things. “Work on those practice problems, alright?” 

“W-wait! You’re leaving a half hour early!” Jung exclaimed. He got up from his seat and grabbed her arm. “Where are you going?” 

“If you must know,” she said, pulling her arm out of his grasp. “I have a date.” 

Jung’s eyes widened as he rushed to the door. He stretched his arms out, blocking her from leaving his room. “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend! Who is he? I’m going to kill him!” 

“Jung, step away from the door,” Soo ordered, placing her hands on her hips. 

“Not until you tell me who you’re meeting! Who’s the punk? Huh?” Jung glared down at her, his arms still stretched out. 

Soo let out a tired sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose. She had just started seeing…him…and they didn’t want to tell anyone about their relationship yet. Her first mistake was even mentioning that she was going on a date. 

She wasn’t oblivious. She knew that Jung had some sort of…weird infatuation with her, but Soo figured it was just an innocent crush that would disappear. But now it was six months later and she realized that the little crush was still there.

“If I tell you,” she warned. “You’re going to get mad.” 

“Just tell me!” 

“It’s your brother-”

“WOOK?” Jung yelled out. “I can’t believe it! He said he was over you and he just…he just goes behind my back! How could he do this to me? I can’t believe-”

“It’s not Wook!” Soo rubbed her face. “It’s…it’s So.” 

Jung’s arms fell down to his sides as his face broke out into a grin. He burst out out laughing, as he fell down onto the floor and wiped his eyes. 

“What’s so funny?” she asked. 

“If you wanted to lie, you could’ve said you were dating Baek Ah. Or even Eun! But you said So hyung!” He began to laugh again and Soo scrunched her brows in confusion.

“It is So. I’m not lying,” she said. “And now, I’m ten minutes late. Thanks to you.”

She stepped over him and opened the door to leave.

“W-wait!” Jung called out. “You can’t be serious! Is it really So hyung?” 

Soo turned and nodded her head. “Yes, it is.” 

“B-but…but it’s So. He’s…he’s…He’s not good for you!” 

She smiled and bent down so that her face was leveled with Jung’s. “I appreciate you worrying for me, but I think it’s up to me to decide what’s good and bad for me. Just like how it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re going to work on those practice problems. Okay?” 

She ruffled his hair before standing up. 

“I’ll see you next week!” she yelled out before walking out of his room.

Soo looked back just as Jung fell back onto the floor, a look of utter disbelief on his face. She knew that she shouldn’t have told him this way, and she knew that she had a lot of explaining to do once she met up with So, but she also knew that Jung wouldn’t have stopped pursuing her otherwise. 

She glanced down at her watch and saw that she was now fifteen minutes late.


Note: Fluff Fluff Fluff. I love fluff. Sorry there wasn’t any SoSoo interaction!!