i just wanted to get it over with

do you ever have such a busy/long day that when it’s finally over all you want to do is sleep, but you stay up a lil while longer because you don’t feel like you got any time for yourself to just relax and breathe

i tell myself “sleep u r exhausted” but then i’m like “ok but u had 0 me time today do a face mask and get distracted by memes and dog videos for two more hours”

i’m sorry but i can’t get over her reaction it was so unexpected.

carol is such a fool in love. so precious and so vulnerable in a good way.

CAROL DIDN’T HESITATE. like she just opened the door and started crying.

then she hugged him right away and she would have kept hugging.

then she invited inside. like….all that with zero need for daryl to push her.

how people do not see they’re perfect for each other????

he doesn’t need to push her or vice-versa. THEY WANT TO BE TOGETHER.

gimple and everyone saying he didn’t want to leave her. and she wanted him to stay. he loves her and she loves him and it was so beautiful to witness.

they’re still gonna be together cause they want to be together. it’s clear to me.

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You don't appreciate the fact that what was hidden so long? The fact that Sam and Cait are both dating other people? They did an interview over a year ago firmly denying a relationship. They are entitled to their own private lives and it's not their fault if the extreme shippers can't let go.

You have my hands tied, anon. I totally get people are entitled to their own lives and that they can live them as privately or publicly as they want to. I apologize if I made it seem as though I thought otherwise. I just don’t seem to understand all the subtleties to how Sam and Cait interact with each other. I get a vibe from them I don’t get from other costar pairs, and I guess I just looked too far into it.

But on the other hand, I can understand how people feel. You believe in something so long and then get it ripped from your grasp and told it’s not real… it hurts. I get the pain.

Reiterating a point I made earlier: everyone is entitled to their own lives, but also their own opinions.

UPDATE: to reiterate another point, I am also completely oblivious to all that has happened so far. I’m trying to stay out of this drama because I honestly have no valid opinion on it at all. I can’t say that I don’t like seeing Sam and Cait together, because I totally do, but I respect them enough as people to not assume things. It bothers me when people talk about publicity stunts and gay rumors and things along those lines. I implore this of you, dear anon: why can’t they just be happy? Why can’t we all just like what we like without getting judged for our own opinions? I understand why some people are so intimidated to speak out. This is why.
Hey guys this is kinda ? Really important to me?

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I'm so sorry you had a bad day <3 Just imagine Mike constantly trying to get Lucas to admit he has a crush on Max and Lucas is always like "NO YOU DONT KNOW WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT, YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE CRUSH ON EL" but then one day Mike walks over to visit him and catches Lucas trying to skateboard in his garage because he wants to impress Max but the poor boy has absolutely no idea what he's doing and keeps running into things and mike thinks its hilarious but he keeps quiet for his friend :)


A word on Prideshipping and DSOD

So, I’ve seen some pretty negative posts about the Prideshippers seeing strong evidence to support their ship in the new movie. So in response to all this, I just want to say that even as a Puzzleshipper, it makes me happy to see people get excited over their ship, regardless of if I ship it or not.
ESPECIALLY when the shippers aren’t bashing on other people’s ships because they aren’t “canon enough”

TL;DR Have fun shipping Atem and Kaiba, ya nerds. If anyone disses your ship, I will fight them.


“Hey,” Joe jumps lightly as Oli nudges him, “Where’d you go?”

“Nowhere, sorry.” He shakes his head, focusing back on Oli. “What were you saying?”

“Nothing important,” Oli chuckles, “Want to tell me what’s on your mind?”

“My mind?” Joe’s eyes dart back over to Jack briefly before meeting Oli’s inquiring stare. “Not a lot. Just random shit.”

“Seems like it keeps taking you’re attention though, I’m here if you need to talk.”

“Appreciate it, but don’t worry.” He smiles easily at Oli, “Not interesting enough to share.”

“Alright, then anyways, my publisher…” And Oli’s off again, and Joe ensures to listen this time.

Because he can’t get distracted again.

Even though Jack is laughing loudly, and Joe’s sure if he looked over, he’d see that wide grin on the younger man’s face.

But Oli is talking, and Joe has already spaced out and lost what was being said, so he silently scolds himself and jumps back into the conversation.

Except the next hour goes by much the same.

Joe keeps getting distracted by Jack, and finds himself staring quite obviously at the younger man. It’s bad, really. Because no one knows of his secret feelings, and he had been doing so good at keeping them a secret still.

Well, until lately.

Lately, Joe noticed, he’d been slipping up a lot more. He’s surprised no one has picked up on it really, although he was grateful no one has. Joe doesn’t want to change the dynamic of their group if he admits out loud to Jack that he likes him.

Especially since he doesn’t even know if Jack likes him too.

“Joe!” He jumps once again, pulled out of his own mind, but this time because of Caspar snapping his fingers in front of his face.

“Look, he’s back!” Conor teases, grinning over at him. Caspar and Josh are also smiling, and Joe feels his cheeks turn red.

“Sorry,” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair.

“It’s fine,” Josh replies, “We all get distracted by Jack once in a while.”

“Wh-what?” Joe’s eyes dart from each of his mates faces.

“You were staring at Jack, mate.” Josh chuckles as Caspar and Conor nod.

“No, I wasn’t.” Joe protests quickly, his blush deepening.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you have a crush on him.” Conor teases, just as Jack, Oli, and Mikey join them.

“Who has a crush?” Jack asks, looking around the small group.

“Oh my god…” Caspar says softly, staring at Joe, who has lowered his gaze to the floor quickly.

He’s not surprised that Caspar’s figured it out, the South African lived with him. He knew him too well.

“What?” Mikey asks, clearly confused.

“Joe?” Caspar nudges the smaller man, who fidgets with the end of his shirt.

“Is he okay?” Jack asks Conor softly.

“Tell him.” Caspar nudges Joe again, and he slowly lifts his eyes to meet Caspar’s first, before looking over at Jack, who’s staring over at him concerned.

“This is not how I planned on doing this…” Joe mumbles, closing his eyes briefly.

“Well if you hadn’t been staring at him all night,” Caspar teases, and Joe opens his eyes to glare over at his former roommate. “Sorry.”

“I’m so lost.” Mikey comments just as Josh lets out a small noise of surprise.

Shit, Joe thinks. Because Josh has just figured it out, and a moment later Conor’s eyes widen as well.

“Oh.” The older Maynard says, grinning over at Joe before he looks at his younger brother and back to Joe. “Do it.”

“Do what?” Oli exclaims, and Jack’s gaze is still locked onto Joe, waiting.

“They want me to tell Jack that I like him.” Joe finally says, staring right at Jack.

“About bloody time.” The younger man smiles, stepping towards Joe.

“Wait, what?” But before Joe can say anything else, Jack has pulled him in for a kiss.

“I’m still lost,” Mikey says from somewhere else, but Joe doesn’t pay attention as he wraps his arms around Jack, kissing him back.

When they break apart, the group has left the room, and Joe blinks up at Jack, still surprised.

“You knew?”

“You’ve been staring at me all night, Joe.” He chuckles, “And its not the first time I’ve caught you.”


“It’s fine, I think it’s pretty adorable.”

“Well, that’s good. Better than creepy.” Joe tries to joke, still feeling shy.

“You aren’t creepy,” Jack assures him, “Although kind of mean to tell Caspar, Josh, and Conor before me.”

“What?! No!” Joe’s mouth falls open in surprise, “I didn’t tell anyone! They just figured it out!”

“I’m teasing, love.” Jack laughs, “It was kind of obvious they had just figured it out. Just like you were very obvious at staring at me.”

“Oh piss off.” Joe mutters, burying his face into Jack’s shoulder, smiling as he feels the body shake with laughter.

“You’re stuck with me now. Get used to it.” Jack tells him, kissing the side of Joe’s head.

“I suppose I will,” Joe replies, lifting his head to smile at Jack. “And hey, now I don’t have to worry about hiding when I want to stare at you.”

“Hmm, there is that too.” Jack smirks, kissing Joe again quickly. “Amongst other things.”

(continued from here)


Kara smiles, then she kisses Lena deeper. It’s hungry, needy. Despite the fact that they’re in Lena’s office, Kara gently runs a hand into Lena’s hair, moaning into the kiss.

Kara’s not sure what’s taken over her at the moment, but she just /needs/ Lena.

Kara’s moan makes a shiver run down Lena’s spine, and all the CEO can think about is hearing that sweet sound again.

Breaking the kiss, Lena hastily presses a button on her comm and says, “Jess, I don’t want to be disturbed until further notice.” 

As soon as she hears the “Okay, Miss Luthor” from her secretary, Lena gets up and goes around her desk to stand in front of Kara. She smiles almost shyly, but Kara would be able to see the desire burning in Lena’s intense green eyes.

Closing the distance between them, Lena kisses Kara again; hands pulling the hero as close to her as possible.

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all this drama in your ask smh i think it's a lot of saltiness from fans who don't want their fave to be replaced and fans who want the new kid to ~take over~. of course Nathan needs to improve his PCS side because he's young. people forget that Yuzuru was very rough around the edges at 17, they just find it more acceptable because he was an endearing Romeo. everyone is still improving all the time but regardless there's nothing they can do about the marks they receive so quit hating on kids

i’m totally fine with people critiquing nathan’s (or anyone else’s) skating. all skaters have stuff to improve in, but like…just get your facts straight if you’re gonna start a debate. if you think yuzuru should’ve won 4CC, fine with me, but don’t use bogus arguments.

once upon a time yuzuru was also beating the older favorites primarily based on strong TES while having weaker PCS. this kind of thing happens every single time new skaters rise up the ranks - they bring higher tech to the table, judges sometimes go overboard with PCS, they start overturning the status quo, then they become the new status quo until someone new shows up again. it happens all the time, it is nothing new. almost all the top skaters have been overscored at some point in their careers. many have won or lost competitions with questionable margins. you win some, you lose some. in the end, it all evens out over time. i’m not saying that we should just lay down and accept it when the judges go bonkers, but also i think we should keep in mind that overscoring is nothing new, and if you’re going to go after one skater for their scores, you might as well go after all of them.

also like. think about it this way: yuzuru popped two jumps and still nearly won the competition. some skaters pop twice and they’re off the podium entirely. focus on that and hope he doesn’t pop next time. wanting him to have a huge cushion to win even when he makes major mistakes doesn’t reflect well on him or his competitors, imo.

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bitch shut up lmaoooo 'learn to tag' have you considered i tagged it on purpose😂😂😂 get over yourself

Well then how disrespectful are you? Jesus Christ why don’t you let people ship and enjoy what they fucking want to? Or are you so bitter that your ship is never gonna happen so you have to hate on the others that actually have a chance?

I’m not the only one that asked you to keep your anti stuff in YOUR tag, is not really that hard, just add four more letters!

So do us a favor and take your salty ass somewhere else.

From This Moment


Tony Stark X Reader 

Request: “So im listing to this song tonight and I just HAVE to have a Tony Stark story to this song. “From this moment on” By Shania Twain. OMG I just had feels lol. Of course I leave it to you to be creative. Thanks !”  -tonystarksgirl 

“For the love of god not this song again!” You complained as the drum beat of the familiar black Sabbath song blared through the car stereo. “We get it, you’re Iron man! Now please play something else. Anything else!”

“My car, my music.” Tony countered, dialing the volume up ever so slightly.

“Funny because last week when we were in Steve’s car, you insisted that shotgun got to play DJ.” You folded your arms over your chest.

“I’m sorry, did you want to listen to the fifty greatest hits from the big band era?” Tony smirked, keeping his eyes on the road.

“They weren’t all bad. C’mon just let me pick one song!” You reached for the touch screen that controlled the music, but Tony swatted your hand away.

“Absolutely not! I won’t have any of your Taylor Swift or whoever it is your into this week playing in my car.”

“Don’t be such a baby!” You snorted.

“I’m serious, [Y/n]! We listen to my music or we listen to nothing at all.” His tone was playful but absolute.

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I’m getting whispers of bullshit treatment, so let me vague very badly about this current state of bullfuckery

A lot of people in this fandom are young and have not engaged with content creators before. Some of you guys are thirteen years old and it’s possibly your first fandom. I get that you don’t understand the etiquette. (Or you’re just an asshole idk.)

That said, this is about the third or the fourth??? time this week I’ve heard about bullshit. Whether it’s hateful comments in inboxes to ims that make people uncomfortable to flat out lies being spread to create mass panic over issues resolved months ago 

and truthfully

I’m old and cranky 

And fandoms ALWAYS dissolve from the inside out

If you want the Mysme fandom to survive for longer than a year tops you have GOT to start respecting your content creators. Respect their right to have a life; to an opinion; to create the content they enjoy. Respect it when their inbox is closed. Respect it when they don’t take commissions or they don’t update when they said they would. Respect their privacy. Respect their personal boundaries. Respect the shit out of them, because they are giving you so MUCH in exchange for so little. 

So if you’re reading this and you’re an asshole or you’re thirteen and you’re guilty of harassing a creator or two, consider this a kick to the shins 

and don’t fucking do it again

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Did you also see that lovely blue of his defensive magic?!!!! Like fuck I nutted! That is Magnus Bane in his your magic can't touch me but mine can crush you moment!!! It also reminded me of that fic you wrote, where they got attacked and he slammed his hands down, raised defensive wards and fried the demons en masse. Like fuck!!!! Magnus Bane can get it Izsak. He can fucking 100% get it. Goddamn!

itenoria i can’t get over it

you’re talking about this thing i wrote

honestly i’m so happy you remembered that because YES it killed me to see it and it was so similar to what i was thinking except i want to see it so much bigger, just this sphere around an area. but the fact that they were spheres and blue like that holy shit i feel like i was seeing my writing come to life

he can get it any day, any god damn day

Malec's firsts time

I know everyone is staying this but guess I just wanted to add my opinion to the pile.

I love malec, I think the shows done a great job showing two very independent functioning people that are both awesome in their own ways. Their relationship is so refreshing for tv cause they have doubts, worries and problems but they CHOOSE to work on their relationship and to be together. There’s communication and support from each other.

2x07 was the first time they didn’t communicate effectively

1) Alec was nervous cause it was his first time with anyone and I don’t care what people say it’s a big deal cause it’s a new level of intimacy for anyone. I think part of him was worried cause he knew magnus was experienced and just knew that was the next step to take. So I think part of him really wanted to take this new experience on with Magnus, someone he trusted but also part of him to just wanted to get it over - like so many people in the same situation - so it was done cause let’s face it your first time is ever gonna be your best time.

2) Magnus was worried cause he didn’t want to mess it things up. He wanted to take his time with relationship cause he knew it was gonna be different from the rest. I love how they show Magnus as a powerful, all knowing warlock but when it comes to his relationship with Alec he’s vulnerable and hesitant. Magnus never takes the next step first out of the two of them, it’s always Alec leading the way.

So where did the scene go wrong?
To me it just felt so forced. Alec pushing himself to behaviour not as he normally does and Magnus nervous and hesitant of this step because of his fears of just being used and to me he didn’t look like entirely wanted to do it, not yet at least.

It didn’t feel like a Malec moment. I thought Alec would initiate it but Magnus would guide it, take it slow. Instead it was rushed and wasn’t really talked about. When Magnus said he was vulnerable I thought that was his way of saying I’m not ready yet

When 2x08 came I thought we'ld pick up where Magnus had ‘noped’ out of the situation and maybe Alec would have made left feeling embarrassed and a bit rejected but then magnus would go after him and say something like:

Magnus: ‘I do want you Alexander, I just want that intimacy to come when we’re both ready’
Alec: *mumbles*
Magnus: *holds Alec’s hand* 'and I’m not ready yet’

And then after that it could have been a slower build up until they are both ready and comfortable enough to do it. Cause let’s face it just because you dated 7,000 people doesn’t mean you can’t be nervous for the first time with somebody new.

Instead we got none of that close intimacy that warms the heart, and then it was barely acknowledged and it was Alec’s first time! There was no discussion! What…. I’m so annoyed cause it was such a big let down to the characters and all the amazing scenes done before them and it was a big step in the relationship.

Sorry for the long post

Noct tried to fix it headcanon

So part of my fanfic research involves rewatching pretty much all the cutscenes in the game. Last night I was rewatching the first train scene and I realized how absolutely gutted Noct looks and it got me thinking…

When you first go to the hotel in Altissia is when Gentiana shows up with Umbra to explain the time travel thing. Now meta-wise this is just a mechanic that let’s you go back to open world play whenever you want. But, let’s look at it as a plot device. Several weeks pass between Noct waking up in Altissia and the train scene (which is part of why Gladio is telling him to get over it) and Noct is still so messed up…what if it’s because he used Umbra? What if he tried to go back and replayed it over and over again Groundhog Day style? What if he tried to save Luna, tried to protect Ignis, tried to fix even any small part of it but he couldn’t. It’s one of those fixed moments in time where it doesn’t matter what you do, things always turn out the same. And he tried and he tried and nothing ever worked until he was forced to give up (or likely Gentiana made him stop).

What if that’s why he’s in such a funk on the train? Because he’s dealing with the fact that the people around him can die, they can get hurt, and he can’t save them.

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since being kin is such a huge part of me i want to tell my friends and vent, but all of them laugh at that sort of thing, and i don't know how to explain it without it sounding ridiculous. like "hey so im pretty sure im this fictional character from ("cringy" source) in a past life and have memories from being them" would not go over well with them at all. guess im just gonna repress this forever lmao. it just gets lonely sometimes

DEO Training Room 2/2

(this is a continuation of this prompt)

“Hey babe,” you greet Kara with a cheek kiss, as to not mess up her lipstick, not knowing if today was a full press day or just a regular one. You smooth your hair back from your forehead, sweat gathers on your palm as you do so. You grimace as you wipe the excess on your pants. “I can uh, go wash my hands if you want? That was pretty gross of me, Kara?”

She still hasn’t said anything, she seems to be in a trance of some sort, you get out your walkie in case there’s another white martian in the building and you need to tell Alex. She yanks you towards her, as you’re about to scream about a 10-18 with a white martian in the building, her eyes cloud over and you know it’s her.

“Kara, what are you-“

"Just shut up and fuck me.”

Kara slams her lips into yours, you back away, still startled that she’s in such a mood, especially on a press day. She growls impatiently as you put your forehead against hers, you pant but are thankful she’s waiting on your response as to why you stopped kissing her. Usually you’d be all over this side of Kara, she must be confused why you’re not.

“Kara, we can’t do this here, I work here, you work here,” you try to explain to her, taking her hands into yours. She huffs, obviously annoyed you’re denying her what she wants, and that you’re only now opposed to work sex. Kara’s about to say something when Alex pops her head into the training room, she’s changed since being in here last.

“Oh good you’re both decent,” she starts but is cut off by Kara.

“See! Even my sister knows we have sex here!”

Alex’s face pales, she must’ve not known that and now that she does, well, she’s probably going to disinfect every square inch of this room.

“I um, did not know that, nor did I need to,” she tugs at her polo collar, “anyways channel 8 wants to see you, they want an interview.” 

Kara groans and starts to stamp out of the room, you tug her back so she can listen to anything else her sister has to say. You nod for Alex to continue, she says that was all and Kara shakes your grip. She’s mad and you’re pretty sure that you’re the reason, but just in case you’re not, you run after her.

“Supergirl wait!” you call out after her, she whisks around, the gust from her cape sending your hair into your face. You sputter as you try to get it out of your mouth, she’s annoyed. She crosses her arms, waiting for you to speak. “Is everything alright?”

“I have an interview I need to get to Agent, I’ll return afterwards, I’ll speak to you then.” That’s all Kara has to say before flying off to where the interview is. You rub your temples as you walk over the the control panel, sitting in the seat next to Winn. 

“Trouble in paradise?” he asks, slinging an arm over your shoulder. You nod, propping your feet up on the desk. Winn gives you a warning look that you don’t understand until J’onn addresses you. 

“If you and supergirl are having issues, I suggest you solve them quickly, agent.”

“Yes Director,” You sheepishly reply to him as you take your feet off the desk. When he’s gone you take out your phone and text Kara to meet you outside the training room storage closet when she’s back at the DEO.

You’re wondering where she is until your ears pop, she walks towards you, you’re slightly nervous about doing all this at work and she seems to sense it. You fumble for the doorknob as Kara pushes you into the dimly lit space. She locks the door then makes quick use of her mouth and hands. 

You groan as her nails dig into your sides. Her mouth leaves hot, open mouthed kisses on your neck. You arch into her, she smirks against your skin knowing she has you falling under her spell once more. You laugh as her breath tickles your ear, it quickly turns into a moan as she bites the skin behind it.

You grab Kara’s hands and direct them to your pants until you realize you still have your tactical belt on. She fumbles with the gun but regains control of it, probably remembering its loaded and the safety is off, so she ought to be careful. She reaches above you to place your weapon on one of the shelves.

You don’t remember much after the cool air of the room hits your thighs, causing goosebumps and momentary fogginess in your mind. You just know you were a mess afterwards and Kara worried you were about to pass out. Your tongue feels heavy in your mouth as your vision focuses on Kara in her super suit. 

“Hey babe,” you greet her. She traces the curve of your chin with her thumb as a small smile crosses her face.  

“Hey, you uh passed out? Are you feeling okay?” she asks as she uses her arms to steady you. You didn’t even notice you were swaying. 

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine, can we get back to what we were doing though?” you ask, the warmth in your stomach returning. She shakes her head, her worry has replaced her wants. 

“I think we should get Alex to check you out,” she says, her voice is wavering and the feeling in your stomach is no longer warm but cold, worried as to why she’s worried. You feel fine and you tell her that but she doesn’t buy it. You two come out from the storage room to see Alex scrubbing the training mats.

“Hey Al-”

“What are you two doing in here? Were you two in there?” she demands, it catches you both off guard. You’re just wondering why she has a surgeons mask on. You see the bleach in her hand and realize what’s happened. You chuckle to yourself and Kara side eyes you. Alex gets off the floor and points at you, asking if you feel lightheaded and if your chest hurts. You nod and she takes you from Kara, who’s still confused, and who runs after you.

“Are they okay?” Kara asks as Alex helps you up the stairs and to the nearest bench.

“Yeah they’re fine, just inhaled some bleach fumes, they should be fine as long as you two stay out of the training room until tomorrow.”

“Bleach fumes? You mean the stuff Eliza told me to stay out of the bathroom when she cleaned with it?” Alex nods, explaining that Kryptonians don’t usually have the same vulnerability to chemicals as humans, which is why she’s not having the same symptoms you are.

Once Alex says you’re fine you both walk out of the med bay and prepare to go home. Kara’s glad you’re okay. You’re glad the same insatiable look in her eyes is still there, meaning you can finish what she started.

I miss Roman Torchwick. When will we learn more about his past.

I’m really sad that he was glossed over. Last time we heard from him he was giving an emotionally charged speech and I wish I could get a look into the kind of suffering he’d experienced to become the person he is.

Like, villains don’t just become villains because they want to be evil usually. I really want to know what made Roman tick. What took away all his faith.

I hope we can see soon.