i just wanted to edit them again k

Hey guys! A few days ago I reached 100 followers (WHOO!) so I decided to do my first follow forever. And that there above is my first edit (whoo, again!)

I just wanted to say thanks for following me and not unfollowing when you realized how lame I am 😂 I also wanted to mention that I love to write, so if you have any ideas for a fic or any writing prompts you want to read about BTS, just send them my way! (Please do)

Anyways, here are all my mutuals (from most to least recent, not alphabetized):

@piixie 💜 (even though she deactivated her account) (love you!)

💜 = friends (am I doing this right?)

@glitchyoongi @sootuffy @funsuga @m-minyoongi @minstantnoodles @biaswreckernamjoon @namjoonsbuckethat @seokjingly @theycallme-btstrash @venomlithium @meontae @runningwithbts @nammyjoon @2namjoon @sweetnamjoons @silverspoonjoon @bangtanbeans @chocolatechipkookie @hobisjawline @chocoltaechipkookies @yoonimin @battaery @fluffkookie @puppyoongis @sagittaerus 💜 @bangtaniisms @pinkmonhyung @holdmenamjoon @swaggy-grandpa @namjoon-is-high-quality-trash @jeonjungkoko @im-not-interesting-1 @lattejeon @xchanyeolx @taejagi @fairyrapmon @yoonminislife @jevngguk @snugglejin @bangtanalyze @i-ctrl-v @rain-in-england @jiminiist @bangtanhoh @veryjimin @junghkook @bulletproofboyscoutstrash @jimminnie-s @sickofsuga @selfiesuga @kimmyungjun @kayhomie @chimchiminnie @princess-hyungwon @seokjinwfun @kimswagjoon @mskimtaehyung @taehyungmybaehyung @chimsu96 @michsml @your-favorite-kpop-addict @yoongi-is-my-spirit-animal @curryonmywaywardson @protectkimtaehyung @chimchimhasmyheart @chimjimins @violetjimin @yellowcardkookie @h-yw @etfoundhome @freenowtillmay @taetaeovertheuniverse95 @taenticing @namnjoon @organicpastas @bangtantrash-jpg @ohmigods @goldenmaktae @tassy2shoes @dope-noona @halpal349 @jeonjung-looks @thesixthmonth @jimiknee @hobismole @kyungsoosearmoles @levijimin @uniquetaehyung @ohmyjiminie 💜 @xxrockandartxx 💜 @sinkinglikepebbles 💜💜💜💜

I would say sorry if I left anyone out but I don’t think I did 😂 thanks again for following and ily guys!!! 😘😘😘