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Bellarke AU: Grounder!Bellamy finding Sky person!Clarke injured/unconscious in the woods while hunting with Lincoln. 

aka the au where there’s sort of a beginning of a possibility to an alliance after the mountain falls but there are still tensions/hostilities, and Lincoln convinces Bellamy to take Clarke to the caves where she will be safe bc they don’t know what to do with her yet (since taking her back to her camp was out of the question because it would just put accusations on them that they had hurt clarke, diminishing the forming alliance and it was too risky for her ((and bellamy and lincolns)) safety to take her back to their village to be healed) and Bellamy has to take care of her, reluctantly. and falls in love with her, again, reluctantly. (SOMEONE WRITE THIS FIC PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)

Hi there! Love your blog! Just wanted to give a quick fan account

 I don’t really know how to do these but here goes.

I went to watch the Unite The Mic concert in Toronto with Jay Park, Ailee and San E. I was mostly there for San E which I totally get most girls would probably be there for Jay Park he is very hot and even sexier up close, Anyway! Long story short during the high touch at the end I was panicking like omg I didn’t think of anything to say! And I only have like 3seconds to spit it out! So I get to San e and I’m like jumping up and down because I can’t contain my feels and telling him how much I love all his music and he takes both my hands and links them with his so then he starts jumping up and down laughing with me too saying “thank you for coming!” Hahahahaa! He Is such an awesome person. So I was like I love your song Body Language! And he he starts singing it and body rolling so I start flowing his lead singing with him and body rolling! So this is us holding up the entire line of people singing the chorus of body language and body rolling facing each other hands linked! Sigh it was incredible! Cause everyone else was literary high fiving them then walking on. The only reason I didn’t get Spartan kicked by the guards to continue moving was because it would be rude to San E since we were holding hands lol! So yeah that was it. You can edit this however you   want if you need to summaries and post it or whatever I just thought I’d share:) once again great job on the blog it’s amazing fighting! ✊

KPMBW:That’s amazing lol I can picture him doing this, and THANK YOU! ^_^