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More than this – Stiles Stilinski

( So this is my first Imagine/Fanfiction ever :D I had this Idea and I definitely want to continue this, do you guys want a part 2 ? And also, should I do this OC or Reader ? Since this is my first writing I am really looking forward to some feedback! Thank you <3 )</p>

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[Stiles and (y/n) / OC have been best friend since kindergarten, but what will happen when feelings start to change and jealousy is added to the mix? ]

Warnings: None, just that English is my second language, I hope you don’t mind. :D

I was talking to Kira while walking trough the school hall. We had ten minutes left until our first class started.  We stopped at our lockers, which were  really close together, to put the books away that we didn’t need.

“So what are you doing tonight?” Kira asked me while quickly packing her bag. It made me cringe how she threw the books in the tiny bag, I just knew they would be getting all messed up and the pages would wrinkle. Shaking my head I thought about my damn pet peeves when it came to books. “Hello, anyone home?”  she waved her hands in front of my face and looked kind of offended, probably because I didn’t really listen to her question. Sighing, I responded “Sorry Kira, I just zoned out.  You know me.” She shot me a grin. “Yes I do, you little dork. Sooo now tell me your plans. Are you free tonight?”  

Just as I was about to answer, a slender boy with brown eyes and disheveled  brown hair, also known as Stiles, my best friend since kindergarten, came up behind Kira and replied for me. “No she’s not” he said with a wide grin on his face, that I found really adorable, “because she is coming to our weekly movie night.”  “Oh am i?” I asked teasingly, now also grinning. “Positive. And I already told Scott that you’re going to come and I’m sure he bought vegan sweets and all that weird stuff you eat voluntarily.” He said, giving me a disgusted look. Kira looked amused but also a little disappointed.

I’ve been hanging around with Scott and Stiles a lot more and to be completely honest, I wasn’t there for Kira as much lately. To at least get rid of a little bit of the guilt and to cheer her up, I suggested that she could join us, which earned me an annoyed glance from Stiles, but I didn’t care. Her face lit up immediately, partly because she got to spend time with me, but also because she got to spend time with Scott. I knew how much she liked him. “I would love that! But only if you guys don’t have a problem with it?” Her eyes went to Stiles and I could already tell by the look on his face that he was going to say something stupid. “Well- “ Before he could continue I pushed my elbow – very subtle of course – into his ribs and quickly answered “They are totally okay with it! Just text me later and I’ll tell you the time okay?” “Will do!” she said before heading to her first class.

Turning to my best friend, I crossed my arms in front of my chest and growled “Don’t you get that she likes him? I’m trying to set them up you Idiot! Don’t sabotage my plans!” Instead of reacting to my rudeness, he just put his arm around my shoulders while we were going to biology class and smiled. “A little grumpy today are we?” Somehow his warm arm touching my bare shoulder was giving me an odd feeling, but I instantly pushed that thought away. “No, I just don’t like you being rude to her.  If I want her to join our movie night, she will. Scott wants her there too anyways.” Shaking his head he stopped in front of the class room. “How could I deny our princess anything?” Before I could hit him for that, he entered the classroom and sat down.  

After a long and extremely boring History-lesson I made my way to the cafeteria.  Unfortunately it was Friday, which meant it was pizza day. The pizza was soggy and cheap and tasted absolutely disgusting , but it was still extremely full here. The line for the pizza was literally overflowing. I shivered in disgust at the thought of eating a slice of that garbage.

I was scanning the room for anyone of my friends or at least an empty seat so I could eat my Sandwich in peace. When my eyes caught sight of Stiles I got this weird, clenching ache in my stomach, a feeling I hated. He was sitting next to Malia, laughing at something she said very enthusiastically. Why did I feel like this whenever I saw them together? Just the thought of him getting close to her made me want to punch something. Or throw up. Or both.  I was quickly getting pulled out of my boiling thoughts when Stiles waved me to his table. Malia didn’t look very happy about the fact that I was now joining their little conversation, I always got the feeling she didn’t like me very much. Probably because she’s into Stiles and she thinks there would be something going on between us. Which it totally isn’t.

But now, sitting in front of the boy I spend my entire childhood with, his smile sending all those weird fluttery things in my stomach that you could call butterflies, and the way his lips move when he says my name is just so beautiful and hypnotic that I could stare at him all day…

I wonder. Do I want something to be going on between us? Something more than friendship?

[part 2]

Undercover - Jelena One Shot.

Requested by Anon: “Can you make a one shot about like Selena and Justin are dating secretly and that’s why they “disappear” sometimes. So he uses Hailey so people wouldn’t notice but she always get jealous of them cuz she likes Jay but he will kick her ass bc she’s annoying af..”

No One’s POV
“Hey Hailey.”
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing much, what about you?”
“Same..I was wondering if you could hang out with me tomorrow night?”
“Uh yeah, of course!”
“Good! See you tomorrow!”

“Don’t laugh.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m doing this for us, babe.”
“But it’s funny..”
“Maybe just a bit.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna tell her?”
“It’s too soon.”
“Justin, we’ve been hiding for two months, I think you don’t fully understand the meaning of the word ‘SOON’.”
“And here comes another Soon joke..”
“Those jokes will never get old, but we probably will, waiting for you to tell Hailey that you’re dating me.”
“Okay Sel, I will tell her this week.”
“Good boy.” She caressed his cheek and left a little kiss on his nose. “Anyway, are we having dinner here or are you bringing me out for one of your special getaways?” Selena smirked pronouncing those words.
In the last two months, Selena and Justin secretly met three times a week, sometimes they had dinner at each other’s houses or they had pic-nics in special places Justin knew.
“Getaway. I’m putting our sandwiches in the basket, then we can go.”
“Yayy!” While saying that word, her phone started ringing.
“Shit, it’s Ashley. Shhhh. Hey?”
“Hey Selena, can we come over for the night?”
“Uh, girls, I don’t feel really good..” she faked coughs “I think I got a flu and..it’s kind of bad, I don’t want to start a contagion.”
“Ohh, I’m so, so sorry.”
“If you really want to come, you could come tomorrow.” Selena coughed again. “Okay, okay, see you!”

“I’m so proud of my great actress.”
“Oh shut up, don’t laugh.”
“You were right. It really is fun.”
“Okay, we can go!”
They were fully dressed in black clothes, with snapbacks on their heads. Justin started driving, headed to somewhere new, where he could be alone with his beloved girlfriend.

Selena’s POV
Justin drove to some of his secret places: the last time we went to a lonely tree house at 3 AM and the time before, we sneaked into a high school pool. I just loved going to these places, we felt like the players of a game against the world; if we got caught, we would’ve lost.
Every time it was a completely different place from the time before, a surprise, and I adored his surprises.
I think that his presence was what made these night trips special, if I had gone with my friends, it wouldn’t have felt this way.
“Can you give me a hint?”
“Well, sometimes, I go to this place to write songs, it’s super relaxing.”
“Ooh, I can’t wait to be there!”
Around 9:20 PM the car stopped.
“Now you gotta close your eyes.”
“Umf, okay.”
He started guiding me, I felt the hardness of the ground change. Sand.
I recognized the familiar sound of the waves too.
“Pic-nic on the beach?”
“Nah, everybody does that and we’re not everybody.” He chuckled.
“Right..” I laughed lightly. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”
I did like he said and I saw a dark cave in front of me, on the shore rocks.
“I got the flashlights, I’m not dumb baby.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Okay, no flashlights.”
“I was kidding!”
“Yeah, yeah right. Wait a minute.”
Justin entered in the cave with his flashlight and a lighter; he started lighting candles around the walls.
“Okay, now it’s much better. Come in.” He offered me his hand and I took it, still amazed by the candle lights.
“When did you put them here?”
“This afternoon…Do you want to ask more questions or eat?”
“Give me those sandwiches.” Justin handed me our dinner and got closer to me.
“I wish I could feel this peaceful every single day.” I put my head in the crook of his neck, our gazes were looking at the ocean, with its waves doing back and forth, just like us, in a way.
“Me too.”
“I think it’s been a while since I told you the last time but..I love being with you. You’re amazing, and I’m so lucky.”
“I am a lucky man too.”
Justin leaned in for a sweet kiss and I kissed him without hesitation. I still felt the butterflies in my stomach when I touched his lips, he was making me fall in love again. We decided to start all over; we were new people and this relationship would’ve been too.
The stars were shining bright on us, and so were our smiles.

Justin’s POV
After long chats about everything, from movies to UFO’s, from music to her sister peeing on her, we got up and got in my car. We didn’t ever realize it was almost 2 AM.
Time flew when I was with her. Gosh, I loved her so much and I couldn’t even tell her how much. When I said I was lucky, I really meant it, who else could’ve believed in me even after all those times I broke her heart?
When I think about it, I feel ashamed of myself, but mistakes can make you learn. I was so happy she was next to me, I was so happy I could kiss her, I was so happy I was her lover again.
“Hey babe.”
“I am happy.”
She smiled, I felt her look on me while watching the road. “I am too.”
We arrived back to my home, I was tired, but not enough to not cuddle.
We undressed, I left only my shirt and my boxers on and Selena left only her panties. It was a hot night.
I held her in my arms as she kissed me; those kisses became more and more passionate, our clothes were suddenly on the floor and I got on top of her. All over my neck and my collarbone Selena left sloppy kisses first and then hickeys, everything felt never-ending, I loved to hear her heart beating on my naked skin; she didn’t take her eyes off me for a single moment and so did I.

Selena’s POV
Justin placed himself between my thighs and started entering; the faster he went, the louder were my moans. I bit my lip in pleasure, and when he kissed me, he did the same; every time was like the first time, I didn’t want to stop, we couldn’t get enough of each other, every move, every kiss, every touch, every caress.

The morning after, I woke up with the sound of some voices, the first was Justin, the other one was…Hailey?! A groan came out of my mouth, it was just 10 AM and she was already annoying the fuck out of me; I tried to eavesdrop their dialogue.
“Ooh bae has had a rough night, hadn’t he?”
“You’re shirtless, I see your hickeys.” She laughed obnoxiously.

Hold the hell up: first, why was SHE calling my Justin “Bae”? Second, why was she here? They had to meet tonight. That girl was testing my patience.
I heard Justin trying to make up excuses, so I tried to make his game easier, I wore his shirt and my panties and got in the kitchen, yawning and stuff.

Justin’s POV
I scratched my neck not knowing what to say, Hailey was staring at me with a raised eyebrow waiting for a reply, when all of a sudden…

“What is she doing here?” Both girls said in unison.
“Me? What about you?” They continued talking in synch.
Hailey was shocked, so Selena looked at me saying “You hadn’t told her yet?”
“Okay, so..uhm..me and Selena have been dating for two months now.. again.”
“Again?” The blonde asked.
“Again.” Selena answered, as she walked next to me, Hailey looked pretty angry.
“Do you need something? A snack? Cold water?” My girl blurted suddenly.

Selena stayed silent, went to the counter and started pouring cereals and milk in her bowl, nonchalantly.
“A-anyway..” I said.
“We’re still seeing each other tonight, right?”
“Yeah, I mean, as long as your girlfriend wants you to.”
Selena turned around, “oh, of course I want you to!” and walked away to sit on the couch.
She was so passive-aggressive, I was almost turned on.
“Great then!” Hailey didn’t get her sass, apparently. “See ya tonight, Justin!”
“Have fun with bae!” Selena screamed to her, but I was almost sure she didn’t hear it.
I closed the door, “Damn girl! You’re mean!”
“My best side comes out when you touch my boy. And after all, she had to know.”

Later that day, as planned, I went to dinner with Hailey and a few paparazzi caught us, which was kinda good since I wanted to decrease every possible rumor about me and Selena. The game wasn’t over yet.
“How are you?”
“Pretty much like this morning..” She sighed and I nodded.
“Are you hungry?”
“Me too.”
Hailey looked more distant than the other days, probably because of what happened earlier.
“Is everything okay?” I asked as I ate my last bite.
She stayed quiet for a second. “I wanna say I am, but actually I’m not.”
“Because you, you are using me. You let me down. You don’t really want me as a friend, you just need a shield for you and your girlfriend. I don’t wanna be a thing.”
“What are you talking about? We are friends.”
“But I thought you wanted more!”
“Wait, what?”
“I thought you had feelings for me, but all you did was lie to me and play with me.”
“Hailey.. I- I’m sorry you misunderstood. I see you as a fr-”
“A friend, I got it.” She got up and made a pretty dramatic exit.

Selena’s POV
While I was enjoying my girls night, after explaining the miracles of my “flu medicines”, I received a text, from Justin. “u have no idea of what happened with Hailey, oh my..😂”
I replied “What” wondering what did she do.
“Who is it?” Ashley asked.
“Oh.. My mom.”
After a few seconds, another message arrived. “she got mad saying i was using her and she told that she thought that i had feelings for her..im laughing even tho i feel bad for her?!”
I called him immediately and got out of the room, the girls looked pretty confused.

“What the fuck?”
“I know? What should I tell her?”
“Noth- Sorry, this is too funny.” I started laughing.
“Should I text her?”
“Then what?”
“Babe, why were you two friends?”
“Because she was funny and she seemed a nice girl…and I needed a cover for us.”
“And is she still like that?”
“I don’t think so,” he stayed quiet “I don’t want things to get weird between us though.”
“I don’t want negative people around me.”
“..She became annoying as fuck.”
I lost control of my laugh, “I didn’t mean that, but thank you for saying it.” He laughed with me.
“By the way, I’m going back home, if you want to, you can come over later.”
“Maybe, I’ll let you know, bye.”
Stepping into the room, I noticed that all the girls were staring at me.
“That wasn’t your mother.” Courtney said.
I started having a mental monologue with myself “Should I tell’em? Justin told Hailey, so it might be about tim-“
“Hello?!?” Raquelle snapped her fingers in front of my eyes; I didn’t even realize I was lost in my thoughts.
“Uh, yes?”
“Who was it?”
“So..uhm..I need to tell you something, ehm, I’ve been hiding for the past two months…I’m..I’m..”
“Pregnant?!?” Courtney screamed.
“What?! No!”
“Then what?”
“I’m dating Justin, again.”
“Again.. Please, don’t take me to jail.”
“It’s your choice, we can’t tell you anything.” Ashley smiled “How’s it going so far?”
“Really great, I’m happy.”
“That’s what matters.”
“How did you guys make it? I mean, keeping everything undercover.” Courtney asked a little bit confused.
“We saw each other three times a week and no one had idea. Years of practice.” My smirk turned into a laugh, but it was interrupted by Raquelle’s voice, “So last night you were with him? You weren’t really sick?”
“Uh..yep. Sorry..”
“Damn. We should be mad but I think we’re still trying to get over the shock.”
“Hold up, I still have a question. What about that Hailey?”
I giggled lightly “It’s a funny story..Well, her and Justin were friends- and only that- but he hung out with her more often lately, so no one would have suspects on us.”
“I wonder how you two aren’t in FBI yet. Or maybe you are?”
“No, not yet.”
“Do you have plans with these days?”
“Uh, actually on the phone, he said I could go to his house later..”
“Okay girls, I think it’s time to go!” Ashley shouted.
“Yeah, I gotta clean my bathroom!”
“I gotta feed the cat!”
“You don’t have a cat!” I stated jokingly at Raq.
“Now I have! Bye!”
“Have fun!”
“Use condoms!”
She closed the door while I was speaking. “I guess I should get ready..” I thought.
I grabbed my phone and texted Justin “I’ll be there in 5 mins” and he replied with a smiley face.

Justin’s POV

Around 11 pm Selena knocked on my door, I gave her a kiss on the lips. “You were fast!”
“I told my friends about me and you.”
“It’s all good, they’re happy if I’m happy.”
Hearing her saying I made her happy always hit me, it wasn’t the first time she told me that, but every time her words made me feel so much joy.
“And when I told them you told me to come over, they suddenly were “busy with something”, so basically they left me to let me enjoy my night with you.”
“They did the right thing.” I winked.
“But I’m tired..”
“It’s okay baby, let’s go upstairs.”
“I’m too tired. I don’t even feel like walking.” Selena pouted, her voice was imitating a baby one.
“Okay..” I carried her upstairs, bridal style.
“You’re the best boyfriend ever.”
“Yeah, sure.”
She chuckled, I was faking being mad, but I just couldn’t resist, her smile was too cute, I loved when she wrinkled her nose.
“It’s bed time!” I said letting her down on the bed; Selena grinned as she placed her head on the pillow. I got next to her, hugging her from behind.
“Yes baby?”
“I love you.”
She hadn’t told me yet since we were back together, as I said before, we were starting all over.
“I love you too Selena.”
Our hug got more tight than before as we slowly fell asleep.


here it iiiiis! im sorry it took too much, but i had technical difficulties with my laptop lol and i apologize if there’s some mistakes, love youu alllll! let me know what you think in my inbox:)

We're Okay

Summary: Dan is scarred, probably forever, which makes him vulnerable to ‘fits’. Phil, who takes Dan under his wing, tries to make things easier. Its just kinda angst with a really fluffy ending.

Genre: Angsty Fluff

WC: About 5,000

Warnings: Slight violence (not too bad), Fits (like panic attacks kinda), some swearing, vulnerable!Dan and hurt!Dan 

A/N This is based off of like 3 different prompts which I don’t know where the links are, but I did my best to fill them even though this probably isn’t the best

Also I’m considering making another part or two. Tell me what you think I should do!

Keep reading

Chapter 19 Part 6

I was just about to eat my sandwich then Marley came and ruined it, I had the whole dining room to myself and it was some peace for once “mom said she wants to go shopping” taking a bite of my sandwich totally ignoring him because she can ask me her damn self “she also said if you don’t take her she’ll go either way, she said you need to come and pay for the diapers because you owe her child support money” I near choked on my sandwich, hitting my chest swallowing the piece while choking. Taking a drink of my sprite “she said that?” he nodded, she calls me childish “tell her fine, I’ll take her shopping” she wrong for that because we’re talking so she could have asked.

Putting my jacket on while walking downstairs, seeing the twins in their car seat “she taking them?” Chanise nodded picking up one of them “so you’re all going?” Rohan ran out to the car “can you pick the strollers up and put them in the back” Robyn spat walking pass me “no please?” she didn’t reply, rude ass. Getting in the car waiting for Robyn to bring whatever out, she never said she was bringing the whole family, Chanise got in front with me “I’ve not been shopping in ages dad” oh god, they just going to make me broke “why is everyone going to get some diapers?” Marley let a laugh out “we going shopping as a family” rubbing my face “I need some new heels” Chanise complained like she don’t have a closet full of them.

She finally got in the car “let’s go” she seemed real excited “what is this?” I questioned, she smiled “well daddy is paying for whatever you like kids” mean mugging Robyn “really?” she nodded “c’mon now it will be fun that we’re doing this as a family” spending my money is supposed to be fun, starting the car “I’m only paying for diapers soooo…” I trailed off “so what? These are your kids too” I groaned out “whatever Robyn you don’t have to be dramatic about everything” shaking my head she just being a bitch for no damn reason in front of the kids.

I stood watching Robyn putting the babies in the stroller, I swear I told her to get a twin one but she stubborn and wanted separate ones because they only make cute ones separately. Shaking my head while smoking my cigarette Peter was just laughing at me “what?” I asked him “you look stressed already why?” I shrugged “truth be told I don’t ever go shopping with them all, I never have come with them. I usually take like one child or go with Robyn but all of them seems stressful” he chuckled at me “you just realising how stressful it is to have a family?” I nodded blowing the smoke out “pick a stroller?” Robyn walked up to me, I blinked several times at her “huh” what the hell is she talking about “you think I can push two? You’re pushing one” I looked at her like she was crazy “Chanise can do that, the hell you think I am” she cleared her throat crossing her arms “are you done?” putting my cigarette between my lips mean mugging her and then walking pass her, this shit is stupid. I started pushing one of them “he’s just useless” I heard her saying to Peter, annoying as fuck that is what she is.

I kept quiet walking behind Robyn, she did say just diapers but this is not just fucking diapers all I keep hearing is Chris give me your card, I want that give me your card, oh the babies need baby rockers that rock them like why use your own damn arms and rock them. She doing it on purpose and it’s annoying, Rohan walked with me holding to the side of the stroller “you tired?” I asked him, he nodded sighing he been real quiet so I know he is “I’m going in here” Robyn said as we all stopped, I looked up at the sign “uh why?” pulling a face “because I do, problem?” I shook my head “well I’ll wait down there so uhm call me when you need to pay” I started walking over to some seating area, sitting down looking up at peter “you not going to pick out some sexy stuff with the wife” I smiled shaking my head “with these here, nope” looking over to see if all the kids are here “where is Chanise?” Marley pointed at the Victoria secret store “why the hell she need to be in there for!?” I hollered, she doesn’t need any of that nasty ass shit, now I was not happy.

Raelynn decided it was cute to start crying “get her out for me” I said to Marley while calling Mijo, people did nothing but stare and take pictures which irritates me even more “my nigga where you at?” Mijo spat, Marley passed me Raelynn crying her eyes out, holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear “shopping bruh” he was silent not saying anything “you sound not happy, y’all having family time be happy” for some reason I had a feeling he knows about this “nigga you knew this?” rocking Raelynn hoping she would stop “look she mentioned and I agreed” he a fuck nigga, disconnecting the call putting my phone in my pocket and then putting Raelynn on my shoulder “what is wrong baby” rubbing her back, I don’t even know where Robyn put her bottle or anything so I guess I will have to wait.

Robyn called me over, I guess she wants me to pay now “peter you stay with these, I’ll just take Raelynn and Rohan listen to him” getting up while Raelynn was trying to lift her head up on my shoulder, nosey ass. I turned her around so she could look around; Robyn watched me but then turned walking back into the store. Chanise was stood at the counter but she put her head down “what you buy?” I asked her, Robyn glared at me “why would she tell you that?” I looked at the things as the girl was putting them through “well I know your size Robyn so …” she scoffed shaking her head, I don’t understand why my daughter need to wear anything sexy. Shaking my head looking at the girl “might be your lucky night tonight” she said, I let out a laugh “with what ma’am?” raising an eyebrow with a cheeky grin, she started blushing “you know..” she trailed off, I shrugged shaking my head “you tell me uh…” looking at her name badge “Christina…” I trailed off “I’m Christopher, nice to meet you Christina” she started hiding her face “oh my god” she mumbled, Robyn started drumming her fingers against the counter “it’s actually cute seeing you hold a baby in person, love a father that is always there with their kids” Robyn snorted “why thank you Christina, I should have named my daughter Christina it’s a beautiful name” I looked her up and down, Robyn slapped her hands on the counter “you finished flirting?” her nose flared, eyes looking like she was going to kill me “you’re so disrespectful you …” she was ready to cuss me out but whatever, I looked at the girl “all that shit is for Adrian not you” Robyn spat before walking out the store.

I was so happy to be home before I actually hurt Chris; Mel was already outside and was laughing when she saw my face “nice time?” I ignored her opening the door and slamming it shut, fuck him and fuck his life “arrogant bastard!” I screamed out not realising Momma J was there “baby you okay?” she is so frail “Momma” I mumbled “uhm I’m fine” walking over to her to give her a hug “what you walking around for?” I asked, she sighed “I struggle getting up the stairs but I’m determined to do it, I was just about to up” she smiled “baby why you don’t have your ring on? I was meant to ask but I forgot” Chris, Chanise and Marley walked in hearing her ask me, Chris froze I could tell he was holding his breath “I… I uhm” I stuttered “I’m getting the diamonds retouched” hopefully she will believe me “oh baby, you girls and them diamonds” I looked at Chanise she looked angry “it’s all fucking lies! They’re divorcing grandma and they’re fucking lying. I am sick of living in a dysfunctional family full of lies and cheating. Mom you’re stupid and dad you’re a jerk but you both deserve each other without us! I want to go back to LA and live away from you both” she stormed off, my mouth hanging open.

“Hey! You little bitch” Chris spat with his voice so high pitch; I just didn’t even know what to do because everything has just been aired out. His mom knows, the world knows now so I guess I should accept our marriage is over. Chris didn’t even know where to put his face he was looking around “this has to be a joke right?” Joyce looked at me, I didn’t want to answer but I didn’t want to look rude by ignoring her “it’s true” putting my head down “Chris” she started walking over to him “why?” she questioned him “ma, it’s all good just don’t worry about it” she hit his arm “don’t lie to me!” she shouted at him, I felt so bad seeing his mom use all her energy to shout at her grown ass son “I’m not ma” he tried to hug her but she kept hitting him “I’m sorry”  he let her go and she moved back “what is happening? Why are you lying to me?” he sighed licking his lips “Robyn” she turned looking at me “please tell me the truth” I looked at Chris and he was shaking his head but I can’t save him anymore “Chris is divorcing me after he cheated on me for a while and got another woman pregnant but got her to get rid of it” it just flowed out of my mouth and I just saw Joyce’ face drop, I know I just broke her heart.

There was a long pause before she came over to me holding my hand “I’m so sorry my son made you come here to live out a lie, I’m so sorry I never raised him right enough for you but sweetie you don’t have to stay here I’m sorry Robyn” I shook my head “Joyce please stop, it is not your fault and I want to be here” she let my hand go facing Chris “I didn’t mean for it to go that far, I was just playing” he defended himself “it’s okay for her to have some nigga near my kids” Chris was talking so much trying to defend himself “you said you loved her! You cried and told me you never going to get her back and you did but then you cheat on her!?. You disappoint me so much my only son a damn failure” Chris mean mugged her “failure!!” he shouted at her pointing at himself “I fucking gave you everything and you call me a failure? You’re living the good life because of me” Momma J hand met his face so fast I felt so bad “don’t you dare shout at me, you don’t ever use the things you got me against me you’re just like you’re father! You’re becoming him, the most useless man ever and look what he created. Money won’t get the cancer away will it? Money is nothing Chris but you’re just too stuck up your own ass to realise anything” Chris was about to turn around and run out but Joyce grabbed his arm “no!! You’re not running away from me like you always do because you’re ruining their lives” I stepped forward clearing my throat “Joyce it is the both of us, please don’t just blame him. He is at fault but I am too and I want us to deal with the situation together” I just think it was not fair on Chris to just blame him.

Chris went out and that was the end of it, he didn’t talk to me just left which I’m worried about him now because those words are harsh especially from his mother, I don’t want him hurting himself or anything like that because I do need him. Chanise walked into the bedroom as I rocked Cayden in my arms “can I go back then?” I sighed heavily, I don’t want to argue with her so I’ll be as calm as I can “Chanise I am not letting you go to LA, I have always told you to never get involved in mine and Chris’ arguments” she got annoyed with me “but you both living a lie and he made you look stupid” Cayden spat his pacifier out and started whining, I always struggle to settle him “listen to me Chanise I don’t need you to pick sides ok? Me and Chris are petty trust me and I’m sorry we’re bad parents” she walked leaving me with a crying Cayden, he always wants my attention and hugs “come on little man, you nothing like your sister that slept straight away” kissing his head about to shut the door to get into bed “momma!” Rohan shouted  running in “didn’t I put you to sleep?” he nodded “I sleep here peaze” I nodded “ok fine” kicking the door shut as Rohan jumped on the bed making himself comfy, I guess it’s just me and the boys tonight.

I felt the bed move and I quickly turned round thinking Rohan had fallen out of bed but it was just Chris getting into bed, I breathed a sigh of relief thanking god he bought him back to me because I expected him high and drunk but he was perfectly fine. He looked at me before turning away from me but I’m happy he’s home rather than out there causing problems, I moved on to my back wondering if he put Rohan in his own bed because he seems to have disappeared from the bed.

I heard arguing from downstairs, my eyes shot open seeing Chris out of bed “fuck” I spat getting out of bed, hearing the arguments getting even louder, luckily I already got my sweatpants and top on. I ran out of the room running down the stairs because their voices are so loud, getting into the kitchen all I see is Mijo and him arguing and Chris screaming at his mom “what the hell” I said in shock, the kids were just watching, I hit Chanise’ shoulder “upstairs now and Marley, don’t let me see you around here” they both glared at me but I gave them a look so they both moved.

I do not know what got over Chris but he was ready to hit Mijo and then he was shouting at his mom “Chris” moving pass Mijo “Chris, stop this” standing in front of him “nothing will change you Christopher and you deserve to be lonely, vile” Joyce said to him, Chris started stepping forward pushing into me for whatever reason “you!! Did this to me, you made me who I am, blame your fucking self you’re fucking vile. You would be on the streets in your trailer, you owe me. You’re not fucking innocent” he pointed at her; I grabbed his finger pulling it down “please Chris!! Just ignore them” he was so angry and I always hate that dead look in his eyes “I’m dead to you” Momma J said “Stop!!” I screamed out “shut up everyone” I held Chris’ arms “Chris, look at me please let’s just go” I really want to get him out of the situation before he ends up doing something he regrets, I started pulling at his arms but his eyes did not leave his mother “Chris, c’mon the twins are awake they want to see you” he wouldn’t move so I grabbed his face pulling it down to look at me, he was breathing so hard, I’ve never been scared of him even though others do be “calm down and let’s go upstairs yeah?” I nodded pulling his arm, he started walking with me.

Still holding on to Chris’ arm taking him upstairs but Chanise and Marley nosey asses were at the top, they both just stared “I’m sure I told you both to go where?” Marley pointed at Chanise “she said to ignore you” these two never listen “well go downstairs and stay there” Marley looked at Chris “are you okay dad?” he asked him but Chris pushed pass me to go to his room “just go” I followed him into the bedroom shutting the door behind me. Chris took his top off pacing the room “you going to calm down or nah?” he continued to pace the room “I want them out” was all he said “sit down and talk to me and then let’s decide if it’s the right thing” he rubbed his face “what happened?” he stopped pacing the room and just looked at me “your fucking daughter that is what!” he half shouted “keep your voice down and that is our daughter, she is sick of seeing the arguments is that her fault huh? You always said you wanted different for our kids so what is this” he scoffed shaking his head “I woke up early and went downstairs to eat like always, she was there and she was just talking mad shit about the past, she know I hate that shit and I hate that nigga. Any nigga she been with I hated and she just there throwing it at my face, she did this to me did I ask to be this crazy is that my fault she bought a crazy nigga in our home but yet she just using me as some punching bag to let out how fucked up her life is, is that my fault she lives her life through me and has nothing better to do. Lonely is her that ain’t going to be me” he threw his hands up in the air.

I never knew for Joyce to be so dramatic about things but I do think she is going through a lot with the chemotherapy, I honestly did not want her to know for that reason “Chris….” I trailed off “she is still your mother no matter what so you losing your temper and getting so angry like that is not good. What were you going to do? You was dead in the eyes” he shrugged “trash the place or whatever, why are you still here? Like my mom said you’re with some crazy person and you’re just the perfect thing ever” I rolled my eyes “I’m here because of you and you know that so don’t act like some dumb bitch” he didn’t even say anything that I said that to him, he knows I’m right “I want you to just calm down and take a step back about things ok? I really want you to forget everything and just think about you because I really think you’re doing too much about everything, you’re not thinking right so I want you to go to the studio and write your heart out, do what makes you happy and forgot about everything yes?” he nodded “you make me happy though” I waved him off giggling “shut up” I said walking over to him “I’m so proud of you that you didn’t get drunk or high and you came home as yourself, I just wanted to say that” he flashed me a little smile “appreciate you” he leaned forward kissing my forehead, I felt my cheeks burning up, I better calm down “love you baby momma” he said with grin, I hit his chest “I don’t think so, I ain’t even sign the paper yet so it’s wife” I was about to walk away but he wrapped his arms around me “my baby momma mad huh” he said in my ear, I was going to fight him off but I actually wanted to be in his arms “say wife, sperm donor” he snorted right in my ear “ew!! Nasty ass” he started attacking my face with kisses “love you wife number 1” I elbowed him “ahhhh I’m playing” shaking my head “love you too” placing my hand on top of his that is around my waist.