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i’m like 110%  sure i’ve used that gif before but whatever - also this is rly good like read it you won’t regret it lmao, i’m begging 

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Requested: no, but i had a convo w @calumofficials a very long time ago about college!ashton lmao

Pairing: Art major!Ashton x Y/N

Description: When Y/N looks over the cute and curly-haired art major’s shoulder, she realises who he has been drawing for a long period of time; her.

It had become a normal thing for Ashton just to sit outside on the grass with a sandwich by his side and his sketchbook in his lap as he leant up against that one bench and then he would just draw whatever or whoever crossed his road. Sometimes it would be a gloomy flower in front of him, other times it would be scenarios or a person with a crazy hairdo just walking past. This had become a habit. After lunch, he would just sit down on the grass, not on the bench, but on the grass. Normally, he would take his lunch with him, maybe even some music occasionally. Drawing everything that he could think of.

This day was no different. He sat with his brown, round glasses on the bridge of his nose, the curls laying perfectly messy on his head, and his tongue sticking out as he focused on the current drawing. A girl. The girl he had slowly become more attracted to. He didn’t know her. All he knew was that after lunch she would be sitting with her friends on the lawn, the exact same time Ashton was.

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 REQUEST: “i’m almost offended you haven’t written any davey imagines??? how about one where davey invites the reader over and they’re bored and awkward and davey’s like ‘hey let me play something on the piano’ so he starts serenading the reader but poor boy is so nervous his voice cracks and he’s absolutely mortified an reader is in the back cackling. lol just suggestion you don’t have to if you want also i’m in love with your work <3″

 SUMMARY: Davey tries to impress Y/N by playing her a song, and it doesn’t go as expected.

 A/N: i’ve been listening to ben fankhauser sing to kiss a girl on repeat for like 3 hours so i really don’t know what you expected?? i hope this is something like what you wanted


 When his teacher had partnered him with Y/N for their project, Davey was pretty sure his heart had stopped in his chest. And when he’d invited her over to work on said project, she’d given him a smile that had quite literally halted his breathing. When she came over, they got to work straight away, which Davey was very grateful for because he didn’t really know what to say to her otherwise. They weren’t close friends, but that was mostly because he became too flustered around her to carry out lengthy conversations. She made him nervous; very, very nervous. 

All had been going well until they finished the project an hour earlier than Y/N’s mom was able to pick her up from his house. This proved to be a problem, because every time Davey opened his mouth something entirely unintelligible came out. The literal girl of his dreams was sitting on his living room couch and he couldn’t even talk to her. 

 "Do you want something to eat?“ He finally choked out.

 "Sure,” she smiled, standing up and brushing off her legs. He led her to the kitchen, trying to think of some conversation starters. Opening the fridge, he started to survey what food he had. 

 "Um, we’ve got - “ 

 "Is that a piano?” Y/N walked quickly out of the kitchen and entered the drawing room, where a grand piano sat in corner. She ran her hands over the sleek black surface, staring at it in wonder. Slowly, she made her way around to the bench, sitting down gracefully. She haphazardly played a few notes, sighing. “I always wanted to play, because it’s, like, my favorite instrument,” she explained. “But we never really had enough money for lessons.” Her face went red when she realized what she had just disclosed and he couldn’t help but stare in wonder at how cute she was.

“Well, I could play something…. If you want?” He asked, unsure of himself. She nodded eagerly, sliding over on the bench. When he sat down their legs were touching and he gulped. He loosened his hands a bit and prayed to God that he didn’t screw it up. He knew the music by heart, but he didn’t tend to do as well nervous. He played the opening notes, taking a deep breath before singing softly. 

“Oh, I’m no explorer, my vision’s not great, I get tired when I run for too long.” His voice cracked and wavered slightly on the last word, and he took a shaky breath before continuing.

“I still wake up groggy and go to bed late, and I guess it’s been true all along.” His voice was getting even worse, and he was very much regretting this decision. “That of all the world’s secrets, both this world and yours, from the depths of the sea to the eagle who soars.” Well, at least he was playing the right notes. 

“Beyond all the crap that us little guys face each day. Past monsters and prophecies, shouldn’t’s and should’s, past mayors and knights getting lost in the woods. I know it’s not much, I’m too young to unearth how it goes.” Y/N stood up beside him, and he could hear her walk around a bit while he played. Why on earth had he chosen a song where he had to sing?

“But whether the sun burns our skin or a westward breeze blows. Of all the world secrets and mysteries, from here to the tiniest star.” And that was it. He had completely screwed up the high note and she was definitely appalled by his performance. (She was actually muffling her laughter into her hand behind him, because she could tell how nervous he was by the cracks in his voice, and it was too darn adorable.)  

“The greatest one, is the simplest one by far: to kiss a girl, and hold her hand.” He was absolutely mortified, and all because he’d been trying to impress Y/N. (She stood behind him, still slightly giggling and absolutely mesmerized by the way his hands moved across the keys. 

“No monster in the land can understand when you kiss a girl, and just like that, the stars you’re staring at start to disband.” Davey was pretty sure at this point that there was no salvaging this performance, so he took a deep breath and stopped trying so hard.

“Then they form a path, and if you follow them blindly that’s where you’ll find she’s gone. So kiss the girl, and hold her hand, and travel on.” Y/N gave a small gasp behind him and he was positive that she was hating every second of this but was too nice to ask him to stop.(She was actually surprised by his sudden gain in confidence and consequently his sudden lack in voice cracks. In may have also just dawned on her that they were in a room alone together and he was singing to her about kissing girls and that may have taken her breath away.)

He continued to sing, losing himself in the song. It was one of his favorites, and he was immensely embarrassed that he had messed it up. Behind him, Y/N stopped laughing, feeling her heart stop as he put more emotion into the song. She was pretty sure she was literally falling in love while he sat there singing to her. Except there was one tiny problem: he was singing about kissing a girl with a ton of emotion, and there was a possibility that he was talking about an actual girl who wasn’t her, considering they hadn’t ever kissed (in real life, at least; both parties had fantasized). 

When he finished the song he spun around to face her slowly, a sheepish look on his red face. She looked entirely shocked, and any hope he had of it not being too bad vanished.

“Sorry,” he started. “I’m not really that good, so that was… um…”

“Amazing.” He looked up at her in surprise. “That was amazing. I mean, you could tell you were nervous in the beginning - which is normal because almost everybody gets nervous singing in front of people - but by the end? Wow. Whoever you were singing about is really lucky.”

Davey blushed an ever darker shade of red at her words. He became immediately flustered by the fact that she hadn’t caught on that he was singing to her, not about someone else. 

“There’s no one,” he blurted. Y/N tilted her head in confusion, furrowing her eyebrows. “I mean, I wasn’t singing about anyone,” he rambled. 

“Oh.” She took a few steps toward him, her hands innocently clasped in front of her. “No one at all?”

“No,” he choked out, attempting to ignore how close she was getting to him.

“Ever kissed a girl before?” His eyes widened at her question, but he wasn’t given an opportunity to answer. Instead, he was given her lips on his. It was short and sweet, but when she pulled away he felt completely breathless. She smiled at him, brushing some hair out of his face. “I liked the song,” she stated.

“It was for you,” he admitted, making her grin grow.

“Yeah, I had hoped so.”


“You know I completely lied to you, right?”


“You totally fucked up the beginning of that song and it was hilarious.”

“Wow, thanks for that confidence boost”



I’m posting this because it’s absurd. A different artist who also drew a Lisa Frank baphomet is claiming not only I stole her very original idea, but also I traced it. And I want to show this because I think this is ridiculous.

The top photo is her overlay where I “trace” the shape of the face, and then for some reason I moved it to trace the shape of the shoulders. Because I have no idea how to draw goat faces and shoulders and can only do so if I google image search for the exact image I want to use (also remember that her image is only the top half of baphomet, I must of just had to google for another cute baphomet to trace the lower half of, because how could I have done it otherwise?). 

The 2nd set of photos is artetak’s image lined up with the original engraving of Baphomet, that I also used as very heavy inspiration, and, SHOCK AND AWE it lines up too! Really disappointed in Eliphas Levi for using his time machine to come into 2017 and tracing her original (copyright tm) baphomet image. 
The bottom photo is the original engraving of baphomet from the 19th century, the one that inspired every image of baphomet to come after, the one that they built a statue of. 

I was aiming for an exact copy of Baphomet with authentic Lisa Frank imagery and aesthetic. I used the original engraving as a base for proportions so that things lined up exactly with the very Victorian proportions of the original. Looks kind of like artetak did that too, but I never claimed otherwise. 

For the record, like 5 years ago I drew a baphomet sigil in the style of Angelic Pretty, and you can bet your ass that I had at least 4 different people I never even heard of before, who obviously never heard of each other either, messaging me to claim that I “stole their idea” of devil sigils. What is it with Tumblr thinking they invented Satan????

Edit: shes since claimed (on a now deleted IG post) I copied the same color palette as her, but again: LISA FRANK. I just used the eyedropper tool on scanned Lisa Frank stickers to help find just the right Lisa Frank colors (obvs you can’t just use the colors you click on, you have to usually mess around with them and saturate them usually), so if our colors are the same, it’s because we both did that. I am just so shocked at the absurdity of this whole situation! 

EDIT 2: She deleted the original FB post, and the IG post, and has now instead put up an IG post brushing the whole situation off with: “ When someone up and does the exact same thing as I do then sends me a nasty message telling me I’m full of shit, it really fucking sucks. “ which is, ONCE AGAIN, absurdly hilarious because she messaged me (it was anon, so maybe it was someone else) on Tumblr ASKING ME TO EMAIL HER, and my email wasn’t really any less shitty than her response where she asked me if this was my “first ever original piece”, like I’m cringing so hard at this.

Edit 3: I’m adding some more random stuff because she’s deleted her original callout posts AND is still acting like I was somehow antagonizing her over this. So this is just what happened: she told me to email her on Tumblr, I did, it was an angry email because the situation is absurd, she then deleted all her posts about it and claimed I was “sending her nasty messages saying she’s full of shit” and you know what fucking sucks? I’m confident no one will actually see this because she has thousands of followers and I don’t, so she gets to be the victim. Real cool.


So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

ML Fluff Month Day 16 - Flowers


Rated: T
Pairing: Adrinette/MariChat??

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 17

Adrien had never seen as many flowers as he did on Marinette’s terrace the one day he went up there with all of his friends in tow. He was amazed at the display of different plants, and honestly, he was impressed that someone could keep this many flowers alive at one time. Whenever he tried to help his mother in the garden, it seemed like everything he touched died in an instant. And that was before he had a ring of destruction.

Smiling at his friend, Adrien chimed, “I didn’t know you grew flowers, Marinette.”

Alya placed a hand on her hip and nodded. “Yeah, girl, since when do you have these many plants?”

Marinette hummed shyly with a shrug. “It’s a… recent development.”

So, after that, he started delivering flowers to the terrace at night as Chat Noir. Marinette had always been so kind to him, and always did things for him, so this was his way of returning the favor. He only stuck around the first time to catch her reaction. She heard him, and came creeping out of her room with a golf club in hand, ready to swing. It had taken everything in him to not cackle out loud. If he had, she might have seen him on her roof and taken a whack at him.

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All My Idols Ch 11: Avoiding EXO

“Got7?” Bobby yells out as he stands with his back to us, facing the white board.

“Of course!” Bambam responds for the whole group.

“Is this really necessary?” I whine from my spot on the couch, unable to put up much of a protest with three guys basically wrapped around me. Suga is taking up most of the couch with his feet hanging off the edge and his head in my lap, basically sleeping thanks to me running my hands through his hair. JB is sitting on the floor with my legs over his shoulders watching Bobby be stupid with the rest of his audience. B.I has his arm wrapped around my shoulders, his hand playing with my curls absentmindedly.

“Yes, we need to keep track of who knows about you and since they always end up basically falling in love with you they become knights like the rest of us, now shush so we can figure this out,” Bobby looks away from me without another word to continue this tally. “BTS? Seventeen?”

“Yes,” Both Namjoon and Seungcheol respond with a smile in my direction.

“Monsta X?”

“Of course look how cute she is!” I roll my eyes but smile at Shownu’s cute grin.

“Who else is there that isn’t here?” Bobby glances around at the group of boys, with all of Ikon, BTS, and Got7 the small room is pretty packed. Only Seungcheol and Shownu were able to fit in, while the rest have to stay in their own dressing rooms.

“B.A.P, Day6, Infinite, Madtown, Vixx, Winner, UNIQ, Beast, Epik High and Topp Dogg. Twice want to join and so do 2pm,” Mark diligently numbers off on his fingers.

“How do 2pm know about me?” I glare at Got7, knowing it had to be them.

With my glare being too much Yugyeom caves quickly, “Sorry Noona, we were just talking about you and they over heard and saw the pictures that we have with you and yea…”

“You guys need to stop talking about me,” I tease, smiling at them to let them know I’m only joking.

“We can’t help it, you have some kind of magic spell on us!” JB says as he affectionately rubs my calf.

“Over 100 if you add in the others like Zico, Jay, Loco, Jooyoung, and CL and a few others here and there. Wow Princess, you collected a whole army.” Bobby teases as he ruffles my hair, earning a swat from his leader.

“How in the world did this happen?” I mumble to myself but the three hanging on me can easily hear. Over the last month I go from working constantly with only Big bang as my friends to becoming strangely close with this massive group of rowdy boys. Manager Unni had insisted that I continue coming to award countdowns and other shows because of all the boys, big bang included, kept begging and annoying her. I happily agreed though, these boys are amazing. But now my schedule is fully packed, I barely go home anymore; only for a few hours at most for a power nap or to pick up clothes. Sleeping has become more of a hobby, after working all night one of my oppas from big bang usually want me to come to their new apartments, since their beds are so much nicer, while they work from home.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on the door before it cracks open and a pink head pops in with a cute smile when our eyes meet. Without a thought I’m shaking the three boys off me to jump the mini Suga that just appeared, something no one but him appreciated.

“Jihoonie!” I coo as I rest my head on his shoulder and pull him into a tight hug.

“Hello Noona!” He smiles down at me sweetly and even kisses the top of my forehead making the others groan in annoyance and disgust.

“Noona!” Kookie whines from his place on the floor. “Why don’t you ever do that when you see me?”

“Because you’re a little perv,” I stick my tongue out at him.

“So we probably shouldn’t complain either?” Jackson wiggles an eyebrow at me.

“Don’t you guys have to perform?”

Woozi snaps out of his cute mode to a more mature version of himself and looks to his leader, “That’s what I’m here for, we’re going on after this next group.”

His leader nods and stands up to come next to us, “We should get going than, Charlie, you should come watch us.”

“Of course, let’s go,” I pull the two boys out of the door, ignoring the loud protests coming from the large group of boys we are leaving behind. In the hall the rest of Seventeen greets me, I give them a big smile in return.

“I feel like I should bow like a knight every time you smile like that!” Jun coos as he places his hands on my face and squeezes my cheeks.

“Are you coming to watch us perform?” Little Channie pops up next to me and asks.

“Yea, lets go quick, you guys are going up soon!” I continue to drag Seungcheol and Woozi behind me as I do my best to navigate the halls that I’ve recently become familiar with. With some help from the trail of boys behind me we manage to make it to the stage. Glancing out to see who is still performing I want to scream as Girl generation starts Party. Though I have seen them perform this and Lion heart a few times already it’s such an amazing experience every time I watch anyone perform. I find myself following along with their moves, after watching their video so many times it’s impossible for me not to know.

“Noona,” Jeonghan yell whispers in my ear so I can hear him over the music. “If you love them so much, why do you hide whenever they walk by?”

I don’t know how to tell him that I’m avoiding everyone at SM because of Xiumin. They all know that I hide from EXO because of my bias but they still don’t know who it is thankfully, except for big bang of course. Avoiding the whole company sometimes feels a bit extreme, especially when I think about all the other great people I’m avoiding like Girls Generation, F(x) and Shinee and a bunch of other groups. But the idea of running into EXO gives me too much anxiety, not to mention I don’t know how I’m going to explain it if anyone from the company asked.

Yea, that would go great, don’t mind me just hiding under a table to avoid the man I’ve never met but am completely in love with. Why am I hiding? Well because I’m afraid that I will fan girl and scream in his face or something else really stupid. Won’t be weird at all.

Avoidance seems to be working just fine until Girls Generation starts walking off stage in our direction and I lock eyes with Taeyeon, who also happens to be my favorite. She blinks at me a few times before continuing on her way giving me one last glance before going into the maze of halls.

“I think you’re magic potion is kicking in already,” He teases as he follows the rest of the members on stage, giving me a hot smirk.

Without me noticing Taeyeon has made her way back into the back stage area alone and snuck up to stand next to me silently. Being only a few centimeters taller than me, I didn’t think I would have to look up at her but her heels give her a few extra inches that my flats don’t provide.

“Hi!” She says with a small yet nonetheless beautiful smile.

“Hi Taeyeon-ssi,” I give her a small bow.

Her smile widens at her name and she turns to face me fully, “Omo, you know who I am? That is so cool!”

I’m so taken back by her sudden happiness I don’t respond.

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone has been talking about how you are so nice and friendly and how you are friends with almost everyone. I was worried that you didn’t like me, I mean us, because you wouldn’t talk to us. Omo, I’m so sorry I’m rambling about things you probably don’t care about. In fact you haven’t even said anything about not hating us so you still could and I’m so sorry for bothering you.” She tries to bow and walk away but I catch her by her wrists.

“Taeyeon-ssi I don’t hate you or anyone in Girls Generation, I’m actually a big fan!” I smile at her.


“Of course! How else would I know your dances?”

She beams at me, “I thought I saw you dancing along but I thought it was just my imagination. You have no idea how happy the girls are going to be that the princess knows our dances!”

My heart stops at the sound of my nickname, “Princess? You know about that?”

She nods, “Everyone here does, lots of people talk about how cute and nice you are. Though I wasn’t sure it was you at first, because no one really says what you look like.”

“Than how did you know it was me?”

She smiles widely, “Because I saw the way they looked at you and I can feel your warm personality. It can draw a person in.” I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed by her compliments, a blush crosses my face and I have to look away. “You should let me borrow you for a second. I want you to meet the girls, they are going to freak out.” She pulls me gently away from the stage as I lock eyes with Jeonghan who just smiles and winks at me before waving me away. With a sigh I take his signal and let Taeyeon lead me threw the halls. Taeyeon rambles on cutely about what she has heard of me and that the girls have been wondering if I’m as nice and as cute as they say.

“You guys!” She yells as we reach their dressing room that is located in a hall I’m not familiar with. “Guess who I found!” As we enter the room all the girls turn away from their makeup mirrors and stare at me with small polite smiles on their faces.

“Who is your cute friend?” Sunny pops up out of her chair to come check me out.

“The one and only princess!” She releases my hand to do jazz hands to present me.

“Taeyeon-ssi please, you don’t have to call me that, you can call me Charlie,” I tell her again.

She shakes her head, “It’s like an unspoken rule that we must call you princess unless we are close. Once we are really close I will, but you can call me Unni!”

“Omo me too!” Sunny beams her cute smile at me.

“How in the world did Tae unni find you?” Yoona, freaking Yoona, asks with her sweet voice as she comes to stand with us, grabbing hold of my hand.

“I was watching Seventeen perform and she just came up and snatched me,” I tease Taeyeon.

“Unni! You stole her? We are going to be in so much trouble!” Sooyung joins our little group by the door as well.

“I didn’t steal her!” Taeyeon stomps her heel and pouts like a very cute child.

“Did anyone see you walk away?” Yoona asks.

I think for a second, “Jeonghan did, but knowing him, he’s probably not going to say anything to anyone.”

“So the rest are going to think you are missing?”

I nod.

“What will they do?”

I shrug, “They might be a little worried.”

“A little? You’re the princess; those boys are going to panic! I heard that last time you ended up in some boy groups room when they were changing.”

“How do you guys even know about that?”

Yuri laughs, “It’s all over. You are one of the most talked about people back here. We are the only second group from SM that have met you.”


“Yea, Lay said he talked to you when you first started showing up.” Seohyun explains.

“Even EXO know about me?” I can’t even try to hide my blush.

“Of course! When ever anyone mentions the princess Lay pops up and scans the crowd for you, the rest of them try to join in but it’s pretty pointless since he hasn’t told them what you really look like.” Sooyoung giggles.

“Such a good oppa,” I say mostly to myself. I can’t believe he is still hiding me from his members even if he doesn’t know why.

“Unni,” Seohyun pipes in, “You should probably bring her back before someone sets off an alarm.”

“But she just got here!” Yoona and Sunny both whine cutely.

“But what if one of those boys storms in here looking for her? We are going to be in big trouble!”

I nibble on my lip as I think back to what happen last time when I disappeared and Big bang were obviously worried. I grimace at the thought of any of my dongseangs having to explain to them that they lost me again. “I’m going to agree with Seohyun unni this time, we can play around next time when I give my oppas fair warning that I’m going to be with you. Otherwise they worry I might wander into a bad situation like last time.”

The rest pout but nod, though Seohyun is beaming at me, “You just called me unni! I’m the princess’s unni!”

“Come on Princess,” Taeyeon locks her arm with mine to lead me out of the room, “If you say anything else cute I don’t think they will let you leave.” We giggle at each other as we go down the hall, another unfamiliar way. After two turns we run into Lay and the cute unicorn beams a beautiful dimpled smile at me.

“Charlie!” The boy nearly yells as he runs to me and gives me a surprising hug.

“Ya! Lay, put our princess down!” Taeyeon protests as she slaps the younger man arm for him to release me from his grip.

“But Noona,” The unicorn boy pouts but doesn’t loosen his grip.

“I’m in the process of returning her to her knights!”

“I’m a knight!”

“Since when?”

“Since I saved her from falling! Right Charlie?” He looks down at me.

“You were the reason I was falling but I accept you as one of my knights,” I tease back.

He smirks back at his noona, “See, now I can take her the rest of the way.”

“Don’t you have to go on stage soon?” Taeyeon retorts with a pout.

“Oh yea!” He looks genially surprised by the news. “I got distracted when I saw her,” He looks over his shoulder, “I wonder where the others went.” I stiffen at the mention of the rest of  EXO, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Lay as he eyes shift to me.

“Hyung!” Chen calls from down the hall, out of my vision with Lay in the way, “What happened to you? We turned around and you were gone!” Lay is about to turn around when out’s my turn to latch on. My fingers grip his shirt like my life depended on it as I nuzzle myself closer to him, trying my best to hide under his leather jacket without much luck. Lay lets me do whatever I’m trying to do without question, just stares down at me with concern, and wraps his arms tighter around me, as if he is also trying to hide me.

“Princess?” Taeyeon asks gently, also confused and concerned. I feel her small hand on my back near Lay’s, “Princess, is something wrong?”

“She hid last time the rest of the members showed up, I don’t know why but could you go see if you can find one of her knights?” Lay requests her sweetly, I hear Taeyeon’s shoes click away. His hand begins moving in circles soothingly on my back, doing his best to get me over whatever could be wrong. I feel like an idiot doing stuff like this as if I’m a helpless baby but the idea of meeting the idol that I loved more than my oppas isn’t something I can take lightly. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t what I thought he was? What if I’m not what he thought the princess would be like? Too many questions with answers I really don’t want to find out.

“What are you doing?” Chen’s voice is closer and my grip on Lay tightens. His foots steps stop when they get to right beside me, “Who is this?”

“The princess,” Lay whispers as he continues to rock us both, but does little to calm my anxious heart.

“Really?” Chen nearly yells.

“Ya! You’re scaring her!” Lay snaps.

“Sorry,” He says in a whisper like Lay. “Is she okay?”

“I think she’s fine, it’s just when someone for EXO shows up.” Lay explains and I just feel guilty.

“Oh no, the rest are coming right behind me.” As if on cue a chorus of howls for their hyung fill the empty hall along with a yell of Chen, “Stop right there!” The howls stop and are replaced with just as loud mumbles. “Be quiet! Something is wrong with the princess.”

“The princess?” The word is repeated a dozen times before a stampeded of footsteps is coming toward us as the voices get louder. A low bear like voice catches my attention.

“She’s so little! I wanna see her, I wanna see her,” Chanyeol’s voice echoes.

“No, me first!” Baekhyun must have swatted the younger away because Chanyeol whines.

“No one will be touching her!” Lay says firmly. “Hyung.” I noticeably tense at that one word, something Lay notices.

“Should I get someone?” Suho’s warm voice responds, making me relax.

“Can you just get everyone to back up?”

“Okay guys to the end of the hall!” Suho claps his hands together like before.

“But hyung! We haven’t even gotten to see her!” Sehun whines.

“She isn’t in the mood to see that face of yours anyway!” Baekhyun teases.

“Kyungsoo can I get some help?” Suho sighs.

There is the sound of a struggle as they go down the hall but shortly followed by the sound of an amazingly familiar voice, “Charlie-ah!” Seungri’s voice calls from the same direction as EXO’s.

“Oppa!” I call out from Lay’s chest.

“Charlie-ah,” His voice is right next to me as Lay hands me over, he happily accepts. “How in the world did you end up here?” He whispers as he scoops me up and tucks my face into his chest.

“I’m sorry, I borrowed her and I was bringing her back when all of the sudden this happened, I’m so sorry princess!” Taeyeon mumbles out.

“Thank you for finding me,” Seungri bows to her and to Lay, “Thank you for taking care of her till I got here.”

“No problem, can I tell her something?” Lay asks.

“Yea, go ahead.”

I feel Lay’s hand on my back and hear him whisper, “I’ll keep your secret little Princess.” I forget about my anxiety for a minute and snap my head to look at him. He’s smirking softly as he gestures to the big cheeked man at the end of the hall standing along with the rest of his members. My eyes lock with the cute man making me squeal and tuck myself back into Seungri’s chest. I’m surprised they can’t hear my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

“Thank you again, we’ll be going,” With that Seungri speed walks down the hall past EXO back to Big bang’s dressing room. Even when we’re back safetly in the room I don’t unlatch myself from Seungri, not that he complains. I feel so stupid for acting like a big baby in front of EXO. Even Seungri’s sweet words and warm embrace can’t making me feel better.

I hope one day I’ll be able to talk to the rest of EXO like how I talk to Lay, but I have a strong feeling that won’t be happening for awhile.

Just wondering if any of you lovelies are coming to my wonderful city to see BTS next week? If yes we might run into each other!

Thank you guys for 300 followers, it really helps the artist know that people like their art and encourages them to keep drawing, also rebloging and liking our stuff in my case really makes me glad and makes me want to draw more for you guys even in just the silly questions that I answer I thank the people who like my crap no matter what it is love u guys.

This is the colored drawing of the sketch of working tears, I fnished it a few days ago but I was waiting for this moment since I wouldnt be able to draw anything, my hands are a bit damaged so I hade it made before.

And this character was just for fun and since she was so cute in the end I made a excited face for her, I’ll call her dummy girl beacuse I’m probably going to be using her for other drawings with expressions and anyway thank you guys so much.

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My Decision (3)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader, Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: None, fluff

Words count: 1,068

Sumary: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?

Part1 Part2


            It was one of those days where (y/n) spends her afternoon at the coffee shop just drinking coffee and reading novels that she hasn’t finish. She sat at her usual spot near the window until she heard someone knocked on the window, she look up and saw Bucky waving and grinning at her which she waved back and motion him to come in. The door pushed open revealing Bucky, he went to the cashier to order the coffee and pays, he sat down next to (y/n) and looking at the plastic bag beside her chair, “Buying some artsy stuffs?” he smiles, “Yup, that’s what I do twice a week” she smiles back at him. They both sat in silenced for awhile until the waiter came, “your coffee, sir” , “thankyou” he smiles.

           “So, you hang out here a lot?” he asks while sipping his coffee, “Not really, just when I have some free time” she smiles while putting the novel inside her bag, “anyway my mom said hi, and thanks for making such a great art” Bucky said, “Glad to know she likes it, anyway you don’t have anything to do?” she asks, “Not really, my girlfriend been busy taking photoshoots for the new Gucci campaign” , “Girlfriend? You mean… fiancé?” she winks at him playfully, “how do you know?” he asks, “c’mon James Barnes, you both are everywhere in social media. People known your for your works and your hot appearance, and Dot… I almost saw her face in every magazines” she chuckles and continue, “so, it’s quite easy to know that you both bring it to the next steps” she smiles at him. Bucky only smiles at her words and admiring her, he never saw the smile so genuine like hers, he knows it’s wrong by talking to (y/n) and hanging out with her because he promised Dot not to hang out with other girls, but there’s something about her which makes Bucky wanted to know her more.

           “I heard so on the phone the other day talking to Mrs. Carter?” Bucky asks curiously, “Ohh, yes I’m her TA and she is been the greatest professor I’ve ever known, not to mention her husband Steve. He always welcome me at their home to do the study with Mrs. Carter” she explains, “Steve is my bestfriend actually, and when I heard you talking to Peggy the other day, I wonder why Steve didn’t told me about you and your works, if he tells me sooner I would be glad to see every paintings you got” he says, “Don’t tell me you’re working with Steve? I mean he said that he is a lawyer but I didn’t know if it’s true that he is working at Barnes lawfirm” , “Yes, he is working in my company but we’ve been friends since kids, he is like a family so does Peggy” , “Wow… now I felt like the earth is so small” she laughed which makes Bucky giggled, her laughs is kinda cute actually.

           Looking at her watch it’s already 2 p.m, which she needs tidy her store for opening tomorrow since today is her close day, “anyway, it’s nice talking to you Bucky. I have to go and clean up my small un-noticed gallery” , “May I come with you? I don’t have nothing to do today” he asks, “sure, if you want to” she smiles at him. They walk together to (y/n) gallery and open the store, “Well… this is my gallery” she motions her hands to the room, “and I live upstairs, at the basement is the rest of my unfinished works” she speaks when closing her door, Bucky take a good look of her paintings and captivated by everything she draws, “wow… (y/n) how could you draw amazingly like this?” he asks, “My mom used to draw when she is a kid but stopped because she choose to be a chef, that’s what my grandma wants her to be” (y/n) talks nervously while playing with hem of her sweater, “Do you want something maybe?” she asks, “No, I’m good thanks” he smiles at him, “I think I’m going to change, you can just wait here” she nodded and run to her bedroom.

           Walking around her little gallery Bucky admiration at her keeps growing and suddenly he saw a small paintings of an elephant with a pink tutu holding flowers, it looks so cute cause it definitely drew by a kid. He picked it up from the wall and starring at he drawing and smiles to himself, he interrupted by (y/n) voices, “That’s the first drawing I drew when I was 3 years old” she chuckles walking towards him, Bucky eyeing her feature. She has changed into shorts and big comfy t-shirt, and her hair tied into messy bun also she washed her make-up even it’s just a natural make-up, she even looks beautiful without anything on her face, “I guess, the art has been in you since born, huh?” he smirks and God, his smirks makes (y/n) wanted to throw herself onto him, “I seriously didn’t even know why I drew that, I mean… an elephant with a tutu and ballet shoes? It’s just didn’t make any sense” she laughed at herself and starring at her drawings, “I think it’s cute” Bucky says and placing it back onto the wall, “When will you graduate?” he asks, “Next month, and I can’t wait for it. I just finished the test this morning, and my essay has been approved by Mrs. Carter, I just can’t wait to have my own exhibit someday” Bucky can’t keep his eyes off her, the way she talks with so much confident and those sparks in her eyes, he loves everything about this girl which he shouldn’t. He knew this is wrong, knowing he is getting married in couple months, but he can’t control his own feeling, “Bucky?” she calls, “Yes, (y/n)?” , “do you wanna to go to Mrs. Carter exhibit next week in new york? I’ll be glad if you make it, but if you don’t want to it’s okay” she smiles nervously, this is wrong that’s what Bucky thinks but… Peggy is Steve wife, and Steve is his bestfriends, so Dot must be understand if he said he is going to this exhibit, and with that Bucky said, “I’ll come” and Bucky loves seeing (y/n)’s smile that reached her eyes.

NB: I really enjoy writing this part and I’m really sorry for not posting yesterday and the day before yesterday, my cousin and my uncle is sick so my and my family went to check them up. anyway send me feedback, and I hope you enjoy reading this!xx

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I have this stupid head canon that Wendy draws cute (though not especially good) pictures for all of her guild mates and it's the one thing that no one is allowed to tease her about or else they get a dragon slayer punch in the face. Just... wanted to tell you that for some reason, lol.

lmao this is both cute and hilarious, I love it! :’D

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Alright son, you fuckin’ asked for it.


“Danny, what the fuck?”

Sam was staring at him as if he’d developed several holes in his head. Which he might as well have, considering he’d just marathonned several magical girl animes back-to-back during a lapse in regular ghostly activities. Sam had decided to visit in order to check on him, after Tucker got worried that he hadn’t responded to phone or text in the past three days. The prognosis wasn’t good, and it was about to get even worse.

She stole a glance at his computer screen, and suddenly found herself hypnotically sucked in to the impossibly cute transformation happening before her. Why was it so… but she didn’t even like this stuff! She liked gothic stuff! Not cutesy Japanese kawaii… crap…

“I was just poking a bit of fun, Sam, relax,” said Danny, drawing her attention away from the screen. “As if I’d want to be a magical girl.”

Then a voice, impossibly behind them from every angle: “So you have wished it,

Danny’s face dropped. So did Sam’s. Desiree now appeared in between them, uncomfortably close. Her face was dripping with glee.



“You know, all the ghosts have been saying I need to get some hearing aids,” said Desiree. “But I think you’ll do just fine.”

I got too close to my word cap, I’ll write more if you ask for it. ;)

Truth - Lydia Martin Imagine

REQUESTED: No, this is the first queued imagine I have for my holiday!

WARNINGS: Making out, Lydia is such a tease (but then so is the reader)

SUMMARY: The pack’s having a party and you end up playing Truth or Dare. Lydia reveals more than anyone was expecting.

NOTES: By the time you read this, I’ll be travelling down to St Mawgan for camp! Honestly, I’m hyped, but it does mean a week away from you guys.

I will have a queued imagine for each day (so, from the 5th - 12th August 2017), just so you guys are still getting content from me!

(Also I have no idea how I’m going to survive without Teen Wolf. Unless the place I’m going has wi-fi, I will be very deprived. Pray for me.)

Anyways, hope you enjoy! <3

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For @reallycorking! Because she’s amazing and she’s doing such a great work with the challenge! I did this for you! Sorry if it looks weird I used a completely inappropriate paper for markers (or ink) lol.

So, think about this: they’re on a date and Kageyama starts rambling about volleyball and Hinata is ok with that because he likes volleyball too. But when Kageyama begins to talk about how important setters are and how awesome they are he starts to get annoyed. Though his anger dies at the moment Kageyama puts his arm on Hinata’s shoulder and his face is so close, god, so close he’s gonna explode. And then Hinata is gonna kiss Kageyama, he’s gonna do it. Kageyama stops rambling when he feels Hinata’s lips on his cheek.

And they kiss more because it’s better than talk about anything else.

I just want to thank @diabolicalvixen for giving life to Ayato and Yui’s children as well as a face. The boys have their dad’s handsome features and the girl has her mama’s accessories and cute wavy hair. Papa!Ayato and Mama!Yui and their brood of natural born half-vampire children. Adam and Eve’s children. Descendants of the powerful Vampire King, Karlheinz. They have demon blood flowing through their veins. I can easily see Ayato being super protective and so damn proud that they came from HIM.

While I’m at it, bless all the artists who draw Yui x Diaboy. Love Yui and let Yui love her vamps. ;)


I made an oc a few years back. I just wanted Mafuyu to have the girlfriend she wants….! Someone that tells her how cute she is!!
And I also never shipped her with anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters, I just prefer them all to be friendly and silly forever!
Anyways, I gave up on writing the fanfic because I’m a lazy shit, but drawing them is pretty fun.