i just wanted to draw someone with long hair

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I've gotten lots of inspiration from your drawings, and I was wondering if I could write something loosely based on them? Just like Viktor with the same long hair and jacket. I'll credit you, of course, you're amazing.

YES YOU CAN !!!!1 i’d love to read it (if there’s no problem ofc)
thanks ;u; i can’t believe someone is getting inspiration from my stuff ?? 


What happens when you just wanted to draw Gundam in a suit but then you                 remember a certain someone… A Talent swap is born.

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Do you mind if I use your humanised version of Cruz Ramiez (mainly her hair)? It's just I love the design you gave her and would love to put drawings of her up but not without your permission of course.

Of course! It would honestly be an honor! I love fan art and other interpretations of designs I make, its really a compliment if anything if designs I create are used….feel free to credit me if you want but its no big deal if ya don’t. I’m pretty chill with this kind of stuff, I guess as long as someone doesn’t straight up steal or claim my actual art. 

But feel free! You have kiwi mama’s permission~ 

She was slender, her legs long – lean human thighs that gave way, below the knee, to the sleek taper of gazelle’s legs, the fine cloven hooves making her balance on pins.
– Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

So DoSaB is something I’ve wanted to draw art for since I first picked it up back in late 2011, and may12324 on Friday was like, “Hey, you should draw some art for it,” and then I was like, “Okay.”

But I just want to say before someone bitches at me, “OMG Madrigal didn’t have long hair!” or, “She didn’t have scales!” or whatever other kind of inaccuracy there is, all I’m gonna say is chill. This is how I see her in my head. No matter how much I know she has short hair, she’s always got long hair in my mind’s eye – I literally can’t help but see her with long hair. As for the scales, that’s another story. I’m thinking of the Chinese Kirin/Qilin, and they did have scales –  carp, I believe I read somewhere. Oh, and also those tails; I couldn’t resist, because my two weaknesses when it comes to drawing are feather wings and fluffy ox tails. So that’s my little headcanon – Madrigal had scales down her back, over the outsides of her thighs, and the underside of her tail. Akiva traced every single one of them lovingly whilst she kissed his death marks. *flees*

Its been a thought in the back of me head for awhile now about how AMAZING it would be to have a Transformers 2D fighting game. I’m pretty sure I remember somebody doing one a long, long, LONG time ago with like flash or whatever [and it was kinda terrible] but I’d love to see a legit one all cool-like and stuff.

SO. I decided recently that I wanted to do a sort of mock-up with my own art. It started off as “oh i’ll just make a picture that looks like itd be a screenshot or something” but I got a wild hair and decided the other day to draw up a pic and draw up every body part separately [for the most part] in hopes that I could convince someone to someday put a little animation to it. And someone did!!!!

And it looks awesome!!! I’ve always wanted to see my art style realized as more than just drawings. Animated, sculpted, CGI’d [is that a word? it is now] whatever! So this is a real treat for me!

Now I’m gonna have to draw up a Megatron and paint a bkg to finish it off!

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omg you ooc look like nightcrawler from x-men

Thanks, love. I know you probably meant this as a compliment, but I also want to be kind by being honest. I’m taking this ask as an opportunity to address something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now.

This is the most common thing people say when I first show them my bab. While it’s never malicious, it never feels good to hear as it typically means one of two things. Either they’ve noticed that Douru is blue like Nightcrawler, or that he doesn’t look like his own character.

Douru’s come a long way from his first drawing, where he was just a drawing exercise for short hair (and blue demon because why not)…


But I quickly realized that people kept saying the same thing whenever I drew him; he looked like someone else. I knew I needed to change him if I ever wanted people to see him as his own person.

Easy fix, right? So I change his tail and hair. That falls through. So I change his age, his race, and his ears. I push the shortness and roundness in his face and eyes and bring a sharp point to his nose. I stylize the coloring of his orange eyes. I exaggerate his anatomy, and widen his hips. I research various animal leg functions and designs, loosely modeling his after jerboas… I change his tail again by length/thickness/style, I change his teeth, his fighting style and flexibility, his body language, I even change the ratio of his shoulders to his head. In short, there was great effort made in order help people understand that Douru looks like himself. 

I say this to help you and others understand that while you likely mean well, when you say ‘your oc looks like character x’, it can disregard the effort it took to make said character original. There will always be things that remind us of other things. That’s totally fine.

The important thing with ocs is that they are recognized as themselves first.