i just wanted to draw hugh

Hannibal fic prompt: Will Graham is way too pretty
  • will graham: i’m a grouchy unsociable loner
  • jack crawford: you have 14 restraining orders against ex-girlfriends, ex-hairdressers, and ex-coworkers who randomly fell in love with you after seeing you once in the Quantico cafeteria
  • will graham: where i eat ALONE at a table by the window ALONE
  • beverly katz: people literally choke on their food around you because they forget how to breathe and chew at the same time
  • will graham: no one likes me or invites me to social events
  • beverly katz: you got invited to mark's retirement party just last week, you ruined three relationships just by walking around the room once, the only thing you told mark was 'sorry to see you go' and the poor old bastard offered to leave his wife of 25 years for you
  • will graham: i sweat like a pig
  • jimmy price: you don't sweat like a pig, you glisten like a sea-sprayed statue of antinous
  • will graham: my unironic lumberjack clothes fit me poorly
  • brian zeller: you made 'lumberjack slob' the leading fashion trend in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • will graham: my students applauded me once for shooting a suspect, it was inappropriate
  • beverly katz: wanna talk inappropriate, your students once gave you a five-minute standing ovation for drinking from a water bottle
  • will graham: alana rejected my awkward and fumbling advances
  • alana bloom: my self-esteem couldn't handle me not being the pretty one in the relationship
  • will graham: supermarket tabloids cast aspersions on my character
  • freddie lounds: how else am i going to justify devoting 8 pages to long-range photos of you playing with your dogs or wandering around your property in your underwear? btw calvin klein's people called, they're ready to offer you six figures to model those cute little boxer briefs you favor
  • will graham: help me jack i am so broken and vulnerable!..
  • jack crawford: sorry buddy, i'm going to have to talk with my back to you from now on, bella told me not to look at you ever again after i called out your name during our anniversary sex
  • dr. hannibal lecter: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: hello! i know we literally just met, but all i want to do for the rest of my life is cook you delicious meals and fill my mansion with drawings of your face and butt
  • will graham: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: sorry, i don't think i'm saying this right. my apologies, english is my fifth language.
  • will graham: ah ok
  • dr. hannibal lecter: what i meant to say was, i want to give you all my infinite money and also babies
  • will graham: fml


Sketches / lineart: $8 / £6.2
Black & white / simple colours: $12 / £9.31
Portraits: $25 / £19.4
Larger / full paintings: from $40 / £31*

* subject to level of detail or motif, please contact me with your idea :) 

Want art in a style not listed here? Contact me!

tumblr: hvelfa
e-mail: hvelfa.art@gmail.com

I’m happy to draw original characters, real life portraits, and fanart - anything!

(as student loans are running out I could really do with some extra work, please signal boost this if you can!)

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Red Dragon con 3 recap part 3

PART 1 - 2 

Hugh and Bryan Q&A panel summary (well, only Hugh in this post though)

Poor Hugh had to start the panel alone, because Bryan was still taking his time doing his autographs! In the end, the whole panel lasted close to 1hr extra, but I’m not sure anyone really minded! (Also, once again, apologies for possible inaccuracies, but I tried to make this as detailed as I could!)


-The panel started with Hugh announcing he would not planning to do any one man reenactments of BDSM practices :’D 

-The first (oh god haha) question was if he did any preparations for his role in Hysteria? Well, he did hand exercises…also, some guy in customs in Israel asked him “did you do that vibrator movie?”

-Dream project? “Besides the obvious?”. Hugh trusts Bryan, and would take part in any of his projects. 

-Will presenting to be “on the spectrum” was a defense mechanism!

-People kept telling Hugh “thank you for being here”, and he just had to emphasize that HE is really happy to be here. (aww)

-Role models: directors who went the extra mile, family, friends.

-Cal is a “very lonely man”. “The last thing I would do would be to practice in front of a mirror”.

-Hugh and Mads joked about Will finding Hannibal’s notes on him, and wondered if Hannibal had a “don’t show this to Will” folder.

-Hugh about Hannibal: Hannibal is an evil genius, getting dressed up in the morning, preparing food etc. “When does that man sleep?”

-Will Graham would be the world’s worst Christian Grey like billionaire: he’d live in the same house, buy more dogs, upgrade his fishing equipment, build a wall around the house…and he’d never take off his glasses.

-Hannibal & Will relationship: To Hugh, when Will asks “is Hannibal in love with me”, it’s weird it hasn’t occurred to him before. Before that question, he saw it as platonic obsessive love. “For both of them it’s a relief from loneliness. Is that not love?”. Meeting a person who answers all your questions, even if they create more questions in the process. The world makes more sense when they’re together. (I really wish I could give a direct quote about this!)

- Will was plenty dark before Hannibal’s influence. Will was born with his mental makeup, as was Hannibal. “It doesn’t matter what kid got eaten”.

-What does Will listen to? “He could be a Deadhead and listens to 70s rock. He could also have a deep love for Austrian chamber music”. Will could be one of those people who are full of surprises, so maybe he played the piano in his house, but it probably came with the house.

-”You could think about these things more in depth. I’m very aware the characters are not real, except Scott’s performance which was rooted in reality”

-”If Will and Hannibal survived the fall…”, “Oh they did”. Maybe Hannibal had a magic toolbox that saved them? The fall was real, not a metaphor. It was a deliberate decision for Will to go off the cliff, he was convinced they both had to go. After the fall, there would be a lot of recuperation going on, and it would allow a kind of character reset. However, a show without Will’s empathy would not the show anymore. 

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  ~    All I ever wanted  ~

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there you go, I did it! enjoy


☆ [ Kyuuketsuki darake no Haruyasumi LOG 2 ]

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the third track but it didn’t fail to deliver the usual comedy/fansevice xDD

In the first part I’m not sure of the ‘position’ Hyde & Licht ended up after they bumped into each other, specially because of Licht’s reaction www but I loved how Lawless literally goes DOKI at the fact that (he thougth) Licht was reaching out his hand at him <///333 

When the gym class pat started I just kept picturing Licht with the japanese gym bloomers….. I couldn’t help it….. I’m not sorry (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 

Aaaah and Hugh being a sensei!! So cute <33
Ok, the comic strip thing I made obviously only happened in my head… I think Tetsu was actully doing some wrestling chokehold or something ww but just shhh, let me think he wanted to hug Misono(?) <’3

Asdgfhjk and Lawless being embarrassed when the others actually call him “Lawless-chan” even though he keeps introducing himself like that was unexpectedly adorable; specially Licht calling him “Hyde-chan” <//3 ♥ ♥

The truth is I had planned on drawing at least +10 more scenes, but I think I need to stop now…. Drawing nonstop is tiring, uguu.

I had a lot of fun making this!! And I hope you enjoy the result haha :’) 


Commissions Post!!

Here is my official commission prices post. The prices on the examples above only paint part of the picture so to speak so allow me to elaborate further. Thanks in advance to anyone wanting to commission me and also a big thanks to those who decide to boost.  Click below the cut for more information.

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I just realised I may have uploaded last 2 in wrong order, but hey ho!

The word prompt for this one was 80’S , I wanted to mess around with pattern and colour. I focussed on the pastel and vibrant colours seen in 80s clothing etc. I also did a few quick studies from John Hughes movies, cause how can you not? lol

“Identity theft is not a joke,Jim!!”

I swear I was drawing Mark’s face off some expression from a video and Hughes off a screencap and THEY STILL LOOK THE SAME

And again, I’m really happy Mark has 6 million subscribes already, so to celebrate it I just wanted to make some little doodle at least :’)

sophiemaximoff-nullings-deactiv  asked:

Colud you draw Hugh and Millard, please!

Sorry for the late response haha, I just checked my inbox today

But, I’m always down for drawing some Hugh and Millard. I like to think the first few weeks Hugh was around Fiona, Millard had to deal with him fawning over her lol, so have a lot of silly little sketches about that

nexisonic  asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask, you did a commision that was of Tom Riddle, Are your sketches based off of real actors/ models etc? Or is it an original creation- sorry if that makes no sense!

oh, yes… the one and only Tom Riddle commissioned by glorious @drsallysparrow! If I remember correctly he was meant to resemble Tom Hughes. Sometimes my sketches are based on actors that played the role, sometimes I’m using “faceclaims” from commissioners, and sometimes I just draw from my head - there’s no rule here, really. But in this particular case, yes, Tom Riddle was based on Tom Hughes :D

I don’t want to live my life alone
I was waiting for you all my life

yes hello I just finished the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City, (partially why I wasn’t on for the whole day) and I wanna draw A WHOLE bunch of scenes from this glorious book but mostly I just wanna say that Hugh and Fiona are the cutest couple goodbye \ m/

Mortimer (Hysteria) and Igor (Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) drunken dancing.

I was just going to draw Igor for anon, this one I blame on @staticraining (all she had to do was mention this pair and I knew right away I wanted to draw it).

Ignoring the fact that both Hugh and Mads are portraying historical figures and the timeline is a bit off, this Crossover AU is the perfect excuse to draw Hannigram in period costume  ♥

sailorsun316 said: hey Emmy I have a lil request for you if you’re not busy, could you draw Ed and Al screaming their heads off on a roller coaster? The idea just popped into my head and I thought maybe you’d like to draw it.

okay I know you only wanted Ed and Al but then I saw this picture and I just had to. 


I was pretty dead in the last month, and I was actually too lazy to scan these drawings, but I decided that I should do it since I have lot of stuff to do in real life these days and the next days will be even busier.

So, during my first playthrough of Dual Destinies, I felt that Apollo was a little…. too proud of that friend of his that we never meet or even see… until, well, the Fate. For a while I thought he was an imaginary friend Apollo just want to brag about….