i just wanted to draw haru smiling and liking lil makoto

It’s your stupid dorky undercut, you idiot.

Just a lil birthday present for myself hahahahha thought I’d share 8D Continuing the very much canon College MakoHaru with oblivious Makoto. He doesn’t understand the effect… And Haru’s just… -_- They made me so happy. Never thought the college au would be canon ;_; I’m sorry I want to draw them forever OTL And them in Tokyo together possibly even in the same university just with different courses… /clutches chest OF COURSE THEY’D GET STARES ESP WHEN THEY EAT LIKE THIS GOODNESS

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omg sakura-rose12 angel!au rinharu sex

Publishing my 30daysofrin submission on here now :D

I’m in love in sakura-rose12’s angel!AU, so I really hope this does it justice :) It helps the reading a lot if you’ve checked out the background info on the AU and other comics of hers :D I couldn’t make it another PWP out these boys’ tragedy in the angel!AU, so there’s a fair bit of emotion to dig through ^_^ it made me cry and i don’t usually but hey i’m just a lil nerd that loves these guys XD

rinharu under the cut, NSFW at the end. On AO3 as well

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