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Ooooo 6 and Gaaino?

I wasn’t supposed to fall for another ship, but I just can’t help myself. I’d curse you for this, but we all knew it was coming, right? I hope you like it! Thanks for the request!  

Red sunlight bled through the glass, lending the eerie aura of a battlefield to the greenhouse. Crimson dusted flower petals and caught on Gaara’s hair, making it flame brighter than normal. Ino watched the man from the corner of her eye, fingers lingering on the flower they’d just been discussing. Gaara laced his hands together behind his back without speaking, and for a moment, she considered brushing his arm. Undoubtedly, it would make the man startle, more from her forwardness in public than the touch. Well, maybe both.

Ino reached toward a cactus with luminous, purple tendrils sprouting from it. “What about this-”

Gaara caught her wrist before it could complete the journey. “That one is poisonous. The spines contain an especially powerful hallucinogen, as does the flower.”

“What would it do?” Ino asked, curling her fingers away from the plant without pulling free.

Gaara released her arm. “It would make you live through your worst nightmare, or forget yourself in a fantasy. It’s different for every person, but the result is always the same.”

Ino had experienced genjutsu before, the poison couldn’t be much different from that. And, she’d already lived through her worse nightmare, so what harm could it do? Ino’s mind flashed back to the war, to the moment that she’d known the bijudama was going to decimate the Allied Shinobi headquarters, and Inoichi’s final words rang in her ears. The air rushed out of the room. She couldn’t draw a breath, something heavy pressed against her chest, suffocating her.

A hand touched Ino’s shoulder, drawing her back from the memory. “Ino?”

Drawing a breath, Ino forced a grin. “I was trying to figure out what type of fantasy would be the most fun to lose myself in.” She curled her voice playfully around the words to sell her lie.

Pink tinted Gaara’s cheeks at the insinuation, but Ino could tell that he didn’t believe her. Even so, he didn’t press the issue, for which she was thankful. “I don’t think you’d want this fantasy,” he said. “The poison also suppresses the heartbeat, leading to death in high enough doses.”

“It should have some a warning on it,” Ino complained, glaring at the innocuous looking plant. Like most of the others in the greenhouse, the cacti blended seamlessly into the ones around it. Only a trained eye would be able to tell the one plant from another.

Gaara smiled. “This is the Kazekage’s personal garden. If the plants kill someone, they probably shouldn’t have been here in the first place.”

The idea brought a true smile to Ino’s lips as the pair continued down the crowded row. The war had colored her perception of even the most beautiful things. What should be considered a lovely sunset, now reminded Ino of the shade of a bruise as the sky faded toward true darkness. Neither Gaara nor Ino suggested going back to their rooms. Time rushed through their fingers, and though she knew it would come to an end soon enough, Ino couldn’t bring herself to worry about it.

The silence between them would have been uncomfortable with anyone else, but somehow Ino found that it wasn’t with Gaara. Nearly two months ago, she’d come to Suna with Shikamaru, ostensibly to see Sakura. Teasing her former teammate about his budding relationship with Temari had been an added bonus. The close proximity to Gaara had made he and Ino friends by default. A week turned into two, then a month, and now the second had nearly passed. As Ino’s friends went on with their own lives, she’d found herself spending more time with Gaara.

Of course, Sakura had elbowed Ino and told her there was absolutely nothing wrong with falling for a kage. Ino had immediately protested that they only spent so much time together because Sakura was always busy with her work in the hospital. Even worse had been when Shikamaru got that annoying half grin as he watched Gaara and Ino chatting over dinner one night. He hadn’t been as bold as to mention anything, but Temari had watched them with the same expression. Though hers contained a protective overtone as well.

Pushing the thought from her mind, Ino turned to face Gaara. “Yet, you let me come here?”

“Of course,” Gaara answered. “It’s rare that someone actually appreciates the gardens. Temari and Kankuro humor me at best. More recently, Sakura has seen them as a resource for antidotes, but they don’t understand them. Not like you.”

A smile tugged at the edges of Ino’s mouth. If someone had told her that she and the Kazekage would share an interest in plants when she’d first met him, she would have laughed at them. But, here they were. “Not everyone can be as interesting as we are,” she laughed, tucking a strand of blond behind one ear.

“I’m not interesting.” Gaara shook his head as if he found the word distasteful. Running a hand through his crimson spikes of hair, he continued. “Until recently, boring would have been the better word to describe me.”

Ino’s pulse picked up at the words, and she tipped her head to the side with a questioning look. Gaara looked away, gaze traveling over the gardens surrounding them. “You intend to return to Konoha in the morning,” he stated the obvious, looking more uncomfortable with every passing moment. “But, could I convince you to stay?”

Aquamarine eyes slid back toward Ino’s, and she felt a flood of warmth through her chest. The past weeks of shared meals and stolen moments had become something she looked forward to, but she hadn’t really allowed herself to hope Gaara felt the same. In fact, that was one of the reasons she’d decided to return to Konoha. If he wanted anything more, he would have initiated it by now. They were a friendship of convenience, and yet…

“It depends on the reason,” Ino replied, breath catching in her throat.

Gaara stepped forward, his fingers teasing against hers then taking her hand. “I want you to stay.”

It was the first time Gaara had initiated such an intimate contact, and for a moment, Ino couldn’t remember how to draw breath. As much as she’d teased Sakura about being innocent, most of Ino’s experience came from things she’d heard rather than experienced. Standing this close to Gaara, her brain shorted out, and the only response she could think of came out as a squeak. “What?”

“I’d like you to stay,” Gaara repeated, a pale shade of pink tinting his cheeks as his hand fell away from hers. “If you want to.”

“Why would you want me to stay?” Ino dipped her head enough that she could look up at Gaara through her lashes, noticing the flush on his cheeks deepen until the color almost matched his hair.

Gaara cleared his throat. “I’m not good at this sort of thing,” he began, running nervous fingers over his jacket. “I’ve enjoyed the time we spent together, and I want to get to know you better.”

Though Ino had felt that irresistible tug toward Gaara, she had no idea if he felt the same until now. He remained aloof comparatively, though she’d begun to suspect that it was more his personality than a lack of interest. Judging by the intensity in his eyes, she’d been correct. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you, but I want-”

Laughter bubbled through Ino’s lips though she tried to stop it, halting Gaara’s words and transforming them into an apology. Before he could finish the sentiment, she closed the distance between them and pressed her lips against his to halt the slur of words. The world didn’t explode with light, and time didn’t stop, but the flutter of emotion in Ino’s chest when Gaara circled his arms around her was definitely a good place to start.

a life spent trying to do well

After Shikadai’s birth, Temari looks down at her tiny baby and remembers another small child, unloved and uncared for, and wonders if she can ever forgive herself for her brother’s childhood.

my first naruto fic in literally 7 years this is wild. Naturally it’s shikatema + sand sibs because FEELINGS

title from lullaby by sia

           It was spring in Konoha, and the rains were just coming to their end, heralding the arrival of bright blooms of flowers. It would be a relief for the small garden of the Nara residence where Shikamaru and Temari now lived; as a gift upon her marriage, her brother Gaara had given her several of his most beautiful specimens of cacti, which they had planted together behind the home. Cacti drown easily, and the spring showers had not been kind to them. Now that the skies had cleared, Shikamaru routinely found himself glancing out the back of the house, wondering if the delicate blossoms would ever return to the spiny plants.

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Neighbors 2.7/ SH27DC: Day 26

AN: kinda wish I had a plot, lol….actually… Anyway, This got pretty long. Sorry!


Neighbors 2.7

Hinata was in her element being surrounded by seven year old kids. Not because she was pretty short and they accepted her as one of their own. Hinata worked on her sketch for Sasuke when a little boy came over. “Miss Hyuuga!” He held up his painting.

Hinata smiled dearly at the sunset. “Its beautiful! I’m p-pretty jealous…” She motioned her drawing. “Missing something, ne?”

He wrinkled his nose and nodded. “You need some paints!”

Hinata looked at him to her sketch. “Paints…well, what k-kind?”

He hummed and called over a group of friends. They all stood at her little desk humming. Hinata wanted to take pictures of the scene.

“Water!” The shortest boy shouted.

They gasped, cheered and hugged him. “You did it, Koto! You got it!”

Hinata giggled. “Who wants to help me finger paint?”


Hinata came in ‘Seven Deadly Skins’ covered in paint. Her hair was pulled back by one of the little girl’s head bands, so a giant flower was on the side of her head.

“Who left their child in the front?” Temari shouted, almost choking on a laugh.

Everyone came out of their rooms and laughed. Hinata stood there with blue stained cheeks. “W-what? Where’s Sasuke-kun?”

Kankuro wiped his tears, “He went to get everyone lunch. Why…why do you look like an over-grown toddler?”

Hinata looked down at her loose floral dress and black flats. She closed her cardigan at the front. “It w-was paint day at the school.”

“Sunshine,” Hinata jumped at the sound of Gaara’s voice. The red head walked up to them and crossed his arms.


“Don’t let a guy with face tattoos scare you,” he conveniently left off 'that’s my job.’

Hinata’s trembling lip turned into a warming smile. It was the same smile that Sasuke turned away from. It was the same smile that Gaara looked at her in pure disgust. “G-Gaara, you’re not so-”

“What are you doing?” Sasuke came in, holding bags in his arms. He didn’t realized that he saved two people that day. “Get your food.”

Gaara glared at the shorter girl before going to get his plate. Sasuke and Hinata sat in the front. He offered some of his food but she declined. He gave her a corner anyway.

“Why are you covered in paint?”

Hinata smiled brightly and pulled out her painting. “I l-let the kids help me paint a sheet of paper, right?” She giggled at the memory. “And they kinda stamped it on my sketch, you like it?”

Sasuke looked the painting. At first glance, it looked like a sphere then he noticed the “heat waves” that were painted– “Solarized!” Hinata added. “See the blues and stuff? Oh, Sasuke-kun, you s-should have seen the children! They were so excited…”

Sasuke managed to tuned his excited girlfriend out. He simply watched her gush in happiness. Her hands were demonstrating things and strands of navy kept needed to be pushed back behind her ears. When she laughed, a dimple was shown.

“-and they were just humming! Humming. In tune too! So, do you-” he took her chin. Hinata squeaked when he kissed her. She relaxed in his hold until there was whining behind them.

“We were listening too!” Kankuro said.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned to his blushing girlfriend. “My bad,” he said as an afterthought. “I like it. Send my thanks to the vermin.”

Hinata just stuffed food in her mouth and almost choked. “Ne!”

“Swallow,” he rubbed the bridge of his nose. She was a mess.

Hinata cleared her mouth. “You c-can come!”

The shop went quiet. Sasuke turned to his co-workers. “Could you get out of my business?”

“No,” they recited back.

Sasuke frowned and looked at a hopeful Hinata. “I’m not going to an elementary school.”


“Kids don’t take well to people like me.”


“Look at this one!” They picked and poked at his tattoos.

Kurenai smiled and Hinata sighed. “He is like a walking museum,” the teacher voiced. “Considering our field trip was canceled. He is perfect.”

Hinata nodded. “Y-yeah…he is.”

“Hey,” Sasuke hissed at the little girl lifting his shirt in the back.

“It’s a bird!” She squealed and a group of them began to pick and traced.

“I didn’t sign up for-”

“Excuse me,” the little boy, Koto mumbled. “Why you have a sad tree?” He pointed to the dead tree at his side.

“Every tattoo doesn’t have a meaning, alright?”

“But this one does, right?” He pressed.

Hinata watched Sasuke’s irritated face break in a split second. Huh? Kurenai clapped her hands. “Alright guys, Mr. Uchiha has to go now!”

They awed in sadness and bowed to the man giving their thanks. Sasuke scratched the back of his head. “You’re welcome, I guess?”

She shook her head. “Miss Hyuuga is also leaving for the day class.”

They shouted variations of 'No!’ Sasuke watched the kids all but tackle his girlfriend. It was a weird feeling.


Why did you get off early?“ Sasuke asked.

Hinata shrugged. "Can we, um, go to the movies tonight?”

He glanced over and back at the street. “Why’d you ask like that?”

“No reason, I just…think that fresh air will do us some good.”

He huffed. “Fine, but I pick the movie.”

“Huh, it’s c-customary for the girl to pick!”

They stopped at the red light. Sasuke turned to her. “Are you trying to ask me out?”

“W-what!?” Hinata didn’t even think about it like that. “Well…okay, it’s a date.”

Sasuke put both hands on the wheel. “My first date.”

Hinata giggled. “Is it r-really? You’ve never taken someone out?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Why?” She found herself wanting to look into his past.

“I have horrible taste in women. They rather sleep with me.” Sasuke began driving again.

“You…you said 'have.’”

“I realize,” he glanced over. “You’re the most toxic woman I’ve met.”

Hinata gasped and looked out the window. “Likewise,” she mumbled avoiding his ever present smirk.


Hinata was freezing but she’d rather shiver until her skeleton came out than tell Sasuke, he was right. She should have brought a thicker jacket.

Sasuke was stressing his eyes out but he’d rather see nothing but blur than tell Hinata, she was right. He should have moved them closer.

It was a shitty movie, honestly. The atmosphere smelt amazing though. Sasuke bought Hinata nachos and a soda, they argued about her paying him back for all the previews. They were shushed by an older couple. Sasuke, of course, threatened them. Hinata apologized for him.

They got bored halfway through and pinched each other’s hand to see who caved first. Hinata did, of course. “Shhh…” A younger couple shushed them.

Sasuke shifted himself where they couldn’t see over his head. “S-Sasuke…” Hinata scolded. He sat normal.

Hinata started to drift off the sleep and screamed when an explosion went off. Sasuke looked away as if they weren’t together. Sasuke started biting Hinata’s ear. Hinata was trying not to laugh too loud.

Finally the movie was over and they left before the credits even started to roll. Hinata laughed as they walked out. “We…we should never do that again.”


Upon arriving home, Storm purred at Hinata’s legs. “Let me fed you, buddy.” She picked the heavy cat up.

“Most cats don’t like that,” Sasuke was sure Storm still thought he was a kitten.

Hinata carried the cat over her shoulder like a baby. “Storm likes it.”

After eating their “kitten,” they cleaned up together and fell in bed. “S-Sasuke-kun, would you tell me about your childhood?”

He closed his eyes. “Nothing much. I was an infant that grew into a man. Standard.”

Hinata shook her head. “No, I mean…did you have any siblings.”

“A brother, older brother.” He told her. “His name was Itachi.”


He nodded and sat up. Sasuke looked over at her curious eyes. “He passed away when I was sixteen.” He watched opal eyes widened in horror. “Don’t start crying, I’m fine.”

“No, I mean…that’s around the time when my brother, well…cousin, but you know-”

“I understand,” he lifted his shirt and began to explain the dead tree that ran along his rib cage. “-that’s it.”

Hinata fanned her eyes from crying. “Ne,” she started. “You’re so strong, Sasuke-kun!”

He rolled his eyes. “Tell me about your cousin.” And she did. It was the start time she didn’t cry. She actually laughed when Sasuke could relate.

They laid on their backs talking about life and old flames. “Mmhm, he broke my heart into bits too,” she lifted her hands to the ceilings. “So I promised to never, ever, ever let s-someone get that close…”

Sasuke looked over at her. “Does that still stand?”

She mirrored his movement and smiled at him. “…you’re making it k-kinda hard.”

Sasuke nodded and looked back at the ceiling. “I had a neighbor that distracted me from self-ultimatums.”

Hinata gave a goofy grin at him and sighed, “You’re welcome.”


“You can’t pick me up.” Sasuke crossed his arms. “One trip to the gym isn’t going to make you strong.”

“I got it,” she jumped off the bed. “I can, watch me.” Hinata wrapped her arms around his waist and gritted her teeth. Sasuke didn’t even humor by lifting to his toes “S-Sasuke!” She huffed and grabbed a leg and struggled.

“This is ridiculous.”

“Get on my b-back,” she turned around. “I have strong legs.”

“Doubt it.”

Hinata crouched in front of him. “S-Sasuke, come on.”

“You have no upper body strength.”

She stayed there. “Come on, scaredy cat.” Sasuke had a flashback of Naruto from their childhood.

“Turn towards the bed. I want a soft landing.”

She did. Sasuke knew he would regret this. He awkwardly got on her back. She did hold him. Hinata laughed at his horrified face. “Told you!”

It was when she tried to hoist him up, they fell back on the bed. Hinata fell into a fit of giggles. Sasuke wrapped his arms around her. “You idiot.”

“I c-can’t feel my arms,” she confessed. He was really heavy. She stayed on his chest and sighed. “Thank you f-for being silly with me.”

“Hn.” He held her closer. “Don’t tell a soul.” Storm ran in and jumped on her stomach.