i just wanted to draw dead babe

One Line Prompts

  1. “Go! Go! Goooo! Move it!”
  2. “Damn. Now that there is some shit.”
  3. “Close that! It’s mine!”
  4. “Stop touching my stuff!”
  5. “I want to fall sleep, but also die. You know. That millennial feel.”
  6. “I just want the end of the world to come. But I want all of the animals to live.”
  7. “If I was the last person on earth, I would be able to take a piss anywhere I wanted.”
  8. “Listen to me. What the actual hell?”
  9. “Can we not give them caffeine? Is that an option?”
  10. “Look at you being all scary and stuff! Babe! I love that!”
  11. “I’ll kick your shin.”
  12. “Let me borrow your chicken.”
  13. “I’m drawing on dead tree skin.”
  14. “Can we just cuddle and forget about the harsh cruel world?”
  15. “Bring me a crown or I will bring you death!”
Webisode 1: the Notebook
  • Rose: look at my new notebook!
  • Juleka and Alya: It's pretty lit
  • Marinette: and It's pink!
  • Alya: *to Mari* okay you gotta start wearing blue and I'll wear purple, we'll be a giant bi flag
  • Rose: It's so romantic!
  • Juleka: okay babe whatever
  • Chloe: your notebook is pathetic
  • Chloe: not as pathetic as me *laughs*
  • Alya: Chloe we're just concerned at this point
  • Rose: *cries*
  • Marinette: whoa chill Rose it's just a notebook
  • Chloe: what the fuck
  • Marinette: okay let's just write some stuff in it to make it more intresting
  • Juleka: *writing* dear Rose I love you
  • Chloe: *salt*
  • Alya: *writing* you're pretty dank lol
  • Chloe: *extra salt*
  • Marinette: *writing* the notebook is cute and so are you *draws a rose*
  • Chloe: *saltier than the dead sea*
  • Nino: we didn't want to be here but Jeremy said we had to
  • Adrien: that rose you drew looks really pretty
  • Adrien: just like you *finger guns*
  • Marinette: *faints*

And another drawing of Chara ! :D I really enjoyed that one, and I absolutely adore the atmosphere of Waterfall. Well, as in the last drawing, I don’t know if they’re above water or… something else XD whatever you want. It might not be water. It surely isn’t water. Aaand they don’t have a shadow because they’re dead :D (I just forgot that they had one, but anyway).

Dancetale is one of my favorite AUs and I love drawing Dancing Chara >U

Dancetale belongs to @dancetale

(Whisper : I kinda hope the amazing @teandstars will see this (Notice me senpai >:D (oknosorry)) and that they’ll like it >

I’ve been thinking about that idea I had where the Fazbear’s Fright guard was just William Afton’s bitter ex-wife who came to finish him off and that’s why she burned down the place, ‘cause parallel to Vlad and Clara.

Springtrap [burning to death]: “Babe, come on, I know I’m dead and in a rabbit suit, but we can work it out!!”

William’s bitter ex: “Fuck you, Bill.”

Preference: First Tattoo (Request)




(part one)

“Calum I’m scared what if it hurts,” you whisper.

“I’ll be here for you, okay? You said you wanted it no matter what, right?” he smiles, grabbing your hand.

You’re trying not to freak out in the middle of the tattoo parlor, but now it’s really hitting you that you’re about to get your first tattoo.

“Yes, you’re right, I can do this, I’m not scared of needles, I don’t know why I’m freaked out,” you sigh.

“y/n, are you ready?” the tattoo artist, Zach, says, prompting you both to stand up and follow him to the chair.

“Are you one hundred percent sure that you want this tattoo?” Zach clarifies.

“Yes, I’m sure,” you smile, holding Calum’s hand.

“One anchor on your rib coming up,” Zach smiles.

You lay back and pull your shirt up to show exactly where he’s going to put the tattoo.

“You promise you’re going to get yours next?” you say, looking up at Calum.

“Of course, a promise is a promise,” he smiles down at you.


“Babe you’re going to be okay,” he smiles.

“I feel like I’m slowly dying, I want this so bad but I also want to die.”

“You’re almost done!” he smiles even harder.

“Really?” you say enthusiastically.

“Well, yeah, I mean, like halfway done, but it’s getting there!” he smiles. The tattoo artist, Emily, lifts the needle away for a second to relieve the pain and you take the opportunity to hit him in the arm.

“Feel better?” he laughs.

“A little… I just want to get this over with,” you cringe when she starts drawing into your bicep again.

What seems like an eternity later, Emily lifts the needle off your arm for the last time and smiles, telling you to look in the mirror.

“I love it,” you smile, “I still feel like death, but at least I’ll go out with a cool ass tattoo.”


“Babe I’m scared for you,” he says, when the tattoo artist, Katie, walks to the back to get more cleansing solution.

“If Calum, Michael, and Ashton can do it, then I can too. I mean I really want this and since it’s my eighteenth birthday, I finally can,” you smile.

“I know, but I hate seeing you in pain,” he says rubbing your arm.

“Okay, Superman, calm it down, I’ll be okay,” you laugh and he can’t help but crack a smile.

“Okay, y/n, I’m going to have you rest your arm right here with the palm up,” Katie says, sitting down next to you.

You rest your arm exactly as she says and she begins the process. The second she starts the needle, he grabs your hand and you have to hold in a laugh so you don’t screw up the tattoo.

“Oh God, Oh God,” he keeps whispering.

Every once in a while, Katie will stop drawing and look up at you and laugh when she sees your completely neutral face while Luke is freaking out.

“And you’re done,” Katie smiles after the process finishes.

“Oh my God it’s so cute,” Luke smiles.

“Yeah, I know, that’s why I got it,” you laugh.


“Babe you sure?” he asks one last time.

“Yes, Ashton, I want the damn tattoo.”

“Okay… it’ll be there forever…” he says, looking into dead air.

You roll your eyes, “Ash, you have a tattoo.”

“I know, I just don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“I won’t be, I trust Matt to do a good job on this tattoo,” you smile, as Matt turns toward the both of you.

“Okay, we have everything set up now, you ready?”

“Yes,” you smile. 

You take your flip flop off and rest your foot comfortably on the chair.

Matt does his thing and it doesn’t take long before he finishes.

“I love it,” Ashton smiles, looking at your foot.