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[Soulmate AU: Whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too.]

Word count: 1.826

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You were sitting in class, when suddenly, a smiley written in blue sharpie appeared on your skin. “Y/n, are you drawing on yourself?” Your seatmate, Jinwoo, asked. “No? Where did you get that idea?” You replied, having no idea what he was even talking about.

Grabbing your wrist, he held up your right arm so you could see too. “Oh. That’s… weird.” Was all you said, resulting in a face palm next to you. “Y/n, don’t you get what this means? Everything that your soulmate writes on his skin, will appear on yours too! That means your soulmate is also having this on their skin!” He excitedly told you.

“Y/n! Don’t talk when I am teaching you something!” Your biology teacher yelled through the classroom. “Yes, sir…” You said, pissed because you technically did nothing wrong.

“This always happens. Can’t you shut up during classes once?” You asked Jinwoo when the lesson had ended. “Sorry, but I just had to say it.” He grinned, seeming content with himself. You rolled your eyes at the sight of it.

“But anyways what were you saying again?” You questioned, interested in what he was talking about. It was something about soulmates, after all. “Well, if your soulmate gets injured of writes on his skin or does anything that leaves a mark basically, it shows on your skin, too. Simple as that.” He shrugged.

Interesting. That meant your soulmate was currently drawing happy faces on his arm? Reaching in your backpack, you grabbed a black sharpie and drew a sad face just beneath his happy one. “What are you doing?” Jinwoo asked, confused by your behaviour.

“Well, if what you just told me is correct, he will be able to see this one too, right? Let’s see if he can!” You sang and started walking home.

“Hey, Y/n! Wait for me!” Jinwoo yelled while running behind you.

That night, just before going to sleep, you felt something itching on your arm. Looking down, you saw there was being written beneath your sad face.

“Not feeling well?”

Well, you did write it while being in your least favourite class, so you were anything but happy.

“Just bored. What about you? Why that happy face?”

You wrote back. It took some time, but a while later you finally got a reply back.

“I won something… important to me. But that aside, do you know why this keeps showing up on my skin?”

“Well one of my friends recently told me if we were connected like this, we are soulmates.”

Again, there was this kind of… awkward silence almost hanging between you two. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you both didn’t know who you were talking to, you figured.

You looked down again, and you still hadn’t gotten any reply. “Well, let’s just go to sleep then.” You concluded, and started getting ready for the night.

You stepped in the shower, and started washing off all the marks that were spread across both of your arms from the previous conversation. Your writings washed off almost immediately, but his… no matter with how much pressure you rubbed over it, they just wouldn’t leave.

Turning the shower off, you quickly grabbed anything that could write and was within reach in the bathroom. You ended up getting eye liner. “This will do for now.” You shrugged, and started writing angrily.

“Hey! Use a non-permanent sharpie next time! Thanks in advance.”

After that, you slipped on your pyjama and went to sleep, not willing to think more about it.

It was now a week later, and you were always looking forward to class now. “Y/n, you seem happy to be visiting biology. It’s creepy, stop it.” Jinwoo said, a bit scared by your 360 turn in behaviour. You just chuckled, looking forward to the conversation.

The past days, you had been occupied by talking to your soulmate. You both agreed that if you were indeed soulmates, it couldn’t hurt to get to know each other better, so that was what you were going to do.

Five minutes in the lesson, and you were already bored as hell. Could this teacher make it any more sleep-inducing? Yawning, you wished for the hour to be over. Suddenly, you got this feeling of a funny itch on your arm again.

Grcs @ 4p”

Weirded out by the letters on your hand, you tried to make sense of it, but to no avail. “What’s that?” Jinwoo whispered. Or at least, tried to whisper, because your teacher shot you an angry glance again.

“No idea, it must be something my soulmate didn’t want to forget or something.” You shrugged. To be honest, you were really curious what it could possibly mean. So, the only option was to ask him.

What’s this?” You wrote, with an arrow pointing to the weird text. It wasn’t long before you got a reply back.

“I need to remember going to do some shopping this afternoon, otherwise my band members will totally kill me”

“Band mates? You’re in a band?”

“Yeah, but we’re not that big of a deal, really…” He answered. It was almost like he was shy talking about this subject. So, you decided to talk more about it.

My best friend is in a band! Maybe he knows you :)”

“Well, you don’t know which band I’m in, have fun explaining :)”

Great. After that, the conversation died a bit, resulting in just doodles you both received and altered. In your last lesson of that day, you looked down and saw a drawing of a minion on the inside of your left palm.

Chuckling quietly so the teacher wouldn’t hear, you gave him weird classes and a moustache.


“Wow all caps… you just don’t appreciate my beautiful art”

“Whatever, I’ll just draw more!”

Sure enough, before class was over that day, your whole arm was covered in drawings of minions. “Y/n did you really think math is that boring?” Jinwoo teased you. “Hey, I didn’t draw these! How would I even reach my elbow!” You yelled at him, covering them all up in a long sleeved jacket.

“That aside, do you want to join me and the boys for dance practice? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” The boy asked, setting up his puppy eyes. “You don’t have to beg silly, you know I can’t say no to that!”

So, there you were, in front of the Fantagio building. Out of nowhere, your right hand started hurting like crazy. “Shit! Jinwoo, I think I have to sit down for a bit, this really hurts.” You told him while you were dropping to the ground. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” He asked all worried. All you could do was point to your hand while trying not to scream your lungs our from the pain.

“I see… your soulmate must have touched something sharp. It’s a wound, but it isn’t that deep. Should I bandage it?” He asked, finally acting like a best friend to you. “I think I can handle it. I’ll walk there myself.” You answered, not wanting to rely on him for everything.

I’m sorry. It must hurt, I’m so sorry.” Appeared just after you went inside the building.

“It’s fine, really. Try to stay uninjured from now on! Are you alright?”

“Yea, don’t worry about me!”

Relieved, you put your sharpie back in your pocket. Yes, you always carried a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times. Dropping the subject, you went to look for some bandages. “Where do they store those things?” You muttered, starting a hunt for them.

Having bandaged your hand, you walked over to the practice room. Knocking three times, you opened the door. “Look who we have here!” MJ let out, happy to see you again after what must have been at least a year. Sanha came running from the other side of the room and engulfed you in a big bear hug. “Hey, looks like you will outgrow me if you keep growing like this!” He said, looking at you from head to toe. “Hey, If I’m older than you, I can be bigger too!” You said while ruffling his hair.

Greeting the rest of the band, you shook hands with Moonbin, fist bumped Rocky and arrived in front of Eunwoo. You two never interacted that much, so you went for just a normal handshake. Upon grabbing his hand, you noticed that he had pain. Looking down, you saw a wound on his hand.

The same wound you had before patching it up.

“Eunwoo, maybe you should bandage this, it looks like it might hurt!” You said to him. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” He answered, leaving the room.

You felt someone walking towards you, so you turned around, only to be met with a smirking Jinwoo. “Say, Y/n… didn’t you say your right hand also hurt just now?” He asked you, knowing he was right about this. All the other members looked at you, too shocked to say anything.

Right before you could answer, Eunwoo came walking back into the room again, this time without his jacket that had previously shielded his arms. Sure enough, on both of them, drawings of minions were visible. “What is this weird atmosphere hanging here? What happened when I was gone?” He asked, looking around from face to face, waiting until someone would explain him.

Faster than telling him, you figured showing him would be easier. You grabbed the zipper of the jacket and zipped it down, letting the jacket slip off of your shoulders. The confused boy was first looking at you with the most confusion you had ever seen. Why would you be taking off your jacket in this kind of situation?

Upon seeing his drawings on your arm, his mouth fell open. “Are you serious right now.” He uttered, walking over to you, examining the drawings on your and his arm. Meanwhile, the other boys where on the other side of the room, watching how all of these events were unfolding themselves.

“Let me… just do this real quick.” You said to him, grabbing your sharpie out of your back pocket. “You carry that around?” Eunwoo chuckled, still not believing the things that were happening right in front of his eyes. You nodded, and brought the sharpie closer to your skin.

Deciding on what to draw, you drew a little heart quickly on Eunwoo’s nose. After seeing his expression change, you were sure it was visible in your nose now too. “Believe it now, minion boy?” You teased him.

“Hey, I told you not to make fun of him!” He scolded you, offended. You just laughed and gave him a hug, which seemed to startle him a bit. After a few seconds, he eased into the hug and gripped you tightly, not wanting to let you go.

“I’m glad I found you, soulmate.”

super duper quick tips for art that im writing down off the top of my head

- everything is darker than you think it is, especially people! try to avoid skin tones that are super close to white, especially because they’re super hard to find highlights for

- never never never paint on a white background, it will make you pick lighter and lighter colors and again, things are darker than you think they are! i try to paint on midtones so that i don’t make that mistake. even if you don’t know what colors you want to be in the background, painting on a darkish grey background is much better than painting on white

- eyes are not as white as you think they are. neither are teeth

- stop comparing yourself to other people!!! stop!!! i’m really working on this one myself. i know it’s really hard to look at someone else’s gorgeous art without comparing it to your own, but you just gotta remember that you’ll get there someday. those super talented artists didn’t just burst from the womb with the ability to paint photorealistic pictures, they worked hard to get where they are and with enough hard work you can too! 

- references are your friend!!! there is nothing wrong with using reference images if you don’t know how something should look. i keep a pinterest board with portraits i like, cool uses of lighting that i want to try, a zillion photos of wings and hands and feet because who the fuck knows how those work, hell even scans of anatomy books. references are your friend and fuck anyone who thinks it’s “cheating”, that’s like telling a chef that using a recipe is cheating.

- that being said, try not to completely copy whatever image you’re using. this can be a great way to get yourself more comfortable and familiar with whatever concept you’re trying to learn, but it will greatly benefit you in the long run if you put your own twist on it. if you do end up copying or tracing - which again, that’s totally fine - you have have have HAVE to give credit if you post it. 

- don’t stress about developing your style. it’s something that will develop on its own and will change naturally over time and as you get better. trying to force yourself to follow a certain style will make your work look just like that: forced. don’t worry if your art isn’t consistent or if it changes drastically from piece to piece, that’s just your natural way of testing out different techniques and eventually it’ll settle. and if it doesn’t, that’s okay too! you’re just figuring it out still.

- draw draw draw as much as you can! practice makes perfect and the more practice and time you put in the more you’ll get out of it. i doodle everywhere during the school day, i even keep a sketchbook in my backpack to collect the little doodles on scraps of paper because it’s really cool to keep track of that stuff. the more time you spend drawing the better. you’re also better off if you try to keep things consistent. avoid drawing in big bursts followed by a month without drawing. you don’t have to be churning out a beautiful painting every day or even every week, but if you get in a lil doodle every day or an outline for something every week then you’ll be much better off.

- if you’re like me and you’re really into drawing people, i very strongly recommend experimenting with different nationalities and non-european features. it will broaden your range of ability, and it will also give you a better understanding of many facial features + hair. you don’t want to suffer from same face syndrome, and this is the best way to avoid it! even if your art isn’t super realistic, it’s a great exercise to figure out how to represent different features.

- similar to above, experiment with different body types! it really helps with your understanding of anatomy and how the shape of the body affects the tone of the piece. 


if anyone has other tips feel free to add on!! :)

Monster Hunting 101 Pt.1

A/N: I love those really long, like 20 parts, fan fictions that have a lot of back story and build up and since school is starting soon (not for me but maybe for you) I thought now would be a great time to start a new series.

Side Note: Also there’s a pretty lengthy backstory so be patent the Winchesters will make their appearance LOL. 

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Summary: The Reader is starting her first year of college but after a visit to her grandfather who tells her about the Men of Letters and her family’s history, she decides she needs to see it for herself.

Warnings: None.

3,000 + Words

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