i just wanted to do something in photoshop

hello friends i’m gonna do some blog rates since i hit 2k a few days ago?? side note i love you all thanks for putting up with me lol. i’m going to do the rates on sunday probably ♡

✴ rules: follow me bc why not, reblog this, and send me ur favorite character from It or favorite scene.. just send me your favorite something from It!! 

i’m going to be tagging it as #wyattspookeffrates if you want to blacklist it and ignore me

format will be under the cut!!

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I get asked often about textures and brush settings- As per request, here are some of my regular faves. These are four I made by scanning in all kinds of pencil and pen marks, then just doing a lot of fussing with settings and numbers until I got something good ahaha. There’s really no secret to making brushes, it’s just a lot of experimentation; but it ends up really worth it, and you learn a lot about what you want 🙌  

You can download them from -> this google drive folder of mine!

(These are .tpl files fyi; photoshop only. You’ll also find they’re rather large brushes, simply because I work in large 300+ dpi files)

Adding to canon is not the same thing as destroying canon

At San Diego Comic Con, we learned that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character, Michael Burnham, is Sarek’s adoptive daughter. The second I heard the news, all I could think was, “Let the hate begin.” And boy, did it ever.

I understand the disappointment, particularly with fan fic writers who invested a lot of time and effort into crafting stories that fit neatly into canon. Amazing how one sound bite can bulldoze right through decades of widely accepted fanon, huh?

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Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes


cool suave tentacle seeks john 🍆

@wimpytentacleofficial moodboard

anonymous asked:

hey! i think ur art is p cool c: any tips for using ps?

thank you! here are some super quick things people may not know going in:

  • smart objects
  • masks
    • clipping masks
    • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • liquify, general fliters
  • blending effects
    • for layers
    • for brushes
  • grids, guides
  • history/save states/snapshots
  • importing brushes
  • workspaces
  • dark magic
    • quick exporting
    • what a contact sheet is
    • batching, scripts.

this will all be in PhotoshopCC. This is the more technical side of Photoshop instead of the fun drawing side, because let’s face it you’ll already learn that in time. This is stuff to make drawing digitally or editing or whatever easier, faster, and less trouble. These are shortcuts and smart things basically.

smart objects!

touching up? use smart objects!! please!! When you size them down they still maintain the data of the original, so you can scale and re-arrange without data lost (you can’t draw on this layer as a smart object though!). do this please. to undo this look for “rasterize layer”

this also means filters are clipped onto the layer but aren’t actually changing the layer. You can then turn them off, delete them, ect. without any repercussions. Smart objects will be more data but they are safe bets.

you won’t see this for drawing and painting but when you’re editing your drawings for maybe a poster or compiling them this is super useful! 

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Colour Porn Tutorial

The sweet @silvernightsky requested a coloring tutorial on this gifset of Jace Herondale and Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters. There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect, but today we’re trying to keep it simple ✌🏻✨

So today i’m going to show you how to go from this:

to this:

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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I’ve got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies

for @legividivici, hope you like it!! <3 (ao3)

The last place Clarke expected to run into anyone she knows is the literal middle of the ocean, but the cruise ship has barely left port before she spots a familiar head of tousled curls ahead of her in the crowd.

She loses sight of him before she can get a good look, so she chalks it up to her imagination. It’s entirely possible that Bellamy is on the same cruise she is– they did, after all, both just graduate, and therefore have the same budget and scheduling constraints– but she tells herself it probably isn’t him. And that even if it is him, it’s not like they’re going to run into each other.

So of course the next day she’s on one of the decks by the pool when a shadow falls over her and his voice says, “Is this chair taken?”

Clarke pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head and wrinkles her nose at him.

“I don’t know, I my tiara really ought to have a chair of its own.”

Bellamy smirks and sits on the edge of the chair, not moving her stuff– not yet– but settling in to bicker with her. As is their custom.

She and Bellamy were RAs in the same dorm two years ago, and they had differing ideas at first about how hands-on they needed to be with their freshmen. Despite the way they picked at each other, by the end of the year they’d become reluctant allies, his calling her ‘Princess’ taking on less of a sneer and more of a teasing edge, her comebacks laced with a smile. They had each other’s backs.

But she didn’t re-up her RA contract for her senior year, and he did, and they’re not the type of friends to outright admit they miss each other, so she hasn’t seen nearly as much of him in the past couple of semesters as she would like.

“You here with Wells?”

“And Raven,” she nods. “I was saving those seats for them, but I’m pretty sure they ditched me to have tiny cabin sex.”

“O and Lincoln ditched me pretty fast too. I think they’ve all forfeited their right to a saved seat,” he grins, passing her bag back to her. The way he lounges back in the chair, skin already browning, wind ruffling his hair, he looks like something straight out of an ad. Or Clarke’s fantasies. Either one, really.

Just because she used to think he was a Class-A dick (which he is, but not in the way she thought. In the fun way.) doesn’t mean she’s never noticed how great his hands are, or how he’s got perfect hair for pulling, or how there’s probably more than one way to wipe a smirk off his face.

“Sure, make yourself at home,” she grumbles. He grins at her and pulls his shirt off, which is– honestly just so unfair.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

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Tricks to coloring grey scale art

I wanted to recolor something but didn’t want to do it manually (I’m lazy…I know…but hey its cool) so here are two ways I learned to recolor grey scale art

1. Gradient Maps

In Photoshop, go to Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map

Here, you can apply preset gradients to your pieces by selecting them in the drop down.

(There are some rather interesting choices, as you can see from the random one I selected)

By clicking the gradient bar itself, you can edit the gradient you have selected, create a new one, or load in other presets.  Just make sure the gradient type is Solid and not Noise, it won’t let you edit the colors if it is set to Noise.  This method is helpful if you’re doing a palette challenge.

Here’s some of the results I got messing around with it:

2. Prisma

Prisma is amazing. Its and app, I thiiink it’s originally made to edit instagram picures, but it can do a lot more than that

You select a picture in the app, and from there you can select and test out different styles on it.  Some work better on certain works than others do, experiment a bunch. Each one takes a couple minutes to load, but its worth it

Here’s some of the styles I liked:

I’m sure you could combine both of these methods, but I haven’t tried that yet. Could be interesting

Now go forth and color your art!

anonymous asked:

hi dumb question but how do you put a frame around your font in gifs?

first of all: there are no dumb questions when it comes to editing, making gifs and photoshop in general. we’ve all started somewhere  ✌🏻 so today i am going to show you how i achieved the above effect ( used in this and this gifset)

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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star-the-assassin-yordle  asked:

Your art is sooo good, I love your style and the way you color, and your lines are so clean and smooth. Do you have some tips or suggestions for who's starting with digital.

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like my art. :D I’m going to write this post for complete newbies, but I actually have some specific advice for you near the end. I hope you’ll bear with me!

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Friday, 25/8/2017

ok guys so as i promised, i just got my new laptop so let’s start creating new original content!!! who wants a couple of september wallpapers?? this is the first time i do something like this so don’t judge me too hard haha



I made 6 Galra Keith icons using @softhance‘s icon method! I was just experimenting honestly sooo I’m not sure if anybody wants to use them but you can if you want.

X   Uhhm if you want free to use I guess!
X   No credit is required, but please reblog/like if you use or save!
X   Please don’t repost or claim as your own.

Here’s my character design for @piligy’s contest!! I know I’m cutting it close, but I was stuck on ideas :/ But I got it done and I hope you like it!!

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out though! I didn’t know which style of mine would be best so I went with all of them haha

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for making sure characters of color aren't too orange in skin tone while editing? whenever this happens i try to increase cyans but then they look too pale and idk im obviously so bad at photoshop

Yeah! Normally I think people’s first instinct when something is too orange/yellow, they go straight to the blues. But actually, it’s a better idea to just color mix so that you don’t lose the skin’s natural undertone. If you’re using selective coloring, yellow and magenta both contribute to the orange. So you want to decrease both until things balance out.

So here’s one that’s too orange and we want to go from left to the right:

These are the Selective Coloring settings I used. Notice I never really touched the cyans much. It’s only the red and yellows and the magenta/yellow sliders within the colors that I played with.

The same concept applies to any kind of color mixing, whether its Color Balance or Curves. Don’t rely on the blues/cyan to do all the work or you’ll just end up with something that’s very white and pale.