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Auston Matthews #1 - Prom

This is my first attempt at any sort of imagine/ specific character writing. The inspiration for this prompt came from my little brother going to prom recently and asking his girlfriend in a similar fashion. 

Auston had always been a year ahead of you in school. When he had graduated and subsequently been drafted you two decided to continue your relationship despite the distance.

During one of your Friday night skype calls you had mentioned to Auston that the official theme for prom had come out. The committee apparently had some clashing views so the end result was more of a mix of various classic themes that they hoped appealed to everyone. He had laughed at that and asked, “so when is it?”

“Uh,” you paused and pulled up the calendar on your phone, “Saturday March 4th at 7.”

Auston pulled out his own phone, “perfect. We play Anaheim on the third then I’ll fly down in the morning and be there in time.”

You looked at Auston in confusion, “wait fly down? Auston you’re coming?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I take my girlfriend to her senior prom? Unless of course,” he smiled cheekily, “you were planning on going with someone else. I know that Brandon from the lacrosse team always had his eye on you.”

You rolled your eyes, “Brandon has been dating Thomas for three years and you know it.”

“Alright well, how are you going to ask me?”

“Ask you? Why am I asking you?”

“Well how I see it is that I asked you last year. It’s only fair that since you still go to that school that you ask me,” said Auston like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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On History and Parents

Summary: Jack takes Bitty to Montréal to meet his parents. A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery. Final part of the On History and Pie series.  Also on A03


“Jack, sweetheart! I was actually going to call you this evening. How’s school?”

“Euh, it’s good. Busy but good. I have a presentation coming up for the Historical Society.”

“That’s wonderful. What’s the topic?”

“Churchill and America– but that’s not the reason I’m calling.”


“No. I… met someone.”


Alicia walked into the kitchen where Bob was slicing some fennel which he was going to braise and serve with meyer lemon and parmesan.


“Hmm?” The sharp sweet scent of fennel filled the kitchen.

“I just got off the phone with Jack.”

“How is he?” Bob said as he continued his prep work.

Alicia stood still, feeling somewhat stunned and giddy.

Bob stopped working and rested the knife point down onto his cutting board. “What? What is it? Is he okay?”

“He’s in love.”

“What?” Bob replied, a wide grin and look of disbelief blooming on his face.

“He’s seeing someone, and he’s in love.”

Bob wiped his hands on his apron, and walked up to Alicia.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

Alicia nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! I asked him twice because I assumed I may have misheard him. Bobby… he’s serious about this. He actually said, ‘I’m in love with him, maman.’ Love, Bobby! Can you believe it? Love!”

And in that moment, hockey legend and multi-Stanley Cup winner, Bad Bob Zimmermann held his wife, Alicia Zimmermann’s, hands and jumped up and down like an excited five-year-old at his own birthday party.

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Almost Identical

Originally posted by baraturtles

Leonardo x Reader

Almost Identical

Prompt: Loving the Soulmate AUs. What about the ones where everyone has some sort of mark that is identical to their soulmate’s? And the fate just brings them together, but the Mark lets them know they were meant to be. Idk if you wanna do the other boys. But I thought it was cute. (oooooo and what if two of the boys’ soulmates were identical twins, just with different marks, and they all meet at the same time? I think they would die)

Note: aaaaaaaah, I haven’t written for Leo in what feels like forever, so I chose him and Raph (because they my faves.)

You and your twin sister Ella were identical in just about every way. Except for one. Your soulmate mark. Yours was a pair of swords, Katanas, according to a google search, with a bunch of music notes floating around them. Hers was a pair of Sais lined in red and a few roses.

It was eyebrow-raising to say the least. What on earth did your soulmates do for fun? The weapon theme made you think that maybe they worked together somehow. Or perhaps they were rivals. You had no clue. But it was curious. Very curious.


Leo sat in his room contemplating. His intense blue eyes were fixed intensely on the tattoo on his forearm. Unlike the other tattoos he had amassed over time, this one had developed over time. It darkened into his arm as he mutated into…well…whatever he was now.

Not quite human, and yet not quite inhuman either. Something in between. Yes, technically he was a giant turtle, but he would argue that he was more than the average terrapin. No, Leo and his brothers were something else.

And so he sat there on his bed, large green fingers gently tracing the marks there. The Katanas he could only assume were for him, which meant that the music notes must be for his soulmate, whoever they were. Maybe a singer or an instrumentalist? He didn’t know, but he would lay awake at night thinking about it sometimes. How he got so lucky as to even have a soulmate at all, he wasn’t sure. But he thanked his lucky stars that someday, somehow, he would meet the one meant for him.


You and Ella worked at the coffee shop downtown. It was small, quiet, kind of off the beaten path, but it was perfect. And on karaoke night, it became more perfect. A single spotlight, an emotional song, and suddenly the space became something different entirely. And though you would never admit it, perhaps it was a way to show off for a potential soulmate.

After a successful night at the shop, you and Ella closed up shop and started the walk home. It wasn’t quite dark out, the sun was still setting on the warm summer night, and something felt different. Like fate was waiting just around the corner. You were more right than you knew. And so you followed the warm feeling blooming in your stomach, the feeling that something big was happening.

As usual, you and Ella made your way towards the fire escape on the side of the apartment you shared, but something was waiting in the alley below.


If you asked Leo or Raph why they were there, they couldn’t have answered. They didn’t know. Nor did they know why they hadn’t told Donnie or Mikey about it. They hadn’t even told eachother. They had just kind of run into one another in the alley beneath a random fire escape. And when the warm feeling spread through their bodies, suddenly they knew. They were here for a purpose.

And the purpose just came around the corner.

The moment Leo set eyes on you, he knew. The way the mere sight of you made his legs feel like they were made of Jello and the slow smile that spread across your face sent a flurry of butterflies through his stomach.

“Hi there,” you waved shyly, unable to stop smiling warmly at the tall turtle in the sapphire mask.

“Hello. Ma’am.” He tried to speak, but the words were hard to form. “I. Wow. Hi. You’re. Uh.”

You stepped forward slowly, eyes never leaving his as your small hands took hold of his large green one. You pulled down his arm to look. You already knew what you would find there, but you had to see for yourself. There on his green forearm was the familiar mark that you had spent so much time looking over. You held up your arm beside his, and his blue eyes looked to yours as though he had suddenly realized the meaning to everything. The world had clicked into place, everything was clear. A world of darkness suddenly flushed into light.

“I’m (Y/N),” you provided. He took a few shallow breaths before responding.

“Leonardo.” He replied. You loved the sound of his name. You stood there looking up at him until you couldn’t take it anymore. You hugged him. Tightly, warmly, nuzzling into the crook of his neck before pressing about a dozen kisses to his cheeks. At first, Leo was taken aback. Hugging was not commonplace for him. He had never held anyone as tightly as he held you. And God, he never wanted to let go.

Ride With the Moon In the Dead of Night

               Phil hurried through the crowded street, nudging aside other life forms with muttered apologies. He wanted to get in and out of the shops quickly, okay? Already, Phil was carting around several bags of miscellaneous materials; Rhododendron Petals, Bottled Spiders’ Legs (no spiders were harmed in the making of this product, the label assured), a few jars of Frankincense, Frog Saliva, a small bag of Lion Fur, the list went on and on. He had a lot of jobs this time a year, and those jobs required a lot of ingredients. And of course, Phil still had to cleanse his own home before next Saturday, so he should probably grab a few things for that, too.

               Phil breathed a sigh of relief as he finally bustled his way into his favorite shop in the plaza: The Doctor’s Order. The best potion shop in London, in Phil’s humble opinion. Phil darted around the shop, quickly loading a basket with even more ingredients and supplies, mumbling quietly under his breath as he went. Nightshade, Jerusalem Cherries, Yew Seeds, a carefully-wrapped, clear container of Poison Ivy. Finally, Phil had everything he needed. Well. Almost everything.

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hale monster sweets

For Jen’s prompt here [x]

The guy is back again. Derek watches curiously from his counter, idly keeping an eye on the teenaged vampires trying to decide on a type from the blood popsicle selection. The guy outside the store is a little pale and lanky, with a cute upturned nose and a sprinkle of moles on his pale face, not that Derek didn’t notice the first time he stopped in the middle of the bustling street to stare at Derek’s store sign, which he wasn’t supposed to be able to do.

With a bright-eyed smile the guy tells his two friends something that Derek isn’t able to pick up through the various wards that protect his shop from the mundane world, even with his werewolf hearing, and the floppy-haired boy with the uneven jawline takes the hand of the brunette girl and they walk on, laughing and waving back at the guy, who is now staring resolutely right at his door, hands in his pockets, a curious look on his face.

The bell above the door rings jauntily and the guy sweeps into the store, eyes dancing merrily over all the sweet displays. Derek tenses up, because he can’t smell a whiff of the supernatural off the guy– not the scent of a wolf, that long-dead acidity that vampires seem to exude, the electric sharp tang of banshees or even the saccharine whiff of the fae. The three vampires seem to notice too, and one of the girls’ nostrils flare as she takes a deep breath as the guy walks by her.

“Here, we’re having a sale on all Type B,” Derek says, grabbing the pops and hastily ringing them up. Fortunately the vampires seem more interested in the sale and leave right after making their purchase, leaving Derek alone with the human–he must be human, the way he’s staring at the shelf of chocolate-covered pixies and the tray of slightly shimmering caramel cobwebs below it.

“Can I help you?” Derek asks, biting his lip.

“You don’t look like a hipster,” the guy says with a cheery smile.

“A what?” Derek frowns, crossing his arms.

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Young Love At It’s Finest

Word Count: 1169 

Pairing: Jaemin/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request:  Can you do a Jaemin scenario where you go to a rookies show and he gives you the giant bear, but after the show a security guard asks you to come back stage bc jaemin wanted to see reader again?? Idm what happens next! Thank u~

Y/N came out of the show hands more full than when she arrived. Her fluffy companion filled her arms as she waited for the building to clear of the rest of the audience before trying to follow suit. The teddy bear in her arms kept her mind transfixed on the boy that gave it to her and it made her smile just at the thought.

Jaemin had been her favorite member since she learned about the smrookies, getting into them the moment her friend had shown her various videos on her phone. In face it was the same friend who had told the girl about the show but couldn’t make it herself from an out of the blue cold. If Y/N’s friend had came she would have been freaking out about the events that took place.

Now Y/N never wanted to be one of those fans who thought a specific group member kept locking eyes with her, it was a rather big space and she knew it was a near slim chance that he even glanced twice at her. So when the boy did look at her more than eight times, yes she kept count, she brushed it off as just a coincidence.  Eyes wander and there were so many people around her that she didn’t get her hopes up.

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Show Me

Requested by: @irenelove83


“Is it better up or down?” Naomi asked me, holding up her two-toned hair.

“Up, brings out your face more,” I replied.

We sat opposite each other on the tech equipment in the hallways; our makeshift hang out spot before our individual matches.

“So what you gonna do when you go back home this weekend?”

I puffed out a breath of air, “Unpack,” I laughed. “Dreading it already, I’d much rather stay on the road and avoid it for a while,”

“Girl you haven’t unpacked since you moved?” she inquired.

“I’m a busy woman,” I shrugged. “I had other better shit-”

“Your man’s heading this way, look cute,” she said, subtly nodding her head to her left.

I shifted my eyes; following the direction and saw Roman coming towards us, pacing slowly as his attention remained on his phone screen.

“He’s not my man,” I protested with a laugh.

“He looks at you like he might as well be, besides, I know you and I know him and y’all feeling each other,” she said then wore a bright smile and waved at our intruder. “Heeeeeey Roman,” sly bitch.

“T’sup ladies,” he looked up from his phone, stopping in between us. He looked at Naomi first, “The fuck is that on your head?”

“Shut up, Y/N said I look cute, hater,”

“Really?” he turned to me, his eyes suddenly sparkling, lips turned upwards.

I pursed my lips and nodded, already blushing under his gaze. I was useless.

“You sure it looks cute?”


“That shit looks funny as hell,” he started laughing, throwing his head back. “It’s the colours, the fuck’s your hair black and green?”

“Stop being an ass,” Naomi went to playfully kick him but he dodged, bumping into me. “Asshole,”

He hoisted himself up and sat next to me, leaving a small gap between us.

“Stop being rude,” he glared at her.

“Well if you’re staying, I’m going,” Naomi looked at me, smiling slyly, (this fucking bitch) then slid down off the equipment, “He’s all yours,” then she winked at me.

“Bye hater,” Roman said with no remorse.

She didn’t turn back but flipped her middle finger in the air at him.

“What was that about?” he asked softly, rocking into me.


“Her, acting all…suspicious and shit,”

“Because she is,” I giggled and looked at him. “She knows something’s up,”

“What did she say?”

“She keeps making comments about ‘your man this and that’, and something about how we look at each other,”

“No surprise there, if you’d stop blushing every damn time we see each other,” he noted.

More embarassed, I covered my face and squealed, cringing because I could just imagine how much of an ass I looked. Lovestruck possibly. An inexperienced juvenile. My best friend always told me I wasn’t so subtle when I had a crush on someone. It wouldn’t be a problem in any other case, but Roman and I were trying to keep our relationship a secret. So far so good, but apparently I was starting to crack.


“It’s cute, I like it, lemme see you get all worked up,” he said quietly, peeling my hands away. “Can I have a kiss?”

“Mhhhh,” I pursed my lips, eyes quickly scanning both ends of the hallway. “Someone will see,”

“No one’s around,” he laughed - ridiculing me, and took my hands into his, sliding off the equipment and making me follow him behind the curtains. “How about now?”

“You’re relentless,” I whispered and accepted his lips on mine as he held me against him.

It was so intoxication; but I suppose part of the thrill was the possibility of getting caught. Roman and I had been secretly dating for a while, whilst the first few weeks were fun and easy to hide; the closer we grew, the more our emotions and feelings for each other intensified. So then hiding it from everyone proved to be hard; especially when sometimes we just wanted to run into each other, sit next to each other, share a private joke and ride on the bus together.

“You ready for our match?” he asked after we pulled away, his hands still wrapped around me.


“Can’t wait to see that new gear you got,” he commented with a wink.

I just smiled and drew circles on his tattooed arm, absentmindedly.

“You okay?” he ducked his head to look at me. I nodded. “No, no you’re not. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I chuckled.

“Did that kiss suck? Because I can do it all over-”

“No, don’t worry,” I said with an easy laugh, trying to sound nonchalant. “I’m good,”

“You know I hate it when you lie, talk to me,”

“It’s fine, can we talk about it later?”

“No, let’s do it now, you do this to divert the topic, talk baby,” he said. “Is it me?”

“How long are we going to keep hiding?” I finally blurted out.

Instantly, his arms dropped off me and his expression hardened, as if masked by worry and confusion.

“As long as you want…I…I thought that’s what you wanted,” he stuttered, his eyes squinted as he tried to pierce it together.

“We didn’t really talk about it like that, when you asked me out, I didn’t want to tell everyone straight away, but it seems we’re just so comfortable on the low now,”

“I thought that’s what you wanted,” he repeated. “I didn’t know, I’m sorry,”

“It’s just, I wanna be free around everyone. I wanna kiss you the moment I see you. I wanna hug you after your matches. I wanna cuddle with you on our flights back home. I wanna walk into your hotel room freely than sneak in at 2 in the morning like a damn robber. I wanna just tell everyone that I can’t hang out because I’m spending the evening with you…I can’t even tell anyone what I’ve gotten up to on the weekends. I can’t say 'I went out for dinner with my boyfriend’ or 'my boyfriend really likes that’. I wanna tell the girls that the reason why I don’t wanna stay out too long is because I wanna go back to snuggle with my boyfriend or actually mean it when I tell men who pester me that I have a boyfriend,” I shrugged and threw my arms out. I scoffed. “I…I’m sorry…I’m just being childish and pathetic, forget I said anything. Roman why are you smiling? It’s not funny, stop smiling.”

“So I’m your boyfriend now, huh?” he smirked and then it transitioned into the biggest wide smile at the sight of my flustered expression. He looked so smug and proud of himself.

“Well…I…thought - I didn’t - I didn’t think, uh,” I stuttered before he cut me off with another kiss; this one deep and tender.

The kind of kiss that made you reminisce about your first kiss. It was meaningful and so fervent, had we been anywhere else it’d have led to more than just that.

“I mean, I’ll be your boyfriend since you asked so nicely,” he said, that proud smile all over his face again.

I mushed my face against his chest, “I hate you, after everything I said is that the only thing you heard?!”


I hated Roman Reigns with a passion. The man walked around here like he was the shit, like he owned the ring. So smug. So proud. So full of himself. I loathed him.

Okay so I really didn’t. I hated the effect he had on me. And he knew it; he’d do things on purpose. I’d learnt this very well, especially in the ring. It all happened in our match, me and him against Ziggler and Natalia.

He speared his Ziggler and stood up abruptly, taunting around him as he lay on the floor struggling for breath. He was mouthing something of pride to his defeated opponent.

He then looked up, circling the crowd with his eyes, and then our eyes met as I stood at the corner of the ring, on our side. He smirked, poking his tongue out and I wouldn’t have hated him so much had he not curled the tip of it. It was so suggestive I’m sure even the crowd was affected by it.

Too distracted in our little moment; Ziggler tackled him from behind. Knocking him onto the floor; they brawled until he regained control and they both managed to tag me and Natalia.

I pinned her successfully on a count of three before my theme song played and Lillian announced our victory. Roman jumped back into the ring excitedly, picking me up. When he set me down, the referee held both of our hands up to symbolise our victory.

“You’re a bad ass,” he said closing the space between us when the referee moved aside.

Without seeing it coming, I felt his lips on mine for the third time that night as he closed in on me, towering over me, yet our lips remained together. I smiled into the kiss, as he did too. The crowd cheered, calling me back to reality. I felt flustered as hell, not knowing where to place my gaze but at him. A part of me suddenly nervous as I realised what we’d just done.

“We’re so gonna get in trouble for this,” I finally said, actually serious as I looked at him.

He didn’t mind; his eyes danced wildly, glimmering with excitement that was mirrored by his lips. That stupid smile wouldn’t leave his face.

He shrugged, “I really don’t care,” he said and proved it by kissing me again in front of the cheering and chanting crowd.

“We have an audience,” I pulled away, stating the obvious.

He shrugged again, “Still don’t care,”

I pulled him close, my lips close to his ears and whispered, “I want you so much right now,”

“Baby, we have an audience,”

Stray Chat - Chapter 2

This is whole chapter/day is just straight Adrienette. But the night is still young, literally. ;)

But for now, these two get to have a very fun day. And Adrien is in denial of having a crush which slowly turns to acceptance by the end of the night. Because honestly? It’s Marinette, how could he not?

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[Fic] To Really, Super Like Someone

Voltron Legendary Defender

Klance || T || Fluff and Humor, Established Relationship, Beach Date, Love Confession || casual f-bomb drop || AO3

Lance and Keith have been together a while, but they’re still getting used to it. Especially Keith, who has no experience with dating whatsoever.

Note:  Fourth place prize fic in my giveaway for @lovethetrash​. “Lance and Keith on a beach date, Lance teaching Keith how to swim”. Congrats! :D 

Keith had to admit that he was impressed. Like, really impressed.

Occasionally, Lance did impress him, but Keith never held his breath for such moments to occur. Nothing against his boyfriend, Keith wasn’t dating him for the thrill of it; Lance was cute, funny, and comfortably predictable and that he often failed to impress Keith regardless of his efforts was one of those endearing things about him.

The planet they landed on was similar to Earth’s, although much smaller and not the first Earth-like planet they’ve encountered since serving the universe. No humanoids, according to the scanners. Keith wondered out loud if this was what Earth must have been like before humans evolved, and Lance added with no small amount of enthusiasm that maybe they would see dinosaurs. A picnic with dinosaurs, that would be the kind of date Lance would try to set up for them.

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can u make a optional bias scenario series?? like, a life one. you start from being a kid to teen, adult, then elder.

optional bias school au?? long chaptered!

A/N: ok guys so i decided to get started on the series/long chaptered ones so i can finish it asap y’know anyways i decided to put these two together bc you’re obviously going to school so i decided to make more chapters when we’ll get to the school time?? era??? moment???? lmao anyways enjoy :-)

Bias = (_______)
You: _______
Another member of the group = [_______]

“Look sweetie, we have new neighbors!” Your mother waved at the woman that was standing next to the truck. “Hello!”

“Hi! My name is Lee Raehim, this is my son, what’s your name, honey?” The woman looked down to a boy, probably the same age or a year older than you.

He didn’t answer, he held his mother’s leg tightly. The lady in front of you brushed off her son’s manners, as she started to talk with your mom. Since you were very open to new people, you introduced yourself happily, letting your new neighbor know that you had a bright personality and you would love to take her son with you.

“You’re going to play with (_______)? Your daughter is so well mannered! Of course you can, (_______), you have a friend now, go play with her, okay?” Raehim exclaimed happily, patting her son’s head to advise him that he should go play with you.

“No! I don’t like girls!” He protested, holding on to his mom’s leg.

You frowned. “Well I don’t like boys!”

“________, don’t say that!” Your mom scolded you lightly.

You glared at the boy that glared back at you. You were now angry at him for being mean to you, you walked back to your house to find comfort by talking to Mr. Bunny, letting yourself talk badly about the boy next door.

Your dad came home early that night, you were already sitting at the table to eat supper. You didn’t pay any attention to what they said but you heard a few bits of their conversation, they were planning a party for their new friends. You didn’t want to see (_______), you had enough of his bitter attitude.

You sat on your bed, coloring the last few white spots of your drawing. Slowly distracting yourself, you looked outside, wondering who took the room that was in front of yours. A light shone through the curtains, you could see a silhouette walking towards the window. It creaked, the man standing there smiled at you.

“You’re not sleeping yet? Did you meet my son (______)?”

You nodded. “He is mean.”

“Daddy, that girl is really mean!” You saw (______) standing on his bed, his finger pointing towards you.

“Don’t say that, (_______), it’s not nice. You two should go to sleep, we’re going to see each other tomorrow, okay? Good night!” His father said nicely, putting his son back to sleep.

Friends from the neighborhood made their appearance at the party. You were wearing your favorite flower dress that you got lots of compliment from, especially from the few old ladies that wished they had a daughter as young as you. You were playing in your treehouse, sipping on your imaginary tea with Barbie and Mr. Bunny. You hear someone climbing on the tree, huffing his way up to you.

“You’re playing with dolls? Ew!” He said, crawling in to your house.

“You’re ew!” You spat back with anger.

“Your dress is ugly too! And you’re ugly, and that bunny is ugly and that Barbie too!”

You started to cry, you hit the boy and attempted to push him out of the treehouse. He almost fell out but held tightly on to the wood of your room.

“Mommy! She hit me!”

“He said that I was ugly!”

The adults looked at the two of you, silently judging your attitude right now at a celebration your parents organized. You were obliged to climb down and go to your room, your real room, the one where you take your naps and sleep. You got scolded by your parents for the awful manners you exposed to the neighbors. You hated that boy even more, now.

“We’re sorry about the fight. Now, ________, what are you supposed to do?”

“It’s not her fault, (_______) started with the insults. Apologize to her, (_______).”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Say it louder.  What are you sorry for?” His mom commanded.

“I’m sorry for calling you and your dolls ugly.”

Your mom looked at you, advising you that it was your turn to apologize.

“I’m sorry too.” You opened your arms to give him a hug.

He hugged you back, two seconds in to the hug, he pushed you away. Did they not see that? That he pushed you to get away from you? They didn’t take a second to question the two of  you, they went back to the ribs and chattering about their life.

You followed the boy, wondering what he was up to. He was the only kid around the same age as you, the others were either in high school, college, university or married but with no kids.

“Do you want to play with me?” You asked.

“I don’t want to play with your dolls.”

You wanted to scream and cry again. How dare he insult Barbie and Mr. Bunny?

“We can play something else. I have play dough and legos.”

He turned to you, with a smile on his face. “Really? Where are they?”

“I’m not telling you unless you promise me something.”

He frowned. “What now?”

“Promise that you’ll be my friend forever.”

He didn’t seem so happy about that. But he would do anything to play with legos. “Okay! Promise!”

The two of you spent the evening making houses with your blocks and creating food or tiny characters with the dough. It was actually enjoyable, (_______) wasn’t that mean to you, you didn’t say anything hurtful to him either. Soon, his parents came upstairs to your room, telling their son that it was time to leave. Before leaving, you took a few pictures together, just to remember how the two of you got along.

You were excited that night to see him again. In a few weeks, you were going back to kindergarten, you couldn’t wait to show him the cool tea set and games your daycare had. You even had a few friends that went there, you could make him befriend them.

“Hi ________! How was your vacation?” Your homeroom teacher asked as she pinned your name tag on your shirt.

“I made a new friend! His name is (______), he’s really nice!” You bragged happily, dragging your new best friend with you.

The teacher smiled at him, introduced herself and hoped that you would help him feel comfortable in the building. After all, it was his first time there and he didn’t know where the bathroom was, where he was supposed to nap or where the games were.

You introduced him to Naeri, Yoohee and Kira. He wasn’t really familiar with girls, so he decided to walk off and meet other boys. Which didn’t go really well since no one wanted to share their cars with him, so he stayed with you ever since. The first activity you did was painting. You decided to be in teams with him since he didn’t have anyone and you just kind of pitied him.

All you had to do was paint each other on your canvas. You considered yourself a pro when it came to stuff like drawing, painting and what not. You started confidently your work of art, painting (______) with details.

“Are you two done?” One of the teachers asked.

“Yes!” You showed her proudly your painting.

She smiled at you, then went to check on (_______). She gasped with a frown, staring up and down at the little boy’s art. You decided to make a move and walk to them, looking at what she was concerned about.

“That doesn’t look like me!” You whined.

“Yes it does!” He taps his brush against a few white spaces to give you more color.

“It’s really nice, (______)!” The teacher commented shamelessly.

You felt offended, in the need of crying. “It doesn’t look like me! It’s ugly!”

“What?! Your drawing is uglier!” The young man spat back, on the verge of tears.

“Now kids, it’s not time to fight. You did a great work, you need to dry it now.” The lady took your canvases and walked away.

“Do you want to do a drawing competition?” He asked as he closed the little boxes of paint.

“Yeah!” You shouted with anticipation, running towards the shelves that had paper and coloring pencils.

“(________), your mom is here!” The teacher that now had name, Johan, called.

You looked at (_______) that kept hitting the two robots against each other, without glancing at the door to see if his mom was really there. You heard her steps coming towards the two of you.

“(______), we have to go home, mommy is busy!” She picked the figurines up and placed them on the counter. “You have a lot of soldiers that home, you can play with them.”

“But I don’t have ________ at home!” He whined.

She smiled at you. “_________, do you want to go home with (________)? I can call your mom and tell her that I picked you up.”

You agreed with her and followed them to their house, even though your house was next to theirs. As soon as you entered the living room, you put your Dora bag down and took your drawings out to continue drawing them. However, (_______) tried to distract you, putting his trains, molds of play dough in front of you.

“Here kids, you didn’t eat your afternoon snack yet, uh?” His mom put a plate of cookies and two cups of milk on the table.

“Mommy, she won’t play with me!” The boy complained.

“Oh, but she’s drawing, why won’t you draw with her? You can draw something in the house and try to guess what you just drew, it’s a fun game!”

You spent the rest of the day with (_______), drawing and guessing what you did and sometimes watching cartoons with him or dancing to the theme song. He would from time to time sing, which was cute. Maybe sometimes rap to it, or just speak really fast, you didn’t know the difference.

The rest of your childhood was basically spent like that. Hanging out with him, discovering his love for dancing, singing or rapping, going to his house after school, growing up to talk about some classmates you didn’t like, crushing on a few people that the two of you would talk about, even sometimes get mistaken for lovers or siblings!

of course guys, i will be releasing another part, the next one will be near the end of elementary :-)

Valentine's Day [Justin Bieber Imagine]

The light from the sun shone mildly through the curtains that covered your windows. It’s midday, but you had yet to free yourself from the soft covers on your bed because of what day it is. Valentine’s Day. You always hated this day because you were always alone on this day and this year was no different.

You laid on your bed, curled up in a ball with your entire body engulfed in the covers as you scrolled through your instagram feed. There was nothing but gifts that your friends, and the other random people you followed, received today from their boyfriends or girlfriends. That all too familar feeling of loneliness took over your entire body, making it hard to fight back the tears that silently streamed down your face. You decided to get off your phone and to stop torturing yourself because it only made things worse.

In the same moment you exited the app, a call came through to your phone. It was your friend, Justin.. again. He had called back to back all this morning and you ignored him every time. He knew how you felt about this day so you figured he was trying to give you a pep talk to make you feel better about your pathetic love life before he spent the day with his girlfriend. You really didn’t want his or anyone else’s pity that they tried to give you every year. They all could save it for someone else.

After you let his call go to voicemail he called once again, making you press ignore. Seconds later he was calling again. You decided to pick it up this time. You didn’t expect him to call this many times so at this point, you knew he wasn’t going to give up. You pressed answer and put the phone up to your ear.

“Hello?” you said into the phone.

“Hey! How’s my favorite friend in the world?” Justin’s voice was loud and cheerful, making you notice he was in a much better mood than you.

“What do you want Justin?”

“I want you to get out of bed and go somewhere with me today.” he told you. Your eyebrows furrowed and your once blank face formed a deep frown.

“Aren’t you spending the day with Kayla?” you asked him.

“No. She’s, uh, doing some modelling stuff overseas and won’t be back for a few days.” he revealed to you.

“Oh.. Well, I’m sorry you’re alone today.”

“I won’t be if you come out with me.” he told you.

“I don’t know Justin. All of those happy couples will be out and I don’t want to keep being reminded that I’m… well, not them.” you admitted to him. A few more tears streamed down your face at just the thought of it.

“Your voice sounded weird when you said that… are you crying? I don’t want you to be at home crying all day. You’re coming with me. We’re going to have fun, I promise.” he said, trying to reassure you. You let out a breath before freeing yourself from your bed for the first time today.

“Fine. I’m getting in the shower now.”

“Yes! I knew I’d get you to come. I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, I’m already walking to my car.” he told you, sounding a little too enthusiastic for your mood.

“Okay.. see you soon.” you said before you hung up your phone. You put it on the charger so it’d have a full battery by the time you were ready and walked into your bathroom to take a quick shower.

Justin arrived right after you had finished your hair. You looked yourself over in the full length mirror by your bedroom door, making sure your appearance looked good from all angles. You were satisfied with the way you looked so you grabbed your phone and small bag before heading out to Justin’s car.

The car ride was quiet aside from Justin telling you over and over how today would be fun and you’d be happy that you left the house today. You wanted to believe him since you always had a good time with him. You wanted to think that, for once, you’d actually enjoy yourself on this normally dreadful day, but you just couldn’t fathom it. Being miserable on February 14th was something that always happened, it was something you were used to so it was hard to see it any other way.

Before you knew it, Justin had parked the car. You had been looking at your lap to avoid seeing any lovey dovey decorations or couples on the way here so when you looked up, you were shocked.

“You did not take me to Disneyland.” you said, turning your head to Justin. He was smiling at first but as soon as he saw your expression his smile dropped.

“What’s wrong with Disneyland?” he asked.

“On Valentine’s Day?! Everything! All I’m going to see are couples on dates kissing and hugging and laughing. I’ll continue to be reminded every second that I don’t have that… I should’ve just stayed home.” you said. Justin gave you a sympathetic look, probably feeling bad for bringing you here out of all places. His face soon changed, though, and he went right back to being on his mission to cheer you up.

“On the bright side, there’s games and rides and food. It’s going to be fun, y/n, you love stuff like this.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.” you took off your seatbelt and got out of the car. You leaned against the closed door, waiting for Justin to come around so you could walk inside together.

“Y/n, come here for a sec.” you heard his voice call. You turned around and saw that the trunk was open before walking in that direction. When you made it behind his car, you stopped in your tracks and your jaw dropped.

In Justin’s hands were a bouquet of probably twenty white roses, a box of six cutely decorated cupcakes and the cutest little Patrick Star stuffed animal. You were so surprised by all of this. You weren’t expecting him to buy you any gifts at all so seeing how much effort he put into picking what he did get made you smile. He even got them to put your picture on one of the cupcakes.

“I can’t believe you actually bought me all of this stuff. Would Kayla be okay with this?” you said, taking the flowers and medium sized Patrick from his hands. You did the typical, cliché thing of smelling the flowers even though you knew they didn’t smell like anything.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, she’s fine with it. I thought it’d help cheer you up.. and what’s Valentine’s Day without gifts anyway?” he said.

“Nothing at all. I would know.” you said, laughing since you felt a little better. Justin hesitated before he laughed, too. He placed the cupcakes back in his trunk so you put the flowers and Patrick in there too. After he closed the trunk, you both walked to the park’s entrance.

“You should’ve seen the ladies’ faces when I picked up your cupcakes with all that stuff. They kept saying I was the’ best boyfriend ever’ then when I explained that it was for you they thought I was in love with you or something.” Justin told you as you stood in the ticket line.

“I’m starting to think the same.” you replied, laughing when you were done. He joined in and pushed you a little too hard, making you step out of line.

“It’s okay if you are. Really, I’m flattered.” you said jokingly. He side eyed you before his face broke into another smile.

“I’m glad you’re joking around. It means that my plan is working.” he told you.

“Yeah we’ll see about that.”

After a while you finally got to the front of the line. Justin insisted on paying for you and you didn’t put in much effort to fight with him since this was his idea anyway. After he paid, the two of you started walking around the theme park to find things to do.

Along the way, you found yourself letting your eyes roam the crowds of people. Of course there was nothing but couples. Couples were hugging, taking pictures, holding hands and even kissing. They were everywhere you looked and everywhere you turned. You couldn’t escape it even if you tried. It was like a sea of love and you were beginning to feel like you were drowning in it.

“You doing okay, y/n?” he asked you. When you looked at him, you saw that he was already looking back at you. He had probably been watching you the whole time.

“Yeah, I guess. I just want to do something really fun so I’m not looking at couples all day.”

“Let’s go on this Space Mountain ride then.” he suggested. You shrugged and followed him to the ride, which had a surprisingly short line. This gave you a feeling of relief and a feeling of nervousness at the same time because although you didn’t have to wait, you figured this ride must be pretty scary if not that many people wanted to get on it.

Shortly you were climbing into the first set of seats with Justin right behind you. You don’t know why you walked to the first cart but as soon as the worker locked you and Justin into the seat, you regretted it. A mixture of nervousness, anxiousness and fear took over you as you waited for the ride to start. Justin took no notice of this, he was too busy looking around and smiling like an idiot because of how excited he was.

The ride started, causing the carts to slowly move out of the boarding area and up the track. Everything on the ground looked smaller as you got higher into the air, making you more nervous. You finally decided to stop looking at the ground when the ride stopped at the peak of the tracks. You felt it start again and took a deep breath right before it dropped, causing you to scream as loud as you could as it picked up speed.

The ride wasn’t as scary as you thought it would be.  You actually yelled and laughed out of enjoyment when the fast paced ride turned and twisted in different ways. Justin was reacting the same way next to you and that was only the beginning of your fun.

That one ride really kicked off everything. From that point, you and Justin got on as many rides as you could and played numerous games that he ended up cheated in to win. You enjoyed everything and not once did you think about the fact that you didn’t have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You just lived in the moment and enjoyed yourself.

Time seemed to fly past because of how much fun you were having. You truly felt like only half an hour had passed when in reality it was about five or six. The sun had went down and all of the rides and games were clearing out for some reason. Justin didn’t seem to find this strange, though, because he pulled you into this store and bought you a hat with Minnie Mouse ears on them and himself a Mickey Mouse one. He put yours on your head and switched his black hat for the new one before dragging you out the store and in another direction.

“Justin, why are we running?” you asked him. He didn’t answer until he got to an area where a bunch of people were standing. It seemed like everyone in the park was here, making you realize where everyone had gone.

“Just watch, y/n.” Justin told you, before turning his attention back to where everyone else was looking. You didn’t see what the big deal was, all you saw was a Mickey Mouse ferris wheel. What’s so special about that?

In a few seconds your question was answered when everything went black. Soon the ferris wheel light came back on at the same time water shot up from the ground. Music played and both the ferris wheel and the water turned different colors. The water was shooting out of the ground in different motions and in different areas, making you anticipate what was next.

Soon everything went black again then a bunch of white lights shone across the ground in different areas, resembling how stars seem to twinkle in the night sky. After that, the pace of the show picked up. A bunch of water shot out of the ground, all in different colors and making different movements again. A medley of different classic Disney songs played as somehow the images showed against the water that was shooting into the air. The lights on the ferris wheel kept changing to go with whatever was happening around it.

You found yourself in awe at everything in front of you. It was so beautiful and breathtaking that all you could do was watch it, not saying a word. You didn’t even understand how it was possible to pull it off. It was that amazing.

Justin laughed next to you and you looked up at him to ask what was so funny, but became side tracked once you saw his hat. It was lighting up with the show, doing whatever the ferris wheel did.

“Justin, your hat!” you yelled a little louder than necessary. He laughed again before taking yours off and showing it to you. The bow on your hat was also lighting up with the show, making everything that much more amazing.

As you put your hat back on, you began to watch the show again and think about how great today was. You didn’t have a boyfriend or a real valentine, but you had the most fun you’ve probably ever had in your life without any of that. It made you realize that none of the things you complained about every year didn’t really matter. You didn’t need any of it, honestly. You can enjoy yourself without doing what people expected on Valentine’s Day and you knew that Justin was to thank for this realization.

Without Justin, you would’ve been at home probably watching a movie or some tv show. You’d still be crying and eating everything in site to try to feel better knowing it wouldn’t help, but thanks to your best friend, you weren’t. You were out of the house at Disneyland of all places having the time of your life and you were so grateful to him for it.

“I really needed this. Thank you for taking me out today, Justin. You’re a great friend.” you said a little closer to his ear so he could hear you over all of the music. You leaned in to kiss him on the cheek but he turned around in this same moment, making your lips connect to his. You pulled back in shock once you realized what happened.

“I’m sorry, I tried to kiss your cheek bu-” you were cut off by Justin grabbing your face and kissing you again. Your eyes closed as you let him explore your mouth, feeling something you haven’t felt in so long it was almost foreign to you. After a  few seconds he pulled back and began explaining himself.

“Sorry! I really don’t kno-”

“What about Kayla?” was all you could say.

“She.. she broke up with me before she left.. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think you’re a rebound or a backup or something because you’re not. I really just wanted to spend today with you and make you happy.” he told you.

“Well you did. This is the most fun I’ve ever had.”

“I told you it would be fun.” he said, a smile spreading across his face when he was done talking. You smiled, too, both at what he said and the feeling you were getting right now. It didn’t make sense to you but all you wanted to do was kiss Justin again even though you never felt that way before this current moment. You wanted this so badly that you found yourself staring at his lips, wanting to press yours against them again but not wanting to make the first move. You were beyond grateful when Justin took notice of this and grabbed your waist, bringing you closer to him. He kissed you softly, allowing you to have that feeling again.

Your arms wrapped around his neck as he deepened the kiss. There were hundreds of people around you and you were sure that some were looking and judging you, but you didn’t care. For once you seemed to be part of the lovey dovey couples you once envied, and even though you didn’t know what this meant or what would happen after today, you loved it. This was the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.

Breaking Free

Summary: Phil’s somehow stuck with the task of auditioning new freshmen for drama in his art school. When he meets Dan Howell, the boy with the beautiful voice and even more beautiful face, his opinion of freshmen may change.
Word Count: 1115
Warnings: i think i said fuck 
A/N: this is not high school musical omg the title is just idk. i started school ok don’t judge me.

Phil Lester sat utterly bored at auditions for the drama department. Somehow, he had been recruited as one of the seniors to help audition freshman. Ms. Pyke had told them to only chose the best of the best, and it seemed that that task would be challenging. For an art school. everyone sucked at musical theater. Phil wasn’t exactly sure how that was possible.

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The drive to Cyn’s place wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. I bonded with Elexia or Lexi as she stressed countless of times way better than I thought I actually would.

“You excited for the party?” I asked as I turned down the block

“Not really, I was surprised when Cyn invited me because I have this strange feeling that Traci don’t like my ass at all” she laughed a little

“Why you say that?” I asked

“She looks at me like I killed her mother, like literally her side eye is vicious I swear” she said shaking her head

I chuckled because that just sounds like Traci, her attitude stays on hundred. She’s going to fuck with the wrong person one of these days and they gon’ put her little prissy ass in check.

I’ve come to terms that she’s my blood sister and I would hate for some to check her in front of me but if push comes to shove what can I really do? Because she was in the wrong.

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on our ways to do each other (open your heart)

[based on two(ish) prompts: after-sex cuddling & carmilla steals laura’s underwear. obviously smut & fluff. carmilla x laura drabble.]


on our ways to do each other (open your heart)


feel your body closing, i can rip it open/ suck me up, i’m healing for the shit you’re dealing/ smoke on your skin to get those pretty eyes rolling/ my thighs are apart for when you’re ready to breathe in/ suck me up, i’m healing for the shit you’re dealing/ hi, motherfucker, get your mouth open, you know you’re mine

—fka twigs, ‘two weeks’


You’re not really used to quickies—or, for that matter, having a girlfriend who is exponentially more experienced than you—but the way Carmilla saunters in just as you’re waking up to make it on time for your Calc lecture makes you want to come in and of itself. It’s getting cooler, and you think it’s infinitely charming that she’s as bundled as the rest of you—“I’m a vampire, not a space heater, cupcake”—and that she’s stolen one of your (favorite) scarves. You let her have it without protest, though, because it’s this deep maroon that reminds you of her origins as someone regal, someone young with so much potential.

Right now she’s toeing one muddy boot off—she’s still a terrible roommate—at the same time she’s taking off her jacket, which she slings across her bed, followed by her bag. 

And then she turns to you and practically purrs, “Hey, baby,” while slinking over to you. She’s in a big sweater and ridiculous polka-dotted socks, but she’s sexy as hell, and somehow she manages to actually not make you late to Calc, even after an orgasm that leaves you so strung out you have to wait a few minutes before you can move.

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Last minute holiday au based on: “you walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolate but you forgot your wallet at home, here, let me buy your drink for you” from @castlefanficprompts

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates something else! I hope you all have an amazing day.

Braving this winter blizzard may be the worst decision she’s ever made.

The wind whips around her, goes right through her coat and seeps into her skin, chills her bones. Flurries continues to fall, fat, wet snowflakes connecting with her bare neck, causing her shoulders to hike up to her ears in an attempt to block it. The white flakes contrast against the black fabric adorning her shoulders, and she can see them getting stuck in her hair.

The coffee shop is close, only a few hundred feet away now, and she can no longer feel her legs. They’re numb beneath her, and if it weren’t for the fact that she’s still moving and not lying on the pavement, she’d have thought they gave out, disappeared completely. 

All of this for hot chocolate.

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Friends with Benny-fits AU  (klance)

Reggular life AU, where Keith and Shiro can’t cook- so they come to this specific diner everyday that Lance and Hunk own. It’s a little space themed retro diner full of glow in the dark stars, blow up UFOs and absolutely delicious food. It’s Lance and Hunk’s baby, a hot joint well promoted by their PR Wiz Pidge.

Shiro and Keith are loyal customers, but Lance is always annoyed that Keith eats the same boring thing every breakfast. Who wants toast and coffee, every single day? He’s always heckling him about it, even though he faithfully hands him that toast every morning.

Eventually annoyance slips to flirting? Everyone can tell but them. Lance starts to try to find out what food Keith likes so he can make him eat something different.

Inadvertently, Keith ends up trying Lance’s favourite special: Eggs Benedict. It’s so good, but he can’t admit it. He craves it, but he can’t make himself order it- when he’d eaten it before it was a mistake (Shiro made a (Strategical) ordering mistake and you can’t waste food!). Ordering it again would be a choice, and he’s far too stubborn for that.

The meal haunts him though. He’s up thinking about it, day and night. Eventually, Keith is going nuts. He can’t concentrate on anything, and he’s beginning to realize he might be dwelling on more things than Eggs Benedict now. Like maybe the person who makes the Eggs.

In the height of egg fixation, he gets locked out of his apartment. His day had already started out bad, but now it’s terrible, and he can’t stop thinking about Lance and his damn food. It’s pouring, he’s locked out of his apartment, and all he wants is Lance….’s eggs.  He bursts into the diner.


Hunk’s eyebrows are like into the top of his chef hat. “Eggs? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” It’s a joke, but it flies right over Keith’s head and into the ether. What’s worse, is that Lance is nowhere to be seen.

Lance is gone, he’s at home, he has the day off. Keith is distraught, so Hunk draws him over and gives him his address.

He goes to Lance’s address. This is Insane, but also its not, because he knows as soon as he gets the eggs this’ll all be over. It makes perfect sense and once it’s done everything will be fine, Keith thinks, driving to someone’s home to demand they make him eggs at 6:45 am.

Lance answers the door to his apartment in his boxers.

Keith momentarily forgets about the eggs. Who answers the door to strangers in their boxers?! It’s indecent?! (Who looks that good when answering the door in their boxers?!?! )

Lance is like "Keith.. It’s 7 am? What the fuck, buddy.”

Keith is like “I need you to make me breakfast.” Like that explains everything. “I want your eggs.” Since Hunk… Seemed to understand????? (he’s still not really sure on that one)

Lance just slouches there against the door frame. “You… Came to my house at 7am on my day off to ask me to make you eggs Benedict?”

“Yes.” That’s it, that’s what He did. Accurate.

The old lady next door pokes her head into the hall. “It’s 7am, Make him the eggs!!!”

“My personal life is none of your beez Nancy!!!!” Lance is warm, he’s indignant.

“Then take your personal life out of our hallway and cook it some eggs!!!”

Lance reluctantly takes Keith inside because of gossipy neighbors and also because Keith seems to be having an eggsistential crisis. Keith is also dripping everywhere, so he lets him borrow some clothes.

Keith is confused, because all he wanted was eggs- not clothes. But Lance is insistent, and Lance’s clothes are big, and they smell nice?? Not like food though?? Why do they smell nice if its not an entirely food based smell??

Oh because Lance smells nice. (But he has already admitted he wants the eggs, he will not also admit that.)

He watches Lance make the eggs Benedict, how natural he is in the kitchen, how happy he is to cook. There’s no rudeness or snipe or pressure or showiness. He doesn’t usually mind those things, if he’s being honest, but this content Lance that doesn’t have anything to prove is the tiny bit of Lance he gets a glimpse of at the diner that he likes very very best.

Lance catches him looking sometime, but doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes Lance smiles. Sometimes he does tricks with the pan, but it’s not obnoxious or showy it’s kind of- softer. Flirty, but- warmer.


Keith realizes suddenly this isn’t about eggs. Eggs are suddenly Secondary.

Lance puts the plate in front of him, ladles out the sauce delicately, adds a cute garnish. He smiles at him over The Eggs.

“Keith, I can’t believe you. Did you honestly just come here all the way for some Lance home cooking?” And Lance is close and he’s smiling and Keith is just- he’s used to being blunt and honest, so-


Lance looks confused, he wasn’t actually expecting an answer.


But then Keith is taking his hand and leaning in and oh my god is Keith going to kiss him????? Lance kisses him back, which makes things easier.

They kiss for a long time in the kitchen, awkwardly over the table, Lance standing, Keith sitting, but they don’t care because it’s so good. When Lance pulls away he looks flustered and Keith has never seen that before.. He loves it immediately.

“I read that right, right?! You- uh- I mean- I guess we kissed for ages so if that wasn’t what you meant then it’d be kinda weird-”

Keith kisses him again, and Lance plops into the seat across from him, dazed, when the kiss is over. Keith snorts, because- when did Lance get so cute?

Lance flushes and kicks him under the table. “Eat your damn eggs.”

Keith eats the eggs. They are so good. They are so good, that Keith reassesses the percentage of how much this was for Lance and how much this was for eggs, again.

Lance watches him eat the eggs. Nobody has ever like- worshiped his food like this before? Honestly it’s kind flattering, and ok it’s more like flustering, because Keith is so into him and his eggs.

How does Keith make eating breakfast seductive? Is it just that Keith loves something he made so much?

The sexual tension is thicker than the hollandaise.

When Keith is done, Lance’s hand is jittery as he sips his last sip of coffee. After summoning his strength, Lance leans over and kisses a little spot of sauce from the corner of Keith’s mouth.

Somehow, everything is a blur after that. Keith grabs his wrist and they kiss, harder than before. Tasting hollandaise, tasting each other.

Somewhere between Keith’s hand on the back of his neck, and Lance moaning into his mouth, it all goes down hill from there.

They have sex on the kitchen floor, something Lance would have never done before. The kitchen is a sacred place, but apparently Keith makes him all kinds of sinful.

After, they have fancy coffee, half dressed, on his balcony. Lance tangles their legs under his cheap patio set, and Keith doesn’t pull away.

One balcony over, Nancy says “I hope you fed him too.”

Keith spits his coffee out of surprise.

Lance throws some toast at her.

After that, they have breakfast together a lot. At the diner, at Lance’s apartment, in Lance’s bed. Lance meets Shiro properly, Keith sweats bullets when he meets the huge clan of McClains.

Everyone at the diner knows Keith’s name now, and they ask about him and then regret asking- because Lance is so proud of Keith that he goes on for Hours.. Unless Keith is there somewhere, eating.

Then he’ll say “He’s all right, you know. He appreciates good eggs.”

At their wedding, Hunk and Shiro are their best men.

They have a breakfast bar.