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Magnus Bane , phone conversation analysis

When Alec says “I’d rather you not” (be by my side the whole time), Magnus responds “Did I do something wrong?” Which reveals how insecure Magnus must be feeling, as rather than asking Alec what’s wrong? Or what do you mean? He instead jumps to the assumption that he must have done something that upset Alec.
You can see how worried he looks:

When Alec explains, Magnus looks down and smiles, a momentary sense of relief. But his smile drops as soon as it’s formed and he looks so dejected:

He then begins to pace, perhaps a sign of nervousness?

His suggestion that maybe “another warlock should go instead?” sounds like a genuine attempt to try and convince Alec to ask someone else, as I couldn’t detect any annoyance or sarcasm in his voice. Plus, when Alec reassures him “No, I need you there”, Magnus still doesn’t look happy:

In fact, rapid blinking is a sign of distress, and the way he hesitates with his mouth open looks to me like he is trying to think of something to say that could get him out of going.

When Alec asks “is that okay?”, Magnus smiles and shakes his head, perhaps generally moved by how sweet Alec is too make sure he is fine with this. Or maybe he is thinking about how impossible it is to say no to his boyfriend. Whatever is going through his mind that makes him feel happy doesn’t last though, as a moment later the smile falls from his face.

He hesitates for a second, before quickly replying “of course” doing his best to make his voice sound upbeat and certain, in order to convince Alec that he is fine. But as Magnus elaborates on why he agrees with Alec’s decision, we can see how nervous he is actually feeling because of the way his eyes frantically dart about and from how his hand is shaking his phone:

We don’t get to see Magnus’ expression when the phone call ends, but I doubt he would look happy at having to go back to the institute. Which is understandable given that the last time he was there, he was tortured. Of course, he will be nervous and perhaps even terrified that going back there will overwhelm him with traumatic memories, that he is trying his best to avoid thinking about. Plus, acting like you are okay when you are not is completely exhausting, so it is also understandable that he just wants to be alone, and doesn’t feel up to socialising and discussing politics.

I thought this scene was very clever because it shows how from Alec’s perspective, Magnus’ sounds fine. But we as a viewer who can see his facial expressions and body language know that is far from the case. Also, it further demonstrates how Magnus is doing his best to hide his pain and distress from Alec when he is clearly struggling. Luckily that will change in the next episode. 

Malec Fandom: Okay, so maybe we’ll get one scene of domestic malec. Two, tops. Probably just a hint, though. No more than a flash scene and then it’s back to the action, that’s for sure.

ShadowhuntersTV: I present to you a clear, well-paced sneak peek in which not only you will see Magnus’ past, you will also learn Alec spends nights in a roll in the same bed as his boyfriend and is not fooled by Magnus’ brave face. Do you want light? You got it. Do you want adorable teasing? Hell yes. Do you want boyfriends being intimate and caring for each other? Be my guest.

Malec Watching Step Up 2
  • Magnus: "So what do you want to watch my darling?"
  • Alec: "What about that sequal to that step up movie."
  • Magnus: *twitching hand nervously.* "Okay, anything for you Alexander."
  • Alec later: "Whose this dancing guy, he looks an awful lot like you Magnus."
  • Alec: "No that's definitely you! Just without makeup!"
  • Magnus: "What are you talking about? I-it looks n-nothing like me!"
  • Alec: *gives the look.*
  • Magnus: "Okay so maybe I did a few movies in my lifetime, sometimes things get dull is all."

Anyways Alec Lightwood is the type of person that would get his boyfriend a gift literally anytime he went anywhere. If there were 8 demons that he had to slay on the 5th avenue, he’d spend 10 minutes on the demons and then another 2 hours in Louis Vuitton picking out the wallet that Magnus would most likely think matched his new shoes. And if he went out shopping for let’s say Jace’s birthday, he’d somehow come home with a bag from American Eagle for Jace and like another 5 bags with Sephora and MK and Marc Jacobs and Gucci and some other antique store that was on his way home for Magnus. And if Izzy finally dragged him to Macy’s to get him some new shirts, he’d probably secretly sneak off and end up getting Magnus 3 different belts instead. And every time there was a Sephora anywhere near where Alec was, he’d end up spamming Izzy’s snapchat with a bunch of pictures of palettes and single shadows and eyeliners and highlighters and asking her which ones are good and which ones would Magnus like, and he’d also end up having his arms completely swatched in a bunch of lipsticks and eyeshadows every time he’d go to the mall for literally anything. And Magnus would always say that he doesn’t have to do this but he’d just smile and shyly reach for Magnus’s hand and just look up at him and whisper under his breath “yeah but I want to” and Magnus would melt and kiss him bc he cannot believe how much he loves this man

Alec ran his fingers over the cold metal of one of Magnus’ rings. He wasn’t sure when he developed the habit, but every time he cleaned the house, he ended up getting distracted by the heavy wooden jewelry box in their bedroom, playing with Magnus’ jewelry. It was usually the same pieces every time. He knew what drew him to them. They were heavy, textured, and big enough on his fingers that he could twist them around.

He twisted the ring around on his finger. He was so distracted by the feeling of running his fingers over the ring, feeling the coolness of the metal against his warm skin, that he didn’t notice the door opening, or Magnus entering the room.

“Good choice, that’s my favorite one.” Alec jumped, knocking the jewelry onto the floor with a loud clatter. He looked up to see Magnus laughing and bending over to pick up the scattered jewelry. As Magnus came closer, his eyes zeroed in on the rings on Alec’s fingers. He paused and smiled, putting everything away. He looked at Alec, who was frozen and terrified.

“Dear, are those my rings?” Alec stood there motionlessly. Not sure how to answer, he started twisting the rings around his fingers harder and Magnus noticed. He gently took Alec’s hands and squeezed them.

“Darling?” He asked, still waiting. He wasn’t sure why Alec was so nervous. It was just rings. He noticed a bulge under Alec’s sweater. It wasn’t just rings- it was a few necklaces too, apparently. Magnus smiled at Alec a bit, which seemed to encourage Alec to talk.

Alec was pretty sure he was frozen and his voice wasn’t working. He knew Magnus would wait until he could express himself with words again, and if he couldn’t, they’d find another way. Magnus didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Alec was rooting through his stuff. Magnus was looking at him again and Alec vaguely heard him ask if he needed to get the pen and paper for him.

Of course Magnus wouldn’t be mad. Of course he’d be way too caring and understanding. Alec didn’t deserve him. Alec shook his head and sighed, turning the rings over. His voice seemed to be working again.

“I, um… I was just cleaning and I tried on the rings. I-I’m sorry, I’ll take them off.” Magnus smiled at him and ran his hands over the rings on Alec’s fingers.

“It’s okay, love. It’s fine. Is this the first time you’ve done this?” Alec bit his lip. It wasn’t. Magnus noticed his guilty expression and smiled knowingly.

“I take it that it isn’t?” Alec looked away, feeling ashamed for some reason.

“Um, technically, I’ve been trying on your jewelry for about three months now.” Magnus laughed and wondered how he had never noticed this. He waited for Alec to finish.

“I, um… One day, a few months ago, I was cleaning in here and your jewelry spilled so I was picking it up and I decided to try on one of your rings, and I liked it so much that I put on a few more. And then I tried on some necklaces and-” His words became faster and faster until they were cut off as Magnus pulled him close, kissing his cheek.

“You look fantastic, my dear. I don’t mind you playing with my jewelry. If you want to, you can keep some of them; I don’t really like how heavy they are.”

Magnus was aware that it was a sensory thing, because Alexander sometimes fixated on objects that had a certain weight or texture to them. He really didn’t mind. Besides, Alec looked so attractive in his jewelry.

Alec relaxed immediately, suddenly wondering why he had been so nervous. Magnus wasn’t the type to get mad about these things. Magnus smiled at him.

“You know necklaces typically go on the outside of your shirt, right?” Alec laughed, abruptly, and let Magnus pull the necklaces out from under his shirt. Alec had never worn jewelry where people could see it before, too afraid of being outed or judged for it. But why should he care? He was a proud, openly gay man, and hey, it looked good on him. Magnus grabbed the necklaces and tugged on them gently, causing Alec to stumble closer to him. Alec laughed as a chain slid down his neck and the necklace fell to the ground. Magnus was always gentle with him, but apparently not gentle enough. Alec smiled at him, looking down at the necklace on the floor.

“I think you broke that.” He said, laughing softly as Magnus ran his fingers through Alec’s hair.
“It’s okay, darling, I’ll get you more durable jewelry. Besides, I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn. I can fix it up however you want.” Alec laughed harder.

“Can you put it back together?” Magnus nodded, grinning at him.
“I will later. Right now, I just want to know more about this jewelry thing… Like, how do you feel about bangles?” Alec giggled.

“God, no.” He knew Magnus was teasing him, but that was okay because he knew Magnus would never judge him. And that meant everything to him.

Alec hadn’t gone swimming in years, simply because he never had the time. In fact, the last time he had gone swimming it was only because Isabelle had convinced him to sneak out with her. Even then, he had only gone because he was afraid that if he let her go alone that she would drown and no one would be there to help her. It wasn’t that he didn’t like swimming; it was a very unique feeling. He just didn’t see it as something that he should bother with. He would rather spend his time training and improving at his actual job.

But when Magnus’ smile doubled in enthusiasm and he intertwined their fingers while simultaneously opening a portal, Alec couldn’t exactly say no. In the months that they had been together, Alec had found that most of the things that he was apathetic about seemed a million times more appealing with Magnus than they would be if he were by himself. That was yet another thing about Magnus that made a pleasant shiver run down Alec’s spine.

He was always learning new things, being exposed to ideas and places that he had never imagined before, and with every new experience came a bigger realization of what Alec had been missing. His parents, and the Shadow World in general, had shielded him from so much. From the time he was born there were expectations about who he should become and how he should act, but there was an entire world out there that he was missing in the process. Every day spent with Magnus was a new lesson learned, and Alec had never been so eager to open his mind up in his life. However, when they stepped through the portal onto the pavement surrounding a very average-looking pool, Alec couldn’t help but tease his boyfriend.

“Aren’t these full of children’s pee and bandaids?” Alec asked, wrinkling his nose. He had to hold back a grin as Magnus shot him an indignant glare, and watched as the pool water lit up purple for just a few seconds as magic shot through it.

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“There, it is bacteria free. Now, let me assist you with getting out of that god-awful sweater you have on,” Magnus said, earning an eye roll from Alec as he suddenly found himself wearing nothing but bright pink swim trunks.

“Really?” Magnus laughed as Alec looked down at his attire, but Alec didn’t give him any more time to stare, running forward and canon balling into the water. Water splashed up onto Magnus’ outfit, and Alec resurfaced in just enough time to hear him let out a horrified gasp. The noise alone was enough to keep Alec laughing for hours, but is boyfriend’s expression was even more comical. His face was halfway between absolute fury and defeat, and Alec had to press his hands to his stomach, unable to breathe through his laughter.

“If I were a less honorable man I would dye your hair to match your swim trunks right now,” Magnus said, glaring at his boyfriend. The night around them was still and silent, the only noise the sloshing of water against the sides of the pool, but to Alec’s eyes it was full and lively. Magnus captured the attention of almost all of his senses, taking up every room and space he entered and filling it with a light that no other person or source could dream of matching.

He was beautiful in a way that constantly had Alec wondering. He wondered how someone so bright and captivating could ever be seen as unworthy or lesser. He wondered how he had caught the eye of someone so out of his league. He wondered how others couldn’t see just how caring and lovely he was. Because even when Magnus was glaring at him and most likely plotting revenge, he was everything that Alec wanted. There was no other world or reality that he would trade for the life he had with Magnus then.

“You love my hair too much to mess it up,” Alec teased, smiling up at his boyfriend innocently.

Magnus raised an eyebrow, placing his hands on his hip as he replied, “On the contrary, I happen to enjoy messing up your hair very much.”

A few months ago the clear innuendo would’ve made blush rise to Alec’s cheeks immediately, but at that point he was far past the line of being used to Magnus’ suggestive way of speaking. In fact, he found that he looked forward to it most of the time instead of shying away from it.

“Are you going to join me, or just keep ogling me from over there?” Alec asked, changing the subject. Magnus narrowed his eyes at the thinly veiled challenge, and instead of changing with a snap of his fingers, he slid each layer of clothing off of his body piece by piece, keeping his gaze locked with Alec’s. The process was slow, sensual, and if his goal was to completely distract Alec from his earlier teasing, he succeeded easily. The moonlight shone on Magnus’ chest as he unbuttoned his shirt, and Alec was extremely grateful that his eyesight was better than most. His gaze couldn’t be in enough places at once as Magnus continued on.

He wanted to take in every inch of exposed skin, and even though he was well aware that he was staring, he couldn’t bring himself to care. He had held himself back from looking at anyone that way for so long, terrified that he would be found out and torn from everything and everyone he held dear, and he wasn’t going to stop then, especially when it was something that was encouraged by Magnus himself. A sudden splash of water ripped Alec away from his thoughts, and he rubbed at his eyes as Magnus’ chuckles sounded from somewhere near him.

“Cheater,” he accused, lowering his hands to see his boyfriend smirking proudly at him, his back leaning casually against the side of the pool. Alec swam toward him, his eyes narrowed, and Magnus’ smirk grew wider.

“I am very distracting, I know,” Magnus said smugly, his hands immediately moving to latch onto Alec’s waist as he reached him. “But it is entirely your fault for falling into my trap.”

“Mhm,” Alec hummed, lifting his hands and wiping his thumbs under Magnus’ eyes where his makeup had run. He met his boyfriend’s gaze and immediately found it harder to breathe than he had just a few seconds before. The way Magnus was looking at him was enough to freeze him in place for hours, and he drank in every moment that it lasted. He had never felt so completely loved and appreciated in his life, and Magnus’ deep brown eyes made him question whether striding down that aisle to kiss him had ever really been a choice. It had never felt like one, when he thought about it. It was more like a necessity, a breath of fresh air after being pushed under water for years upon years with no break.

One of Magnus’ hands slid up Alec’s side, stopping at his neck where his deflect rune was etched into his skin, and when their lips met Alec’s body actually ached as affection sprung up in every part of him that he had opened up. He wanted Magnus to reach in and fill every empty space, patch up every hole and sew every rip back together. Each slide of their mouths and gasp of breath in between seeped into his skin and made him feel stronger than he ever had. Their relationship had been on display to everyone since the very beginning, and although that gave Alec the courage to keep moving forward unapologetically, he cherished every moment alone that they got so much more. It proved that he had done something right, he had taken steps in the right direction and came out on the other side happier than he had ever imagined he would be. When Magnus pulled away, Alec was tempted to chase his lips, but he refrained, pressing a kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead instead. He could almost feel Magnus’ smile as he did so, and he wanted to document every second that went by in his brain.

“We’re not doing much swimming,” Alec teased, dropping his eyes to meet his boyfriend’s once more.

“I’m perfectly okay with this arrangement,” Magnus replied, his voice low, and Alec certainly wasn’t going to disagree with that. He leaned forward again, kissing his boyfriend softly, and he decided that he would gladly drown in Magnus’ presence forever if it meant he never had to move from that spot.

Friend: hey buddy I just finished reading this amazing fanfic, do you want me to send you the link?


Friend: okay I’ll send you it tomorrow


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alec loving the bane hawk not only because its hot af but also because its great thing to stim with. one night he comes back from the institute after a really tiring day and he and magnus cuddle and he ends up running his hands through magnus’ hair something he has never done before but always wanted to. he immediately finds it so stimulating and just closes his eyes and enjoyes the feeling. he feels so much better and at peace. its a good few minutes before he realizes what hes doing and looks at magnus with worry because of what he just did but magnus just looks at alec like hes the world and smiles reassuring him its okay and he can do it more often if he wants to

You know that Clary and Simon and Magnus introduce Alec, Jace, and Isabelle to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and all six of them go to a screening of it at a local theater in Brooklyn and they all dress up as the characters and they all sit in the front row and when asked if there are any virgins in the audience, Jace, not understanding the meaning and context of the question, grabs Alec’s hand and forces it up into the air (which causes Alec to shout over the “ow ows!” and wolf whistles, his cheeks flushed, “AS IF YOU WOULD KNOW!”, smirking at Jace’s look of horror and sending a wink to a laughing Magnus) and then Clary and Simon force Isabelle and Jace’s hands into the air and all three of them are herded onto the stage and they participate in the virgin sacrifice and after a second of confusion all three of them, even Alec in his Brad Majors costume, dive right in and have the crowd cheering and all three of them bow and run off stage and Magnus brings newspapers and rice for them to throw and Simon blushes like crazy when Isabelle offers to share her newspaper with him because they are one short and Clary and Simon screaming the call-backs at the top of their lungs and soon everyone else is yelling with them as well and when it’s time to do the Time Warp the gang stands up and rock out, laughing and singing even though they may not know all the words and Alec blurts out a “SAY IT!” while waiting for Frank N. Furter to say “….pation” and the audience goes wild and Jace starts singing, “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me” when the time comes and everyone takes videos of him yelling, “CREATURE OF THE NIGHT!” and Magnus somehow manages to get on the stage and starts dancing and the crowd is going crazy because he’s Magnus Bane and he’s amazing and he does the splits and everyone is literally crying and he blows a kiss and sashays off to his shrieking friends.

They leave the theater when it’s over, Clary skipping in her Janet costume, Isabelle and Jace still doing the dance moves from  the Time Warp, Simon humming ”Damnit, Janet!” as Clary pulls him along on the sidewalk, and Alec and Magnus walking hand in hand, the grin on Alec’s face blinding and Magnus staring up at him warmly, his Frank N.Furter makeup a bit smudged from all the dancing and signing, but Alec thinks Magnus looks more beautiful than ever.

And suddenly, the gang hears Magnus laughing happily and they turn around to see Alec, who is usually so reserved and stoic, twirling Magnus around and singing “Hot Patootie” shamelessly, in the middle of the sidewalk at one in the morning and Alec pulls Magnus towards him until they are flush against each other and says, “Brad totally had a thing for Frank N. Furter.” and Magnus laughs and kisses him sweetly. “We certainly picked the perfect costumes then.”

the signs as things i've heard people say at my school
  • Aries: I just got here and I already want to go home.
  • Taurus: *After being tazed* I'm cooked
  • Gemini: *Handing the teacher a dvd* DJ Malec spin this shit
  • Cancer: I smoked a whole baby yesterday.
  • Leo: Do u ever look at your hoeish ways and contemplate how you got here
  • Libra: *Singing* Someday we'll find it, the rainbow- DRAMATIC ASS HOE SHUT THE FUCK-
  • Scorpio: *In the corner* alexander hamilton was the biggest hoe
  • Sagittarius: I heard that someone entered a pringles flavor contest with period blood flavored pringles
  • Capricorn: (To Sagittarius) But did he win???
  • Aquarius: Suck my ass that taco was the shit
  • Pisces: Does homestuck count as a video game???

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Okay okay but Alec's legs are crossed differently in the new promo pics (which are the official cause of my death RIP) so I think he's the one who moves the glasses?? Granted, it could still be Magnus as his body has shifted, but we all know that Alexander Gideon Lightwood is thirsty AF

Anon, listen, you can’t come into my inbox like that. Because fuck, you are so right. Alec Lightwood is thirsty af (who can blame him with such a gorgeous boyfriend!) and he totally put the glasses aside, fight me on it. The table is so near from where he sits? And he wants and needs to touch his boyfriend even more. So he needs to get rid of those glasses first to do that.

And I am sorry but when you look at his deer legs? He is so ready to straddle Magnus any second. Just look at it! If that is not a sign that he is seconds away from staddling Magnus and Magnus putting his hands on Alec’s waist, I don’t know what is.

Somebody send help because I am not fucking okay.

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okay I'm going to ask you this because i've always loved your take on things, especially about malec. have you seen the sdcc trailer? do you think they'll break up?

No. I don’t think Malec will breakup.

About that trailer. I know a lot of theories are going around but, here’s what I think. Possible spoilers below so please skip this entirely if you don’t want them. I had fun discussing the trailer below but please take it with a grain of salt. These are, after all, just theories.

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I desperately want to write something but I need some help to fight the black hole in my mind. Please send me one of these one sentence prompts and the ship and I’ll write you a short one shot.


  • “You came back”
  • “I just wanted to see you”
  • “Are you drunk?”
  • “I always need you”
  • “What are you trying to forget about?”
  • “I can’t decide whether to kiss you or kick your ass”
  • “Because I love you”
  • “I tried to stop thinking about you”
  • “Fake dating, you say? Why can’t we just start dating for real?”
  • “What are you afraid of?”
  • “It means nothing”
  • “Do you still remember the way we used to feel?”
  • “You want the truth?” 
  • “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?” 
  • “Don’t say it. Not like that.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m dating such an idiot”
  • I’m open for your ideas too!


  • klaroline
  • malec
  • romanogers
  • stydia
  • snowbarry
  • bellarke
  • sizzy
  • I can write other ships, just ask me if I like them first :)


***As promised, here is volume 2 of Malec fanfic recommendations since you all seem to enjoy the 1st edition which still can be found here.
Again, if you liked this and want me to continue doing this, let me know, okay? And now, have fun reading. I know you all want to have more Malec love in your life.***

I WANT TO ROOT YOUR SYSTEM by @sweetillusionketz [ T | AU | 14.7k | complete ]

Magnus Bane has made a name for himself in the fashion industry after raising high against all odds and becoming the Editor in Chief of the world’s most celebrated fashion magazine, Pandemonium. He’s powerful, influential, and most of all, he’s a genius. Just not when it comes to technology. In fact, Magnus hates it with a passion. So one can imagine his distaste when, after a huge thunderstorm, Pandemonium’s office lost every in a short circuit and he was forced to buy thousands worth of new fancy products from Light Inc., the world’s most renowned technology company. Good thing all that high-tech crap comes with instructions in the form of Alec Lightwood.


Looking at him feels like looking directly into the sun and Alec wonders inwardly if he might go blind just from the way this man shines so brightly. He is the most beautiful human being Alec has ever seen. Too bad he’s a parking spot thief and now Alec has to hate him.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT by @highwarlockkareena [ M | 34.1k | WIP ]

Alec and Magnus never met each other. They didn’t join forces to fight the Circle when they attacked his lair, they never met to help Clary recover her memories. When the Clave refused to investigate the rumours about the rise of Valentine, Magnus, Luke, Raphael and the other Downworlders saw the problem coming for them. They banded together and rose up to stop Valentine. This story is set six months after his defeat.

HURTING AND HEALING by @swans-hooks-and-books [ T | AU | 11.5k | complete ]

“Magnus freezes. It’s then that he realises. He should’ve seen it before. He’s fairly certain he’s crushing on his best friend. His neighbour. The one boy who grew alongside him.” Childhood sweethearts AU where Alec and Magnus grow up next door to each other. Over the years, they transition from playmates to best friends to something more. But as usual, the path to happiness is always complicated.

STRENGTH by heartsdesire456 [ E | 11.7k | complete ]

After Jace disappeared with Valentine, Alec and Isabelle are put under house-arrest by their parents so that they don’t run off and screw things up worse than they already are. On top of that, they took their phones, so Alec hasn’t spoken to Magnus since Jocelyn woke up, and it drives him insane, because what he feels for Magnus feels so big and he knows, deep down, that Magnus feels the same. How do you handle knowing that Magnus Bane’s heart is in your hands?

MASTERS OF WAR by @lecrit [ T | AU | 13.6k | complete ]

Alec and Magnus hate each other. They know it. Their families know it. Their friends know it. Alec and Magnus hate each other. Or do they?

I WON’T LET YOU FALL by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 75k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #1 ]

Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

OF LOVE, GOSSIP, AND DANCE by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 2.2k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #2 ]

Texts between the original pairing of Raj x Elias from my fic ‘I Won’t Let You Fall’ . Raj and Elias have begun dating a little while ago and are totally in love but they just noticed that their two friends, who live in very different worlds are starting to interact. Of course these adorable gossips would be texting each other behind Magnus’ and Alec’s backs.

OF CATS AND MUSES by @theonetruenorth [ not rated | 1.2k | complete ]

Chairman Meow really liked his life. Living with Magnus was amazing. But lately he has to share him with a certain handsome Shadowhunter. Chairman Meow is not amused …

BLUE SHIELD by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 35.7k | complete | Blue Steel series #2 ]

When Alec finally decides to propose to Magnus, he’s called to a crimes scene, where a dead junkie lies without a coat or shoes in a filthy alley. He and his partner, Jace, find a witness. Behind a dumpster, a boy crouches, hiding. The boy does not speak. He does not trust anyone. Except for Alec. Alec and Magnus have to take the boy in and give him a safe place to stay. Especially when whoever killed the junkie found in the alley wants to keep the five year old child quiet.

BLUE INNOCENCE by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 46.8k | complete | Blue Steel series #3 ]

After a party, Isabelle discovers the body of a… well, fellow model. When she finds herself stuck in a bind, she calls the only person she can, her brother. While preparing for his wedding to billionaire Magnus Bane, Alec is forced to work to clear his sister of a crime she didn’t commit, to find a way to protect her as he hadn’t been able to protect his brother, Max.

IT’S A LOVE STORY (BABY JUST SAY “YES”) by sephirothflame [ E | AU | 5.9k | complete ]

Alec works as a doorman in Babylon Tower apartments. Magnus is living in the penthouse, and makes his interest known very clearly from the beginning.

JUST LIKE DIAMONDS DO by @muttttum [ G | 1.3k | complete ]

Magnus blinked at him, surprised. “You want to see my eyes?” he repeated slowly. Alec nodded, embarrassment flooding his face, flushing his wind-bitten cheeks an even darker pink. “How they really are, without the glamour,” Alec elaborated. “If - if that’s okay?” “Sure,” Magnus said, still sounding a little bewildered by the request. “If you want to.”

THE TIME ALEC DID (NOT) STARE AT MAGNUS’ ASS by vulturemonem [ E | PWP | 2.8k | complete ]

Magnus is horny. He teases Alec with a provocative dance. They end up in bed (obviously).

WHEN DAWN BREAKS by heartsdesire456 [ M | 9.5k | complete ]

When a text from Isabelle sends Alec to Magnus’s house as one last ditch attempt to get him to call off his wedding, Alec and Magnus come clean about their feelings and the consequences of them. When dawn breaks after one night together, Alec has to choose between doing what’s right and what his heart wants.

DEFLECT by @livhtwoods [ T | 3.3k | complete ]

Magnus had always found runes fascinating, and the power each one provided was amazing to watch in action. The way they contrasted against skin, standing out stark and powerful. The warlock also found the placing of some of them to be quite interesting. Especially Alec’s. Or: Five times Magnus agonized over his fixation with Alec’s neck and his deflect rune and one time he did something about it.

COAX THE COALS by @povverbottoms [ E | PWP | 7.4k | complete ]

Raphael, in turn, looks at the ginger root Magnus is holding and says, “Díos, this again?” “What do you mean, again?” Jace asks, looking curious. “Have we just abandoned all social rules?” Simon asks, going mostly unheard as he follows Raphael into the loft. “Does no one say ‘hi’ anymore?”

BETWEEN A MOMENT AND THE NEXT by @actuallyredorchid [ M | 1.6k | complete ]

While Clary and Simon look for the Book of the White in Camille’s apartment, Alec and Magnus go off on their own to check the perimeter.

(Missing scene to episode 1x13)

GOOD NEWS TRAVELS A LITTLE TOO FAST by @gideonhardwood [ T | 2.7k | complete | Lightwood-Bane Chronicles series #2 ]

Jace and Clary are finally engaged to be married. The only hitch is that Jace still hasn’t told Alec, and everyone else already seems to know.

HOLD ONTO ME (CAUSE I’M A LITTLE UNSTEADY) by MagnificentlyMagic [ T | 30.3k | complete | I’m overcome in this war of hearts series #1 ]

His parabatai rune was burning, not with death, or injury, but with betrayal.

AFTERNOON WORKOUT by nyghtmare [ E | PWP | 6k | complete ]

“Well, the way I see it, you have two options. Take a shower or shut up and take me to bed.”

INTIMACY by @banes-wood [ E | 3k | complete ]

“Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together. Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

DON’T GO WANDERING OFF by @one100suns [ E | 28.5k | complete | Battle Scars series #1]

After being kidnapped and used as a food source for vampires, Alec finds it hard to go back to the life he once knew. Plagued by nightmares and unable to hunt, he turns to the only person he is actually comfortable being around. Magnus Bane.

I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU (EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN BE SUCH AN IDIOT) by @justnightwingit [ T | 3.1k | complete ]

Alternatively titled: The 5 times Magnus said no to Alec’s proposal, because seriously what the heck Alec you don’t propose at times like those.

DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES by @lecrit [ M | AU | 17.5k | complete ]

Magnus looked up when Alec stopped in front of the rusty gate and quirked an eyebrow upon seeing him. “Your Highness,” he muttered, deadpan. “Don’t,” Alec sighed. “Aren’t you afraid to tarnish your royal blood by coming to visit a pirate?” Magnus continued, his lips twitching with the beginning of a smirk, lacking the humor Alec had witnessed so many times before. His mesmerizing eyes told a different story, though. They were defeated, tired and it only made Alec feel worse. “I tried to explain it to them but they wouldn’t listen,” he murmured in a desperate attempt at defending himself.

In which the prince of Idris and an infamous pirate find themselves stuck together on a deserted island and have to face the consequences when they get back on land.

bonus-point  asked:

Can you write how you think the Izzy and Alec scene will sound? Like the whole "omg are you talking about have sex" and so on👌🏼☺️

Alec finds Izzy in the control room, pouring over an old book.

“Hey, can we talk?” Alec says, already nervous with the amount of people around them.

It must show on his face, because Izzy promptly closes the book she’s reading and leans in close. “Of course, big brother.”

Alec sits across from her, and rubs the back of his neck. “How do you know it’s the right time?”

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Magnus knows what he’s doing and I highly doubt he’s actually wanting to do what he’s doing. You saw the way he held that photo booth strip. He loves Alec and he would never do anything to actually hurt him in spite. I think he’s just playing the queen. We know that she wants a war from her talk with Simon and I’m pretty sure Magnus knows that too. Hrs trying to figure out what she’s actually doing. I guarantee that they will be ok once Magnus can expose what the seelie queen is doing. Alec will understand. Maybe not immediately, but he will eventually. I feel like they will be back on good terms by the end of this season. They have to be.

2x07; Opinion time

Okay, nobody asked, but here is my opinion on the Malec scene. 

First of all I wanted to say that I have read a few posts already about the discussion of yes consent/ no consent on Magnus’ side. At first I didn’t really see much problem with the scene until someone acknowledged the lack of verbal consent on Magnus’ side, but after reviewing the scene, I stand by my first opinion. Sure, there was no verbal confirmation on Magnus’ side and I do think Magnus still had some concerns and didn’t feel completely at ease with them having sex yet. Alec didn’t let him finish wording his own worries about them taking this next step and Alec didn’t completely ease them either. 

But Magnus did kiss him back in the last few seconds, plus I feel like he’s old and wise enough to know that he can say no. Besides, they weren’t anywhere near the bedroom yet, so there was still plenty of time for him to do so, so either he made up his mind by the end of the hallway or we see him push Alec away in the next episode. 

On Alec’s part; I don’t think he intended to push Magnus at all (though I don’t think anyone does). He is clearly inexperienced and probably just assumed that because Magnus had been in relationships before and that they have been dating for some time now, Magnus wouldn’t mind. I believe Alec was too occupied by his own insecurities about his first time to realise that there were two people involved who could feel uncertain of taking this next step. Also, the way Magnus voiced his concerns and Alec replied to them pretty clearly meant that Alec didn’t understand the full extend of Magnus’ vulnerabilities.

Sure, the scene was edited a bit unluckily, but by cutting it off so soon, I believe the intend of the writers was to keep what happens in the next episode as a bit of a surprise. I think it was their intend to make us believe they had had sex so the fact that they hadn’t would be more of a shock in 2x08, to keep a bit of suspense. 

Then I read some things on the fact that they so easily put in a sexy times scene for Jace and some random girl, but won’t do the same with Malec. I don’t think the fact that Malec is a M/M relationship is the issue here, or at least not directly. We should not just think of Malec, but also about the people who play them. Matt and Harry are both heterosexual males who are in a relationship, so I can only imagine that filming a sex scene could be awkward or uncomfortable for them. Heck, at times I feel like their kisses are too fake? uncomfortable? careful? IDK, but I really think it’s Harry and Matt feeling uncomfortable about making out half-naked to film this really intimate scene. WHICH IS OKAY. And totally understandable. 

It could also be that it’s the just the writers wanting to actually do Malec justice by not just throwing a meaningless sex scene into the story. Matthew said in his livechat today that Magnus and Alec will grow more in the next episode and repeated multiple times that they are a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships take effort. And a whole lot of time

Matthew also acknowledged that there is so little time. They have to show the Malec relationship in little snippets thrown throughout the episode because they can’t show an entire plotline for Malec in 40 minutes while also telling the actual story of Clary and Jace and Valentine and Maia and Simon and Isabelle and … You get the picture. 

I hope that if you had concerns about this scene or was feeling a bit icky or uncertain about it, reading this soothed some of those worries. Besides that one scene, I truly did think it was a great episode and I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! X

jeongcoups1996  asked:

Malec + Prompt #180! ("You know my name?") :D

Here we go :D

The follow up to this drabble can be found here.

“You know my name?”

When Magnus posted his first movie critic on youtube, he had no idea it would become viral. He knew it was funny and witty, thanks to his friends’ commentaries – though mostly Cat’s and Tessa’s since Ragnor and Raphael sucked and had no taste whatsoever -, but it was a surprise when his youtube channel went from a few hundred followers to four thousand in a matter of two weeks.

And from there, things just kept growing. It didn’t take long for Magnus to start being invited for premiers once he was regularly posting a movie review per week. Big named sponsors followed suit and his account hit a million followers in less than a year. Magnus found himself writing reviews as well as performing them to the camera and doing a few guest participations on other youtube channels as well. Soon, everyone in the entertainment business knew who Magnus Bane was.

Along with the blockbusters movie reviews, though, Magnus also took the time to make videos talking about some other less known indie movies. Those were actually his favorites, even if they didn’t attract as many viewers as the superheroes and Oscar nominees did. Still, there was something especial in them and Magnus took pride in shinning some much-deserved light on the talented actress Maia Roberts or praise screenwriter Meliorn, as eccentric as he was, just to name a few.

Magnus had named this section of the channel The Downworld. He would become obsessed with the work of some unknown artist and do his best to help them get their big breakout moment. His latest obsession was the mysterious Art Director A. Light, whose vision was so extraordinarily distinct, Magnus could spot it every single movie without even knowing the man was in the production team.

Now, Magnus would love to have him for an interview. Only, nobody actually knew who the guy was or how to get to him. It seemed he liked playing hard to get.

Luckily, Magnus loved a challenge.

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