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what do you think about this whole izzy thing? i mean i know people will blame her for the whole malec fight stuff 😒🙄

well they shouldnt blame her for malec fighting, thats really between alec and magnus

i just want her to get out of this soon, and im hoping next week is that arc, that they take her away from all of this. and i dont put blame on her for that upcoming argument, nor do i put it on raphael. i think alec is reacting how most people would act tbh, and magnus is going to obviously save the day as usual.

what i want is to see isabelle happy and like drinking hot cocoa ill wrap her in blankets and stuff itll be okay 

So, I know everybody’s scared and upset now...

How about the next few days I write a SHITLOAD of fluffy fics? I’ll sideline NaNoWriMo for a few days (It’s okay, I can catch up, it’s only week 2) and just write the hell out of some fluff.

WHAT do you want to see? Do you want me to make the Coldflash mpreg into a series? That little slice of life I posted was meant to stand alone if it needed to, but I can make it a series.

Do you want fluffy Malec? I’ll write you fluffy Malec.

Like-an-old-married-couple Saphael? DONE! Just give me the word.

Fuck, for you guys right now, I’ll go back and write STEREK again. I will write you a fluffy sterek fic. 

Marvel pairings? Give me a Marvel pairing and I’ll give you a fluff fic.

Whatever you ask, I will do my VERY BEST to write for you… let’s say by Friday. This weekend at the latest. I’ll be sure to link you when it’s done. 

Reblog this around because some people may not realized I’m heartsdesire456, but that is me. heartsdesire456. If you’re in any of these fandoms (and many more) you’ve probably read something of mine on MY AO3 and I’m offering you guys fluff to make this week however much less painful I can.


Edit: THANK YOU! Remember to tag them #Fluff Not Fear or #FluffNotFear on twitter so I can add them to the MASTER POST!

Friend: hey buddy I just finished reading this amazing fanfic, do you want me to send you the link?


Friend: okay I’ll send you it tomorrow


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the signs as things i've heard people say at my school
  • Aries: I just got here and I already want to go home.
  • Taurus: *After being tazed* I'm cooked
  • Gemini: *Handing the teacher a dvd* DJ Malec spin this shit
  • Cancer: I smoked a whole baby yesterday.
  • Leo: Do u ever look at your hoeish ways and contemplate how you got here
  • Libra: *Singing* Someday we'll find it, the rainbow- DRAMATIC ASS HOE SHUT THE FUCK-
  • Scorpio: *In the corner* alexander hamilton was the biggest hoe
  • Sagittarius: I heard that someone entered a pringles flavor contest with period blood flavored pringles
  • Capricorn: (To Sagittarius) But did he win???
  • Aquarius: Suck my ass that taco was the shit
  • Pisces: Does homestuck count as a video game???

***As promised, here is volume 2 of Malec fanfic recommendations since you all seem to enjoy the 1st edition which still can be found here.
Again, if you liked this and want me to continue doing this, let me know, okay? And now, have fun reading. I know you all want to have more Malec love in your life.***

I WANT TO ROOT YOUR SYSTEM by @sweetillusionketz [ T | AU | 14.7k | complete ]

Magnus Bane has made a name for himself in the fashion industry after raising high against all odds and becoming the Editor in Chief of the world’s most celebrated fashion magazine, Pandemonium. He’s powerful, influential, and most of all, he’s a genius. Just not when it comes to technology. In fact, Magnus hates it with a passion. So one can imagine his distaste when, after a huge thunderstorm, Pandemonium’s office lost every in a short circuit and he was forced to buy thousands worth of new fancy products from Light Inc., the world’s most renowned technology company. Good thing all that high-tech crap comes with instructions in the form of Alec Lightwood.


Looking at him feels like looking directly into the sun and Alec wonders inwardly if he might go blind just from the way this man shines so brightly. He is the most beautiful human being Alec has ever seen. Too bad he’s a parking spot thief and now Alec has to hate him.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT by @highwarlockkareena [ M | 34.1k | WIP ]

Alec and Magnus never met each other. They didn’t join forces to fight the Circle when they attacked his lair, they never met to help Clary recover her memories. When the Clave refused to investigate the rumours about the rise of Valentine, Magnus, Luke, Raphael and the other Downworlders saw the problem coming for them. They banded together and rose up to stop Valentine. This story is set six months after his defeat.

HURTING AND HEALING by @swans-hooks-and-books [ T | AU | 11.5k | complete ]

“Magnus freezes. It’s then that he realises. He should’ve seen it before. He’s fairly certain he’s crushing on his best friend. His neighbour. The one boy who grew alongside him.” Childhood sweethearts AU where Alec and Magnus grow up next door to each other. Over the years, they transition from playmates to best friends to something more. But as usual, the path to happiness is always complicated.

STRENGTH by heartsdesire456 [ E | 11.7k | complete ]

After Jace disappeared with Valentine, Alec and Isabelle are put under house-arrest by their parents so that they don’t run off and screw things up worse than they already are. On top of that, they took their phones, so Alec hasn’t spoken to Magnus since Jocelyn woke up, and it drives him insane, because what he feels for Magnus feels so big and he knows, deep down, that Magnus feels the same. How do you handle knowing that Magnus Bane’s heart is in your hands?

MASTERS OF WAR by @lecrit [ T | AU | 13.6k | complete ]

Alec and Magnus hate each other. They know it. Their families know it. Their friends know it. Alec and Magnus hate each other. Or do they?

I WON’T LET YOU FALL by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 75k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #1 ]

Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

OF LOVE, GOSSIP, AND DANCE by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 2.2k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #2 ]

Texts between the original pairing of Raj x Elias from my fic ‘I Won’t Let You Fall’ . Raj and Elias have begun dating a little while ago and are totally in love but they just noticed that their two friends, who live in very different worlds are starting to interact. Of course these adorable gossips would be texting each other behind Magnus’ and Alec’s backs.

OF CATS AND MUSES by @theonetruenorth [ not rated | 1.2k | complete ]

Chairman Meow really liked his life. Living with Magnus was amazing. But lately he has to share him with a certain handsome Shadowhunter. Chairman Meow is not amused …

BLUE SHIELD by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 35.7k | complete | Blue Steel series #2 ]

When Alec finally decides to propose to Magnus, he’s called to a crimes scene, where a dead junkie lies without a coat or shoes in a filthy alley. He and his partner, Jace, find a witness. Behind a dumpster, a boy crouches, hiding. The boy does not speak. He does not trust anyone. Except for Alec. Alec and Magnus have to take the boy in and give him a safe place to stay. Especially when whoever killed the junkie found in the alley wants to keep the five year old child quiet.

BLUE INNOCENCE by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 46.8k | complete | Blue Steel series #3 ]

After a party, Isabelle discovers the body of a… well, fellow model. When she finds herself stuck in a bind, she calls the only person she can, her brother. While preparing for his wedding to billionaire Magnus Bane, Alec is forced to work to clear his sister of a crime she didn’t commit, to find a way to protect her as he hadn’t been able to protect his brother, Max.

IT’S A LOVE STORY (BABY JUST SAY “YES”) by sephirothflame [ E | AU | 5.9k | complete ]

Alec works as a doorman in Babylon Tower apartments. Magnus is living in the penthouse, and makes his interest known very clearly from the beginning.

JUST LIKE DIAMONDS DO by @muttttum [ G | 1.3k | complete ]

Magnus blinked at him, surprised. “You want to see my eyes?” he repeated slowly. Alec nodded, embarrassment flooding his face, flushing his wind-bitten cheeks an even darker pink. “How they really are, without the glamour,” Alec elaborated. “If - if that’s okay?” “Sure,” Magnus said, still sounding a little bewildered by the request. “If you want to.”

THE TIME ALEC DID (NOT) STARE AT MAGNUS’ ASS by vulturemonem [ E | PWP | 2.8k | complete ]

Magnus is horny. He teases Alec with a provocative dance. They end up in bed (obviously).

WHEN DAWN BREAKS by heartsdesire456 [ M | 9.5k | complete ]

When a text from Isabelle sends Alec to Magnus’s house as one last ditch attempt to get him to call off his wedding, Alec and Magnus come clean about their feelings and the consequences of them. When dawn breaks after one night together, Alec has to choose between doing what’s right and what his heart wants.

DEFLECT by @livhtwoods [ T | 3.3k | complete ]

Magnus had always found runes fascinating, and the power each one provided was amazing to watch in action. The way they contrasted against skin, standing out stark and powerful. The warlock also found the placing of some of them to be quite interesting. Especially Alec’s. Or: Five times Magnus agonized over his fixation with Alec’s neck and his deflect rune and one time he did something about it.

COAX THE COALS by @povverbottoms [ E | PWP | 7.4k | complete ]

Raphael, in turn, looks at the ginger root Magnus is holding and says, “Díos, this again?” “What do you mean, again?” Jace asks, looking curious. “Have we just abandoned all social rules?” Simon asks, going mostly unheard as he follows Raphael into the loft. “Does no one say ‘hi’ anymore?”

BETWEEN A MOMENT AND THE NEXT by @actuallyredorchid [ M | 1.6k | complete ]

While Clary and Simon look for the Book of the White in Camille’s apartment, Alec and Magnus go off on their own to check the perimeter.

(Missing scene to episode 1x13)

GOOD NEWS TRAVELS A LITTLE TOO FAST by @gideonhardwood [ T | 2.7k | complete | Lightwood-Bane Chronicles series #2 ]

Jace and Clary are finally engaged to be married. The only hitch is that Jace still hasn’t told Alec, and everyone else already seems to know.

HOLD ONTO ME (CAUSE I’M A LITTLE UNSTEADY) by MagnificentlyMagic [ T | 30.3k | complete | I’m overcome in this war of hearts series #1 ]

His parabatai rune was burning, not with death, or injury, but with betrayal.

AFTERNOON WORKOUT by nyghtmare [ E | PWP | 6k | complete ]

“Well, the way I see it, you have two options. Take a shower or shut up and take me to bed.”

INTIMACY by @banes-wood [ E | 3k | complete ]

“Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together. Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

DON’T GO WANDERING OFF by @one100suns [ E | 28.5k | complete | Battle Scars series #1]

After being kidnapped and used as a food source for vampires, Alec finds it hard to go back to the life he once knew. Plagued by nightmares and unable to hunt, he turns to the only person he is actually comfortable being around. Magnus Bane.

I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU (EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN BE SUCH AN IDIOT) by @justnightwingit [ T | 3.1k | complete ]

Alternatively titled: The 5 times Magnus said no to Alec’s proposal, because seriously what the heck Alec you don’t propose at times like those.

DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES by @lecrit [ M | AU | 17.5k | complete ]

Magnus looked up when Alec stopped in front of the rusty gate and quirked an eyebrow upon seeing him. “Your Highness,” he muttered, deadpan. “Don’t,” Alec sighed. “Aren’t you afraid to tarnish your royal blood by coming to visit a pirate?” Magnus continued, his lips twitching with the beginning of a smirk, lacking the humor Alec had witnessed so many times before. His mesmerizing eyes told a different story, though. They were defeated, tired and it only made Alec feel worse. “I tried to explain it to them but they wouldn’t listen,” he murmured in a desperate attempt at defending himself.

In which the prince of Idris and an infamous pirate find themselves stuck together on a deserted island and have to face the consequences when they get back on land.

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okay but imagine during Magnus' interview/interrogtion Victor asking "what were you doing before you and Alec were caught by circle members?" And Magnus just smirks because lbr, him and Alec were smoothin' 👀

awjei you know it’s interesting because i considered that. maybe in a lighter situation, he would’ve but given that it’s the Clave and with how personal alec is to him, i feel like magnus wouldn’t have hinted at very much. he knows the entire Clave is well aware of their relationship. alec kissed him in front of everyone. and because in this case, it’s alec’s ass on the line with the Clave, i can’t see magnus flaunting that in this situation.

so i sort of see him deflecting instead. we were securing the perimeter, or however you call it these days. no, we didn’t talk about anything. does alexander seem like a big talker to you? he’s always all business, you know, being head of the institute and all.

oh, my mistake. the change was so recent. i still think of him as the head.

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okay but imagine they have to do another tracking of something for some reason and magnus just turns to alec "you can keep your shirt on for this darling" and alec smirks "oh really" and simon is there too (because of course) and just groans because why do they always do this.

shit imagine this though

because alec would give him that look and fight a smirk, rolling his eyes. “are you sure, cause i don’t mind.” reaching for his hemline just because he wants to be contrary. and magnus raises a brow at him. “i know you like putting on a show alexander but really, it’s not necessary.” matching his smirk with pointed intensity. and it just becomes a who can outwit the other contest in which there are no winners there is just sexual tension

simon’s jaw twitches and he just walks over to the drink cart to pour himself some blood out of his thermos although he was definitely feeling in the mood for something stronger. “when you guys are done with foreplay let me know.”

and magnus just laughs.

malecisright replied to your post “malecisright replied to your post “malecisright replied to your post…”

I like how they’re always flipping each other; they’re always trying to gain control and their competitive nature just makes it all the more fun in bed, right?
“Well, that was…surprising,” Magnus said with tilt of his head, eyes widening for a second before he composed himself. Alec felt Magnus’ fingers drawing lazy circles on his thighs, which were now snug against Magnus hips, their half-hard cocks dangerously close to each other and Alec kept one hand on Magnus’
chest with the other on the side of Magnus’ head, keeping his balance. But he feels Magnus’ hand slide up his inner thigh and his breath hitches, resolve dwindling. Oh god, he just wanted to grind his hips down, hard, craving the much-needed friction and - “So, what did you have in mind?” Alec snapped his head up and caught an eyeful of Magnus staring at him and despite the light tone and the playful glint in his eyes, he knew that Magnus was concerned about how far he                
wanted to take this and he felt a warm rush of tenderness for this generous and giving man; what did he do to deserve such an angel in his life?


oh yes they’re definitely competitive, always, about anything. but the thing is… yes, each of them loves to be in control or to win but in reality? it’s only to make things more interesting. they’re absolutely ready to give up control because in the end, it really doesn’t matter. as long as they’re together

magnus was always asking for permission. ever since they met, magnus never touched alec if alec didn’t feel comfortable. he never pushed him to do anything against his will. he could always choose how far he wanted to go. and for so long he tried to resist it. he tried to ignore that warmth spreading through his whole body when magnus was only in the same room, not even doing anything. just standing there, doing his own thing. he tried to ignore that he was losing his breath when magnus was walking towards him.
but when alec finally let it go and kissed him in front of everyone, it was like something unlocked inside of him. he couldn’t fight it anymore, he wanted magnus. he needed magnus.
but when magnus asked how far he wanted to go, he started blushing and tried to hide his face in the crook of magnus’ neck. he wanted so much but was he ready for everything?
“alec?” magnus asked gently, running his fingers through his hair. “you know it’s okay if we stop, right? we don’t need to hury,” he added and touched his cheek.
alec really wanted to tell him. he was trying but words were stuck in his throat, the redness reaching his ears already. “i just-” he stuttered. he shook his head and took a deep breath and tried looking at magnus.
magnus was waiting patiently, smiling. even when alec could feel just how much affected they both were, magnus wasn’t moving. except for the caressing on alec’s cheek with his one hand and drawing slow circles on his shoulder with the other one
“please just-” he tried again. “just touch me?”

Me on Mondays

“Have a nice gay- I mean day!”

Person: Why do you look so impatient?

Me: So. Much. Gayness. In. So. Little. Hours.

Friend: Why’re you smiling?

Me: gayness occurs tonight.

Friend: Malec again?

Me: Damn right.

*at lunch*

Me: Okay I know you don’t watch this but please just hear me out they’re really healthy and in love an-

Friend: Paige you literally can’t keep doing this, I don’t care.

Friends friend: Paige she doesn’t care.

Friend of the friend with the friend: Paige no one cares.

Me: Ouch… I was just talking abo-

Everyone: Shadowhunters, Malec, your “fully gay and partially gay couple obsession” we know.

Friend: Not to mention the fact that you mention you want to be a gay male 24/7.

Me: You mundanes don’t understand the struggle of loving something this much.

Teacher: Paige, you can’t keep writing “Malec is rising tonight” on my whiteboard every Monday.

Me: You write down facts all the time why can’t I?

Me: *Listens to a song*

Also me: *relates it to Malec almost immediately*

Me: *Texts to her Stydia groupchat freaking out over Malec*

Me: *screams over a Malec scene*

Grandma: What channel is that on?

Me: *tells channel* Why? Are you going to watch it?

Grandma: No

*15 minutes later*

Me: Screams over Malec*

Grandma: Wow. They did that. *screams to me* Are they in love?

Me: They’re not just in love, they own love. They invented love.

JESUS CHRIST CALM THE FUCK DOWN!! I know we all wanted more for malec. God dahm it I wanted to see more but to go around attacking the writers and directors is just stupid and petty. I love my malec community but this is just too excessive. If you want to suggest some things to them that’s okay and wonderful but to start calling them names and saying they arent doing their jobs right is rude! ILOVEYALLBUTCALMTHEFUCKDOWN

okay so i know this episode was so pure and healthy for malec but can we talk about how jace wayland felt safe enough to ask magnus bane, a downworlder and something valentine had tried to get him to hate throughout the entirety of his abuse, if he had a spare room for him to stay in i just

jace feeling safe around magnus to ask him for help !!!!

jace not knowing where to go and his first instinct being magnus!!!!

magnus bane helping jace and trusting him !!!!

magnus and jace !!!!

Okay so in all the ‘will they, won’t they’ talk about Malec sex, have we considered the idea that Magnus stops things because HE’s the one who’s not ready? Like, just because someone has had a lot of sex in the past, doesn’t mean they’re automatically always ready to go. And like, I can definitely see Magnus being the one who needs more time because this isn’t just a random hookup, this is Alec, this is is going to be special and Magnus wants time to do this properly and get his own emotions sorted. Because right now, he’s feeling vulnerable too and that’s scary and unfamiliar, but in the most delectable kind of way. 

Okay so hear me out....

Because I want to believe that Freeform didn’t do us dirty let’s just think about this.

Next episode they’re all facing their biggest fears right?  What if it’s some kind of shapeshifting demon that “reads” the person and then tries to scare them into idk…misery?  Death?  Whatever, anyway. 

Let’s say it turns into Jace and then confronts Magnus about the sex but Alec and Magnus ended up not having sex after getting into bed.  Maybe they did something, but not intercourse but the demon doesn’t know that so it takes the form of Jace and confronts Magnus threatening him.

Magnus knows he and Alec didn’t have sex so he realizes something is wrong and that’s how they figure out that there is a demon and what it is up to. 

The last Malec scene is so poorly done tbh. 

Where do I start?

They didn’t properly talk about it, despite they always communicating properly about everything in the previous episodes. It was cut so abruptly.  Magnus didn’t explicitly give his consent. It really is vague. They could’ve add more ten seconds of Magnus said, “Yes, I want this too.” They could’ve made Magnus smiled coyly and eagerly kissed Alec back as silent agreement. But nooo, we can’t even have that.

Don’t make me start about how they completely okay having Jace and a random girl naked in bed, Izzy and Meliorn sex scene, or Simon and Maureen morning after, but it’s nothing when it comes to same gender couple.

I think the fault is on editing team or just the writing mess up again.

A few things i just wanna say:
1. Judge me now but i fucking loved how jace walked in on magnus and alec. And i love the jokes coming from it
2. Pls don let my sons have sex the next episode, because it will be rushed and cringey. I just want them to be okay and do it at the right time.
3. I really really love simons storyline. Alberto is doing such a great job at portraying him.
4. Ive really started to grow on luke, hes so badass.
5. Im so ready for a jace/magnus friendship
6. Maia is my fucking queen

Sorry here's another rant

Damn it Isabelle!!

Okay no, okay just no, you were TOLD that its dangerous to take okay, and what do you do when you are given the out, you fucking say wait no i still want it, at least you didnt tell on clarys fucking rune making abilities and literally throw her to the wolves, damn it izzy, JEM GET YOUR VIOLIN PLAYING ASS IN HERE AND SET IZZY STRAIGHT

Damn it all!!

Sidenote next week simons going on a date with Maia and i cant wait and then Malec having sex, its gonna be so cute i cant wait, although i will always be hardcore, Clace, Malec and Sizzy

magnusandalexander replied to your post “magnusandalexander replied to your post “magnusandalexander replied…”

I need to get sleep before I won’t get any on Monday night/Tuesday morning, dear. lol

Well, okay, let’s go with that. Since you are established writing smut with Jocelyn now. Just wanted to say, I controlled myself better than her. That escalated veeeeery quickly with you two.        

Anyway, I haven’t really thought about gift headcanons yet but can you imagine Alec giving Magnus a bouquet when they have another date? Like imagine Alec standing in front of the flower shop for half an eternity, contemplating what flower Magnus might like? Not that any flower could be compared to the beauty of his boyfriend? But he thought it might be nice to bring some flowers? Since Magnus is so patient with him and pretty much always knows what Alec thinks and he    
just feels like he need to say thank you? So he asked Izzy and she suggested to buy Magnus some flowers. So Alec did that even though it made him feel kinda uncomfortable, standing in that shop. But he finally decides on some flowers, ears pink and getting all flustered. Because getting a present, even some flowers, is kinda personal and intimate? And he never done this before? What if Magnus hates the idea? or the flowers?
So when Magnus opens the door later and Alec pretty much shoves the flowers right into Magnus’ face, he is stunned when Magnus smiles. Actually his smile reaches from one hear to the other. And Alec…Alec can’t breathe again. “You brought me flowers.” Magnus asks. Alec nods shyly. “A frangipani.” Magnus looks at Alec with such awe that Alec blushes again. “I thought…well since you were born .. in Indonesia and I… if you… you don’t like it…I…I…” Before Alec     
can finish that sentence Magnus throws himself in his arms, smashing their mouths together. “I love it, darling. It’s perfect.” And Alec may or may not blush. Before he kisses his boyfriend again.

listen, your way is waaay too healthy for me okay haha we lose sleep like real men (or women in our case)

well, sometimes things go faster than you originally thought and you just gotta go with it, especially if it works :P

and i love alec giving magnus flowers??? this is so adorable omg !!!!!! okaaay

magnus couldn’t believe his own happiness. there he was, kissing his wonderful boyfriend who brought him flowers. when was the last time anyone did something so sweet for him? just to make him smile. and his sweet alexander was blushing so hard when he gave him the flowers.

magnus hasn’t thought a lot about indonesia for a while now because he was immediately thinking about his mother who couldn’t stand be alive. it really hurt even after all those years… centuries.
but this specific flower? it was really meaningful to magnus. he used to bring it to his mother when he was a small child and she was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. he would find it when he was playing outside and then give it to her every single day. and every single day she would give him a kiss on a forehead and say ‘thank you’ before going back to making dinner. this was one of the very few happy memories he still got from indonesia.

so how could alec know about this? magnus was pretty sure he had never revealed this information to anyone. not even to ragnor or catarina who knew him very well.

magnus didn’t want to let go of this beautiful man in front of him. this perfect nephilim who made him so happy just by being himself

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Hey, I just wanted to say that we're not "losing" that poll. It's just the first round, like a qualification and the top32 ships out of 64 make it to the next one. Then it's one against one. So chill on that part. However the sk@m fandom is full of these "i love my sinful gay ships" Straight White Girls™ and they're wild af and incredibly deaf to any kind of criticism. Also horribly annoying: the ou@t fandom taking out their private little shipping war in this poll. Yikes.

lmao i know that we’re not losing anon hence why i’ve stopped caring for this round. i’m just so ???? as to how malec are at 9% but anyway they’ve already reached round 2 but god it’s so MESSY already… this is a mess.. i’m screaming at the ou/at fandom doing the most w/ their ships, like its okay??? what is this hell jfc i dont want these AT ALL

Okay, we’re going to do some math here, because… I want to? 

If we accept TMI canon (Idk if they’ve said Magnus’ age on the show???) then Magnus is 800 years old.

Not accounting for leap years (b/c who has the fucking time) he’s lived 292000 days.

Now, accounting for let’s say, the first 16 years of his life, he could have potentially been dating for 286160 days.

With 17000 partners, that’s roughly 16 days per partner (we’re rounding down, b/c otherwise we have to account for half days with people and rounding up would put us over, so). 

Consider he was with Camille for years. Potentially decades. 

Consider how much time Magnus spent hating himself, figuring out/hiding his sexuality depending on the time period, the culture. 

And yes, we can account for multiple partners at a time, one night stands, any other number of variables, but if we’re looking at a new partner every 16 days of his life since he was sixteen?

I call bullshit.

Okay so Magnus and Alec have been doing this thing now for a while, but they haven’t actually slept together, not like in a sexy sexy way (although they haven’t done that either), but like they haven’t actually.  Slept. Together.

And Magnus kind of wants nothing more than to curl up with Alec on the sofa, maybe Alec’s head in his lap as he reads a grimoire and he runs his fingers gently through Alec’s thick hair as Alec’s eyelids get heavier and heavier until only soft puffs of air are coming from Alec’s mouth and his entire face has gone slack in relaxation.

Or maybe the two of them pressed together, chest to chest, chest to back, legs entwined, whatever, under the duvet on Magnus’ huge, plush bed, and they wake up slowly together as the first light of the day filters in and casts the room in a soft glow that makes everything feel lighter and lovelier.

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