i just wanted to colour something

Just a quick little edit of the EA dress which comes with CL, into a cute crop top. I’m assuming someone’s already made something similar so I do apologise! Comes in 15 of the original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 51 colour options in total!! <3

🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 51 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this top or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3

sombra-hacking  asked:

Hi! I have both of my wrist tattooed and I have veins that pop up. I didn't have any trouble with pain for them. I even have one that's shaded and colored. Again, pain is different for everyone! I would not trust numbing cream or things like that because it could have a bad reaction to the ink. If it's your first tattoo, I would recommend starting off on something a bit more meatier if you're scared. Like your upper arm. The thing is, they won't go where your wrist bends, they'll go a bit above.

Ah okay that’s good!! Also I’ll probably just stick with lines, I’ve kind of got my heart set on having it on my wrist and I don’t want to fuck my skin up by colouring just in case 😆


you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡

got7 as things my mom does
  • Mark: keeps repeating a joke even though its not funny and cracks up every time she says it
  • Jaebum: laughs and hangs up when i ask her to bring home mcdonalds
  • Jackson: calls me over from the other side of the house just to grab the remote for her when its literally right next to her
  • Jinyoung: talks shit about me when she's on the phone with relatives and gets even louder when i walk into the room
  • Youngjae: spams my phone with the same emoji over and over when i text her something
  • Bambam: complains and forces me to change my clothes if we're wearing the same colour because she doesn't want us to match
  • Yugyeom: cranks up the volume when her favourite song comes on in the car and makes sure to put all the windows down so everyone knows its Her Song™

Also some people need to stop with their exaggerate use of “trope”… I’ve seen too much bullshit these days. Slavery isn’t a fanfic trope. Conversion camp isn’t a fanfic trope. Segregation isn’t a fanfic trope. Nazi AUs aren’t a fanfic trope. Stop considering traumatizing events who caused the deaths of millions of people targeted specifically for their skin colour, religion, and/or sexuality, as something “cute” and “romantic”.

I don’t want to read about a slave (especially brown or black) falling in love with their master “who is not cruel like the other masters uwu~”. I don’t want to read about a character being sent to conversion camp and meeting someone there and “will they fall in love despite the hardships??”. Stop romanticizing and trivializing these events (some of which are still happening today, all of which are still hurting people today) for the sake of your ship. It is incredibly hurtful. Just stop. These “tropes” you find cute and a good plot device are just offensive and harmful.

And when people are telling you to stop, instead of getting mad because “I’m not racist/homophobic/antisemitic how dare you!!!” and “You are being too sensitive it’s just a fanfic” or even “I have the right to write whatever I want”, maybe listen to people.


“my personal style is kind of a combination of all styles i would say; just because i’m undecided. maybe it’s because i’m an actor but every day i wake up and i want to be something different. it’s just a combination of everything.”


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosmonauthill: “She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.”


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

🌟🌿🍉🍊🍓🍆 Let’s make this New Year about abundance, health, becoming our BEST selves & bringing some more colour into our own lives, and the lives of those around us!
I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year’s gone by. It’s been a particularly tough one for me and I just wanted to take this time to thank all of my family, friends + each one of YOU for your endless support, love and inspiration. I am so lucky to have you all in my life.
I’m not a big believer in New Years resolutions because, to me, the right time to start something is always right now. But I’m setting some intentions for 2017: To put more energy into positive thoughts, self growth and self love, as well as my health, strength and fitness. And most of all, focus on living in the NOW. I’m excited about all the new opportunities & adventures that 2017 holds.
I thought this little quote summed up my thoughts perfectly ~ ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.'✨✨ I’d love to hear what you’re focusing on this next year? Here’s to making this next year the best yet. Let’s FLOURISH💛 xx

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okay but i need to talk about something: yes mon-el is a refugee and came as a stranger to this planet. i saw a lot of people saying that this would make karamel a ship of colour and special i’m just sitting here???

mon-el is a straight white man and his first instinct after he got rescued was to kill kara.

both kara and him are white, they are a straight white ship and there is nothing special about the ship. nothing.

if you want to talk about refugees, let’s talk about m’gann who is a black woman and who had to fight other aliens, despite hating it, to make money and to survive on this planet. and who is now locked away at the DEO.

mon-el is a priviled white man who can learn everything about this planet in a safe enviroment. fucking stop making him a victim.

Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri


Featuring badly coloured portraits of grumpy younger Yurio growing out his hair and Victor being charming, and messy sketches of Victor being excited by something (I just wanted an excuse to draw his heart-mouth), Victor trying to learn Japanese while sneaking a hand around Yuuri’s waist, and chubby, sad Yuuri from before Victor appeared buck naked in his family’s onsen.


This was such a magical place!!