i just wanted to add the yellow just because i need something odd xd

Cosplay Reference Sheets: Kirkwall Chantry Robes

Since, I’m currently working on a cosplay of Sebastian Vael in Chantry robes, I had to break down the confusing layers of this costume. I thought, I might as well share with you all, in case someone else planned a similar costume. Especially since part of the chantry robes are similar with the templar uniforms in Kirkwall.

I simplified certain parts for the sake of saving Material and also, because I’m going to wear this in June, when it will be friggin hot in those layers. I also used my own bodytype for this reference-sheet. So  it isn’t quite as broad-shouldered, as Sebastian himself looks in those robes. Under the cut, I put the pictures of each layer over another and explain a little bit something.

I hope it can be useful for some of you!

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