i just wanted this one picture

Like the previous Avenger movies they’re releasing posters for Infinity War at SDCC that will make up a bigger picture… But right now I just want us to focus on one thing and one thing only…





I noticed Something that no one has talked about yet decided I might as well tell my thoughts:

Everyone is currently thinking that natsu cock-blocked Lucy and didn’t end up telling her what he was going to say (many saying he was going to confess)

I would like to add a possibility that seems possible,
Remember how several times before key moments in the manga were blanked out to hide the message behind it? I think this might be one of them, I know it sounds stupid but bare with me here,

I’ve seen A lot of people saying that there should’ve been another panel in between because it didn’t make sense to them, but that just isn’t the case here, instead let me walk you through what I think.

~~~The Theory~~~

The circled picture in the first panel is the key element here. THIS is where natsu tells Lucy what he wanted to say, think about it. It would makes sense, Lucy gets shocked to what he says and is confused, and natsu gets flustered and tries to avoid talking about it.

So was it here, that Nalu became Canon? I don’t know, I personally would say so but others might disagree. The one thing I’m almost 100% sure of is that in that panel Natsu told Lucy whatever it was he wanted to say, and by the looks of it, Natsu had been wanting to say something about a topic for quite awhile now. I mean it was mentioned right as the final arc was beginning, and when Natsu “Disappeared” so there’s no way Hiro Mashima would leave it out.

Those are my thoughts, thanks for reading!

It’s almost that time of year again. :) SamSepticeyeDay. Last year we had an amazing turnout and I promised that we’d make this into a annual thing.
So here’s what you can do to join.
On August 30th
A) Draw a Sam or write the word Sam on your wrist. OR
B) Draw a Sam elsewhere. OR
C) Both of these.
No matter what you do though, make sure you take a picture or screenshot of it, post it on any social media platform. (Tumblr twitter, Instagram, ifunny ect.. ) And tag it one or all the following: #SamSepticeyeDay #SamSepticeye #Sam #jacksepticeye #therealjacksepticeye.
I will be looking for the tags again and once again will be making a compilation video slideshow of the pics after.
I’m super excited about this just like last year and I really want to get this to as many people as possible. Help me spread the word! I love community projects and I can’t wait to see what happens! :D Love you guys!

So like every other piece of Voltron trash I am hyped for season 3.  Mainly because my favorite character, Lance, is going to get screen time.  I’m so excited because Lance has been my favorite character since season one.

Also seven episodes (well that’s short =_=) and it’s going to be darker.

So this post I wanted to talk about some of the pictures I’ve seen and how I feel about it, and what season 3 might have.  Now I could be wrong on some of these but it’s just fan speculation.

So first this:

Can I just say these two look so fucking beautiful in these pics?  I mean you can see the blue in Lance’s eyes, I love it when you see it cause Lance has got some pretty eyes man!

But this is showing that Lance is the first one to comfort Keith about losing Shiro, I think that’s sweet. (I found other pics that showed everybody looking at the person next to them to see who’d talk to him and it landed on Lance)  Their relationship has come so far for only three seasons.  Then the others try to help and comfort him, and I freaking love it.

But I can’t get over how pretty those two look!  

Then I found this:

I don’t know what it’s about but Keith seems pissed off about something.  I don’t know what it is but these pics alone has got me wanting more.  Why he so mad?  What wrong smol one?  All joking aside this pic not only excites me it scares me, like he seems so upset.  When I look at this face I get a sense of angry, but scared.  Like a sad kind of scared, worried is the word I’m looking for.

I can’t really say for sure what this is but seeing how it jumps from one expression to the next means something tragic has happened or something is about to go down.



Please tell me this doesn’t relate to the pics of Keith above.  I’d rather have a fight about to start than this ^  I love this boy and he’d better not die… please don’t be so dark that you’re going to kill the fluffy baby!  PLEASE DON’T KILL MY FLUFFY BABY!

Now that I’m done screaming about that… I saw a pic earlier that showed Coran looking at a black hole (or something) and someone said it tied into this, not sure if that’s true but that would explain why Blue is kind of just…floating around aimlessly, wherever she is…  I don’t think they’d kill of Lance, I mean this is HIS season, why kill off Lance if this season we see him grow as a character?  It would make no sense.

Okay I am done.  I cannot wait for August now.  I want to see what kind of shit they’re going to do with this season.  This fan speculation is over.  :3

there are so many times when i’m like ‘ah yes i feel cute today’ and i take a selfie and it doesn’t look quite right so i take more and more and more and they all look so horrible and not like me and i just end up feeling so much worse about myself because ‘well i thought i looked cute but i guess i’m just as ugly as i always suspected’


As usual, chanbaek has been serving us lots of quality moments.

here we have bbh, the professional starer 

can you actually believe they think that they’re subtle 

Nature Republic is a chanbaek enthusiast. They look so perfect together, with Baek’s arms around pcy… and their smiles tell it all.

by the way, just to add, for the music bank interview thing, pcy actually made a ‘kiss’(?) face to bbh.. and bbh kinda did one back. I couldn’t find the exact pictures but I wanted to inform ya’ll.

y’all have no idea how much i want a video/gif of mike faist doing that part in ‘the world will know’ where his back is to the audience, holding the chalk as he writes ‘strike

i also want a picture of mike faist in the jack kelly costume

i just b r e a t h e for mike faist as jack kelly

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omg i cant unsee that petty alec at a party while magnus is playing lmao i would read an entire fic just about that one picture

ask and you shall receive. based off this post: “why does this picture look like malec at a party where magnus promises to go home after one more game, but theyve been there for over two hours now and alec just wants to go home, but hes too petty to say anything” and this picture:

magnus beamed his puppy eyes at alec, who stood at the bar with a beer in hand. sure he didnt love the taste, but having to wait while magnus mingled with every possible person meant he needed at least some alcohol in his system. so when maia suggested their newest beer on tap, he didnt refuse.

“please, alec? i havent seen catarina in over three months. you cant expect us to finish talking in just a few games. just one more?” magnus fiddled with the hem of alecs shirt, his fingers lazily sliding along his thigh.

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new exo-l

  • probably just watched mama and identified themselves as exo-l
  • bias is either baekhyun or chanyeol or sehun
  • what is an exo-m and can i eat it the harsh reality still in my heart to this day
  • can name 3/12 members
  • haven’t stepped foot into tumblr territory
  • thinks baekhyun’s eyeliner is so extra
  • probably hasn’t listened to winter songs
  • deserve a warm welcome to the fandom

old exo-l

  • 169% done with exo
  • “what has exo done to me”
  • managed to stay with exo till now
  • seen members leave one by one and seen all of the drama surrounding relationships and really doesn’t know how to feel at this point
  • sassy and special
  • probably has a soft spot for junmyeon
  • can identify the 12 members based on pictures of their big toes
  • choking when exo’s comeback is as hot as fuck

stan exo-m exo-l

  • i’ve literally only seen like four of you
  • underrated puppies that need love and just want to be relatable
  • actually precious lil muffins i wish there were more of you
  • still get kicked in the balls feels when thinking about the old ot12 days
  • cried when luhan/kris/tao left and still feels like rummaging through their old merch box wanting some sort of content feeling
  • why !! are !! the !! chinese !! versions !! so !! under !! rated !! tell !! me !!
  • prefers the chinese versions ??<///????>>>>
  • mature and content and soft

stan exo-k exo-l

  • screeching
  • they’re so loud and wild and i just love them so much 
  • fell in love with exo-k and loves exo as a whole now
  • singing along to the korean lyrics making their friends think they’re fluent in a foreign language 
  • they like “baby don’t cry” and listen to it when they’re sad
  • listened to an exo-m song and was like “oh this is nice”
  • they’re literally the definition of what an average exo fan sounds like but x1000000 more intense

emo exo-l

  • monster is their aesthetic
  • anthem is probably something from mama or wolf era
  • actually soft on the inside but hide it
  • needs to be loved

shooken exo-l

  • when exo made their comeback they were the people that were like “oH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE IAWUZFHSUGSEZGRIOFVCJN KAI HAVE MY CHILDREN”
  • they’re basically just internally screaming and need to let it all out because they’re just that enthusiastic about the fandom and need someone to talk to because aREN’T WE ALL THIS WAY
  • always shook
  • can be found in the youtube comments section of m countdown, music videos and on tumblr questioning their life

dead inside exo-l

  • so done with everything but keep coming back for more
  • scrolling through tumblr looking for a sense of hope but only being pulled further and further into the fandom
  • don’t even bother trying to leave the fandom because they know that the boys have already killed them by breathing and are too lazy to leave and come back
  • “why”

multifandom exo-l

  • mature and resolve fanwars
  • love exo along with their other respective fandoms and are a great pleasure to see on your typical monday evening
  • respectful of others’ opinions
  • but when exo made a comeback most of their posts were about this great historical event which is understandable

smutty exo-l

  • constantly coming up with new smut ideas and hoping they won’t get kink shamed for doing so
  • literally the most creative people i’ve ever seen
  • usually great writers that just need to unleash their creative writing skills so others may feel the same way
  • actually cute fluff balls

emotional exo-l

  • constantly crying over exo
  • crying because of old departure news, ot12 feels, old ship feels, new ship feels, their bias died in that fanfic feels, etc
  • just need to be loved
  • we should feel concerned

tumblr exo-l

  • will spam your dash with pics of exo, rants, and memes
  • enjoy writing and reading fanfics and just indulging in all of this amazing literature that is posted every 0.78 seconds
  • blessed
  • need help

lovin the size exo-l

  • probably wants chanyeol’s d more than they want air
  • horny 
  • wet whenever exo does anything
  • horny


  • amazing people that need to be appreciated in the kpop community 
  • creative people that are seriously amazing and talented
  • some of the best people that you will ever meet
  • we are one !!

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Okay but how would episode 18 be the best malec episode like the writers are saying if they're fighting into 19?

no one said they’re fighting we just saw magnus walking away? sometimes hard choices have to be made for the bigger picture, that doesn’t mean their relationship is in tatters. i can see plenty of ways they’ll remain just as strong while doing what they have to do for their people and to keep the shadow world intact. also the writers said there were good malec scenes they didn’t say the scenes would be fluffy. i mean we all want them to be happy, but they’re literally in the middle of a world-ending crisis right now.

Hello! As part of my 1.5k follower milestone I thought I’d do some edits for people! Mostly for fun on my part, but still! You get something cute out of it, I get practice, win/win?

Moving on, all I really need is some pictures submitted either through the submit box or my direct messages. I’ll take about ten submissions, and see what happens from there! 

Mind you I’ll be picky with photos. I prefer CAS but can do in-game. Etc, etc, it’ll all be based on my personal preference, not who comes first.

Anyways, have a good day! I’ll update this when I’m done taking submissions!


Based on this

“The RFA want to do Jaehee a favor and start working at her cafe. She then creates special Cupcakes based on their personality and everytime someone orders one of their cupcakes, they have to serve you personally, sort of like a maid cafe.”

Okay sooo, send me a cupcake, trait and mc & I will draw a mini comic/scenario or a picture based on your selection! (But I’m super slow, so please be patient with me TnT) + If you have something special in mind please let me know! Like something that needs to happen in that scenario, an additional character maybe or just random stuff. If you’re not the creative one in this we’re screwed, because neither am I. Haaa, joke I will find something you might enjoy not a fucking joke you need to work with me here <3<3

!!!!I’m ready help

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I hope BigHit lives up to their word on that is literally what ARMY 2 is going to be because I could deal without a random q&a thing. ARMY 1 is where the videos and pictures are going to be and that is really what I wanted from the beginning. Im praying that BigHit doesnt change something last minute. But they are usually good

I suppose there will still be photos and videos that’s exclusive for ARMY II as well or something. But for me, I guess that’s that. I for one, just really am not a fan of dwelling on bad feelings, hehe.

Anyways, my own personal take on this is that even before committing myself in all these fandom things I’ve always known my place as an international fan. Like, Bangtan is clearly a Korean pop group and I’m like miles away from them and it’s my own decision to support them like how I do now. Because really you can be an ARMY without any of these and there are other ways to support them too. But at the same time like I do also wish that bighit would at least be considerate to us international fans at some level. Like we spend our money willingly anyways, I bit of a consideration wouldn’t hurt right?! it’s not hard if you want to help us too you know, @/bighit lmao. I just do feel bad to those who really want to get their money’s worth and all.


They Keep Warm - Robert Townsend/Abraham Woodhull, rated E. 
Post 4.05. Robert POV. 7,300 words. 

Following the party, Robert watches for Abraham outside his coffeehouse. Predictably, Abraham makes him wait, but not too long. They have much to discuss.

Ecclesiastes 4:11 - Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone


Hey guys!! I need money so I’m finally opening up commissions. 


Lineart: (I usually do lines with a pencil brush but if you want something more solid just ask!) 
-Bust: $10 (+10 for each extra person)
-Full body: $17 (+10 for each extra person)
-Flat bust: $15 (+15 for each extra person)
-Dynamic bust: $30 (+20 for each extra person)
-Flat full body: $25 (+15 for each extra person)
-Dynamic full body: $55 (+30 for each extra person)
Full picture with background: $100+ depending on complexity 

Traditional: These prices vary on size. The ones listed are based on 8.5″x11″ paper.

Most of my traditional art is realistic and based on photographs. If you would like to send in a photograph of something you’d like me to draw, please do! However, I’m not adversed to drawing from detailed descriptions. Please keep in mind that shipping is expensive if you live anywhere outside of the Unites States. Tell me in your email where you are and I will get back to you with your shipping price BEFORE I start drawing the commission. 

Graphite sketch: 
-Bust: $10 (+10 for each extra person) 
-Full body: $17 (+10 for each extra person) 
-Lined bust: $12 (+10 for each extra person)
-Lined full body: $20 (+10 for each extra person)
-Dynamic bust: $18 (+10 for each extra person)
-Dynamic full body: $30 (+20 for each extra person)
Full graphite portrait: 
-Bust: $70 (+30 for each extra person) 
-Full body: $100 (+50 for each extra person) 
Colored Pencils: Keep in mind that if you want a colored portrait, I am generally just better at drawing with colored pencils when the colors are unconventional lmao. We will figure out a price for these when you email me. 

For anything that ISN’T people, email me with your idea and we’ll work out a price! 

You can contact me on tumblr, but I would prefer if you sent an email to sepulchrart@gmail.com thank you!


I saw these two pictures on Twitter with the comment “That’s Ishido Shuuji” xDD Seriously, I want this game and see him with his hair down ‘cause I love it *O* He’s so adorable. Just look at his face in the first one. x3 A cutie !


(I know I look the same and gross in every picture) but I?? Got my name legally changed to Alexander two days ago!! I got rid of my birth middle name and while the new middle name isn’t technically the actual one, I like the name Davey as a middle name! (Including a dumb picture I made when I was bored and trying to come up with middle names before realizing I wanted it to be Davey) (if anyone actually cares?? I just really wanted to share this somewhere I’m sorry if I’m annoying)


People have asked me over the years how I come by my titles, and I’ve always been a bit hesitant to answer—not because I’m embarrassed by the topic, but because it has always been a bit mysterious even to me. Sometimes the titles are baldly descriptive; other times they hint at meanings that have occurred to me, and that I want to pass along. Some photos work just fine without having a title at all (though I still give them one, probably mostly a holdover from my days as a writer), while others come alive to the viewer only when the title is there to ignite the imagination. Occasionally, I will co-opt an existing title or phrase—a line from a poem, say—because I associate the image, often obscurely, with the words in question. One of today’s offerings, “Triumph of the will,” is a case in point. Many readers of this post will recognize the phrase as the title of a notorious Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, made in 1935 to glorify Adolf Hitler. It’s a risk, of course, to connect this with my photograph—certainly I don’t mean it as any sort of tribute to Riefenstahl or, God forbid, Hitler—and yet I admit that I’ve always been fascinated by the phrase itself, and admired its power to convey a vast and compelling concept. When I thought about my picture, tt seemed to me that the will of the irises to bloom in spring was far more determined and unanswerable than anything that ever occurred at a rally in Nuremberg. And there you have it. —KN

theofficialyoshikagekira  asked:

Just for future ref if people want to send asks about dentist kira please send them to me.. since like, im the au's creator and its sorta unfair to direct the stuff about it to someone else. not to like offend you morty, its just kinda annoying is all. sorry man.

Oh no, I’m not offended. Being sent questions about someone else’s AU is quite awkward on my end as well haha. Especially since all I did was draw one picture…

So as much as I appreciate the jokes and things, please remember that this isn’t my AU and to send your things to Vilet first and foremost.