i just wanted this on my blog eep

hospitaldoll  asked:

eep lil angel baby ur blog is just the cutest most angelic thing I have ever stumbled upon. aa. I love getting lost in your meadow of sweet cute pinks and fluffiness. I just want to plump my lil bum down on my bed ( a lilac petal) and just gander through it for a v long time bcus I admire it so so much. I rlly hope u had a lovely day and or night sweetest pea.

Oh my gosh, this means a lot to me because you inspire me so much!♡ I can literally sit and look through your blog all day so this is very special to me c’: Thank you angel♡♡♡

hello lovelies !!! its amber here with yet another follow forever: this time for reaching 2.5k/my blog turning one !!! 
everyone seems to be doing follow forevers at the moment so im sorry ;;; but i just wanted to show my thanks because im honestly so blessed that i found this fandom tbh
thank you for following me !! thank you for making my dash a great place !! whether weve been mutuals for 12 months or 2 days thank you for making my year amazing !! 
i know ive missed people especially if you have a sideblog eep and i apologise - but hey if youre reading this you dont need to be on this list i love your blog anyway !! 
also i never claim to be a graphics maker™ but i tried ~credit: [x]~

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Gosh, I couldn’t get this out fast enough! (already almost at 600 now followers now, eep!). I just wanted to thank you guys for following my blog, especially the whole bunch of you that appeared suddenly over the past couple of days! (hello to you!)

So here, have some more evil sorceress Peridot whom was originally supposed to be just scratching down her face all seductive-like, but then it accidentally turned into this xD Even as a disney villain she is still a dorky shitlord (I gave her a few details to her design on the close up, haha). Her fingers are supposed to be like those specially crafted alchemy claws. Also I made her look way more mature than she actually is, oops xD