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hello my lovely petals, i just hit 2.3k which is asdlgkjalsd??? i have no idea why all these amazing blogs are following me eep but let’s celebrate!! yay!! 

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I wanted to do something cool for others to celebrate my first year in dragon hell! SO! Two Winners!

1st place: Any one (1) treasure gene of their choice (im poor, but wanted to give something)
2nd place: Flat coloured headshot of a dragon of their choice.

EDIT: I just hit 200 followers on this blog! So I’m throwing in an extra prize for followers!
Follower winner: Any one (1) treasure gene of their choice

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I guess that’s all.. Good luck to everyone and hope you have a lovely day~

hey guys! this is the transparent snorlax bg i made using the resources by @engrampixel

feel free to use, just credit back to engrampixel! and let me know if you do use it so i can see! ^^

you can check my blog for a preview.

Coming Home, Pt.2

Summary: Bucky and the others come home to find out that your mission had not gone as planned. One of your teammates was left severely injured and your fate unknown. How will Bucky react?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1586

Genre: Angsty

Warnings: Mentions of violence.

|| PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 ||

Originally posted by allthingsmarvell

Bucky, Steve, and the others finally landed after what was deemed a successful yet peculiar mission. They knew the other team was back home after seeing their quinjet in the hangar. Though, upon entering the compound, they were welcomed with chaos and shouting, all leading towards the medbay. When Bucky saw Sam pacing outside of the medbay doors, his heart automatically sank and his breath caught in his throat. He started running towards him, demanding to know where you were. Sam’s expression made Bucky’s blood run cold and he stopped in his tracks. The rest of the team ran forward trying to figure out what was happening from the medical assistants exiting the cradle room. When Natasha heard that Clint was immersed in the cradle to recover from his injuries, she ran in to be by his side. Steve kept trying to get Sam to tell them where you were and if you were okay but he stayed quiet a little longer. Bucky’s eyes never left Sam’s face, his expression was full of guilt and regret. Tears were falling silently as Bucky listened to Sam’s recollection of the mission. 

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Today has been a day and a half. May be taking another Tumblr break in order to get some adult responsibilities together (while trying to finish editing my big bang piece before Friday, eep). Just letting y’all know, but not apologizing ‘cause I’ve been told never to apologize for putting my well-being over maintaining my blog, haha.

Hope you’re all doing well!

anonymous asked:

Tbh, I love your blog sm !!!!! Do you think you can do a dad!dk ? Thank you !


- rubs hands together and cracks knuckles 

- lets get to it

- this is sort’ve random but I see seokmin as someone who would want more than one kid, like 2 or 3

- more ideas just keep popping into my head and my heart is hurting ok ok 

- okay so I see seokmin as the type of dad who would take responsibility for the babies just as much or more than you 

- I only say more because you could be napping on the couch and then one of your children crying wakes you up so you open your eyes and are about to get up until seokmin places a kiss on your cheek and tells you to go back to sleep because he’s got it aND SMILES AT YOU AND SQUEE 

- would be an expert at changing diapers and can do it in like 5 seconds

- sometimes you stop and look at him like how in the fuck

- would spend extra time with your children teaching them the alphabet and how to count from 1 to 10 outside of preschool or kindergarten i am screaming 

-he’d most definitely use “d for daddy” to teach your kids the letter d

- and “m for mommy” to teach the letter m

- when your children are older but still children (like 5-8 years old and stuff) and they would crawl into your shared bed to sleep with you both because they’re scared seokmin will sing them lullabiES 

- soon when they need to learn to sleep in their own bed seokmin would still sit beside their bed and sing to them until the fall asleep to ease them into sleeping on their own

- each child would have a special stuffed animal to cuddle with from him !! 

- would be a cool dad when your children’s friends come over and ask if anyone wants to order a pizza or something

- all your children’s friends would like him too and sometimes he’d have conversations with them

- during the high school years he’d try to help with homework when needed

- also when his kids come to him like “dad you would not believe what happened today”

- he’d sit on the couch and be like “ooo what happened today tell me the details” in like a sassy voice I’m laughing

- your kids can talk to him like about anything

- he’d even give relationship advice or at least try to 

- and if any of your kids came home and had a terrible day

- that night he’d go and comfort them when they’re about to go to sleep and he’d sing them whatever their favorite lullaby used to be I wanna cry you guys 

- the next day they’d give him a big hug and thank him for being there for them in which he responds with “always” :’) 

- when they graduate he’d be so proud that he’d cry 

- but he’s not only crying because he’s proud but because his children are all grown up now 

- when they get sent off to college he’ll spend every last minute that he can with them and remind them to call him if they need anything, but to keep in touch nonetheless

- once they’re gone it’ll be a bittersweet moment for you both but he’ll turn to you and give you a reassuring kiss and tell you that now he’ll devote himself to treating you like the queen you are to him as if he wasn’t doing so before 

guys I almost cried writing this straight up seokmin would be an amazing dad 11/10, I hope you guys like this~ 

~pimp Sara

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hello lovelies !!! its amber here with yet another follow forever: this time for reaching 2.5k/my blog turning one !!! 
everyone seems to be doing follow forevers at the moment so im sorry ;;; but i just wanted to show my thanks because im honestly so blessed that i found this fandom tbh
thank you for following me !! thank you for making my dash a great place !! whether weve been mutuals for 12 months or 2 days thank you for making my year amazing !! 
i know ive missed people especially if you have a sideblog eep and i apologise - but hey if youre reading this you dont need to be on this list i love your blog anyway !! 
also i never claim to be a graphics maker™ but i tried ~credit: [x]~

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eep- first time your askbox is open for me- i just want to tell all the admins that i really appreciate their hard work and dedication for this blog! i hope that this blog will long thrive and prosper ♡ and if you don't mind are there any new fluffy kid!kaisoo or parents!kaisoo fics lately?

hi dear. hmm let’s see if there’re any new fics for kid!au and parents!au (๑✪д✪)

for more kid!kaisoo you can try here. have a lovely day dear :)

- Admin N

anonymous asked:

How would react Karasuno boys, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi and Iwaizumi if when they going to talk to their crush, she always start running because she is too shy, but actually she feels the same? (sorry for my bad english, I love your blog *--*)

(eep thank you vuv, but that’s a lot of charas lol)

Hinata: “Wait! I-I need to tell you something, _______.” He’d blush, when he managed to catch her attention. 

Kageyama would think all is well, because he was too nervous to get a coherent sentence out anyway, but there is a little part of him that’s upset by her just taking off like that. 

Tsukishima would be frustrated: “Why does she run off every time I want to talk, seriously?” 

Yamaguchi would nod dumbly, seeing her run off like that. He couldn’t stop her, though. 

Sugawara thinks that it’s best to let her come to him, so that he doesn’t have to pressure her into anything. 

Daichi gives her the space she wants, but he tries to get her to warm up to him. 

Asahi understands perfectly, because he knows he would do the same thing. 

Nishinoya would scream for her to wait up, but she ignores him.

Tanaka, too wrapped up in declaring his feelings, didn’t notice she took off. 

Kuroo would chase after her, marvelling at her speed and stamina. 

Kenma would take it as a chance to give up, because he was not going to run. 

Bokuto would run after her too, screaming for her to stop. 

Akaashi would be perceptive enough to know what she was about to do, so he’d hold her arm before she could run. 

Iwaizumi tried to come off as friendly and approachable to his crush, but was left dumbfounded when she took off just like that. 

Gosh, I couldn’t get this out fast enough! (already almost at 600 now followers now, eep!). I just wanted to thank you guys for following my blog, especially the whole bunch of you that appeared suddenly over the past couple of days! (hello to you!)

So here, have some more evil sorceress Peridot whom was originally supposed to be just scratching down her face all seductive-like, but then it accidentally turned into this xD Even as a disney villain she is still a dorky shitlord (I gave her a few details to her design on the close up, haha). Her fingers are supposed to be like those specially crafted alchemy claws. Also I made her look way more mature than she actually is, oops xD

I’m back!!

Hey guys!! As a couple of u may have realized (or seen my post from a few months back) I took a nice lil hiatus from social media, predominantly tumblr, to take some time to improve my life and focus more on who I am and figure out whats important to me. I’m back bc I’ve found a lot of what I was looking for and a lot of cool stuff happened that I wanna share w u!!(plus i just missed u guys)

One of my main goals, my health, has been seriously improved. I do Kayla itsines BBG guide if any of u have heard of it basically its these circuits u do 3 times a week and they’re actually the hardest things on earth but i get insane results! I’m also in a yoga class that I do 5 days a week to improve strength and flexibility. Iv’e lost some weight and gained a ton of muscle(including a lil 2 pack god bless) as well as feeling a lot stronger and doing this all the healthy way!

I’ve also been doing way better at work n school. I finished last semester with a 3.5 and I even got promoted at work so I get tips now and that’s super exciting bc I am broke af. 

i also turned 18 almost 2 weeks ago(late bday wishes r appreciated) and I’m already liking it better than 17. In the past 3 months Ive also gone to a few concerts, Met Ptv, Sws, State Champs, and PVRIS (eep i know) and a lot of other misc rlly cool things have happened but I just wanted to give an overview!!

Just wanted to send out a reminder my blog is a happy place for me to post things that make me smile so if I receive any hate or I see you being out right mean to another user I will not hesitate to unfollow or block u.(my anons off still good luck w that hate) Overall, Im rlly happy to be back and I can’t wait to talk to u guys again!!