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A-Z Linstead Prompts

So I’ll be starting a new one shot series for Linstead on my fanfic account. Stay tuned!! (Listed below are the prompts which may be subject to change).

A: Abandoned - “Erin… Erin, we can’t just abandon him like that!”

B: Bandage - It was the bandage that covered her stomach that made his stomach want to empty itself out, but it was her warm touch that let him know that she was okay.

C: Cancer - Both of them had dealt with cancer in their lives, but it never seemed to get easier.

D: Dad - It was his Dad that sent him running to Afghanistan, and it was hers that led him to her.

E: Earlobe - He could always tease her in the right spots.

F: Fever - It started out as a fever, but it ended up with him in a hospital gown.

G: G-spot - He did it so easily.  

H: Hate - It was the first time their son used that word against him, and it rendered him speechless.

I: Ineffable: Her beauty always ineffable, as it left him speechless.

J: Jacked - She loved going to the gym with him.

K: Keys - The things he would do to permanently keep those keys.

L: Lawyer - It was that lawyer that had been eyeballing her through the entire case, he had to let him know that she was wasn’t available.

M: Mellifluous - It was the sound of her voice during one of his nightmares, mellifluous was an understatement.

N: Nestled - Nestled on the couch in her favorite spot in his arms.

O: Oblivion - His kisses were so powerful, that she was sure that they led her into oblivion.

P: Pounding - It was the sound of little feet pounding against the hardwood floor that brought a smile to their faces as they woke up.

Q: Quiver - She found him in the bathroom, quivering in the corner by the shower.

R: Red eye - She was always so grumpy when she didn’t get enough sleep.

S: Serendipity - The one word they could always use to describe their relationship: serendipity.

T: Truculent - It was the first time she witnessed his truculent behaviour, that she knew she was fucked.

U: Uniform - All his uniforms meant something

V: Vagary - It was her spontaneity that he loved about her.

W: Wide receiver - It was when their son had found an interest in football that he became a wide receiver.

X: X-intercept - It had been way too long since they had been in high school

Y: Yellow - She wanted to guess his favourite colour, even though he didn’t have one. When she screamed yellow, it instantly became his favourite colour.

Z: Zeal - Her passion for everything was contagious

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any member of an abrahamic faith that tries to appropriate wiccan culture or steal from the craft deserves to be shunned, hexed, or publicly labeled a witch in earshot of their own church. fuck anyone from those violent desert cults who spent millenia hunting and murdering us that thinks it is now ok to join in. they dont want to join the craft, they just want a new hobby or fad to follow because their creator god leaves their hearts empty and their minds lusting for true purpose.

Anyone can be a witch, you’re acting like a child not getting what you want. I’m pretty spoiled myself and to hear that from me means you’re pretty bad. Witchcraft is not a religion, Wicca may have troubles mixing with Christianity since it’s a religion itself. Witchcraft is a practice and anyone can partake in it if they choose, the majority of witches before the dawn of new age were Christian and there’s nothing you can do about that.

I made another goddess! This one’s name is Zaphine, who is the goddess of the moon and sleep. The white in the background is meant to symbolize a first quarter moon.

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i wish i had a more substantial question about the industry itself or what a regular workday looks like for you but the world wants to know: in your opinion is revali the type to get huffy or vaguely defensive when anyone that isn't him tries to smack talk his rival--and on a slightly different note, how do you think he expresses fondness for someone he considers a friend in contrast to a character like sidon, who's practically bursting at the seams w/ enthusiasm and support and admiration?

If Sidon likes someone, he’s just gonna support them no matter what; if they’re on top of the world he’s going to cheer them on, if they’re majorly depressed he’ll try to cheer them up. Sidon’s solution to everything is Positivity and this certainly doesn’t change (or lessen) for those he considers his friends.

In a weird way, Revali’s perspective on friendship might actually be more efficient in the long-term, because he wouldn’t consider someone a friend if they weren’t also highly skilled or otherwise ‘worthy of being renowned’; he would be massively embarrassed to be associated with someone who isn’t also excessively popular, similar to how someone who is trying to lose weight may want to surround themselves with fit individuals rather than spend a lot of time with groups who are obese. As a result, he has very high expectations of those he surrounds himself with, and will aggressively push them to be better versions of themselves. He might not willingly admit whether they are greater than he is, but that wouldn’t stop him from expecting a great deal of success from them (to the extent of guiding them towards that success through instructions himself if necessary).

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what are some of your favorite things about berena?

Hey anon, this is a good question because I haven’t often stopped to think about my favourite things about Berena, most of the time I’m just like I love everything!! Haha so if I had to pick some favourite things, I would start with the beginning of their relationship. 

I love it, right from Bernie shouting to Serena “Engine been growling or whining?” From there you can see how their relationship slowly starts to grow, it’s just subtle moments. Bernie trying to help Serena, Serena asking Bernie out for a drink numerous times because she knows that this woman in front of her is wonderful and she wants to get to know her better.

I love that it’s two middle aged women, that in itself is important for many of us and that it’s on prime time television. I think the build up to the first kiss was brilliant, it wasn’t forced, it felt real and that goes with the other kisses too. 

There are many things that would fall into my favourite category, the ‘arm wrestle’ that scene when Serena says “Still, it’s nice to see love blossoming.” the looks they both give one another but I think my top favourite thing about Berena is the fandom. Everyone in this fandom is amazing, talented and lovely! 

The fics, the fan art, the gifs and just general Berena posts, I love going onto tumblr and scrolling through my dash and seeing what incredible stuff has been posted! :) 

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hi! i know you have a lot of nb/trans/queer characters and with your recent posts abt your webcomic (which im looking forward to btw!) im curious if you're going to have queer and trans characters in there too? sorry if this isn't a question ur ready to answer! you can ignore me

The characters featured most prominently in Killjoys all fall under the queer umbrella, actually. But I’d prefer to address the specifics in the comic itself. Sometimes people reveal details about their characters just for brownie points and I’d like to avoid that vibe, yknow? Gender identity and sexuality aren’t even remotely a focus for the story (or a topic at all tbh), but you can be sure there’ll be background details and dialogue to naturally confirm stuff like that over the course of the comic.

honestly tho the short answer is GOD YES I just want more quality nb/trans characters and I’ll make em myself if the media won’t give me stuff to relate to

requested tutorial: how to add doodles to an icon ♡

whether you’re drawing a doodle from scratch or using one from a doodle pack, adding these little cuties to your icons is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. i’m no expert at doodlin’ artistic designs on my icons so this tutorial is not for that. all screencaps are mine, like/reblog if found helpful! x

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How do you chose the background color for your icons but still make the selfie stand out? Im struggling choosing a nice bg because its either too light, or too dark, or the color scheme is completely off and it looks kind of ~messy~, if you get what i mean? I have light selfie of tae and want to use a blue BG but cant because it doesnt match with his clothing and it looks very... unmade LOL if that makes sense and its a little pet peeve of mine now

i think i know what you’re trying to say but it really depends on the picture ;; sometimes it’s best to just choose one of the colors that are already on the photo itself like for my current icon his hair looks kinda green so i just played around with green toned colors until i found one that blended in cause it looked really ugly with contrasting colored bg… so it depends! i don’t really go into making an icon with a color in mind? since it will prob never turn out the way i want it to… so yeah! i’d say choose a color that blends with the picture in these situations :’)

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Hello, I was wondering, the V3 ending doesn't imply that liking fictional works which contain violence and/or other strong themes is wrong right? Is it more like it wants us that while liking works like that is fine, it is good to keep in mind that stuff like that in real life is wrong? Because I wouldn't know how to react to a message like "liking anything which contains strong themes is wrong"

Don’t worry anon, that’s definitely not what the ending implies! There’s a lot in the epilogue which encourages critical thinking and analysis of why we consume or enjoy media, but the point definitely isn’t to just criticize anyone who likes things with strong themes.

After all, ndrv3 itself contains very strong themes and messages. The story is extremely bittersweet, and brutal. DR as a franchise has always included violence, innuendo, etc., and if anything, ndrv3 continued the trend by making perhaps the most brutal of the three main games. The wacky-fun aspect of DR is certainly still present in ndrv3—but I would say it’s there to a lesser degree than it was in either dr1 or sdr2.

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Okay so this is probably a really weird question but like How do you think top views LGBT+ ppl? Like I'm really afraid of him being homophobic and all that and since you're so good at analyzing behaviours I just wanted to know if u have an idea or an opinion on this? Okaloveurblogbye<3

(Oh my, you are so lovely <3)
Anyway, I think he doesn’t discriminate.
It’s true that korean culture (mostly depending the parent’s education) is really discriminatory even for small stuff, (nevermind for LGBT+ people). Seunghyun’s family has always been related to art, I think they have an open mind about anything considered “different” from other people.
An artistic mind has the ability to appreciate every aspect of life, because in my opinion nature itself is the greatest artistic expression on earth.
Seunghyun is a deep minded person and as an artist he has been able to travel a lot, to meet varied cultures and to confront different minds.
So, I don’t think he would ever judge people for their aspect, for what gender they are attracted to or for how they enjoy their love life; Seunghyun has always been intrigued by great minds and interesting personalities.

[Remember that one of his favorite artists, Andy Warhol, was gay (even some styilists he loves like Galliano and McQueen are gay). And last year in Paris he posed for Pierre et Gille (a homosexual artist couple).]

Am I the only one who really dislikes the idea of Sport and/or Robbie being super inexperienced?

It makes me feel so weird and uncomfortable bc like. They’re both adult men. Also Sport is coded as Autistic, and the desexualization of Autistic people is a big issue. So many people write him as an inexperienced, childlike person who’s never had a sexual thought in his life, and it bothers me.

Not to mention desexualization of gay men is an issue in and of itself, and referring to any sexual interaction they have as ‘sin’ is also fucking terrible.

I just want a healthy intimate relationship between.

Idk. My mentally ill/disabled gay ass just has a lot of feelings about this.

you know what
my country is trying to stay alive but no one notices
today my country is telling the NO to its current government
…and the state media are silent.
we still don’t have any rights here, you see. we may say our huge NO but it’s gonna mean nothing. nothing at all. like always.

my city is fighting for itself, for its history, for science and education… no one notices. they are like “oh well here these stupid people are again” then just ignore the protests and keep doing what they were doing. 
idk i wanna cry sometimes, cry because of anger, hatred i feel towards the ones who rule, and because of realisation that i have no power to change anything. 
i want to have hope. hope that at least something will change. but it seems like it won’t. we are drowning. the motherfucking anti-utopian world becomes real. 

to all the people who managed to go out today and say everything they think about the current state of events: i am proud of you. 
we must do everything we can and even more.
keep going.

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I don't even get how during the last event there like no problems even though there were a bunch of people tiering but during this tame af event there were a bunch of problems 😐

hm yeah it def wasnt just because of the traffic, the event was one of the least active events. besides the app itself was crashing since the start of the event but it wasnt fixed immediately either bc it continued to not work and it wasnt even addressed at times? as @fuyuyuu said in their post the entire issue was treated way too unprofessionally esp for an app that’s existed for almost 2 years lol.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

btw I just want to say… it’s okay to criticize enstars esp when you put time and money for the services.. they dont care about fake positivity.. it’s a business and a functional app is expected more than “best boy loving u”

Do you ever just read your own writing and

Dead cold hands.

Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.
—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w

imagine, for a moment, if you will:

a soulmate!au set in the voltron universe with soulmate marks of some sort (first words, names, images, random signs, whatever you want). shiro has a mark, just like a large majority of the population…

but it’s on his right arm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Jordan Carlos, Comedian

What inspired you to get involved with The Ally Coalition?

The lineup itself is amazing and to be asked to do it and I was like “duh” that was my answer… I just feel like especially now after the election, things like this are so important. The forces that have been unleashed by the election need to be met in kind by standing up, by vocalizing, and not passively saying, “well looks like our side lost.” I feel like with that said, lending whatever talents I have, I’m glad to do it.

What’s a piece of advice you have for people who want to get involved post election?

Don’t miss an opportunity. It could be at home. It could be people saying things at home. You don’t have to be friends all the time with your loved ones. I’ve had plenty of kitchen table conversations with my parents about LGBTQ issues. It gets real sensitive in the African American community and just like, “hey you raised a generation of kids that don’t feel the same way, sorry.” Just knowing that there’s still love there and even though I might not have changed my parents minds to be exactly like mine, it doesn’t matter. They still respect my point of view and their mode of thinking, event though their openminded and fought for civil rights, it’s 2000 new. So that’s my own personal experience. Don’t be afraid to have your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in front of your family. I know people talk about being in a bubble in public, but really I feel like people always say that Thanksgiving dinner was awkward with my family, it’s all about your relations and your friends. And don’t just unsubscribe or unfriend people because they have different points of view, keep them on, say “you know what, I’m here too.” And just by you being here, your existence is a form of resistance.