i just wanted the pics all together

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Just cause I know we'll be blamed but Fizzy's friend didn't allow comments on Freddie's pic so just remember that when we're blamed

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The comment section under the pic was turned off. If she still blames larries then ….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:But wait did the larries of IG harass her post? Or she deleted without a reason?

To answer your question: her comments were disabled so no one could have commented anything 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Watch Briana going “always in my heart, Freddie Tomlinson. Yours sincerely, Bria” and she won’t be fast enough to catch these hands.


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:This is all so fake lmao in what world does a celebrity wait for a specific time of day so all the press will be on on their business to post a picture of their children like how do people believe this shit ….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:THIS IS ALL SO FAKE LMAO… other celebrities like John Legend and other famous dads do not go through this like what the actual fuck how do people believe this

and yet

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I find it weird that not even Tammi posted a birthday wish

She only posted a snap is super weird 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:So Louis is online following EDM people and liking Steve’s posts but isnt posting a pic for F’s bday? Okay lol

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Oh look, our anthem again. youtube*com/watch?v=Gpx5u1Ua-ZM


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What would do you think if Louis doesn’t post anything today ? (lol right) but what would you think about that ?

I mean, I wouldn’t complain but I rather they just pull off the bandage yk 

In my opinion, the Danielle activity from last night is not an oopsie – it’s totally planned. 

Who the hell would have recognized Danielle to take that picture?

She saw the person taking the pic and then held the guy’s hand anyway. Even she’s not that stupid.

They know deleting pics and disabling comments just makes her look guilty.

We saw her with Savannah and those guys earlier this week so we’d already know who they are and that they’ve been hanging out together.

I think this is Louis’ team saying screw having a het buffer at the end of BG – all this shit is wrapping up and we want her out of here ASAP. Her “cheating” allows Louis to drop her like a hot potato and multiplies the sympathy factor when all the stunts end.


I’m on a roll today - I finally finished decorating the school! I wanted it to be able to work with Zerbu’s school mod for people who use that, so it has all of the required objects, minus some of the exercise equipment (just couldn’t find a good place for it) and the custom podium and NPC stickers, of course (since this is CC-free). I even added a pool in the back and a basement so I could fit everything in. Oy. If I ever build another school, it’s going to be a lot BIGGER. :) 

BTW, the school mascot is the Grizzly Bear, if you couldn’t figure it out from the pics. XD (Those Get Together club pennants really come in handy.)

Now for the wonderful task of playtesting this puppy.

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone had a hc that Lucio was at least partly trained as a nurse, or was in the process of getting his degree, and it still remains one of my favorite hcs. 

And because I just reblogged a zencio pic I want everyone to think of Lucio and Zenyatta hanging out together–maybe Lucio’s studying from a textbook, or looking something up online, and Zen starts asking him questions. And they spend a whole afternoon with Lucio sharing what he knows and Zen drinking it all in because a) this is important, useful, and fascinating information, and b) Lucio loves getting to talk about his medical work. Most people are more interested in his music, or his revolutionary status, and maybe he tried talking to Angela about it once but she brushed him off because she’s a prodigy and he’s just a student, and anyways he’s missed being able to ramble on about one of his biggest passions.

Lucio loves being able to help, being able to heal, and it’s something Zen admires about him so much. It’s hard, being a nurse, in a way it isn’t when you’re a surgeon–your patients’ lives become more obvious and pressing when you spend all that time with them, your patients’ families are things you have to work with and around. They’re not just bodies on a table. And maybe the work, at first, seems smaller, but when you take in the caretaker fatigue and all it grows so large. Being a nurse isn’t easy. But Lucio has such a drive to help, he wants to do it anyway.

(Also the human body is amazing, and weird, and who wouldn’t want to study that? It’s just as fascinating as the perfect track, just as satisfying as toppling Vishkar control.)

I think it feels nice, to Lucio, to get someone who loves that part of him, who encourages it, and who’s strong and wise enough to understand the struggle of losing a patient and can help him up afterwards. He and Zen are both such helpers that they need each other to keep balanced. Keep healthy. 

Even omnics can get tired. Even revolutionaries can run out of fire. You  need someone to help you along when the going gets hard.

(And maybe Zen, the little spitfire, spends another afternoon sniping at Angela because how dare she brush off Lucio do you know how amazing he is–)

Sense8 video

The second season of sense8 is fast approaching and I felt like making a video for the cast of sense8 to show our appreciation for them.

My idea for the was that we could comply pictures and short videos together. That’s were I need your guys help.

If you want to be a apart of this video all you have to do is send me a pic of yourself with maybe a note in your hand, in the note it can be written something you like about sense8 or just “I love sense8 ”. If you want to you can make a video of yourselves saying something you love about sense8, just make sure it’s under 20-30 seconds long. If you don’t want to do any of does you can also send your fanart to me, that would be a very good addition aswell:)

You can message if you have any questions:)
Submit your pictures/videos/fanart to my email: senarja_hamit@live.no

Deadline: December 10

I know we can’t live forever, so we should stick together

“You want to what now?”

“I want to marry you.”

Yes, she heard that right: King Roan of Azgeda, stately and growly and a little bit intimidating as always, has just asked the strangest question ever. 

Raven is silent, searching for words even though clearly, there is only one thing to ask:


“Because all the tribes who haven’t turned against Skaikru are vying for first place among its allies. And Azgeda is going to be in that place.”

Ice Mechanic: Roan and Raven get married, hit the road, and stop a nuclear apocalypse. [Read it on ao3.

I’m a little MIA due to real life kicking my butt- but just a week or two ago I hit 2,000 followers, and so wanted to put together a little something as thanks to all of you for making my experience in the ML Fandom absolutely amazing! As some of you may have read, I honestly never used tumblr much at all before last month, so I’m very touched by everyone’s support to have come this far in such a short period of time! Thank you guys, and stay miraculous!! (♡´౪`♡)//////

More young!Agrestes: [x] [x] [x] [x]

nightlyneutrois replied to your post: “i wanna draw the cool kids in that 3rd wheel pic before the meme is…”:

Put them in a giant sweater all together in the middle doing the stuff in the picture.

im LAUGHING, for the one i wanna do itd probably be just

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I was expecting a kiss pic from last night for Lauren's birthday message for Lucy. They were together it was impossible not to take even one picture. So again I'll stick with my team delusional camren heart, it was not convincing enough.

if lauren wants to kill camren once and for all she couldve just posted a kiss pic with lucy and confirmed their relationship…

a concept

ok i know i joke all the time that i really want bts to have a lazy themed comeback but can you just imagine it?

tousled “just woke up” hair, peaceful, natural, sleepy concept pics, all curled up in fluffy white blankets, big baggy comfy clothes and warm sunlight streaming through half closed blinds, all to accompany a smooth yet light melody that has a soft back beat, airy vocals, gentle husky rapping, and just random clips of the boys struggling to get one another out of bed, rubbing away the sleep from their eyes, brushing their teeth with their eyes still closed, quietly and groggily making breakfast together, just lazing around in the living room with a random movie playing and the boys just doing their own thangs ;askdlf;aslkdfj I AM 128% ALL FOR THIS CONCEPT

bonus sleepy pics


Here’s that Wolfsong AU you wanted @helthehatter!

In this AU Wade is divorced father with a son neither he nor his now ex-wife (who I decided would be Lola, the wolf he slept with once in St. Zoo) wasn’t ready for and Gazelle is a young mother and widow because she lost her husband in a tragic auto accident.

The top pic is when Wade runs into Gazelle at a playground to pick their respective children.

The second is when the two get coffee together and Wade is just being charmingly befuddled.

This AU is sounding like a corny RomCom, all we need now is a money hungry antagonist who wants to ruin something the main characters really care about. Which I plan on making by the way!

I could only get two at the moment I should have more to come!

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Talk about the baby leafs or literally anything - I just like seeing you post stuff bc its always quality

ok firstly I want to address that
MITCHELL MARNER is most definitely not 6'0"
like, shut up look he looks smaller than Mat Barzal in that pic of them together and Mat is 6'0"
also do u ever notice how Mitch’s smile just makes everything 100% brighter bc it’s rlly sweet and good and it makes me happy like no stop?? who let you??

Auston Matthews tho, Auston M a t t h e w s. literal fashion icon (not the hats tho pls make that not a thing), his ripped jeans r hq and I appreciate his suits so much. Also I love how he like hardly smiles but when he does it gives me a heart attack.

Willy Nylander looks 14 and my mum wants to adopt him which I relate to. His thighs get me tho who did he kill for those #SweetGams.


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so this eyeingj2 trainwreck on Twitter - what if this is PR throwing shade on the the hats? That this, combined with all the (oddly staged) pics of J/G lately are just more attempts to scream "J/J aren't together and look how ridiculous this person is to even suggest such a thing?"

This person is just a troll with the only intention to trigger someone’s reaction,trying to put us in a bad light..to be honest i’m not the right person to understand if  is PR or not,but who knows!. I hope the guys don’t see never things like that!! We want just their happiness!

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I really hate that you stan Niall and 😷😷 and I really want to unfollow you but I can't cos you're a fab writer and I love your fics lol

why unstan bc of that?? hahaa immnlt gonna post pics of them together or anything. i just like them that’s all.