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Chipped Paint and Old Brick Walls

Summary:  Darcy tends to wander when she’s lost in thought. She may loose her footing along the way, but she does find something in return.

One Shot

Word Count: 601 

Notes: Angst, angst with happy ending, pre-relationship, I own no characters.  This started as me having a bad day and trying to write it out.. it then turned into this after I realized I could make some small edits and ta da have a little Bucky/Darcy moment.

She just wanted to hide. Hide away. Away from the mess of work at the labs. Away from the mess of a room her current living situation was in. Away from the mess that was her current, or possible continuous, broken emotional state. Just away. Far, far away. But not actually to Far, Far Away. She by no means wanted to be a princess. But wouldn’t mind a hint of that attention every once in a while; if only it was from a certain someone.

But that was the problem, wasn’t it? Who would that someone be? Or would she even ever be able to find that someone? With work, family issues, lack of sleep, lack of time, time spent reading, time spent trying not to go insane, yadda, yadda, yadda. There felt to be no room in her life for something that could possibly be that special. It felt that way. Oh, did it feel that way.

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