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The Melody Lingers On - Archie Andrews x Reader Imagine

Warnings: None

Request by @mydunbar :I love your imagines so much!! Please can I have one with Archie (your boyfriend)  where you can secretly sing and never tell anyone but he overhears you and is shocked and makes you perform a song with him? Thank you! X

Hope you like it!

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Firework - 200 Followers Celebration

This is for my 200 followers celebration.

Prompt: My idea of a perfect date. // “I wanted to surprise you.”

Characters: Fred Weasley x reader, George Weasley, Dean Thomas, Harry Potter (mentioned).

Word count: 657

Warnings: None.

A/N: Since FBAWTFT, I’ve been having this Harry Potter vibes and I really wanted to write something that involved the magic world so here it is. Enjoy!

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You were walking across the long hallways. The smell of stone and dust filled your senses, and you could hear the voices of every student, either sharing some gossip about Harry Potter or just complaining about the up-coming exams.

The whole school had an aura of stress, and you could’ve not escaped that if it were for one person, your favourite red haired: Fred Weasley.

His never ending sense of humour brightened up your days, and not even the stressful student’s life could change that. He was funny, loving and, most importantly, care-free.

“Hey there, pretty lady.” He cheered, taking you out of your thoughts.

“Hi, George.” You said with a smile.

“You better keep her, mate.” The red haired said to his twin, who just so happened to appear beside you. “She knows the difference.”

“Don’t worry, Georgie.” Fred smiled, pulling an arm around your shoulders. “I’m not planning on letting her go anytime soon.”

“Cheesy.” George joked, although he was extremely happy for his brother. “I’ll see you at the common room.” And with that, he walked away.

“So, where are you off to?” Fred asked with his usual smile.

“To the library.” You replied, “I need to study for Herbology.”

“Such a shame… I was hoping that you would come with me to the Boat house.”

“Fred, we both need to study.” You spoke, using a mom-like voice.

“Just an hour, I promise.”


“If I fail, I will blame you for the rest of my life.” You giggled as he guided you to the Boat house, near the Black Lake.

“It will be worth it.”

Dean Thomas and George were there. You were a bit disappointed; not because you didn’t like them, but because it felt like you could never get some alone time with Fred.

“Everything’s ready, good luck.” Dean spoke, winking at Fred.

“What are they…” Your question got interrupted.

There was something under the water. It seemed to be some kind of mermaid, but it couldn’t be because it was shining. Before you could ask, the thing jumped out of the water. It was, in fact, a mermaid – a firework shaped into a mermaid. It jumped in the air before cracking in all kinds of colours.

I wanted to surprise you.” Fred whispered in your ear, “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful.” You replied. Your eyes were focused on the few sparks left, which were falling back to the water, turning into little fish for a few seconds before disappearing.

Dean and George left without any more words.

“I know you’ve been too busy preparing for the exams, but uh… I wanted to do something for our anniversary.” Fred spoke with a smile.

You blushed uncontrollably after realizing that you had forgotten your anniversary. It had been exactly a year ago when, in that same spot, Fred finally asked you to be more than friends. It had been one of the best days of that whole year, and you couldn’t believe you had forgotten it.

“It’s fine… I don’t blame you.” He joked, “In fact, I wouldn’t have remembered if it weren’t for George.” You giggled.

“I promise I won’t forget the next one.” You spoke shyly.

“So there will be a next one?” Fred asked with loving eyes.

“Yes, many more.” Fred smiled widely at your statement. He wrapped his arms around your waist, carrying you and spinning a few times before putting you down.

He stared at you, admiring every inch of yourself. He grabbed your tie, which had the colours of your house and sighed. “Who would’ve thought I would find someone like you in school?”

“Your parents met at school.”

“You know what I mean.” He laughed.

“Of course I do.” And with that, your lips found his in a tender kiss that would later be mocked by George, who didn’t really leave but decided to hide in the boat house to get some blackmailing material.


My idea of a perfect date: This is cheesy asf but uh I’ve always wanted to sit at the hood of a car, or the rooftop and stargaze the whole night. Talking about all kinds of senseless stuff, maybe listening to some music and, of course, eating all kinds of junk food.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Ron Weasley & Pansy Parkinson - for anonymous 

“What is this about? Why are you rejecting me now, Weasley?”
“Pansy, I-”
“Don’t say anything, just listen to me. I know it’s really hard for you to keep your mouth shut. We have that in common. I get that I’m not Granger, I will never be Granger. After she left you for your brother, I know it destroyed you, but you have to move on. I know you want some innocent and pure Gryffindor darling, but I will never be one. You’re gonna have to suck it up and realize you’re stuck with me.”
“Don’t bring Fred and Hermione into this. You know I’m over that, I love them both too much to still be upset. It’s been two years.” 
“That’s the problem with you, Ron, you are TOO nice. You are too good for me. It’s always been that way, and I can accept that, I just need you. Don’t you see? Right here, right now, us arguing. We look like we’re about to kiss. People who are “just friends” don’t do that.” 
“It doesn’t make sense, you and me.”
“It’s not supposed to. For being so smart, Weasley, you are really daft. Do you think Draco and Harry make sense? Do Fred and Hermione make sense? Do Blaise and Ginny make sense?”
“And why is that?”
“They’re opposites that attract. We’re both too similar.”
“Draco and Harry are both too similar too, they are far from opposite. Look at them.”
“It’s different.”
“Only because you’re letting it be. Owl me when you stop being a coward.”

Twinning: Fred Weasley

So hey👋🏼 it’s Lindsey!! So I wrote this a while back and I thought I would fix it up and post it here! Hope you enjoy
You were making your way back to class, you had forgotten one of your books and Professor Flitwick said it was fine for you to go and get it. As you were walking down the corridor you noticed Fred sitting on a step.
“Shouldn’t you been in class?” You ask.
“I could say the same to you.”
“Touché, my dear friend. Where’s your brother? Not very often I see the two of you apart.”
“He is currently setting up a prank further down the corridor whilst I keep watch but I find myself distracted by a certain someone.” Fred smiles. As I madly blush at his comment
“Well Mr Fredrick Weasley I shall leave you to carry on with what you are doing then and I shall see you at lunch.”
“Hey Fred, ready to go. Oh hello there y/n.” George says.
“Hey George. Finished setting up your prank.”
“Yes I have and in a few minutes we shall hear the yells of Flich.”
“What have you done?” You ask.
“We’ve set up a few dungbombs near his office.” Fred tells you.
“You two are terrible. Well I’ll see you later. Bye guys.”
“Bye.” They both say. Which makes you smile since you always tease them about twin telepathy.
You had been friends with the twins ever since you started Hogwarts despite, you being 2 years younger than them. You were in the same year as their brother Ron and he was the one who introduced you to them and you hit it off instantly, you would sometimes even help them with their pranks although not very often. Little did you know that the both of them had a crush on you.
Fred never bothered asking you out as he thought you liked his brother more as the two of you seemed to get on much better but the truth was that you liked Fred and this was why you were a bit quieter around him.
*Later on in the common room you are sitting in between the twins trying to get them to do their homework which was turning out to be a failure. “Come on boys just do a little bit and I’ll even help.”
“Y/n, we don’t want to do it.” George says. “We’d much rather come up with more inventions for our shop.” Says Fred.
“Fine, whatever.” You Lie back on the sofa and cross your arms. The guys infuriated you sometimes but you still loved them.
“Aww what’s wrong y/n. Are we annoying you?” George laughs. He goes to pinch your cheek put you swat his hand away.
“Oh it’s on y/n.” You quickly run round the sofa but George being taller than you he managed to catch you up, he then begins to tickle you, which he knows you hate. “George please, stop, Fred help me.” George carries on tickling you, you fall to the floor and George finally stops. You look up at him and he is smiling. “What was that for?” You ask breathless.
“I was bored.” He replies. You stand up and notice Fred is no longer in the room.
“Where did Fred go?” You ask George. “Dunno probably got a bit jealous of us.”
“Why would he be jealous?”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know.” George says. “What, I don’t know what you are on about?” “Fred likes you and so do I.”
“You both like me?” You ask.
“Yes. We agree not to make a move on you because we didn’t know if you liked either of us plus we didn’t want to fall out over you, but I know that you like Fred more.” George smiles sadly.
“Oh George, I’m sorry. I love you but only as a brother and before you ask I don’t know what it is about Fred and why I have feelings for him.”
“Y/n its fine, honestly. Go and find Fred and tell him how you feel. Besides I’ve been seeing someone in secret.” He grins. You hug George and smile at him.
“I want details about the mystery lady when I get back. Don’t think you can get away that easily mister.” You leave the common room in search of Fred, having no idea where he could be, you just walk, hoping to find him before curfew. About 15 minutes later you find him sitting on a bench in the courtyard. You slowly make your way over to him. “Hey Freddie.” Fred looks up and smiles at you.
“Hey love.”
“What you doing out here. I needed your help and you were gone.”
“Sorry I just needed some fresh air. Let’s head back to the common room before we get in trouble.” Fred stands up, you close the space between you. “
"George told me everything. Fred I really like you. I just didn’t know you felt the same way.” I tell him sheepishly
“What? Seriously? I thought you liked George more.” He asks genuinely surprised.
“Don’t be stupid George is more like my brother. This is why I’m more quiet around you, I get really nervous when we are close together and left alone, as all I want to do is kiss you.” You whisper the last part.
Fred cups your face with his hands and forces you to look at him.
“Then kiss me y/n.” You don’t need asking twice, you place your lips on his and kiss him. The kiss was soft yet full of passion, you didn’t know how long you were kissing but when you pulled apart, it was getting dark.
“Come on let’s give your brother the good news.” You say.
“Okay. But I just need to tell you. I- um i love you.” Fred smiles. “I love you too.” You make your way back to the common room hand in hand and it felt so right finally being with the guy you’ve had a crush on since your first year.

Bad Day - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: I’ve been having a REALLY bad time lately. Can I PLEASE get some love from Fred in a one shot where his girlfriend is having a bad and he comforts her, then her and the twins (she’s also their best friend?) go pull a prank on Flich or something? Sorry it’s so pacific, and thank!
Y/n’s pov~

Tears welled like a crumbling water damn one blow from collapsing. Everything was falling apart and I couldn’t relieve my mind from the mental pain of this days events.
The torturous day had all but began the moment I woke up. Literally. My roommate and best friend had left our dorm room window open allowing the puddles of rain to enter the room drenching the mountain high pile of clothes I had left planted on the frozen flooring. This being said I had nothing to wear but my old dirty robes and a pair of socks my friends had graciously loaned me. Then I arrived late to first hour with McGonagall and was forced to explain my tardiness in front of the whole class whom mainly laughed much to my embarrassment. After that, classes were begging to run smoothly and the thought of the rest of the day ending without a dent crept into my mind. Sadly, lunch crushed these far off thoughts. It was a constant reoccurring exertion for my boyfriend Fred and his cunning brother George to save me a seat at every meal time but today was different. Our usual spot were infused by unknown busy students and not a single open spot was left for me. Of course Fred being the gentleman he is offered up his seat for me but I refused and decided it would do no harm to skip one meal and retreated back to my room. Fred had called out to me but I ignored him seeing no point in making a big scene. Last but not least, on my journey up to my room where I was currently positioned up against a window sill, I had run into a group of Slytherin who thought it would be an A class idea to shout hateful words and throw my potions books around. The day just couldn’t get any worse.
A loud alarming knock sounded on the opposite side of the door sending a pang of emotions through my skin.
“Y/n? Are you in here? Fred’s downstairs and he really wants to talk to you… He’s already gotten bounded out from these dorm halls far too many times for one night.” Y/f shouted trailing off towards the end. I shoved the thick coated blanket off from my figure, tossing my legs off the right length of the bed and bringing myself to a standing position stretching my legs and arms wiping any stray tears.
“Tell him I’ll be down in a few…” Pulling on a light maroon sweater and slip on flats, I swung the bedroom door open retreating down the steps slowly not in the mood to hold a discussion with anyone in particular. Everything felt wrong and out of order.
In a limp like walk, I mad my way down the stone steps wincing at the frost bite feeling that hit my bare toes with every step I took.
Rounding the sharp corner my eyes locked with the only pair that really mattered. Chocolate brown eyes bored into my own e/c ones. I debated running back to my room though decided against it approaching Fred at a slow steady pace.
George, Fred, Hermione, Harry, Ron, and y/f all sat in around the center of the Common Room chatting away. Fred stood from the group weaving around his brother to meet me half way. The rest of the members swiveled around to see where Fred was heading and waved at the sight of me signaling for me to join them.
“Y/n! You should come over here, we were all just discussing our plans for winter break and we were thinking we’d all join up at the Burrow then head and explore some Muggle cities and-” George rambled on and although I didn’t mean to cut him off, I couldn’t help it.
“That all sounds dandy honestly and I’d love to.” Mending my best smile I looked away from the group turning to Fred smiles now vanishing. “Fred was there something you needed or can I return to my room?” I didn’t mean for it to come out so snappy but I was tired and didn’t want to deal with people. Even the nice ones.
“Uh, yeah. Here follow me.” Fred stumbled over his words which wasn’t a usual case with him. Similar to his brother, Fred was always oozing with confidence, it was obvious something was off with him.
George smirked up at him and Hermione hugged me briefly asking if I was feeling better. Lying, I reassured her of my well being then followed closely behind Fred thanks to his tight yet solace hand that had wrapped itself around my own.
He led us outside the Common Room, past the Ravenclaw tower and down near a slit opening at the main level of the castle. I had only been there once and it was with him and his brother our 3rd year. The small opening caved in slightly giving us a source of light.
Fred hesitated, then guided me to the ledge taking seat.
“Y/n… something’s off with you and I… the thing is I just want to make sure you’re okay and the thing is I’m worried about you y/n. I love you so much and I pains me to see you hurting. All I want is for you to be happy.” Fred finished my hand back into his own. For some reason his words lifted my spirits and although I still felt a bit down in the dumps, Fred’s reassuring words gave me a sense of warmth and lovingness.
“Thanks, Fred and I love you too it was just a bad day today but none of that’s your fault. Only stupid events.”
“Well they might be stupid to you but they’re not to me. Know I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. But I’m gonna make it up to you. Don’t ask any questions and follow me.” He declared pacing back up the stairs with me hot on his heels.
Sprinting towards the Gryffindor common room, I glanced over my shoulder making sure Fred was near by which he was. Finally entering the common room, slamming the picture frame shut the second Fred jumped in, the both of us erupted in a fit of laughter.
Fred’s bright idea of a way to cheer me up was scattering dungbombs all along the perimeter of Hogwarts and the floors. Then Fred allowed me the honor of setting them off when Filch came snooping for trouble and students to turn in. The dungbombs went off directly in his face sending us running away in humor before Filch had the chance to catch us.
Falling besides Fred on the couch I sighed, a smile permanently marked on my face like a tattoo.
“That was hilarious!” Fred exclaimed throwing his arm around my shoulder pulling me close.
“Extremely! You’re absolutely brilliant, babe!” I commented leaning into him for support. Fred tucked a loose strand behind my ear giving me a distant smile.
Suddenly without warning, his lips were placed on mine in a short notice. I could feel my body melt into the kiss and let my hands run free through his red locks. Everything felt right. Pulling away Fred grinned resting his forehead against my own.
“I love you more than you’ll ever know, beautiful.”

———————————————- ~Daizy xx