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Rebuilt: Arrow 5x22 Review (Missing)

“Missing” was amazing! Emotional and action packed with zinging dialogue. 

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What struck me most was how full circle it was. “Missing” sets up the heroes versus villains battle that will come to fruition in the finale, but it also kicks off the basic question Oliver must ask: What makes a hero? What makes a villain? Those concepts are not always rigid. In fact, the very essence of hero and villain is fluid.

Oh… and did I mention there’s an Olicity reunion scene?

Let’s dig in…

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Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Relationship
Faybelle Thorn and Briar Beauty

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You just posted that dog-hug GIF some minutes ago. And I'm drunk. Right now I'm not sure if I want to cry because it's so cute or if I want to smile with a biiiiiig smile that puts joker to shame. Although my smile is probably prettier because I don't wear green lipstick. Just imagine those green stains on my wineglas... Terrible (probably not). Sorry. I don't know why I'm sending you this message. But you know what? Drunk people never lie so listen closely: You're epic. awesome. And talented ❤

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the daenerys fan challenge // favourite quote » “She played at being a queen, yet sometimes she still felt like a scared little girl.”

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Please explain to me this band "infinite"

No I did not just spend the whole day thinking on how to reply to this question

Turn out asking me this question is the same as asking me to make an essay. So if you’re seriously asking, beware of the long explanation (it’s 2358 words…) and this is probably not what you asked for…also beware of the english.

And also please note that most of these are my personal opinions on them, even though I’m trying to be objective

Basically, Infinite is a boy band from Korea. It was the first boy band from Woollim Entertainment, so the boy band was kind of experimental for them. They debuted on 2010 with Comeback Again. Since their company is very small on that time, they have to work their way up. They finally able to succeed after their first win with song “Be Mine”, after that they finally started to get really famous. To sum up their success: this used to be their dorm, but now they live in here. (I think that’s newest one, they moved dorm several times). If they didn’t win anything for Be Mine, they’re probably have been disbanded by the company.

They were famous for having very clean and synchronized dance/choreography. They are trying to not be as synchronized as before, but it’s like being synchronized with each other is already embedded in their bloods. Their music is also known for having a distinct sound and quite different from usual kpop music.If you like 80s music, it’s possible that you will like Infinite’s music. Honestly their music is not the kind who can appeal to everyone.

They are really good at performing, they almost always performing live even though they have a hard choreography, and they excel at it. Every single of them has their own talents. Even the maknae line, who people like to bash for having no talents (which is untrue), are really good.

Infinite’s personality as a whole is famous hardworking and well-mannered. They have been praised by staffs and seniors for those mannerisms. They’re close to each other, to the point the fans can get a daily dose of adorableness and skinship. Occasionally doing ‘dumb’ things, which is why I called them seven idiots. Lovingly, of course. Their personality is not always like what they are shown on TV, but we still can get a lot of glimpse of their personality from TV.

Recommended Songs + MV Performances (…okay, more like favorites of mine): Dashi DorawaBefore The DawnTic TocShotCan U SmileThe ChaserParadiseDestinyHysterieInceptionBackSonagi. If you have time you should listen to all their songs because almost all of them are good.

If you want to get to know their dynamic as a group on screen and their personality, I recommend watching these variety shows: Sesame PlayerBirth of A FamilyRanking KingThis is Infinite, also Weekly Idols

Infinite’s fans are called inspirit. To be an inspirit, you have to get used to those comments:

  • “Infinite songs are always sound the same.”
  • The maknae line are useless and don’t have any talents.
  • (insert people bringing up one of their 'scandals’, the scandals that usually has been resolved unlike a lot of scandals, and a lot of them are exaggerated)
  • That they get everything thanks to SM and that they don’t work hard
  • That they flop

Oh and also have to get ready for mistreatment from some broadcasting stations…

You also can read some of their interviews to get a glimpse of their personality off screen, most of the times they gave an insightful answers to the most basic questions: onetwo

So now for the members…

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I was blown away by how many celebrities were interested in being the finale for this year’s collab month. But after watching your videos about what makes you you, I knew there could only be one option for my finale. YOU ALL have always been the reason I get to do what I get to do, why I have so many incredible opportunities, and why I keep coming back to make videos - so it only felt appropriate to include you in this incredibly epic Auguest. Celebrities are cool, y'all just happen to be cooler, and no matter how big this channel might get, I never want to forget that. Of course, I couldn’t include everyone, but I wanted to share some brave people who touched me and inspired me. (x)

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