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In the TST opening Lady sw says "out doctors assured us you were clean" or smth like that. So does that mean Sherlock actually IS clean in that scene and was acting like this because of TAB realizations? Just wanting to express his inner gayness?

Yes, she did say that! I’d like to think that, yes Lovely :) Although he might think he’s just on borrowed time, so he just lost all shits to give. No need to keep buttoned up anymore if you’re just about to die. As well, they made his killing Magnussen meaningless; Sherlock is visibly upset when they show him the doctored video (”That’s not how it happened”) because he did it for John, and essentially that’s all been erased. PLUS these are the people who sent him to his death, so I imagine his tolerance and respect for them all is at absolute zero.

Unless of course he somehow acquired drugs between the doctor’s and going to the meeting without them noticing. Personally I don’t think he is, he just doesn’t care anymore. But I’m not a medical professional; it could be his tolerance for drugs is so high that it’s just not detectable anymore? I don’t know, don’t quote me!

Anyway, I prefer to believe he’s just super gay and is tired of hiding it.

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Would you upload the wip of you recent jk fanart to twitter again for half a day or smth? You can add your watermark real big on the middle on it with a 'wip' text if you want to or dont trust me! ;; I wanted to show it to my friend but i just saw that you deleted it (obviously since you uploaded the finished one hahah^^)

there ya go

this is for bangtan: keep smiling, be happy, stop judging yourselves, don’t push too hard, dont overwork yourselves, eat well, take care of your health because its always the most important thing in the world, keep up the good and hard work so you can show us your full talent, embrace your flaws and accept them, keep being your passionate self, spread positivity and love wherever u are, just be you. We all love you just the way you are, and we’ll always be here to support you no matter what. Thanks for an amazing year Bangtan, and may 2017 bring more good and beautiful memories for all of us, let’s keep walking together for a really long time ❤️.

Amazing… Your phobia of women is completely gone! 
No. It’s just… It’s only gone with you.

art trade with the fabulous Kai (@krazehkai) and !!! I’m !! So !! Happy!!!  thanks for being patient! hahaha i know i took 842849 years to do this but its done now! :)

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i’m like. the internal struggle of wanting to rewatch it bc mostly i enjoyed the hell out of it and i don’t mind mary dying at all? but then you godda do the last 10 minutes with john not even letting sherlock into his home and sherlock crying at john’s therapist’s office and it’s just. leave my son olone ?

i know that i sound like a broken record talking about russell but i don’t think my friends need to chew me out & put me down by calling me stupid & naive & be condescending like if you don’t want to hear about him then just tell me & i’ll bottle it up but i just thought that as friends i could vent or smth lmao….last night was amazing but today has been a shit show

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last song i listened to: love like you by rebecca sugar

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three tv shows: steven universe, voltron, n the walking dead

three characters: peridot from su, akaashi from haikyuu, n yuuri from yoi

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what about joon hyung calling bok joo "chubs" and "piggy"?

what about it?

this took me awhile to understand the context of this message, before it finally hit me and so im assuming that this is in reply to this post of mine?

i have seen this so called “point” of yours used time and time again to attack people that love this show, among other various reasons why some refuse to watch it. and honestly, it is okay if it’s smth youre not comfortable with, and would not want to watch. 

but dont ever for the love of pixie dust and unicorns ever berate someone, or make someone feel bad for enjoying smth. i feel like when this reason is brought up, people dont put into consideration JH’s character and his relationship w BJ. you cant just take this out of context and just hate the show for it. hes been calling her that since they were little, and he never intends to willfully hurt her in any way. if anything no one considers her feelings as much as JH does. he is kind, considerate, loving, caring, respectful, and many other myriad of positive adjectives that i can apply to his character. since the start of their friendship its always been the typical ‘boy tugs and calls the girl he like names’ sort of friendship. and it doesnt bother BJ herself anyways. names are just that, names. a bully calling me smth intending to be cruel is different from my sister calling me the same thing in jest. im not saying that this is the same for everyone, but this is also smth that should be taken into consideration as well when discussing this show, or anything else for that matter. 

mmidorima replied to your post “akuhanafuyu replied to your photoset “THE BLOOD+ AU NOBODY ASKED FOR…”

I wouldnt blame him for turning a sexy russian he found in the garbage tbh but im also totally in love with them meeting like in the show because yuuri meeting small viktor and viktor growing up with yuuri is so sweet??? yuuri can teach viktor some ballet or smth before everything goes to hell

what do you mean before everything goes to hell everything is FINE and HAPPY and YUURI GETS TO SEE THE WORLD WITH VICTOR LIKE HE’S ALWAYS WANTED

that’s so cute though, i wonder if victor always had a crush on him and it just grew bigger and bigger over time or did he have a sassy streak with Yuuri

but hecking yeah I was thinking the same with the ballet, like he couldn’t stay on the sidelines playing the cello forever but now he can do BOTH and its great

qualia-solveig replied to your post “y'all i don’t want to be a party pooper but my friend who speaks…”

(it’s okay i don’t mind ;)) it’s not just komaeda though. alter ago said Hinata didn’t want himself or anyone to see sdr2 kids’ deepest hopes and dreams, it’s too private. So there’s no monitors showing what’s going on either. I might have got it wrong, who knows. Chinese yelling and all… why pointing it out though?

i just saw somebody else who was translating the stuff and they said smth like “it was a private broadcast for hinata and he knows everything what was going on” and i was like uh,, no offence, but i think you got that wrong… also that kinda sounds creepy. i would be upset if something like that was true.

so even if the chinese streamer was a big obstacle™ and you might not have heard everything i trust your translation waaaay more at the very least because it makes sense: like i mentioned in the original post both because hinata’s a considerate boy and because there’s an alter ego in the first place.

like i think hinata with his current abilities could very well put himself into the simulation if he wanted. i think i even read some fanfics like that, so surely somebody at spikechunsoft (still don’t know who actually wrote the ova’s script. that’s a bummer) would have at least considered that possibility at some point but in the end they decided against it.

people might argue that inside the simulation hinata would have to be his regular old self (like remember sdr2′s ending when the original trio shows up?) and so he’d be at disadvantage ‘cause he wouldn’t be able to destroy stuff anymore but i think he could work around that as well. because again, he did ~magically~ retain all of kamukura’s talents at the cost of one red eye and tsumaranai catchphrase. plus if he was there himself maybe he wouldn’t need to resort to such drastic measures like destroying komaeda’s world and killing people (even if they were fake).

but if he wanted to get komaeda and the others privacy, an a.i. seems like the best choice, and the way it handled the situation kinda reminded me of a… brute-force attack to be honest (like… hacking passwords). it’s like hinata didn’t know what else he could do and that a.i. was his last resort, last desperate attempt, and that’s why it was so, um… destructive. and that’s why hinata sounded so worried when komaeda was waking up. ‘cause while brute-force is simple, cracking difficult passwords with it is almost impossible,,

also, i dunno about the others, but i really don’t want misconceptions like “hinata knows everything about komaeda and how he feels now! uwu” to spread. it feels like… romanticizing something that shouldn’t be. like… hinata barges in inside komaeda’s head with a camera and learns all his secrets without komaeda being aware of it and obviously without his permission… like a part of the fanbase’s already problematic (that ooc kabedon!komaeda with kuzuryuu?? that was totally for them) i don’t want any more stuff to deal with,,

tl;dr: 1) there was another translator and i think they were wrong about one thing. though they might have corrected it by that point: i don’t know bc i don’t know them; 2) i’d like to avoid the spread of misinformation as much as possible

i just wanna make a quick guess about what happens next

before ava drinks the potion - everything is blue (except for ava herself)

vengess ava first appearance - blue colour is swapped out for bright reds and oranges (im guessing to show how powerful vengess ava is?? like it’s her aura or smth)

after six gets pulled into hell - back to blue again 

now im no colour theorist but who wants to bet normal ava is making a come back next update 

❝     —–     you  know  that  you  do  not  have  to  put  on  a  show  at  home,   yes   ?   you  could  just  tell  me  that  you  want  to  have     sex.     ❞     @deadgcrl   /   starter  call  

For the person that requested Dennis and Dee (and enabled my frankly excessive Sunny fanarting…um) - I wanted to draw something based on this gifset but with them as kids (let’s just pretend this is middle school or smth).

(Also I want to go on a quick rant which you can totally ditch if reblogging but) I’m really fascinated by the team-ups and alliances within the Gang? They’re all very different and nuanced and logical for the characters and their backstories. And Dennis/Dee has the added bonus of not only being a really entertaining and believable dynamic but also one that kinda…examines gender roles. The show could always take the easy route and be like “Dennis is the girl and Dee’s the boy! ahaha!” but instead the twins have about the same amount of (well-balanced) masculine and feminine traits, and it’s very low-key, very subtly done, nobody in-universe ever comments on it, it’s never lampshaded or actively juxtaposed, and it’s never really done as a joke. It’s just what Dennis and Dee are like (and what a lot of people are like IRL tbh). 

And they both grew up with white upper-class privilege but Dennis also had male privilege to back him up and you can see it in the way they deal with failure and criticism: Dee is tough and resilient and never takes anyone’s shit and always bounces back, because she’s used to her aspirations being dismissed and she’s learned to take it in stride and not let it bother her, 

whereas Dennis has an extremely fragile ego and just falls apart whenever someone dares suggest that he’s not the god he thinks he is, because he’s used to having everything handed to him on a silver plate and when that doesn’t happen he’s really out of his element.

(And, speaking of aspirations, it’s kinda cool how Dee dreams of a career in stand-up comedy, which is typically seen as a male-dominated field, and Dennis wanted to be a model, which is… not a male-dominated field).

(okay rant over sorry for this)

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I felt just the same :( But I thought *SPOILER* that she would find the current version of wang soo or his reincarnation or smth like that but no....*END OF SPOILER* But they're coming out with a second season apparently so we can only hope...

They better reunite goddammit, I swear to god I’ll sue every person involved in the show I swear….😤😤😤


Can I say something?

Can the Jikook shippers stop posting things about their couple in the Taekook tag? And PLEASE can the Taekook shippers stop posting Tk things in the Jikook tag?

Its really annoying! If taekook shippers want to say smth about jikook, dont tag the couple and write ji-kook or ji.kook for not to show on the tag

And Jikook shippers, if you want to say something about taekook write tae.kook, tae-kook, v.kook, v-kook.

Its really, really annoying this ship wars. Can’t people just live with their couples and stop saying bad things about the others OTPs? This all ship wars thing are making the army fandom horrible.

Please, taekook shippers. STOP saying that Jimin should leave BTS because BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT JIMIN!

And jikook shippers, please STOP saying that Taehyung should leave BTS because BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT TAEHYUNG

And seriously, how can you even say smth like that? You are not a real fan if you think someone should leave the group. If you think they should leave just because a ship thing, please dont call yourself an army. Its disgusting.

Sometimes it seems like everyone just care about Taekook and Jikook and forget the group.

Do you all forgot Vmin? The best friends 4ever vmin? These too cant live without each other.

Jimin would be broken if Taehyung leave and Taehyung would be broken if Jimin leave.

Stop think only about Taekook and Jikook and start to think about Vmin; the best brotp ever.

These two just love each other so much and can you imagine how they and all bangtan would be sad because of this…thing you all are doing!

(Sorry, for the bad English)

FRANCIS AND MARY ICONS from 2x02 - 2x04, requested by anonymous

Sorry about the wait, Nony! The show practically sucked the life outta me and I was so miserable I couldn’t bring myself to make anything. But luckily, I’m slowly coming out of it! So, here we go!

  • All icons are 128x128
  • Again, I mostly kept them simple with some exceptions bc 84 new icons so I thought I’d experiment (which didn’t go all that bad, I suppose)
  • Obviously, some black and white icons are included bc I love black and white icons
  • Feel free to use, no credit necessary!

You can find them all HERE! Just use the filter to get to the episode you want. :)

Hope you find something to your liking!

I was rereading the end of poa (as I do on a weekly basis ofc), and what always hits me is how Jo very subtly expresses Remus’s and Sirius’s emotions?? like when Hermione accuses Remus of helping Sirius and wanting Harry dead and being a werewolf, Jo says that “an odd shiver passed over his face” like??? what??? does that even mean??? and how they constantly communicate without words. and the subtle hints at Remus’s depression after Sirius dies. she barely ever explains anything about them, and it almost feels like the kind of thing that you can only fully understand with some background knowledge, ya know?? maybe it’s supposed to show how close the Marauders were or smth??? I dunno it’s just v strange and I actually sort of love it