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Here :))) I hope you like this ;-; and your English is just fine ok -.-

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  • The unromantic boyfriend.
  • He’s more of a best friend than a boyfriend, I suppose.
  • He will be sweet and caring, but it will be in a friendlier manner.
  • Doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It’s more like he cannot really express himself romantically.
  • He was very scared to tell you at first, and didn’t want to ask you out bc he knew he won’t be as available for you.
  • but you wouldn’t have it
  • one day you asked him directly
  • at first he laughed it off and tried to deny it.
  • but your lingering gaze made you spill the beans
  • he at last confessed, but also said it’d be better if you didn’t date him bc he wasn’t confident he’d make a good boyfriend.
  • you. wouldn’t. have. it
  • and i’m proud of you for that
  • you kept on persisting and trying to make him understand
  • you didn’t try to burden him and you weren’t because apparently he had put a stone in his heart to not date you and that itself was a bigger burden
  • one day you lost it and just kissed him
  • “If you’re still going to deny me idk what else to do”
  • he kissed you again, and a tear escaped his eyes.
  • he was very scared bc he knew he couldn’t be the perfect boyfriend
  • but he realised he liked you a lot and it was perfect in it’s own way.
  • okay now back to present -
  • you both didn’t get to meet a lot
  • but you both would talk over the phone at least five mins before going to sleep
  • and every time you both managed to meet
  • you couldn’t stop kissing him
  • it barely gave you both time to talk but you did it over the phone so it kinda compensated
  • and Mark was kinda shy so he was glad you initiated the kisses because he couldn’t
  • poor baby
  • Donghyuck was a sidekick who always said he won’t help you out with A N Y T H I N G
  • but he always had both of yours’ back and could put his life at stake to make sure you both are doing well
  • Johnny was like an irritating older sister nosing too much into your relationship
  • Taeyong offered to teach you how to make Mark’s favourite dishes
  • though he wasn’t the most expressive you knew he cared about you
  • and loved you to the moon and back ♥

Hope you liked this it was so rushed

things I need:

the series as told by texts Viktor sends Chris cause damn it he needs someone to have bro-talk with:

  • Chris the onsen Yuri mentioned is so pretty and the food is so good! I am in heaven you should come over!!
  • Chris I think I read out chemistry wrong for some reason Yuri won’t let me spend the night with him and I wanted to talk more!!
  • ok so Makkachin loves Yuri already which is just, the #1 requirement of course, but now Makkachin gets to sleep with Yuri while I don’t!!!
  • so we bath together everyday and I wanna consider that a win but like, strangers bath together all the time over here so it’s a bit of a hollow victory… his ass is great though
  • I asked and he is single!!! he didn’t comment on his exes so I’m guessing he doesn’t have any so that means I have to do better than usual like, first experience should be at least decent right?
  • I re-watched the video of him skating my program and I’m really sure that he was skating for this girl Yuko who is really nice and her daughters are really big fans… but does that mean he was into her at the time? or maybe before? his best friends are married to each other so I know it’s like that now but should I be worried?
  • the good: I always get to be on the family reunions; cons: my Japanese is still crap and his parents don’t have very good English…
  • people in this town are really nice? like yeah people took pictures of us during the first week but now no one minds us? they just say hi everyday? this is so neat you should visit someday
  • I tried bonding on something besides skating and got my ass beat on Mortal Combat X, wtf is up with those graphics?
  • I literally could not sleep the rest of the night cause he was very excited about showing me his music for the new program (it is very good so be ready), but he did that by jumping on my bed, straddling me and looming over me while wearing shorts… do I need to explain?
  • ok so maybe the reason I hug him in front of the press was cause a bunch of skaters younger than me were drooling over him but can you blame me?
  • I think we are oddly similar when drunk which is kinda good but not really what will make people think we are real professionals
  • CHRIS LOVED SEEING YOU IN CHINA!! yes that was our first kiss, yes I know we are advancing slower than expected, but I might as well be walking on cloud 9 so who cares!!
  • oh so you heard I left Russia, no we didn’t have a fight, but Makkachin got sick and Yuri loves us so much that he convinced me to go over to Makkachin instead of staying and doing my job as coach… Chris when would anyone else do that? who else would love me enough for that? I just… I knew I was a goner but I need to make this permanent ok
  • I have been carrying a ring since we left Japan and saying that I’m waiting for the finals to be over is just me being a coward ok I can admit it you don’t have to say it
  • yes Chris we did get engaged that same night, no I did not propose first cause as usual he keeps surprising me, if this is our lives from now then I am really blessed
  • we will crush you today no matter how much I love you old friend, so watch out for my fiance ;)
BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Asking Them if They Want to Makeout

Namjoon: “Let me finish this and then we can.” Work first and then…where was I going with this?

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Taehyung: “Then come over here.” Little pup would be so eager and ready don’t even gotta ask twice.

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Hoseok: “Well aren’t you eager today?” He’ll most likely tease you until you finally just pull him into a kiss and then… ((;

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Jin: “I know it’s hard to keep your lips off of all of this” headass

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“Have a kiss instead.” he’ll do this just to get you mad.

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Jungkook: “Is that really all you want? Or is it something more?” fucking bye


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Yoongi: "I know that not what you really want.”


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Jimin: ”Good because I was just about to ask you the same thing. Great minds think alike.”

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Miles Davis

During a break in a concert in 1970, a furious Gary Bartz walked into the dressing room. “Miles,” exhorted the saxophonist, “I hate what Keith is doing behind me! I don’t like what this motherfucker is doing. I want freedom, I don’t want him to play when I play!” Davis replied, “OK, I’ll take care of it,” and sent someone to fetch the keyboardist. Bartz had left by the time the pianist walked in, and Davis told him, “Gary just came in here and said that he loves what you’re playing behind him. Gary said, ‘Play a little more.’" 

By the end of the following set, Bartz was ready to go to blows with Jarrett.

Okay so I’ve only made one post about Fantastic Beasts and that was to shade some people but like honestly…

I’m emotional still. I’ve seen it twice and I want to watch it again. I want it projected onto my gravestone when I die. 

-Ok so Newt is the purest thing on this Earth and I just need to give him a hug and he’s such a little dork (’mummy’s here’ and remember it’s MUMMY bc my boy is as british as they come and if I see one more person write mommy I’m gonna flip)
-Jacob is a beautiful soft man and I need him as a friend thank 
-Tina is like.. 11/10 pls let her be my mum 
-Queenie.. The adorable BAMF that she is… is so pure (honestly i’m so gay she’s the best)
-And of course I have to mention my boy Credence (like wtf was that shit how daRE? I’m still so upset about it like what… Why? I honestly have no idea how to deal with these things bc he was just so… small) 
-Is the real Graves okay and alive omg where’s he at
-ew we all know what I’m talking about lmao 
-The actual creatures in the film tho they were all so magical and beautiful and so adorable (look I’m not saying I want them all I’m just saying it’d be great if I had 100% of them) 
-Collin Farrell (60/11 pls)
- credenceˈkriːd(ə)ns/noun1.belief in or acceptance of something as true (do you ever just cry about this?)
-Manipulation shown perfectly and although it was so painful to watch it was so good 
-(Grindelwald… why in the fuck was he american when he’s really not supposed to be and WHAT in the world did he mean like what was he talking about I bet Newt just stood there like???? bc me too???)
-lmao Ezra Miller being 12/10 somehow and making me cry like bitch excuse me 
-aaaay fellow gingers 
-I want someone to look at me with as much love as Newt holds for all his creatures
-Great haircuts (looking at u Credence bc tbh it looked okay? but that might just be the magic of ezra miller looking good all the time 
-A film with a Hufflepuff main character hells yeh (tho I am a slytherin but that’s not the point bc hufflepuffs are adorable) 
-Credence deserved better he better get better things later on (I swear if he gets hurt anymore I will cry)
-the beautiful everything except for that one blob of toxic waste near the end lmao

So yeh

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Jimin Scenario: In Our Hearts.

Request: FINALLY RESQUEST ARE OPEN!🎉Ok i’ll stop lol. a Jimin scenario when he has to tell his first born daughter that soon she’s going to have a sibling and she’s a bit said ‘cause she think her parents will love him/her more then her. Just wanted to thank you for this future scenarios. Fighting!❤️

Genre: Fluff / Family.

-Listen here Minah- Jimin when the little girl had finished her ice cream. You had just had lunch and at that time Jimin and you had agreed to give your daughter the big news, she was going to have a little brother or sister.

Jimin and you had thought this through, you were beyond happy with the news since you wanted little Minah to have a sibling, you wanted your family to grow so when you had found out about the pregnancy you two had thrown a little party in your bedroom. Now you wanted Minah to share the same enthusiasm you had, you had read about it and the general advice was to treat the pregnancy as a positive event and to assure your first child that the love you had for them would be just the same after the birth of the second child. 

Minah was a lovely girl and Jimin and you were loving parents so you thought you could so much nail this, so you had had a special lunch with dessert included and were now about to drop the news to your little girl.

-Mommy and I have good news for you, for everybody-

She cocked her head to the side and looked at you curiously. -What daddy? Are we going to Disneyland?- she guessed excitedly. -Please daddy, mommy, say yes-

You giggled nervously and searched for Jimin’s hand under the table, you were suddenly nervous about your daughter’s reaction, since it wasn’t Disneyland at all. -Not this time honey, but I promise we will go to Disney in the futre ok?-

Minah sighed deeply, her little shoulders going up and down. -Then what is it?- she gasped. -Are we going for more ice cream?-

You giggled again, and you squeezed Jimin’s hand to say the news before she kept guessing, since Minah was an avid speaker and didn’t waste time to speak her mind. 

-No Minah, you just had ice cream- Jimin said licking his lips, looking at you for just a second to see you nodding in approval before his eyes went back to Minah who was probably thinking her next guess. -Mommy is pregnant- she cocked her head again and you pushed Jimin with your elbow so he elaborated, Minah despite being a smart five year old still hadn’t learned all words and forgot about the difficult ones at times. -You are going to have a brother or sister- Jimin said excitedly and you cheered.

She smiled hesitantly and looked down to her empty bowl of ice cream, completely silent.

-What do you think sweetie?- you asked when she didn’t say anything.

Minah shrugged. -Ok-

Jimin and you looked at each other, that wasn’t the reaction you were expecting, you had read what to do if she got angry or sad, or in the best case scenario if she got really happy, but you hadn’t read about indifference. 

-Ok?- you repeated. -Do you like the news?-

-It means ok mommy- she answered surprising you. Jimin gasped a little. -I’ll go play- she said before standing up from the chair and going to her room to play with her dolls and figurines, Jimin and you too astounded to do anything else at the moment.

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“Hey, Derek, don’t be so grumpy. We just put the scarf on you because you lacked school spirit.”

“I don’t even go here anymore.”

“But you did last year! Ha! And now you’re here to visit your boyfriend and take him out on a date to Hogsmeade.”

“Yeah, I am.”

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Urata’s Twitter Accounts suspended

Just to let you know, he’s not planning to make a new account -the whole thing should be sorted out soon so watch out for accounts imitating him! Also the USSS_info account is down too??????

Urata’s LINE message:

Urata: From now on I have to send messages from here!

For some reason my Twitter and Sub accounts have been completely suspended 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

However, I’m OK so everyone please don’t worry about me! (*゚∀゚*)

Urata: I guess, it’s probably because I tweeted “po”..


Urata: (photo of ‘soil’ ice cream)

Urata: Yesterday I ate soil.. Today will the soil stop..

Urata: It seems that there are accounts imitating me so please be careful okay?

If I make a new account, and my friends don’t say anything and I don’t announce it on LINE@, then you know that something’s up!

Urata: Everyone, Impersonation is something really bad, but harassing the person behind the account is also bad!

I don’t like that kind of behaviour, it’s just like what an anti would do!

For now let’s just stay silent and block their spam

I’m glad that so many people are thinking of me, but I hope you do not fill everyone’s timelines with nasty things

Urata: If you’re going to tweet, tweet about something fun you did today, or something funny, which I think is even better!

Urata: Right now my stomach hurts (overate)

Urata: Good night-tanuki!!!!!

also the other utaite’s reactions to this are so funny ww uratas gonna kill you guys when he comes back

Sakata: I’ll never forget you, Urataniki

Mafumafu: Urata’s Twitter (main and sub) seems to have been suspended, and right now we’re looking for a way to recover. The person himself was rolling around the slide and dryly laughing and saying ‘just joke about it~!!!’ in desparation and desolation. I’m very worried about him, so for the time being I’ll protect him.

Amatsuki: Uratan will continue to live in our hearts

Thank you, Uratan

See you soon, Uratan

Recently I’ve been feeling especially cold, so please take care of yourself, Urata-san

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okay so i know it's been days but i'm still shook by dan's response to that isg question abt boy troubles. "i get that on every possible level" daniel james howell leT ME LIVE MY LIFE IN PEACE (side note i'm not demon or anything i just really want both of them to be happy and comfortable and the fact that dan is slowly becoming more open about sexuality and stuff makes me super happy for him i'm just CURIOUS AS FUCK now that he's started bringing it up all the time ok rant over now thx adz bye)

m8888 i GET YOU not to mention during the liveshow last night he went on a huge ramble about sexuality (& labels) like oh my god it’s so nice to see him so happy and comfortable and open to talk about that stuff after so many years of hush hush (understandable hush hush tho)….

Pick Me

With me reaching 500 followers i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that picked me :) This account and fandom bring such joy and comfort to me and you are all part of that…..

OK so Derek has seen Stiles spending more and more times with Lydia and starts to believe that Stiles is falling for her before he’s had the chance to tell him how he feels…….

Okay here it is. Your choice. It’ s simple. Her or me. And I’m sure she’ s really great. But Stiles, I love you, in a really, really big – pretend to rip your throat out, let you make the pack plans, hold a radio over my head outside your window – unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.

We all know, it was always Derek ;)

Ok so I just watched Leon's trial again and here's the thing

I still cry when I watch it. Even more so now honestly. Each time I’m reminded how freaking unfair it was. Not just to him as a victim, but as a character. He had no choice. I want to know what went down in that room. Yes, it was dumb of him to meet someone in their room, but he put his trust in Maizono. The only musical person in the whole building was obviously going to be the one this aspiring Rockstar would have pushed to be with. She inspired him, and in a moment of weakness created by admiration, he let his guard down and trusted her. This actually proves him to be more trusting and heartfelt than her, who in that moment, wanted to frame another who trusted her so she could get out. Leon does not carry any of the characteristics of a murderer and it pains me all the time that someone innocent at heart could still be sentenced to such a horrible end to barely be mentioned again. That’s another thing that bothers me. He was completely wasted as a character. It seems every character plays a bigger role or had more screen time. Why waste a complex, we’ll designed, full of potential character? Maizono is shown as a major character still, junko is obviously, and everyone else was given more screen time than him. It makes me upset that some ultimately boring characters survived. I think leon had a lot of potential for character development and just as the character he was. Keep in mind this is, at the end of the day, my interpretation. Yall can think what you want but I’m not going to be convinced.

on victor nikiforov

ok so i just keep thinking about this so here are more thoughts on victor as a character

  • victor is amused and intrigued and fascinated by yuri. he recognizes his insane potential and excellence and wants to see him succeed. all that said, I still don’t think he actually takes coaching seriously and I still don’t think he actually takes yuri seriously just yet
  • the reason I say this is because his former coach has reiterated several times that victor only thinks about himself, that he’s not really a coach, and even yuri wonders how long this is going to last, even as he devotes himself to showing the world love and how he alone has captured the attention of victor
  • the thing is, we truly don’t know much about victor yet, about his backstory, and even though a lot of the time we get running commentary about what’s going on inside the character’s heads, we have yet to see what was actually going through victor’s mind at the very moment when he was watching the video of yuri skating his own routine- we’ve just received hearsay
  • what i’m trying to say here is that for all I’m seeing, for victor, this is all still an escape. from what, I don’t know, but it seems so very odd to me that he’d suddenly drop everything- literally everything- to go train a skater in Japan who he’s only met once
  • what is he running from? you can’t tell me he just did this because he was “bored” and because he wanted to surprise his audiences by doing something unexpected. no. I don’t buy that.
  • because behind that cute, perfect and polite facade victor is undeniably calculating and shrewd. he’s observant af (obviously) and he’s very good at reading people’s weaknesses and the strengths underneath.
  • until now, yuri has seen victor as an idol, someone to look up to, and only now is he beginning to uncover victor’s shortcomings as a coach and starting to see him as a human and not as a god. but victor- does victor see yuri as anything more than a project?
  • when yuri is standing in front of him, about to have a meltdown from anxiety, victor observes that skaters’ hearts are as fragile as glass. where did that observation come from? where is he speaking from? yes, yuri is freaking out and understandably so, given his history of lacking confidence in himself. but it’s an interesting choice of words from victor, and one that sounds almost detached
  • for all that we’ve seen of the interior monolgues of almost all the other skaters- chris’s memories of first meeting victor ten years ago, leo finding a connection to music to help him stay motivated, phichit’s goal to be the first thai skater to make history, georgi’s hangups over anya, and yurio’s determination to beat yuri no matter what, we’ve gotten remarkably little insight into victor’s mind himself
  • funny, isn’t it? considering that you could say victor is as much a main character as yuri is. there must be a reason, and I think that whatever’s going on inside his mind is something that will eventually bubble to the surface and complicate things.
  • really, things are going a little too smoothly. and I think whatever victor’s hiding- because I do believe he’s hiding something- is eventually going to bubble to the surface. victor and yuri aren’t on the same page yet. they’ve got an intense connection, an attraction that runs deep and a mutual sense of fascination, but they’ve got a lot of ground to cover before they are anywhere near being on level playing ground.
  • I look forward to seeing how it plays out.
explaining star wars to non-fans
  • me: so i'll start from the beginning just to make things more easy for you too understand. well...ok let's start with episode I or previous...imagine: obi wan is just a boy that nobody wants as padawan you know an "I'm still here situation" but then qui gon takes him as apprentice like you know a little "you'll be in my heart". they are master and padawan and they have to rescue the queen of naboo, doing that, they find a little kid named Anakin all "i just can't wait to be king" a sassy little boy. qui gon decides to take him as apprentice but unfortunately he dies leaving obi wan in despair and with the burden of training the boy. yoda is all "he lives in you" to obi wan and the ginger decides to train the boy on his master's will. obi wan is kind and "we are one" with the boy but the more anakin grows the more he is impertinent. anakin and the queen of naboo (padme) meet again and there's this moment of "two worlds" between them, anakin feels things he has never felt and obi wan is hella scared because "can you feel the love tonight?" and jedis cannot have relationships. anakin begins to be tormented by his feelings and visions of his mother dying and senator palpatine a "poor unfortunate souls" old bitch tries to bring anakin to the dark side. the young jedi has long days of tormented thoughts you know like "reflection" and then he starts to throw hate at obi wan. in the end anakin decides to "let it go" and becomes a sith, guess who? darth vader. padme gives birth to luke and leia and this time is obi wan who's all "you'll be in my heart".
  • luke becomes an adult and he finds obi wan who's old and all "son of a man" to luke and decides to train him as a jedi. meanwhile the badass leia a girl all "i'm almost there" is kidnapped by vader. luke meets han solo and chewbacca that are all "one jump ahed" and the adventure starts after a wonderful tavern scene like "i've got a dream" . they save leia but obi wan dies and becomes one with the force. then after some years they are on hoth a bloody cold planet, R2 and C3PO are all "love is an open door" and the empire attacks. luke flies away on daghobah where old yoda trains him in a "one last hope" style. leia and han find shelter at cloud city but then they discover that lando, han's friend, has betrayed them and there's a fantastic scene where vader sits at the table all like "be our guest" and then we'll kill you. han and leia have fallen in love in a "whole new world way" but han is frozen in carbonite and leia can't do anything to stop it. luke comes to save the day and starts fighting with vader who says to be his father in a creepy "mother knows best" way. luke escapes thanks to leia and chewbacca who rescue him. jabba's palace, leia is made slave, "prince ali" style everyone and then lando and luke try to save their friends from the sarlacc. the empire is building a new death star and leia finds the ewoks in a "happy working song" kind of way. luke fights with vader and vader gives up showing his last hint of love for his son, yes now it's vader to be all "you'll be in my heart". the rebels win, the empire is destroyed. han and leia are happy together and everyone is relieved and free.
  • many years later nobody knows where luke is, the resistance is searching for him and a sassy pilot named poe loses his droid with the long wanted map and is captured by the bad guys. meanwhile there is this girl rey who lives on a crappy sandy planet but it's all "touch the sky" and finds the droid with the map. poe is helped to escape by finn, a stormtrooper who wants to be good all "go the distance" and stuff. the bad guys are angry, general phasma, a woman pretty much "make a man out of you" is disappointed by general hux a ginger space nazi who blames kylo ren, aka ben solo, the son of leia and han who is all "i wannabe like you" for grandpa vader, he's a sith trained by supreme leader snoke a "be prepared" bitch. many things are done, finn and rey find han solo who brings them to a wise orange alien "circle of life" style who runs a tavern where rey finds luke's lightsaber and feels the force roaring "colors of the wind". rey is captured by kylo ren, the ginger nazi and the menacing phasma. thank to the force rey escapes and reunites with her new paternal figure han and her friend finn, they try to escape the base-planet-deathstar of the bad guys but kylo ren stops them. he kills his father and fights rey but the girl wins and goes away with the rebels. in the end rey finds luke who's also all "circle of life" face and the movie ends and we don't know anything more so far.
  • person: did you just explained me star wars through disney songs?
  • me: vanishes into the force.

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Hey, this might be almost the same as superheroes AU but what about x-men characters? Like.. for example Mina could be Kitty and idk, Sana - Nightcrawler or however you think/want, i just gave you an example (:

Ok I’ve only ever seen the movies, but I absolutely love X-Men and I’m gonna base this more off character personalities than their powers, but powers do come into it a little bit as well. I’m still working on the superpower AU and you can expect that one to be very different to this. Most of them are characters from the first few movies, but because I love Quicksilver so much I just had to have him in here

Nayeon - Storm 

Jeongyen - Magneto

Momo - Wolverine

Sana - Mystique

Jihyo - Professor X

Mina - Jean

Dahyun - Quicksilver

Chaeyoung - Kitty

Tzuyu - Rouge

Dating Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi) Would Include-

- ok but this small bean would shower you in compliments 25/8 and he even did it before you were dating

- “oh hey (name) you look nice today. like always”

- ok but if you compliment him back he’ll get all shy and blushy and you’re just like bOI

- he will do aegyo for you if you’re sad and dance to beyonce songs to cheer you up

- speaking of beyonce

- if you have a little accomplishment he’ll be more proud than you are and be like-


- ok he’s just so cute and loves cuddles and kisses and pda and love ok

- so make sure you shower him in those things because it will make him happy for the whole day 

- ok but if he has an interview and is asked about you he’ll get so excited and will lose subject and just say what he loves about you which is literal everything about you

- he’ll say something really cheesy like “you’re my whole world” and mean it and he’s just so loving towards you

- ok but let’s be real he’ll teach you all the dances and he’ll start rambling on how cute and perfect you are when you make a little mistake

- ok but if you comment how perfect this bean is he’ll get so embarrassed and it will mean a lot to him

- ok but he gets childishly jealous

- you’re sitting on the couch? jealOUS WHY ARENT YOU SITTING ON HIS LAP? you’re petting a dog? wHY ARENT YOU RAKING YOUR HANDS THROUGH HIS HAIR?

- ok but he loves getting surprise kisses from you he just lives for them ok

- he’ll liking kissing your cheek and holding your hand a lot

- he seems like the type to put your hands in his pockets if they get cold


- flippity flop stop being perfect

- ok but lowkey has a photo album on his phone filled with pictures of you sleeping ok (i promise u this bean isnt a stalker he just loves u very much and wants to see ur pictures when hes away on tour since he misses you a lot)

- ok but dating this boy will mean a lot of love, pda, complimENTS, PLAYFUL FITES AND DANCING AND DSJHFSJDHGSJDH ok fLUFF

Dating Series Masterlist

Ok stop everything for a second and just imagine your OTP with person A pushing person B against a wall and grinding aginst him in such a sexy and rough way and then telling him he wants to take him right now… Person B blushes but then reaches for the other’s ear and whispers he wants to fuck him too and Person A gets so fucking turned on at the idea

Gotham Preferences - First I Love You (Just Jerome)

Jerome Valeska

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You were on your way to see Jerome. You had heard that someone killed his mother and you want to be with him. You and Jerome had started dating a month after you two meet and you couldn’t be more happy. You knock on the door, and wait few minutes. Jerome open the door and looked shocked. “(Y/N), what are you doing here.” Jerome asked. “I want to see how you were doing, I heard about your mother.” You said grabbing his hand. He frowned and look away. “We need to talk, but not here.” Jerome whispered. “Um ok.” Jerome grabbed your hand and you two walked away from the circus. “Jerome what wrong.” You asked a little worried. Jerome look down at the ground. “You have to promise me you won’t hate me after I tell you this.” You frowned. “I could never hate you.” You said. Jerome took a deep breath and then look at you. “I killed my mother.” You looked at him shocked. “What, why?!?” You asked. “I couldn’t any more, she just kept pushing me. She always nagging me to do stuff, when she gets drunk and has sex with different guys every night, and I just couldn’t take it any more. She never love me, every year on my birthday, her and this guy would get drunk and beat the shit out of me.” Jerome looked away. “I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore.” You just looked at him. You knew what he did was wrong, but you knew how he felt. Your mother get drunk and beat you all the time. You walked over to Jerome and kissed him. He was shocked at first but soon kissed back. “I love you, Jerome and this will not change that.” You said pulling away from the kiss. “I love you, too” Jerome said before kissing you again. 


THIS POST IS A LONG POST ABOUT FUCKING TOM CASSELL LITERALLY. IF YOU DONT AGREE OR GET OFFENDED JUST SCROLL ON. SO Tom is a great guy. I love him, more than puppies ok. But there is a vibe i get off him that i could place. UNTIL TODAY. Tom has a bright personally, and every human and animal falls in love with him. Alright here the thing there is joking around, flirting and then there is Tom. We see many ships dedicated to this man. Cuz we can picture him and the other together. IT MAKES SENSE. I felt really crazy about this ok. Tom wants everything he can get. Not in a bad way. He can get what he wants cuz he know that they love him and he has so many people who look at him and smile right away. Examples: Tom wants a world. Boom Mianite is born, Declan worked hard on it cuz that sounds like a cool idea, Tucker joins cuz his best mate wanted him to. Captainsparklez joins cuz tom asked. EVERYONE WHO STUCK AROUND IN SEASON ONE WAS INVITED BY: GUESS WHO? TOM. (Tucker asked tom first if he could invite sonja) Then comes Season two, things didnt go as tom planned so he wasnt completely apart of it. Although James became apart of it because of, again Tom. Tom, gets what he wants. Because everyone who has a brain loves this guy. I feel as if he’d fuck everyone if that was what he wanted, and everyone would be like sure lets do it. Cuz they love him and his happiness and passion is something they want too.