i just wanted more ben on my blog

Meeting was ok. I have not been officially penalized for anything, at least no one told me I was or mentioned anything (and I got messages on other random stuff.) It seems the matter is at rest. Maybe. I just have to be hyper vigilant and careful.

Met with random bio. It was alright. They cried when they heard about the kids and what the kids have been through and their life long delays/disabilities. Afterwards, my kid’s sibs’ foster moms really took the workers to task and it was beautiful. They will be a lot more vigilant in the supervising of these new visits now, I think. They also now understand how pissed both of us are that we have to just shut up and wait for TPR papers to be filed when they want to get around to it while our anxiety is through the roof.

All in all, not awful.

Poll: should my foster son’s new blog name be Ben, since I have a parks and Rec theme now, or Merry, because I love the lord of the rings?

I’m Still Me!

As most of you have noticed in the past few days… weeks… I have dived back into the Star Wars fandom, a little more than I had been during TFA’s release and in light of new… *ahem* obsessions... I’ve decided to give my blog a total revamp… not just theme wise… I’m going all out and changing everything. From URL to icon to motto to sidebar… but I just wanted to let all my friends and besties and mutuals know that I’m still gonna be the same old blogger… a multifandom one and still very much actively involved with my Flash fam, I can’t ever leave you guys!!! I mean… I’m already working on Year 3 of Snowells Week!!! One can never start too soon and technically I’ve been planning it since last year… hehehe… and I just… I can’t ever stop being a Cavanatic fangirl and a different/new url isn’t going to change that!!! And I mean helloooo… Sherlock is still airing and I still love HP after all these years so nothing about what I blog is gonna change… there’s probably just gonna be a little more Star Wars!!! ^^

And since this is my last official post as ‘Supercavanatic’ (I am saving the url though so if I ever want to change back, it’s gonna be there for me!), I just wanted to thank a couple of people who have been THE MOST HELPFUL over this past week!!! 

my dear little sister @theblackwook was kind enough to help me out with the new header, and for being so… hmm… what’s the polite word for this? being the biggest tease there ever has been… and I love her for it!!! despite everything I say, she is still my dear Wookie!!! *hugs*

to my buddy @sventysix for the new icon and helping me pick the motto, you are seriously the bestest best friend I could ever ask for… and even though we’ve been friends since Flash s1 and crying over Whouffaldi… the fact that you were the one who dragged me into Mendelhell means I should thank you for all of this really. And even for being such a supportive friend, she really is awesome!!! I got your back Lucy!!! always!!! 

I also have to thank two more of my friends, @iamyoonseoktrash and @wolfca-lochdubh who, despite not being as deep in the Star Wars fandom as I am, they are still really… just… always there for me… even if its to… join in the shenanigans of Wookie and Lucy (AS IF THE TWO OF THEM AREN’T ENOUGH!) but honestly, I don’t mind it… most of the time! *grumbles* hehehe!!!

and also, I just wanted to say that the Ben Mendelsohn fandom has been one of the best fandoms I’ve considered myself lucky to be a part of… just…. everything about them is fun, hilarious, teasing, supportive and sooooo wonderful all around… and OMG!!!! I cannot make a post about Mendelhell without mentioning @ben-mendelsohn-trash and @daddyorsonkrennic and their…. A-MAZING fic writing!!!! because yes, it is probably one of the most nsfw stories i’ve read, but good god, it is the best one too!!! :p

but it would be remiss of me to not thank the most important person without whom I probably would have still been on the fence about this!!! @ageless-aislynn was the one who helped me choose the name I wanted to use!!! thank you my dear!!! ^____^ 

without further ado, it’s time to say goodbye to being Supercavanatic and hello to my new URL!!!