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Headcanon 2

So idk if this has been done before, but consider Logan getting sucked into some type of work and forgetting to take care of himself so Morality brings him meals and will say “hey, I brought some food for thought!”


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

@thatsthat24 I just wanted to remind you that the fanders truly do love and care about you. I hope that things are going well in your life. I know you have been going through some stuff with your family member passing. I just wanted to remind you that this will pass and get easier. I love what you do for all of us and hope that things get better for you quickly. Love you lots <3

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When Logan found out that the farmhouse was invaded. He saw his clone kidnapped Laura. But he decided to rush upstairs and called out for Charles. He chose Charles over Laura.

It’s just a split second, but god what a terrible, HORRIBLE moment that must have been for him? I mean, to have to make a decision, to go after his daughter who is being dragged away by something wearing his face, or to go after Charles who is (up until Laura) really the only thing left in the world that he cares about…I can’t even imagine that there’s ever been a harder one he’s had to make??? (Maybe at the end of X3, with Jean and the Dark Phoenix?) 

Logan’s life is so full of loss and tragedy and impossible choices…it makes my heart hurt just thinking about it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


“Please don’t call me that… my name is Logic.” (im dying over here w/ these asks on @logic-sanders)

character: *doesnt wish to be called their legal/birth name*
me: theyre either trans or someone hurt them. maybe both.

  • jess: *screams at rory for not living her life the way HE expected years ago*
  • logan: make your decision based on what you want for you. you do what you want.

I would like to take a moment to say something. I’ve been ranting on about Logan for a few days now, but that’s not ending quite yet. I haven’t been a member of the X-Men fandom for much longer than a year. Now I’ve known who Wolverine was since I was a kid. He was the awesome guys with claws that go “snikt”. He was the one who brought me into this fandom. He’s the guy who ultimately brought me into a whole new world that I love with all my heart. I’ve made so many friends because of him. I may only be fourteen as I write this, and I haven’t had the emotional attachment many of you have, but I just want to thank Hugh Jackman for seventeen years of playing Logan Howlett, Wolverine. In those seventeen years, he’s made me laugh, he’s made me cry, he’s made me want to fight, and he’s made me want to cry more. So thank you Hugh, for years of entertainment, and lots of yelling whilst doing it. I will never forget the legacy you’ve created.

Happy Birthday

(A/N): happy birthday anon! 

Request: Hey! Love your writing. =) Would you consider writing an birthday imagine with Logan? Thursday is my b-day. Thank youuu   

Warnings: hints of smut

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   It was the soft touched along your waist that woke you up, the lingering feeling of warmth behind you, a pair of soft lips pressed against the skin of your neck. 

   “Happy Birthday sweet thing,” The usually gruff voice of Logan is even gruffer, given how long he’d been asleep. You hum softly and push back against Logan, a small smirk rising to your lips as you do so. 

   “Thanks baby,” Logan chuckles softly, his chest pressing against your back as you do so. He hated the pet names you’d given him, from cuddly boo bear down to most normal ones such as Honey or Baby but occasionally he would simply laugh it off as though it didn’t phase him at all. 

   “What do you plan on doing for your big day?” Logan’s arms wrap around you a little tighter as he pulls you back against him, his lips still nipping at your neck. 

   “I don’t know, I was thinkin’ maybe just spending some time with you. Have a beer or two, maybe have a little birthday sex,” 

   “Really? Thought you’d want to go out, have some sappy dinner date or somethin’,” You hum once again as you snuggle further against him, relishing in the way his body was so warm and solid. 

   “Not this year. I just want something more low key, spend the day with you,” Logan smiles against your neck and you can nearly feel the blush rising to his cheeks. 

   Logan would never admit but he was a total sap when it came to attention and care. He liked to believe he was this strong, burly kind of guy who didn’t need any form of affection whatsoever but in your eyes it was a totally diffrent situation, the man thrived on affection and praise. After having spent so long without he essentially needed it like he needed air to breathe and you were more than happy to be his supplier.

    “So for now,” you bring his hand to your lips, pressing a gentle kiss on his knuckle. “How ‘bout you give me some birthday cuddles?”

    “Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?” Logan asks smugly, no doubt that stupid smile on his face. 

    “Well yes but- just keep cuddling me you idiot,” Logan hums pushing against you a little more.

    “You sure you don’t want to start your day off with that Birthday sex?" 

   "Hmm, that does sound very tempting, maybe if I get a little more convincing I’ll be up for it,” You smile smugly, knowing damn well exactly you were doing to Logan. As if on cue Logan growls lowly, a harsh, deep sound that has shivers running down your spine. Logan’s lips are back on your neck, suckling softly, no doubt leaving behind marks for the entire world to see. The tiny bits of pleasure has your toes curling and your back arching. 

   This was going to be one damn good birthday.

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"If you drag me to another ball I will smite you " any ship

The Ball.

TW: nsfw comments

(sory its long, but I needed to add the ending)

“If you drag me to another ball I will smite you ” Logan snapped.

“Come on, please? You know how much I love them!” Roman plread.
“You know how much I hate them! I don’t like them. They’re full of people and they’re noisy!”

“I swear, you’re hanging out with Anxiety way too much.”  Roman sighed putting his hands to his head. Logan flinched, upset that Roman still didn’t notice how he was always sensitive to noise and crowds.

“I’m not feeling this way because-” Logan stopped himself. He needed to keep his emotions in check, Roman was clearly upset, and he needed to calm down. “Look, I’m not saying don’t go to the ball, I’m saying don’t drag me to it. Besides, I just want what you would call a “me” day.” Logan explained.

Roman sighed and put his arms around Logan and kissed his forehead.

“I’m sorry, I guess I forgot you need your alone time. You spend a lot of time with the others, that I forget you don’t have time to yourself.” Roman chuckled. “It’s funny, I always thought you secretly liked going to the ball with me.” Roman said.

“I hate Balls,” Logan sighed before looking up to face Roman, “but I do love my date to these balls.”

“Aww, how sappy.“ Roman teased.

“Looks like you’re rubbing off on me Charming!” Logan teased. Roman rolled his eyes.

“Go on, have fun on your “me” time.” Roman said smiling, walking away. Logan suddenly remembered something;

“Prince!” Roman turned around, “Ask Morality if he wants to go!”  Logan called out. Romans eyes went wide! He hadn’t spent that much time with Morality since he started dating Logan!

“Great idea! Thanks Logan!” Roman said before going on a quest to find morality.

Roman came across Morality who was playing a video game which involved running a goat into everything.

“I thought we threw that away.” Roman frowned.

“Yeah but I took it out! I was having fun being b-a-a-ad at it!” Morality gave him a cheezy grin.

“Whatever,” Roman rolled his eyes, “I was going to ask if you wanted to go to the ball with me tonight, Logan dosen’t want to go and he thought I should ask you.” Roman said, Morality lit up!

“Really?” Morality asked.

“Yeah why not? You like having fun! Plus, we haven’t spent time with each other for a long time!”

“Is there something I have to wear in specific?” Morality asked.

“Just a formal outfit.” Roman said.

“Yes! I get to make use of my new dress!” Morality cheered, standing up, “it should only take thirty minutes!”

Roman looked at him confused but shrugged, he knew it wouldn’t take thirty minutes to dress, but he shrugged it off, Morality had weird talents so maybe dressing quickly was one of them.

Prince went to his room and got his cocktail tux out, taking each piece off, and preparing to put everything where it was suppost to go.

“Hey you ready?” Logan asked after about thirty minutes.

“I’ve only put on three layers of clothes on Logan.” Roman rolled his eyes, it wasn’t true, but it sure felt like it!

“You could stay with me and take them off.” Logan teased. Roman blushed.

“Shut up and help me put this on.” Roman said.

“Why don’t I do it the other way-”

“Oh Logan, why did I let Anxiety teach you that?” Roman groaned.

“Hey, if I recall, you liked it the next day.” Logan pointed out.

“I know, but I really need to wear this, I promised Gus I would be there tonight, besides Balls may not be fun for you but they’re fun for me!”
Logan was about to answer but Morality interrupted:

“Okay I think I got it on, I just need someone to zip this up.” Morality said, Roman and Logan turned and Roman gasped in surprise.

Morality was wearing a flowing greyish-blue dress that went to the floor. The sleeves didn’t cover his shoulders, but it covered his upper arms and went as far as his elbows.

“What, is it too long? It’s the first time wearing a dress so I’m not sure if this is how its suppose to work, but it feels great and freeing! well except for the back, and the fact its about to fall off.” Morality gave a little dance that allowed the dress to flow side to side as he rambled.

“It looks gorgeous.” Logan assured him going up to him and helping him zip up the rest.

“Thanks Logan! Doesn’t it look ziptastic?!” Morality asked. Logan didn’t understand the pun, and tried to correct Morality while Roman was too stunned on the fact that he was wearing a dress.

“You-h-how-” Roman stammered. This was certainly unexpected, Morality looked great, but this was a surprise to him. He didn’t even know his friend liked dresses!

“What?” Morality asked frowning.

“It’s-” Roman realized he was staring at his confused best friend so he cleared his throat and regained his composure.

“It looks great Morality! I’m sorry I didn’t expect you to be wearing a dress!”

“Oh yeah! Logan told me to get it when he noticed me staring so I just got it! Oh, do you need help with that? It can be such a pain!” Morality started ranting about why he thought dresses were better than tuxes as he proceeded to help Roman with his tux.

Roman was flustered, but nodded along, listening to his friend as he tried to stay still, adding an occasional “huh really?”

Logan just smiled at how cute his boyfriend and best friend looked.

(Anxiety was too tired to care and hated anything that wasn’t sweatpants, his jacket and his headphones. He was asleep when the others went to check on him and Moralitu left another note for Anxiety to read if he woke up early again.)