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In this post, you will find { &;  348 440 } small/medium gifs of Daisy Ridley, as requested by anonymous. I do not own any of the gifs below, I simply found them on several blogs, and the sources are listed below all the gifs. If you would like your gif removed, please shoot us a message politely. Please like/reblog if you use, or to spread it around! I apologise for duplicates, but I’m only human. 

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Dahlia Is A Bad Fantroll 2015



Her hair isnt naturally red. Click here to read why her hair is dyed that way!

Her tail is fake and was given to her by her moirail. Click here to read the full thread that has almost 600 notes and includes 5 different chapters that are stuffed full of character development!

Why are her eyes bright pink? Find out more about it by clicking here!

And click here to find out why I decided to keep her mutation!

And heres my never ending cat tag for braymax cause no hard feelings yeah? Click here for cyats.

Remember when we were kids and we used to do research projects..

And they always told you to chose your sources according to their accuracy? They always made sure that the webpage you chose to take information from had a work cited page with reliable information.

Well here it is.

I would like to point out that not only is the fantrolls please stop explanation only 2 sentences long and the fantrolls please continue explanation is an entire paragraph…but if you would kindly refer to each link above you will see that while Dahlia at first glance looks like a nightmare she truly has enough information and explanations to back her up.

But I dont really need to defend myself do I? My reputation in this damn community is sparkling clean and frankly I dont give a damn rather you find her appalling or not.

In fact I made a whole tutorial on WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE A DAMN! GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE TO SEE IT (Honestly you should read this I compare fantroll making to porn and thats truly one of my best accomplishments of all time)


I just wanna remind everyone that I’m a real person with real feelings so heres my face can you believe it. Its almost like behind every computer is a person with feelings and things to do in their life and problems and wow REAL…HU..MAN..S???? WOW

So heres what I do give a damn about. When I went to Acen (The best anime convention ever) I cosplayed Dahlia. I met up with 2 of the most friendly homestucks I have ever met. They pulled me aside and began to ask me about fantrolls. One was already in fantrolls and told me they actually had to leave the fantroll community because of how much hate they got.

That made me sick. I understand fantrolls please stop isnt hating on the individuals themselves but they are fueling the fire because once you make those characters public you instantly put a target on whoever owns that character.

The second one began to ask me on how to get into the fantroll community but after overhearing me and the veteran fantroller talk I could tell she was second guessing herself and you know what

I COULDNT EVEN FUCKING BLAME HER?? You gotta have tough skin to be in this hell hole 

But the point of this post is I just wanna stand by what I said in that tutorial I listed above, what I told that person at Acen, and what I’ve told everyone whos ever come to me with the fear of getting hate;

Fuck em.


Theres an option on the fantrolls please stop blog to remove a post but…

Im gonna keep it there.

I want it to be there because (If i do say so myself) Dahlia Sawyer is a damn good fantroll that has enough pages of information and RPs to back that up and I want to prove to the fantroll community that you can receive hate and you can be shit on for your character design and still have a damn good mother fucking fantroll.

Because making a fantroll is a lot like making porn

Some people will be into it

Others wont

But as long as you yourself like it

Then who the fuck cares.


Hey Taylor!

My name is Jordyn and on November 24th im going to be turning 16 years old! Im really excited to turn 16 and i really hope you somehow see this post!! All I want for my birthday this year (and for my bday for many years) is for you to notice me so heres to hoping you see this!

Turning 16 this year is a really big deal for me because this year marks 9-10 years that I have been a fan of you! Now i know that may hard to believe, but i actually have a cd called Biggest Hits 2006 that has Our Song on it! I still remember partying to Our Song in the car when i was just a little girl with my family! I fell in love with you because you seemed like the happiest and nicest girl, and we were both from Pennsylvania! I still love you for those reasons, but also because over the years you have become the epitome of a woman that i would love to be. To me, you are the definition of strong, brave, beautiful, and hardworking. I couldnt have found a better person to look up to for the past 10ish years!

Im making this post in hopes of you randomly seeing in on your dash, and maybe reading it! I will forever be so honored that you decided to follow me last November 19th, and even if thats all the interaction i will ever have with you, im so honored I can call you a mutual :) I dont really make posts for you to see a lot because I kinda just like blogging and being myself on here, but i really do hope that if you have ever come across my posts you have smiled, or laughed (or scrolled down fast if you have seen my 1D fangirling 😂😂). Everyday I check to see if you still follow me, and everyday you make me smile a little brighter when i can confirm that you are still on my followers list! I love imagining that you secretly adore me, and silently stalk me and my blog, and that one day we will maybe someday meet! Ive come so close to you over the past 10 years, and although its been hard seeing a bunch of my friends getting to meet tou, i still have hope that someday we will cross pasts!

I just wanted to thank you for always being you, no matter if others want to change you! Your music, you personality, everything about you is so perfect and its always so refreshing to see someone like you in the media! Thank you so so much for doing so many things for us fans, like inviting some of my friends to the 1989 Secret Sessions and sending packages to others! I have made so many amaZing friends because of you and i will forever be externally grateful for that. Your music always puts a smile on my face, and it has always been a source of happiness and inspiration to me! I hope one day i can thank you for your amazing talents and efforts at making us fans so happy! Thank you for working so hard to put smiles on our faces everyday.

I really hope you are doing well. I hope Mama Swift is doing better (pleaze thank her for being so awesome and still coming to so many shows this tour), and i hope the rest of your family is doing well too! I pray everyday that you will find someone that you can love forever and that will take care of you, and I know that if you havent already found that person, you will find them soon! Take care of yourself babe, your health and happiness is more important to me than anything else! I look forward to seeing more of you (hopefully) over the next few years, and hopefully for the rest of my life!

Thank you for affecting me in such an amazingly positive way, thank you for being such a wonderful constant in my life, thank you for always being true to yourself. If you took time out of your busy day to read this post, thank you so much! If you didn’t, thank you anyway for following me last year and being such an amazing person in my life!! I love you so so much and i hope one day i can tell you that in person ;)

Ps. If you wanna like this post as a bday present for me, I definitely wouldn’t mind! 😋💙💙



Not putting this under the cut >8T

I’m so sick of tumblr’s awful decisions.
Catering to everyone but the creators of the contend of this goddamn site.
(I really hope that at some point the only blogs left will be spambot porn blogs piling shit on their servers)

Where is my knight in shining armor coming up with a new platform  for us :C
Why is it that the creators have to go through sooo much shit just to make sure they get credited for their work that keeps this site alive.

The recent change with HAVING to PASTE your URL MANUALLY into this goddamn source window is awful! (which by the way I forget in 90% of the time)
It should NOT be MY additional burden to be able to receive credit when other ASSHATS remove my comment which literally erases any further possibility for anyone finding MY ORIGINAL post because tumblr thought this makes sense???
If anything they should make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the original text!
Sure erase added reblog stuff no problem, but stop BUTCHERING MY POST the text is as much part of it as the art! (and my username most importantly)
Also they made it even easier to delete my comment than before, just have to check the box ‘please spare me this artist’s lame excuse of words I want my awesome blog to be free of words just their art - button’

Now you see I’m adding my url into my pictures for a really long time now even though I know it looks crappy but I’m sure it helped me in a few cases (Yay for everyone actually bothering to just check out the url!) but people on the internet are 80% less intelligent than in real life, like literally  the moment they enter the internet their brain seems to be turned off. (In fact that is not entirely true they just get lazy and pretend they don’t know better)

Only 1 out of 10 people will realize OOOH there is an url in the picture maybe I should search for that? Nope most will be like: “Oh damn I don’t know the source  I TRIED TO FIND IT SOO HARD  BUT COULDNT  so I better repost it with 'source unknown/pinterest/weheartit)’ :’D

(By the way NEVER repost EVER just reblog or leave it be you lazy butt)

The layout of the dash is getting worse by the hour (this new thing they want to introduce with the reblogs?????? What????) and I’m so glad there is new people trying to continue Xkit because this site is unusable without people coding COUNTERMEASURES to the staff’s pointless changes.

I know this wont help anyone really, we will all go down with this shit pice of a site. I just needed to vent and want somewhere we can build a new community so badly :C
Deviantart sucks hardcore and sites like blogspot have too little 'community’ its just blogs floating in the void on their own.

'lies down in corner sobbing’