i just wanted him to have a chance at a good life

God took a broken person like me, gave me a second chance, a new start, a whole new life. I didn’t do anything to earn that. By no means did I deserve it. He gave that to me because - in spite of everything - He loved me. He wanted that for me. But I had to seek Him. I had to come before His throne just as I was and confess that I didn’t have it all together; that I needed a savior. I needed Him. And He’s always been there through the good and the bad. He’s never given up on me. Ever. I probably would’ve given up on me by now, but He hasn’t. 

He won’t give up on you either. 

And hey - if you’re looking for peace, or hope, or just a second chance, you don’t need to look any further. It’s in Him. It’s all found in our loving Father and in Him alone. He knows your pain, He’s felt it with you. He knows everything about you. Everything. And He loves you. More than you can even imagine. So many things change all the time, but that; that never will. 

Just talk to Him. He hears you. You can always come home to Christ. Always. Honestly, He’s gonna welcome you with open arms.

So, Patty Tolan?

Patty Tolan.

The other ghostbusters are scientists, right?  They’re there because Science!, or maybe in Holtzmann’s case because Boom!.  Basically all the plot has to do for Abby and Erin is dangle the chance to do real, replicable science in front of them while removing any excuse to drag their feet.  So tangible ghost + fucking fired = done.

But Patty’s not a scientist.  Patty’s got a decent job, even if it’s obviously not what she wanted out of life.  Patty’s motivation appears to be that she’s basically just a good person and responsible citizen?  I mean, obviously she wants some excitement, and to feel like she’s making a real difference, but seriously.

We first see her stuck in her little booth, trying to be cheerful and positive at commuters who appear largely indifferent, until one guy comes along who’s clearly having some sort of mental health crisis.  She stays pretty cheerful, she’s kind to him, and then she gets out of her booth and goes looking for him when he disappears and she reasonably assumes he’s in trouble. 

Like, she could very easily have called it in and washed her hands of the situation.  It’s not her fault/problem that maybe the transit cops won’t get there in time to help if this guy’s suicidal or delusional.  I’m pretty sure people doing her job aren’t even supposed to leave their booths on-shift.  But no, she gets out and goes after this bro just in case.

And meets a ghost.  A terrifying ghost.  Who scares the dick out of her.

I mean, what happens in the Aldrich Mansion? The tour guide tells his boss, who goes to Erin.  Then they stay as far as possible from the scene while the women investigate.  Patty goes herself, on her own time.  Maybe her bosses didn’t believe her, maybe she knew she’d be dismissed and didn’t bother trying to explain what she saw, but she knows something’s up, and she takes it on herself to do something about it.  And then she goes back to the scene of the haunting with them, to see what happens.

Every time they turn around, she’s handing them useful facts and history about the sites they’re investigating.  Her interest in the city is keen and backed up by extensive knowledge.  Hell, when she runs into something that shouldn’t be happening and she can’t explain, the first thing she does is head for the likeliest source of expertise to learn about it.  She’s excited by it–it’s scary and maybe dangerous, but it’s new and interesting and she wants to figure it out.

Like, Abby might want recognition on top of that, and Erin so desperately wants to be believed that she risks the scientific mission for a shot at it, but Patty just wants to fucking know.

And she feels a genuine duty to help, too.  She might not be able to build a ghost-blasting plasma-cannon, but she notices when a teammate’s mood is in the toilet and takes steps to address it.  She knows the ghost-booster isn’t supposed to be in her subway, and that this is important.  When things get ridiculously dangerous, and city hall’s smearing their names in the press, and she’s still not getting fucking paid for this, she never even looks tempted to say fuck this shit and go home.  Her little monologue about going back to her booth is more to soothe/trick the ghost standing on her fucking shoulders than sincere.

Patty’s first instinct is to pool resources, and look after people, and encourage everyone to bring what they’ve got to the table.  She might be disappointed or angry when nobody meets her halfway–the concert crowd drops her, and nobody acknowledges her compliments when she’s in her booth–but it doesn’t stop her from bringing her A-game.  When the squad rolls out to save the world, it’s wearing her uniform and driving her car.

Just Patty Tolan, everybody.

Christophe Giacometti Deserved a Gold Medal.

He was so nice to every other skater despite not having the chance of winning even once. But, look.

Look at that expression on his face. He is pissed because he couldn’t surpass Victor, and now he is being surpassed by other skaters. Still, not once has he shown a hint of discomfort to any other skater, and he has always maintained good relations with Victor too. He was pretending all this time, but it’s as if he wanted his regret to fuel his performance to betterment.

Look at him, look at his eyes. He felt so disheartened at the fact that he still stood third. Let’s not forget, he is the eldest after Victor, which means that many might be speculating his retirement as well. He wanted to surpass Victor in his life of skating, but Yuuri and Yuri beat him to it. Look at my poor baby’s eyes. Those are the eyes full of regret.

If Chris would have won the GP Final I would have been just as happy as I was when Yurio won, because he deserved a Gold Medal just as much as everyone else, probably even a little more. 

Victor Zsasz Headcanons

(I have to give a shout out to @socktrollqueen for this first one. She came up with it, I just fell in love)

  • Zsasz does karaoke every chance he gets. No one is allowed to question it.
  • Ask him his favorite holiday and he’ll tell you birthdays. Tell him that doesn’t count as a holiday and he’ll politely disagree… with a gun. He loves birthdays so much because he loves making people feel special.
  • He has a cat named Sassy that he rescued after killing the previous owner.
  • Muffins are good but cupcakes are even better. Only if the have buttercream icing though.Victor loathes whipped icing.
  • He has a younger brother that he practically raised. For years they were inseparable, but when Victor began working as an assassin they drifted apart.
  • Before life brought him to where he is now, Victor wanted to be a vet. He loves animals.
  • There’s nothing sexual going on between him and the Zsaszettes despite what the rest of Gotham thinks. They mean far too much to him to ever ruin their relationship like that.
  • He’s been in love only once. It ended in disaster so he’s closed himself off to most types of affection.
Watch Me (m)

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: kinda… sub!Wonwoo? , handcuffs

Request: Can i request a Seventeen smut. Where Wonwoo is tied up and watches you please yourself. Thank you :)  

A/N: Sometimes I think I should feel ashamed but I don’t so heey, enjoy. I have to add I’m not good with titles

This wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Actually, he hoped it was you who was in bed with handcuffed hands at the headboard and not him.

Just a few weeks ago, he’d brought some handcuffs to include them in your sex life, however, he hoped it was you who wore them while you begged for him and not him.

It had’t been planned, you simply took advantage of the chance that he was asleep to tie him.

You had been working hard for days, so you could hardly stay home despite he was having a break, so you wanted to make up for it in a different way when you finished.

This was the last day, things at work finally returned to their normal course so you arrived earlier than you thought back home. What you did not expect was to find your boyfriend asleep.

It was normal, you had not warned him that he would return before and he should also go with the boys to practice.

You sighed, taking off your shoes and sat on the bed staring at him until an idea crossed your mind.

You searched the drawer for the handcuffs he brought in a few weeks ago, just as things at work began to become a mess and occupied much of your time.

Careful not to wake him, you handcuffed his hands to the head of the bed and licked your lips. More than compensation for him, this was going to be a reward for you for all the work you had done.

You leaned over him, kissing his jawline, down to his neck where you bit and sucked his sensitive skin, causing him to move. You kept going down, unbuttoning his shirt to kiss the skin on his chest.

Y/N?” he murmured, his eyes still closed.

I’m home, Wonwoo.” you said with a smile, getting up, waiting for him to realize the situation he was in.

Hey, y/n, open this.” he said when he realized he couldn’t kiss you because the short chain stopped him.

I don’t think so.” you said smiling, returning to kiss the skin of his chest, to the edge of his pants.

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A slightly unsettling consideration but what if the beasts human form wasn't conventionally attractive.

Honestly, I don’t think that would change the story at all.

It wouldn’t change how Belle feels about him. The whole point was that she loved who he was, that she saw the beauty in his heart (and that he saw the beauty within her and not just externally). She fell in love with him, not even realizing that he was actually a human under a curse, not realizing that there was any chance of them living a normal life together.

The Beast wasn’t ever really yearning to be good-looking again–he just wanted to be human. To be part of society again and not be shunned, to be able to connect with someone else. (You could even argue that falling in love made him “human” again even before the spell was broken and he regained his human appearance.)

That’s part of the reason why it breaks my heart a little when some people say they’re disappointed when the Beast becomes human, either because they don’t like the way he looks as a human or because he’s no longer “extraordinary,” he’s just a boring old human again. I feel that’s…really kinda missing the point.

The whole point of this fairy tale is that desire and love are two different things–sometimes they go hand in hand, and sometimes they don’t–and that real connection between two hearts, tenderness and affection and kindness, is a far sturdier foundation for a relationship than charm or wit or physical attractiveness. Those are nice things, sure, but in the end they don’t last the way friendship and empathy do. It’s about seeing past the distractions on the surface to the person underneath.

So if the Beast’s human form wasn’t handsome, so what? Belle wouldn’t care, she’d just be happy that she could kiss him and they could go out in public without being afraid of the world’s scorn. And if the spell had never been broken, I know they would have managed to be happy together, too, but it is probably easier if he’s human and doesn’t have to shut himself away from the world.

please make me stop these aren’t even good or well thought out

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highschool/university au, maknae line friends, taegi as brothers, fluff, drabble

Yoongi didn’t think he’d actually look forward to seeing his little brother’s friends, and yet here he was, taking the two out for ice cream on a cold Wednesday night. If anybody had told him 4 months ago that he’d be offering to do this, he’d be laughing in their faces, but now Yoongi was jumping at every chance he got - inside, at least. He still had an image to keep up on the outside.

He’d always loved his brother dearly, even if he never expressed it explicitly or directly, but having his own space and life was something he valued. Things changed when Taehyung met Jeon Jungkook, the new student that just moved in from Busan. 

The two younger boys hit off immediately, even if Yoongi couldn’t understand how anybody would want to be around somebody as strange and unpredictable as Taehyung. He figured it must’ve been because the kid was still feeling a little lost and alone in a big city like Seoul, especially when he was coming in during the middle of high school. He remembers how it felt when he left everything behind in Daegu - he still yearned to go back home someday. 

Jungkook ended up coming over to their house nearly every day, oftentimes sleeping over completely by mistake. Nights were spent with a mix of studying and playing, and exhaustion just hit him out of nowhere. With Jungkook being around so often, Yoongi had no choice but to warm up to the boy as well. Taehyung even accused him of trying to steal his position as the favourite hyung, even if Yoongi protested with the claim that he never was - he always felt like Jungkook purposely clung a little closer to Jimin just to get on Tae’s nerves. 

He got used to the sounds of Jungkook and Taehyung’s laughs mixing together in the room beside his own, sometimes more pleasant to listen to than his beloved collection of rap music. He was no longer fazed by the sight of the two in the kitchen, making the strangest food combinations possible, Jimin often coming along for the fun as well. And as much as he hated it, he also grew accustomed to having to help Jungkook feel better again after a rough day or when he woke up on the couch screaming because of yet another nightmare. Others would assume that he loathed it because he found it bothersome, but the real reason was how much it hurt him to see Jungkook in pain, whether it was a from a minor paper cut or an episode of intense self-loathing. He knew how it felt to hurt like that, and he wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. Especially not an angel like Jungkook.

“Thanks, hyung.” The boy said with a soft smile when he was handed his rocky road ice cream cone. 

“No problem kid.” 

...but that doesn’t mean poly can’t be good for you

What I don’t want to do, and have never wanted to do, is cast doubt on whether M might have been happier in a poly relationship. He probably would be – he probably is. I haven’t heard much, or anything, about his poly life since I left him. There were times when he tried to backpedal and say he wasn’t even sure it was right for him, and maybe it was, or maybe it wasn’t. I don’t doubt that he needed the chance to find out, though.

The problem I have is with thinking that poly can fix an existing relationship. It can’t. If there is a problem with your relationship, you gotta address that problem. You just gotta. Poly will only exacerbate it otherwise.

    Okay, so basically this is going to be a mini verse bit involving multiple muses having some sort of interaction(s) with King. He’s HIGHLY HIGHLY manipulative and can act like a complete angel to trick you into thinking he’s a GOOD person when he’s anything but. He wants to make people believe him and what he says because all he wants in life is to destroy his half sister (AKA my precious child Loni). 

    By liking this post you agree to joining on on this lil’ ole’ thing and to letting me send asks from him to you. He could try to convince your muse that Loni is evil, good, or whatever he wants. He will lie and make up things about her in order to try and twist your muse as he wishes (granted if your muse is good at seeing through people they might figure it out tbh cause he’s not perfect).  

    He just wants to mess up Loni’s life whether it be trying to ruin her relationships, trying to get people to attack her, or by attempting to pull other’s onto his side to be honest. 


“Ok,” Dan said, taking a deep breath as you walked side by side towards the front door behind which the not-so-surprise surprise party lay. “Halfing the attention with you means halfing the chance of me doing something cringey. Or at least the chance of someone seeing me do something cringey.”

“You won’t do anything cringey.”

“God. All I ever really want for my birthday is to sit at home on my computer, eat good food, and be left alone. Why do other people always have to be involved?” he asked.

“Thanks,” you teased, nudging him a bit. You stood now in front of the door, neither of you making a move to open it.

“No, hang on, that’s not what I meant,” he said, shaking his head. “Actually…hanging out with just you…eating food–that sounds pretty ok.”

“That sounds kind of like a date,” you told him. He looked down at you and cleared his throat. His next words still came out quiet.

“Yeah. It does. Maybe sometime you and I…” he hesitated, licked his lips before opening his mouth to try again, but the front door swung open with Phil behind it, and light from inside flooded onto the front porch.

“Happy birthdays!” Phil shouted along with the chorus of people behind him in the house. Dan had turned quickly from you, a forced smile on his face, but as he moved to step into the joint party being thrown for the two of you, he snuck his hand into yours and gave it a squeeze.

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If you're still doing Ships, I would like one pretty please and spanks... Otherwise just delete this, I love your ships. Haha. Avengers are my Fave, Male please. I'm 5'2", a house wife, I'm extra dorky/clumsy, I have purple hair I like to be different, I'm bashful at first, and I love to joke around/horse play/pick on each other.

I ship you with Clint!

Originally posted by anthvnystcrk

You were the down to earth chick Clint wanted and needed in his life. You were mindful of his job and knew what that detailed. But still you loved knowing he was out there fighting the good fight. And every chance he had to come home to you, it was always blissful and fun. Oh the fun the two of you would have! Clint would never admit it, but he loved when you goofed on his hero name ‘Hawkeye’. You would see him walking into the kitchen and you’d go, “Well look who it is! Hot Guy himself!” He’d groan in pretend annoyance, but he’d playfully tug at your purple locks and kiss you on the forehead. And when you were busy cooking dinner, he’d sneak behind you and scare you, laughing as you smacked him on the shoulder. He’d smirk and throw you over his shoulder, giving you bottom a little pat. It’s then that the two of you would forget about dinner and be engulfed in the bliss of being together, knowing sooner or later he’d have to go. But it was totally worth it. 


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i will put an emoji so i know what ask is mine (i always forget/never find them)🍀 how would one go about talking to therapist about bpd? im scared to bring it up and be wrong. im having a hard time now, badly. it is stressing me out more than usual

🍀 i have chance to see a psychiatrist but i am very scared he will get it wrong too or tell me what i dont want to hear (anything else but BPD). he is very good and my therapist trusts him, he never gets a dx wrong if rarely.
🍀im just really really scared rn and very low and im tired and im so scared my fp is going to leave indefinitely and my life is falling apart more than usual… i get in the way of everything. ive looked into bpd for nearly two years now

Take it slow. Start by telling him the symptoms that affect you most from your BPD- but be honest about them. Then, mention more. If he’s good, he will realise these are symptoms of BPD. If not, it’s okay to say “I looked into BPD a bit and it seems to fit me and explain a lot, what do you think, can we discuss this?” Be open, and it may take time!

It’s 3am, my best friend and I have almost finished a bottle of vodka and she looks me and asks:
“Why don’t you just start something with him? I took a chance and now I am happier than ever with I guy I never saw coming”

A noise that resembles a chuckle escapes my mouth.
“Because I ruin everything good in my life, I have a history of ruining people. I know that you think we are broken in all the same places. But the fact is, unlike you history is not on my side.”

I think it was then she realised that maybe I was far more broken than she originally thought.


The saddest part? I don’t think I want to be fixed, I don’t think I want to spend my life with someone.

I enjoy being alone.

My friends are all telling me to text him. Apparently I haven’t been the same since he left. They say that they just want me to be happy again. They say that we need to be friends again if that’s what I want. They don’t realize though that my intentions aren’t that good. I want him all to myself. I know that’s terrible but I have really missed us. I just don’t like waking up and not being able to call him and ask him to join me on some ridiculous adventure. He was my person. He was the love of my young life. Honestly, keeping it to myself isn’t doing me any good.
—  Counting down the days until I burst

“Ahsoka… why did you leave?”

He just sounds so…. heartbroken. Sad. He’s not angry at her. But he still feels the sting of her loss. And it just confirms what I’ve been thinking for years.

Ahsoka was his chance.

If she had still be around, he would not have turned. He wouldn’t have had so much reason to distrust and resent the Council like he did. This young woman talked to him like no one else did, and understood him like no one else did. She would have seen his struggle, and he would have listened to her.

She was a beacon of light for him within the Order. She was given to him by the Order. He didn’t want or ask for an apprentice, but he was given one. And he loved her. And she adored him. Looked up to him. I don’t think he realized how much he seriously needed that.

She was something good in his life given to him by the Jedi Order.

When she left, left because of the Council’s betrayal of her trust, because of her loss of safety in what was supposed to be her home, Anakin’s already brittle faith in the Order shattered. She was the final nail in his coffin.

“Do you know… what I’ve become?”

And he knows it, too.

The Washington Post chronicles how the son of the founder of Stormfront entered college as a passionate white nationalist and is now not racist and haunted with regret at how the election has taken the movement mainstream. It’s a good article, but my favorite part is how the students at his liberal arts college reacted when they learned that their classmate was a famous white nationalist who spoke on radio shows about white genocide and called for the deportation of all non-white Americans.

“Maybe he’s trying to get away from a life he didn’t choose.”

“He chooses to be a racist public figure. We choose to call him a racist in public.”

“I just want this guy to die a painful death along with his entire family. Is that too much to ask?”

“I’d like to see Derek Black respond to all of this. …”

And then:

“Ostracizing Derek won’t accomplish anything,” one student wrote.

“We have a chance to be real activists and actually affect one of the leaders of white supremacy in America. This is not an exaggeration. It would be a victory for civil rights.”

“Who’s clever enough to think of something we can do to change this guy’s mind?”

An Orthodox Jewish classmate of Derek’s started inviting him to Shabbat dinners. After a few weeks, other students started coming. They didn’t try to ‘agree to disagree’, to be clear. They argued with him. They told him they felt betrayed. They told him they felt unsafe. They told him that he should renounce white nationalism. They asked why he believed the things he believed, and they got into debates about the minutia of how much of racial IQ differences are a consequence of prenatal nutrition. 

In other words, they didn’t overlook it, they didn’t pretend to be okay with it, they constantly challenged him on it, but they did all of that compassionately, and they listened to where he was coming from, and he changed his mind. 

Obviously, people are not obliged to go out and befriend white nationalists. But some people found they did have the energy and emotional resources and personal safety needed to do that, and they did, and they converted someone who’d previously been a major leader in the movement.

I hear a lot of people say “I’m terrified of anyone at my liberal arts college learning I’m conservative.” But the people at this liberal arts college learned that one of their classmates was David Duke’s godson and leading weekly radio shows about how to cleanse America, and what they did was either 1) avoid him or 2) compassionately challenge him and debate him and suggest new sources of information to him, until he changed his mind. 

I think they were right to feel betrayed, right to feel unsafe. I think it must have taken tremendous courage to look through that fear and anger and betrayal and go ‘We believe in social justice. It will be a victory for social justice for Derek Black to change his mind about white nationalism. Let’s talk with him. Let’s exchange evidence with him. Let’s convince him that our beliefs are true and his beliefs are wrong.’ But that is what they did. And it worked

That’s just being too weak to be good. 

No. It’s not. He doesn’t trust that his son will love him. Because everyone is his whole life has betrayed him. He takes the hate as an inevitability unless he does something about it. That’s Rumple protecting his heart from further damage, because he wants love and family so desperately. It’s no wonder he goes to the lengths he does. Being ‘good’ is leaving his child’s love to chance, which are not 50/50 odds, because Rumple knows that his child will have opinions foisted on him from everyone else. He’s starting out with reduced odds because everyone in his son’s life will tell him what a shit Rumple is, whether or not it’s true. I see the measures Rumple tries to take as evening out the playing field. It’s not too weak to be good. It’s having the necessary strength to protect himself from further hurt, because he already loved that unborn child, so much that he couldn’t bear it if the kid turned out to hate him.

Maybe, instead of the writers making Belle behave as a heartless bitch, she could have said, “I’ll help you.” If she believes him weak, then she, as the “hero,” should have offered him help. That’s what heroes do, they help the weak. If she really wants him to be ‘good,’ then why would she go through with giving the kid to the fairies? Something that she knows would provoke him, something she could hold over his head. And he’s just supposed to go along with it? That’s like whacking someone on the head repeatedly and telling them not to get mad about it. And if they do get mad, then THEY’RE the bad guy.

The writing is SHIT. I don’t like where they’ve taken the characters, I don’t know how they’ll ever resolve this satisfactorily, along with all the other shitty things. I get that a story needs conflict in order to be interesting, but we as a fandom have come up with literally thousands of stories that would have been better than the mess we’ve had to endure for seasons now. And when the fans are better writers than the actual show, it’s time to leave that show.

I was hoping I could lift my personal ban on watching the show this year. Doesn’t look like that’ll be the case.

but imagine trying to get calum’s attention to make him realise that you’re different, that you’re more than just another girl trying to get out of the fanzone. you’d avoid going to airports and hotels, thinking you’d probably invide his privacy and seem creepy, - but then again this would be the only chance to meet him these days. his band is becoming more and more successful and you’re getting more and more frustrated, not being able to move on, thinking that if you just get with him one time you’d be able to get back to having a real life, a real boyfriend and a life beside going to gigs and trying to get the bassist to like you as much as you like him.

so you’d always try to get good tickets, thinking that being in the standing might be a good thing and knowing you’re one of the taller girls (which gives you a bigger chance of standing out) & you’d always be in the back, having enough space to leave the pit to get a drink and have enough space to dance along with your friends. you’ve attended so many gigs, always thinking that something might happen. calum would always see you. there’d be nights where he’d look at you all the time and other nights where he’d look at you twice, if you’re lucky, and just focus on the people sitting in the upper trier or looking down at his bass, trying to get the chords right.
you’d think that there’s no point, even though your friends telling you that he saw you, that he looked at you. you’d always get your hopes up, thinking that he’d send out his security during the encore, trying to get your number. just at the last gig you’ve attended you felt like you and calum’s eyes met a couple of times and he’d never look away nor would you. you’ve been looking around for security who might come to you, tap your shoulder and tell you that you’ve caught the basisst’s eye but it just didn’t happen.

so you told yourself to try and move on, calum being way out of your league, - until you’d attend the last concert in your country, not putting much effort into your make-up, hair & clothing. (thinking about all the times you’ve bought cute tops or dresses before you’d go to one concert, trying to impress him with something blue, knowing he really likes this colour) 
tonight though, you couldn’t be bothered much and only got one drink instead of a round of beer’s with your friends. you stood in the back, as always, watching all the fans at the front getting so so into it whilst you’d just sing along a little bit, trying to avoid to look up and see calum but you just couldn’t keep your head down, feeling his eyes on you. every time your eyes met you’d look away and he’d notice your friends trying to get you to dance but you just couldn’t be bothered. you were tired. tired of trying. you knew that you’re not that ugly and you knew that you could treat him so fucking good and he just wouldn’t realise. during the first encore you’d get your phone out, knowing they’d come out to sing a slow song and knowing calum would ask the crowd to get their lighters/phones out but then you’d feel someone actually grabbing your shoulder, thinking it would be one of your friends, saying hi to you quickly because they couldn’t get a hold of standing tickets and sat in the inner floor instead but as you turned around you’d look up at a tall, muscular man. tattoo’s all over his arms, looking at you really seriously and telling you that one of the boys asked for your number. without even realising what the head of security said nor asking who might want your number you grabbed the pen he was holding out for you and scrabbled your number on the small piece of paper just to get a text after the concert saying “you’ve been waiting for so long. thanks for not giving up on me. it took me quite a while.” and you’d immediately know it’s calum, finally coming to his senses and realising what he’s been missing and knowing that you’re different, that you wouldn’t want to get with him because of his fame or his looks. so you’d be texting all night and texting would led to facetiming and facetiming led to him inviting you to other gigs, putting you on the guestlist so you could get backstage and hang out with him but hanging out with him would led to gentle touches and gentle touches would led to realisations that you’re just fucking meant to be. 

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Vacation, have to get away!

You look at Lobo, chances are you don’t think he’s got a lot on his mind. Most of the time he exudes the breezy sort of confidence that comes with knowing everyone on the planet is terrified of you (or wants to get in your pants). When he does have something weighing on him…well, that’s usually when people die.

Of late, however, Lobo’s been troubled by problems what aren’t easily punch-able nor kill-able. The looming specters of responsibility and a quiet home life rattle their chains at every turn, and what he really needs is a way to just get away from it all.

A simple job in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere seemed like a good idea at the time. The pay was good, the terms were simple, and the clients even offered him beer.

Turns out, playing bodyguard to a bunch of rich human teens isn’t half as fun as it sounds. And the beer fraggin’ sucks.

It’s boring. He wants to drop the contract. Yet here Lobo sits, watching dutifully over Aiden, Caden, Jayden, Hilda, Hattie, and Holly as they adventure on someone’s dad’s houseboat. They’re all honors students. Young leaders. Out to change the world. Two of them are making out on a waterbed upstairs and he’s desperately trying to pretend he doesn’t hear it.

Why they needed a bodyguard to go on vacation here–and why the old geezer at the gas station nearly keeled over when Lobo asked for directions to the old camp–he just isn’t sure. Friday the 13th is just a date on the calendar, Clyde.