i just wanted everyone to remember this

Last night when I read about everything it was kind of surreal I guess. This morning I woke up and it was like everything sunk in. I read the most updated article and cried. I cried for the people who died but I also cried for the people my age or younger that don’t get to finish the life they deserved. 

 There are a lot of people in this world I have a problem with but on days like this it makes me realize we’re not all that different. And thank God things like this bring us to tears because we’re human and value human life. I just want to fix it and I can’t and I know there are so many people who feel that way. 

I hope everyone remembers that these people who do these kinds of things are extremist and don’t label an entire religion or culture. And for that I’m sorry for anyone who is blamed for this when they were not involved and their personal beliefs had nothing to do with this. 

I don’t even know how to finish this.

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have you ever seen any of the actors? or even see them filming? since you live in oslo I thought I'd ask :D

I have met some of the actors:

Thomas Hayes I met at a party of a friend to a friend. I said hey to him in an introduction sorry of way. I don’t think anyone took pictures with him or talked to him about Skam. Everyone just knew who he was and didn’t want to make it awkward.

I met Marlon, this is the coolest one because I actually talked to him. I was at Elvebakken with some friends and we were supposed to get convinced to start there (all of us had already decided on other schools) and then they tell us they have some students that are going to convince us. And suddenly Marlon sits down at our table and all of us have like a brief shock moment before we start talking about the school. And I remember so well the girls that would rather die then start at Elvebakken just sitting there with heart eyes fixing their hair and smiling while asking questions.

The actress who plays Sara goes to my school so I have seen her in the hallway and she was the star of our revy. She played a old racist fish, a refugee, a mean old lady, a jellyfish and her biggest role was as Blekkulf who was this singing octopus who just to be on children tv and in the show Blekkulf was planning a comeback. She was very good in the revy.

I just passed the actor who plays Mahdi on the street last Friday. I didn’t even notice before my friend said it.

A friend of mine was also featured on Noora’s instagram  which I’m still not over because I was just scrolling my feed and then I see Noora has published something and I recognize the guy in the photo and I’m like what??? so I texted him and it turned out they had just met them sort of in the street and then asked them for a photo for Skam. 

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every time an anon ask for help finding a fic I do a little "ohh maybe this time they're looking for one of MINE!" and it never is (well, so far). It just struck me that this is a very specific type of ego-stroking that I didn't know I wanted. strange.

Oh anon, I love the honesty of this ask so much. I’m 100% positive you’re not the only one. Maybe it’s that your fic is so memorable that everyone remembers it every single time!

Some people probably think All those really good artists learned how to draw over night, while I know mine is not everyones favorite I can only draw the way I can now through SO SO SO MANY YEARS OF ART, never assume right, that someone just magically picked up a pencil and was fantastic, this here isn’t even all my art I’ve done over the years but some of it dates back to when I was 14 and I am now 27


And remember like I said







So please If you want to get better at art strap down and practice, do not draw a few things and say you can’t draw, my art was absolutely crap when I started okay, it took so much practice for me to find styles and such that I liked and you know what even I still get jealous of others art I do.

But please don’t give up after a few tries you could create so many things, so many wonderful ideas, you all have your own talents and creativity, people think art is all about drawing, my nan once seemed a little sad that she couldn’t draw and I told her she was creative with her garden and how she would put out all the flowers, there are so many forms of art, it’s about what you make do imagine anything, from making fan videos, to doodles and writing, murals, if you make it, you created it, immediately it is art.

I love you all, you are all amazing, what you make is wonderful.

Keep drawing, keep writing, keep creating what ever it is you create 💖💛💜🦀✨

i just want everyone to remember that taylor swift never has and never will go after another artist for their talent, looks, or personality because she actually has been bullied and knows what that’s like. going after someone for how their actions affected and hurt her is not bullying

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It's really shitty in the voltronkin community because almost every single Pidge is very against any type of female/feminine Pidge, and I.. I remember my Pidge being a transgirl really clearly. But everyone keeps telling me I'm wrong and that it can't be because it's just.. wrong? And I hate that? I just... miss my best trans friend. She helped me a lot, and I just really fucking want to meet her again. I don't think I ever can though. - A distressed transguy Shiro.

I know everyone’s upset about DaddyOFive, so I’d like to help calm the air by reminding everyone of a great YouTuber dad: Geoff Ramsey.

Seriously, this man is a heavily tattooed drinker who plays video games for a living, and he still manages to be the best dad ever.

There’s a podcast where’s he tells a story about Millie saying she doesn’t trust him as much as her mom, and HE GETS SO DEPRESSED ABOUT IT.


So next time you’re angry about what DaddyOFive has done to his kids, just remember this guy.  Here’s to Geoff, everyone raise a glass.

on the new Iron Fist series

So after binge watching a ton of Marvel’s new Iron Fist series, I went onto tumblr, wondering what the fandom was up to now, what with all these new gifs and stuff to make. ‘Maybe I would find some fan art or something’ I thought innocently to myself,


instead, I was greeted with SO MUCH DISCOURSE on how Iron Fist ‘needs a chinese-american actor’ or ‘has terrible dialogue and is slow’.

the best part is when I found out that some of y’all are trying to get this show boycotted like ‘????’

Now as a Chinese-speaking Asian female, living in Asia, with an Asian background and a good know-how of Chinese history, as well as a decent knowledge of comic books, (although I confess I got into the animated series first) I’m here to end the discussion before y’all get your full rage on and start fighting fans of the show like it’s Lord of the Flies up in here

So keep reading if you want to be educated or if you just want to fight me before you know what you’re even talking about


Uhhhh…no? I’ve seen a few episodes and I mean so far there isn’t really anything that screams ‘insult’ or even offensive in the slightest. Besides maybe the fact that they take the beliefs and twist them a little bit but honestly even that ain’t that bad as to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

I’ve read the boycott post and let me say that yea, they dressed him with an eye for Asian elements, but maybe that’s because it’s supposed to be resembling Asian clothing? I mean how is that offensive? Is it the part that it looks Asian? Or that you simply feel that white people that direct these shows should not be using Asian stuff for entertainment? Because I hate to break it to you but it’s still not offensive. Even the dragon tattoo is totally fine because it’s supposed to resemble Asian elements yea but also have y’all read the comics? Because he punched through a dragon and basically took it’s heart. So I mean a dragon tattoo kinda matches the theme.

I mean in the first episode they speak almost flawless Chinese for Pete’s sake! Hell, I was surprised that they even had it in them to have a non-Google translated line. Sure the accent was a little overdoing it cuz not even I have that thick a Chinese accent but I’ll excuse it since he was apparently learning and speaking 15 years. (I speak it maybe a few times a day for like the last 14 years or so only)

So no, the show doesn’t really insult Chinese culture, sure they might be ignorant, but you must understand that after generations of stereotypes and misconceptions that that can’t just go away with one show

“Danny Rand should be played by an Asian guy/be a Chinese-American”

I can’t even begin to tell you my frustration about this.

Y’all do know this show is based on the comics right?

You know, the one with the white guy.

I know Marvel is infamous for not including enough representation in their shows but seriously? This is like the Harry Potter thing all over again with Hermione being black, it’s not that we don’t want representation or anything, but it’s the fact that this hero that us comic fans have come to already love has been replaced. Or at least it feels like it. Like when a movie is made from a book and people go crazy because character XYZ suddenly has different traits or isn’t quite what was described as compared to the book.

Frankly, it sucks.

So even though yes, Marvel should have more Asians in their shows, don’t expect them to completely give the main character a makeover, even if the makeover was supposed to provide representation. And honestly? I don’t want them to change him because I really freaking love Iron Fist, just as he is.

“This show just villainizes Asians”

So you tell me that my race is being made villains because Marvel decided that most of their Asians on their shows are evil ninjas (aka the Hand) and at most there are like 3 sorta good Asians. Oh and I’m sorry, you want more Asian men that are good guys? You want a balance of Asian heroes?

Well I guess that would be kind of hard to fit into the story since, oh, I don’t know, everything happens in the USA?

If you want more Asian characters well then look no further because you do have them. Daisy Johnson from Agents of Shield? What about her extremely brave mom? Or maybe Colleen in Iron Fist? Everyone seems to be blatantly ignoring her badassery and only seeing the part where she’s a sorta love interest.

Facts are, there are Asian characters, you’re really just looking hard enough. I agree wholeheartedly when you say that more Asian men need to be in the Marvel universe that aren’t part of the bad guy team but you gotta say that they are still awesome.

Does anyone even remember the Japanese ninja yakuza guy from Daredevil? Dude got set on fire and STILL came back to kick ass. That’s a plus in my book because even though he’s considered bad, he’s been proven to be cunning, smart, and overall awesome.

“The show has terrible stunts/acting/dialogue/fight scenes”

From here on out it’s mostly just me trying to explain why the directors and writers of the show made decisions in the show to make it what it is, so let’s dive right into it.


Actually the stunts weren’t half-bad. If you’ve seen other shows or movies that are heavily reliant on stunts and action, and compare it to this show, they really aren’t that much different. Sure it might seem a little unbelievable sometimes like they’re breaking physics or something, but he already has a glowing fist. I think we’ve crossed the line of believable long ago.


I have nothing to say about this except that go and take some acting or drama classes before coming and criticizing these awesome men and women who did indeed try their best


Now I get the dialogue might be a little weird at times and what not, but you must understand that this show was partially written with the Defenders series in mind. So almost everything that was said in the show is meant to lead to something more. Thus, you must take it as a bigger picture. Sorta like how everyone said that Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them wasn’t as good as they thought it would be, that movie was also meant to lead on to a bigger story so you might want to excuse the weird speech and cryptic lines at times.


Okay seriously people, please read the comics. Danny Rand is supposed to be an accidental hero, one that doesn’t want to fight unless he really has zero choice in the matter. So yea, the fight scenes won’t be that interesting, but only because the character in question is more interested in ending the fight than anything.


So there you have it, my whole slightly angry info-dump on Iron Fist and Marvel’s representation problem in general. If you want to correct me or scold me even then by all means message me or shoot me an ask. But just keep in mind that Marvel can’t make all your problems go away in one show, and please for the love of all that is good read the comics before coming to rant okay?


So I was looking through the Klance tag (as usual) and me, being a dumb bitch, didn’t realize something until now. This post is for y'all who are like me and didn’t realize this either. 

Okay so.

Remember  this scene right here?

Everyones like, lmao Keith is salty. And I didn’t get it until now?? 

He’s literally fucking roasting him because Lance “Forgot” about their bonding moment™, even though he implies that he has enough memory to be stored in a giant fucking ship.

Like, bitch, you say you want your information to be imported into a giant fucking ship but you can’t remember this??? This one fucking moment??? 

You two held fucking hands for crying out loud

Our boy I swear. Keith is gonna Keel over one day.

Bonus: Keith’s face at lance when he flirts with Everyone else (Allura) but him

He looks so done, someone please help him


It’s 4am I can’t sleep, so have a mini sketch dump of old Sasuke drawings.

Kiss the Girl

Summary: Literally based on The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl,” Bucky develops a crush on you after seeing you in various of Tony’s soirees, but is too shy to go up to you. 

Word Count: 2,304

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something quick I whipped up. Hope you all enjoy. This is fluffy af.

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“It’ll be fun!” Tony had said. And honestly, Bucky felt like punching him, just breaking his nose, or bruising him enough in such a way that he would never suggest this to Bucky again.

How could a room full of drunk, screaming people could be fun? Bucky grimaced, as yet another girl sidled up to him and batted her eyelashes at him. He shook his head and gave her a polite smile.

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so i’m watching 13 Reasons Why and so far it’s been pretty good (i don’t like it that they’ve made clay and hannah know each other much better than in the book like it was a POINT in the book that clay was too afraid to talk to her etc) but i’m so mad they cut that part where hannah rants about bryce grabbing her ass because it’s just so good and here it is in all its glory bc everyone should read it tbh

Okay, let’s dissect what just happened. I thought about it the entire walk home from Blue Spot, which is probably why I don’t remember which candy bar I bought that day.

First his words – then his actions.

Statement number one: “I’m only playing, Hannah.”

Translation: Your ass is my play-toy. You might think you have final say over what happens to your ass, but you don’t. At least, not as long as “I’m only playing.”

Statement number two: “Just relax.”

Translation: Come on, Hannah, all I did was touch you with no indication that you wanted me to touch you. If it’ll make you feel better, go ahead, you can touch me wherever you’d like.

Now let’s talk about his actions, shall we?

Action number one: Grabbing my ass.

Interpretation: Let me back up and say that this guy had never grabbed my ass before. So why now? My pants weren’t anything special. They weren’t overly tight. Sure, they were slung a little low and he probably got a hip shot, but he didn’t grab my hips. He grabbed my ass.

Alex, am I saying your list gave him permission to grab my ass? No. I’m saying it gave him an excuse. And an excuse was all this guy needed.

Action number two: He grabbed my wrist then put his hand on my shoulder.

You know, I’m not even going to interpret this. I’m just going to tell you why it pissed me off. I’ve had my butt grabbed before – no big deal – but this time it was grabbed because someone else wrote my name on a list. And when this guy saw me upset, did he apologize? No. Instead, he got aggressive. Then, in the most condescending way, he told me to relax. Then he put his hand on my shoulder, as if by touching me he’d somehow comfort me.

Here’s a tip. If you touch a girl, even as a joke, and she pushes you off, leave… her… alone. Don’t touch her. Anywhere! Just stop. Your touch does nothing but sicken her.

Happy Birthday Remus Lupin

Remus: *wakes up to the sound of whispering* 

James: He’s going to love it. 

Peter: He’s not going to love it. Remember the last time?

James: Nonsense, last time was a huge success. 

Peter: He told us no last time. 

Sirius: His mouth may have said no… but his eyes were screaming yes! 

James: This time he’s going to say yes. I have a feeling… in my gut. 

Sirius: That’s indigestion. But yes… he’s going to say yes. 

Peter: *sighs* Face it guys… he doesn’t want to be our friend. 

Sirius: Pfft, that’s ridiculous. Everyone wants to be my friend.  

Peter: Not him. Just leave the poor guy alone. You guys have been at this for months. 

James: Oh ye of little faith. 

Sirius: It’s his birthday! No one wants to spend their birthday alone! 

James: Yeah, they’d much rather spend it ransacking the kitchen for chocolate cake and butterbeer.

Sirius: *loudly* Lots… and lots of chocolate cake. 

James: *louder* As much as we can carry! 


James: *whispers* You think he heard us? 

Remus: *throws aside his curtains and sighs* … You guys are idiots… *grins* Let’s get some cake.  

Theory time.........

There was something about this whole narrative, that wasn’t adding up for me. I was having a hard time putting my finger on it, then Camila released that description about her album, and it started making more sense.

They want us to believe, this whole narrative took place in 2016, but when you remember back and realize, the 2016 narrative was just a revamped version of the 2015 narrative, it all begins to fall into place.

Everyone latched on to that July 4 2016 Brazil snap, of her alone, writing in a hotel bathroom, while the girls were out celebrating together, as the time she began writing “I have questions”. That’s exactly what Management hoped you’d do. If one paid attention though, you would see that the more important snap happened back in October 2016. She snapped a photo of her writing in a bathroom, with the caption ”destroyed”. First, July - October does not equal 6 months, no matter how crappy your math is. Second, the 7/27 tour was coming to an end, and with that caption, I actually think, that is when she finished writing “I have questions”.

The only tour date they had in early 2016, was Dubai. So, unless she started writing it in a Dubai potty, the rest of early 2016 was spent promoting WFH. She stated she started writing that song, “a little over a year ago” while on tour. I think her “a little over a year ago” means the last few months of 2015, September-November. That she eventually had to face her problems, and she finally went back to the lyrics she started from the year before, and finished the song, then wrote a sad song every day until she got sick of writing sad shit. That song seems to be a catalyst for her, and I’m thinking it probably  “destroyed” her to finally finish it.

Camila was asked recently, in an interview, when her anxiety showed itself and started becoming a real problem for her. Her answer was, 2015. Everything started in 2015. Her anxiety, the fucking narrative, the division, EVERYTHING!!

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“I see you eating whatever you want and not exercising” - Pants

Dear girl trying to get back in shape,

I know it’s hard. I know the hardest thing you may do all day is walk into the gym. I know how easy it is to want to give up and go eat Chicken McNuggets, but don’t do it. I know it feels like you work so hard and get no where. I know how frustrating it is to see that person across the table from you eat a Big Mac every day while you eat your carrots and still be half of your size. I know that awful feeling where you don’t want to go to the gym because you know how out of shape you are. Trust me, I know.

The important thing is you are doing something about it. I’m sure you get mad at yourself for letting your body get this out of shape, but life happens. You have made a huge accomplishment by not having a soda in over a month, and those small changes are huge. I understand how hard it is, I understand how frustrating it is to not see results and I understand why you want to give up. Being healthy and fit takes so much time. As much as I wish you could wake up the day after a good workout with the 6 pack of your dreams, that just isn’t the reality. If being healthy was easy, everyone would do it, and it wouldn’t feel so good when you got there.

Remember how last January your resolution was to get back in the gym and get healthy again? Think about how incredible you would look right now if you would have stuck with it. The great thing is that you can start any time, and you can prove yourself wrong.

Tired of starting over? Then don’t give up.

You are only as strong as your mind. You will get there one day. Just be patient and keep working.


The Odyssey Online

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i really really want a bonding moment between keith and lance that starts with some serious topic (like lance comforting keith about shiro’s disappearance and stuff) but then turns into them talking shit about the professors they didn’t like at the garrison, the subject they hated, stuff they’ve done there and shit like that.

“God I really hated *insert subject name* everytime the professor walked in the class I used to snort so loud everyone would turn to look at me.”

keith, with a fond smile on his face: yep i remember

lance: what…wha….what did you just say?

keith: uhhhh….it’s getting really late at night goodbye!

lance lets him run away anyways because otherwise he would have to admit how long he stared at keith back at the garrison.