i just wanted an excuse to color this show again just bc

klance things that should happen esp after s3:

  • “I care about you a lot”
  • keith talking to some random stranger about lance and complimenting him like he did with him in beta traz while looking down fondly. “i have a…friend who always complains about my mullet. he’s a very good sharpshooter and also my right-hand man i don’t know what i would without him.” “you seem fond of him.” “I am.”
  • training session together where 50% of the stuff they do is flirting
  • another solo mission together where they fight back to back
  • they find an alternate reality where they’re together and this makes them think a lot about what they could be in theirs
  • lance starts wearing something red to match his new lion and keith tells him “you look good in my colors”
  • the team starts noticing lance flirts less than usual 
  • one of those clichè scenes where one character makes a decision that makes their loved one proud and has them looking softly at them
  • keith and lance offering to wingman for each other but ending up describing each other as their ideal partner while talking to someone “ofc you would like lance who wouldn’t he’s beautiful i mean what”
  • they’re facing off an enemy who’s making fun of them for not being strong enough and lance is lie “he’s strong!! he cradled me in his arms once!!” and keith deadass stops in the middle of the battle to shout “YOU REMEMBER”
  • holding! hands! in! battle! as! they’re! running! away! from! something!
  • “lance makes me happy”
  • a parallel of the shut your quiznak scene but this time lance is saying it fondly and keith laughs while saying “i still don’t think you’re using that correctly”
  • “he’s not my boyfriend!!” “but you want him to be”
  • lance making a cryptid joke for keith
  • lance leans in for an hug and keith blushes bc he thinks he was gonna kiss him
  • “well i do have a boyfriend!!!” *points at keith panicking*
  •  awkwardly asking each other out for a date in the pool but both make sure they don’t mention the word “date” at all
  • lance distracting keith during a plan exposition by putting his hand on his shoulder or on his own hand
  • keith sees that someone is trying to make lance feel bad and he’s furious and goes up to that person like “yo take that back immediately”
  • lance being slightly jealous of seeing someone talking to keith and masks it with an excuse like “i don’t want him to find someone before me cuz ya know…rivals” (no one believes that though) keith: lance i’m not with xx i just wanted to see if u were gonna confess
  • keith gets asked if he likes someone and he’s like “well there is someone…” *looks at lance while sighing*
  • they take a selfie with lance’s space phone. (bc duh, needs to happen)
  • keith looking fondly at lance while everyone else is looking at something else. “cute right?” keith, looking at lance: yeah “i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing”
  • keith gifting lance with something and blushing while handing it to him. idc what it is it can be whatever and lance being almost speechless. “you got this…for me?”
  • keith: please be careful!! lance: always am!
  • keith to lance: man you are cuddly
  • lance: did i miss something pidge: oh just keith complaining about bonding moments lance: ok so nothing new then
  • keith telling lance “i’ve never met anyone like you” because i live for the clichè stuff dont judge
  • the classic “ we got stuck somewhere alone together and now we gotta talk about our feelings” kind of thing
  • lance showing off his bf once they’re dating “yep! i’m dating him!!!” 
  • more alone conversations where lance tells keith about his life as an uncle
  • hunk accidentally mentioning that lance had a crush on keith at the garrison.  “ like at the garrison you clearly like ke—” “KEN I LIKED KEN REMEMBER KEN?? AHHA GOOD OL’ GUY” “there was no one…named ken”
  • running after each other for something? because i’ve realized we’ve never seen that in canon and soft music is playing in the back
  • keith gifting lance with his bom blade once they’re together “i want you to have this”
  • an “i thought you were dead!” moment where keith kisses lance without hesitation and lance replies with “well i am know”
  • lance fingergunning at keith pls and thank u
  • the “fine” “fine” “fine” “FINE” thing when they get into arguments and they end up giving each other the silent treatment but it lasts like one minute and if it starts seriously, it ends jokingly
  • the pool scene becomes an inside joke like the bonding moment:  “we went to the pool together!!!!”  “keith you wanted to stay away from me??” “well you forgot our bonding moment!”“oh god not this again….”
  • a moment where they both turn at each other smirking and everybody is like “lol ur smiling at each other” and they’re like “no we’re not” but their mouths are still curved in a smile
  • they become very clingy with each other and don’t realize it until someone points it out
  • they swap clothes for one day and no one questions it. “they’re doing their thing as usual”
  • “are you hugging me?” “looks like i am” “thank you i needed that”
  • “when i said that I don’t hate you….i meant something else also”
  • can we uhhhh get mind-reading aliens that can sense their feelings for each other
  • “lets do this” and then they smile at each other
  • keith slipping that he likes lance in the middle of a very tough battle bc he doesnt know what will happen OR “if i dont make it…tell lance i love him”
  • keith at 2 am: hey pidge lance looked at me for more than one second today what do you think i should do
  • they try to make sure they always stand next to each other
Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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⇁ nudes, not flowers | 01

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

pairing⇁Hoseok x reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut || fuckboi!au

warningspublic sex, slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!junghope, demeaning names during sex if you aren’t into that, jealousy

word count5.5k

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps 

01 | 02  ⇁ sequel 

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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.




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Notes (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Requested by @jaredflyingsolo : “Excuse me, would you like to read that note in front of the whole class?” “Sure why not but I’m warning you it’s not exactly PG” 

Warnings: a little smutty, cussing, risqué things, mentions of sex 

w/c: 950 (short bc I have so many more to do) 

A/N: This is my first smutty ish fic and I hope I did a good job but who knows. Sorry for not posting yesterday (I was not feeling 100% and I was in a terrible mindset) but I’m back to submit more of the requested fics. Oh yeah also not proofread whoops

Dating Connor Murphy was kind of like walking on the moon. It was amazing and life changing- but you were playing with fate; any second your suit could run out of oxygen. 

Why? Because your boyfriend was very, very, into public displays of affection, and his teasing was the stuff of legends. Doesn’t sound like a huge problem right? Not really, until you’re in your third period history class and your boyfriend won’t stop whispering things in your ear and passing you notes that would make your parents faint. 

It was really easy for him to do it too, since he sat right behind you and you were both in the very back of the class, so no one really noticed. Which right now was a pretty good thing because you had at least three balled up pieces of paper on your desk and a very pink face. 

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Originally posted by jeonghney

i watched the devil wears prada again and i’m like oooo but what about having jeonghan as miranda and i’m like YES I LOVE IT. YES. I NEED THIS. fam, you bet i’m feeling this au. 

  • ok so jeonghan is probs the scariest person in this fashion magazine, LiKE miranda, he probs make people look the other way, walk the other way, and like gets elevators for him. bc jeonghan is a bad bitch who you don’t want to anger.
  • he WANTS perfection. anyone who gets in his way will probably hear it from one of his assistants. he’ll give them the dirty work of firing anyone. 
  • but that’s only because he wants to be on top of all the other magazines. 
  • excuse you, he has a legacy to uphold. a legacy of 20+ years and he will not let anyone get in the way. 
  • which is why you’re probs his favorite assistant. he’ll open his mouth, and you already have it for him. and he’ll just give you a little smile before going back to work. 
  • and he isn’t vocal about liking you, but he’s just like, “huh ur not worthless”
  • and you know that his way of telling you he likes youtlike he fired all the other assistants in a span of three weeks, but for some reason you’ve been here for a year
  • and yeah, at first, he was on ur ass about anything
  • like you got a belt that was slightly off color (the black was not the same shade of black like the center, it was slightly greener)
  • and he used to give you disproving looks for the chanel shoes you wore
  • but you were the first assistant in the three years he’s been working to get his coffee order right so he kept you around.
  • he literally ony kept you because you could get coffee. his standards are that high.
  • he makes you go to all the previews, the shows, and all the fittings. 
  • like you might be on the phone with one of the designers, and he’ll hang up on them for you
  • and be like, “you can thank me later” 

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Tulip & Viktor’s Relationship

I love that this show has very explicitly neurodivergent protagonists who nevertheless are presented as heroes within the context of the story. We see all three of them become somewhat childlike in the face of realities of life they’re not equipped to deal with bc they never developed the tools in the first place or lost them along the way. The fact that all three of the main characters on the show are allowed to be these damaged mentally unstable people realistically working through trauma but also heroes is a huge deal - I cannot think of many shows that have done anything remotely similar. Usually if it is in a show, it’s not handled realistically or sensitively but they’re really making efforts here. And most importantly they show that they can still have relationships, be heroes, do good things, etc. - they’re not demonized for being fucked up and in fact the viewer should very easily be able to tell why they are the way they are. And their bad actions aren’t excused, but they are explained, and we see them making efforts to both better themselves and weaponize their darkness for their own survival and that of those they care about. I wouldn’t love them as much as I do without their flaws - that’s what makes them so sympathetic and real and makes their relationship an amazing commentary on the human condition and gives the three leads the opportunity to act the hell out of every scene they’re in.

It was particularly interesting to see how Tulip handled her situation over the last two episodes and I’m interested to see how she will deal with it now. 

Tulip’s very much been written as a child of the foster care system. We saw that as early as the Jesse/Tulip flashback in s1ep7 (”He Gone”) where we find out she wets the bed, which is something lots of kids with horrible stressful childhoods do. A lot of her arc reminds me of certain aspects of Sarah Linden’s in The Killing - very different characters but they deal with problems in similar ways and have very similar pasts - she was also someone who got shunted through the foster care system and came out of it with a whole bunch of abandonment issues and a strong personal sense of justice. Her partner and friend said this to her once - “This is like a pattern with you, you know that? You always leavin’, runnin’. You never stay… ‘cause if you did, then you’d want it. You’d need it. And then you could get hurt. And left…or not left. Why don’t you stay? Stay.“ And ultimately, her response to that is “I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend.”

That is what Tulip has been looking for all this time. Something reliable, something consistent and reciprocal and loving, something like family because she’s never had one, not really. And after Jesse abandoned her, she might’ve had something approximating that with Viktor and his daughter. As Ruth said, “Tulip feels so strongly for Viktor. He was something steady in her life and I think she’s never had that. To his credit, he sort of rehabilitated her. But also, that was the worst thing he could have done because then she was ready to go back on the road again. I think it broke his heart, really.”

So Tulip climbed out of her depression and decided to redress the problem that started it all - Carlos’ betrayal of her and Jesse and everything that followed. There are all these lingering issues between Tulip and Jesse - he hasn’t told her about the abusive maternal side of his family or how he feels he damned his father to hell for sending her away and that is at the root of all of his behavior and hangups. He has told NO ONE about any of that, ever, and naturally that was going to color any effort he made at moving forward. He loves Tulip dearly but he’s got issues that scare him so much he’s in denial about even having them, and I think that when she miscarried he felt this was just another part of his curse coming back to haunt him which necessitated his return to Annville to fulfill his father’s mission…but they’re going to give us more backstory next week in the “Dallas” episode which may enlighten us further about anything else that may have happened in the wake of Carlos’ betrayal and how it affected the Jesse/Tulip relationship. It’s easy to tell that this whole season is about family and the lengths people will go to find it or reclaim it or maintain it, which is an extension of themes about contentious intergenerational relationships carried over from s1. 

Tulip’s uncle Walter was all Tulip ever had, and that was never enough. She was taken away from the Custers and later she had Jesse but that was precarious and unsteady. She was happy with that but he left her when she was at her lowest point emotionally. As my friend @hermouthslipped put it, “I wouldn’t say that Walter wasn’t enough, because he was never on the table as being enough - in his eyes or Tulip’s. He was always dying - and in that sense, Tulip has only ever had a dying family, if she were to even count it as one at all. This means that what Viktor offered - complex relationships, established dynamics, a LIVING family - was more than even the promise crushed with Jesse. Something that neither Jesse nor Tulip ever imagined them as having - they were just too orphaned to imagine belonging to something like that. It was maybe the only thing that could have rehabilitated her.” We’ll see how she handles the reality of her situation now that she’s moved on in some ways but Viktor hasn’t. And I think it’s pretty clear why she was afraid to tell Jesse - Ruth said it was because she was afraid of how he might judge and shame her but from a practical perspective it also wasn’t a good idea bc like she told Cassidy it would, it only made things worse - because his reaction was to shut her out and sate his own jealous defensiveness over his relationship with her - the only loving one in his life.

title: incomplete without you
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: iwaoisuga
word count: 6930
summary: koushi has never had a soulmate, so he’s gone through life feeling a bone-deep loneliness that never seems to go away. but all of that changes when he’s in his second year of high school, when one day two sets of writing that aren’t his own appears on his skin.

(au where any marks made on your soulmate’s body appears on your own)

here on ao3 and also below the cut!!

part of my haikyuu!! soulmates au!! (ao3 link)

Sugawara Koushi does not have a soulmate.

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Tinted | Soulmate!Ashton

Originally posted by 5secondsofgifs

WC: 900+
Warnings: None
A/N: Hi babes! It’s been a while but I wrote this for @outerspxcehood bc today was our 1 year anniversary of us being friends!! Honestly she has been one of the greatest friends and she’s amazing so if you don’t follow her, check her out!! (also she came up with the title so yeah) i really like this one and i wanna maybe turn it into a series?? so hope you guys enjoy!!

[ Inbox ] [ Masterlist ] [ Requests/Ask for part 2! ]

Ever since you were little, one word was always repeated at least once everyday. Just wait until you meet your soulmate. Are you excited to meet your soulmate? What do you want your soulmate to look like? Soulmate, soulmate, soulmate. It seemed like you couldn’t escape those eight simple letters.

In a way, you really wanted to meet them. Not only experiencing the love that it could bring, but seriously seeing life in true colors. The black and white lifestyle was pretty bland and people that have already met their match, they make color sound so amazing. With your soulmate, it’s like you’re really living.

You snapped out of your thoughts, taking your eyes off of the ceiling above you. It was often that you got lost in your own mind thinking of the subject but after, you were more tired as ever. Sighing, you look to see the bolded numbers 12:36 on your clock. You slowly pulled your blankets up and over your body, laying down onto your mattress. Closing your eyes, you snuggled into your pillow and falling asleep.

The next morning was like no other, everything had a calm but had that repetitive atmosphere. You wiped your eyes as you got up and walked to your bathroom, opening them slowly. But when you looked in the mirror, you noticed something was different. The white wall behind you wasn’t white. It was still very similar but it was different. Your breathing was heavy as you felt a variety of emotions hit you.

You knew what it had to be, you just weren’t ready for it. But slowly you noticed the tint going back to pure white, causing your eyes to widen and your body run to get clothes on. You rushed, knowing you were losing them. Your only question was, why were they going away? They had to have seen the tint too, it made no sense. You shook your head before grabbing your bag and your phone, running out of your home.

You quickly followed the tints of color, leading you into the streets of your city. You began to grin as you saw the colors become more and more bright. You smile faded though as a huge crowd of people walked your way. “No, no, no!” You whispered to yourself, saying excuse me to rush pass the people. You started to worry as the bright colors started to fade again and soon, they were back to the black and white again.

A broken expression laid on your face as you looked at the busy but shaded city and people around you, already missing the little difference you just experienced. Sighing, you finally got out of the crowd and looked around trying to find out where you were. In your rush, you somehow got lost in a part of the city you’ve never been in before. You just started to walk with everyone else, going to no exact location. You looked down at your clothes as you walked, when you began to see the tint again.

You head quickly shot up, you were determined to not lose them this time. You played hot and cold with the colors, leading you to a little coffee shop in between two huge buildings. The colors were as bright as ever and you breathed in deeply, preparing yourself before walking inside.

Your heart raced as you stepped into the shop, looking around at the people. You eyes caught a certain boy and your breath hitched when you saw him. A tanned boy sat in a booth, sipping a drink out of steaming mug. His jawline was sharp but the little dimples that showed when he sipped evened out his look. Little, dirty blonde curls laid on top of his head and black sunglasses when over his eyes. His look was very simple but it still made your heart raced.

You slowly walked over to the boy, everything around you in full color. You softly tapped his shoulder, causing the boy to turn to you. “Hello?” He slowly said while you played with your fingers. “H-Hi, I um don’t know, well I j-just, I me-mean.” You stumbled, causing him to chuckle a little and smile at you. “Hey, calm down okay? We’re both people here.” He said slowly, making you nod and take a deep breath. “Right, s-so I’m (Y/N) and I think you’re my soulmate.” You said, causing the boy’s jaw to drop. “Are you serious? Really?” He asked, making you smile saying a small ‘yeah’.

Suddenly the boy got up and pulled you into a tight hug, saying “It’s amazing to meet you, I’m Ashton.” His actions made you smile and hug him back and you two stood there with smiles on your faces. He was the first the pull away, asking you to sit with him. You quickly sat and watched as he slowly got into his side. “I have a question though.” You said, making him motion for you to continue. “Well I was chasing for you this morning, I mean you had to have seen the colors too right? Why did you walk away?” He soon got very quiet, his head hanging a little low.

“Ashton?” You asked after a minute of silence. “There’s something I have to tell you, (Y/N).” He said before sighing, making you tilt your head in confusion. He slowly took off his sunglasses, looking towards you. You didn’t expect to see clouded irises looking back at you. “(Y/N) I’m blind.”

penny222000  asked:

Ok but arin comforting Dan after having a v v bad nightmare, one where Dan couldnt get arins soul back & hes just clutching arins fur so tightly, head buried in his chest, trying to ground himself w the feeling of arins warmth & heartbeat & that hes there and a live & now sinking at the bottom of the ocean. & arin just softly telling him hes there, hes ok, & petting his head. Im sorry, I just really love angst+fluff bc Im a bad egg. I might draw it once I figure out how to draw cat arin qwq

Before i continue, i wanna give you props for going through sO MUCH of my blog; i was at work and it said i had 50+ notifications in an hour. And im like, from who?!!😂😂 And im right there w you; angst/fluff, hurt/comfort is honestly my favorite genre(?), its honestly so rewarding in the end aaaa

But yes, imagine they go to bed, Danny as a human and Arin transformed (its cold!). Its nice and calm, but a few hours later, Arin yelps, jolted out of his sleep with his fur practically ripped off of his chest, skin caught in a vicelike deathgrip. Normally he would be fucking l i v i d bc dUDE thats like my fucking hair how would you like it if I pulled YOUR hair?? But Danny is staring right through him, hyperventilating and shaking, cheeks slightly damp w fresh tears and Arin instantly tries to go into Overprotective Mom Mode™

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@adaw8leonhelp​ wanted “My friends set me up on a date to go to a meteor shower with someone im not really interested in and you’re about ten feet away and my date is pissed bc I’m staring at you instead of the show” However I imagine it like “accompany me on this double date please!”

Send me a prompt

“Josh, my man, you just got to do this for me, it’s the bro code.”

“For fuck’s sake, you can’t just pull the bro code out of your ass every time you want to make a move on some girl, Cochise.”

“It’s not some girl, it’s Ash! I will never get a more perfect moment to ask her out in my life. Ever!”

“Well, I guess you won’t. But why do I have to be there to witness it, exactly?”

Chris stares at him grumpily.

“Weren’t you trying to make us get together every time we talked for more than 5 minutes for the past two years?”

“Yes, indoors. I’m not going to climb some fucking hill just so you could take her to the bone zone.”

“You really need to stop using that phrase. It’s not happening.”

“Fuck off, Regina.”

“Dude, please. I just don’t want her to think that it’s already a date.”

Josh shakes his head, with an expression of a man confronted with the most stupid sentence he’s ever heard.


“It would make her nervous. I want us to have a good time.”

“Oh, yeah, cause a fifth-wheeling guy trying not to stab himself with a flashlight out of boredom is exactly what you need to make a girl feel special.”

“Eat a snickers, I’m begging you. I’ll ask around if someone else wants to go. For your sake. Bro.”

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anonymous asked:

RFA+V and Saeran finding out MC is a cosmotology student and coming into the salon because MC needs a model to get work done on. What services do you think they would get? (Cosmo students usually learn Hair Cutting/Coloring, Perming, Waxing, Facials, Make Up, Manicures, Pedicures, and Acrylic nails)

(I know very little about this topic so I’m using only the services you listed off! thank you for listing them off you’re a lifesaver honey)


  • he’s so amazed omg
  • MC’s is so skilled??
  • a proud boyfriend
  • he’d probs get:
    • Hair coloring 
      • because we all know he’s bleaching his hair with cheap bleaching packets from the convenience store and that’s not good for his hair smh
    • Manicure
      • he has no real excuse he just wants his hands to look pretty. prepare to have him take a picture of his hand and send it to the chatroom acting as if he had gotten a tattoo or something but nope he just had his hands dolled up and his nails painted with a glittery nail polish
  • he wouldn’t do a lot mostly because he doesn’t know what half of the stuff is and he doesn’t want to make MC do too much things


  • she hardly has any time to go to a salon
  • so this is just PERFECT
  • she feels so happy and giddy
  • she gets:
    • A haircut
      • just the tips and such to give it shape
    • A facial
      • because deep down she’s all up for that sorta stuff and she adores it
    • Manicures and Pedicures
      • MC convinces her to do this because Jaehee really needs to treat herself from time to time
    • Makeup
      • Also MC’s idea. And a good one; Jaehee looks like an absolute goddess
  • she feels like she’s been born again and she’s so happy?? MC thanks her and she’s like “no thank YOU”


  • he’s also super amazed
  • he smiles and agrees immediately when MC asks him if he’d like to get something done
  • honestly MC tells him to “choose whatever he wants” and he does
    • Waxing
      • because even though he hardly has any facial hair he likes waxing over shaving that itty bit of stubble that he gets 
    • Facials
      • he tries to take a selfie while doing this but fails so he has MC take the photo
    • Manicure and Pedicure
      • he doesn’t paint his nails but oh boy his nails look so pretty? Even MC is shook by how pretty they turn out
  • he’s frankly super pleased with how he looks
  • also really proud of MC? bc damn he looks fine thanks to them


  • at first he’s like
  • “but are you sure you want me to go?”
  • he just feels like MC won’t find a lot to do with him since he’s never done that kinda thing before
  • so MC ends up suggesting what services he could get
  • he ends up with:
    • a haircut
      • nothing too dramatic, just trimming a bit and maybe shaping 
    • a facial
      • he actually really enjoys it and this is coming from a man who has been to some high-end expensive spas
    • a pedicure
      • he was actually curious to how a pedicure was? and since his feet are always covered he agrees to paint his toe nails.


  • he’s HYPED
  • doll him up. make him beautiful
  • he’s so hyper? he chooses:
    • hair perming
      • he ends up looking better than either him or MC expected and he’s super happy with it
    • makeup
      • he’s smiling so much it’s hard to put on the lipstick. also MC wonders how the hell he can look so good in makeup
    • pedicure
      • he chose this mostly because “why not?” and also painted his toe nails with flowers because, once again, “why not?”
    • acrylic nails
      • he knew typing was harder with long nails but does he even care?? he looks absolutely amazing and also asks MC to paint flowers on these because there’s nothing to stop him
  • bonus points: once he’s all dolled up he dresses in his maid dress and shows Vanderwood, who is Confused and Amazed at the same time


  • he doesn’t…. know what to do at a salon
  • he is Confused
  • he’s pretty happy that MC is so skilled but he wishes he understood in what??
  • so MC sits him down and explains
  • so he ends up choosing:
    • Hair Coloring
      • time to fix your half-made bleaching Saeran but he takes this chance to test out some new colors? now that he can? he probably tries a shade of red that isn’t his natural hair color
    • Manicure
      • look you can argue for hours but nothing is stopping him from painting his nails black and looking absolutely amazing
    • Makeup
      • it’s nothing too drastic. honestly? he was curious and in the end he looks super nice so it’s a win for him
  • also if anyone makes fun of his nails, hair or makeup he won’t be pleased
  • and instead of taking such things off, he’ll teach that person a little lesson on tolerance


  • he’s super happy!
  • MC has a salon? that’s great!
  • he’s so pure and nice gosh
  • he’s super happy MC offers to do stuff for him
  • he ends up choosing very few services as not to annoy MC
    • Haircut
      • since he can’t really… see, he hadn’t gone to trim his hair in a while- mostly because he didn’t really feel like a stranger would know how to cut his hair well without his instructions- but with MC he knows whatever they do will look good
    • Facial
      • he really likes the feeling. since his skin is pretty sensitive, it’s very calming for him to do this
    • Pedicure and Manicure
      • he doesn’t paint his nails, but the whole process of having his nails clipped and shaped, pushing back/removing the cuticles and such is pretty nice
  • He’s 100% sure he has never looked prettier

[insp] [insp]

The name’s Annie Edison, but people call me Psycho ‘cause I had a nervous breakdown in high school.

jungtaes  asked:

i read your tags about that korrasami post can you clarify what the two years of shit was??

like is it the korrasami fanbase or the lok fanbase??

it was both and neither like i can’t sit here and pin it all one one group. This is not about the ship or the watchers who felt represented by canon queer girls. But there is definitely like…..a sub fandom that’s been here since 2012 severely devaluing korra, her struggles,  her personality, and tried to take away any representation Korra could give people. Fandom also thrived on used asami as the Ideal Image and the character it the timeline that korra could be compared to. Asami always fucking “won” and it became like you had to defend yourself for liking korra. People have been siding with anyone but korra for years, but it’s also 100% true that some people prioritized Asami  and there’s no denying that it’s bc she’s light skinned and feminine.

 A lot of it dealt heavily on colorism, and shaming of korra’s louder, less refined, non-feminine, more straight forward way of dealing with things or interacting with people. I’m just gonna list some of the fandom’s most popular opinions

super long bc i’ve been holding this in for years I’m sorry it’s a lot dym ahh

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helene-of-flowers  asked:

Pardon me for asking, but why is that one gifset whitewashed? It looks perfectly normal to me. I was never able to "see" izzy and Simon as latinx bc of their physique, so I'd be really grateful for any tips on how to recognize whitewashing for them


I’ll ignore how offensive it is that you are not able to see Izzy and Simon as latinx because they have light skin, i’m latina and i have very pale skin so it’s kinda :/ when people tell me im white because of it, i’m not. period.

But anyway, yeah, i’ll gladly explain. Izzy and Simon are originally white but on the show they are both latinx, and it’s never really mentioned in any way which is why I can see people getting confused about their race. Alberto is  of colombian and cuban descent, Emeraude is half mexican and half lebanese, it’s really important that you know, even if they “don’t look like it” to you, they aren’t white, they are representing latinx people, both of them have talked about how important it is that young people are gonna be able to feel represented because of them, and here’s when whitewashing them becomes a huge problem. You are taking that representation away, you are erasing something they are (proud of, mind you) and changing it because you just “don’t see them like that”. If you are white i can understand how whitewashing and colorism is not a big deal to you and you don’t notice or if you do you choose to ignore it, but that is not an excuse.

Now, because it sounds that you really want to get educated about this and find a way you can help to not contribute to this way of racism, here it is:

This is Emeraude’s normal skin tone (or at least what the coloring on the show makes it look like, which is not that far away):

and here is her with a coloring that whitewashes her:

You still can’t see the difference? How about with Alberto now?



Not yet? How about Harry?:

Normally colorings are made to make skin tones brighter, they are made to color white people, which is why, while making an edit, you have to be extra careful to not whitewash anyone. If someone calls you out on whitewashing, accept it and apologize and then try as hard as you possibly can to never do it again. You can notice gifsets or edits are whitewashed when you look at their skintones and find something odd, something weird, when you notice it just doesn’t look right on them.

Now, I want you to look at this:

It doesn’t look that weird right? The exact same coloring, but now used on a white person. That’s because it’s not changing her skin tone, well maybe it’s making her paler but it’s not taking dark skin and making it lighter to make it more “aesthetically pleasing”

Both Emeraude and Alberto have darker skin compared to Kat or Dom so it’s easy to notice, please try not to ignore it. When I first watched the show I noticed immediately that Emeraude was latina, and when I saw Matt I actually thought he was too (I guess just because he kinda reminds me of Noah Centineo) and then I found out Matt is white which is why I can also understand if people get confused while thinking of both characeter’s heritage,but, like I said before, it’s not an excuse, if you ever see an edit and you think that it is whitewashed but you are not sure then ask a poc. hell you can even come to my blog and ask me. 

Anyway, yeah just try to not ignore that poc are poc and try to stop thinking that there’s nothing wrong with whitewashing :).

anonymous asked:

What's going on with The 100? I haven't watched the new season yet but people seem upset? And the cast is quitting?

oh boy.. i’ve been trying rlly hard to stay out of this bc it’s such a shitshow and it makes me so upset, but i’ll do my best to explain the whole thing (even though i’m sure you’ve heard about a lot of the early stuff and a lot of ppl have probably explained it better than i can)… ok so basically a lot of people (myself included) have been really upset for a v long time with the way that the 100 writers and jroth have treated characters of color on the show - starting with wells being killed off bc jroth like.. didn’t know what to do w the character?? ??? whatever bullshit that means? and basically just getting worse and worse as a LOT of other characters of color were killed off, including anya, whose entire storyline was given to lexa, a white girl whose entire character is founded on such extreme appropriation that it’s impossible to believe the writers don’t realize?? (brownface, wears a bindi for unexplained reasons, talks abt the grounders’ belief in reincarnation for like.. 1 hot second.. and, additionally, it’s treated narratively like mystical nonsense that clarke is above or something which is just so unbelievably shitty…) anyways frankly it was completely unnecessary to kill anya off and the plotline would have been 100x more interesting and coherent had they not. also it’s disgusting how the grounders are portrayed as mindless ‘savages’ when there’s such a clear colonialism narrative and like.. why was it necessary for them to make a show portraying the ‘natives’ as the bad guys for defending their home.. like.. at the beginning of s1 i had hoped it would be interesting bc they would address it and we’d like have to think abt the morals of how the delinquents hadn’t realized that they were rlly the bad guys too in the situation but like ?? that rlly never happened and it’s just gotten worse and worse. the grounders are entirely based in a mess of racist tropes that r frankly extremely offensive to me bc i’m native myself. basically it’s a mess, and there r a million other things that r awful abt their portrayal in the show (literally clarke the white savior calling them savages and acting like she is better than them at every turn.. and i can’t even talk abt how finn massacred a village and was literally redeemed. it’s unbelievably upsetting.)

beyond all of the writers’ terrible decisions on grounder culture and their general treatment on the show, raven reyes, a wonderful wonderful character has again and again been sidelined, tortured, given no time to be able to deal with the trauma (when finn died it was hardly even about raven who had known him her entire life?? it was abt clarke and how heartbroken she was over that soggy mopbucket and raven was like the Bad Guy bc she wouldn’t forgive clarke for killing the only family she had left and everything is garbage basically??) anyways they had a lot of ways out but they just sunk raven deeper and deeper into shitty situations and her entire plotline at this point is just ‘what will raven suffer thru next’ and jroth will inevitably be like ‘More Misery for raven! she’s just so Strong and i am truly Inspired for creating her!’ (let’s not forget, either, that he stuck her with wick who like shamed her into being in a relationship and didn’t let her just deal w what she was going thru……. and then jroth further shamed raven by tweeting like ‘raven can’t just sleep w people to solve her problems lol’ which ??? maybe don’t put this young girl in these situations and then maybe don’t police what this traumatized teenager is doing to cope ?????? i’m just sick of it, i’m sick of watching lindsey have to be this character who the writers don’t seem to care about at all. she deserves so much better.

next ofc is bellamy, who jroth seems to have a vendetta against bc bob morley literally created the character. originally bellamy was supposed to be a bad guy but bob’s charisma basically made everyone super interested, and when bellamy grew he became one of the most loved characters i can think of. however, that entire time there was this deeply racist undertone of clarke being the real leader and him being ‘her knight’ which ofc the fandom took and ran with. anyways they also just apparently can’t be bothered with continuity because this last season they threw his character development out the window in the least believable plotline i have seen in a LONG time. like, seriously. literally nothing would have made s2 bellamy do what he’s done in s3. not to mention that the attack this season was based on 9/11??? and like jroth thought it would be interesting to have it play out i guess?? and didn’t consider that making his moc lead and new character of color pike commit horrible war crimes would be shitty, esp considering how in reality it was white ppl acting out against poc after 9/11??? it’s so much more than just lazy writing, he clearly has issues w certain characters and just gives them shitty storylines bc he can and bc all he really wants to do apparently is give the (young) white lead some gratuitous sex scenes w her (young) white gf and then parade himself as the pinnacle of progressive television (i won’t get into how shitty and harmful his portrayal of sexuality has been, or the contrast with miller and other gay characters, but it’s shitty too, unsurprisingly). bob himself said he had little hope for s3 bc he had to sit down with other actors and be like ‘how does this make sense…… how can we make this ridiculous unbelievable writing make the most sense possible…’ which shouldn’t be his responsibility. moral of the story: he too deserves way better than being made to act a character that he built from nothing as the writers turn him into a villain.

and lastly, what brings us to this point, is that ricky whittle (who plays lincoln) has been tweeting shade at jroth and the show for a while. just for some perspective, consider the racist storyline of lincoln who was portrayed as scary and savage and ‘other’ all of first season, tortured, and then later literally hit and shamed by octavia for not being ‘grounder’ enough….. which is.. okay… some real bullshit. 

so basically, what’s happening now is that ricky’s been tweeting some stuff that pretty obviously means he is leaving the show. it’s v likely that lincoln’ll get killed off, but if he doesn’t he’s definitely leaving some way or another. up until now it was unclear why, but ricky confirmed that he’d talk more about it after the show is over. however, ricky’s mom took to twitter today and talked abt how ricky told her that jroth basically bullied him and other actors on set and was just overall rlly disrespectful and while this is not a surprise at all, it’s still terrible to hear. it’s inexcusable for him to treat people that way, and it’s especially upsetting knowing that there r still ppl working for him that are also probably being treated rlly badly (read: bob and lindsey and a lot of the others).

what makes it rlly rlly gross is that this fandom is made up of a hoard of white feminists who apparently don’t care about any characters but clarke and lexa and also apparently care about fictional characters more than real actors bc they have been attacking ricky and saying that he is ruining the show for them and that his speaking out is ‘petty’ (i’ve also heard a million times that they want him to get killed off the show now bc of it which is.. so….. transparently racist…… like, no matter what excuses you make, we see you…..)

note: they r now claiming that people are just upset because alycia has more screentime than ricky which is like.. yeah it is kinda shitty that she does bc he’s a regular and she’s not, but that’s not what this is about??? it’s not her fault, it’s jroth’s and the writers’. don’t make it about her….

the good news is that ricky was cast recently as the lead of american gods, which is apparently v beloved and is going to be awesome, and hopefully fans will follow him to the new show and support him still (i certainly plan to). it’s really really sad that he had to go through that, and that people are blaming him for it, but i know he has a really exciting future ahead of him. i heard that lindsey might be part of something else coming up, but i don’t know for sure (a girl sure can dream though lmao). bob’s been successful in other stuff so i’m sure he’ll get work outside of the show, and i’m sure other actors will too (this isn’t me like ‘i hope they all become unemployed bc i hope the show gets canceled!’ but at this point i just really don’t respect what the show has become and i find it toxic and irredeemable). 

tldr; jroth is the literal worst and i don’t watch the show anymore bc it’s just upsetting.. this season was a mess and i don’t recommend catching up bc it might as well be a completely different show for how much sense it makes. ricky and everyone else deserve better and hopefully will be getting better gigs soon. i had hopes for the show and was let down again and again and now i just have to blacklist everything related to it. some of ricky’s tweets and his mom’s tweets are on my blog rn on the first page or two. also @white feminists who i already know will disregard every valid criticism above, please don’t bother attacking me. i literally do not care. u r wrong and i’ll just ignore u bc it’s not worth humoring u.

also, @ickleroonilwazlib, i’ve really respected how much you’ve been standing up for ricky, and i’ve been trying to stay out of it so my anxiety doesn’t go thru the roof but i’ve been rlly grateful to see how much you’ve stepped up and spoken the truth. <3

exo-nerates  asked:

Remember when I said I'd send this in? gom + hanamiya AU first meeting reaction :))) but there's a 5 max so just skip your sadist bæ lmao

it’s been so long I kinda forgot lmao. but i do remember you saying you wont send in anything cause that’ll make you more attached to the fandom. and surprise b; i didn’t skip bae bc he’s precious. and you’re mean. boo.

Hanamiya slides open the door to the classroom only to bump into you and have the books you’re carrying scatter all over the floor on your feet. A small gasp leaves your lips as you involuntarily crouch down and begin picking up the books. The basketball player scowls at you in annoyance before he steps over the mess and strut into the hallway. A few footsteps later and an exclamation of  'hey!’ from you, he feels something hit the back of his head, ending with a resounding thud in his ears as it crashes onto the ground.

Turning around to face the cause of the forming bump on his head, he shows no indication of surprise. In front of him, you stand on the very same spot he left you with half of the books piled up and some still littered by your feet, the only difference is that you’re standing with your hands on your hips and barefooted. A shoe rests by his feet.

“The least you could do for bumping into someone is help pick up the things you caused them to drop!” You exclaim with indignation, clearly ticked off.

“Forgive me, I seem to forget my manners with a nutcase that goes around throwing shoes at people.”

Hanamiya smirks at the sight of your reddening face due to the building annoyance. It seems he’s found his new amusement for the year.

- - - -

You’re staring at him but when he looks your way, you instantly drop your gaze to the magazine in your hand. However, Kise is all but used to having people stare at him. I mean, how could anyone not stare and wonder why his face is so familiar or just stare at his beauty in general? Thus, being the appreciative model he is, he stands up fro his seat and walks across the room towards his fan; you. Or so he thought.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” He asks with enthusiasm, as he’s always excited to meet his fans.

Your bewildered look and vigorous shake of the head right after earn a short chuckle from him as he sits himself across from you.

“You don’t need to be so shy to ask. I love socializing with new people!” Kise grins.

“W-well, if you say so.” You hesitantly begin, gaining a bit more courage at Kise’s encouraging nodding; an indication that he’s paying attention to what you’re saying.

“Where did you buy that limited edition Ooh-kun t-shirt?”

Kise’s left gaping like a fish on land for a few seconds. “You-You’re not a fan?!”

The next words that come out of your mouth manages to create a huge dent on his ego; “Uh. Am I supposed to know you?”

- - - -

You’re at an intense stare down. The boy in front of you is tall, roughly around 6'10", easily towering over you to scare you away from the only latest version of Maiubo bar left on the snacks section. Both of your hand and his are holding the bar on both ends. All of a sudden, you feel like you’re in kindergarten again, standing up against the meanest kid there that basically bullies everyone else to giving him food.

“I touched it first so it’s mine.” You defiantly state.

“Eh, but I touched it first.” He lazily drawls.

“No you didn’t.” You argue.

“Did too.” He retorts.

“Did not.”

Before he gets the chance to respond, another voice calls for him. “Atsushi, have you finished picking out the snacks? We need to hurry up and pay for them if we want to get to practice on time.”

You don’t get to see the person talking because this giant, Atsushi is blocking your view to whoever it is that’s behind him.

“Okay.” Murasakibara drags out the word, lifting his hand that’s holding the snack bar up to the point that you’re standing on the tip of your toes in your defiance to release it, disregarding your existence.

But alas, the bar slips out of your grasp as he places it in the piles of over junk food and snacks he carries in his other hand. Having not given up though, you dashed forward, snatched the Maiubo bar and sprinted to the counter. What you didn’t consider, is despite his tremendous built that comes with a weight greater than yours, his legs are long enough to make up for it. And to top it all off, his laid back demeanor has changed into that of a devil that’s chasing after you.

Your last thoughts;

‘I’m dead.’

- - - -

A chain of cusses leaves Aomine’s lips as he makes his way to the roof, having forgotten his magazine there when Momoi came barging through the door, yelling her ass off about how he’s supposed to be going to practice. A gush of wind blows past him in greeting. Aomine notices a paper airplane lying on the ground and if it wasn’t for the colored graphic on the piece of fold up paper, the blue haired basketball player would have shrugged it off and climbed the ladder to get to his magazine. His assumption is proven correct when he unfolds the paper airplane and a crumpled up Mai-chan smiles at him. That’s it! Someone’s messing with his magazine!

And as if on cue, another paper airplane comes flying his way and hit him right in the head before uselessly falling next to his feet. A solid minute of silence passes before an annoyed tick appears on Aomine’s temple. He’s going to kill that bastard!

The sound of Aomine’s shout can probably be heard by all of Tokyo as he ascends the ladder. “Oi! Bastard!”

He approaches you who’s standing with your back to him. Roughly, he grabs you by the arm and whirls you around. Your round, surprised eyes bores into him and he’s left motionless there for a second, drinking you in until his eyes trail down to your hand- his special edition Mai-chan magazine and the pages are torn.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” He screams in your face, snatching the magazine away from your hold.

“Duh, recycling.” You roll your eyes at his idiocy.

“Mai-chan isn’t a piece of trash to be recycled, dumbass!”

- - - -

Akashi steps onto the balcony, breathing in the fresh night air. All the socializing and business talks he’s been involved in has become quite a bore. These riches have nothing better to do than gloat about their achievements which in his opinion is another feat to overcome. Hearing approaching footsteps, Akashi turns around to face a girl in a beige colored dress that pools at her feet- you.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know someone’s here.” A look of surprise adorns your features.

“It’s alright. I was just leaving.” Akashi smiles, though a bit astonished at the fact that he doesn’t recognize you as part of any of the families that gathered tonight.

“Good, we can leave together.” You strut over, stopping next to him, taking your heels off and throwing them over the handrail.

Akashi watches silently, though he won’t admit it, in awe as you swing a leg over the handrail before jumping off the ground with a small thud.

“Well, aren’t you leaving?” You ask, looking up to him who is still at the balcony, looking at you as if you’ve grown another head.

And for the first time that night, Akashi’s smile reaches his eyes. “I didn’t mean leave that way though.”

You puff your cheeks in annoyance.

“Are you coming or not?”

- - - -

“How much for him?”

Midorima halts in his steps as watches you lean closer to inspect his lucky item; a small frog statue. A scowl reaches the green hair’s face. “It’s not for sale.” He states firmly, attempting to walk past you but fails when you grab his forearm.

“Please, I need him.” You plead.

It’s clear as day the desperation in your eyes, could it be that you’re a Cancer too? Not to mention a fellow Oha-asa believer. Midorima pays no heed to Takao’s suppressed snickering behind him, of course, leave it to Takao to find the strangest situation funny.

“I can’t sell it to you.” The megane says again.

“Him.” You lowly mutter.


“It’s obviously a him.” You look up a irritation.

All that because of a misused of pronounce?

Before Midorima can even utter another word, you’ve already snatched the frog off his palm and now holding it close to your chest with a look of hurt.

“Someone who doesn’t respect Pepe doesn’t deserve to be in a five mile radius from him let alone hold him. You unappreciative, swine.” You chide.

Takao’s laughing rings in the background. Midorima’s eye twitches and he murmurs the word under his breath.


anonymous asked:

taylor, i have a confession to make to you. I have been following your blog for a while now and the thing is, i know nothing about infinite. I don't even know the members names except myungsoo, because hes always making these weird faces in their vids. and i also know hoya because his name reminds me of this spanish food company called goya. and he seems like the type to be bullied. so if you could do me the favor of introducing me to infinite i will be forever grateful :)

i feel so bad for u how did u struggle w following me, the biggest infinite trash, for all this time…goya tht is a new one im gonna have to write that one down but also u have come to the right place here we go heres infinoodle:

ok here are the members ill start out them i guess in age order?? oldest to youngest yee:

sunggyu: leader & residential old man i dont know how he escaped the nursing home but he did & he’s here to revive his old emo/scene band days (he rly was in a screamo band & has done screamo recently) but a good guy @ heart & is always looking out for his members even if they give him a hard time!!

dongwoo: !!! DINGLE!!! MY LIL ANGEL….. hones tly a the most precious human bean there is every time u blink hes laughing at some new stupid thing one of the other members or doing… or laughing @ himself tbh hes in his own world sometimes??? he also farted on national tv while he was on a show with his mom so yeh theres that„ also dressed in drag multiple times i luv my gf dragwoo     ….hes actually so caring towards his parents & a beautiful dancer & despite being a rapper has one of the best voices imo (listen to DIAMOND… HIS ADLIBS U WILL DIE…AS I HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE) also has the weirdest hair colors but he looks so hot in them LIKE TH E BLUE HAIR DURING CHASER ERA MY ULT FAVE & PINK DURING INFINITE H    theres so much more abt him i can go on about but    i will spare u  OH ALSO HE IS S O SO OO OOO SHORT HE HAS TO WEAR INSOLES ALL THE TIME RIP (in subunit with hoya called infinite h)

woohyun: a sad lil man (hes p short too) um but he is honestly s o??? cheesy to the point where u wanna chase him down the block with ur steel-toe shoe & beat him bu t it grows on u i cant lie….he tried to be a model predebut & the pics are so o ooooo funny borderline mullet look & also appeared on this show dressed like a girl & was in this cf(?? idk what it is jsut so funny) infinite cares about their fans so much & they always say it but this guy he has to go to the extent of calling us his li ke….gfs (meanwhile sunggyu friendzoned us!!! smh) but as the main vocal he has a rly powerful voice & his last verse in the chaser makes u feel like ur looking into the eyes of god!!! he was in a subunit last yr called toheart with shinees key & has act/ had the lead role in hslo this past year as well (bonus clip of him trying to act mad lms if u cried)

hoya: h to the o y a i go top of the world u know my name… the usher luver of the group & literally never stops fc ukgin dancing like if u tied him down with titanium steel he would break free & dance…. he left school to pursue becoming an idol & his dad was kinda mad but they r good now… he was in dance groups predebut (sporting a jordans shirt & bedazzled jeans amazing) but he is very passionate about what he does & is so dedicated to his work… to the point of overworking himself like he got hurt (his foot) this past summer bc of dancing during a show & if u look @ the vid he gives 120% the whole time i didnt even know he got hurt during that perf until he said thats how he got the injury?? he had a solo in which he had a snapback rise from beneath the stage, puts it on, then later rips off his shirt what a guy…. is in the subunit infinite h & has acted on dramas before!!! aka sad gay doctor hoya in the drama reply 1997 (RLY GOOD even if u dont like ifnt) & was on my lovely girl with myungsoo as a grade a asshole idol (random clip of him hitting a girl in the head w a ball on accident)

sungyeol: literally kool guy when he wears sunglasses bc long tall & slender but he is honestly a child whether he is pranking the other members or doing rly … interpretive (skip a lil to around 3 min)… dances. did a special stage with sungjong in which he dressed up as a girl & sung troublemaker a classic tbh. one time jokingly wanted to rap for fun then they actually had him rap in the song cover girl?? sickest bars ive ever heard. hes actually rly insecure about his talents bc so many ppl only equate him to the tall guy :-( but hes so much more & has been improving vocally with each comeback!! hes also an amazing actor (he originally wanted to be an actor) starring in many dramas i recommend love potent also hi!school:love on!! this past november him, sungjong, & myungsoo debuted as infinite f!!! the cutest group    I ALMOST FORGOT HIS SEXY BACK PERFORMANCE

myungsoo: his stage name is L but honestly wtf does that even mean its just an excuse for his weeaboo trash ass to talk about anime more!!! but no rly at debut they kinda made him put on this cold front & act all mysterious as “”L”” but he is the complete opposite…. he is so weird i d ont even know where to begin. he laughs at everythgin just like dongwoo & is actually SOOOOO CLUMSY RIP  he falls all the time its so tragic but i love it…. hes so into photography!!!!!! its rly his passion & has published 2 photobooks. he’s the visual of infinite but he said he doesnt want to be seen as just this?? he plays guitar too hes done it in tons of stages & acts a lot too!! (this one was the funniest role) also in infinite f

sungjong: ETHEREAL SMALL BEAN OF INFINITE….. H E IS UNREAL AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL he should rly model (he’s recently been sooooo into fashion & models) but hes basically the ruthless maknae?? hes not afraid to say what he wants to the other members despite being younger but in public events i find him to be eloquent & composed?? hes rly close with all of his members & has vocally improved soooooo much since debut im so proud of him!! he has the best airport fashion….he has rocked pink hair….there is nothing this boy cant do!!! he also plays piano too & used to dance to girl group songs a lot (perfect i luv) hes in infinite f

so thats basically all them members im gonna go into shows/mvs/songs now??


  • sesame player this is prob my fave one they are ruthless in this (this is very early on in their career)
  • ranking king this is just them being dumb and getting wild trying to beat each other in various competitions (this is recent like 2012)
  • this is infinite them being dumb yet again while dragging each other (this was this year in feb/ march….the first show i watched and i fell in love now im too deep)
  • you are my oppa so they get stuck with some stranger and they have to treat her like their younger sister…long story short sunggyu loses tablos credit card and mithra gives them sex ed im serious (this was them predebut)
  • birth of a family they have to raise puppies in this and they make sungjong pick up all the dog crap rip scenejohn (this was 2011/2012)
  • more here

mv: (not including dance ver)


um wow this was a lot i could add tons more but here is a playlist of my fave infinite vids  i feel like i am forgetting a lot but i hope this helps this is infinoodle