i just wanted a new skateboard


I was pretty lonely as a teenager. I was on a different track than my mates, who are still my closest mates in the world. Because I looked much younger than everyone else, I couldn’t get into the pubs they were all getting into when I was a teenager. So they all started drinking, and I was turned away at the door because I looked like a 12-year-old. And it kind of sucked, to be honest — it was really hard just to watch them all bonding over this new thing and I just wasn’t interested in it, I guess. I just wanted to keep skateboarding and being stupid. I was just like a perpetual child. So I’d probably just say, “Ah, no, it’s OK. You’ll grow facial hair at some point. Just keep going!” - Andrew Garfield

So some of you have contacted me and suggested that I participate in SatArtday this week.  The theme was redesigning Star in a new outfit.  I was reluctant at first but I couldn’t help think of all the different designs I could draw.  I love character designing and this outfit was a lot of fun.  I wanted to draw her in a skater inspired outfit but for some reason I see her riding a scooter instead of a skateboard, haha.  The colors are so vibrant and really out there that my favorite thing in the design is her jacket.  

At this point I submitted this already so I’m posting it on my own account just in case they don’t use it for this weekend.  I still have another design to color and if I can finish it before Saturday, I’ll submit another one.

Thank you all for the push to participate in this challenge.  I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you all enjoy the colorful space inspired outfit I made for her. 

toppdogg as conversations i've overheard at my performance&arts school
  • p-goon: "let's join the baseball club; that's a great way to get active" "are you fucking with me?" "it's a baseball club who doesn't love baseball" "ugh you're such a dad"
  • jenissi: "i remember when mr. bingham had the student coffee machine, then wilson fucking broke it" "that was one time" "you still broke it"
  • seogoong: "who would get food at the school store when there's free food right here" "that's for theatre kids only" "so? free food"
  • gohn: "but you know when she sings the song and goes 'eeee' on the second verse yeah i want to go 'eeee' on the first verse too" "you want to hit a high note?" "oh yeah a high note"
  • hojoon: "i wore no makeup today so i can cry with ease" "kimmi that's so deep" "i know"
  • kidoh: "i want to dj for lunch this friday" "why? no one likes your music" "i think they will i have really great stuff they can listen to, man" "if you play your fucking summer mixtape-" "i will" "i'm going to report you to ms. norman"
  • sangdo: *someone playing amazing grace on the saxophone in the hallway* "do you hear that?" "wow i've been cleansed of all stress" "it's only second period" "i've been cleansed john"
  • nakta: "but no you don't get it, like this art piece explores the joy we get from skateboarding but like it's eerie because we're skateboarding on a baby which is new life and we're destroying that new life with our joy" "you just want to paint a fucking baby" "yeah and i want to paint a baby"
  • hansol: "ugh the straights are taking over the school; i can't believe they made a baseball club. who fucking plays baseball" "i played baseball-" "ugh was i asking you"
  • b-joo: "my mom says that if i just keep drinking protein shakes i don't have to exercise" "your mom's a liar" "mY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME"
  • xero: "dude i'm so ready to fail this" "what why do you want to fail" "it's called reverse psychology; you gotta psyche yourself out to win" "you just didn't study" "i didn't study"
  • a-tom: "sometimes you just want to make art about tits, everyone loves tits, tits are so cool" "but what's your real concept?" "let me draw the titty, dude"
  • yano: *loud af curses coming from one end of the hallway during break* "HOLY FUCK DUDE" "noooo" "what's that about" "either there's a fight or someone just destroyed something" "hey did you see that some freshman knocked over adom's sculpture"
All Grown Up (Part 2)

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As requested, here’s a sequel to All Grown Up!

Summary: The Christmas party has come and gone, and it’s clear this new, fresh-out-of-college Jungkook is here to stay. But how exactly do you feel about it? You have no idea. Only now, it’s New Years Eve, and your parents want to spend it with none other than the Jeons. 

Genre: Fluff  | Word Count: 2019 | Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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Who’s That Vans Girl?: @AmeliaFLB 

Living everyday in the moment is one of the best qualities a person can have, and it’s one that many strive for. This is the very quality that immediately drew us to the kick-ass skate girl, Amelia. Find out how Amelia stays so free spirited, and learn what fall trends she’s most excited about this season. 

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I was pretty lonely as a teenager. I was on a different track than my mates, who are still my closest mates in the world. Because I looked much younger than everyone else, I couldn’t get into the pubs they were all getting into when I was a teenager. So they all started drinking, and I was turned away at the door because I looked like a 12-year-old. And it kind of sucked, to be honest — it was really hard just to watch them all bonding over this new thing and I just wasn’t interested in it, I guess. I just wanted to keep skateboarding and being stupid. I was just like a perpetual child. So I’d probably just say, “Ah, no, it’s OK. You’ll grow facial hair at some point. Just keep going!” - Andrew Garfield for BuzzFeed by Jon Premosch (September 2015)

In The Park SARUMI Drama CD - english sub
Fushimi Saruhiko and Yata Misaki run into each other in the park and share a few cute fluffy moments MISAKI BOTTOM IS NOW CANON SARU'S SWEET CHUCKLE AT THE E...

Oh my god-the feels. Dx xD I was so excited to see a new drama CD released after the series ended. ** SPOILERS FOR THE VIDEO NOW** This is so cute and I absolutely love how Saruhiko says that he didn’t want to learn the skateboard tricks in middle school because it would crush Misaki if he did them better than him, and I was just like awwwwww!!<3333 Or also when Misaki invited Saruhiko to come and watch him in his skateboard competition in America. If you listen closely, there is a piano playing in the background, that’s not there in the other parts! 

There’s something artistically gratifying and important about pushing yourself in ways that maybe aren’t comfortable, or trying new things or navigating music as it comes. Also, I just think you don’t want to stay these one-celled organisms forever. We want to eventually swim, and then walk up out of the sea, and walk upright, and then build cars and flying skateboards and stuff. You want to evolve as a band and as artists, and not keep doing the same thing.
—  Andy Hurley

Got the new Fizone shirt! Honestly, the best shirt ever made if you ask me. Definitely my favourite. Zoey and Fiona, riding a unicorn, riding a skateboard, with rainbows,in outer space . What more could you want from a shirt.

I’ve never bought yogscast merch before but when Zoey put a tshirt out I just had to. Its amazing, just like the two ladies on it. :)


Andrew stopped by BuzzFeed New York to channel his inner Dennis by attempting to assemble an Ikea chair while answering our hard-hitting questions. And because he’s cool as hell, he took off his jacket and shoes and got down to business. Watch Andrew hilariously struggle (and succeed!) at tackling the task so many twentysomethings know all too well.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Andrew Garfield: That’s a question that I’m actually asking myself. I don’t know where to live because my heart is in so many places in the universe. Well, in the world. My heart isn’t on Mars. But my heart is in England, where my family are and the majority of my closest friends are. But then on the West Coast of America I have the ocean, and I need the ocean in my life. That’s where I surf and I have very close people there as well that I adore. And New York City has great, fond, lovely memories — and also the problem is, I don’t like cities. And I’ve just named three cities. So I’m really having major issues about where I belong.

 Have you ever worked at a job you hated?
AG: Yes. I did a lot of odd jobs when I was a struggling actor. I worked at Starbucks and I really liked that. I really liked Starbucks.

 Did people ask you for secret menu items?
AG: I didn’t even know there were secret menu items! Like what?

Cookie Dough Frappuccinos, Birthday Cake Frappuccinos, Cotton Candy Frappuccinos…
AG: We were in England, so. You guys are crazy! I liked working there. [Screws in a part on the chair] I’m literally going to kill myself if this doesn’t go in.

 So you don’t want to work at Ikea, is what you’re saying?
AG: Nooo. But god, I’ve spent many a breakup in Ikea. Just a surefire way, if you don’t have the courage to break up with someone, just suggest a trip to Ikea, and it’ll do it for you! That should be the Ikea commercial. No, but I worked at a clothing store called Reiss in London. Reiss was terrible because not a lot of people came to the store, so I would sit down a lot because there was nothing to do. And my boss was like, What are you doing? And I’m like, Well, having a sit-down. I’m reading the Vogue magazine. And she was like, Well there’s so much to be doing. And I’m like, What? No one’s here! [Works on chair] You know what, I’m gonna cheat this. Sorry, Ikea, I’m cheating. Because you’re a nightmare. So I sat down a lot and she would never let me, and she’d be like, Separate all things on the rack six inches apart with a ruler! Anyway, I was fired, because I would just always sit down. And I argued. But then I got another job at the Wigmore Hall, which is a classical concert hall in London — I really liked that! But then I actually did go through a pretty grief-ridden breakup and again I would sit down a lot. I would find ways to sit, whether it was in the toilet cubicle — or, the stockroom became my place of choice to just cry and grieve the loss of my first love.

 If you had to trade lives with one of the characters you’ve played, who would you pick: Spider-Man, Eduardo from The Social Network, or Dennis from 99 Homes?
AG: That’s tough! None of them. I don’t wanna. Do I have to? I would pick Spider-Man, because I do like responsibility, I do like helping people, and being of use — as you can see. And I like pressure, and I kind of like the difficulty and confusion of being misunderstood. There’s something kind of nice about that, and [it’s] important to not be totally liked by everyone all the time, and obviously Spider-Man goes through that as a teenage boy. I love that it speaks to all of our ordinariness and all of our extraordinariness. So, I just love that. It’s like we have a duty to be simply who we are, in a simple way, as human beings. And we also have a duty to this very extraordinary thing we are gifted with, and we all have it, we all have some genius, we all have some extraordinary gift that we’re supposed to bring to the world. But none of them — I’d rather just be me!

 If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would you say to your 16-year-old self?
AG: I would probably just say keep going, like, stay true to yourself. I was pretty lonely as a teenager. I was on a different track than my mates, who are still my closest mates in the world. Because I looked much younger than everyone else, I couldn’t get into the pubs they were all getting into when I was a teenager. So they all started drinking, and I was turned away at the door because I looked like a 12-year-old. And it kind of sucked, to be honest — it was really hard just to watch them all bonding over this new thing and I just wasn’t interested in it, I guess. I just wanted to keep skateboarding and being stupid. I was just like a perpetual child. So I’d probably just say, “Ah, no, it’s OK. You’ll grow facial hair at some point. Just keep going!” [Continues to work on chair] OK, look! At least a part of it is done! I like it because it’s so distracting. Because then I’m just talking and I’m not worrying about what I’m saying. It’s actually pretty nice. This is actually going to be a prerequisite to every interview I do. From now on, I have to be building an Ikea chair.

 Have you ever been mistaken for a doppelgänger?
AG: [laughs] I don’t want to talk about this! It makes me kind of embarrassed. Some sweet girls from Japan, I believe, would give me pictures of Bambi the deer. And I didn’t really understand what that was about, but I think they were thinking that if there was ever a live-action version of Bambi, that I would play Bambi. Andy Murray — my friends take the piss out of me because they think I look like the tennis player Andy Murray. I genuinely don’t think I do.

What’s one thing on your bucket list you haven’t been able to do yet that you want to do?
AG: I’m 32 years old! I don’t have a bucket list. Um, gosh, it’s a strange thing; my dreams are very strange and very weird. Very weird things I dream of doing — and it’s not, like, bungee jumping off the highest place in New Zealand. The bucket list is hard. I really want to live a full life, a life of meaning. So I think that’s a constant bucket list. I feel like I’m always in the bucket list because every moment is so fleeting and vital and important. And again, it kind of relates to that seriousness thing of relax and just let yourself enjoy the wind and the air. I have a real hunger to understand what life is about, and for, and I get lost in that. So maybe my bucket list is to be more present, and maybe breathe a little deeper and notice how beautiful the world is and how beautiful people are — outside of, you know, Donald Trump and the other sociopaths out there.

Puppies or kittens?
AG: Puppies! Well, only because I’m allergic to kittens. And I don’t know, just puppies. That’s a BuzzFeed question right there. That is a full-on BuzzFeed question. It feels like we’re just hanging out, it’s really nice. I’ll probably regret everything I’ve said. But I’m happy, right now, in this moment.

The film is based in Orlando — have you ever been there in real life?
AG: Well, first of all, I went there as a kid for family holidays to Disney and all that. You know, what I thought was good stuff. I loved it as a kid, it was heaven. Roller coasters and water parks and miniature golf and excessive amounts of bloomin’ onions and Bennigan’s. But I recently went for research for 99 Homes, this particular subject matter of eviction and the economic crisis and the housing crisis — specifically in 2010 Orlando when Florida was hit particularly badly, and I just met a lot of families who lived down the street from Disney, and worked at Disney. A lot of the guys that I was speaking to would get often employed by Disney World and just had pretty rotten things to say about it, kinda behind-the-scenes stuff. And ironically, the motel I was staying at, which is based on the motel the Nash family stays at in the film, was five minutes away from Disney World. So you have all these families who have been exiled from the American dream — exiled from, you know, feeling worthy in the society they’re in, five minutes away from one of the main symbols of what it is to live the American dream. The excess and the “everything’s fine,” while, you know, five minutes away there are families who have been put in the most impossible circumstances to make ends meet. But I’m really excited for people to see the film, because it’s a part of culture that we don’t want to look at. Everyone has their own problems, and we’re all dealing with our own stuff, but I believe we were built to be empathic, we were built to be full of compassion and love for our fellow man, and we’re in an economic system right now that is kind of set up to pit us against each other. So, yeah, I like escaping as much as the next person, and I need it in my life, but also in order to feel like I’m living a life of meaning, I need to be involved in things that are life-giving. And that’s why I’m so excited about the uprisings that are happening around the country that are economic rights–related, or gay rights–related, or transgender rights–related, or feminist-related — anything that’s bridging the gap between people and calling for a more decent system, and a more decent way of perceiving each other. I’m really excited about that.

 What’s the last album you bought?
AG: Oooh, OK. Raury! A young kid from Atlanta, check him out. He’s very soulful. I think the album is Indigo Child. He feels like a really exciting part of a next generation of artists — again, cares about people, cares about love and compassion and the idea that there’s no separation between me and this chair and me and another person. Anyway, Raury. He’s really powerful and really beautiful.

A lifetime supply of chocolate or pizza?
AG: Chocolate.

 What’s the last book you read?
AG: Gosh. I have a problem with reading, I get so interested in so many things that I’m doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that. So right now I’m reading a lot about the next project I’m doing, which is about a guy Desmond Doss, who is an amazing person who lived an amazing life, so I’m reading a lot about him. I’m reading a lot about World War II, and I’m also reading about grief. There’s a book that a friend gave me about grief and praise which is very beautiful, very, very difficult to read because it’s about how we’ve lost our sense of what grief is in our culture, and how to grieve — you know what, I loved Inside Out. And talking about sadness being the partner feeling to joy, and you can’t have one without the other. I just love this consciousness that I think the mainstream culture is coming into, because we’ve exiled grief, we’ve exiled these emotions we’ve deemed as negative for so long. I think they’re coming back into fashion, and I’m really happy about that. Because there’s no such thing as a negative emotion as far as I’m concerned — they’re all needed. Oh, there’s another book I’m reading called The Soul’s Code, which is beaaauttiful, which is speaking to this idea that we all have inherent gifts. Is there anything else specifically you want to do in your career?

Do you have a big goal?
AG: Nahh, I’m done. I’m over it. Um, SO much. Unfortunately. So many scary things. I’m scared every time I go to act. But I’m scared of everything, really. Every time I go to start something new, all the voices come in saying, Who do you think you are, and why do you think you have any right to be making a chair right now? You’re gong to fail at this chair-making and everyone’s going to see how wrong you are!

You’re doing great!
AG: Thank you! It will collapse. So, I love storytelling and I love people and humanity and making sense of what we’re all doing here, so I love acting, I absolutely love it. But I would like to be more involved. I produced 99 Homes, so that felt really good to be more hands-on with the process from the beginning, but that still wasn’t enough. It kind of makes me think maybe, Oh, you need to try to direct, just because life is short and also you never know, maybe you’ll enjoy it and maybe you’ll be good at it, and maybe you won’t be! And then you’ll know and you won’t try again. But the hesitancy and the not doing is what scares me the most. The bucket list is just doing, doing, doing, doing. And also I love young people. I’d like to be involved with young people and teaching about acting maybe, or theater, because theater was my first passion. Without my first teacher bringing me to that, I would not be building this chair with you right now. I’d be somewhere strung out, on some awful class-A substance — homeless, probably. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I’d love to give opportunity to young people who maybe don’t have the opportunity to explore whether this is something that they’re called to. Those are the things that are kind in the forefront of my mind right now.

(Requested) Preference: DDM, You're Adopted (Ages 15-17)

Kinda long?? Idk…new youtube video:) , i wanted to put a gif of Zayn being protective that I had found..but it wouldnt work…sad day

Louis (Age 17): “Where you heading then love?” Louis asked from behind you as you opened the front door. You turned and blinked, “I’m-I’m sorry, I forgot I’m probably meant to ask now-I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it-“ “Whoa, hey, slow down babe,” Louis soothed, placing a hand gently on your back and rubbing. “I’m not angry, though I’d prefer to know where you are at all times, you didn’t know any better,” he smiled lightly. “Don’t worry about it, okay?” You nodded rapidly, gulping and avoiding eye contact. “So where are you heading?” “I-I found a really cool comic book store down the block,” you stuttered. “I haven’t got any money on me but I’d really like to go hang out there, if that’s okay Mr. Tomlinson?” “Oh darling,” Louis sighed, smiling sadly at you. “I told you, call me Louis until you feel comfortable enough with dad okay? Of course that’s okay with me, but it is going to be dark soon. How would you feel if I tagged along, I bet we could buy a few then huh?” “You-you sure? I can just stay here-“ “No, c’mon then love, maybe they’ll have some Superman ones huh?” Louis smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and opening the front door.
Niall (Age 16):
“You’ve only lived here three weeks and you already have a date?” your mum laughed, making you blush and smile, “He’s really cute.” You weren’t a shy person, you had lived with loads of people before the Horan’s and after two weeks, you had no problem calling them mum and dad once you were sure you were staying. They only had one other kid, a little son, and your mum hadn’t been able to get pregnant again so they adopted you even though you were older; they both loved your shy at first but then bubbly personality. “Wait what?” Niall said sternly from the doorway. “She’s already found herself a date,” your mum winked at you, both of you waiting for Niall’s reaction. “No she hasn’t,” he said simply, crossing his arms and pouting. “That’s not happening.” “It’s happening Niall. Deal with it,” your mum laughed, stirring the sauce on the stove. He opened his mouth, closed it, and then moaned, “But that’s not fair! I get a say in this!” “Okay what’s your say?” your mum rolled her eyes. “I say no!” he exclaimed. “Noted and ignored,” your mum smiled, patting his chest. You laughed at the wounded look on his face and blushed, quieting down as he met your eye, “Don’t think you’re getting away with having a boyfriend! Oh no way missy,” he said dramatically, pointing at you and walking over. “This one date and then that’s it. I just got ya! I can’t have any other boys stealing you away!” He hugged you tightly to his chest, sticking his tongue out to your mum.
Liam (Age 16):
“Do you want to go to the movies?” he tried again, smiling as you shook your head mutely. “You gonna talk to me love?” You shrugged, smiling lightly as he laughed before turning red when he pointed at you, “Ah! I got you to smile! I win!” You giggled and observed him silently. Not too bad for a new dad. Your new mum had to go to work and it was only the third day you were in their home. You had talked to her a bit but you were still shy around Liam who was babysitting you like you were a child, not a sixteen year old. “Do you wanna…go skating?” he smiled knowingly, watching you perk up and stare at him. You nodded rapidly, hoping he had a spare skateboard you could use. “Okay, I’ve actually bought you one when I found out you liked it so much, so we can go right now,” he said happily, standing up. “But only if you say, hi Liam, you’re the best dad ever-“ he added, smirking. You looked at him shyly and muttered, “Hi Liam, you’re the best dad ever.” He started cheering jumping up and down before hugging you tightly, “Music to my ears! Just wanted to hear it!” “I really like skating,” you grinned, feeling a lot more comfortable around him. “Duly noted,” he clearly couldn’t stop smiling, grabbing your hand and running to proudly show you the skateboard he got you.
Zayn (Age 15):
“Have a good day at school yeah?” Zayn smiled sadly, watching you get out of the car, awkwardly wave at him and duck your head, hurrying into the school. He and your new mother were frustrated; they couldn’t figure out what had you so scared at school because you wouldn’t talk to them. It had taken you weeks to warm up to the thought of being around them but you still weren’t very open about your past or what was currently going on. Because of your papers, they knew you had a history of abuse that might’ve been the reason you were so shy and it didn’t bother them except for when it made it difficult for them to help you. Zayn had decided to pick you up from school that day, surprise you and take you out with just him to eat so maybe you would be more open to talk about what was happening but when he got to the school, he was shocked. It didn’t take long for him to jump out of the car and discover that the large crowd of jeering kids were surrounding you outside the school. He saw you, taking everyone’s insults and just standing there, blinking because someone had clearly taken your glasses. All he wanted to know was where the teachers were and how you hadn’t told him this as he pushed through everyone. Someone pushed him back as he neared you and said, “Aye, let her be mate, it’s all in good fun.” “I am her father and this is not good fun, you idiot,” Zayn roared, making the kid back away. Hearing Zayn’s voice, you whimpered, thinking he was angry, and looked up, straining your eyes to see him. He quickly made his way over to you, the kids all completely silent now, and cupped your face in his hands, “You okay baby? You hurt? Why didn’t you tell us sooner lovely, you don’t have to come here anymore! Come on darling, let’s go get you some new glasses and go out to eat.” “Daddy?” you whispered, in a sort of questioning way. He smiled softly, it was the first time you called him that, and brushed back your hair, “Yeah, I’m here now.”

Harry (Age 17): “I heard there was a dance at your school!” Harry said excitedly, looking over at you from the stove. “Oh, uh, yeah there is,” you said, biting your lip and not looking up from your homework. You loved your new family, honestly, but you weren’t one for dances. Especially for- “Father, daughter dance yeah?” Harry questioned again. You let out a breath, before feigning surprised, “Oh is it?” Harry glanced over at you, frowning and stayed quiet for a few minutes to the point where you had started to feel bad and were thinking of things to say. But he soon said, quietly, “If you don’t want me to go, you can just say so.” “No, dad, it’s not that,” you said quickly, noting how he visibly relaxed when you called him dad. “I just never really liked dances and…I dunno…” “Could we please go?” he said, pouting. “We only have to stay for a few dances and then I’ll buy you a new band shirt later. It would just be fun to show off my little girl.” “Any band shirt I want?” I questioned, grinning as he rolled his eyes. “Any shirt you want.” “Even if you don’t like it.” “Whatever,” he sighed before chuckling. “And we’ll go out to eat after, deal?” “Ugh, deal,” you moaned, ducking away as he flicked a spoonful of sauce at you.

BTS reaction: finding out you can skate

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: He would find it cool, but not have much of a reaction. Rather, he’d be slightly worried, and telling you to be careful every time you tell him that you’re going to go skateboarding. If he’s with you when you do, he might ask you if he can try it out. But he will leave the skating to you once he realizes how hard it is to keep you balance.

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Suga: This definitely adds to your swag-level in his mind. He did some skateboarding in AHL, if I remember it correctly (or at least sometime when they visited LA), so it won’t be that surprising to him. He’d be very impressed if you’re one of those who can do loads of tricks, tho. That would probably have him cheering on you if he was with you.

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J-Hope: He’s another member I think I’ve seen clips of when he’s skateboarding. He would be slightly more impressed by it than Yoongi, tho. He’s definitely the type to want go skateboarding with you as a date. Like, if you go with him to LA or something, he would love to go skateboarding by the beach as a date.

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His hair in this gif tho???? BigHit plz

Rap Monster: Not much of a reaction. Like, it’s not a that big of a deal. But, like Yoongi, he would have a lot more of a reaction if you can do a lot of different tricks. That would be impressive to him. And he would probably sort of want you to teach him, but he would change his mind when he realizes he would either break the skateboard or himself. 

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Him seeing you do a cool trick for the first time like

Jimin: He would probably think it’s cute. I don’t know why, but I feel like it would make you seem even more adorable in his eyes. Skateboarding isn’t really cute, but he would think it is when you do it. And he would absolutely love to go with you to the skatepark and watch you do your thing. And probably try at least some of the simpler ramps himself if you let him borrow your board.

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V: He can skate as well (maybe not a lot of tricks tho), so he would love to do it together with you. Wether it be just going skateboarding through the park, or going to the skatepark and try some of the ramps, he would love to do it. He’s also the type to go skateboarding as a date, but not only on special places like Hobi, but rather anywhere.

“Jagi, I heard they built a new ramp! How about we go on a skate-date? I can buy you ice cream afterwards~”

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Jungkook: He will find it pretty cool. Like, he sort of didn’t expect that, but now that he knows, he will want to do it quite often. He would see it as an awesome couple-thing the two of you can do every now and then. Both as dates, and just for fun. Jungkook approves.

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can you tell us how losing your virginity went

i had sex for the first time in december of 2004. my first gf, ever, Krista invited me over to her house while her parents were out of town, they were like on vacation ski’ing or something, she was like “90s, do you want to come over and hang out at my house tomorrow night? We can watch a movie or something.” and I was all “Yeah sure, I’ll go to Blockbuster and get some DVDs.” So I go to Blockbuster and rent X2: X-Men United and Dodgeball: A True Underdogs Story and on saturday night, I skateboard over her to house while listening to New Found Glory and other pop punk on my Ipod Mini. I get to her house and just walk in, because I’ve been there before and knew it was chill. And in the living room, Kristas younger brother, Marco and his friend Brent, were playing Halo 2 on X-Box. and I was like “Sup guys, I fuckin love Halo 2.” and I start playing with them. Krista sees me and is like “90s…” and I was all “Hey Kris.. I’m just going to play Halo with your brother for a bit.” so I was playing Halo with him for like an hour while she just watched us while sitting on her couch until finally she was like “Are you done playing this dweeby game? Come on 90s, I invited you over so we could hang out.” and I was like “I really like Halo 2 though.” and she threw a sofa pillow at me and was like “You’re so stupid, 90s.” and i could tell she was really upset so I stopped playing and she kicked her brother out of the living room and I was like “Krista, why don’t you like videogames?” and she was all “They’re stupid.” and I was like “Oh. Well I brought some movies.” and I showed her which movies I brought and she was like “Omg 90s, these movies suck.” and i was like “Are u serious right now?” and she was like “uhhh yeahhh, but its whatever, lets just watch Laguna Beach on MTV.” and I was all “That show is for posers.” and we watched it and she was like hating on Kristin really bad and was like “omg i hate her.” she really dug MTV reality shows, and I would make fun of them while shed watch, and she liked that… so after that, we go to her room, we put in the Yellowcard CD, “Ocean Avenue” on, we start making out, and she climbs on top of me and straddles me, and is like “what do you want to do now?” and I was just all “idk..” and then it happened, we had sex, it wasn’t this big deal, it just happened and lasted like 4 mins. We dated the rest of the year, but then she fell in love with some dude at Tennis Camp that summer and broke up with me over AIM

First off I just want to say THANK YOU to all my new followers and most specifically sc0rpio for showing me some love. I was out skating today with Dylan, trying to stay out of the rain and I wanted to shoot something for the Tubmlr fam. This wall was perfectly aligned with the rail and it was only a matter of time before someone hit it.

Dylan Nahrwold - Wallie Back Board

The Real Central Park

GUEST: What’s 5 things to do in Central Park?
CONCIERGE: There’s Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Met, the Natural History Museum, and you can rent rowboats, 
GUEST: No no no. Something hip.
CONCIERGE: Oh. Um. Well, there’s a concert series-
GUEST: No. Like, you’re a real New Yorker, right? If you were gonna go there after work just to hang out, what would you do?
CONCIERGE: (wanted to say) Buy drugs from a raccoon?
CONCIERGE: (wanted to say) Sit on a root and look at garbage?
CONCIERGE: (wanted to say) I wouldn’t go to Central Park after work. It’s a dusty shopping mall.
CONCIERGE: (actually said) Some bullshit about picnics.
GUEST: Wow, cool! Thank you!