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Please talk about girl direction as types of tumblr users? Like what kind of blogs they'd have, how they write in the tags, if they write in the bloody tags, how they respond to asks and friendly anons, how they respond to not so friendly anons etc...x

This has been sitting in my inbox because I didn’t realise you meant girl direction and I was very uninspired, hahah. Imagine my glee when I saw girl direction, suddenly. SOOOO.

Alright, Niall is predominantly a music and food blog. She never posts recipes, just pictures of food that look good to her and she wishes she could eat right in that second. She’s a bit of a music snob and can endlessly talk about how good the Eagles were, or how she wishes The Beatles would bring out another album if all of them were still alive, and she visits a lot of concerts. Niall is the one who has a very elaborate tagging system so she can find back her food and concerts very quickly, and she’s just very easy going - she has a few anons that she just chats with for fun, about nothing, and she never really gets unfriendly anons. When she does get one, on the offchance that it happens,  she laughs and shrugs it off - however, when one of the other girls get an angry anon, she’s always immediately ready to defend all of them. She doesn’t really talk in the tags. 

Harry is that aesthetic blog we all reblog from that she puts a lot of thought into, and then she suddenly reblogs a ton of shit posts and puns in between. She writes long personal things in the tags about what the pictures and posts remind her of, personal anecdotes, sometimes she’ll posts some lyrics she wrote without context. She never posts selfies, only candids someone else took. When she gets an anon that she doesn’t like, she gets very passive aggressive, but mostly just sticks to ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, please go bother someone else, yes?’. She doesn’t show it gets to her, but she’ll throw a hissy fit over it in private. When she gets anons that need help, she’ll be patient and loving and a support to them in the warmest way, and everyone loves her immediately. 

Louis posts anything she wants, tv gifsets, books (or fics) she likes, a lot about the band she is a fan of. It’s just a mess of all her interests. She would just drag her friends for the shit they said in the tags, especially Harry and her puns (’FUCK OFF, HARRY, I HATE THIS’) and she’d have constant commentary in the tags. She reblogs clothes she wants, people she finds hot, but mostly she just reblogs whenever Harry posts some candid someone took of her or when Zayn uploads a selfie, and then just cries about it in the tags (’why would you do this to me? I HATE YOU WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS THIS IS JUST UNFAIR’) and then posts an underwear selfie of her own as payback (which is when Harry dies). She roasts unfriendly anons with all that she has, she doesn’t have the patience to be diplomatic about it. When someone hurts her friends she’ll write long, angry posts about how everyone can fuck the hell off, but she’s unexpectedly kind to people that need the help. (unexpected to people that don’t know her, that is). 

Zayn is that blog that constantly posts her art and gets commissioned and she promises she will get to it soon, but then accidentally draws something else that she wanted to draw more, and then suddenly disappears from her blog for a while, only to come back with a masterpiece seemingly out of nowhere. She talks some bullshit in the tags all the time, and she loves posting mirror shots of her outfit because we all know how much pride Zayn takes in her clothes and aesthetic, so of course her blog will reflect that, and everyone will constantly lose their shit over it because this girl is not only talented but also hot as fuck (though secretly, whenever Zayn posts one, she just hopes Liam sees it). She loves people asking her about her art, and can talk about it for hours, and never responds to the unfriendly anons, but she thinks about it a lot (and then bitches about it to Louis in private, who will then make an angry post about it). 

Liam would be the one who constantly posts work outs she’s trying to complete, she reblogs Zayn’s art a lot, and there’s constant posts about how she just wants to be someone, a lot of personal post as well that are sometimes unfortunately worded, but everyone loves her anyway. When she gets angry anons, she tries to defend herself, but it never comes across right. She posts a lot of progress pictures of how her body is transforming thanks to her time in the gym, and it’s purely progress pictures for her, nothing else, but Zayn and Louis lose their minds over it on a frequent basis because HOLY SHIT, LIAM, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR BODY? She posts a lot of pictures of her dogs as well and it’s always very clear what tv show she is obsessed with in that moment, because it will frequently pop up on her blog and then never come back again.  Finally, she always, always, always reblogs everything Zayn does when she pops back up online after a long time and she tries to be chill, but everyone sees right through her.

I was tagged by the lovely @twopoppies to post a list of what I’m working on at the moment… so let’s try this :)

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

1) I’ve got 2 manips ready and the project of another one for @tvshows-addict‘s new fic “Fool’s Gold”! So you should just go and yell at her so she hurries up and post it :P it involves a pastrychef Harry and an “actor” Louis Tomlinson! Cmon Addy, do the thing!!”

2) I’ve got a manip ready and I want to do another one for @loveisalaserquest17 ‘s fic “Never let me go”………yes guys, IT’S A THING.. she has written a fic! So as for Addy, you should just press her to post it cause it’s really good! Go Julie go!!

3) I’m working on a really cute Larry selfie for @harrystinyshorts ‘s fic for the Summer Exchange project.. I’ve found the pic.. I just need to work on it :)

4) And last but not least the lovely @itsastorm asked me to try and give her a visual of a beautiful Shakespeare’s sonnet! Sorry it’s taking me so long Vivi.. Hope you’ll forgive me xx

And that’s it.. And, as a professional procrastinator, I can say this is a lot to work on at the same time ahah

I’m not going to tag anyone cause I’ve seen a lot of people have already done this or they’ve been tagged already! But if you want to do this, please do and tag me cause I’m really curious :)


Thank you @i-want-my-iwtv for that beautiful gifset  you sent :’) I haven’t drawn vc in forever

is it bad that I kinda wanna write an L/L masquerade fic now?

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When people say not all Larries... Yes. It is ALL Larries. You might not be posting mean stuff on Daisy's instagram but if you genuinely believe Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a relationship, you believe that both Louis and Harry are liars. You believe their families are liars. You believe their friends are liars. You believe Louis participates in stunts and plays with hired babies to protect his financial interests. So yes. It is ALL. LARRIES.

I was a “Houie” when Briana became pregnant and still Larrying a little, just reblogging cute gifsets, etc.

But the instant we heard about her pregnancy that was it for me.

No way do I believe anyone would fake a baby, and no way would I ever want to make a choice where I decided a ship was more important than a possible pregnant woman and baby. Like even if it turned out to be fake, which I never once believed it would be, then I would rather have made sure I never encouraged in any way anything that could’ve been harmful to a mother and baby. That was such a blatant line for me. It was an easy decision to make.

2017 Larries all had to make that same decision and they all decided their ship was the priority over a mother and baby. Over Louis’s family. Over Harry’s family. Some now with Liam and his family and Cheryl and a baby.

Life is all about choices. We are conscious and capable of stepping back from being dicks. We all know when we have a choice to be a selfish prick or not. And for people to seriously in 2017 still prioritize their feelings about Larrie over all these people is unbelievable to me. It’s so selfish at its very base and there’s just no way of getting out of that now. You know you feel you’re more important than babies and grieving children and that’s unreal to me. You can’t be out there #NotAllLarrying that when you’re sitting there going “Yeah but Louis cares about my right to talk about his private life than his sibling’s emotional well being. Than this mother and her 1 year old baby. Than grieving families. My feelings about Louis’s private life are more important.” You KNOW there’s a chance everything you’re saying is total rubbish but you feel it’s more important you have the right to say it than the real emotional well being of so many other people and I just can’t get over how selfish that decision making is at the base of being a Larrie.

Hello everyone! So I know a lot of people are very excited about May Mpreg month, but I’ve seen a lot of questions about “What is April then?” Well, Kara and I had a bit of a chat and decided that April can be the month of Alter-Egos!

“But, Bee that’s so broad and kinda dumb to lump into one month, I mean there are so man options that go along with it.”

Yes, I know it seems like just a general month of Au’s but that isn’t exactly what Kara and I had in mind.

Alter-egos can include any of the following:

-Nerd/Geek (ex: MARCEL)

-Flower Children


-Jocks/Popular Clique



-Blind/Deaf/Mute/Otherwise disabled



You can even mix and match the alter-egos. (ex: Flowerchild!Louis with Marcel)

Basically these stories can are not necessarily alternate universes, but alternate types of people! And we aren’t just looking for fics, you can make playlists, art, fic rec lists, gifsets/picture sets, anything you want! So long as Louis or Harry or both of them are not the normal Harry and Louis.

Something else that was important to me and Kara was that anyone on the whole “Who tops?” argument feels included! So your work doesn’t even need to be smut related because our month isn’t actually about kinks! (Although, yeah smut is always fun and I’ll be sad if I don’t see any.)

We encourage both top!louis and top!harry fics.

Obviously this is going to be a bit rushed, because it’s so last minute, but if you decide to partake in what I’m considering a little filler month, send me a link to what you have made! At the end of the month i’ll make some big old masterposts of all the things sent it, and for now I’ll make a tag on my blog for it :)

Anyway, have fun and I hope to see some exciting things for the month!

Questions or you want to send work to me: XXXXXXXXX

Banner and extra help with organizing done by the lovely Karukara 

The Zouis family album - part 2

So if you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can check out that post HERE, it shows Zouis being attached during group photos.

(Look at them not even being able to not look at each other while taking a photo.)

The thing is that I have noticed that maybe Zouis in fact do have a album of their own….

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Preference #28: Mixing Business With Pleasure

This was anon-requested. xx

Liam: “You never seem to be doing what you’re paid for,” Liam teased you, wrapping his arms around you from behind you. You turned around to face him and ran your hands up and down his chest. “Well, I would if someone didn’t distract me so often,” you quipped. Liam held his hands up in defense. “Sue me, I just want to hang out with you.” You giggled and pecked his cheek. “I like hanging out with you too, Li, but you’ve got to let me do my job from time to time.”

Harry: Harry was always left his tour bus to go onto yours. Wherever you were, that’s where he was. He went out of his time to spend more time with you - the lighting engineer. “Why’re you always over on the crew bus?” you asked him one day after observing that he spent less and less time with the boys and more time with you and the rest of the lighting crew. He just looked at you with a smirk on his face. “You really don’t know?” he asked, smiling. “Nope!” you replied. “Well, because I like you… I like spending time with you,” he confessed. You were surprised that he would go for some nerdy lighting engineer, but you were happy that a big popstar like him was taking interest in you.

Zayn: You don’t know how Zayn ended up with you in bed, but here he was in all of his naked glory, both of your clothes decorating the hotel floor. You worked for the boys as a sound technician and toured with them. Lately, you and Zayn have been bonding, and one thing led to another and you two had been carrying on a secret affair for two weeks now. “You shouldn’t be here. What we’re doing is wrong,” you accosted Zayn, wrapping the bedsheet around your body before getting out of bed and throwing his clothes at him. Zayn caught his clothes and walked over to you, rubbing his hands up and down your arm. “Let’s come clean to everyone then,” he suggested. “I want to be with you. I don’t want us to be a secret anymore.”

Niall: “You need to leave,” you harshly told him, pushing him out of your bunk bed. “Go back to your own bus. You shouldn’t be here.” However, Niall just wouldn’t leave. He demanded for an explanation. “Because I work for you, and what I’ve been doing with you isn’t professional,” you explained to him in disbelief at yourself for ever getting mixed up with him. “Well, like you said, you work for me… And, I want want you to be with me. End of story. Or you’re fired!!” Niall joked, laughing. “Ha ha, Niall. We can’t keep sneaking around anymore. This isn’t me.”

Louis: “I can’t believe I fell for someone who works for me. It’s kind of like a sex fantasy I’ve always had,” Louis stated to himself aloud, looking over to you to see your reaction. You rolled your eyes in fake annoyance. “I’m basically just sleeping with you so I can get a raise,” you joked. His eyes widened at your statement. “What?” he said. You laughed and shrugged your shoulder, playing along with your own joke. “Babe, you’re kidding, right? I mean, you do actually like me, right?” Louis nudged you with his elbow, wanting an answer. “Yes, you big dumb Mr. Boss Man,” you laughed, kissing him on the cheek.