i just wanted a happy playlist

I want it.

I want mornings with my phone full of your text messages saying, “Hi. Good morning. :)” with your cheesy smileys and heart emojis. I want the two of us bickering on the street, rolling our eyes at each other and hiding our smiles, with our fingers laced together between us. I want to sit next to you, sharing earphones and listening to your playlist on repeat, the two of us singing along with our off-key voices breaking with laughter. I want coffee dates and staying in at home. I want adventures and new places and new things, as long as you’re there with me.

I want rainy days with you sleeping next to me as I read my books. I want cold nights and warm blankets around us, your body fitting nicely against mine. I want sad days that gradually become better as you hold me and just let me breathe. I want days when you don’t feel as happy as you usually are and I can hold you in return. I want your brown eyes and your low laughs, your calloused hands and your strong shoulders. I want your silly jokes and dry sarcasm and the sincerity I fell in love with. I want all of it.

I want us.

—  what do you want?
  • ♡ - fluff 
  • ♧ - angst 
  • ♢ - smut

✎ -  ongoing series.  ☾  - personal favourites.

☾ » 69 places to have sex; 
this series follows a couple with a very spontaneous sex life
kitchen counter [part I] ♢
laundry room [part II] ♢
the club [part III]  ♢ 

» one shots;  
naughty girl ♢  
hate that i love you ♢ ♧

✎ ☾  » in her shadow;  
you can’t help who you fall in love with. the love of your life might just be your sister’s fiancee. ♧ ♡
playlist | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten ♢ | eleven ♢ | twelve | thirteen ♢ | fourteen | fifteen ♢ | sixteen | seventeen |

» love cloud;  
“i just want you to be happy… and naked,”
sex tape [part I] ♢
peaches and cream [part II] ♢ 
toys [part III] ♢

» one shots;  
luckiest girl ♡ 

✎ » crossing the line;
↳  teacher!au 
previewone |

» rivalry; [on hold]
there’s something about the bad boys, that makes the good girls fall in love. ♧ ♡

» one shots;  
marry me ♡ 
i’m glad i married you [part II] ♡♢

»  one shots;  
birthday boy ♢ 

» drabbles
ride me ♢ 

» oneshots;  
tease ♢ ☾

» drabbles;  
die in your arms ♧ 

✎ ☾ » runaway love;  
“you stabbed me, then pretended you were the one who was bleeding.” 
one | two | three |

» drabbles;
whipped cream ♢ ☾


A PSE cover of @thatsthat24 cover of Waving Through a Window.
Ive taught myself sign lanugage, so parts of these might not be correct.

In the case Thomas sees this, I just wanted to say how amazing, funny, and talented you are, and that watching your videos instantly makes my day brighter.
And I was wondering if youd be hosting any tiny meetups outside of the official ones at playlist for the people who were too busy panicking about booking meetups to book meetups.

And Happy late Birthday


@jokerxharleyweek Day III : lust

L U S T : Joker x Harley Quinn  
[ listen here ]

For the thrill of your touch
I will shamefully lust
As you tell me we’re nothing but trouble

#harrypottersummer is back!

Welcome to harrypottersummer 2017! It’s happening! You get a reread! And you get a reread! Everybody gets a reread! 

So, without further ado -

Cancel all your plans for the summer. We’re rereading Harry Potter.

What’s harrypottersummer?

It’s the most beautiful time of year, aka the time where Potterheads get to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the course of one summer - together! harrypottersummer was created last year, everyone who joined in had a blast, so this is round two and the whole thing is on a very good path to become an annual event.

How does it work?

Starting on June 16th, everyone who cares to join will start reading the Harry Potter series all over, first book to last, whilst sharing but their reading progress as well as headcanons, fanart, fanfics, edits, theories, anecdotes and literally anything else you can think of, on any social media platform you can think of using the hashtag #harrypottersummer. Done!

What’s this year’s schedule?

Last year, we went for a book per week, which was nice for those of us who were stuck with little to no wifi for the bigger part of the reread (-points to self-), but was stressful for busier folks. This year, only the first three books will be getting a week each, and every book from Goblet of Fire onward will be getting two! Yay!

  • June 16th - June 22nd 2017: Philosopher’s Stone Week
  • June 23rd - June 29th 2017: Chamber of Secrets Week
  • June 30th - July 6th 2017: Prisoner of Azkaban Week
  • July 7th - July 20th 2017: Goblet of Fire Week
  • July 21st - August 3rd 2017: Order of the Phoenix Week
  • August 4th - August 17th 2017: Half-Blood Prince Week
  • August 18th - August 31st 2017: Deathly Hallows Week

Wait, whaat? Meetup???

Well, yes meetup, assuming it all works out as planned! In honour of September 1st, 2017 also being Epilogue Day, anyone who happens to be in London that day is more than welcome to stop by at King’s Cross station to come and wave our childhood goodbye one last time. Are you ready? I’m not ready. Nope.

Make sure you check this blog for updates on the meetup, as more details will hopefully be available soon. For now, just know that I’ll be there, @ronaldswheezy will be there, come say hi and have a chat and take selfies and get emotional over our childhood. Why not. Might be fun.

How do I participate?

  • Grab your Harry Potter books, cancel your life, and start rereading.
  • Spread your progress like wildfire. This includes any form of social media you choose to participate in. Tumblr! Snapchat! Instagram! YouTube! Twitter! All the things!
  • Get creative. Write fanfics. Make fanart. Make edits. Make playlists. Start cosplaying. Write a song. Build your own Lego Hogwarts. Nothing is off limits.
  • And finally, tag absolutely EVERYTHING with #harrypottersummer. Everything. Even if it’s just a 4am text post that goes ‘do dementors poop?’.

If you’ve got any more questions, the ask box is open! A calendar page with the schedule and an FAQ face and other things are coming up too, as soon as I get around to setting them all up. If you want to message me on my main blog, you find me @stuckwith-harry

Happy harrypottersummer! <3

I just can’t help myself, I’m such Destiel trash/lover/enthusiast/believer/enjoyer.
That reading such positivity about our ship becoming cannon, not only on our blogs or shiper eyes, but actually developing in the last episodes, made me very happy today.
I want to share the feels with the universal language of music.
Today will I only communicate with music 🎶

Not my gif. 

If you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, here are 10 things you should NOT do:

Number 1, if you wanted to forget about him, maybe you shouldn’t have told your friends that you have a sort of frustrating crush on the guy you’ve been talking to lately. If you did, it’ll be the last time you’ll ever know peace. Before you realize it, your whole class knows, your teachers know, your family knows, your neighbors know–the president himself is in the process of knowing. Every time he walks by, you will be stripped of your composure. Your life will become a romcom onlookers tune in to. 

2, do not think about the last text he sent you just before you go to bed. It’ll haunt you in your sleep and you’ll dream of his eyes, of his voice, the way his nose crinkles when he laughs, and it’ll leave you with fantasies impossible to come true.

3, do not stalk his social media accounts. Just don’t. Don’t look at his posts or, god forbid, his pictures. And for the love of all that is good, do not message him. It will lead to several awkward conversations that will leave you both giddy and mortified and you will find out that he uses too many emoticons and not enough words which means you don’t really understand what he means, but that he is more adorable than you first thought he was.

4, if you want to forget him, don’t smile back. Oh, it will be tempting, I know. After all, how can you resist when he smiles at you as if the sun itself resides in his chest? When he smiles like it’s the first and last time he will ever be happy? How can you not smile back, when he reminds you just exactly what happiness feels like?

5, do not associate songs with him. When your favorite song comes on, do not think of slow dancing to it with him. Do not imagine the two of you sharing earphones and listening to a playlist on repeat. Do not devote the lyrics like an ode to his laughter, do not think of him when you sing. Melodies are not supposed to echo a name. 

6. do not name him “What If”. Do not think of all the ways he can make you better. Do not name him “Maybe”. Do not come up with reasons why he can love you just as fiercely. Do not name him “Almost”. Do not hope for something you damn well know could never be.

7, do not get jealous of the girl he laughs with. Do not compare yourself to the way she looks, how she’s thinner, prettier, more breathtaking than you will ever be. Do not look at his smile–it is the same smile he gives you. It is the same smile you’ve fallen in love with, the same smile you thought was meant for your eyes only. Do not get jealous of her. He was never yours to keep in the first place.

8, if you want to forget about him, do not cry over him. He’ll disappoint you again and again and again and I know it’ll hurt, god, how it hurts–but do not cry over him on the car ride home. Do not let them see that he has broken you. Don’t let them know you care. Don’t let heartbreak paint your face with mascara tears, do not cry yourself to sleep.

9, do not tell him how you feel. Do not tell him that he saved you when you couldn’t save yourself, don’t tell him you cared. Do not rearrange your words over and over in hopes his feelings will change. Do not wait for his answer. Do not save his reply, do not hurt yourself this way. You do not need a constant reminder that he does not love you back.

10, if  you want to forget the boy who broke your heart, do not write about him. Do not immortalize the way he stood, the curl of his lips, the shade of his eyes. Do not make permanent the memory of his last words as he said goodbye. If you want to forget, do not write him poetry. Do not surrender the beauty of your metaphors. Do not make symbolisms about his name, do not compare him to stars. He is just a boy, who felt like a miracle in what little time you had together. He is just a boy. Do not give him the power of your words.

If you want to forget him, do not commit these mistakes. If you want to forget him, don’t do what I did.

—  10 things you should not do to forget

anonymous asked:

my sweet cucumber lover Dayana > when we talk about our sunshine there will be something related to JB A.K.A #2jae ~ love you ~ give me some good fluffy 2jae moments pretty please~

Hi cutie anony <333

Ok, well first things first!

  • The whole 1:31am thing when Jaebum wasn’t there 

What am i doing starting this with angst! YOU SAID FLUFFY:

Annd noww more stuffies that come up to my head

  • Extremely close interview [link]
  • The legendary “chic and sexy” aka “how to feel the person you love everywhere without looking like a perv” [link]
  • Youngjae lightly caressing Jaebum’s waist [link]
  • We Under the Moonlight Fanmeet
  • Jaebum loves having a vacation with Youngjae’s feet [link]
  • Their first Tokyo fanmeet
  • Another backhug in the LA fanmeet this year [link]
  • How even though they get older and show less skinship in public, it’s moments like these it makes me cry [link]
  • Youngjae being cuddly and trapping Jaebum’s hand between his thighs! [link]
  • FUSION HA! [Amazing Got7 World] [Mnet Mama 2016]
  • Youngjae calling JB his man since like forever! [JB’s birthday 2017]
  • Just how they stare at each other more specifically Jaebum at Youngjae [link] [hashtag: look at how jb looks at youngjae]
  • Jaebum literally shopping for Youngjae’s mittens and he doesn’t buy the same ones, where he tricks Youngjae into buying the cute kids mittens [gifset]
  • Jaebum is a weakling for Youngjae’s aegyo [JY saying that JB has a weakspot for Youngjae’s aegyo and so Youngjae says Oppa to JB] [Battle Likes, Youngjae’s oppa to JB even though Jaebum didn’t want to but lowkey agreed happily waiting] [and this] [JB’s birthday gift aegyo]
  • hahaha Jaebum loving Youngjae too much, he got carried away, and said 4 instead of 3 things he likes about Youngjae [elbow wrinkles!]
  • Jaebum getting distracted by Youngjae’s cuteness [hey yah fanmeet]
  • Jaebum constantly saying how handsome Youngjae is, like i’m sure he tells the other members too (i can’t remember much though /.\) but IT IS SO CUTE! [link]
  • Them sharing clothes [x] [sharing clothes?] [matching! bracelets] [rings!] [ps, for their picnic date, THEY WERE MATCHING! RED AND RED WITH PINK! like afskglh JB: what are you gonna wear Youngjae? YJ: A bergandy jacket and pink hoodie. JB: *wears a burgandy flannel jacket*]
  • Happy day [in Got2day 2016]
  • Their mating call [link]
  • Youngjae taking care of his hyung [heart]
  • ”let me pretend to punish you just so i can hold you close” [X] [X] [X]
  • Jaebum comforting Youngjae when he is scared [Yugyeom’s Tv] [Mystery Room]
  • Jaebum being disappointed when he Youngjae didn’t pick his song as his favorite even though Jb picked Youngjae’s [link]
  • Not in public.. [link] he loves Youngjae’s ear ^^ and neck ^^
  • The fact that Youngjae can get away with almost anything and only receive a hug or neck hold as a “punishment” [only youngjae can!]
  • Youngjae laughing at his hyung’s misery [mussels party!] [haha]
  • Jaebum teaching Youngjae to drive but end result: Youngjae fails [link]
  • this gifset [x] [2jae gifsets hashtag
  • The fact that Youngjae looks smol next to Bum!

Just search 2jae in my blog, i am getting out of hand! ahh sorry

I hope this makes your heart flutter like it does to me /.\ love you <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a few song lyric sentence starters in honour of Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t find my official “Sappy Love Songs” playlist so I just went off memory. Spread the love and the memes this holiday!

Can’t help falling in love

shall I stay? ❞
❝ wise men say, only fools rush in.  ❞
❝ some things are meant to be .  ❞
❝ take my hand.   ❞
❝ take my whole life too.   ❞
❝ I can’t help falling in love with you.   ❞

Falling in love in a coffee shop

❝ I think that I’m falling for you. ❞
❝ I want to come too. ❞
❝ No one understands me quite like you do. ❞
❝ I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much. ❞
❝ It was you. ❞ 

A thousand years 

❝ How to be brave? ❞
❝ How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? ❞ 
❝ Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you.  ❞
❝ Every hour has come to this. ❞
❝ Beauty in all she is. ❞
❝ I will not let anything take away. ❞ 

Coffee and Cigarrettes

❝ Coffee and cigarettes are my only escape. ❞
❝ So, won’t you sing with me? ❞
❝ It’s cold outside, and I’m feeling kinda lonely. ❞
❝ I’m looking up, but I’m feeling kind of down. ❞
❝ Yeah, I have friends, but they have friends. ❞
❝ They have parties, and I’m so awkward. ❞
❝ So what do you say, just as friends, we see a movie
This weekend, alright? ❞
❝ Friday nights are always the same in this town. ❞ 

All about you 

❝ You make my life worthwhile, it’s all about you ❞
❝ It’s all about you ❞
❝ I would answer all your wishes, if you asked me to ❞
❝ Hold me close and say three words, like you used to do. ❞
❝ Dancing on the kitchen tiles, it’s all about you. ❞

I Know Now

Zimbits || ~5′700 words || Gen. Rating || AU || AO3

The team members who take Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food start up a study group, but it’s less of a study group, and more of a trying-to-set-Jack-and-Bitty-up group.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says brightly as he enters the living room with his textbook balanced under one arm, and his other holding a tray of freshly made brownie.

“Hey, Bittle,” Jack replies, already sitting on a chair with his books open on the coffee table.

Bitty puts his stuff down next to Jack’s, taking care with the tray of food. He lifts his arm to let the textbook thunk down on the ground.

“Where is everyone?” He asks Jack, sitting beside his fallen textbook.

“Shitty’s stuck talking to his thesis advisor. Lardo’s got a project due tomorrow. Chowder says he can’t make this week. No idea about Holster or Nursey,” Jack rattles off.

“So, just us then?”

“Just us,” Jack confirms.

It’s the second week in a row that has happened.


Bitty sits on a cushion on the floor by the coffee table, sipping occasionally from a mug of tea, and refreshing his twitter frequently. The others should be here for the study group by now. He reluctantly opens his textbook, figuring he should use the time to study even if no-one’s here to help him figure out the biology side of this week’s class.

He’s two pages in when the front door opens. Bitty looks up, eager for company.

“Jack! Hey.” Bitty smiles and waves at him.

“Sorry I’m late. Class went overtime.”

Jack sits down on the green couch, rolling his eyes when Bitty gives him a look. “Stop worrying about this thing.”

“Jack, it’s infested,” Bitty insists immediately.

“You don’t know that,” Jack replies.

“And you don’t not know that.”

Jack just shakes his head and takes out his own textbook and exercise book. “Did you do the extra reading this week?” he asks Bitty.

Bitty senses the topic divergence, but goes along with Jack anyway. It’s not the first time they’ve argued over the couch, and it won’t be the last.

“I did not,” Bitty answers. “But I printed it out.”

“Not quite the same thing. I’ll summarise it for you.”

Bitty smiles at Jack gratefully. “Thank you.”


The fourth time it happens, Bitty makes Jack move into the kitchen.

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hello, it’s me - saffron!!! so this is my first follow forever/mutual appreciation (lol i havent even reached a goal i just wanted 2 make this for funsies) and i am immensely happy to have found a little home here on tumblr. i have made a couple tumblr blogs before but this community is one that i really treasure. look idk how to explain myself but whenever somebody says something nice to me - even just acknowledges me on here it really makes me feel so warm inside and i just wish i could perfectly express how grateful i am to all of you beautiful souls. just take this as a thank you!!!! 💖💗💓💞💘💝💕 

i really hope everyone that i have tagged will get to see this (pls tumblr fucking work for once will u)! also i scheduled this for 3am so that i don’t get embarrassed about how badly this flops loool. 


  • 🌟 : i see you often & adore seeing you on my dash & in my notifs!
  • 💌 : i have interacted with you & even if you forgot that interaction; i didn’t. it must have made my day!
  • 💎: ily & our convos, wow ur just a precious gem & even if i dont speak to u regularly i really love our chats! look, even if i dont speak to u at all….ur a bloody gem u r!!!!!! 

[ mutuals should be in bold ]


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p.s : if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry, this was really fun but i couldn’t keep track after a while and i really wanna post this sooner than later!!

anonymous asked:

How long will you think (either dan or Phil) would reveal they've got a girlfriend, and what social media would they reveal on? (i.e.- twitter, yt, fb?)


  • Would wait probably around eight months before announcing. 
  • He would do it on youtube really subtly. 
  • Like “Hey, guys! Today my girlfriend and I are going to be doing.” 
  • He would love posting photos of you on twitter catching you doing something like talking to the stray cat that visits the balcony. 
  • He would invite you to come on the gaming channel and maybe even let you kick his ass. 
  • He would take you to Playlist or VidCon and hold your hand and introduce you to all of his YouTube friends.


  • Dan wouldn't really want to announce it.  
  • He would do it because you were caught with a picture of the two of you kissing waiting for a taxi.
  • He would do it on Younow. Mentioning the situation and just come out and say it.
  • “So I'm seeing someone and she is amazing and makes me happy. That’s all I’m going to say on that. 
  • He would like to keep you to himself. 
  • “I don't play well with others Y/N.”
Awesome resource for artists who need help finding their ‘voice’ for the FFXV boys

I recently saw this post going around by @promptae about the FFXV fandom reducing the main 4 boys to very basic and degrading stereotypes. It kind of upset me, because A) I worried that I was doing this to them, too and B) I think they bring up a good point and I would hope other fan artists would work hard to avoid portraying the boys in this way. 

So, I’m working on a fic right now and I needed some inspiration for some of Gladio’s lines, and what’s better for inspiration than canon dialogue? I didn’t, however, want to run around in my own game waiting for banter or scroll endlessly through tumblr looking for gif sets or videos, so I headed over to youtube. 

What I ended up finding was a huge playlist of over 200 banters compiled by YouTube user Savannah Grace NC. This was a HUGE help to me, being able to just sit and listen to banter after banter of the boys in various situations, happy, sad, angry, excited, etc, and I just thought I’d share for anyone else struggling to balance four very distinct personalities and ways of speaking. 

We choose to portray characters out of character for many reasons–for AUs, because we’re looking for a certain reaction out of a character, because we introduced a new character or OC into the mix, because we’re writing a crack fic–and I’m not saying it’s the end of the world if you choose to do this. But, personally I think trying to write/draw/RP a character as in character as possible is a lot of fun, and can be very rewarding for both the artists and other fans reading/observing the art. 

Happy writing/drawing/RPing/head-canon-constructing!!!

Got7 reaction to you being emotional on your period

A/N - I feel like a lot of girls reading will relate to this one haha. We’ve all had those emotional days every now and then bc hormones. Hope you all enjoy the reaction!

Heya! I have literally been reading your blog for the past hour. I am addicted. I don’t request much but I love your writing. Could I get a got7 reaction to you being very emotional because you are on your period?

Mark: Since Mark has two older sisters, I think he’s seen his fair share of emotional periods so will have some knowledge of the best ways to cheer you up whether that’s with a tub of ice cream or just some nice warm hugs on the sofa.

JB: I think JB might be a little unsure on how to handle it, particularly if you were having a lot of mood swings but he’d probably just let you get your emotions out and just take in everything you say. Then he’s all up for some cuddling.

Jackson: Jackson might be a little clueless as to how he could cheer up a girl who’s literally just bleeding for a few days straight but he knows how to give good cuddles! He’ll literally just cling on to you until your period’s over.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung will be an absolute expert on how to cheer you up if you’re feeling emotional. He’ll just somehow know exactly what you need and will be ready with it so you can feel better, even if it was that time of the month.

Youngjae: I think Youngjae would be a bit like JB and not know totally what to do so instead he’ll just do whatever boyfriends do in the movies he’s watched. He’ll ask if you want movies, chocolate, hot water bottle, anything really to try and cheer you up.

Bambam: Bam would just naturally be able to cheer you up without even trying because he just has a contagious personality. Seeing him be funny and happy will spread to you and make you feel better despite your current state.

Yugyeom: I feel like Yugyeom would do everything he knows that makes you happy. You like watching romance movies? Let’s have a marathon. You like belting out Disney songs? Let’s go for it. You like watching him dance? He’s already got the playlist ready.



Or “Where’s My Love?” by randomdreamer01 ( @justkeeponthegrass ) and “Happy Endings (are just stories that haven’t finished yet)” by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue

Jyn is a (sometimes) reformed criminal who fell in love with the man across the interrogation desk. What follows is a spontaneous wedding and a marriage full of words left unsaid. The world doesn’t end when they break up, but the road to a happier life (and, perhaps, back to each other) is a long and winding one.

*Title from a quote by R. Arnold

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playlist for when you’re having general TC feels and your heart is hurting

playlist for when you’re in the mood and thinking things about your TC that you shouldn't be thinking

playlist for when your TC makes you so happy that you just wanna sing out and dance around your house

playlist for when you just want to snuggle up in your TC’s arms and sing them to sleep

there’s some overlap with a few songs because I felt like they applied to more than one mood
sorry if they suck, it’s just what I like to listen to when I’m in those moods

Nothing to Worry About (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Three)

Description: It’s the big night, and you’re still searching for Jeff’s attention.

AN: Prom is Saturday for me, so I got excited and kind of inspired. Sorry this is so short!

This is part three of my Jeff Prom Series. You can find the others on my masterlist here.

“Honey, you look great!” your mom said as you came down the stairs.

“Thanks, mom,” you blushed.

“I want you to be safe tonight.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “Jeff will be with me the entire time. Don’t worry.”

“Just…please don’t do anything stupid,” she sighed.

“I promise I won’t,” you said just as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” You smiled as you walked to the door. You opened it and smiled at Jeff as he smiled at you. “You look amazing,” you smiled.

“You look beautiful,” he grinned back. “If we want to grab something to eat, we better go now.”

“Pictures first!” your mom yelled as she grabbed her phone. “Your mom said it was essential, and I agree,” she said to Jeff as you both laughed. You posed for her and smiled when she finally said she was done. “Be safe! Please please please!”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Jeff smiled at her. “I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Thank you, Jeff,” she smiled.

You both finally left your house and got in his car. “I made a playlist,” he mumbled as he pulled out his phone. “I asked Tony for suggestions, and I’ve been working on it for weeks.”

“You are the sweetest. I had no idea!”

“Even when I kept asking to look at your phone? You didn’t think that was weird?” he laughed.

“I thought you were taking selfies or something,” you giggled.

“Well, that too.”

He shuffled the playlist as he drove. You expected him to pull into the parking lot at Rosie’s, where you always go but were surprised when he went straight at the intersection instead. “We’re not going to Rosie’s?”

“Clay said he and Hannah were meeting at a new place, and he asked if we would go too…if that’s okay.”

“It’s great,” you smiled. You just hoped Jeff’s entire night wouldn’t be about Clay and Hannah. Sure, you wanted both of them to be happy, and anyone could see that they would find happiness in being together, but you also wanted to have fun and be happy with Jeff. Especially with baseball playoffs in full swing, you hadn’t had alone time with Jeff since your coffee date at Monet’s. “He doesn’t need us to be a buffer the entire time, right?” you whispered.

“I-I thought you wanted to help them.”

“I do, but I also want to be with you and dance with you and kiss you.”

“Let’s have dinner with them, then the rest of the night I’m yours. That sound okay?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Puppy Love - Scott McCall

Relationship: Scott x Reader
Warnings: so fluffy, like one swear word??
A/N: i’m honestly really happy with how this turned out. i really hope you guys like it.
Word Count: 1050

You had always pondered the thought of adopting a puppy with Scott. Yet, at the same time, you already had one-him. However, your puppy still wanted one of his own, and you couldn’t help but oblige. Who wouldn’t?

So, later on in the week, on a breezy Saturday afternoon, you and Scott took off to another young couples home. Your heart fluttered and butterflies danced within you at the thought of adopting a puppy. It was as if you were at the very beginning of starting a family with the love of your life.

You knocked on the front door of the modern home three times, stepping back and lacing your fingers within Scott’s. He pulled your hands backwards, and pushed them forwards, swinging them to and fro like a child until the wooden door creaked open.

There stood a small girl, whom you assumed was about four years old, and a little boy cowering behind her back. She grinned up at the two of you, and a woman peered from behind them, mirroring her expression.

“You must be Y/N and Scott.” She stuck her hand out to the two of you, shaking your hands and inviting you into the cozy home. “I’m Alice, my husband, Brett is in the backyard with the puppies.”

She guided you two through a large living room and into a kitchen, which were both very clean and tidy. To the right of the kitchen was a hallway, which had a glass door built into it. Alice respectfully opened the door for the two of you, allowing you both to walk before her and out into the back yard.

It was large and spacious, just like the rest of the house. A good sized pool was built into the ground, a hot tub not far to the left. A fire pit was off to the right, next to a covered bar area. The backyard, and whole home was beautiful.

At your feet, eight puppies squirmed and chased circles around yours and Scott’s ankles. Your fiancé giggled and crouched down to pet the puppies. One in particular pawed at his leg, aching to be held. He grinned down and the fluffy creature and pulled him into his arms, ruffling his ears and peppering his face in kisses.

The two of you stayed in the spacious backyard for a while, playing with puppies. There was something about the one that Scott had formerly picked up. It was as if he was the perfect one for you both.

With a glance at each other, you both knew which puppy you would be taking home with you that day. After signing paper work, and taking care of all of the necessary needs, you and Scott left the stunning home and started the drive back to yours.

“There was something about that house, the couple and their kids. I really saw us living a life like that. They were so in love with each other. And they loved their little ones so much. You could tell just by being there for a few minutes. I can’t wait for a life like that with you.”

You looked over at him, leaning to kiss his jaw. After all of those years, he still managed to make you fall apart like putty, with just his words.

“I love you, Scott.”

“I love you, Y/N.” The puppy squeaked in your lap, panting and wagging it’s tail. “And I love you, little one.” His large hand scratching the small, furry back of the animal in your lap.

“We should name him Silas, or Kai, or Klaus! Can we please name him after someone from The Vampire Diaries? Please baby?”

Scott couldn’t help but agree, wanting nothing more than for you to be as happy as possible.

“Silas, it is” he approved.

You continued the drive home, jamming to your playlist and playing with the puppy the whole way. You carried Silas inside your apartment, letting him roam around and staying close behind him the whole way. Scott would often giggle as he would sniff at random objects in the home, or slide across the wooden floors when he ran.

Later in the evening, as you were making dinner, you could hear Scott playing with the puppy in the living room. He would throw a braided rope toy, and Silas would chase after it. The baby didn’t quite understand the concept of fetch yet, and would run back to Scott, but would not drop the toy, which resulted in a game of tug-of-war.

“Y/N! Help me!” You heard your partner shout after a few moments of silence.

“Scott, I’m cooking. What is it?” You could hear slight grunting from the other room, and followed the sounds into the living room. “Scott?”

“I’m stuck under the couch.” He whined. “I threw the toy for Silas and it went under the couch. I just wanted to get it but I couldn’t reach and somehow, I managed to wedge my entire body under it.”

You couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter, running back to the kitchen and grabbing your phone. You started snapping pictures of Scott, most of them coming out horribly shaky because of your constant laughter.

“Help me, Y/N. Please. I beg of you.” He stretched his arm out towards you, in hopes that you would grab it and pull him out.

“Okay, hold on. I just have to send this to the group. This is gold.”

“Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!” He shouted from under the furniture.

You finally set your phone down, grabbing Scott’s outstretched arm and using all of your might to pull him out. After a few failed attempts, you managed to pull the man out from underneath the couch.

“Oh, my savior!” He exaggerated, sprinkling your face in kisses. You burst into another fit of giggles, pushing him away and standing up.

“Okay, I have to go finish dinner before I burn the house down.”

Scott’s grip on you loosened, letting you go and allowing you to continue your unfinished duty.

“Shit. Scott, call the pizza place!”

He chuckled, reaching for his phone and dialing Dominoes.

“Hello, yeah I’d like a large pepperoni pizza and wings.”