i just wanted a free book of mormon

Hello and Welcome to the Book of Mormon (2011) fandom

just a few reminders before you dive into this great abyss of a musical;

- please no hitler jokes of any kind
- no book-related jokes about kevin price…..please let him live…. he suffered enough
- we respect ships of any kind but please note that arnaba is to be recognized as canon
- dont forget to give love to all the characters and cast
- equal love to the ugandans as much as all the elders,,, Jesus says to love all your neighbors
- dont pick fights with other fandoms,, please,,, we are chill….. and no harassment of any kind in this good mormon house
- especially no harassment of real mormons…. please for the love of Heavenly Father
- give love and support to all the artists and writers!!
- andrew is leg boy
- nic rouleau is a vampire who feeds on young arnold cunninghams
- just dont be a dick. Jesus does not like that.

- if you’ve joined the fandom then you’re already a part of this small family!!!

- you can never leave 

- have fun!!

I like to look at things on the bright side most of the time. President Monson was my first prophet, and I love him very much. But I could tell in recent years that he just wanted to go home. He was tired, and he missed his wife. Now he is free from pain, and reunited with his one true love.

His last words to us were encouraging us to read the Book of Mormon, which was what I set out to do half an hour ago when I went to clear a Facebook notification and saw the post from Mormon Newsroom. So I’m going to go read my scriptures, for President Monson and for myself as well. I wish you all peace as we process this loss together ❤️

Oh hey, new blog!

Hello, I’m Dani. I’m an illustrator and writer of children’s books and comics. Up til now, I’ve mainly used Tumblr to promote my art at @danidraws. I’ve decided to start this new blog for personal stuff and to connect with Tumblr communities outside of art.

Brief intro - I am from New Hampshire. I am gay, and currently active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). I like Supergirl, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Disney, 80s music, cats, and pie.

If none of that floats your boat, feel free to follow @danidraws for just the art updates. If you want to chat about any of the other stuff, connect here.

I want to use this blog to interact, so send an ask if you want. Please be nice tho.


timesarehardformarvellovers guide to musicals !!

Hello! My name is camryn (timesarehardformarvellovers) and this is my Guide to Musicals! 

All of the musicals on this list are just my opinion, and categories might not make sense, so please no hate! If u want add your opinion tho, fill free to leave a comment!

()= my recommended songs or comment on musical, if no () then it means I like all songs! :)

OkAy so you decided you want to join (or you are) the musical theatre community! Awesome! Now I know your probably here for the modern stuff, but i really suggest listening to some of the “Broadway Classics!”

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Hi everyone!

I’m Elder Nutella, but you can call me Nutella or just Ella. I’m a musical fan and am looking forward to making content and posting it on here! If you like what you see, feel free to click the follow button, if you want to.


  • Hamilton (minor)
  • Dear Evan Hansen (moderate)
  • Be More Chill (moderate)
  • 21 Chump Street (minor)
  • Come From Away (minor)
  • Waitress (moderate)
  • Falsettos (major)
  • The Book of Mormon (major)